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(generated from captions) Johnny Farnham when he was doing
'Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)'. John Farnham
when he was the 'Voice'. He sang before the
Australian Olympic team, remember? Just before the Opening Ceremony? He's everything Australian. But he was born in England. You've won $20,000.

I'm so lucky.

Well done, Pia.
I so could've messed up.

Phew! That was lucky. He moved here when he was 10,
thank goodness. Born in 1949 in London, England, and moved to Australia
when he was 10 years of age and became just one
of our greatest ever entertainers. Congratulations, Pia.
I can't believe it. Pia just won $20,000. Catch you next time in the
Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by
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This progam is captioned live. Tonight, he's back. America gives President Obama for more years. We'll live with the victorious Democrats and the devastated team Romney. -- four. An oversized truck has again caused major damage on the M5. The Penrith Panthers player dump after an appalling attack on a pizza delivery driver. Rising power prices slammed by the Auditor General, how he plans to fix your bills. And Camilla tells of the heartache after the loss of her mother. Good evening. President Obama has won a second term in the White House with a resounding victory over Republican Mitt Romney. It was tipped to be one of the tightest elections in US history but President Obama proved dominant. So far he has won 303 electoral votes to Romney's 206. Robert Penfold is with Obama supporters in Chicago and Denham Hitchcock is it in camp Romney. -- is in.C NN projects President Obama will win. President Obama has been re-elected. They said it would be close but they were wrong.Tonight in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our Road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come.I have just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory. His supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. I wish all of them well, but particularly the President, the First Lady, and their daughters. This is a time of great challenges for America and I pray that the President will be successful in guiding our nation.All over the world right now the President of the United States has been re- elected. As predicted the battleground states held the key. He will be the winner in Iowa. And as those must win States started falling Obama's way it was game over. When the American networks called it for Obama the President Tweeted:

Along with this photo of him and his wife, Michelle, now the most popular Tweeted in history. After an emotional final speech in Iowa his day started in Chicago with an unscheduled stop to thank volunteers and a last ditch very personal appeal.As high, this is President Obama. How are you?He looked relaxed and he took time out of his traditional basketball game, he even had praise for his opponent. I want to say to Governor Romney, congratulations on a spirited campaign.Mitt Romney, not quite as relaxed, did not waste a moment. After casting his vote he hit the road again. In the end it was not enough. Getting Americans to the polling booth is difficult at the best of times, and in storm battered New York these are certainly not the best of times.We had to. This is what we're supposed to do. Life goes on.Thousands queued in the cold at makeshift polling stations determine for their voices to be heard. Superstorm Sandy in the end determined out to be one of Obama's bigger supporters. Expect the President to be back at work within days. But tonight it is time to enjoy the party. -- Big his supporters. What a party it is, we can go to Robert Penfold at Obama headquarters.Jubilant scenes. It is all happening now. Here we have the President and his family on stage here. He has just finished his speech and he is out there with the family, the relatives, Joe Biden, the vice-president as well, a real celebration going on here. Even as the President spoke he did say that we will celebrate but only tonight because tomorrow he's going back to work. He has got a lot to six here. There are even a lot of people in this room, a lot of strong Democrats, people that voted for him, who are disillusioned with the way that he ran America for the last four years. They feel he could have done a good job and he missed many opportunities, even though he did get the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. He said, yes, we will have a party tonight. As they are here, enjoying this event. But at the same time he said they will get back to work to try to get the whole nation together again. What was odd years during this campaign, it was a very divided nation. -- obvious. A divided nation between the haves and the have-notss. Romney had alienated many of the American people here, talking about 47 %. The President even promised he would get on with Mr Romney and speak to him to get things sorted. This is it tonight, the party is going on tonight, but tomorrow for the President, his staff, it's back to work. Peter. Well done, Robert Penfold. Now for a complete contrast, let's go to Denham Hitchcock with Mitt Romney's supporters. How are they coping? The difference here could not be any clearer, Pique. Earlier there was a band, cheering and dancing, when the early states were coming in they were rolling in red but soon it became clear they did not have the numbers in those key states, they started to turn blue, it slipped away and the crowd went silent. The band packed up and soon we have the acceptance speech, but the analysis will go on for weeks and months. The exit polls are showing women and non-whites turned out in huge numbers to leave the challenger, Mitt Romney, thinking about his future.OK, thank you for joining us. Let's go to the rest of the day's news and there's been a major accident on the M5 motorway, and oversized truck slamming into the roof of these down tunnel. All city-bound lanes are closed overnight. -- the eastbound tunnel. What is the latest?Eastbound traffic around Beverly Hills is backed up for five kilometres because of the accident. All eastbound lanes were closed when a truck hit a beam on the roof of the M5 tunnel, emergency response crews say the damage is so bad they have simply got no choice but to close the lanes for the rest of the night. It's going to be a very long journey home for motorists. Interestingly the same thing happened last Thursday when an oversize truck actually took out a sprinkler system on the roof of the tunnel. So this is the second time in a week that thousands of drivers have been inconvenienced by truck drivers not obeying the rules. Thank you for joining us. The Penrith Panthers have sacked a player involved in a vicious attack of an elderly pizza delivery driver. Jake Galvin has admitted robbing a 77 year-old man, who had taken up a delivery job to make ends meet. Jake Galvin Leeds headquarters for the last time, just 18, he has learned that his career as a footballer is over -- leaves.His contract has been terminated.His past had caught up with him, on Monday at a Gold Coast court he pleaded guilty to bashing and Robin Arthur Taylor, the 77 year-old pizza delivery driver in July last year.I was hit on the right side of my face just below the jaw. Isaak taken to, the Wests Tigers junior, was jailed for five years. Jake Galvin got a suspended sentence and immediately jumped on Facebook to talk about returning.

