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(generated from captions) Because the other ones are...plays and the red curtain
and that kind of stuff. So you think the other ones
are big theatrical ones. So that's what you've worked on?
Yes. And 'Australia' was just big
and out there, wasn't it? Yes. So you reckon
that's the odd one out? Yep, that's right.
For $50,000. $50,000.

Sheree, you've won $50,000!

Oh, my God! How about that? I can't believe it! That's amazing!
Well done! Wow.
Well done, Amber.

Good luck to your sister, Amber. Sheree James just won $50,000. One question, 50 grand. Catch you next time in the Hot Seat.
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This program is captioned live. Now Green Moon snatched the cup. A sea of colour to celebrate racing's big day in the spotlight. The former Treasurer admits he has trouble with money. The interest rate decision why Sydney families missed out. And in sight of the finish. Two exhausted Presidential contenders. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News. Good evening. Australian-trained horse, Green Moon upset the overseas favourites storming home to win the Melbourne Cup. The race in a moment. First a spectacular day off the track. The sport of kings had the eyes of a prince and a Duchess. Others had to claim their patch early.We will stay late and misbehave all day.Trackside it was feathers, frills and a touch of France. The Melbourne ladies and jents in Flemington finery.

# Let's go But, when a Melbourne downpour hit, umbrellas were on trend and they wished ponchos were made for two. Not much fun.Celebrities dried out in the Bird Cage. Rpblgts it's gone now. Mischa Barton held the cup tight and Rose Burn for classic elegance. Chanel, I think they're carnations. Someone says they're roses.No idea. For Delta, flowers and flats. Walking like a gangster. Not everyone was after a fashion crown.Not my reel hair. At 3 o'clock and the rain thaz stopped. Now it's not about the fashion or the celebrities. The real stars are on the track, racing to become part of Australian history. Green Moon first passed the post and he paid well. Then, on cue, the heavens opened. They poured down on Melbourne's party. Let's go live to Lizzie at Flemington. What at the main event? Before today the talk was on Americain and Dunaden, but this afternoon they were nowhere to be seen. In a race that saw plenty of punters lose to the bookies, the Melbourne Cup, there's always drama, and today was no different. Damien Oliver left for Flemington with a betting scandal weighing more heavily on his mind than the 58 kilos he would carry on the back of cup favourite, Americain.I have no comment to make. Oliver road a winner in the previous race, but it wasn't to be a good omen.

