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I've really enjoyed it.
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This program is captioned live. American cliffhanger - the US presidential election goes down to the wire.Green Moon wins the Race That Stops a Nation. But a dark cloud over top jockey Damien Oliver. And home buyers run last on Melbourne Cup day. No cut in the official rate.

official rate. Good evening, I'm Anton Enus, and I'm Janice Petersen. Also tonight - should we ban live exports altogether. The latest row over the cruel treatment of Australian sheep.I can tell you as a farmer can tell you as a farmer myself, seeing some of the footage we saw last night, it pulls the heartstrings on farmers.CSI Afghan style. The men and women helping capture Taleban insurgence without leaving the army base. The horse race may be the biggest of deals in Australia, but for the world it's a different kind of race nearing its end. It's of crucial importance. Later tonight the polls will open tonight the polls will open in America following one of the most hard-fought presidential campaigght presidential campaigns in recent history. Unsurprisingly both examples are predicting victory, but as SBS senior correspondent Brian Thomson reports, it appears that Barack Obama has a slight edge. Thank you. has a slight edge. Thank you. The latest poll from the ABC network here has Barack Obama hitting 50% support for the first time since that disasterous first debate. Governor Romney trailled by three points and in the key battleground states where the election will be decided, President Barack Obama is either ahead or tied with Governor Romney. (SINGING) One boss introducing another, legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen accompanying President Barack Obama at every rally today. In Wisconsin, one of three battleground states they visited, 18,000 turned out to hear the President make an empassioned closing argument.Now is the time to keep pushing forward, to educate all our kids, train our workers, create new jobs, bring the troops home, care for the veterans, broaden opportunity, grow our middle class and restore democracy, and make sure no matter who you are, where you come from, how you started out, or what your last name is - you can make it here in America if you try.Large crowds for Governor Romney too.Campaign buttons.It's a concept that takes a lot of getting used to. 11,500 people, many taking the day off work or school, queueing patiently to hear a politican speak. The party faithful at today's Republican rally in Virginia convinced that America is on the cusp of change and Mitt Romney is about to fulfil a lifetime's ambition.It's 523 days since Mitt Romney announced his candidacy for the presidency. In effect he has been running for the past six years. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the end for the governor, or the down of a new era for him and his country.Mitt Romney overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome.I'm looking around to see if we have The Beatles here.Virginia was one of four states on the Gough nor's iteminry and he announced plans to visit Ohio, and Pennsylvania on Election Day itself.We have known long days and short nights. Now we are very, very close. The door to a brighter future is there. It's open, waiting for us. I need your vote, I need your work. Walk with me. Let's walk together. Tomorrow is a new beginning.Although all eyes are on Ohio, if Governor Romney does not take Virginia, the result in Ohio will be academic.This is the season for, is is the season for, you know, weird theories.President Barack Obama's Chief campaign strategist in a confident mood, despite the close nature of the contest.We'll win the electoral vote in the popular vote.The Republicans saying the same thing. In the United States, Brian Thomson, United States, Brian Thomson, 'World News Australia'. So what makes David Axelrod and the democratic camp optimistic. David has a few ideas on that.It comes down to the Electoral College. There are 50 states here, and 42 of the states are pretty much decided. That means that President cided. That means that President Barack Obama already has 237 votes in that Electoral College, so he needs 270 to get over the top. If we look at the remaining eight battleground states and look particularly at where he was

was today. Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa. He's ahead by three in Wisconsin, and Iowa. And ahead in Ohio. If he wins those, that takes him over the 270. That's why he's concentrating there. Effectively we have looked and visited places like Virginia and Florida. But he doesn't need the bigger swing states if he can take the other three. That is make the the camp confident.You have been doing crisscrossing of the battleground state. What is your Gut feeling about the r Gut feeling about the way the campaign