When Jake Galvin joined the Panthers 12 months ago he did disclose the fact he had a legal matter pending, but he told officials he was innocent and would be cleared of any wrongdoing. If that all changed when he pleaded guilty.We can't tolerate this behaviour.He is said to be Strafford, his victim says the club has got it right. -- shattered. They are not going to be a good example to young future players if they behave like this.Former treasurer Eric Roozendaal has been suspended from the ALP pending the outcome of an ICAC investigation. The Corruption Commission is examining the $10,000 discount he received for a new Honda. The family of Labor power broker Eddie Obeid helped to organise the deal. A man is fighting for life after being shot four times in the stomach on a suburban street in Rhodes in western Sydney. It's the second bikie shoot-out this week but police insist it is not gang war fire, instead a brutal conflict between members of the same group. -- warfare. Strapped to a stretcher and barely breathing, doctors are waiting for the 28-year-old victim as he is taking into Westmead hospital. Rhodes a Crime Scene stretching 200 metres. A trail of blood, plotted out by a string of markers. All signs of a struggle that started with the crack of gunfire before dawn.I heard the gunshots and somebody was yelling out.Residents were woken by the victim's desperate screams as he staggered up the road with blood pouring. He made it just around the corner before he collapsed on to the ground.The victim is a known Aaron of the Comancheros.Police say an internal conflict between members of that gang is behind the attack -- and a member of. They are looking for links between this morning's shooting and the death of Faalau Pisu. He was gunned down at Canley Vale at a wedding reception two days ago.We have a 28 year-old man critical and a 23 year-old male who has died.This afternoon undercover police turned bikie member as a way from the hospital as they demanded to see the victim. We make an appeal to members of the public that anybody who may know anything should come forward.It's a disturbing picture, electricity company profits are up $100 million in the last year, while power bills are rising even though we're using less. That's what the Auditor General has found and he has a bold plan to help Sydney families. Owning a lighting shop in Campbeltown gives Anne Parnham a unique perspective on rising power bills and how best to lower them. They are turning their lights and air-conditioning off and making sure things are not on standby and it's affecting many people.This on the same day the Auditor General found state owned power companies recorded an after-tax profit of $1.2 billion.The wholesale prices are down. But the retail prices are up.The average annual Sydney bill is now $2,230, an increase of 80 % in five years. But we using less, while more is being spent on polls and wires. The State Government is also taking a big share in taxes and dividends.The dividends are needed to keep schools, hospitals and police stations operating. Cracking down on overtime costs and cutting fat from power company management are two things the Auditor General and the premier agree on. Then there's the suggestion of having a smartphone app that tells customers when it's a good idea to turn off are needed for appliances because you could make a big saving at a time of peak demand. But already families like the Grabowskis are cutting back. The lights and the PowerPoints, turning DTB's off at night and the petals.-- the TVs. There worse some private polls today from the Duchess of Cornwall. -- where some private thoughts. She spoke about her mother's painful death from osteoporosis. Another hectic schedule. In Melbourne a friendly and Bush here with fond recollections.He bought me a beer. -- ambush.Charles was speaking off-the-cuff about architecture.We could tackle the lost art of community building.K Mellor embarking on her first solo outing to raise awareness of osteoporosis -- Camilla.I watched my mother die in agony.Those unhappy memories were eased aside as they flew to Adelaide. First stop, a primary school, meeting kids and teachers. It was fantastic.Touring their vegetable patch while Stephanie Alexander help with the cooking. This time the aromas were too tempting, normally when one is Royal one does not eat in public but this time they could not resist sampling the harvest. Maggie Beer was in charge at the winery. They tried to him Tams, local cheese and wine. -- Tim Tams. They met rescue volunteers and they got a true-blue Aussie cuddle. Coming up, the Maddy Pulver coloboma, a court told he got the wrong house. A magic moment for a top learned last after 13 hours. -- Top learn lost. And the school kids This program is not captioned. (HAPPY MUSIC) The Solonato
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A court has heard the man who attached a fake collar bomb to Madeleine Pulver got the wrong target. The Crown prosecutor says Paul Peters did intend to carry out a planned extortion attempt, but he broke into the wrong home.There's someone in the room that can give a clear explanation of what happened and he's chosen not to.He will be sentenced on 20th November. An elderly driver and his wife were trapped for 30 minutes after crashing in Kings Langley. The driver said his accelerated got stuck as he turned a corner and careered across a lawn and into a parked car in the driveway. Nobody was hurt. A mother has been reunited with her son after he spent a night lost in bushland near Mildura in north-west Victoria. He braved rain and storms after he wandered three kilometres from his home with the family's pet dog, he has been treated for dehydration and hyperthermia. They may not have reached a double digits yet but when it comes to selling a group of school students have shown the adults how it's done. Sydney's best and brightest face of today in a fierce spelling bee. -- faced off. If words are bullets, these 9 year olds are sharpshooters. They're good, but sometimes the letters just won't come.

