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(generated from captions) it's a 50/50 country.It's almost old-fashioned.It has to be old- fashioned. We are exhausted. They follow us with social media, on the phone, everywhere. In the end we want to make the decision, we want to touch the candidate. We want to have a sense without CNN, NBC, Fox. This is about what do I think of the candidate. Do I like them.What messages of Mitt Romney, do you think have cut through.There are messages of Mitt Romney. Let's go to the Olympics. I can fix things, the Olympics is falling apart. He restored them. I'm a job creator, I invested in America, I made jobs. I was the Gough nor of the Blue's state of Massachusetts, all Democrats, look what we can accomplish, I can work across the aisle. The other thing is "I don't screw up", look at him through the primaries or the debates, he never made a mistake. He appeared presidential, he was strong, articulate. They are important. Once again, what you saw, especially in the first debate is he rehabilitated his reputation because people saw him as a President.Through the campaign he hasn't put a foot wrong. He's kept away from the media, but has not messed up.The problem for Mitt Romney is his base doesn't like him or trust him. The best thing he did through the entire campaign for the base was the first debate. One debate is not enough. In the end Barack Obama has improving job numbers and people are realising that government has a role. They may not like the government, but they know it's part of their solution.This is interesting. There's an ideaogical divide. It's not a parliamentary context.It's an ideaogical divide. It's a question for America - which way will we go. Can we do it on our own or do we need government as part of the solution. nment as part of the solution.Thank you Arnie Arnesen for joining us and Yalda Hakim in Chicago. If you can hear me there, is there movement at the station?There is a little movement. The President is due to arrive here after the Chicago polls close at 8pm last time he went to Grant Park where over 200,000 people gathered to hear a victory speech. They don't expect eech. They don't expect half as many. It's at a smaller Convention Centre. The interesting thing is will he return as a winner or will this be the end of a great dream of four years ago. Nail-biting times ahead. That's it for me from Chicago, and for the year. Back to you, Mark.Thank you Yalda Hakim. The day has truly dawned here now. Thanks for joining us tonight. That's the last show for 2012. Thank you for being with us throughout the year. You can see all of our stories tonight and on the website. Most of our stories from 2012 can be found there. We welcome all your comments. Please leave them. Stay tuned now for the Late News. Until next year, goodnNews. Until next year,
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The This program is captioned live. The polling starts in the race for the White House with emotions running high.We have all got something to contribute. Another day of the members violence in Syria members violence in Syria what hundreds reportedly killed. Brett Prebble rides Green Moon into the history books, winning the race that stops the nation.It is the pinnacle of racing in Australia. I have had some great highs here. Today I ighs here. Today I will go home and enjoy it.

As we go to Air tonight, the polling stations are opening in the US in a presidential election that remains too close to call. Some of the latest polls have President -- have Barack Obama a head but not by enough to but not by enough to be confident of victory. Both he and Mitt Romney spent a frenzied last day of campaigning in the battleground states. It has been a late night for both of the candidates. They ended the day just kilometres apart in Ohio. Both men visited seven states between them tates between them today in a desperate bid to get out the votes. In time honoured tradition, the people of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire have become the first in the country to cast their ballots. All 10 of them. They are as divided as the rest of the country. Five votes for the president and five for mitt Romney. There has never been a tie here before. Could it be a taste of things to come? The thank you contenders are campaigning as if every vote might count. Both campaigned into the Knights in Ohio. The election comes down and to this question. Do you want four more years like the last Aurora years? What you want real change? -- or do you want. Barack Obama promised change but could not deliver. I promise change and I have a record of achieving I have a record of achieving it.My husband, the love of my life, the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The President made one last stop in Iowa, where it all began.He welcomed us began.He welcomed us into your homes and pick us up when we needed a lift. India faces gave me new hope for this country's the jet. He took this campaign and made it your own and to organise yourself -- yourselves block by block, starting a movement that spread across the country. And movement made up of young and old and rich and poor, gay, straight, Democrats, Republicans, who believe we all have something to contribute. That we all deserve a shot at Aaron American dream.Tonight, the President and First Lady have returned home to Chicago, which may well prove to be their home, should tomorrow the me, should tomorrow the Mitt Romney's date. -- be made from the's day.

