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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Ment Back to work - President Obama returns to the White House for some tough times ahead. Time for change - the Chinese leader's plea for reform at a landmark Congress.No meeting of minds - Gillard snubs at the summit. And sparking outrage. Hecklers crash the launch as Labor's energy white paper. Labor's energy white paper.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I am Anton Enus.And I am Janice Petersen. Also tonight - the royals cross the Tasman for a day of beer, ballads and Britishness. She said we would wonderful, very patriotic.And weeding out the cartels - the US states costing Mexican drug dealers billions by legalising marijuana. US President Barack Obama is back in Washington tonight after celebrating his election victory with his family in Chicago. The economic challenges he is facing have been laid bare by a sharp fall in the US stock market. Investors are spooked by the fiscal gridlock in Washington after the Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and the Democrats, the Senate. From Washington SBS e. From Washington SBS senior correspondent Brian Thomson reports.It was the one race he didn't win, the President beats him to the top of the stairs of Air Force One. The First Family returning to watchton after a night of celebrations in Chicago. The party, a brief respite, from the host of thorny issues facing the President. Not least the economy. (CHEERING) The stock market plunging today, not so much in reaction to the President's re-election, more out of fear over his ability to get Congress to work with him to prevent America from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. The President today reaching out to both Democrats and Republicans here on Capital Hill, seeking to find some common ground, but the Republican leadership is sticking to its guns, rejecting the notion that President Obama has won a mandate to increase taxes on the rich. The Republicans still push ago mix of budget cuts and tax reform.There is an alternative to going over the fiscal cliff. In whole or in part. It involves making real changes to the financial structure of financial programs and reforming our tax to curb loopholes and reductions.They may have retained control of the house but the President's re- election have left some in the party wondering if they can ever again win control of the House. The grand old party, apparently out of step with a changing country. h a changing country. Last night's election saw the youth boat push through the legalision of marijuana in two states, not just for medical use, but for recreational purposes. Today the state of Washington lifted 75 years of a national marijuana prohibition and said it is time for a new approach. (CHEERI for a new approach.
(CHEERING) Another two states voted to legalise gay marriage and a record number of women made it into the Senate. One openly gay.I didn't run to make history, I ran to make a difference.The replague can platform opposing much social issues, including gay marriage and a woman's right to choose, sending many voters flocking towards the Democrats. But it was the Republicans' opposition to immigration reform and its perceived demonision of Hispanics that ruined Mitt Romney's chances. The rise of the Hispanic voters and the decline of the number of whites, a critical problem for the Republicans, so too the image of some of its leading figures.Donald Trump who has driven past the last exit of relevance.Tweets by Donald Trump called for a revolution against the election of the President not only raising the ire of newsreaders, but also feeding into the perception that the party is controlled by angry white men. How significant was the Latino factor in Mitt Romney's failed campaign? Here is Brian Thomson again.Well, I know it has only gone up by 1% since four years ago, Anton, but if you take a look at the vote in Florida - it is still being counted there - and there is just 47,000 votes between governor Romney and President Obama there and the number of Hispanic voters in Florida has gone up by 250,000 since the last election. So you can see if Governor Romney had been able to appeal to those Hispanics he would those Hispanics he would actually be ahead there now. If you look at other states that the Democrats never used to win like Nevada and Colorado, they are now ringing them and they are winning them in part because of the Hispanic votes.Is it just about Romney's failure to reach out to minorities or is it more complicated than that?It is a bit more complicated than that. There are a number of issues and probably the biggest one was probably his failure to empathise with the middle class. He was very much regarded as a big businessman. He is worth $2 million and when it came to people asking who