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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) # Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours! Four more year - Barack Obama back in the arack Obama back in the White House with a clear-cut win.For the United States, the best is yet to come. (CHEERING AND Mitt Romney's high hopes dashed. I so wish that I had been able to fulfil your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader. And surviving Sandy - democracy at work in a time of disaster. ANNOUNCER: From SBS this is Wofrld World News Australia. Another evening. Barack Obama is back in the White House for four more years.He's won the US Presidential election in convincing style despite forecasts of the closest of outcomes. SBS Senior Correspondent, Brian Thompson, is in Washington. Quite a night, Brian.Quite a night indeed. The Democrats celebrating wildly. They had been prepared for a long night and perhaps an inconclusive result, but the fears that Barack Obama would turn out to be a one- term President was put to bed much earlier than anyone had predicted. In the event, it's nor cast he will win 303 seats in the all-important Electoral College, well above the 270 required. It looked like there may be some consolation for Mitt Romney.

No the popular vote he was ahead all night but no more. We will cover all the bases. First the agony and ecstasy in the respective camps. The pictures say it all. This is Chicago and these the suppers of Barack Obama. The mood shifted from optimism to exhileration. The results came in. Tonight the American people have voted for continuity, not for change. The American people reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. We have fought our way back. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) We know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Contrast that with this scene. Mitt Romney supporters gathered in Boston. There was a sense of shock and dismay. A short time ago Mr Romney conceded defeat, a message his supporters hoped they would never hear.I so wish that I had been able to fulfil your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader and so Ann and I join with you to earn evidently pray for him and for this great nation. Thank r this great nation. Thank you and God bless America. You guys are the best. Thank you so much. It was a long day of voting across time zones, beginning on the East Coast. Many stood for hours to exercise their constitutional right. In Florida this queue ran for blocks. There were long lines in Virginia and Ohio, key battleground states, where voters are well aware of just how important it is to cast their blast. These are the places where every single vote count ts. It was like the hour, if I had to stand in line for a couple hours, we will decide this election. We need to take the time to make it happen.Being in Virginia, a resident, I felt a little extra motivation to come out and vote knowing that it's a swing state. Mitt Romney cast his ballot in Belmont. He made last-minute trips to Pennsylvania and Ohio.How are you?Great to see you.Thank you. He told them he was optimistic about the country's future, so optimistic he had written his victory speech, a premature move, it turns out.I've finished writing a victory speech and it's about 1,1018 words. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) President Obama, who voted election day, spent the day close to home in Chicago, visiting supporters and hiting the phones. Hi, this is ob, how are you? -- this is Barack Obama, how are you?The President and his supporters confident.We feel confident, but ewill depend on whether the votes turn out. I encourage everybody on all sides just to make sure that you exercise this precious right that we have. In Chicago there was some confusion about where to vote, because there were a host of new polling cepblters. For many, there was no confusion about who to vote for. I voted for the man. I voted for the man. You will see who will be the man when they win the election. You know who that's going to be - Barack Obama! It turns out the man has been returned. Chicagoan has been returned. Chicago will continue to party throughout ill continue to party throughout the night. Tomorrow they will wake up to more of the same. President Barack Obama goes back to the White House for another four years. A big win in the Electoral College. The popular vote confirmed just how divided this country is. Indeed. I imagine now that there will be some serious soul searching in the Republican party.Not to mention blood-letting. It's begun. The Republicans had $8 billion thrown at them from some of the richest people in the country here. They couldn't win this election. I talked about it over the past month. What we really saw was the Republican party, an old, white, nasty party that is failing to reach out to the changing demographics of this country. It can't tackle immigration; it couldn't even agree on equal pay for women. Already people are talking about people are talking about that. The Republicans have to change if they are going to try to claw themselves back to victory. Brian, how much of an impact do you think Superstorm Sandy have on the final result?Well, ib Carl Roles a controversial figure, is blaming Sandy. Sandy may have helped. It took Mitt Romney off the TV screens for a couple of days and allowed Barack Obama to show himself with the Commander in Chief hat on. But this was about more than a hurricane. This is exactly about what we were talking about earlier - it may have helped the President, but it wasn't the decisive factor. Indeed. Stay where you are, we will check in with you later. For now, hundreds of thousands in New York and New Jersey, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, made voting an obstacle course. But voters were undeterred, turning out in large numbers. Without power . Without power but far from powerless. This is how some in New York exercised their democratic rights, when electrical generators gave out. Very inconvenient. Very confusing. Confusing, too, as dozens of storm- hit polling stations were relocated. This is the third place I've been to this morning.Booths were inundated as displaced voters in New York and New Jersey were allowed to ersey were allowed to vote anywhere in their state.It will be thousands. We have seven poll sites confineed to this one tent.Some sites doubled as relief drop-off centres in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Intermittent power caused problems. Please check the paper path.Others say voting day could have been much worse.We had notification in our newspapers that ication in our newspapers that our polling site would be changed.Some in the North East decided their immediate concerns trumed future politics. Who has ure politics. Who has time to vote? New Yorkers have been asked to prove their grit, and again many did. Voter turnout was strong, defying expectations of a boycott, potentially crimping Barack Obama's popular vote in this democratic stronghold. It was as if voting was a cathartic, emotional mission, a sign of normality amid the devastation of Sandy. This is what America is all about. You get knocked down, you pull yourself up by your boot straps and get going. Sandy is seen as having boosted the President's stocks. Now this devastated coastline is awaiting another storm, bringing rain, high winds, flooding, even snow. Just when I thought I would get more sleep, I would get more sleep, we are going to get the nor-Easter and I think it will be all hands on deck.With some New York areas again evacuated, nearly 1 million people are still without power. They are refusing to be disenfranchised. A battle for control of the US Congress is being decided now. American voters are choosing a new House of Representatives, currently Republican-run, and one third of the Democrat-led Senate, with neither chamber expected to change hands. US TV networks are projecting the Republicans will hold on to the House, while failing to win back control of the Senate where the Democrats are set to retain their majority. That points to another four years for the divided Congress and more political gridlock. 11 US states and two US territories are also electing Gough fors. -- governors. Go to our website for an interactive map that shows you how America voted. Here in Australia, many Americans have spent the day holding parties to cheer on their favoured candidate.There have been plenty of Aussies join manage the fun. Hotdogs and American beer the go. Beamed in from the US, all eyes were on the TV for these Sydney- based American Democrats as the results crept in. So, too, did the spirits of celebrations. In 2008 the party went on until the Democrats drantk bar dry. That was pretty late into the night. Whichever side of the Pacific you're on, the Pacific you're on, it's been a nailboiter. Among the crowd here, one Florida voter not letting distance get in his way.In the swing state where it's only 1,000 votes' difference at this point, every vote matters. Across town there was another chance for people to cheer on their man. The Democrats again with a slight edge. again with a slight edge.We're at Sydney University. There's been a couple of big cheers for the results of Barack Obama coming in. Among the crowd, one or two people willing to stick their neck out for Mitt Romney. Are you optimistic?I am. I don't know who will win. I'm optimistic. As well as Americans, there were plenty of fans of the sheer spectacle that is US politics. Here for the food as well as the show. Some particularly partisan couples amongst them.I'd like you to stay interested, my girlfriend, despite political differences.At the American Embassy in Canberra, the US Ambassador was not ready to make a call mid-afternoon. Thafrpblgts's a good way for dips to become ex- diplomats. The nature of the US Australian alliance is set for steady sailing says the Prime Minister.The friendship and alliance between our two country also be strong. Sentiment these ex-pat Americans will likely continue to share.

