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This program is captioned live. This morning - four more years - Barack Obama returns
to the White House for a second term as Mitt Romney concedes defeat. Prime Minister Gillard
touches down in Bali ahead of today's democracy forum. And Charles and Camilla
heading to Hobart after sampling
all Adelaide has to offer. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning.

It's been a long night
of celebrations after US President Barack Obama
was re-elected for another term. Despite a lower voter turn-out
than four years ago, the President had the numbers
to defeat Republican Mitt Romney and return to the White House.

Loud cheers at
the Obama victory party in Chicago, the moment the race was called. (WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Celebrations also from New York
to LA and around the world, including the Japanese town
of Obama. Singing and dancing
in the Kenyan village where the President's father
was born. Swamped by reporters,
his grandma wished him well while at his former school
in Jakarta, they cheered a star student... ALL: (CHANT) Obama! Obama! who'll return to the
White House to serve a second term. Whether I earned your vote
or not, I have listened to you. I have learned from you. And you have made me
a better President. In Boston,
Mitt Romney conceded defeat. After 500 days of campaigning, he told supporters
he had given it his all. This is a time
of great challenges for America and I pray that the President will
be successful in guiding our nation. Unlikely to run again, the 65-year-old millionaire
urged Washington to come together. Slim wins in the key states
of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa and New Hampshire delivered the victory
for the Obama campaign. The President tweeting supporters,
"Four more years!" And so the hard work begins. Exit polls show voters are worried
about unemployment, rising prices taxes and housing. President Obama has promised
to use his second term to rebuild the nation's economy
and restore its pride. We know in our hearts that
for the United States of America, the best is yet to come. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Australia's political leaders
have congratulated President Obama on his win. Prime Minister Gillard offered her
support from Bali where she'll today co-chair
a democracy forum. Seven's political reporter
Alex Hart is following the Prime Minister. Good morning, Nat.

Well, Prime Minister Gillard is one of 12 international leaders here today for the Bali democracy forum but when she arrived here yesterday afternoon, local time, her immediate focus was on a leader whos? focus was on a leader who isn't here, the US election result was of course decided while she was travelling here in the air from Laos. She was keen to catch gratulate President Obama when touching down.President Obama is a great friend of Australia and we are looking forward to continuing to work closely with President Obama. Julia Gillard says she is looking forward to working with President Obama on a number of issues including Afghanistan and the global economy.Australia and America are the oldest of allies and the firmest of friends. We share values and we have a a history of shared sacrifice.The Prime Minister's focus now turns to her reason for being here, the Bali democracy forum. It was first held in 2008 with then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as cochair. Today it is Julia Gillard's turn, she is coshare chairing with the President of Korea and Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. She will hold formal talks with the President and they will hold talks on what our countries can do to stop the record flow of boats. In the last 14 days we have seen more than 700 people on the boats.

Prince Charles
and his wife, Camilla, will continue their 6-day
Australian tour today with a brief stop in Tasmania before heading to Sydney tonight. Yesterday the royal couple
spent the afternoon in Adelaide, meeting schoolkids, locals
and some furry new friends. The students of Kilkenny Primary
had been preparing for this day for weeks. We've been teaching the children
what to say - ma'am and sir and how to curtsey. So they're so cute. Prince Charles
and his wife, Camilla, meeting dozens of children,
buzzing with royal excitement. Camilla shaked his hand.
She shook my hand. REPORTER: She shook your hand?
Yep. The royals showing off
their green thumbs in the school's organic garden - part of a program that encourages
kids to grow their own vegetables and prepare their own healthy meals. Then it was on to one of the
country's best-known winemakers - Penfold's - for a glass of Grange with
the South Australian Premier and a look at some of the state's
finest food. The idea was to give them a glimpse of all the wonderful things
that we produce. Next, a meet and greet with locals at the Adelaide Rowing Club
Boathouse on the banks of the River Torrens. Hundreds of royal watchers
waited hours to see the couple. Others watched on
from the balcony above. And finally it was
on to Government House where the couple met
some furry new friends. A brief visit to Adelaide,
over before sundown. The night spent in Melbourne before they head to Hobart
this morning.