state. What is your Gut feeling
about the way the campaign unfolded It's been a hard-fought campaign, and probably it didn't need to be that way. The first debate changed the top of this election. President Barack Obama was -- tone of this election. President Barack Obama was ahead, but at the debate and the beginning of the campaign, he looked like a man that didn't want to be there. If he losses the election, he'll effectively will create history. Debates don't change the tone of a campaign, but they did. In terms of going around the country, we have been struck by how divided the country is. You can see it in the polls, 48-47% for both candidates. The top at some rallies is anotherling -- tone at some of the rallies is another thing. Last time President Barack Obama campaigned sident Barack Obama campaigned on hope and change. This time it's Mitt Romney. Rather than hope, it's a bit hate. Vizer ole hatred of President Barack Obama at some Republican rallies took us by surprise and leads you to worry about what might happen if Barack Obama wins the Electoral College, but doesn't win the popular vote. It just is not like, to put it politely, by most Republicans.Brian Thomson reporting there. Allegations of dirty political tricks are tarnishing the US election. In the crucial swing states of Florida and Virginia, people received calls from fraudsters incorrectly telling them they can cast their ballot by phone. The FBI is investigating letters sent to voters in Florida, falsely claiming that election officials were questioning their citizenship. Travis Horne of tapas Florida is angry.You serve in the military, and to get this letter, it's instalmenting.He was one of dozen of Republicans in 28 counties in Florida who got a letter in the mail questioning whether they were citizens. Sharon got one two.It says "There's a question on your eligibility to vote and if you don't provide information and documentation within 15 days, you'll be thrown off the rolls". The letter which claimed to be from County Election Commission warned voter fraud is a felony. An investigation was launched into a political dirty trick. In Ohio, and Wisconsin, billboards like these popped up in minority communities. This billboard is a symbol of unadulterated vote of suppression. After the controversy exploded, the billboards came down, tensions remained. As the elections approached, the likely legal battles involved access to the polls. On Sunday the Florida voters were outraged when the polls were closed after they stood in line for hours. Tomorrow expect lawyers to sue to keep the polls open if there's overwhelming turn out. A heart-line Conservative group called True the Vote sparked fears of voter intimidation, saying thousands of its volunteers will challenge anyone at the polls who they consider to be suspicious, in order to stop voter fraud.Believe it or not the first presidential election results are in. In a sign of how close the contest is, it's a tie. President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney received five votes in the typey village of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in Newhampshire. In keeping with tradition the villagers 10 registered voters cast their ballots after midnight. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is known to be one of the first places to declare results during US presidential elections. Later we'll look at the nuts and bolts of America's Electoral College system.A reminder, we'll have live coverage of the US election on

election on SBS1 and online. Check your guides for details. On Dateline, more presidential coverage will come to you live from the US. Here is Mark Davis. Tonight I'll broadcast from here in Washington. As polling begins we

Washington. As polling begins we
provide the latest twists and turns and views from the American heartland about what is at stake. This is about the American dream, working hard, getting ahead. It's not about the richman.For the first time of my life, I worked 39.5 years. I'm zero balance. Things have gotten worse, they have not gotten better.That's Dateline at 9:30. Well, royal visitors were among the 106,000-strong crowd at Flemington for the Melbourne Cup today. They watched on as 20:1 long shot shocked a star-studded international field.Indeed, former English stayer Green Moon delivered Lloyd Williams his fourth Cup victory, and jockey Brett Prebble, a career highlight.Early on it was a royal procession which stole the show on Flemington's famous home straight. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall pressed the flesh with the crowd. It wouldn't be Melbourne without a shower or two to keep race-goers honest. Soon the sun returned. So, too, did the punters, the picnics and the predictions.Number 7 - that is my lucky number.Green Moon, dad said it.Not even the greats could escape the ridicule.Come past, give a tip.They came from near and far. Danced Melbourne style, and celebrated a whole lot more than a horse race. # Happy birthday to youFrom NSW - celebrating a bucks' party.For others, like the Fitzgeralds, Melbourne Cup is a family affair and tradition.How long have you come for the races.I can't remember, I came every year for many years.Since she was in her 20s, she's 94 now.In the betting ring no shortage of cash changed hands.Have cash changed hands.Have a bet on the Cup.Early on bookies played their cards close to their chest.Whoever the punters want to back, and hopefully you make a profit.The fashionistas cast an eye over distinctive designs, dominated by flooros, pastels and unusual.I wanted something different. It encompasses metal and Metalic and I came up with this.The rich and famous sipped champagne.It's my first day off for a while. I'll try not to think about football and enjoy the day with my wife.Plenty of others had the same idea. The champagne and high fashion in the members' Marquee is one thing. Nothing compares to the atmosphere on the Flemington finishing post. But there would be one race meaning more than the

more than the others. The former English stayer shocked the crowd and a star-studded field of internationals. It was former Melbourne-based jockey's Brett Prebble's first Cup victory.