It has been a hard fought campaign and perhaps did not need to be that way. If we go back to that first debate, before that, Barack Obama had quite a comfortable lead but after that le lead but after that disastrous performance, Mitt Romney went into the lead. Debates do not normally change the course of a campaign, but that one certainly did. In the early days of this campaign, arly days of this campaign, Barack Obama did a book like he wanted to be there. In terms of travelling around the country, we have been to quite a few rallies and what struck me is how divided this country is. You can see that in the polls and feel that at the rallies. Mitt Romney has run itt Romney has run his campaign based on change. Last time around, Barack Obama ran on hope and change. Mitt Romney has been running on change. But it has been more like hate and change. The visceral hatred towards Barack Obama at some of these rallies is something that needs to be seen to be believed. The worry how this might play out if one of the predictions come true, that Barack Obama wins in the electoral college but does not when the popular vote. -- winner the popular vote.

We will have live coverage of the US election from 1pm tomorrow.

Breaking news. At least 25 people have been killed in a car-bomb blast near n a car-bomb blast near Baghdad. Initial reports say it happened near a military base. Syrian activists say at least 50 shelled -- soldiers and militia men have been killed in a suicide bombing. Another deadly explosion in Damascus claimed 11 lives and injured many others. More deaths have been reported in another town. This appears to be the aftermath of an air raid by Syrian regime forces. 22 civilians are said to have been killed in this bombing. These pictures show desperate attempts to rescue injured survivors. Much of this area is rubble controlled but still bobbled to aerial attacks. Rebel casualties were reported in other airstrikes. Syrian activists say regime by two jets pounded rebel positions in parts of Damascus and to Deraa, where army tanks were on the streets. According to Syrian state TV, 11 people were killed in a car bombing in April regime area in the capital. I unverified reports emerged of a suicide attack on a military post in the province of Armagh. The -- at least 15 militiamen were killed. The latest were killed. The latest violence came as Syrian opposition groups continue talks, aimed at forging a united and credible front against the Assad regime. The Syrian National Council has agreed to broaden its base. It is also considering a US-backed plan for a new leadership, representing all opposition factions.Maybe countries will recognise this new leadership.Some members oppose the shake-up. Syria's ally in Russia accused countries supporting the Rebels of encouraging them to fight rather than negotiate. Four more asylum seeker boat carrying 141 people have been intercepted. Leading UN Humanitarian Affairs official Valerie Amos has expressed deep concern about the hunger strike by asylum seekers on it Nauru. She said people said there should be protest as e should be protest as quickly as possible. The former British High Commissioner to Canberra said h Commissioner to Canberra said Australia must abide by its international obligations. This is igations. This is a large country. I have always been a little surprised at the concerns about people coming by boat, given that more refugees actually arrive to Australia drew regular means.Refugee at the Kit Ian Rintoul said about 300 men are taking part in the hunger strike. - - refugee advocates. The field may have been dominated by international n dominated by international runners but Green Moon has produced a powerful finish to win a powerful finish to win this year's Melbourne Cup. Charles and Camilla were among the 106,000 strong crowd at Flemington. The race has been overshadowed by a betting scandal involving one of the Australia's most beloved jockeys. It was a royal procession that stopped the crowds at a race that stops the nation. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall greeting punters who had to battle the elements on a typical Melbourne spring day. The sun eventually came out, allowing the fashions of the field to shine.I wanted something that was anted something that was a bit different, encompassing the tribal and metallic.For others, it is a family affair.I have come every year for many years.Since she was in her 20s.She is 94 now.Did they was all about the money. Last year, Australians gambled close to $280 million on close to $280 million on Melbourne Cup Day through betting agencies alone. It is alleged betting that has landed Damien Oliver in hot water. He has admitted to t water. He has admitted to putting money on a rival horse in a race back in 2010, sparking questions of why he was still allowed to participate in today's race.I am being told that other people need to be questioned further. They are not prepared to wrap up their findings until that happens. Procedural fairness must prevail.The hype surrounding Americain in revenge awaited. Dunaden also drifted off. It was anyone's race. off. It was anyone's race. It was a 20-1 long shot that had the feel that it's messy. -- the field at its mercy. It is very emotional and will last for a al and will last for a long time.Gai Waterhouse celebrated her third runner-up finish. Jackalberry rounded out the top three. Punters who placed a same -- who placed a same -- single dollar on the trifecta would have ended up collecting just under $46,000. While Camilla was getting ready for the Melbourne Cup, Prince Charles was taking to the turf at another famous Melbourne venue. He retreated to He retreated to a showcase of their cricket program for children of all backgrounds. He even joined in for a throat. Earlier, he visited the Australian tapestry workshop. Plenty of gambling on the Cup today but none on the economy. Interest rates on hold in a surprise move from the Reserve Bank.