Three people have been killed
in a horror accident in Melbourne's north overnight. Two men have been taken to hospital
with life-threatening injuries. All five people were travelling
in the car when it hit a wall. Emergency services remain on scene with the three deceased victims
still trapped in the car. Police in Sydney fear a new chapter
in the city's bikie wars after a 28-year-old man was shot
in the stomach four times yesterday morning. The Comanchero member underwent
emergency surgery to save his life. Police believe it's linked
to feuds within the gang. We're not looking at open gang
warfare let me make that very clear, we believe
it's a contained conflict. They're investigating
whether it's retaliation for the murder
of Comanchero member Faalau Pisu. The 23-year-old was gunned down
at a wedding on Monday morning. A deadly dog attack in Melbourne
has been caught on security camera. Jackie Lachlan
was walking her two shih tzus when they were attacked
by a German shepherd. A passer-by stopped and saved Jackie
from being mauled by the animal. Her husband, Ron, is furious the German shepherd's owner
hasn't been charged. The guy hasn't even rung up to say,
"I'm sorry"! Sadly, 14-year-old Pepi's injuries
were so severe, he had to be put down.

A pilot is lucky to be alive after his light plane
crashed south-west of Brisbane. The Cessna 172 slammed into
a property north of Beaudesert yesterday afternoon. The 46-year-old pilot
has head and chest injuries as well as a fractured leg. There were no passengers on board. A laneway mural created in memory of murdered
Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has been covered over
by street artists. Hosier Lane in the city's CBD
has become known for its constantly evolving
street art, but many had hoped
the 20 metre mural in Jill's memory would be preserved. It comes days after a stone memorial
was removed from the spot where her body was discovered. A Sydney mother is relaxing
with her newborn bub after a heart-stopping home birth that involved her mother
and mother-in-law. The frantic, all-in effort was orchestrated by a trainee
ambulance operator, the drama captured
on a 000 recording. Still stunned by the experience,
Caroline Moore holds her baby... ..and meets the 27-year-old trainee
who helped deliver him. talking them through it. I don't think I could've done it
if you weren't on the phone. Caroline was at home
when the contractions began. Her mother-in-law called 000
while her own mum played midwife.

A very calm Jarrod Furness gave
instructions from the call centre.

You make them believe
that they can do it, you tell them they can do it
and they do.

And with that, Nicholas William
Moore was welcomed into the world. But there was one person
missing from this equation - Dad. He was on the F3 heading to work. She rang me to tell me, "It's a boy"
and I've gone... Well, I won't repeat what I said
but... Mum and Helen don't have experience
delivering babies so of course,
there's a concern there. Helen ended up in hospital. Her body thought
she was having a heart attack. Just too much excitement for Nana,
I think. Now everyone's just fine... And you're a big sister, aren't you? Baby! Yeah, baby brother. ..with an incredible story to tell. Now for your first look
at Thursday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the man who's lived
and worked on every continent. But next on Seven Early News - dozens trapped
when a shopping centre collapses. And flights cancelled as a second major storm
approaches New York City.

Hundreds of nursing home residents
have been evacuated as New York braces
for another storm. Airlines have been forced
to cancel hundreds of flights. United will ground
around 500 flights this morning. US Airways and Delta
are also expecting problems.

Forecasters are predicting
freezing temperatures and snow. It comes just one week
after superstorm Sandy hit, forcing 23,000 flights
to be cancelled. Dozens of people have been trapped after a multi-storey department
store collapsed in Ghana. At least three people have died
in the shopping centre which opened earlier this year. Hundreds of rescuers
have been working to free people from the rubble. So far 10 have been pulled out
alive. It's believed around 50 people
were inside when it collapsed. The area has been declared
a disaster zone. Greece is bracing for mass protests
outside parliament as the government prepares to vote
on fresh austerity measures. Tens of thousands of workers brought
the capital to a standstill with a 48-hour general strike
on Wednesday. Unions are now calling on members
to strike again over new measures to keep
the country from going bankrupt, including more tax rises
and pension cuts. France's parliament will review
a bill legalising same-sex marriage and allowing gay couples to adopt after the Cabinet approved
the proposed law. This follows
President Francois Hollande's pledge to extend the rights
of same-sex couples. The bill has met resistance from
religious leaders and family groups. If approved, France will become
the 12th country in the world to acknowledge gay marriage. Your first finance this Early News - before the close on Wall Street,
the Dow Jones has dropped almost 2%.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
pop superstar Ke$ha performs live. But next on Seven Early News - And Djokovic and Murray go down
to the wire again in London.