Melbourne-based jockey's Brett
Prebble's first Cup victory. And there'll be more on the race and betting allegations surrounding jockey Damien Oliver later in our sport segment. Well, it's been a day of winners and losers, but home borrowers were not the big winners. In a move surprising around half the market, the Reserve Bank kept official rates steady at 2.35%, sighting high inflation and an improving global economy. In Sydney's financial heart, Martin Place, the races were almost all- consuming. A few eyed another windful, an advance on 1.5% off the official interest rate in the past year.We are about to start a family. That means saving for our future.It's about $60 a fortnight. With Christmas, I guess it makes a bit of a difference.Punters scored with race cuts in the past five Melbourne Cup days. This year it may be too close to call. There's arguments for a cut and for none. In the end it was on hold bay nose. Rates steady at 3.25%.The inflation outcome was higher than expected. Number 2 is the global economy looks better. China seems to have stablised over the last month or so.The government will not fault the decision.And a family with on.And a family with a $300,000 a year mortgage is $4,500 better off a year under this government as a result of lower interest rates. Industry, retailers and unions condemned the reserve's wait and see approach, given a tepid retail and jobs' market.The businesss in the mainstream economy, according to surveys and other official indicators show the weakness in terms of profitability and sales growth, and hiring intentions.Look, I think there was room for a cut in interest rates. Certainly the way we see the economy is it has been fairly soft. is it has been fairly soft. It is also fair to say that we have seen some improvement in the housing market, some slight pick-up in business borrowing outside of mining.Like the predictions, the analysis, too, has been varied. Some economists say today was a badly missed opportunity. Looking ahead, something, a December easing is a good bet. er easing is a good bet. Others - that borrowers may have to wait until February, after the next inflation numbers. And now a quick look at some other stories making news around the world. Five bombs exploded in the capital of Bahrain, Manama, killing two street cleaners. The Shi'ties have been blamed by the government. The oppositition condemned the attacks as well. Tragedy struck a group of Reeve geese, 10 died, 60 were rescued se, 10 died, 60 were rescued after their boat sank near the heir boat sank near the Italian island of Lampedusa. 8,000 migrants have landed in Italy this year. Julia Gillard called on world leaders to develop a plan to promote global growth. Representives from many European and Asian nations have been meeting in Laos. The Prime Minister didn't let the summit interfere with Asian traditions - taking time out to listen to the Cup. We have this report. The Race That Stops a Nation even stops the Prime Minister when she's overseas. She has visited the Australian Embassy to cheer on her hours. But Americain did not place.Nowhere near it.She wasn't too disappointed.It didn't come first, second or third, but I'm delighted that the ambassador's son picked the winner out of the sweep.Julia Gillard skipped a session of the Asia-Europe summit to watch the race.When I travel I consider it's the right thing to do to stop for the Melbourne Cup like Australians have.She backed Americain, drawing inspiration from the US elections, and has been inspired by the summit discussions. Leaders have planned how to bolster the economy. The European Council stressed the financial stability of the Eurozone is stronger now than a few months ago.We have been working to correct imbalances, it takes time. Our joint efforts are bearing fruit. Much focus has been an Europe's debt problems, Asian nations emphasised their abilities.Asia could play a place.Singapore warned the global financial crisis could return and there needs to be action to strengthen the future.We need to strengthen fundamentals.It is important that the nations come together and talk about what each is doing to achieve growth and jobs. She said leaders need to development a global economic plan. This summit is designed to bridge the Democratic gap between Asia and Europe. Leaders may not have solved the world's problems, they hope they have brought the two reegeons together. It's in everyone's -- regions together. It's in everyone's interest to work together.There needs to be strong interests between the two regions. It's been too much for some. They couldn't help nodding off during the lengthy speeches. You are watching 'World News Australia' on SBS. Coming up next, a row over livestock exports after thousands of sheep were killed in Pakistan. Shortly - why the most popular presidential candidate can still lose the election. And later - the men who

