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, Tomorrow on the show, Melissa George. That will be good for a chat. Mark Holden is our flash back Friday. We have got a great show lined up for you. See you after Sunrise.

This program is captioned live. This morning - three teenagers dead
and three injured after a horror crash in Melbourne. Barack Obama straight back to work
after being re-elected as President. And after cuddling koalas, Charles and Camilla head to Tasmania

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. Good morning. Two teenage girls
and a 12-year-old boy are dead and three others are injured after their stolen car smashed into
a wall at high speed in Melbourne. The female driver
was among those killed. Seven's Cameron Baud reports
from Melbourne.

Ann, a 12-year-old boy is amoung 3 teenagers killed in a horrific car accident at Coolaroo. Around midnight, a stolen camera said an containing 6 teenages has slammed into a concrete wall. Three of the teenagers were killed instantly. 16-year-old female drive and the is it-year-old boy, and a 14 year owl girl. It's believed speed was a major factor in the collision. Miserable. Like seeing my best friend gone. There's nothing I can do about it no more. She's gone now. Very bubbly gorgeous girl. Just a mistake. Three male passengers were taken to hospital. One of them in a critical condition suffering spinal and pelvis injuries. His family and friends are in deep shock. I can't believe it because add only would never have done this. I can't believe it because add only
would never have done this. I can't believe it because add only
would never have done this. Getting in the car. Adam would get in the car but he wouldn't drive it. If he dries wouldn't drive it. If he drives it, he won't steal it. It's drives it, he won't steal it. It's believe the stolen car had been out of control for at least 100 metres before it slammed into the wall. The early estimate is it had been travelling at about 140kmh in what is an 80 zone.

A young girl
has narrowly escaped injury when a bullet was fired
into her home overnight in the Melbourne suburb
of Broadmeadows. It's believed the bullet missed
the girl by centimetres. Melina Sarris has the details.

Ann, the shooting has left the family Ann, the shooting has left the
family in this home shocked and scared. Around 6. scared. Around 6.30 last night, their ten-year-old daughter was watching television in the loungeroom when a shot was fired loungeroom when a shot was from the street into their home. It smashed through the window, the television and the loungeroom wall, missing the 10-year-old's head by just 50 centimetres. She is OK but glass from the shattered window cut her neck and her eye. Just like once I sat down, the bullet came through. She didn't sleep all night.

The family did not want to be identified fearing there could be a repeat attack. They just hope hover is responsible is caught. Ann.

Barack Obama and his family
are back in the White House after celebrating his convincing win over Republican challenger
Mitt Romney. US bureau chief Mike Amor
was in Chicago to watch Obama claim
another term as President.

, He promised to re a bitterly divided America. As he arrived back at the bhous just a few hours ago to face an angry Republican Party which still cols the representatives, he quickly realised that easier said than done. All of us will be held hostage to the gridlock into America, which threatens to send this country back into recession and drag this country back into recession and drag drag the rest of the world with

He had to wait until the early hours to secure his remarkable
re-election victory In the end, it was decisive - and not the dead heat
that so many feared. And there was a heady mixture here
of sheer relief and of jubilation. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Surrounded by his family,
the President was able to celebrate in front of thousands
of his most loyal supporters. And Barack Obama said
he was returning to the White House more inspired than ever before. It doesn't matter who you are
or where you come from or what you look like
or where you live, whether you're black or white or
Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor,
abled, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America
if you're willing to try. After a bruising and overwhelmingly
negative campaign he promised to reach out
to his political opponents, recognising America was divided
and needed time to heal. I believe we can seize this future
together because we are not as divided
as our politics suggest. We're not as cynical
as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum
of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection
of red state and blue state. We are, and forever will be,
the united states of America. With a fiscal cliff that could drag
America and the rest of the world back into recession looming in just 55 days,
it could define his next four years. But this was a personal triumph and he paid an emotional tribute
to his family. I wouldn't be the man I am today without the woman who agreed
to marry me 20 years ago. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Let me say this publicly - Michelle,
I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love
with you too as our nation's First Lady. This maybe more gritty than
the romantic win four years ago, but Barack Obama's win
is still historic. No president has remained in office
with unemployment this high. Just hours after the speech, and flew back to the White House
and back to work. Like in 2008

he has raised expectations
that may be difficult to deliver.

After coming so close
to becoming president, failed Republican candidate
Mitt Romney was gracious in defeat. how to win the votes of the young,
and America's racial minorities. Angela Cox reports from Boston. After spending six years
on two failed presidential bids, it's not known what Mitt Romney
plans to do next. In the short term he will spend time
with his family - including his 18 grandchildren. But Romney's future within the
deeply fractured Republican party remains unclear. Friends say it's unlikely
he'll return to the private sector which made him a very wealthy man. So whether it's charitable
work or something like that, I don't see him going back
to the private scuttlebutt working to make things better
in the world. What is clear -
the Republican party will have to do some serious soul searching. The one thing uniting Americans is that they want politicians
in Washington to work together. Today, Republican leaders
are pledging to try to find common ground
with President Obama. Let's challenge ourselves
to find the common ground that has eluded us. Let's rise above the dysfunction
and do the right thing together for our country.