can I relate more to, who can relate more to my family's economy? That is why President Obama won it. I have got to say also the billon theirs that were supporting Governor Romney, flooding the television stations with ads, spending hundreds of millions of dollars, that put people off. We spoke to people from Florida to Ohio perception that in a sense he was really trying to buy the election. So it was really his failure to appeal to those sort of people that really brought him down in the end. Brian Thomson there. Later, we will explain more about the political impact of demographic change, rather, there we go, I got it out, in America. Reaction to President Obama's presidential win is still pouring in from around the world. And while most leaders welcomed his victory it put Israel's Prime Minister in an awkward position especially after it appeared that he backed Obama's opponentmentNews of an Obama victory travelled quickly. It prompted dancing in Kenya and thumbs up at a US cultural centre in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Leeann Gelissen took time in Bali to wish the man she calls a friend well. man she calls a friend well.My warmest congratulations toest congratulations to his re-election. Winnie Manhattan sounded relieved. We need him back for our dignity and this century is very sensitive. The some people in Libya seemed ambivalent. TRANSLATION:

Obama's re-election bid was watched closely around the world, especially in world, especially in the Middle East. It presents a particular challenge for Israel's Prime r challenge for Israel's Prime Minister who appeared to back Obama's opponent and his plans for the Middle East, in fact Binyamin Netanyahu even appeared in this political ad airing in Florida created to help prevent Obama from winning a second term. Some analysts believe that Netanyahu's frosty approach toward Obama will come back to haunt him during Obama's second term and his undermined his ability to influence Washington over issues including Iran's nuclear program.The security relationship between the United States and Israel is rock solid and I look forward to working with President Obama to further strengthen this relationship.Still others is, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, now on voice with the Middle East remain optimistic about East remain optimistic about the prospects of a new peace initiative.I think President Obama's re-election gives us a chance to go back into it with a renewed sense of momentum and plan to move it forward.In Europe, an Obama victory was a welcomed sight especially in France.I must say it is excellent news. Both for America and for Europe and France as well. I wish the best success to President Obama and to the American people.But once the party is over, leaders from around the globe will be watching closely to see how Obama handles the US economy teetering on another economic crisis. China's outgoing leader Hu Jintao has warned the ruling Communist Party it must tackle corruption or face collapse.In a speech to a crucial party Congress in Beijing he called for more reform and a rebalancing of the Chinese economy. His comments came at the start of a once in a decade transfer of power. Thousands of Communist Party members from all over China are in Beijing for a week-long cong that will usher in a fifth generation of leaders. Some delegates attending the carefully choreographed event have high expectations.

But in this one-party state, China's ruling comunnists are making sure unnists are making sure that dissident voices are not heard. Central Beijing was swarming with police and there are reports of hundreds of activists being detained ahead of the Congress. In teen until square police swooped on a woman who appears to be making a lone protest. China's departing President Hu Jintao opened the Congress in the Great Hall of the people with a speech calling for an end to corruption. Amid mounting public anger over the issue, he warned that no mercy should be shown to officials abusing their power. His remarks followed the murder and corruption scandal involving the disgraced party leader. President Hu also spoke about the need for further reform, including a new model for growth as the economy slows. He said a new China had been built over the past decade. What he called a "new Socialist with Chinese characteristics" and he said the country should continue on that path. Behind closed doors, a new leadership in waiting has already been chosen. This is the start of a carefully managed and smooth transition of power to Vice President who is set to become China's most powerful man for the next 10 years. Amid-agreeing pressure for reform, that is. -- amid-growing pressure for reform, that is form, that is it. We will take a closer look at what the future holds for China later the bulletin.The Prime Minister has