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Australia's live export industry has suspended trade with Pakistan and Bahrain after footage emerged of sheep being brutally slaughtered. 21,000 sheep were sent to Pakistan and killed after being rejected by Bahrain. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard raised the issue with her Pakistani counterpart on the sidelines of the Asian-European meeting. A sensitive topic at Julia Gillard's meeting with Raja Pervez Ashraf.I raised with the Prime Minister of Pakistan my concern about the graphic and cruel images we have seen of the treatment of Australian sheep.The ABC aired footage of about 21,000 sheep being slaughtered, some buried alive. They had been sent to Pakistan after Bahrain rejected them, it said for health reasons. The exporter denied problems. Pakistan claimed the animals were diseased. As a farmer myself, seeing some footage, it pulls the heartstrings on farmers. The industry voluntarily halted exports to Bahrain and Pakistan as the Agriculture Department investigates. Raja Pervez Ashraf told Julia Gillard Pakistan would conduct its own inquiry. The Minister, Joe Ludwig, called this a distressing but isolated incident. New regulations were put in place after a controversy saw the live cattle frayed to Indonesia temporarily suspended last -- trade to Indonesia temporarily suspended. The new system increases animal welfare in countries where it has not been.The government makes out it has regulations in place. We saw another horrific example how meaningless this is.The Greens want live The Greens want live exports banned altogether. The Meat Workers Union says processing animals here will create jobs.There's an ability to employ a lot of Indigenous workers in the territory. A Government backbencher agrees.This is not an isolated incident, with apologies to Bob Dylan - how many isolated incidents will it solated incidents will it take before we know it has to stop.The Coalition backs live exports and criticised the government's handling of the Indonesian incidentng of the Indonesian incident. Julia Gillard says the government is working to ensure the industry is sustainable. Four more asylum seeker boats carrying a total of 121 people have been intercepted. Leading UN humanitarian affairs official, Valerie Amos, expressed deep concern by the hunger strike by asylum seekers on Nauru. She said that people sent to Nauru should be processed as quickly as possible. The former High Commissioner to Canberra said Australia must abide by international obliges.This is a large country. I'm a little surprise at the concerns of people coming by boat, given more refugees arrive to Australia through regular means.Refugee advocate, Ian Rintoul, says about 300 men are taking part in the hunger strike. The Immigration Department says none have been hospitalised. To other stories in news around the country, Holden and Ford have put differences aside to save car parts supplier, Autodom, by paying off its $6.5 million debt. The Lifeline comes after Autodom closed its doors, standing down 600 workers in Victoria and South Australia. The Ford and Holden-appointed receivers say they'll work with unions and employees to limit disruptions to the automotive industry. Up to 20 fire stations across Sydney will be temporarily shut in a bid to kerb spiralling overtime costs. The move angered unions and is before the Industrial Relations Commission. Two were closed overnight. Four closed as a result of union industrial action. And while Jamie Campbell-Walter -- Camilla was getting ready for the Melbourne Cup, Prince Charles was taking to the turf at a famous venue, the MCG. He was treated to a showcase of a cricket program for children of all backgrounds. He joined in for a throw. He weaved in a visit to the Australian Tapestry Workshop. That's one of Australia's largest producers of public art. Back to the US, and one week since Superstorm Sandy caused havoc on its Eastern Seaboard, at least 1 million homes are without power. Thousands will have to be rehoused. With winter on the way, many New Yorkers could find themselves out in the cold. In tower black 105, there's no getting back to normal. Sandy plunged back to normal. Sandy plunged their lives into darkness here. This is what Jason Yea is left with.It's not really habitable.No power and heat.I don't know if the water is safe any more.Up here on the fourth floor, they escaped the flooding. But not the uncertainty. You have a national election tomorrow.Yes.I was talking about that. I usually vote downstairs.that. I usually vote downstairs. I have no idea even where I'm supposed to go. Where, indeed, when this is the view from their balcony. The clean- up here has barely begun. Officials say New York is recovering. It's not how Olga sees TNo heat or nothing. We are working away from the house.In one violent act the storm lifted the boardwalk and dropped it into the community swimming pool. For hundreds of thousands of people up and down the coastline, the effects of Hurricane Sandy will cts of Hurricane Sandy will be felt for months to come. Winter is fast approaching with temperatures due to plummet. There are fears about those left without heat and power. So as the pre-Christmas shoppers fly in, down below they gather anything they can - clothes nything they can - clothes donated by the fortunate, to keep them warm.We brought our clothes. It's like - I never pictured nothing like this could happen.At the epicentre of the clean-up, Manhattan itself is getting back to normal. The Avenues bustle, power largely restored. This is a city whose vehicles are running on empty. Promised emergency fuel supplies are not getting to anyone. At night the thousands left with little huddle for warmth. New York's Attorney- General launched an investigation into hundreds n investigation into hundreds of complaints of price gouging by businesses exploiting shortagusinesses exploiting shortages in the wake of the storm. Back to the US election now, and there's been a lot of talk about the candidates needing to win certain so-called battleground states. Those are the