Back to Chicago, and scenes of joy and relief for many inside Barack Obama's campaign headquarters, in what has proved to be a late-night -- late night for the thousands of supporters. George, can you give us a sense of the mood inside the building when inside the building when the President walked in?Well, certainly. It was a mood of optimism. What you see here, you know, people are leaving the convention hall, aving the convention hall, but a few minutes ago, we're talking about thousands of people who were all in here, a roar from this crowd. We have video of it: you see confetti coming from the ceiling, very high-energy moment, as people waited to see Barack Obama take the stage and give a e stage and give a victory speech now that he's been re-elected President of the United States. He took a bipartisan tone, saying the nation voted for action, not politics as usual. He also mentioned his opponent by name, saying he would like to reach out to Mitt Romney to find solutions to move the nation forward. He had several other things to say. I will let you hear a bit of it here. Tonight in this election you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come. And Mitt Romney in his concession speech also mentioned that the nation is at a critical point and cannot risk political posturing. So again, Barack Obama made it a point in his speech to say that he would reach out to Republicans, to reach out to Mitt Romney and find solutions for, but as you mentioned this will be a democratic President who will deal with a House led by Republicans; a Senate still controlled by Democrats, it is the same set-up crats, it is the same set-up we've seen for the last four years. en for the last four years. So, again, it will be up to the President and these different kpwroups to find solutions moving to find solutions moving forward in the next four rward in the next four years. George, you mentioned some of what the President spoke about. What struck you about President Obama's address to his supporters?You know, when you compare this oob Obama to the Barack Obama of 22008, you see an older, certainly visibly older, but perhaps more weathered person, someone who understands perhaps Washington a little better, what works and what doesn't work. This President in his speech tonight gave an indication he's going to try to find ways to move forward with Republicans here in the United States. Again, he said that, you know, it's not as die ve divided a nation as seems; that we all have the same goals and he's going to try to find ways to make it work. Keep in mind there is a big issue coming up here in the US. We are on the verge of a fiscal flip here. Big problems that both Republicans and Democrats will have to come together and find solutions for in the next several weeks. So it has yet to be seen what will happen, but again, President Barack Obama re-elected and making the point that he will find ways to make it work with Republicans and Democrats. Thank you. Let's return to our man on the ground, Brian Thompson in Washington. Nothing can spoil the Democrats' party.g can spoil the Democrats' party. But tomorrow let's face it, Barack Obama will wake up with a host of problems. There is an economic nightmare still to solve?Yes, there hasn't been a budget past here since 2009. The three years ago, and America is at risk of falling off what they call the fiscal cliff t two parties can't agree and so as of January 1st, what's due to happen is that the automatic cuts, 600 billion of them, to programs and tax hikes, will come into place in January, if the two sides can't sit down to reach some sort of agreement. That is not only -- that not only risks putting America back to recession. It is regarded as being one of the biggest threats to the world of economy. It pales into insignificance in comparison to Greece. So President Obama has to work out a way, he has two months to bring the con depres on side and bring the epres on side and bring the Republican party on side, so they can agree on some measures to make sure that these more serious problems don't come into existence as of January 1s. Thank you.

