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(generated from captions) And that is the morning news, finance and sport. I'm Kyrrie This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live. D-Day - history in the making as America decides who will be the next US President. Lotto jackpot - the search for a lucky Queenslander who's become an instant millionaire. Over the moon - Brett Prebble's first Cup win is a dream come true. 'Die Hard' - Bruce Willis shows us he's still got it. And your chance to travel around the world on Frequent Flyer Wednesday. Good morning to all across Australia. It is good to have your company on hump day. Hope you had a wonderful Cup Day yesterday and hope you won the Lotto.That would be good. If you could do both of those, you'd have a great hump day. How did you go yesterday?Not all that good, Lisa. How much do we love gambling in this country?Woe love it. We've got to back up.We should put some money on the US election.That's an opportunity. Alright.Something to bet on.We're talking to Rob Penfold in 30 seconds. Get his bet of the day and off we go again.Exactly.If you see two flies climbing up a wall, put some money on that as well, Ben. Good morning to you. We do hope you had a good Melbourne Cup day. But today is Wednesday, 7 November. Let's see what the weather is doing outside your window this morning.

Plenty happening. Let's go straight to it with Georgie. Hey, Karl. Thank you very much. Good morning to you. Millions of Americans are right now going to the polls to decide the next President of the United States. -- president of the United States. After months of fierce campaigning, Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney will soon learn who will claim victory in one of the closest presidential elections in US history. We have reporters covering this historic day and we begin with Nine US Burrow chief Robert Penfold who joins us from Chicago. Rob, good morning. Obama is just ahead in the polls. Are supporters confident he can win?That's right, yeah. Good morning, Georgie. Yeah. I mean we are here in the Convention Centre where, 10 hours from now - thereabouts or so - Barack Obama hopes to be standing out there on that podium giving his victory speech. But really there's a long time to go between then and now. What's going on of course is people are still out there voting. The voting goes on now for another six or seven hours and at this stage what we're saying is that, well, the polls are showing that Barack Obama is slightly - slightly - ahead. But as we all know - and we've been talking about it for a long time now - it will come down to the battleground states of Iowa, Florida and Ohio. Ohio in particular is an interesting one because history tells us there that no Republican candidate has ever won the presidency unless he has won Ohio and what's going on there at the moment is that Barack Obama is slightly ahead. Now, this morning, Barack Obama has been out and about here in Chicago going down to his meetings, making phone calls out there, asking more people to vote. And afterwards, he had a chat to the media. But no matter what happens, I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody who has supported me, everybody who has worked so hard on my behalf and, again, I want to congratulate Governor Romney and his team for a hard-fought race as well. Rob, he does look and sound pretty exhausted. How will he be spending the rest of today?That's right, yeah. He does look tired. Even though he's tired, they're very superstitious at his party. You know he loves to play basketball. Always plays basketball on election day. He's going to be doing that. He's going to go to the gym as well. As tired as he is, he's trying to bulk up on election day as well. Also, we're likely to see some fairly wild and woolly characters around here today. Part of the superstition is that also a lot of his speech-writers actually never, never, never shave while they're writing the final two weeks of speeches for him as well. That's all going on here today so look out for bearded guys and perhaps a happy president on stage here in 10 hours. But who knows? The polls are so close, nobody is prepared to predict. Georgie.That's absolutely right, Rob. Thanks I have much. Let's go now to Nine - thanks very much. Let's go now to Nine News correspondent Denham Hitchcock who is travel being the Romney camp in Boston. Good morning. What's it like there?We're not far from the Convention Centre where the banners are up and the speeches prepared and they're hoping it's going to be as close as the polls say it will be. This is one of the polling booths here. People have been queueing up for a while now. They queue up down here, have their names checked off, get their ballot papers and go round in a circuit. This machine over here to my left - once it gets into this machine, there, it counts it automatically and later on in the day when they close at about 6pm, someone comes - actually they send a hard drive from this thing into the headquarters and they count them all up. So these people have been waiting in the queue at the moment. We'll see how long the queues are. Excuse me, ma'am. How long have you within waiting for here?Probably about 40 minutes.40 minutes. That's not too bad. Why is it important to vote? Why are people queued up like this for along time? It's an extremely important election and we're a democracy and we have the right to vote and thank God. So we're here and a lot of other people don't have that opportunity.Thank you very much. So - and that sentiment obviously - go ahead, Sir - is right across the country. About 30 million people pre-voted. About 58% of Americans decide to come out and vote here. But down in those states where we came from, from the hydrochloric yain zone, very interesting shots from down there. Because -- from the hurricane zone, very interesting shots from down there. Because it's been so devastated, they've set up a tent city for people to vote.Candidates are leaving nothing to chance. What is on Mitt Romney's agenda today in the final few hours?This is an interesting one. The President is playing basketball today but Mitt Romney is still out counting the -- pounding the pavement. People are queued up here and obviously have no TV but people at home, polls still open, he is campaigning in Ohio and Pennsylvania today. Like Rob Penfold said, two of the battleground states, very important states, and he is pushing that message, going to push it all the way because they believe it could come down to the wire for the final votes. They believe this is very important. Here's some of what he had to say. Unfortunately we don't seem to have that grab.We'll bring you more of his speech a little bit later in we can. Otherwise, Georgie, we'll be here for most of the day. We should bring you everything from the polling station. Around about 2pm Australian time will be good for us. In the middle of the day, we'll see the drama play out.Nine News, as Denham says, will have full coverage of the US election results from midday. Well, we have some breaking news out of Sydney. A man has reportedly been shot in the chest a number of times. It happened in the suburb of Rhodes in the city's north-west a short time ago. It's believed the man has been taken to Westmead Hospital, though his condition at this stage is unknown. A boy has drowned in a backyard swimming pool on Sydney's north shore. The 9-year-old boy was pulled from the pool at Roseville just after 6:30 last night. Police tried to resuscitate him before he was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital where he later died. A frantic search has taken place through the night for a 2.5-year- old boy who has disappeared from his home at Mildura in north- western Victoria. He was last seen playing with his dog at the home tonne Deakin Avenue at about 8:30. Police believe the boy wandered from the property with the dog. Green Moon connections will front the media this morning, no doubt sporting champagne headaches after they celebrated the stayer's triumph well into the night. They were joined by a host of horse- racing's A-listers at Crown Casino where jockey Brett Prebble said it was a thrilling and emotional win. I think it's going to probably last for probably until the next year and someone else wins it and takes it off -- wins it and takes it off me. I'll really enjoy it and appreciate the whole thing.The Royals might have been a lucky charm for owner Lloyd Williams. Williams won the Melbourne Cup and was presented with the trophy by Prince Charles on his last visit to Flemington 27 years ago. And Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have another jam-packed day in Melbourne today before they fly to their next destination, Adelaide. They made quite an impression at yesterday's Melbourne Cup, which capped off a hectic day. After doing the honours at the Cup, a spell for the royal couple. Yesterday's hectic schedule was followed by a quiet night at Government House in Melbourne. Prince Charles had been on the go. We love you! We love you!A trapsty workshop. He tried his hand at the ancient craft of weaving before meeting young disadvantaged kids who experiment with design. The prince then stepped on to the hallowed turf of the MCG, seeing how cricket can build social and racial harmony. He tried his arm, a chuck that earned a few chuckles. Then on to Flemington - a sea of hands reaching out to the royal couple. Charles is so very much at ease on this trip, cruising through every moment with smiles and laughs. And obviously delighted to see the Duchess so warmly welcomed in Australia.Welcome to Australia! And now another busy day for the royal couple. The prince will be discussing urban development and architecture, then visiting a Melbourne performing arts school, while Camilla will be supporting her pet charity, osteoporosis. Then it's off to Adelaide for the afternoon. Well, there were four big winners from last night's record-breaking Oz Lotto draw and Alison Ariotti joins us with the details. The prize went up to a breath-taking $111 million. Do we know who won? Georgie, we know three of the four winners. There's one golden ticket that's yet to be claimed. I'll get to that in a minute. Just letting you know who has been identified. There were two tickets that were won in Victoria. One belonged to a syndicate of 80 people, so they've shared about $350,000 each. One Meadow Heights family, over however, is $27 million richer this morning and the same prize has been won by an ACT family who actually bought their ticket in NSW while they were on holidays. They'd all registered their tickets so they were notified last night officially. No doubt they had celebrations through the night. They were all very excited to win. Many said they'd pay off their mortgages, pay off their kids' mortgages, buy their kids properties or go on a holiday. That one remaining ticket was bought right here in Queensland and it's yet to be claimed. So if you're waking up in Queensland this morning and you haven't checked your ticket, the message is get on it because you could be having a very lucky day, Georgie.Can you be more specific? Do we know where in Queensland?We don't at this stage. We haven't received that information as to where the ticket might have been purchased. But I know we've got someone from the lotteries coming up later in the show so hopefully they might be able to tell us a little bit more then, Georgie.Absolutely. Stay tuned for that. Thank you very much. Prime Minister Julia Gillard will travel to Indonesia today after meeting with world leaders for the Asia-Europe summit in Laos. While in Laos, she held talks with the Pakistani Prime Minister and demanded a new investigation into the slaughter of Australian sheep after damning footage was aired on the ABC's 'Four Corners' program. Tomorrow, the PM will co-chair the annual Bali Democracy Forum with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. It's Ms Gillard's first overseas trip since the Government's release of the Asian Century White Paper. Now let's look at the markets on Wall Street.