strongly criticised Iran's controversial president and has refewed to meet him during democracy talks in Indonesia.SBS political reporter Richard Davis reports from the Democracy Forum in Bali. They have shared the world stage, but Julia Gillard and Iran's president won't ran's president won't share a word. They are two of the more than 70 dignitarys that have gathered in Bali to discuss just one thing - democracy.There are universal and enduring values enshrined in international law.hrined in international law.The Bali Democracy Forum was set up by Indonesia to promote good Gav Nance across the region.Cy proud to be one of the largest democracies. Through sharing and exchanging views and experiences, this forum will contribute positively to democracy in sitively to democracy in the region.Julia Gillard has praised Indonesia on its path to democracy. She was invited by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to co-chair the forum.From the first Australia has shared and understood your vision. For this to be an open means to promote discussion about democracy, not a closed meeting between democracy. She's provided ween democracy. She's provided nearly $2 million to help Indonesia continue its work. To exchange views, promote dialogue and produce solutions.But not every leader here has a spotless record.Iran and the President of Iran does not appear to be listening to the concerns of the world about Iran's nuclear program. So does Julia Gillard mind sharing the stage with him? Ifrpblgts look, I am Ifrpblgts look, I am here --Look, I am here at President Yudhoyono's wish as are other leaders.She said she won't meet with him. They are saying that they are using this to Boss credentials and begin false legitimacy. But they say it is better to engage with such countries than leave them isolated. And Laos where the Prime Minister has just come from has held an opening ceremony for a controversial hydro-electricity dam across the Meshel. It has been staunchly opposed by environmentalists and some neighbouring countries. It is thought they could block migratory routes of fish and harm the rice growing in Cambodia and Vietnam.At least four people have died after a department store collapsed in the Ghanaian capital. John Mahama is currently in the middle of a re- election campaign and took time out from politics to visit the survivors. 10 people are still feared trapped in the wreckage.And Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has been presented with the award of officer -- Officer of the Order of Australia for the performing arts. The 82-year-old has lived in the UK for more than 50 years, but Harris said it was marvellous that nobody in Australia had forgotten him.Greek MPs have passed a fourth round of austerity measures and are securing the next round of an international bailout despite violent protests.The measure comes amid-warnings that Europe's economic struggles and unemployment could be here for years. A narrow majority in Parliament mean more austerity for Greeks. More pension cuts and tax hikes. Before the bill was even passed, violence on the streets of Athens.(EXPLOSION) Riot police firing tear gas at angry protesters throwing firebombs. This package is the best for Greece.

Better days, also a distant prospect elsewhere in the eurozone as the European commission slashed its growth forecast for the region, adding to the prognosis new figures indicating that the slowdown has spread to e slowdown has spread to France and Germany as manufacturing sectors contracted for the ninth month. Germany insists the European way is the way forward. In London Angela Merkel met with British Prime Minister David Cameron to iron out differences act the controversial EU budget.It would be wrong for the European budget to increase at a time when we are having to make difficult decisions, not just in Britain, but all over the European Union in terms of getting our budgets back towards balance. That is why I have said what I think at best should be a cut, at worst a freeze.Merkel gave few specifics in response. few specifics in response.

Downing Street said in a statement the two leaders were at the same end of the spectrum, but hours earlier, during a session at the European Parliamentession at the European Parliament, Merkel was confronted with a different settlement.All I am suggesting Chancellor is we have a simple amicable divorce and we will all get on much better in the future. (APPLAUSE) .European leaders will hold budget talks later this month. You are watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next the Energy Minister heckleed at the launch of the energy white paper. Shortly leadership leverage what the changing of the Chinese guard means for Australia. And later the diverse states of America, why minority groups mean majority votes in US an majority votes in US elections.