Past the post for the first time, Glencadam Gold was setting pace ahead of Lightinthenight and Ethiopia. Glencadam Gold, a length-and-a-half clear. Lightinthenight running second. Kelinni is third.After at the halfway point, Kelinni had moved to third. Three of the major hosts, Americain, Dunaden and Red Cadeaux, were never in it. Maluckyday the leader, and rather, Glencadam Gold the leader, a length-and-a-half in front of Lightinthenight, running second. 800 out, Green Moon made his move and switched on the after-burners. Green Moon gets to the lead in the Melbourne Cup. Green Moon out in front. He is two lengths clear and he wins the Melbourne Cup by a length-and-a- half. Jakkalberry is third, and Kelinni fourth. Prebble admitted he went earlier than instructed.I was told to count to ten, and I counted to five. Americain was placed 11th, Dunaden 14th, and Red Cadeaux 8th. Ethiopia was last. The internationals finished with just a third placing. Green Moon paid $20.80 on the NSW TAB, with Prebble and the connections on top of that moon. It's been a long time coming but I've finally won the Melbourne Cup. Royalty handed over the prizes and back at the stable, Green Moon was dining out on his great day out. Stkpwhrit was a tough day for most, with none of the favourites getting up. One lucky punter hit the jackpot with a bet of just 8 cents, picking the first four horses in order. He collected $77,000. If he bet a full dollar t first dividend paid more than $1 million. Cup day celebrations across Sydney. Ponies were troting down at Randwick. There were plenty of frocks and fascinators at Penrith Panthers in a fashion parade. A jint TAB filled Martin Place, where hundreds of city workers placed their last-minute bets. To the rest of the news. There have been highly embarrassing admissions from Eric Roozendaal. The former Treasurer says he's hopeless with his personal finances and not across the car registration process. An unhappy man. Any comment? He regrets buying the cheap Honda. The $10,000 discount he secured by Moses Obeid damaged his reputation and led to the corruption hearing T one-time State Treasurer admitted he is pretty hopelings at personal finances. His Roads Minister, he was tardying getting the car registered and not okay with registration details. He remembered to insure it for $10,000 more than the $34,000 he paid for it. Lucky he did. Two days later his wife smashed the Honda into a Renault. Will you continue to be a Labor MP? He was agitated accused of fibing by the ICAC lawyer. Now a backbencher, he received, in his words, a "good deal" for the car. He said it was a saving and not a benefit for any political favour. After four dayings of hearing, there was no smoking gun moment that proved Eric Roozendaal acted corruptly. There will be another hearing on Monday. Ian McDonald and Eddie Obeid will be the stars of that. Those allegations involve millions. An elderly woman is critically injured after being hit by an out- of-control car on the north coast. The 84-year-old was knocked down by a Ford Falcon that mounted the footpath and crashed into a florist at Austinville. She was trapped underneath for an hour. The driver in his 60s has been taken to hospital for tests. The Reserve Bank has broken six years of Melbourne Cup tradition, decideing to leave the official interest rate on hold. Ross, what's behind the RBA's decision?I think a little bit of timitid y on behalf of the reserve bank. They have kept it at the same rate. It's not to say they won't move in the coming months. I think really right now they've been spooked by here than expected inflation in the last September quarter. They would like to look at some other numberings coming out, including unemployment, which will be this Thursday, and that way they might have a steer as to whether they need to further stimulate the economy. The mother of the missing toddler, Rahma El Denowi has broken down in court. The inquest heard that the mother laughed at jokes ant her disappearance and changed some of her story. This weekend marks seven years since baby Rahma was last seen in bed at her home. For six days the focus on the inquest has been on her parents, and whether an abduction was staged. Are you looking forward to giving evidence? Maybe. It must be good to tell your side of the story.We will see.Under questioning, he dismissed suggestions he kept information from the inquest. His wife gave different accounts of when and if she moved a cable drum to beneath Rahma's window, but deny it was put there to look like an abduction. The inquest was played a conversation where she laughed at a suggestion she should ask a friend if she kidnapped her daughter. She started sobing as she describeed in a police interview she was accused of having a plan with her husband to kill their daughter. The coroner told her she was having a hard time reconcileing that emotion with what she heard in phone recordings, the joking and the laughing. Ailya told the inquest: I'm nervous about her. No answers as to what happened to Rahma. It's the race for the world's top job, so the election campaign was always going to be a long haul. Our US correspondents, Robert Penfold and Denham Hitchcock are at campaign headquarters as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney prepare for their fate to be decided at the polls tomorrow. The final sprint to the finish and the strain is starting to show. The voices are getting hoarse, but the message is becoming repetitive. People in the world are watching. The people of America are watching. We can begin a better tomorrow tomorrow. You've seen the grey hair on my head. That will show you what it means to fight for change. I got 99 but Mitt aipbtd one! It's their last chance to hit the must-win states, particularly Ohio. Every vote counts. Even many of Obama's one-time strong supporters admit they're disillusioned with his Presidency. This is what this last big day is all about. It is about explaining he inherited such a bad situation, he deserves another four years to get it right. I think that anyone that would have taken on this job wouldn't be able to do it in four years. There's, it's too big of an issue. # No retreat # No surrender Here in Wisconsin, where the Republicans have not won since Reagan t President is looking confident, and called up and old friend. I have campaigned for the President four years ago. He got the idea we were kind of buddies or something, you know. I get to fly around with him on the last day that I will ever campaign. So that's not a bad way to end things. President Obama is now back in his home town of Chicago, waiting for America to decide. Live to Robert now. What's the latest, any hints from the polls? Well, Peter, I have to tell you, it is still very, very close, although certainly the President would be heartened by an ABC America poll which shows him with 50% compared to Mitt Romney's 47%. Then there are the battleground states. What we're seeing there are the polls is that the President again is slightly ahead of Romney on most, or just equal him. It's taking its toll on him. There he is tonight, even making jokes about his hair turning grey. So it's been a long haul for him and this election looks like it's taken its toll on the President.Now to Denham Hitchcock. Has Mitt Romney done enough?He certainly believes so. His advisers are on board. The question is: does America agree? Whether this is a sign or not, we don't know, but while the President is taking a day off tomorrow, Romney is making two more campaign stops. Regardless, they are gearing up in that hall behind me for a victory speech at the end of what they call the Super Bowl of politics. If you missed out on a cup win, never fear, you could could scoop the Lotto. A record $100 million back pot is up for grabs. More than 8 million have bought tickets. Your chance of winning is more than 45 million to one. In the news ahead - from River Wood to Macquarie fields, the local fire stations shut down. An Australian movie star arrested after a brawl with a bouncer. And Prince Charles puts his bowling skills to the test at the MCG.

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This program is not captioned. The firefighters -- Firefighters Union is accused of hypocrisy after its industrial campaign against temporary station closures put more stations out of action. Only Pyrmont and Macquarie Fields were listed for closure, but more had to shut down.