Well, it's a subject that divides many and now a new video is setting tongues wagging about the legendary Big Foot. A man captured this footage in a forest in Utah. Beard Card says he was camping when he spotted what appears to be an animal shuffling behind trees, but just as the creature turns around, Mr Card fleece back to his car. Some say it's a man in a hoodie. Others are convinced it's simply a black bear. But the believers, of course, they think it's Big Foot.

Wow. Do you think it's one of Barack Obama's speech writers?The beard? I don't think there's a shadow of doubt - that's Big Foot as far as I'm concerned. I'm a believer, Karl! Let's just run with it. I reckon.Good stuff. I love when you believe. Let's look at the national flyaround and see what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods.

We're all a bit exhausted after yesterday's festivities but the sport continues -Don't. Don't, Lisa. Hang in there. There's an injury cloud over Ricky Ponting ahead of Friday's Test, which will be fantastic. And yes - what a race! Green Moon takes home the Cup with a stunning ride. Richard Wilkins predicted it. That and a whole lot more after the break. This program is not captioned. So, Darren, when was the last time
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Welcome back. Let's check out the front pages throughout this great country of ours right now. First up in the 'Herald Sun' - user Green Moon ridden by Brett Prebble upstaged a star field to win yesterday's Melbourne Cup. In the 'Age' - after more than half a century in racing, Lloyd Williams has now become the most successful owner in Melbourne Cup history with Green Moon's victory.The Adelaide 'Advertiser' says jockey Brett Prebble has achieved a career highlight by taking out the Melbourne Cup on his tenth attempt. In other news now, in the 'Daily Telegraph', after a long and bitter campaign for the world's greatest political prize, Americans have gone to the polls with the result still too close and too early to call. The 'Australian' says Wayne Swan has been accused of politically compromising Treasury after his office leaked an analysis of the Opposition's tax policies. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reports five Catholic priests quit the council of the elite St John's College last night over an initiation ritual scandal. In the Hobart 'Mercury', Premier Lara Giddings has urged Tasmanians to spend their savings this Christmas to help local retailers. In the 'Courier-Mail', experts are warning people against using any solar glasses to watch next week's total solar eclipse. More on that a little bit later. Finally from the 'Northern Territory News', you may have thought only one man was dumb enough to stick fireworks up his buttocks but a special investigation has revealed there are more cracker clacker whackers out there. How's that for a headline?Gee, that has to be in the top three of the 'Northern Territory News' headlines for the year! It's rocketed into the top ten, that's for sure.They know what they're doing, don't they? Lloyd Williams insists that Green Moon's victory is proof that Australian-trained horses can mix it with the best in the world. Last night, as you can see, claim pain was flowing, following the $20 outsider's impressive charge down the home straight.Today it's an international race seen all around the world but it's great for an Australian to be able to beat the internationals and, you know, that's what we're out there to do. Lloyd Williams there. That makes it Cup number four for Lloyd but a first for jockey Brett Prebble. Wasn't he happy about it? He almost missed out, though, because he jumped aboard Green Moon after Craig women yams opted to ride Dunaden instead.It's so real. It will probably last until next year until someone takes it off me.The more favoured Dunaden had a tough day. He finished outside the placings alongside Americain and Red Cadeaux. I hope you went alright on the punt yesterday. Michael Clarke will decide today whether to play four pacemen in the opening Test against South Africa or include Nathan Lyon, the spinner. There's also a question mark over Ricky Ponting, who is still battling hamstring problems.It feels good. I've had no niggles today. That's a good sign. I'm not feeling it with anything I've done today so I'm positive to get stuck in tomorrow.Ponting's possible omission could put added pressure on opener Dave Warner. He admits he has to improve, especially with Shane Watson out of the mix.I know how much Shane was looking forward to the series and to be playing Test cricket back in Australia was exciting for him.That's a good mo forming there. You can catch every single ball live on Channel Nine from Friday. Don't miss T Speaking of cricket, ipbldian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has officially been honoured with the Order of Australia for services to international cricket. There is Simon Crean handing over the award in Mumbai with Tendulkar becoming the first Indian sportsman honoured in this fashion. Congrats to him. Extra incentive for the Wallabies spring tour - the International Rugby Board will use the results to determine rankings for the 2015 World Cup so that meents a pour showing against the European sides could see Australia heaped into a group with the All Blacks. The Wallabies begin their spring tour campaign against France on Sunday morning. In the A-League, Socceroo Jason Culina has played his first match in almost two years, turning out for Sydney FC in a practice match. It's his first competitive game since injuring his knee in the 2010 Asian Cup. Meanwhile, this weekend's clash between the Wanderers and the Jets is a special one for Nikolai Topor-Stanley. The lanky defender was a Newcastle regular last season.I think it's no secret the way they desire to play but I'm not sure they've quite achieved that so far but they've been getting results nevertheless. Western Sydney is looking for a third win in a row. They're going all right. Another boost for the world title hopes of Joel Parkinson with rival Kelly Slater eliminated from the Coldwater Classic. Have a look at these pictures. He was eliminated in the fifth round, Kelly. The 11- time world champion went down to Adriano De Souza with the title race to be decided at the final event in Hawaii next month. Doesn't it look sweet, particularly with a little bit of slow-mo as well. As Karl pointed out yesterday - some air too. Just on the Melbourne Cup, Tom Waterhouse predicted Green Moon on our show yesterday and Richard Wilkins was on board as well. In terms of putting some money on. If you were listening to Tom Waterhouse yesterday, hopefully you put five bucks on and it's happy days today.Dickie had a big win. Has anybody seen him this morning? No. I love the mo he's growing for mow vem better. Maybe he could donate his winnings to Movember.I think he's already doing his bit for Movember.We'll find out soon. Let's check in on the weather. What was that, Dickie?