Lichen, it's a type of moss. It's hard to lose, but comfort is never far away. She soon cheered up as the survivors ploughed on. Then just two. This for Michael from Avalon Public.

As Michael held his breath, Kieran from Carlingford got a toughie.

Well, you try to spell euphonium. Kieran generous in defeat.He spelt all the good words.He certainly did. In all 123,000 students entered this competition - 84 got to this finalists microphone - and then there were just three. All great spellers. Just like me.

Thank you, Peter. Ken has the sport. Good evening. We have batsmen ducking and weaving in practice today, and why is the Australian captain on ice? Green Moon's sweet taste of success, and bloomin fashion ahead of Oaks day.And finally some rain but how much can we expect? I'll This program is not captioned. Well, the blind-spot
alert system - if there's a car in your blind
spot, the little light lights up. It makes me a feel
a bit more secure actually. I'd love it
if everyone drove a Mondeo.

This program is not captioned. Because not everyone
drinks dairy milk, Coles has brought the price of Coles Brand
1-litre soy milk down, down
and staying down to just $1.20. With more new products
coming down all the time, get down, down to Coles. # Down, down,
prices are down. #

This program is not captioned. Australia's key batsman copped a pace attack hammering today from their own bowlers ahead of Friday's first Test against Africa. The purpose of the exercise was to prepare for a fiery onslaught from the Proteas' lethal fast bowlers. With selectors lurking the Aussie quicks treated today like an audition.They are going flat out. Testing his hamstrings, Ricky Ponting faced the dollars, while on and off Michael Clarke nursed his left hand -- face to the bowlers. Most of us have got sore hands from the slips. -- faced.Peter Siddle has become vegetarian and has given up alcohol.They'd give it to me a bit but it is all part and parcel of a team sport. -- they give it to me. It is good fun. As long as I'm feeling good I'm comfortable with that.The South Africans admit it feels very strange been the favourites in Australia for the first time. -- being. The Aussies can knock them off the world rankings at the top by a winning this series.It's nice to think we are underdogs and it does not surprise the public if we do not win the tests.Green Moon's Aiono Lloyd Williams is still to decide what's next after yesterday's thrilling Melbourne Cup win -- owner Lloyd Williams. He has been getting some very special treatment. Green Moon and a Gold Cup, a perfect combination and the grant is were still shouting about it 24 hours after the race -- grand kids. For little Frankie Williams was reluctant to hand the Cup over, while Green Moon's owner gave the champ the ultimate taste test. -- little Frankie Williams.As I said to him, he could go around tomorrow, he is that good. He won't be going round tomorrow, though.Jockey Brett Prebble was fulfilling his obligations, that in itself was the effort of a class stayer who was in the thick of celebrations last night.I was in bed by 12am, the media was at my door by 6:30am, so a bit of sleep.The Melbourne Cup carnival continues with Ladies' Day tomorrow, and they warmed up for that today. Delta Goodrem entertained as hundreds of outfits were given a trial run. It wasn't all Aussie final at the Cold Water Classic in California. -- was an all Aussie. Taj Burrow beat Matt Faalau Pisu. Attention now swings to pipe line where the world Championship will be decided in December. Pete, a very busy day, for you anyway.To finance news and the All Ords closed up. Here's Amber with the weather.We're expecting some very unsettled weather over the next 48 hours, I News..
the details next. Next on WIN th
News... a Canberra family receives winner
the phone call of a lifetime - dra
winners of last night' s Oz Lotto
draw,and local businesses to benefi me
from the Tralee development. Join me for all the details next.

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: We all know that investment
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and more cuts to come for sure. What are we going to say
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this short-sighted madness.