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The Government's master plan for the future of the energy sector and easing the pain of rocketing electricity bills has got off to something of a rocky start.The Energy Minister Martin Ferguson wants to push a message about greater use of renewables and natural gas and a possible price incentive to discourage customers using too much electricity at peak times. Instead, he came in for a rough and rowdy reception.Martin Ferguson had been outlining the challenges facing Australia's energy sector when members of the quit call group burst on stage. Once they were removed the minister detailed planned reforms, including expanding the use of natural gas and de-regulating markets to drive down energy costs. 75-year-old pensioner Beverley George says she is paying three times what she used to.You just hunker down and watch television without the lights on. They have risen by 40% nationally over the past four years.This is hurting households and businesses and it is simply not sustainable. How are you?Tony Abbott spent the morning with the morning with one family battling rising electricity bills.The bills are our biggest expense at the moment.Martin Ferguson says there is no quick fix. The Opposition Leader thinks he can name one.If the Government was serious about getting power prices down, it would scrap the kax.At least one expert says it is not that simple.The impact of the carbon price is very small when it comes to the recent increases in s to the recent increases in electricity costs that we have seen. Most of the increase in cost has come from the fact we have to have these networks available for the peak demand periods.One suggested solution - smart meters, which allow consumers to choose when to use electricity, avoiding high prices at peak times. Getting agreement from the States on de-regulating power prices and increasing the use of natural gas will be a challenge. The issue high on the agenda at next month's COAG meeting. NSW says it will continue to regulate prices until there is more competition in the market.It takes a bit of charm and a bit of force and I will be exerting that, come December.Perhaps another fight in future on the use of nuclear power. Martin Ferguson says there will be an ongoing debate on that. Ref advocates have held small, but vocal demonstrations around the country today. s around the country today. The activists claim around 300 asylum seekers on Nauru are on hunger strike, but the Immigration Departme, but the Immigration Department says the protesters are exaggerating the numbers. It also says 30 Sri Lankans asylum seekers have been involuntary returned home.Well, now to other stories in news around the country. The future of Melbourne's Avalon Maintenance Facility is uncertain after Qantas announced more in after Qantas announced more than 250 jobs are to be lost from the site. The details are in line with the airline's previous announcement of job cuts in its maintenance divisions. Sydney's engineering operations have also been hit, but the company insists its plane also be among - will still be among the safest in the world.A boy, aged just 12, and two girls, aged just 12, and two girls, aged 14 and 16, have died after the stolen car they were in crashed in the outer Melbourne suburb of Coolaroo. The three other children in the overloaded vehicle were injured one of them seriously. Police said that the car was speeding.And in Sydney, motorists have been treated to a rare sight on the roads today. The 2-year-old giraffe has moved from Dubbo to the multimillion-dollar views at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Still, officials said she had to make the 400km journey now before she got too tall to pass under bridges and overpasses.Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have stopped off in Tasmania on the latest leg of their national tour. It was a packed itinerary our. It was a packed itinerary as they sampled the local beer, had a private performance from a school choir and visited a Marino shaoep farm. -- sheep farm. Well before the plane touched down, the people of Richmond were ople of Richmond were lining the streets for Charles and Camilla. Don't tell them this milla. Don't tell them this is just another stop on a regional tour to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This town was out in force. As Charles worked the crowd on one side of the street, Camilla pumped hands on the other. She had lovely soft hands, yes. She was lovely. t hands, yes. She was lovely. REPORTER: Are they enjoying it?I think they are.The Tasmanian premier was Tasmanian premier was tagging along but the crowd was more interested in Camilla.You look wonderful.At the local hotel Charles sampled a Tassie brow before it was on to meet the school choir. And before long, they were taking an interest in the ing an interest in the local produce.What are these?Soon he was visiting a Marino sheep farm in Sorrel, suitably dressed in his Marino suit part of his charitable work to help farmers hit by falling wol prices. The cattledogs wol prices. The cattledogs provided a laugh and almost a cause for concern. As the rain made another appearance, Charles's flock were doing their best to stay dry, but despite the rain, it is the Republican movement that appears to have been dampened in recent years. Poms show for a Republic at it lowest level since the referendum of 1999, certainly below the 50% mark. The glitz and glam of the royal newlyweds perhaps provideing a boost to to the monarchy's cause. They will finish their tour in Canberra where they will meet the Prime Minister and Charles will name a Lakeside park after his keside park after his mother. Overseas again and more than 40 people have been killed in Guatemala after a powerful earthquake struck off the coast. Another 100 are missing and a further 150 are injured. The 7.4 magnitude quake hit about 160km south-west of the capital. At a sand extraction site, rescue cruise attempt to save seven people reportedly burieden people reportedly buried alive, including a 6-year-old boy who had accompanied his grandfather to work. San Marcos located near the border of Mexico was where the majority of fatalities reported so far occurred and the damage suffered was all too visible. Roads blocked by debris, power cut and homes and buildings reduced to piles of rubble. No stranger to earthquakes this, is, however, the strongest to hit Guatemala City since 1976 when 23,000 people were killed and the country's president acted quickly in an attempt to minimise casualties.

As residents surveyed the damage that was yed the damage that was telt in all but one of Guatemala City's 22 states, the President warned of the possibility of devastating after shocks.