Later - expert analysis from the US Study Centre, explaining why the election went the way it went and what the future holds for Mitt Romney. He doesn't look like giving up on getting to the White House

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You are watching World News Australia. Next - the Treasurer under fire for approving an investigation into the cost of three Opposition the cost of three Opposition tax policies. Experts question the legality of the NT Intervention, following the launch of a new book. British researchers zero in on the origins of a deadly tree disease.

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The Prime Minister is continuing her overseas trip, traveling to Pali for a regional -- democracy forum.But the Opposition was angry over what it says is a misuse of the Treasury. Before saying goodbye to Laos, Julia Gillard visited a school and announced new Australian aid initiatives in the country. Back home the Opposition was furious that the Government leaked Treasury analysis it commissioned on three Coalition policies. Treasury found they would cost more than $4 billion. If the Government continues to use the public service as both a shield and a sword on the political battlefield, all it does is prove that this Government will go to any low in order to try to protect its political hide.I believe in an informed public debate. If policy proposals are put out for the consideration of the Australian people, they should be fully costed. The Opposition maintains the analysis accuses the Government of using Treasury for political purposes. The Treasury was providing numbers for this government t previous government, and the previous government about matters of public debate. Martin Parkinson backed this up in a letter to Mr Hockey, saying the department is periodically asked by the government to cost or analyse alternative policies. The Finance Minister says the Opposition is trying to hide the cost of its policy. She was launching an initiative designed to encourage the appointment of more women on board. My view is women are as capable as men and that ability should be reflected in respect of our society. The Laos, the female PM received congratulations from the French and Danish leaders for her widely publicised speech in defence of women. She's now off to Bali to co- chair a democracy forum, alongside the Indonesian President.