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Julia Gillard has called on world leaders to develop a plan to promote global growth. Representatives from. Representatives from nearly 50 new -- European and Asian made -- nations have been meeting in louse. -- lay-offs.

Her the Prime Minister has visited the Australian embassy to chew on her horse. But Americain did not place. She was not too disappointed. It did not come at first, second or third, but I'm delighted the ambassador's son picked the winner. When I'm cked the winner. When I'm travelling, I still consider that it is the right thing to do to stop for the Melbourne Cup. She backed Americain, drawing inspiration from the US elections. She has also been inspired by the summit discussions here. Leaders have been planning how to bolster the global economy. The European Council is stressed that the financial -- at the financial -- has stressed that the financial stability of the eurozone is stronger.We have been working to correct imbalances. Our joint efforts are Our joint efforts are bearing fruit.Much of the focus has been on Europe's debt problems but Asian nations have emphasised their potential.I believe Asia has a strong role to play.Singapore has warned that the global financial crisis could return and there needs to be concerted action to rebuild confidence.We need to strengthen the fundamentals to achieve long- term and inclusive growth rate.It is important the nation's come together and talk about what each is doing to achieve growth and jobs. Hawaii.She also met William Hague, the British liam Hague, the British Foreign Secretary. This summit is designed to bridge the diplomatic gap between Asia and Europe. All the leaders here may not have solved all the world's problems, they rld's problems, they hope they have brought the thank you regions closer to get that. It has all been a bit too much for some. They could not help nodding off during kick the lengthy speeches. The Australia's live export industry has suspended trade between Pakistan and Bahrain after footage emerged of sheep being slotted. Julia Gillard raised the issue with a Pakistani counterpart on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe meeting. A sensitive topic and Julia Gillard's meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister.I raised my concern about the very cruel images we have seen of the treatment of Australian sheep. There was footage of about 21,000 sheep being slotted, some buried alive. They had been sent to Pakistan after Bahrain rejected them, it said for health reasons. Pakistan also claimed the animals were diseased.Seeing some of that footage last night, it really pulls the heartstrings.The industry has voluntarily halted exports to Bahrain and Pakistan as the Agriculture Department investigate. The Prime Minister told Ms Gillard that they would conduct their own inquiry. New regulations were put in place after another controversy saw the light cattle trade to Indonesia temporarily suspended last year.The system -- the new system being put in place is about adhering to place is about adhering to world standards. Australia should tandards. Australia should be proud of that. The government has made out it has regulations in place but we have seen another horrific example of how meaningless the says.The Greens would s.The Greens would live exports banned altogether. The meet workers' union says processing animals he will create jobs.There is an ability to employ a lot of indigenous workers. At least one government backbencher agrees.This is not an isolated incident. How many will it take before we know this has to stop? Julia Gillard says the government is working to ensure the industry is sustainable. It has been a day of winners and losers, but home borrowers were not won this today. The Reserve Bank kept official interest rates steady at 3.25 %, citing higher inflation -- inflation and an improving global economy. In Martin Place, the races were almost all-consuming, but a few were eyeing another windfall - an advance on 1.5% of the official interest rate in the past year. We're about e past year. We're about to start a family, so we are saving.It is about $60 a fortnight. With Christmas coming, it makes a difference.Punters have scored with s have scored with rate cuts on the past five Melbourne Cup days, but both events may ays, but both events may be too close to call this year. There are good arguments for a rate cuts and thought none. In the end, it was on hold by a nose.The inflation outcome was higher-than-expected. The global economy looks a bit better. China seems to have stabilised.The government will not fault the decision.It family with a $300,000 a year mortgage is $4,500 better off a year under this government as a result of lower interest rates. Industries, retailers and unions have condemned this approach, given a still Tebbit retail and jobs market.Most businesses in the mainstream economy continued to show that weakness in terms of profitability and terms of profitability and sales growth.I think there es growth.I think there was room for another cut in interest rates today. The way we are seeing the economy is, it has onomy is, it has been fairly soft. We have seen some improvement in the housing market and a pick-up in business borrowing outside of mining.The analysis has been buried. Some economists say today was a badly missed opportunity. Looking ahead, nity. Looking ahead, some think a December easing is still a good bet. Others think borrowers may have to wait until February after the next inflation numbers. These Julian share market finished modestly higher. -- the Australian share market.