The stories we're following
on the Early News - it's been a long night
of celebrations for US President Barack Obama - re-elected for another four years
after winning key swing seats, including Ohio. Prime Minister Gillard arrives
in Bali for a democracy forum. She'll also hold formal talks
with Indonesian authorities on asylum seekers. 14 boats have been intercepted
in Australian waters over the last seven days,
carrying more than 700 people. And Prince Charles
and his wife, Camilla, continue their
whirlwind Australian tour today. They'll stop briefly in Tasmania
before heading to Sydney tonight. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport.

Another day at Flemington? It just gets better and better, Nat.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival
continues today with the Crown Oaks and jockey Kerrin McEvoy
believes his mount, Zydeco, is a worthy hot favourite
for $1 million classic. The Anthony Freedman-trained filly
is paying $2.40 this morning followed by the highly rated
Dear Demi and Summer Bliss. McEvoy says he liked what he saw
during Zydeco's commanding victory last Saturday. The style that she won there
at Flemington in the Wakeful Stakes
really impressed me and looking forward to sitting
on her again on Thursday. He'll start the 2,500 metre
gallop from barrier 7. We'll have all the coverage
here on Seven. Just check your local guides
for exact times. Australia's top secret game plan for
the first test against South Africa has been leaked on the eve of the Gabba showdown. The 'Protea file' blueprint reveals the Aussies will launch
a psychological sledging war against batsman Hashim Amla and ruthlessly target novice
leg spinner Imran Tahir. They'll also aim to test
Jacques Kallis injured wrist with a bumper onslaught. Yesterday, Ricky Ponting promised
a symphony of chin music. You can expect some fireworks. Some of their top order can expect
a lot of short balls as well, which is an area we really think
we can attack them. The Australian team
has refused to comment but didn't deny the plans. World number one Novak Djokovic
has fought back to beat an enthusiastic Andy Murray
at the ATP tour finals in London. After a theatrical entrance
and dramatic opening game, Murray took the first set 6-4. COMMENTATOR: Sensational
from Murray. But the Scot couldn't build
on the lead, Djokovic forced to produce
some extraordinary tennis for a well-deserved win. COMMENTATOR: He's done it. UMPIER: Game, set, match
to Novak Djokovic. Murray now needs
to win his final group match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
on Friday to avoid an early exit. Harry Kewell will hold talks
with Perth Glory officials today on a possible return to the A-League
as a guest player. The 34-year-old has been in limbo
since leaving Melbourne Victory last season but is desperate to remain
in the fold for the 2014 World Cup. It comes as Socceroos coach
Holger Osieck chose Central Coast Mariners
whiz kid Tom Rogic for next week's friendly
against South Korea. I certainly didn't expect it and for it to happen
was a little bit overwhelming. Rogic was one of three new faces
selected in the 19-man squad. Australian Taj Burrow has upstaged
his more fancied rivals to win the Coldwater Classic
in California. Burrow edged out fellow Aussie
Matt Wilkinson in the final. Joel Parkinson lost
in the quarters but remains on track
to wrap up his maiden world title at the season-ending
Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. It will come down
to a shootout at Banzai between Parkinson,
fellow Aussie Mick Fanning and, of course, Kelly Slater.

That is some shoot-out. We've just got the sprinklers on, a bit of rain at Flemington, it will clear as the goes on. It is Ladies Day.Yes, don't wear your gum boots, ladies, Beretts has arranged for it to clear. Next the

It's the television event
of the year. Coldplay is coming to Australia and you'll only see them perform
live on Sunrise. The world's biggest band
will rock out at Australia's most famous icon -
the Sydney Opera House. Coldplay, live and exclusive -
only on Sunrise next week.

Now for a closer look
at how the weather's shaping up around the country

And they're being called
'silver surfers' - baby boomers who've taken
to social media. A new survey by Optus has found more than 50% of people
over the age of 60 They use social media
for an average two hours a day to connect with family and friends. Almost a third of seniors
have smartphones, while one in five own tablets
and eReaders. And that's Seven Early News
for this Thursday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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