After the break - it is all happening in the US today, including in Hollywood, where there's a whole heap of gossip going on. Good morning, Richard. What's going on?Well, plans are under way for another 'Star Wars' movie! Theartd. May the force be with you! -- that's right. May the force be with you! And you'll never guess who wants to return to the franchise? The scoop coming up!

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Welcome back. Well, he had the Melbourne Cup-winner yesterday. He's on fire. Just look at him. Richard Wilkins, good morning. It does put a spring in your step, backing the winner. Thank you, Tom Waterhouse. Richard Reid, 'Star Wars' is headed for another galaxy far, far away. It's exciting. We could see a familiar face on board.Well, yeah. I never thought this would happen but apartneredly Harrison Ford, the original Han Solo has said, "You know what? I'd be interested in heading back out into the universe." You know, the cranky star had once tried to distance himself from the 'Star Wars' franchise and he said, "You know what? I found it all a bit too boring." But now a big old pay cheque and maybe putting closure on the character - I could see him back in the role.Massive pay check. You can imagine what he'd get for that. Taylor Swift said she'd never, ever, ever get back but she's back with that Kennedy guy.You know what? My sources on the road with Taylor say, "You know what? She is regretting her decision to kick that Kennedy to the kerb." I parently Connor, 18, was like a lovestruck puppy and Taylor had had enough but now she has her assistant - if he calls, it's like, "Taylor, it's Connor," she is off and she is giggling like a schoolgirl, texting, e-mailing. I think she's having second thoughts and I wouldn't be surprised if they were reunited.I hope he finishes his homework. Rob Pattinson finally, to see us out, is the subject of a takeover bid from a Hollywood hottie.It's a cougar alert. Cameron Diaz is on the prowl. Apparently she hasn't read the headlines that he's back with Kristen Stewart. She hit on him big time at a Hollywood party over the weekend. But let's just tell you this - vampire boy didn't bite!I hope she's not watching this morning. Thank you for that stuff. Boy, you've given us something to think about through the morning.Something to sink your teeth into!Go and vote! Thank you, boys. Coming up this hour on Today - America heads to the polls to vote for its next President in the closest race in years.Bad boy but good actor Colin Farrell is back in his brand new movie. Richard has all the details at 6:40.Right now it's top of the hour and time for the top of the news. Georgie. Hello, karm. Thank you very much. Good morning. It's one of the closest presidential elections in history and today we should learn who will be the next President-of-president of the United States. Nine's Denham Hitchcock is in botsion travelling with the Romney camp. -- Boston travel being the Romney camp. Denham, bring us up to date with what's happening there?We're at the hotly contested polling booths and right across this country at the moment, people are out the front trying to push them towards each party. People have waited 40 minutes up to possibly two hours when we first came in here. It's a long queue but they're making their way through, filling out the forms and then they go into a special box as they feed it in it scans it and hopefully that means we'll get the results pretty quickly. An interesting statistic I've got to tell you. About 4% of Americans decide who they're going to vote for on the actual day. So when the polls are showing it's only 1% or 2%, then that sort of makes a big difference. Let's see how the queues are going. The last lady we spoke to had waited an hour. How long have you waited?I've been waiting half an hour but I haven't checked in yet.I won't ask who you're voting but who do you think will win?I hope Romney will win. Republican HQ is just down the road and Romney is out slamming the battleground states whipping the crowd up. This is the day that people are actually voting. Barack Obama is playing basketball. Romney is still hard it. We don't know what that says but here's what he had to say.We have known many long days and short nights and now we're close. The door to a brighter future is there. It's open. It's waiting for us. I need your vote. I need your help. Walk with me. Walk together. Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. And there is one other place I just want to show you if we've got the pictures to show you because this is a fantastic shot. This is dicks vill Notch and there are 10 people in this county and traditionally this is the first place where people come in to vote and this is the first results that we get. There are 10 people in this county. 10 people. They use a whiteboard to tally it up and reflecting these polls, reflecting how close it is. It went five each, five apiece. So we'll have to see if the rest of the country will be the same. Nine News will have special coverage of the results from midday. Police say a young boy who has disappeared from his home in Victoria's north-west probably wandered off. The 2.5-year-old vanished from the property at Mildura at about 8:30 last night. He was playing with his dog at the time. A search has continued through the night. After a night of champagne celebrations, Green Moon connections will show off their prized cup at a media event. They partied the night away at Crown Casino with a host of horse racing's A-listers. It seems Prince Charles might have been a lucky charm for owner Lloyd Williams.27 years ago, the last time he was here, he gave me the Melbourne Cup. Jockry Brett Prebble described yesterday's win at thrilling and -- jockey Brett Prebble described yesterday's win as thrilling and emotional. Family and friends will today farewell Australian digger Corporal Scott James Smith at a private service in SA's Barossa Valley. Described as a genuine and dedicated soldier, the 24-year-old was killed in Afghanistan last month after an IED went off. Scott's family said he always believed his actions made a difference and that his charm endeared all those around him. His family have thanked the public for its condolences and messages of support. A Perth grandmother has leapt on a rottweiler and bitten its ear after the animal knocked her down and killed her own dog in a vicious attack. Lynette Norman was on her daily walk with her Jack Russell cross on Monday when the Ross wiler ran past and attacked.So I put my arm up and he got me there. I put my arm up and I hung on and hung on for dear life.The 72-year-old needed 20 stitches to her arm. Sadly, her dog died as she was being operated on. The rottweiler still hasn't been caught. A former Treasury secretary agrees with Opposition claims that Treasury might be reluctant to produce frank advice if it fears that information could be leaked. The Opposition says Treasurer Wayne Swan compromised the effectiveness of Treasury by asking for costings of Coalition policies and then leaking the findings. The Government claims some of the policies will cost business more than $4.5 billion in its first year. But the business lobby says it didn't take the abolition of the carbon and mining taxes into account. Now to finance:

Time for all the sport. Over to Ben. Thank you, Georgie. Following on from your news on the Melbourne Cup, Green Moon-owner Lloyd Williams have already turning his attention to next year's Melbourne Cup. Green Moon upstaged more fancied opponents yesterday, handing Williams a fourth Cup.We've got a lot of horses but you live in hopes with horses.Ricky Ponting insists he'll be ready for the opening Test against South Africa on Friday, despite still battling hamstring problems. He only trained lightly yesterday but expects to have a full session with the rest of the team this morning. In tennis, Roger Federer's bid for a seventh ATP world finals title has begun in style, belting Janko Tipsarevic in straight sets. His 40th win of the competition finished 6-3, 6-1 and it took just over an hour. And in rugby league news, Manly has added an immortal to its coaching staff with Andrew Johns joining the NRL club as an assistant coach. The former Blues halfback denies that this is a stepping stone towards a head coaching role in the near future. There you go. Good news for Manly fans. He's been helping out with various clubs over the years but now exclusively with Manly but he says he doesn't want to do it full-time because it's too stressful. Which side just got better?That's true.Coming newspaper the next 10 minutes - will Barack Obama hold on to the top job?Also - we could be calling you with 250,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points.The wins go on on. There were four -- go on. There were four lucky winners in last night's Oz Lotto jackpot. We'll see who are the lucky winners. Good morning Stevie.We've come down to the National Institute of Circus Arts this morning in Melbourne. It's the only place in the country where you can do a 3- year Bachelor of Arts. We'll take a look at some of the students today. These are some of the first-year students and this are world-class performers. We'll get into your place first and see what's happening as you warm up this morning. It's early in the day and this is what's happening with the weather as you start heading out the door.

Isolated showers affecting the south-west of WA. Areas of Labour and isolated storms -- areas of rain and ace lated storms in Victoria. Rain and isolated thunderstorms extending back over central and western NSW and across southern and western parts of Queensland. This morning, we have Darcy, Lucas and Miriam at NICA. They have backgrounds in gymnastics and athletics. Now, you get kids from right around the world auditioning to be a part of NICA here in Australia. They take about 25 students. These are the first-year students and we'll check out the second and third-year world-class performers right through throughout the morning. I know what you're thinking, Karl and Lisa. Could I do that? I did yesterday when I backed Green Moon. I don't think I could do it this morning, though.You backed it as well?It might be fun to see. It might be fun to see what happens.Fun for you! Not fun for me.There's a lot of crosses to go, Stevie.Well done, buddy. See you soon. Coming up - we speak to Brett Prebble about his win in the Melbourne Cup.Next - Americans turn out in their millions to choose the next president. Who will it be? We've got the latest after this.