Baring their souls on stage. The lives of Asian man under the spotlight in a new play.

A popular British play has its Australian premiere in Sydney this week, called 'The Trouble with Asian Men'. It brings real stories to life on stage with the actors speaking the words of recorded interviews. Acting out real-life anecdotes of South Asian man from Birmingham to Sydney.He there was the biggest man ever?Back in the day.'The Trouble with Asian Men' is about what is troubling Asian men. It touches a lot on identity, immigrant communities, how they feel, what their daily negotiation is with the community they have commented. Acting out the words of South Asian men and women.Your whole life is about producing a son. I could be a professor at Yale, Oxford a lot ever. What is the question they asked me? How many sons do I have? The actors enjoy the challenge.To shift from playing a male to playing a female is a huge pleasure. As in most cultures, men can do anything they like. Yet surely -- don't actually think about romantic love. Falling a month beforehand is not recommended.It is representative of quite a few different kinds of people. Similar stories keep coming up and there is something inherent within the Asian man. I love my mum. Was the first most important person in the world, your mum.This show is one part of a larger celebration of South Asian art taking place this week at the Parramasala Festival. Showcasing local indie international film, music, comedy and theatre.Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Early today, Elvis Presley died.About 10 Australian Indian woman and the effect will this's death had on her life when she migrated to Australia. The festival ted to Australia. The festival continues until Sunday. To the weather.

The festival continues until Sunday.
To the weather. A trough stretching from northern WA across the Northern Territory is generating showers and storms. A strong cold front is crossing the southeast of the continent, bringing storms and patchy rain to eastern South Australia and Victoria. In the major centres, a few showers for Sydney and Brisbane. Thunderstorms for Alice Springs. Showers clearing in Perth. Looking further afield, rain for Wellington and Samoa. Patchy cloud in Christchurch and Noumea. Showers for Tahiti. Thunder for Nadi. In South East Asia, a very wet day in Jakarta, Denpasar and Port Moresby. Thunderstorms ahead for Kuala Lumpur. Further north, cool and cloudy in Beijing. Clear skies for Seoul and Shanghai. Scattered cloud for Hong Kong and Tokyo. Heading West, fine and sunny conditions for much of the region. Partly cloudy in Jerusalem. A very grey day in Baghdad. To Europe, cool temperatures across the continent. Drizzle in Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw. Scattered showers in London. In Africa, consistent rain for Algiers, Cairo and Casablanca. Thunderstorms for Johannesburg and Lagos. Fine in Dakar. In South America, patchy cloud in Lima and Buenos Aires. Rain ahead for Caracas and La Paz. Grey skies in Panama City. And for North America, cool conditions across most of the continent ahead of the election. Warm in Miami and Los Angeles.

of the election. Warm in Miami and
Los Angeles. That's the world this Tuesday. I'll be back with you at the slightly later time of 10:35pm tomorrow. Goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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