Australia's most recent fatality in Afghanistan has been remembered as a courageous soldier whose bravery saveed the lives of his comrades in arms. Corporal Scott Smith's funeral was held in SA's Barossa Valley where he was born and raised. He was killed by a homemade bomb while clearing a compound last month. The 24-year-old was the 39th Australian killed in the Afghan war. Now to other stories in the news around the country. An experienced bushman died of dehydration and his colleague was lucky to survive after their vehicle was bogged near the Simpson Desert. The men attempted to walk to safety but fell victim to the heat T surviving man was barely alive when he was found and flown to hospital in Mount Isa. He is in a stable condition. In much brighter news, Adelaide's Royal watchers had a brief opportunity to catch a glimpse of Prince Charles and wife Camill as as the couple continue their Royal jubilee tour of Australia. The Royals made the most of their only public outing of the state, talking to as many as possible. Their fleeting Adelaide tour finishes this evening finishes this evening with a Government House reception and then they return to Melbourne. Eminent legal figures and prominent leaders of the indigenous community have unleashed a scathing attack on the government's stronger futures legislation for remote communities in the Northern Territory. It caused controversy in the wake of the Howard eraNT Intervention at a Melbourne book launch, it was claimed the current government's consultation process was a sham and that the laws could fail if tested in the High Court. The book, 'A Decision to Discriminate' conkls the creation of the Stronger Futures legislation. Rosemary is an elder in a remote community which she says has import into the creation of the laws.We did not have any consultation whatsoever from the office. None. Indigenous Affairs minister, Jennie Macklin released a statement saying:

A piece of spin come from the Minister's officee from the Minister's office about these consultations. Alastair Nicholson doubts the motives and even legality of the Stronger Futures legislation. He says it's a rebatched version of the Howard Government intervention and was imposed upon the communities despite receiveing little support.The claim to have consulted is laughable, an illegal process. I think it would be open to challenge in the High Court.The Minister's office says the legislation comply with the Racial Discrimination Act and was designed to determine and was designed to determine a policy.

Rosal, e says the process has caused regrettable breakdown in the relationship between at least her community and Minister Macklin.We do not trust or, indeed, feel any warmth towards that lady. The Government has committed $3.4 billion to Stronger Futures legislation. Overseas - the child abuse scandal in the UK is widening. It's already been alleged that a senior figure in the kch Thatcher Administration was implicated. Now the current Conservative-led government has announced a new police inquiry into allegations of abuse at at childrens homes in North waels in the 1970s and 80s. Another victim of the system that was meant to protect him. Martin Watt kinson was abused by the staff of his children's home in Wrexham. In an investigation 15 years ago, he says the police asked him if he'd also been abused by a senior Conservative politician. Gl the issue went no further. It beggars belief as to why this hasn't been investigated before now. You know, justice for the victims and prison or the victims and prison sentences for the people who were or the people who were abusing. That's what needs to happen. 's what needs to happen. Finally. After accusations of a cover-up, the Government of a cover-up, the Government today spelt out how it thinks decades on justice can be delivered.Child abuse is a hateful, abhorpbt and disgusting crime, we must not awe low these allegations to go unanswered. I therefore urge anybody who has information relating to ormation relating to these allegations to go to the police. But is having ininquiry into an inquiry the best way?Of course we need to get to the bottom of what is happening in each case. At the moment a framework which the Government has set up risks being very confused.The Government has launched three separate child abuse investigations.

Until other childrens homes come forward the Home Secretary warned against push to name and shame alleged abusers as it can prejudice a prosecution. The unnamed Conservative politician has reacted to the claims against him, telling a newspaper:

What we all want to get at is the truth.In Wales, the First Minister says all allegations are being taken seriously. A separate inquiry here is unlikely. The priority now is reaching the truth of what happened three decades ago. The BBC's Huel Griffiths there.