And some republicans have already
acknowledged if the party wants to stay relevant it needs to work harder to reach out
to the growing minority groups that handed Obama
his second term in office. Julia Gillard has passed on her
congratulations to Barack Obama after arriving in Bali
for its democracy forum. The Prime Minister says Australia and the United States
are strong friends and she's looking forward to working
closely with the President in the future.

Good morning, Ann, well the US election result only became clear while the Prime Minister was still in the air, travelling from Laos here to parly. Upon her arrival, her immediate focus was passing on her congratulations. I do most sincerely and welcome the I do most sincerely and welcome re-election of President Obama as Australian Prime Minister on our shared agenda. She underlined the importance of the AustraliUS relationship and identified a number of issues our countries would need to work on over the next four years of Mr Obama's presidency. First and foremonths, we have to see our mission through in Afghanistan and continue to make our contribution to peace and security in our world. We have got to work together on the global economy, strength evening jobs and growth, including through the work we do at the 'G 20. Having received a very warm welcome from some Australian families in her hotel yesterday, Miss Gillard's attention now turns to her reason for being here, the Bali democracy forum. It was set up in 2008 with Kevin Rudd, the then Prime Minister, Asko chair. Today, Miss Gillard will be co-chairing along with the President of south Korea and the President of Indonesia. On the sidelines of sidelines of the forum, sidelines of the sidelines of the um, Miss Gillard will hold talks. She wouldn't say whether the issue of asylum seekers would be raise the despite the record number of record number of boat arrivals

Prince Charles and the Duchess
of Cornwall are flying to Tasmania this morning as they continue their royal tour. Dean Felton is in the historic
town of Richmond near Hobart and joins me now. Dean, what will the royal couple
get up to today? Ann,
Tasmania will be the fourth state Charles and Camilla have visited since arriving in Australia
on Monday afternoon so they're packing a lot
into a fairly brief visit. Yesterday they spent just five hours
in South Australia but in that time they managed to do what every tourist should do
at least once and that is to cuddle a koala. They also took in a school visit
and a trip to Penfolds winery. When they touch down in Tasmania
later this hour, they'll first come here
to the historic village of Richmond, just outside Hobart. Here they'll meet local craftsmen
and heritage workers as well as visiting both
the local church and the local pub. After that, Charles is off
to a sheep stud as part of his campaign
to promote wool. Later, he visits the headquarters of
the Australian Antarctic Division and then late this afternoon he and Camilla will walk
through Salamanca Place on Hobart's waterfront
to meet members of the public and then another civic reception. So the pace is unrelenting, and there's still Sydney
and Canberra to go. Ann. Dean Felton, thank you. Next in Seven News -
the latest financial news. And Rolf Harris presented
with Australia's top gong.

To finance now and joining me is Martin Lakos
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Martin, US and European markets fell because of a downgraded outlook
for Europe?

Yeah, Ian, good morning. There is no doubt the markets fell because of concerns of the US fiscal cliff. There is no doubt we the in the European commission, down trading the outlook from 1% to 0. the outlook from 1% to 0.1%, the head of the European Central Bank also noted that Germany was being affected by the debt crisis and it's forecast for their growth to go from 1. forecast for their growth to go from 1.7% down to 0. 1.7% down to 0.8. That has rattled markets. The US market downs 0. markets. The US market downs 0.3% markets. The US market downs 0.3%. Our Market. How is it going today? At this stage, we have got the banks steady. With ANZ going Ex dividend but all of the key growth stocks are weaker. Now, Australian unemployment figures have just been released. What do they show? A good result, coming out at 5. A good result, coming out at 5.4% A good result, coming out at 5.4%, the unemployment rate. There was expectations that would weaken off. We had a mix of better than expected full-time employment and about 8,000 part-time jobs lost through the month. Partiesisation rate was steady of the so that's good news at the moment. Thank you,

A strong earthquake has struck off
the coast of Guatemala, killing at least eight people. The 7.4 magnitude quake
damaged more than 40 homes and triggered a small tsunami
off the coast. The quake was felt more than
1,000 kilometres away in Mexico City.

It's the strongest earthquake
to hit the region since 1976, when a 7.5 magnitude quake
claimed 20,000 lives. Aussie expat Rolf Harris has been
presented with a new accolade. He's been awarded Australia's top
honour - the Order of Australia,

Nick Marshall-McCormack was there
to congratulate him.