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This program is not captioned.

It was a warm and muggy day with a sprinkling of rain and light to moderate winds. Tonight we're seeing Stowers and storms moved across Sydney. -- showers. Tomorrow a slow-moving truck will bring rain and storms to the NT, Western Queensland and NSW. -- slow-moving truck. Sydney can expect between five-15 mm. -- a trough -- a trough. We can expect a cloudy day tomorrow with scattered showers and storms, heaviest in the West and light to moderate winds. We're expecting 19- 27 in Penrith, 26 in Campbeltown and liver pork, and 24 in the city. -- and Liverpool. A top 24 on Friday, the possible afternoon shower. Rain and storms in the West on Friday, a top of 28, it will cool down for the weekend, though. Sunday should be fine and warming up to 31 on Monday, a possible

Sunday should be fine and warming
up to 31 on Monday, a possible share on Tuesday, a top of 24. Amber, thank you for joining us. That's Nine News for this Wednesday, I'm Peter Overton, I hope you have a good evening.

international Tonight ... A Canberr multi-millionaires
family - Oz Lotto develo
multi-millionaires. the Tralee go
development - labelled a financial t
gold mine for Queanbeyan, And shock ab
tactics to educate school students about car safety. Good evening, I' craze
Greg Thomson. It was the lotto some
craze that swept the nation, and th
some of the winnings are coming to the ACT. A lucky Canberra family ha reco
scored a share in last night' s s
record breaking Oz Lotto draw. WIN' Wel
s Luke Dufficy has the story. just
Well could you imagine if you' d eigh
just been told you' d won twenty h
eight million dollars? That' s what night
happened to a Canberra man last who
night - he was one of four people ev
who shared in Australia' s biggest firs
ever lottery prize. The Oz Lotto an
first division reached one hundred jac
and eleven million dollars, after than
jackpotting for nine weeks. More t
than eight million Aussies bought a purchas
ticket. The Canberra winner - h
purchased his while on holiday with sp
his family on the coast. He isn' t Scot
speaking to the media, something isn
Scott Stephens from Supanews says like
isn' t uncommon. Most people
like to keep their personal finance lot
to themselves. Obviously it' s a of
lot of money. You could have a lot of friends in a very short space of c
time. Now the family is staying liv
coy - choosing to keep where they L
live a secret. They have told Tatts win
Lottories they' ll be sharing the Though
winnings with their relatives. i
Thought the first thing on the list f
is paying off the mortgage. When he h
first got the call the husband said joke
he thought someone was playing a wasn
joke on him. Once he realised it
wasn' t the case, he celebrated wit c
a beer. He wasn' t the only person celebrating, the newsagents who sol the winning tickets are also likel incre
to benefit. Obviously huge supe
increase in sales. I know from a th
superstitious point of view people think that you' ve sold it once, yo g
can do it again. So that agency' s nex
going to have huge sales over the t
next month, if not years because of l
the sale of that ticket. So the b
lotto mayhem has ended for the time measly
being. Next week' s jackpot, a measly two million dollars.

The green light for the Tralee a
development is expected to generate annual
a quarter of a billion dollars
annually for the region, and that' constructi
not including the cost of settlement
construction. Prior to the o
settlement of residents - thousands of jobs will be created - providing busin
a major boost for Queanbeyan' s look
business sector. Gabrielle Adams projec
looks at the opportunities the b
project will create in this week' s Ca
business report. Just across the tha
Canberra border - there' s a city Qu
that' s says its been forgotten. lo
Queabeyan has been neglected for a
long time and it' s great to see we ve got two large developments goin ahead on our doorstep +y Yesterday confirmation the long-awaited Sout Tralee development will ago ahead advoc
has brought relief not only to too
advocates of the plan, but locals too. It will mean two thousand home communit
will be constructed and new sch
community facilities, including a imm
school, will be built. Leading to l
immeasurable financial benefits for
local industries. Obviously we' r w
going to have jobs on our doorstep to
we' re not going to have to travel goin
to the other side of town, it' s constru
going to be fantastic for our e
construction industry and there are Queanbey
enormous number of people in constructi
Queanbeyan who work in the perc
construction industry. Seventy e
percent of Queanbeyan residents are o
employed in Canberra. At the height dec
of construction - that' ll likely
decrease by about twenty per cent. c
Which they can spend in Queanbeyan b
certainly of that so it' s going to se
be a great boost for retailers and service industry in Queanbeyan On business hoping to feel the effect Establishe
- Queanbeyan City Travel. u
Established 23 years ago, owner Jim har
understands better than most, how
hard it is to compete with the ACT. tou
Queanbeyan' s always been a bit tough with having Canberra beside u bus
it' s always a bit tough being a welco
business in Queanbeyan. He' s welcomed the news about South Trale - and says it will radically chang the sphere of business in the town