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A very good morning to everyone waking up in Sydney this morning watching the Today show. A few showers with a possible thunderstorm for you today with a top of 24 degrees. Right now it is sitting on 20 degrees. Lisa?Thank you, Karl. Well, there are fears this morning for a Victorian toddler after the 2.5-year-old went missing from his house in Mildura. Joining me now is Today reporter Christine Ahern. Chris, we understand that a search is under way this morning. What can you tell us?That's right, Lisa. A full search involving Mildura Police, the dog squad and also the SES is under way after this 2.5-year-old boy was last seen at his home in Deakin Avenue. Now, that is between 20th and 21st Street in Mildura. Now, he was last seen with his dog, a German shepherd called Dasher, at about 8:30 last night. Police believe he has wandered off with the dog. He was last seen at 8:30 at his home. At I mentioned, this full search is under way. Police are urging anybody that either sees the dog or the boy to call 000 immediately. The German shepherd does answer to his name Dasher. The young boy is described as blond- haired and blue-eyed and you acation. So -- Caucasian. Anyone who sees either is urged to call 000.Chris Ahern, thank you very much: Karl?Voting is under way across the US as millions of Americans head to the polls to vote for the next US president. Voter turnout will be key in what is shaping up as an election cliffhanger. Polling tents have been set up in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. Nine's US Burrow chief Rob Penfold is following Barack Obama and looks positively presidential this morning. Good morning to you. It will be a close one.Good morning, Karl. Indeed. Polls are showing that Barack Obama is slightly ahead but all within the margin of error. I just want to show you inside the Chicago Convention Center. This is the place where President Obama will have his celebration if, in fact, he wins. I'd like to point out - you remember four years ago we were out there in the park, not far from here, where hundreds of thousands of people could have and were watching it as it all went on. Not here tonight. There will be a couple of people - 10,000 or 20,000 people perhaps, most of them in that area, but mainly a small area now where they'll put the people. Because, you know, this is somewhat indicative of the feeling of the campaign at the moment. There's no real reason to celebrate. America is still struggling through a financial crisis at the moment. So if Obama wins - and he expects to tonight - it will be a quick party and then back to work tomorrow. We're even hearing that he could be flying overseas to Asia within two days of that. But as far as the polls are concerned, he's probably buoyed a bit by some of the polls he's heard, particularly on ABC/'Washington Post' poll yesterday that showed he has a 3- point lead but still, as I say, within that margin of error, so still too close to call.No matter what happens, I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody whose supported me, everybody who's -- who's supported me, everybody who's worked so hard on my behalf and again I want to congratulate Governor Romney and his team for a hard-fought race as well.Now, President Obama and his men and women, the supporters out there, they're a real superstitious lot. And in fact what they like to do on election day is to play a game of basketball. He also like to go to the gym. So that's what's happening at the moment. And the guys you see around here later tonight with the wild and woolly beards are his speech writers. They do not shave for the last three weeks of the campaign as well. That's because they think that if they get that facial hair off, something could go wrong. So, yeah, superstitious and they hope to be celebrating here tonight, late afternoon Australian time.Just on that for the uninitiated, the results coming in - I know that several people have pointed to some of the the key states and Virginia might be a good indication of how Mitt Romney is tracking. How long will it be before we get a real handle on who is going to win? Is there any possibility that it might end up in the courts again?Well, all those possibilities, yeah, they are there. This place is very lawyered up at the moment, all over the United States. At all the polling stations they have lawyers there, both parties, looking for any sort of situation where they might be able to appeal against it. As far as the result is concerned, at the very best, late afternoon Australian time. But it does come down to the swing states and we're particularly looking at hoe high yeo. As we've mentioned time and time again, no - - Ohio. As we've mentioned time and time again, no Republican candidate has won the presidency without winning Ohio. That's what Mitt Romney has to go for. Let's look at that state and when we see that state we've probably got a result. What about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? What do they do today?They take it pretty much easy. Barack Obama didn't want to be seen to be out there politicking at all. As you saw, he went along and thanked members of his staff for the hard work they've done. But as far as Mitt Romney is concerned, he's back out on the hustings, visiting two states today, still trying to get the last-minute voters in as well. He hasn't given up. Looking at the polls, he's the one that needs to get out there at the moment to stir the last couple of voters because he's the one that is slightly behind in the polls at this stage. But very, very close, perhaps the closest in years. Senator Bob Penfold reporting for us live there following Barack Obama. We'll talk to you a little bit later, my friend. You can see full coverage including the senator of the US election results in a Nine News special event from midday today. Lisa.Thank you, Karl. Most clicked is next and is in the proof that Big Foot exists? We'll show you more right after the break.

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Hey. It's Taylor Swift. I'm so excited about getting back to Australia.Yes. Taylor Swift is heading our way and her first stop will be Today. She'll be live in our studio performing songs from her brand-new number one album 'Red'. Mark Monday November 26 in your diary and make sure you do what Taylor does.I wake up with Today. Stay tuned for more details and let the countdown begin. Taylor Swift rocking on her red guitar and rocking the Today show. That's coming up later this month. Looking forward to that. Let's check the most clicked items on the net right now. A woman in the US has been filmed driving on a footpath to avoid a school bus that had stopped to unload children. She was busted by police and had to face court. The woman was fined and lost her licence and was also ordered to stand at the intersection during peak hour wearing a sign that says, "Only an idiot drives on the footpath to avoid a school bus".It was pretty good driving.That's justice.She was late for a hair appointment. What's a girl to do, Ben.School bus! Getting in the way!At number two, it's a possible Big Foot sighting.Possible?Take a close look.