The quake was felt as far away as neighbouring countries El Salvador and Mexico. Like Guatemala City, shaken but fortunate to escape relatively unscathed. Many others closer to the quake-zone were simply not as lucky.

As China's Communist Party prepared to anoint its new leaders, the international community is keenly watching the closed-door process from afar. Two-thirds of the economic superpower's top decision makers are set to retire this week and the transition to a younger generation is likely to reverberate around the world, including here in Australia. Chinese people don't vote in elections. There are no rousing policy speeches. Instead, consensus is reached among top Communist Party officials. So will there be any noticeable changes? Linda Jakobson says although it won't be a multi-party democracy, there is a push for a more just society with rare protests flaring across the country over the past year.People are fed up with rampant corruption, nepotism and just generally the lack of a rule of law, so there's a lot of expectations that this new leadership will implement what I call a political legal reform. It's not purely political reform. Incoming president XiJinping is known as a princeling, the son of a respected revolutionary figure and is married to a pop star. He is known as a better communicate tor than President Hu Jintao and a possible reformer. A Poltiburo of 25 member also be also chosen this week and an elite standing committee of between seven and nine people will be closen from those front-runners. Whether those chosen are conservative or reform-minded will shape China future direction. Analysts say that any change with Australia is likely to be subtle but most grow it is a chance to strengthen economic and political ties. Amongst the overseas Chinese population here, many are reluctant to talk about publics in their homeland. Students say that is not because they are afraid of criticising China, but because politics are so distant from the people. She says there has been a healthy, yet controlled debate, on social media.For the majority of Chinese people, they care about social welfare because China is such an ageing society. Also, people care about free education in China and people would like China to be more open and to be more internationalised. No matter who is taking the lead, the foreign policy will definitely be more open.Kevin Rudd says that the new leader has been to Australia and knows it well. He said that he will reform the economy to invigorate the sector. If Chinese growth continues that is good for the Australian economy and good for Australian jobs.There are warnings that Australia will have to adapt the reforms.Whether that is a good thing for Australia or not, depends on really where we are going to be investing our money. In terms of mining companies, maybe not such a good thing, but in terms of biotechnology, education, health care, tourism it will be a fantastic thing. ll be a fantastic thing.It is said that although the Australia-China economic relationship is strong, work is needed on building political trust and that regular high-level meetings are needed to allow leaders to get to know each other better. Well, the big hope of America's Republicans over the past 48 hours was that while Barack Obama might gain enough electoral college votes to win the election, Romney would have a moral victory by winning the popular vote. That didn't happen, as counting continues, the President is close to 3m votes ahead in that contest, an indication of how America is changing and how the growing strength of women and minorities has changed the face of politics there for a long time to come.From the Chicago victory party... To New York's times scare, we saw the same thing last night in the battleground of Tampa, Florida. You can see the diversity, that is one of the big issues in this election and it is one of the reasons that Florida is such a strong battleground state. It is critical to Obama's win. Just look at the faces I shot on my phone - young, black, white, Latino, men, women - they are the voters who reflect the changing face of America. Voters who diversity mirrors the very man they put into office for a second time.When you look at the Government today it is the modern family where there are minorities, gays, single people more than... There is just fewer of them. They are still the majority of voters. This time their share of the electorate was at its lowest ever, so while Governor Mitt Romney won whites by the biggest margin since 1974, he still lost because of all of the groups that voted for Barack Obama. Think of them as the die verse' Modern Famely voters. First there is minorities. Latinos now 10% of the electorate hitting double-digits for the first time. More than twice as many unmarried women backing Barack Obama over Romney and again he won Big W young people.This elect industry is here to they and it is only going to increase.Rapidly turning red and blue America urning red and blue America into a much more colourful split.And gun sales are again surging in several states amid-fears that Mr Obama will tighten firearm laws in his second term. Nearly buried among yesterday's other significant decisions was a vote in Colorado and Washington state to legalise recreational