Well, with the help of a wobble board, a didgeridoo and a unique way with words, Rolf Harris has entertained millions around the world. Today he was honoured as an officer of the Order of Australia for the distinguished services to the arts, the promotion of Australian culture. He was made an officer at Australia house in London, by High Commissioner John Rauth after finding out he was to receive the honour earlier this year. Harris is already a commander of the order of the British empire and has been inducted into the air why haul of fame. He has sung with the beat also and painted a portrait of the queeck, he what's lated to win this award. It's from the people of Australia basically. It's a recognition of what you've done and what you've achieved. He also treated us to a bit of eving and ifing. # Eving in and Fing. He can't imagine retiring at 86. He is already announced another series of performances at royal festival hall in London in February next year and he is also working on an album with some pretty special guests he tells us. And that is to be released next year as

Next in Seven News - we'll have the
latest on Oaks Day in Flemington. And will Ricky Ponting play
in tomorrow's series opener? We've got fresh pictures just in
from the Gabba.

Ricky Ponting has trained strongly
at the Gabba this morning and is a certain starter
for tomorrow's first test against South Africa. These pictures just in from Brisbane
and Ponting moved freely in another fitness test on
his injured hamstring at the Gabba. Ponting and the Australian team
are playing down the leaking of a secret game plan that outlined their strategy
of unsettling the South Africans. The file details the aggressive style of bowling
to the Proteas batsmen and targeting danger man
Hashim Amla. The Aussies have also set
their sights on Jacques Kallis who has an injured wrist. Two quality pace attacks and I'm sure the short ball
will be used. We'll have the final word
from the captains and Seven's cricket expert,
the legendary Matt Hayden in Seven News at 6:00. The fillies take centre stage on and
off the track at Flemington today with the running
of the million-dollar Crown Oaks. Anthony Freedman's widely tipped
to win the Group One race Leith Mulligan is at Flemington. ,

Yes, good morning, Ann, it's certainly a carnival for stayers, day three and all the attention is on the $ on the $is million ox. For many, it's a one horse race, with Zydeco, it had a great win on Derby Day. It's main challenge, a horse called Dear Demi. The jockey that missed out on a Melbourne Cup ride, who thinks Zydeco can get home. My main focus is to get her in a nice rhythm. The way she done it on Saturday, really suggests to me, it will be no problem.Brett probable, actually flew out last night, back to Hong Kong where he is based. He will be back there riding horses pretty soon after sticking around to celebrate that win on Green Moon. There will be a bit of attention on one of their Pierce, Damien Oliver today, he is on a horse called Mama's Choice. He is still under investigation for alleged bets that he put on a race two years ago. Stewards looking at that and a result expected in the next week or so but the horses are at it again, all the action here right near on Channel Seven. Back to

World number one Novak Djokovic in another epic tussle,
at the ATP tour finals in London. Murray was on-fire in the first, dropping just three points
on his serve to win 6-4. COMMENTATOR: Sensational
from Murray. But the Serb Maestro lifted, producing some extraordinary tennis
to triumph in three. Murray must win
his final group match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tomorrow
to avoid an early exit.

The Wallabies are primed for
a big performance against France on Saturday, with several key players
returning from injury. David Pocock, Stephen Moore
and Drew Mitchell are all expected to take the field
in Paris, for the first of their
four European tests. While Heathrow Airport
was brought to a standstill when the Maori All-Blacks supporters
performed a spirited haka, on the team's arrival. (PERFORM HAKA)

The first game of their whirlwind
tour kicks off on Tuesday. Manchester United's Champions League
hopes have almost plunged into darkness. Sitting dangerously at 1-0 down against Portuguese club,
Sporting Braga, the stadium lights
mysteriously went out. COMMENTATOR: Looks like
a Manchester United supporter has found
the right wire somewhere. Light returned 10 minutes later, and the power switched
to the Red Devils, who went on to win 3-1
and book a place in the final 16.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

We are Opel, from Germany. In our 150-year history,
we've never been to Australia. Well, one of us has - Astra. It missed Australia so much,
it just had to come back. And this time, it's bringing
with it the rest of the family.

See you soon.

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Now for a look
at the national weather - a slow moving trough is generating
showers and storms across much of Eastern Australia. A front is bringing showers
to western victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. The national capitals - a possible shower
in Brisbane. A possible thunderstorm
in Sydney. Canberra,
a thunderstorm. Melbourne, also
a possible thunderstorm. Showers in Adelaide
and Hobart. A sunny day
in Perth.

And for Darwin,
thunderstomrs. An African wildlife sanctuary
has welcomed three lion cubs who it's hoped, will help
re-populate the species in Uganda. The number of African lions
has reduced by half since the early 1950s. There are now fewer than 21,000
left on the continent. Conservationists are
calling for African lions to be listed among species faced
with extinction.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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