Where?Just behind the branches. That's Big Foot for sure.I wouldn't get too close. Off. Gone. Big tick on that one, Fordo.That video was filmed in Utah in the States. The bush walkers thought they were capturing a bear on video. Web-watchers say it's definitely Big Foot. What do you think?Oh, sure. It's from the Big Foot family. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Ben. At number three, is this the world's most helpful dog?Close that door. Nice. Oh, good stuff. Surely that's not all he does.Hey, where's the remote control? Good job. Good boy. Do you have a frisbee around here swru? -- somewhere?You couldn't swing a cat in that apartment.Grab your water bottle. It's in the fridge. That tops it off.What did he get?His water.At number four, during a live cross this reporter has an unexpected guest.I'm live with more on the developing story. LAPD commander Andy Smith tells me tonight that these are cases from the height of the -What is it?That's a cockroach! Look. There it is! Ge, he's a professional, isn't he. He doesn't flinch.News, sport and weather are next and Bruce Willis is back, folks, with another 'Die Hard' movie.What?Check it out. Welcome to Moscow. This program is not captioned. Rodgee! I've got a doubly delicious
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Dogs go wacko for Schmackos! # This program is not captioned. Good morning to you, Brisbane. You've got a partly cloudy day ahead with a top of 28 degrees. Right now you're sitting on 17. Coming up a little later - Lisa is going to tell us all about her day with the Royals. Lisa?Is that later? Or right now?Give Australia tease.I will. I was very, very lucky yesterday, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall invited some of the media who were travelling around with them over the course of the six days of this Aussie tour to a really lovely morning tea at Government House in Victoria. And we were lucky enough, a couple of us - Christine Ahern and Kathy, one of our producers and Paige in Melbourne - got to have a lovely chat with both Camilla and Charles. So, yeah, a little bit more on that coming up later.How much more?You'll see.I like Camilla. I think she's done a terrific job. It's not an easy thing to do to come to a country and she's worked the crowd pretty hard and pretty exhausting start to it all. I reckon she's fantastic. They were so relaxed yesterday. I've got a built of a thing for her. I do know that, Karl. I thought of mentioning it to her. I'll tell you later whether or not I did.That's a good tease. Here's Georgie with the latest news. Thank you, Karl. Good morning. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both made their final pitches to voters who will today decide the country's next president. Millions of Americans will head to the polls throughout the day. Mitt Romney and his wife have cast their vote in Massachusetts. Meantime, the President's camp is confident of a win with the latest opinion polls giving Obama the edge in crucial swing states. I'm looking forward to the results and I expect that we'll have a good night but no matter what happens, I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody who has supported me, everybody who has worked so hard on my behalf.And in New York, voters have been forced to vote in tent polling booths as the clean-up continues after Superstorm Sandy. Nine News will have full coverage of the US election results and that will begin at mid-day. A man has been rushed to hospital after he was injured in a suspected shooting in Sydney's north-west. Police were called to Rhodes just before five o'clock this morning after reports of a man being shot. He was found lying on the road suffering serious injuries. Police have blocked off several streets as they begin their investigation. Melbourne Cup revellers have partied well into the night, capping off a day of celebrations and champagne. Many were going at a slightly slower pace than they were at Flemington, some using a horse and carriage to get around. Over at Crown, horse racing's A-listers joined Cup-winner Brett Prebble who described the win as thrilling. I think it's going to probably last for probably until the next year and someone else wins it and takes it off me. I think I'm going to really enjoy it and appreciate the whole thing.And the Royals might have been a lucky charm for owner Lloyd Williams. Williams won the Melbourne Cup and was presented with the trophy by Prince Charles on his last visit to Flemington 27 years ago. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall head to Adelaide this afternoon for the final leg of their whirlwind Diamond Jubilee tour of the Pacific. Before they fly out, though, they have a busy day ahead in Melbourne where the prince will be discussing urban development and architecture before visiting a performing arts school while Camilla will attend a reception for Osteoporosis Australia. Foreign Minister Bob Carr says there's no reason not to go ahead with a people swap deal with Malaysia just because it hasn't signed the United Nations Refugee Convention. He says Malaysia competently deals with 100,000 refugees without signing the convention. I'm not going to make any criticism of Malaysia's quite defensible record on these things. The arrangement we proposed, the Malaysian arrangement as it's called, was done in consultation with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. Mr Carr criticised the Coalition's objections, stating they also tried to make a deal with Asian countries which were non-signatories. Four lucky winners will share last night's record-breaking $112 million Oz Lotto jackpot. Two winning tickets were sold in Victoria. A Meadow Heights family and a syndicate of 80 were told the good news last night. A family in the ACT bought their winning ticket while holidaying in NSW. The winning man suspected a family member was playing a prank when he got the much sought-after call. A whopping 8 million other ticket- holders had their hopes dashed unless they live in Queensland where a mystery winner is yet to be found. Let's update finance for you now.

Well, it's almost hard to believe it's that time of year already but singer Robbie Williams has officially kicked off the festive season in London joined by British pop star Leona Lewis. The pair had the honour of switching on the Christmas lights on Oxford Street. I've turned the lights on in Blackpool, which was an honour because I used to go to the Blackpool illuminations as a kid every year but this is Oxford Street, this is London, so it's a big one. 20,000 people braved the chilly weather to watch the event. Christmas is almost here. Can I just say something very briefly and be very self-indulgent. Go ahead.I haven't rung mum for a while. I wanted to say mum, I love you so much, and I look forward to seeing you very soon. And if you won that Lotto,... I know I'm not the favourite.Why haven't you called your mum?Because I've been waiting for her to win the Lotto. That doesn't get you brownie points, doing it that way. What?I talk to your mum more than you do.Possibly. Possibly. I love you, scam money.Good morning, Mrs Stefanovic. The Australian stayer stormed down the home straight yesterday, Green Moon, and there is talk that he won't return to defend the Cup next year. Dunaden and red ked yeo and Americain finished out of the placings. Dave Warner says the Australians won't be intimidated by South Africa's four-pronged pace attack. Earlier in the week, the Proteas began the mind games, suggesting Warner will be a pushover at the crease.It's up to them if they want to start being verbal. They can. Because they won't get anything out of me. The Aussie team is buzzing aid head of Sunday's clash against France in the rugby. And Joel Parkinson has been knocked out of the quarterfinals of the Coldwater Classic in California. The title race comes down to the final event of the year in Hawaii. Let's look at Today show T signs sent into the inbox. Alissa sent in this one made by her daughters while camping in NSW. Look how much fun they're having. Bill from Rydalmere in NSW made this out of Lego. And Diva spotted this sensational T in a recent trip to Africa. I know how much Lisa loves them. It's almost as good as the one you took of the cloud that time.I've had a rethink. I think this one is much better. That is beautiful. Time now for your best local forecast. Here's Stevie. Good morning, everyone. We're at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne this morning and this is Emeline. They take students from around the world. She started training in New Caledonia at the age of 8. She's come here to NICA. She's in her second year where she's discovered clowning and mime to help tell stories through circus. She hopes to travel the world with the circus and then head back and teach other kids the skills of circus in New Caledonia and she's going to attempt to teach me how to specialise in tightrope-walking. Wow. Have a look at that. Incredible balance. That's right after we head around the country and look at the weather.

This has to be one of the most nerve-racking ways to start the day - on a tightrope. Emeline says it's all about keeping your chin up, looking forward and squeezing. Squeeze the bottom, squeeze the buttocks, squeeze the stomach in and always look ahead. You may notice, Karl and Lisa, I'm holding on to a stick. We hadn't noticed until you mentioned it.Look at that. I'll try and let go of the stick and see how we go. One. Two. Three. Well done!I haven't had my activated nuts this morning. You nearly had them! You've got to squeeze a little bit harder, Stevie.Nearly had them big time.I might have them. Let's get entertainment now with Richard Wilkins! They'll be deactivated! Harrison Ford could be back for the next 'Star Wars' movie and look who else is back. Bruce Willis stumps up to diehard again. -- die hard again.Welcome to snow! -- welcome to snow! Jack!Dad?