Now for an indepth look at the US election, I'm joined by a member of the US Studies Centre. What do the results tell you about the role the economy played in this election? The results show that the economy played a very substantial role, while the President was clearly re- elected, the strong majority he had in 2008 has greatly diminished. It's pretty clear that reflected the difficult state of the American economy and the slow recovery.How much do you think President Obama can get past through the gridlock on Capitol Hill in the nebgts two years.This will be a real challenge. Anyone looking at the Government next year would notice that it looks exactly the same as it did this year with the strong Republican majority in the House. As to whether he will be able to work effectively with that majority or not, of course, it remains to be seen. I think at this point he knows that he is going to have to very constructively work with them and the Republican House leadership has to, in a sense, get a little bit more mature because they were taking their approach to try to help defeat him this year and it failed. So now it seems it's time for both of them to work for the betterment of the country.We've heard a lot about how divided America is in this election. What impact will ction. What impact will another four years for Obama have on that divide?I don't think that ivide?I don't think that will change. I think what has to happen is really internal within the Republican party. Ronald Reagan's big tent of Liberals, Conservatives, and moderates within the Republican party has been decimated and for the Republicans to become viable on a national level again, they are going to have to be more all- inclusive and I think this election was a good lesson in that.Okay, thank you. Now, we know what awaits the winner of the US election, a second term in office for Barack Obama. What about for the loser? Mitt Romney came close in his second bid for the White House, close enough that he maybe willing to take one more shot at the nation's top job. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) To appreciate where Mitt Romney may be headed, you need to look back at his quest to become President, which bebegan if Boston where Romney served as the State's governor from 2002 to 2006.With a Democrat legislator, I turned my state from deficit to surplus and job losss to surplus and job losss to job growth.That is where he layed the groundwork for what would be a six-year run for the nation's x-year run for the nation's top job.With the fine people of mish again in front of me and my sweet heart at my side, I declare my intention to run for President of the United States. (CHEERING AND The first run ended in 2008 when Romney bowed out for the winner. This isn't an easy decision. I hate to lose.That is why Romney didn't abandon his dream of becoming President. He learned from the experience and quietly built an impressive fundraising machine. Four years later the former Governor returned a more formidable candidate.Mr Chairman and delegates, I d delegates, I accept your nomination for President of the United States. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Despite ta political transformation, Adam Lockyer from the US Studies Centre in Sydney says Romney was mot the front runner his party hoped for.The resh can nop nation process threw up -- Republican nomination process threw up a weak field. Out of that weak field, Romney was the only one electable. That was follow by a summer overseas and now for the comment about not needing the support from 47% of Americans who received Government assistance. He had one thing in his favour, an ailing US economy fuelled an ailing US economy fuelled by high unemployment.What America needs is jobs, lots of jobs. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Voter discontent along with a strong first debate performance, gave Romney performance, gave Romney the momentum he needed to close the gap on the polls and the chance to appeal to people who lost faith in the President. President Obama promised change. Change has come to America.He couldn't deliver it.I not only promise change, I have a record of achieving it. For a second time in a row, Mitt Romney did in a row, Mitt Romney did not achieve his goal. Lockyer says despite two failed attempts, don't expect Romney to give up yet.So close, he could almost taste the Presidency. I think it may be addiction. I think he will prepare for the next one. If that is true, Romney will probably face a strpbger Republican field in 2016, which could include Chris Christi, George W Bush's brother, Geoff and Paul Ryan. It is there, it is open to us. It's waiting for us The door to a political future that romrom lom may not be ready to close just yet.

It is estimated $230 million, he is one of the wealthiest candidates to receive the nomination. Watch this space. As violence rages in Syria t British Prime Minister, David Cameron, backed safe passage out of the country for the Syrian President, Assad as a way to end the bloodshed.

In recent days escalating violence has claimed hundreds more lives. Bombings, air strikes and clashes between rebels and regime forces continue across orces continue across Syria. On a tour of the Middle East, Mr Cameron told Abu DhabiTV that an exit deal could be arranged if it halts what he called an appalling slaughter. If Assad says, "I'm red eready to leave, give me a safe exit plan". Done, anything to get that man out of the country and have a safe ve safe transition in Syria. If he wants to leave, he could leave. That could be arranged. UN Peace Envoy, Brahimi, warned that Syria could turn into another Somalia, a failed state ruled by warlords and ruled by warlords and militia. The British love their gardens and adore their trees in a green and pleasant land, but now the country's 80 million ash trees are facing devastation. There's a deadly disease confirmed in more than 80 locations across the UK. Expert also hold an urgent summit. Dark days in Britain's woodlands. The killer fungus has blown in from Europe, the future of our 80 million native ash trees is under grave threat. That is looking typical. Government scientists are in the field on the case, armed with state of the art kit. It can tell immediately if the disease is present.Lookings like we have amplification.