states. Those are the States In white. Not because they hold the most popular votes, but because they'll help either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney win enough electoral votes to become President. The Electoral College was created more than 200 years ago. It was a compromise between allowing people and Congress to choose a leader. It's actually very

It's actually very simple In many ways it's like a parliamentary system of government. In that we don't vote for a Prime Minister. We vote for individual members of parliament who, in turn, choose the Prime Minister.So, here is how it works. There are a

works. There are a total of 538 Electors in the US. That's important. To That's important. To win you need to reach the magic number of 270. That's the majority. Each state gets a number of electors, based on the number of people in Congress and the US Senate. For example, Texas has 38 electors, Iowa has six. For most states they have a winner take-all system. Meaning if you win the popular vote, you win all the electoral votes. That is what the campaign focuses on.From day one it has been watching the electoral map. And how they spend their money. It has to do with allocation of resources. They know early on. Mitt Romney's organisation knew that California was not feasible. Instead, spend the money in places where it is feasible.Now, if you are not convinced how important it is to get to the magic number of 270 electoral college votes, just ask algore. In 2000 he won the popular -- Al Gore. He won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, because the Supreme Court gave the State of Florida, and its 29 Electoral College votes to this manner - George W Bush. We'll get more analysis from Harry Melkonian in our extensive election coverage tomorrow, and on our website you'll be able to follow the results live as they roll in state by state. Well, whoever wins the presidential race has won huge -- one huge problem to solve - the gridlock in Congress on Capitol Hill, which prevented passing vital legislation, including tax changes and spending cuts. The world finance leaders meeting in Mexico City warns that if the crisis is not ended soon it could threaten t ended soon it could threaten the financial system. What this bickering Congress agreed is if disagree by 1 January. Huge spending cuts will kick in by law. Industrial America kick in by law. Industrial America, financial America, and the world behind, how it could be barfeed back into recession. Welcome -- bashed back into recession. Welcome to America's fisal cliff. It was when GP George Bush was in the White House, he cut taxes for the rich and middle classes. Obama extended the period, and now they have to go up on 1 January, when whoever wins the White House is forced to make draconian spending cuts if the politicians can't agree. Talk to people in the vicinity of government, and they know.I'm hopeful after the election commonsense will prevail and they will compromise.If it doesn't?We could be in for a repeat recession. We'll have to wait and see. There are some good cool, calm heads. They have to get past the partisanship of the election and deal with the President.And do it. Do it, yes.The stragle of Occupy Wall Street protesters know about it too.We are the only country that two years ago was willing to have the credit rating go down over petty politics.We need to balance the budget, get everything stable. Do you think Americans understand that?Most Americans do not understand. That is why this is so hard.She's right. A handful of protesters, and G20 Finance Ministers in Mexico may worry about it, but it doesn't make the US election headline. It's here at the US Treasury that the crisis will have to be handled if the politicians on Capitol Hill fail to resolve it. That crisis could, in a worse case scenario, cause markets to crash, confidence to fail, currencies to slide, and render what has happened in the Eurozone a Tea Party by comparison. On Wall Street before tomorrow's vote, today's US investment figures display a slow down caused by deteriorating confidence ahead of a grim date of 1 January in seven weeks time. Yet all this as Americans feel a little better amid green shoots of growth. In the end most hope here on Capitol Hill the election will bring sense to the bitter of one of the biggest and influential economie biggest and influential economies in the world. Channel 4st Jon Snow reporting.. There. To Afghanistan where the nature of war and the unstable legal system makes prosecuting insurgence the rosecuting insurgence the toughest of tasks. Australians are training counterparts to examine the remnants of unexploded bombs and seize evidence of those who have handled them. those who have handled them. As SBS correspondent, Karen Middleton, reports, they are tracking changes in how explosive devices are constructed, to give soldiers a better chance of detecting