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Good morning again. Well, today we check out the next instalment in the 'Die Hard' franchise. We catch up with Alec Baldwin on a red carpet. First - a movie with a mega line-up and a quirky plot. It's called 'Seven Psychopaths'. How's everything in the dark?You got a new dog?It's certainly an interesting storyline with seven central characters. There's Marty, played by Colin Farrell, a writer who is trying to finish his screenplay.A writer who's an alcoholic, who's Irish, who is experiencing writers' block. Even the psychopathic behaviour and the idea of 'Seven Psychopaths', he's been questioning what is the nature of psychopathy. None of the psychopaths in the film feel that they are or believe that they R they're just operating on their own moral compass.Sam Rockwell is his mate who steals dogs for a living. Paw. No paw. That's OK too.His offsider Christopher Walken returns them for the reward. Thank you so much. And woody Harrelson is the gangster whose dog gets stolen.I've got to pull myself together. My dog is going to end up killed.You're not pulling yourself together, are you? It's another quirky role for someone who is no stranger to them. So, Mr Walken, what's it like playing a psychopath?I keep saying that if I felt I was in the room with one, I'd probably leave right away. I don't think my character is a psychopath in this movie. He's a basically decent man.Put your hands up!No. I've got a gun. I don't care.When the storyline is so wacky, how tough is it to make it real?All the situations are so heightened that you don't need to get any higher than the situation. It's already crazy as it is so you play it straight.'Seven Psychopaths' hits cinemas tomorrow. I like T it's got layers. -- I like it. It's got layers. Dad, try, try not to make an even bigger mess of things.It's been five years since we saw Bruno doing what he does best - playing John McClane. And now he's back for the fifth edition of his fabulous franchise. It's called 'A Good Day to Die Hard'. Jack!Dad?Look who's playing his son - Aussie actor Jai Courtney. Need a hug?We're not a hugging family.Damn straight.He's certainly one to watch out for. He's also starring in Tom cruise's next feature. -- Tom Cruise's next feature. 'A Good Day to Die Hard' - early next year.Nobody's going to die today. I've been around for a long time. My name is Jack Frost.Also today - something for the youngsters, a new animated fantasy adventure by the team behind 'How to Train Your Dragon'. It's about a group of unlikely heroes banding together to protect the world's children.You can't kill fear, Jack.I am not afraid of you. You take the ones on the left. I'll take the ones on the right.The film boasts the voices of Hugh Jackman, Isla Fish or, Jude Law and Alec Baldwin. He hit the red carpet at the premiere in Los Angeles.The great thing about animated films is that so much of it is unfinished as you do the voices and they're almost drawing around your voice. They have cameras that shoot your mouth and the way you talk so the animation is very digitally precise. So the cheat for you is that you -- treat for you is that you see the movie when it's done. Come on! Here we go! Ooh! That's one for the kids for Christmas. 'Rise of the Guardians' is out on December 13. Is Hugh Jackman the busiest bloke in the business or what? He does interviews and turns out for charity events and stuff. He does voiceover work and makes a movie at the same time.He's perfect.He's excellent.Look at him glowing from his Green Moon win yesterday.How good was that?We don't like it. Popular win.Popular if you won it. You're popular. Everyone goes, - Oh, yay for the bloke in the corner who won!" Thank you, Dickie. Coming up after 7:00 - Brett Prebble joins us to talk about his ride to victory in the Melbourne Cup.Then the lucky Aussies who have woken up instant millionaires after last night's Lotto jackpot. This might take you back to the 1996 - it's the hit song from the Spice Girls, 'Wannabe'.