marijuana. Some see it as being as big as the decision to abandon alcohol prohibition in the 1930s. It ohibition in the 1930s. It took the criminals out of the business. Now across the border in Mexico analysts predict a big drop in income for the murderous drug cartels now estimates to make about $6 billion a year.Although cannabis originally came from Asia, its most common name marijuana comes from Mexico. It means intoxicating plant. So intoxicating and popular that it accounts for at least one-third of Mexico's illegal drug trade. A highly lucrative contraband that helps to speed this country's violent drug cartels, but now the US states of Colorado and Washington have voted to legalise the recreational use of marijuana, potentially deal ago more powerful blow to the cartels than any o Army without even than any o Army without even fire ago shot. By making it possible to legally produce cheaper and higher quality marijuana at home, the laws expected to cut the cartels' profit by $1.4 billion in the state of Washington alone. TRANSLATION: This is the start of a generational change that will take at least 10-15 years to implement. If it can be proven to stop crime and violence.The institute that put out the report calls it a "structural blow to drug trafficking in Mexico" and in this country which has seen more than 60,000 people killed in the drug war over the last six years, it is a measure that has been welcomed by many ordinary citizens. TRANSLATION: In the long term it will reduce the level of violence here because it will stop drug traffickers change and it will become legal. The best example is the end of prohibition of alcohol in the United States.That doesn't take into account cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs. Nevertheless, those who Nevertheless, those who argue that it is time to re-think the strategy for combatting the illegal narcotics trade leave the legalision of marijuana in these two American states is significant for a step towards dealing a death blow to Mexico's deadly drug cartel.And Mexico's incoming government, which will take office in three weeks, says the referendum votes will force a re-think of its cooperation with the US on their joint forces to combat the traffickers.Thanks, Janice. More than 1,000 Sri Lankans drown each year and that statistic has prompted lifesaving Victoria to act. It has developed an unlikely alliance with its Sri Lankan counter parts delivering crucial training and developing a new generation of leaders in the process. Sri Lankan lifesaver Suhan prepares to hit the water at Rescue 2012, an international competition for elite lifesavers. Until recently it is a competition he had little hope of making, but in July of this year he participated in a development course in Colombo where six Australian lifesavers delivered a range of water-based, theory and first aid training.We got some new advanced skills which are more easier and more statistically advanced with methods.For years Sri Lankan life savers have performed an add Mir available role amid-poor resources, training and outdated techniques. The young Australian's brief was simple.To build the capacity of Sri Lankan lifesaving so they can actually take over the roles and develop the swimming capability of Sri Lankans generally.But it will help the Australians grow as leaders and importantly develop the much-needed skill in a country sadly overrepresented in drowning fatalities. With tourism gaining momentum after three decades of war, the Sri Lankan train years were dispatched to remote and regional communitys to impart their water safety knowledge.All of the Australians will go to the clubs and start training and also surrounding schools. So they have started to train. They have already started, most of them.Suhan didn't claim a medal today, but by competing and learning, the experience has been life changing and saving. TRANSLATION: The end of the program, though there are different people, at the end of the program they were friends with us.Lifesaving Victoria will make annual visits to Australia. -- visits to Sri Lanka. Coming up next - Michael with all of the day's sports news including Celtic springing one of the biggest ever Champion League upsets as Barcelona get as taste of its own medicine. Also' Dad's Army' star Clive Down dies at

In finance, 10,000 new jobs were created in object, but Australia's unemployment rate remained at 5.4%. That's because more people gave up the search for work, lowering the participation rate to 65.1%. Forward-looking indicators i such as the newspaper jobs adds that fell earlier this week, suggest that it week, suggest that it will be flat in the m koing months.To the share market today. -- in the coming months.To the share market today.

We are talking Champions League next with Mike Tomalaris and Celtic in one of the biggest upsets ever! A big night in Glasgow, a big night in Spanish football, Anton. That's right. Barcelona's first loss since August has stunned European football and proved the Spanish giants are human after all. It was a scoring frenzy for the complexion of MAFF Day 4 with 34 goals. Bayern Munich were the bipgest winners while Chelsea, Juventus, and Benifica won. Despite a lack of possession Celtic scored a victory that will long be remembered.