We will look at the measures to be taken. We don't want to go in cutting down burning large numbers of mature ash trees. What else can we do? Good question. In Denmark 90% of ash trees have the disease. A clear warning for Britain but the response hampered by red tape. Very little was done in this country. That's one of the problems, you can't problems, you can't deal with a pest in the laboratory. You t in the laboratory. You can't deal with a pest threat. When you don't have the organism in the country to bring it in with the illegal, you are heavily reliant on collaboration overseas. The stakes are high. Ash makes up 30% of British woodland. Its loss would be an environmental disaster. Even here, miles away from any known outbreak, there is growing concern. It's assumed the spor which causes the condition has been blown by the wind across the North Sea. The growing assumption is it will be blown cross the country in the same untry in the same way. This edge of Wye has been replanted. Thousands of ash trees in the ground, but now they are facing an uncertain future. Of course, we will lose a lot of native ones. The 3,500 here we will have to dig up. Hopefully they don't have any of the disease in them already, but it's as we saw with the t's as we saw with the Dutch elm, it's almost an inevitability. The spread of ash dye--- diebacks on hold for the winter. More spor also be released with spring. And dieback was first recorded in Eastern Europe in 1992 and has spread west. Let's look at some of the other stories around the other stories around the world. It is reported the British businessman whose murder was at the heart of the Bo Xi Lai scandal was - an MI6 officer was told about the goings on of the former senior Communist Party figure. The US Government previously denied Mr Haywood worked for MI6. Tens of thousands of Greeks are participating in strikes. MPs are set to vote shortly on an austerity package coin taining over $23 billion in spending cuts and reforms. Its implementation is required for Greeks to unlock international aid and stave off bankruptcy.

Coming up - Mike with all the sports news, including Manchester City's Champions League dream turn ts into nightmare after a refereeing decision go goes against Mancini's men. The British politician swappingitish politician swapping parliamentary debate for a spot on a reality TV show.

Uk skpwhr In finance American investors could benefit by President's Obama's win. The US share market does better under a Democrat President. On average up 15% per annum since 1945. That compares with a 10% rise under a Republican President. Focussing on the share market.

In Japan, Tokyo's Nikkei gave up early gains. Shares on Wall Street ended stronger overnight. The Australian dollar was higher against the greenback and is mostly firmer against the global currencies.

Joining us now is Michael Tomalari is with sport. Mike, not so good for Man City fans.No, that's right. They were denied a last-minute penalty. It could have earned them a vital Champions League victory against IAX. Ro betoe Machini was left raging. -- Mancini was left raging.

The road trip to the win is never easy. What a brilliant goal. A thundering strike caught Real by surprise. The same could be said for the response six minutes later. Here comes Pepe. Defensive leaks created more opportunity. Dortmund seized the moment. Just when it seemed Madrid would suffer a rare loss at home, Ozel produced a touch of magic. The 2-all draw keeps Dortmund one point clear s Dortmund one point clear of Madrid, both teams likely to advance. The signs look grim for group rivals, Manchester City and Ajax. The writing was on the wall for the English champions.

Manchester City's coach lay later conceded any hopes of sir viefl were finished. Arsenal was comfortable with wa two-goal lead away to Schalke. The Londoners survived a second-half onslaught. At 2-2, Theo Walcock could have alcock could have sealed the points but the Gunners stay in the hunt for a place in the last 16. And the action continues tomorrow morning here on SBS1.

The Socceroos have nameed a 19-man squad which includes three new faces for next week's friendly in South key ya. Melbourne -- Korea.

Babalj, Behich and Rogic were called up. Melbourne-cup winning jockey, Brett Prebble, rearranged his riding schedule after steering Green Moon to victory. It was a long night of celebration for Prebble and Green Moon's connections, with his plans to ride in Hong Kong were put on hold. WA set a new record, with well over $15 million gambled while $150 million was bet overall. To surfing: Ta Burrow won the penultimate event in the World Championship. The Cold Water Classic in call foreign yo - Buroow head on against Wilkinson, in a result which blue the race open. Aussies running hot, with Wilkinson hitting form for the final. Taj Burrow, on e final. Taj Burrow, on his 14th tour, opened with a , opened with a 7.17 ride.

It feels incredible. I wanted to win another . I wanted to win another event this year. Especially being out of the race for the title.A solid 1.5m to 2.5m waves kept the pair guessing. Wilkinson had the edge going into the decider, needing only a small score to take out the win. Inside the closing 40 seconds he lost his way. That last wave came and I was like, oh my goodness, this thing has been sent to me, I couldn't believe it. The second term is not good. He can't win the world title. The season finale in Hawaii will decide this year's world champion. A three-way shootout between Parkinson and Fanning, aiming to deny Slater a 12th crown. Australia's opening batsman, Cohen, says he's ready to take the game to another level against South Africa on Friday. Both teams have had a good look at the pitch now and Cohe in n, who whose opening 7 tests have produced an average under 30 runs, says the conditions suit his style perfectly. Hard, fast wickets against good fast bowling suits my game. Generally a back foot player likes to cut oot player likes to cut and fall and knock the ball around. I'm excited by this challenge and I feel as if I'm a really good spot to deal with it. Meanwhile the deal with it. Meanwhile the leading runscorer in test cricket history, Sachin Tendulkar, received his Order of Australia Medal from the Arts Minister, Simon Crean.