soldiers a better chance of
detecting them It's CSI Afghan style. Crime scene screghtors learning to gather evidence to practices -- investigators learning to gather evidence. Despite what seems an unsophisticated way of life, bombmakers are highly skilled at their deadly trade.They are so ingenious, they make use of what they have. Collect and use everything they can. It makes them smart.Like the improvised explosive device detected and destroyed at Deh Rawud, it had the main charge in a plastic water container.All this is made from available materials. Like a dime a dozen container, a pen, two bits of wood. And a few batteries strewn together and wrapped in tape. It's all it takes.This detonator was made from a plastic buyero, the fuse from a tiny light bulb.The explosive would be in the remainder of the tube and the electrical component of the Christmas tree light as the trigger.Led by Captain Andy McLintock, the Australian weapons' inspection team doing the job, collects the components and anything else from a blast site to piece together what is happening and who is responsible. Coalition forces introduce new methods, insurgents do like wise, and vice versaIt's a cat and mouse game.Whatever is recovered from IEDs, are scoured for fingerprints. Prints on the inside reveal who put it together. They are analysing weapons recovered.He's a fighting man, maintaining his weapon to ensure it functions correctly.The Afghan National Army are being taught what is described as an Afghan sustainable version of the skills.Making sure when the Afghans go out to a site, they collect evidence, put it in plastic bags if they can, document the bags so that at a later date they can draw on that evidence to support the prosecution.These intelligence officers are taught not only how to deal with a crime scene, but how to deal with a prisoner. They are being told not to judge the person, just to deal with the facts. They won't have the same equipment available once the Coalition forces leave, nor a legal system with the same standards of proof as in the west. Their mentors are trying to transfer as many usable skills as possible, before they run out of time. And the United Nations Security Council has added Pakistan-based Haqqani network to a UN black-list. They are accused of high-profile attacks in Afghanistan. From Afghanistan to Ukraine. Opposition supporters scuffled with riot police during a mass rally over what they claim are fruitu lent elections. Protesters in Kiev say the vote count is rigged in favour of the pro-government candidates. Down with Victor Yanukoych, down with the gangster - that is what echoes across Key eve as Opposition protesters unleerfe frustrations. It's been more than a week since they cast ballots in Ukraine's parliamentary elections. The authorities are yet to public the final results. The longer the delay, the louder the accusations that the e accusations that the vote count is rigged in favour of President Victor Yanukoych's camp.