A comastty crowd full of voice and -- a capacity crowd full of voice and draped in green and white. Celtic was not short of support and belief in the stands. A record- breaking start to the Spanish domestic competition counted for little for Barcelona's road trip to Glasgow. This was the moment to cherish for 21-year-old Kenyan Victor Wanyama. The opening goal brought delight to the coach's bench and almost brought the house down, literally. Despite enjoying a wealth of possession, 74% in total, Barcelona struggled to penetrate. Lionel Messi had an off day in front of goal. Understrength but never underestimated, a sweeping Celtic move Piersed Barcelona's uncharacteristically flimsy defence. COMMENTATOR: This 1 Tony Watts. He's done it.They were dancing on the terraces and despite a late consolation from Messi in the dying seconds, players were in disbelief at full-time. Celtic is now poised to advance to the last 16, the 2-1 result fitting, as the first British club to win the European Cup celebrates its 125th anniversary. Plenty of goals in London as Chelsea produced the desired result. Smiles here as the spirited visitors refused to give up the fight. A brilliant long- range delivery from Oscar sunk you crane hearts. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a genius goal!The match looked set to finish at 2-all.And he scored. Unbelievable.Thatd he scored. Unbelievable.That was before victor Moses came on the scene. A 12-minute blackout couldn't stop Manchester United running riot with a second-half blitz with a victory over Braga in Portugal. United is the only club to have a perfect record of four wins from four matches. The last time that happened they lifted the Champions League trophy.Australian skipper Michael Clarke says the team for tomorrow's first test against South Africa won't uth Africa won't be decided until minutes before the toss with the changeable Gabba pitch hard to predict. Clarke dismissed claim as secret dossier on how to beat the Proteas was untensionaly leaked to intimidate the world's top-ranked team.All eyes on the pitch today. The Gabba the pitch today. The Gabba wicket likely the play a key role at least in the make-up of the two teams. For the host, it is what likely choice between paceman Mitch Starc and spinner Nathan Lyon. The wicket has changed a little bit since yesterday and I need to wait and see if it changes any Morcombe tomorrow morning.The Australians reportedly have a dossier on how to beat the world's No.1 team including the 1 team including the bowling bouncers.It wouldn't be surpriseing. When you have three goals that bowl well and truly over 140ks yeah, they are not shy on bounces, whether that be in the nets or the centres.The old art of sledging Hashim Amla inside his head according to the report. We understand there is a line that you can't cross, but we will be pushing that line.Clarke denied it was intentionally released to plant a seed of doubt, but the Proteass have their own plans for Australia's inexperienced top three. If we can put some pressure on them in certain areas and make some plays in the big moments because that is ultimately what the Test Series is going to boil down to.As for Australia's reported intention of trying to intimidate Kallis.How many time was e do talk about Kallis? We say the same things. He's got the record to prove it, he is great, two players in one and bribes balance to our team.South Africa haven't played a test at the Gabba since d a test at the Gabba since a drawn test in 1963. Newcastle knights Danny Buderas's decision to spend one day a week to coach Rugby Union's ACT Brumbies may yet be blocked by the rugby league commission. Meanwhile, the Wallabies have left out a player from the inside to play the opening Spring Tour match against France on Sunday morning. Fullback Mike Harris has kept out a fit Berrick Barnes who was named on the bench after a lengthy injury lay-off. Dave Dennis and Cane Douglas are all named in the forward pack. France is out for revenge after being demolished two years ago.A good experience here last night in 2010. But we are very conscious of the fact that they will be aware of that and they will be looking at finding ways of stymiing us.The Wallabies will be playing under the new scrum command system and the 5- second use it or lose it rule at the back e it rule at the back of the ruck nor the first time U49-year-old jockey Jim Cassidy has won his fourth oaks Adelaideies day at Flemington. Cassidy piloted Dear Demi to victory in the million dollar race for 3-year-old fillies. His mount started second favourite behind Zydeco and emerged from the pack before striding out to win for the veteran jockey and veteran trainer Clarry Conners. Cassidy last won the oaks on board Weekend Delight in 1990. Bradley Wiggins is recovering after being knocked off his bike by a car in the UK. A few broken ribs but he should be OK. On that night, I will be on my bike. Thank you, Mike. Hope it is a speedy recovery. Coming up the death of a much-loved actor.