Good result there. Finally in sport, the Federal Government appointed former Judge James Wood to conduct the review into Cycling Australia. It's hoped his recommendation also be made before Christmas. Thank you. Coming up - the weather and : I'm a politician, get me out of here. The British MP entering a different kind of wilderness.

To other news now: as we reported earlier, New York City has ordered a limited evacuation of some neighbourhoods as more harsh conditions thaik they their way there. Still recovering from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, the city's forecast includes heavy rain and snow over the next two days, along with winds of up to 70km/h. Now to the local forecast.

A trough will extend over the interior. Mainly clear skies over the west.

A week, they say, is a long time in politics. Perhaps it is no surprise there was something of a storm when a British MP decided to take a month off to appear in a reality television show in a remote part of Australia. That MP, a Conservative, is set to miss several votes, prefering to go to Far North Queensland for her starring role in 'I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here'. Nadine's trip has placed her in dangerous political trer tri. She is a Conservative backbencher who says this about the Conservative Prime Minister e Conservative Prime Minister and the Chancellor. Not only are Cameron and Osborne, two boys and Osborne, two boys who don't know the price of milk, but two arrogant posh boys. She didn't get off lightly. She's been suspended lightly. She's been suspended as a Conservative MP. She earned Conservative MP. She earned this reprimand.I think the MP's job is in their constituency and in the House of Commons.A whole range of forplter politicians have appeared on reality TV, but apart from George Galway, the only sitting politician to pack her bags and join her showy could take her away for a month is Nadine Dorries. She hopes by going down under she will get a bigger audience for her views back home. She didn't iews back home. She didn't share her travel plans with the Conservative Actty vits who helped Actty vits who helped elect her. They have thot been able to talk to her. They say she could be undermining her work as an MP. Sorry to say I'm surprised. We had no knowledge until this morning that our MP was anywhere but Westminster.Nadine has learned the political jungle can be far more deadly than the celebrity jungle in Australia. Nadine Dorries is likely to miss a anyone anyUK budget as well as an important vote on the EU budget. Let's recap the US election. Barack Obama secured four more years after securing 303 of the necessary 270 Electoral College Votes. He thanked his family and supporters and vowed to discuss ways to move the country forward with his opponents. Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, conceded defeat,ger, Mitt Romney, conceded defeat, telling supporters he had called President Obama to congratulate him. The Republican Party is expected to retain its majority in the House of Representatives. That is the world this Wednesday. Our next bulletin is with me at the slightly later time of 10.35. We will tune in for that. You can get tonight's stories online. You can follow us on Twitter. Good night.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -


Lions in South Africa...

It's just...
connection between the two.

An animal know when his friend
is with him.

Chimpanzees in the
Democratic Republic of Congo...

Kangaroos in Australia...

They shouldn't be used as pets.

Only cats and dogs and those types
of animals should be.

And sharks in Polynesia.

Bernt, Apolline, Joshua and Ondine
are all activists for animal rights.

They want to prove that every species
is important

and none should be threatened
with extinction.

Bernt is nine.

He lives in South Africa
on a big-cat farm.

And this is Nicholas,
his white lion.

The farm used to breed lions
and tigers for sale to hunters,

but when Bernt's parents
bought the farm,

they put a stop to that.

Not only are the cats
all protected now,

they are also studied by scientists,

particularly the white lions
and tigers,

which are no longer found
in the wild.

He was born eight weeks ago.

He's had the greatest personality
of them all.

Ja, most lively.
He's just been the best.

I usually bath him,

feed him, help stimulate.

It's a pretty messy job.

He's like my little brother,
my baby.

My boy, ja.

He's best friend.

Very cute.

And you think a kid can have
a relationship with a lion?

Yeah? How it works?

I don't know.
Connection between the two.

He's just the best in the world.

He's awesome.

And you think Nicholas thinks
you are the best in the world too?

I hope so.

An animal know when his friend
is with him.