Current indications show the President's party of the region is on track to become the majority in the new parliament. International monitors say an excessive amount of state money was given to his party to give it an unfair advantage during campaigning. On top of that his chief rival, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshekno is currently in prison and barred from running. The vote count set off Ukraine's violent political passion. On Friday, ballot counting at the electoral office descended into chaos, when police pushed an oppositition candidate as he tried to approach a table. As he fell he broke a rib and finger. This was a potentially serious move in the capital, in a country where massive demonstrations forced the re-run of a fraud-driven election. China will have a new President by the end of the week, but with less fanfare than his American counterpart. Vice-President Xi Jingping is expected to be named leader of the rising super power which threatens to rival the US. This is the simple cave home in the village where seven years was spent from the age of 15, working alongside farmers and a world away from the trappings of a capital city like Beijing. Villagers remember the teenager who came to live amongst them. Everybody thought he was sincere and honest. He was like one of us. Everybody liked him very much.When we visited the village this year, neighbours spoke of a young man who, it seems, was preparing himself for bigger things.TRANSLATION: He'd come back and not bother with dinner, he didn't have an appetite. He would go off to read.Born into China's ruling elite. Xx i did not come by choice, but was -- Xi did not come by choice, but was banished. It gave him the grassroots credentials essential for a Chinese leader.TRANSLATION: This was an important time in his life, and had a big impact. He understood how to be realistic. According to this villager, signs of Xi's future leadership skills were in evidence 40 years ago.He was always the leader. He was the kind of person that likes to lead people on how to do the hard stuff. Leading by example.With a widening wealth gap and allegations of corruption in rural communities, Xi's first-hand experience of grassroots china is about to be put to the test. Tonight on 'Insight', the defence of provocation in a court of law. Here is Jenny Brockie. When killers say they were provoked. They took his word.My daughter was dead.What is acceptable as a provocation defence.The essence is the loss of self control? It is easy for ab accused to say "I lose my self-control". If you argue those things, women are dead women walking.What are the alternatives? People shouldn't lose self-control and kill other people.That's 'Insight' at 8:30. Coming up next - Mike Tomalaris with all the day's sports new, including the strongest ever field for a Melbourne Cup, eclipsed by Green Moon. Also, the trouble with Asian men. A new play showing at this year's Paramasala Festival.

In finance, there's been a small rise in property values across the country, suggesting a stablisation in the market.According to the Bureau of Statistics, house prices rose 0.3% in the three months to September. Perth saw the strongest increase, close to 2%, but there was a 1% fall in Canberra.As we two to the Australian share market now, finishing

now, finishing modestly higher. The RBA's decision to hold back on an interest rate cut saw some stocks fall as some consumers delay spending in ers delay spending in the lead-up to Christmas. Shares in Flight Centre and Vision Australia, which should benefit in travel numbers -- and Virgin Australia which should benefit in travel numbers.

Joining us now is Mike Tomalaris with news of the Melbourne Cup. Before the race, all the talk was about whether jockey Damien Oliver should be racing.That's right. One of the strongest fields in years at a Melbourne Cup, possibly the best ever. Proved no match for Green Moon with jockey Brett Prebble on board. The lead up was dominated by Damien Oliver, and allegations that he bet on races in which he raced in.Half the newspaper reports claimed that Damien Oliver admitted betting on a rival horse. Punters and experts were asking why he was allowed to ride a race favourite if the story was true.The word is that you admitted you did place the bet? I have no comment to make. I'm told others need to be questioned. Until that happens, they are not prepared to wrap up the finings. Until it happens, laws of the land are procedural fairness must prevail.Despite the unsavoury backdrop to the race, Damien Oliver was given a decent reception from the crowd. Duneden was sent off favourite, with Mount Athos highly fancied. Once the race got under way, Damien Oliver's horse, Americain never figured in the shake-up for the top prize. Nor did Duneden, last year's winner. Coming around the final bend it was anyone's race, Green Moon had the field in its mercy as Brett Prebble eclipsed his rivals to secure his first Melbourne s to secure his first Melbourne Cup.Green Moon wins the Melbourne Cup.Brett Prebble choked back tears, handing Lloyd Williams his fourth Melbourne Cup.Very emotional. It will last for a long time. It lasts for 12 months, until the next one, the next winner happens. Very emotional. The English import was trained by Robert Hickmont. Fiorente was the third runner-up finish for trainer Gai Waterhouse in the big race. Jakkalberry finished third on a day where successfuled third on a day where successful trifecta punters won under $46,000. Lightening Bolt in a strong field was disonting. -- Lightening Bolt in a strong field was disappointing. Australia's cricketers trained in Brisbane ahead of the first test. It was down to work for Rob Quiney, after his late call-up as replacement for Shane Watson. The Victorian left- hander admits he is coming to terms with his promotion.A lot happened yesterday. I had the greatest news of my life yesterday. Now I have to knuckle down. Today was a good day for prep and training. Two more days before ng. Two more days before Friday comes along, and hopefully I can contribute well for the boys.Rob Quiney comes into the Australian side, which has won seven of its last nine tests. Sav da has never played a test match at the -- South Africa has never played a test match at the Gabba before. Jason Culina could make a return to the A-League after a successful comeback in a practice match this afternoon. The game against Western City Wanderers was organised to give players from both sides shorter fitness, valuable time on the field. Knee surgery in January last year threatened to end Jason Culina's career. He pass said the 45 minute session today, in his first suspicions in a Sydney FC shirt. Sydney's coaching staff will assess Jason Culina's recovery before making a decision on selection for Saturday's match against Melbourne Victory. The practice match was decided by a first half penalty from Dimitri Petratos. Australia's indoor football teem, the Futsalroos, have bounced back after a thumping defeat by Italy last week, for a 3- 1 win against Mexico at the Futsal World Cup at Bangkok. After being 1-0 down, Australia came back scoring three second-half goals, two goals within two minutes - the last in the final moments of the match. The Roos take on Argentina Thursday, and they need a win to secure their spot in the last 16. And that match will be live on SBS2 from 8:55 on Thursday evening. Speaking of live coverage, the Champions League returns tomorrow morning. Rely have: -- we'll