Residents of New York and New Jersey are still enduring a second round of misery. Both cities are in the midst of a blizzard that cutting power to thousands of people who are still reeling from Superstorm Sandy.l reeling from Superstorm Sandy.People living in low-lying neighbourhoods are evacuating for rhoods are evacuating for the second time in two weeks. The stormy conditions are likely to continue over the next 24 hours.To the forecast, and a broad low-moving trough is generating showers and storms from Tasmania to nd storms from Tasmania to the Top End. A front is bringing light showers to southern parts of Victoria and South Australia. A high in the west is bringing clear skies to most of WA. The major centres:

Well, he played a cranky, panicky old so-and-so but he still won millions of fans around the world. Clive Dunn, better known as 'Dad's Army's Lance Corporal Jones has died at the grand old age of 92.He immortalised such catchphrases as "don't panic!" and "they don't like it, up 'em". It puts fear into the heart of them. They don't like it. Especially up 'em.He was irritating, but he was endearing and he always asked for permission to speak. Clive Dunn's Corporal Jones was a stalwart for one of the most famous comedys that the BBC has ever produced. Famous for catch phrases that the actor originally wasn'that the actor originally wasn't sure about.I thought people might find it offensive, "they don't like it, up 'em", but they loved it. Of course they love anything a bit rude, don't they? Gos bless 'em.'Dad's Army's colleagues remembered him with fondness. membered him with fondness. YellowOn the first night of the stage show he brought everybody, a really large cast, a large bottle of champagne, which is wonderfully generous. He had a wonderfully generation and a wonderful performance.Working always was fun, not necessarily hysterical, but just fun because he used the word "nice" all the time. Clive had been a soldier himself when he was young and he was young once. He spent years in this building as a prisoner of war in this building. Jonesy, he said, was his revenge. He specialised in old men and in the 1970s there was an unexpected bonus, a No.1 hit U (Sings) # Grand-dad # Grand-dad # You are 406ly #Later the grand- dad character was turn need a TV series for children, but it was for his coolness under pressure in the home guard for which he will be best remembered.Don't panic. Don't panic. I will stop the firing on the phone. Don't panic.(LAUGHTER) Running from 1968 until 1977 'Dad's Army' is ad's Army' is ranked just fourth in the greatest British sitcoms ever made. 'Only Fools and Horses' is at the No.1 spot. And Sydney artist Fabian Astore has won the coveted Blake Prize for his religious art for his psychedelic video of a Turk ish mosque. But the artist had to be content with sharing the $20,000 prize with Evelife Kotai from Fremantle in Western Australia. Her work, 'Field of Contemplation', is made from hundreds of Buddhist mantras which have been cut up and jumbleed across three huge panels. Recapping our top stories now - Barack Obama is back in Washington after celebrating his election victory with his family in Chicago. His second term in office starred with a sharp fall in the US stock market. China's outgoing leader Hu Jintao has addressed a crucial party Congress warning the Communist Party it must tackle corruption or face collapse.That is the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on at 10:30 on SBS One.And plenty more on the leadership changes at SBS Online and for the latest headlines follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodow us on Twitter. Goodnight.
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I'm leaving the beautiful
Lake Habarana and Sigiriya region and heading south
towards the famous city of Kandy.

(BEEPS HORN) On the way,
I'm stopping off near Matale. This area is best known
for its spice plantations. They grow everything here,
from pepper and vanilla to cinnamon, but best of all, cocoa. Whoa. A cocoa pod, and it looksripe. My mum was a tour guide in Sri Lanka and she used to bring these to us
whenever she could. You cut them, and inside is this
succulent flesh with theseeds. I'm not really sure how to do it.
I haven't done it for a long time. But I've asked the guy
for permission. I'm gonna rip this one off
and see what I can taste from it. Chocolate is made from theseeds. But I'm gonna taste theflesh.