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(TRIUMPHANT MUSIC) Dynamo, Australia's
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It's Frequent Flyer Wednesday, and we have quarter of a million points to give away thanks to Qantas.You can travel around the world or spend the money in the Frequent Flyer shop. All you have to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say - Wakeful Stakes.To register call or SM -- and say' I wake up with Today". To register all or SMS: We'll be making a phone call later in the day. Here is Ross. Good morning. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney go head to head. Don't imagine it doesn't matter for you. It does. The Reserve Bank is watching. The RBA left rates on hold - maybe for good reasons. I think sending a confusing message to consumers going into Christmas - do they want to stimulate the economy or not. This is where the US comes in. Mitt Romney will be tougher on the US budget. Taking money out of the US economy could sound start, but it could snuff out the first shoots of recovery seen in recent months. Whoever wins the election faces the fiscal cliff. This is 607 billion worth of tax increases and spending cuts due to hit the US economy in two month time. Economists say if the spending cuts go through the US economy will be in recession within months, which is not good for them or us. We have a mini fiscal cliff coming $5.5 billion of tax increases for business, that the government announced when it changed the timing of company tax payments in January 2014, a year's time. Given the economy may be struggling in a year's time, that tax increase could put real pressure on the Reserve Bank to step up to the plate. The question is will they.$607 billion - that's a lot of cuts.It's a lot of cuts. Certainly that is what the US can't afford right now.Talk to you soon. The Melbourne Cup was going for a touch of class with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in attendance, dressed in their finest. Didn't they look fabulous. Unfortunately not everyone looked their best. 105,000 people flocked to JR Fleming. A few maybe looked a little worse for wear by the end of the day. Have a look at these. Oh, dear. Flat on your back.Nice to have a snooze.That's normally what happens in the morning. Goodness. Nothing to see here.Hello.She's just having a relax. That's OK. That's fine.The shoe thing.How to make a good impression on the royals. Look at those two. Foot loose and fancy free.Bit of a dance, as you would, difficult in stilettos. She's managing.What is doing there?Nothing like a pole dance.Some kid at home is going "Mum".Good fun.Now for the gossip with Richard Wilkin.You don't see that at Royal Ascot. Maybe you do. Richard Reid, come in buddy. Another day, another drama for travel magnet Lindsay Lohan. What now?Well, if it's Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan must be in trouble with the law. OK. It turns out Lindsay is suspected of violating her probation and could end up behind bars. I'm not making this up. Last June she was in an accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The car she was in rear ended an 18-wheeler truck. She told police she was not driving. However, eyewitnesses say "Lindsay Lohan was there". Police compiled all their information and plan on officially charging Lindsay Lohan with lying to cops and obstructing justice. Stay tuned on this one.Goodness me, it goes from bad to worse, doesn't it.Yes.We don't know who your President will be, but we know who the sexiest man alive is.Yes, OK, you know what it's not official. My sources at 'People' Magazine say that Channing Tatum - you know, the stripping guy from 'Magic Mike' who loves to take his shirt off, will be crowned this year's sexiest man alive. He's been very modest, and so funny in '21 Jump Street' joining a long list of sexiest men, Hugh Jackman, George Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds". I'd like to see Ryan Gosling get it, but what would you do.You can't have everything. Channing Tatum is in good shape. Yes, he is.Someone else is a candidate would have to be Leo DiCaprio, how is he getting on with the Aussie co-star of his.She's beautiful, young and now he's probably dating her. We are talking about Margo Robbie. 22 years old. You probably know her as Donna on 'Neighbours'. She's his co-star in the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. The two were spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend. Several cast members flew out from New York no Los Angeles. Margo was close to Leo. Rumour has it since he is separated from his supermodel girlfriend, that Margo, beautiful Margo is next in line.He's almost Australian, isn't he, Leo DiCaprio. Richard, thank you for that. We'll see you before the end of the show. Bye, mate.Big shock to her dad in Australia, wouldn't it. Stay away from Leo the wolf.Thank you, Richard.Here are the top stories on Today. D-day. History in the making as America decides who will be the next US President. Lotto jackpot - the search for a lucky Queenslander who has become an instant millionaire. Over the moon, Brett Prebble's first Melbourne Cup win. Die-hard's Bruce Willis shows he still has it, and your front to travel the world on Forensic Officers. Good morning to you all. It's -- on frequent flir Wednesday. Good morning to you all. Beginning with developing news out of Victoria. Police searched for a 2- year-old boy who has gone missing in Mildura, in the State's north. I spoke to Senior Sergeant Steven Phelan for the latest from Victoria Police. He joins me now. Good morning to you. When was the boy last seen?The boy was last seen at 8:30 at his house in Deacon Avenue in Mildura, which is at the end, between 20 and 21st Street.It's a busy street, aus you know too well. Has -- as you know too well. Has anyone seen him, any potential sightings or leads?None at all. It is disturbing. He has his pet dog, a German Shepherd that never leaves his side. That dog has not been located either.How big is the search this morning?At the moment we are coordinating the search. There's a number of police and SES, some SFA members and lok -- CFA members and council members have joined us with the search. Hopefully the Search and Rescue will be here as well.How is the family holding up?Quite disturbed. They are hoping for the best. It's a good sign that the dog has not been found. Hopefully they are curled up somewhere, sleeping overnight.It's a tight community - I imagine everyone will be concerned and helping.A lot of people were out on quad bikes searching bushland. If people want to search and know the family, if they can meet us at the premises so we can follow up and search in a coordinated fashion.I know you are busy, but can you tell us a scriges of the young fellow and the dog -- description of the young fellow and and the dog.The dog is a 1-year- old German Shepherd, a pup - a large pup. The boy is 2.5 years old. He has blond hair and blue eyes. No description of what clothing he was wearing when he disappeared. Hopefully he's with his German Shepherd. If anyone sees a blond- haired blue-eyed person with a German Shepherd, I urge them to ring the police.Senior Sergeant, thank you for your time. Keep us up to date with what happened.Thank you.If you site the boy or the dog called 000.To the US and voting is under way in the presidential election. Millions of Americans have headed to the polls in a race that now is too close to call. Nine's US Bureau Chief, Robert Penfold has been following Team Obama in Chicago, and Denham Hitchcock is with the Mitt Romney camp in Boston. Good morning to both of you. I'll start with you, Rob. Is Obama's team confident they can win?Well, good morning. Yes, I think that they are. They are keeping it to themselves. The polls that have come out recently show that he is leading by just a small amount. I think they feel confident they can get the major swing states. I want to show you inside the Convention Centre - a contrast to the big park celebration they had four years ago when he won the election last time. I think this is indicative of what the Obama team is thinking "Let's not have too big a party", if he losses, they don't want a big, empty park. This is where they think they'll celebrate at the Chicago Convention Centre. Earlier today Obama was out in about. He was certainly not electioneering, but going out and thanking his staff for the work that they have done on this very, very long campaign. Here he was speaking after meeting all the staff.No matter what happens I want to say how much I appreciate everyone who has supported me, who has worked hard on my behalf. And again, I want to congratulate Governor Romney and his team for a hard-fought race as well.Well, it's been a very expensive campaign. Would you believe $2.6 billion has been spent to get these two candidates up and about. The culmination comes tonight. The result of who is going to be the President of the United States. Meantime what is Barack Obama going to be doing today, Rob?Well, what he's going to be doing overseas, and he's superstitious with the team. He will play basketball, which is what they'd like to do. He'll go to the gym and he's been on radio as well, reaching areas he has not reached before. He spoke to younger people on the radio. He's speaking to Ryan see cast, the host of the 'American Idol' -- Seacrest. He's the host of 'American Idol'. He's getting the message out to the young people to vote. He's worried they won't come out to vote. He's getting on the radio, pumping out the message. Not travelling anywhere like Mitt Romney, but getting the message out "Please vote, there's time, but I need your vote if you want me as President for the next four years".Thank you Rob in Chicago, and now to Denham Hitchcock in Boston. Mitt Romney led a strong campaign. What is the feeling in the camp, Denham?He's pretty confident. They are quietly confident anyway. I'm here at one of the polling booths in Boston. They expect about 2,000 people to come through here. You can see the queue lining up on the left-hand side. That's where the little polling stations are. There's quite a form to fill out. It will take a while. We have a mobile unit so we can't go for a walk. I'll show you pictures we shot earlier. This is the queue to get in here. It's like this right across Boston, across the state and the country. People are queueing up. It's taking about two hours to one hour is about the fastest to get through. Some early voting, and 30 million Americans turned to early vote. Some of them took 8-9 hours to get through. It's faster if you come on the day. 4% of people, they say, make up their minds on the day. It's a high number when you come to it. We'll move - hey, ma'am. When did you make up your mind who you would vote for?Pretty early on.You waited for today? Yes. Your vote aside, who do you think will win today? It's a toss-up, we are nervous about that. Who do you think if you put money on that? I hope the polls are right and Obama will win. It could be delayed, and we'll have weeks before we know. Let's hope that doesn't happen. There you go, she believes that Obama will win. As for Mitt Romney, his HQ is down the road, in the middle of enemy T-shirt try, it's a democratic state. He -- territory, it's a democratic state even though he was the Governor here. He voted at a polling booth not far from here. They are hoping the numbers will be higher. They've been pressuring people to get out and vote. More people voted on 'American Idol' than they will vote in this year's election. When you vote for 'American Idol', you have to pay for it.Oh, dear. That's not a good fun fact to leave us with. We'll leave it there. Thanks for that. You can see full coverage of the US election results in a Nine News special event from midday on the network today. Back home - a boy has drowned in a backyard swimming pool on Sydney's North Shore. He was pulled from the pool at Roseville after 6:30 last night. Police tried to resuscitate him before he