Finally in the NRL news, Manly girmed rugby league immortal Andrew Johns will be an assistant coach at the club next season. Most of us were watching the horse race - you missed out.Yes, didn't score

missed out.Yes, didn't score any Don't miss the US elections. I'll try to stay on track.Coming up - the weather.I'm not leaving until I get a snog.Is this a case of men behaving badly. Find out next in a play shining a spotlight on 'The Troubleining a spotlight on 'The

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Heavy snow fall in China claimed the lives of three Japanese tourists who were caught in a snow storm as they climbed the Great Wall. Beijing is hit by an early blizzard, with the city issuing an emergency weather alert. Let's check the forecast now:

emergency weather alert. Let's
check the forecast now: a trough stretching from northern WA across the Northern Territory is generating showers and storms. A strong cold front is crossing the south-east of the continent, bringing storms and rain to eastern South Australia and Victoria. In the major centres a few showers heading for Brisbane and Sydney.

A popular and in a sense troubling British play has a premiere in Sydney. Called 'The Trouble With Asian Men', it brings real stories to life on stage. The actors speak the words of recorded interviews.

to life on stage. The actors speak
the words of recorded interviews. Acting out real-life anecdotes from South Asian men, from Birmingham, to 'Sydney rom Birmingham, to 'Sydney Morning Herald'.Hitler was the biggest man ever.Back in the day.'The Trouble With Asian Men' is about the trouble with Asian men and what is troubling them. It touches on identity, immigrant communities, how they feel, daily negotiation with the community they have come into. Acting out not just the words of South Asian men, but women.Your whole life is about producing a son. I could be a professor at Yale, Oxford, whatever.What is a question they'll ask me? And how many sons k me? And how many sons do I have.The actors enjoyed the challenge.To shift from playing a male to a female instant ainiously is a huge pleasure. I enjoy it.As in most cultures, men can do anything they like. You don't actually think about romantic love, falling in love beforehand is not recommended. It's representative of quite a lot of different kinds of people and similar stories keep coming up wherever they are in the world and there is something inherent within the Asian inherent within the Asian man.I love my mum. Who's is the second, your mum, the second, mum, third, mum, fourth, mum, fifth - your dad.This is a celebration of Asia takes place at the Paramasala Festival in Parramatta. It's showcasing local and international film, comedy and theatre.Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Earlier today...It's about an Australian Indian woman, and the effect Elvis's death had on her life when she migrated to Australia. The Paramasala Festival continues until Sunday. I think he has a point. Mums are extremely important people.Recapping the stop stories, polls are set to open in the United States. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's camps are predicting victory in one of the most hard- fought presidential campaigns in recent history. campaigns in recent history. The Reserve Bank kept official interest rates steady at 3.25% - citing higher inflation and improving global economy.Green move has given jockey Brett Prebble a career highlight - taking out