Fire and Rescue NSW says is cost- cutting will not affect response times. They were the star guests at Flemington, and the bourpb Cup was one stop for Prince Charles and the Duchess. From cricket to ta pes tri it's been a hands-on day. Prince Charles looks happy. The Royal tour off and racing. The heir to the throne treading two iconic patches of turf - Flemington and the MCG. While Camilla got dolled up for the cup, and Charles popped out to a tapestry workshop. These ancient crafts are close to his heart. He tried. The prince moved on to meet disadvantaged children experimenting with design. He then mingled with a happy crowd outside. Next stop - the MCG. See how cricket can help bring social harmony. Kids in Orange whizzed around the ground, batting and bowling. The Prince weaveed at medium pace, hands behind his back. Charms accepted the new ball and had appropriately a chuck. A day to remember for these boy boys and girls. Everyone squeezed into a team photo. Then off to the cup. 1,000 handshakesened a left and a right, Camilla was warmly welcomed. Welcome to Australia.She was wearing a white dress with cream detail jacket and a Philip Tracy hat, a standout in the stands. Charles muttered along to the national anthem. Camilla's presence is one of her biggest public moments since marrying Charles in 005. She has taken centre stage in front of a global audience of hundreds of millions. Prince Charles and the Duchess have touched down in Australia. Charles had his moment, congratulating the winner of the Diamond Jubilee Plate. Everyone enjoyed the whoil touch. It will be really exciting. She deserved a bigger car?Yes. So does he.Sam Worthington has been camsicum sprayed and arrested after getting into a brawl in the US. The 'Avatar' star was refused entry but he claimed hi was a special police officer. Charges against him were dropped in court. A student pilot in the United States learned a tough lesson when a car drove right in front of him as he landed at a Texas airport. He cliped the car's roof, smashing his undercarriage. He escaped unharmed. The driver was taken to hospital. It's time for sport. Good evening. And Melbourne Cup- winning jockey, Brett Prebble is ready to party. He may pull a sickie tomorrow. Plus - how a woman's touch has sharpened up the Australian test team team. Joel Parkinson gives Kelly Slater a spray. We are in for wet weather.

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Melbourne Cup-winning jockey, BretPrebble is expected to forego a full day of racing in Hong Kong tomorrow. Green Moon delivered a stunning run giving him his first win in one of the world's biggest races. For Lloyd Williams it was his fourth Melbourne Cup winner. Cricket Australia have reduced Ponting's work load to avoid aggravating his tender hamstrings. A lengthy warm-up and a hit of physio before Ricky dared to join training. Australia can't afford to lose another key player. I was restricted today, but that's not my doing, the physio is taking it easy.David Warner is knuckling. He believes he has matured because of test cricket.I learned to respect the game more.Now 26, kn Warner wants to be a lead ner the Australian team and is working on not just form, but attitude. Make sure you train your backsides out and keep going. That is one thing that I'm working on at the moment.As well as spending more time helping team-mates, he learned to be very careful with his actions off the field.Mum texts me. She's worried, she likes reading the papers. I say, stop reading the social stuff.Warner is the main target of a firey South African pace attack. They say he's someone they can rattle mentally.I always love a challenge. I've been hearing in the media a little bit. These guys have been talking a bit.This will be South Africa's first test in 48 years. Australia may have another edge. They've employed a specialist eye doctor to sharp rpb the rereflexes. League immortal, Andrew Johns, has moveed a step closer to a career in coaching. He has signed on can the Sea Eagles as a specialist and club ambassador. He will only work with Manly. The Wallabies begin their tour with a test against France. There's a host of players in doubt. Among t them are David Pocock, Moor and Ioane, who are recovering from injuries. Parkinson is not intimidated by Slater. He gave gave the American a spray with his surf board in the fourth- round win in California. Slater joked he would get square with the world number one. Novak Djokovic is celebrating his official return to the World Number 1 ranking with a straight-sets win against Tsonga. Now Djokovic will have the last laugh this season. Well done. Pete didn't have a real good day. Can you give me a ticket home?I think my lucky day was your tip? Something like that. To finance now:

Time for the weather. Thank you. Our west had its hottest day since January. There's more warm weather on the way.

details next. Next on WIN th
News...reaction to the approval of development,
the controversial Tralee
development, members of the Assembl rac
officially sworn in, And all the Park.
racing action from Thoroughbred Park. Join me for all the details This program is not captioned. SONG: # So # I've seen winks take wing

# And I've heard mornings sing

# It's true # Now if this world
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This program is not captioned. It was a warm and mostly sunny day with strong and gusty north easterlies. There is a chance of showers and storms tonight, particularly in the west.

We are expecting around 2020mn in Sydney.

Thank you. That is Nine News. Have a good evening.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

since Tonight ... The South Tralee ahead
development finally gets the go Thoroughbr
ahead, thousands pack into
Thoroughbred Park for Melbourne Cup betwe
And calls to end the bickering eveni
between political parties. Good bee
evening, I' m Greg Thomson. It' s been labelled a win-win by the Stat th
Government. But celebrations over develo
the controversial South Tralee development could be premature.Afte t
ten years of waiting for approval, E
there' s likely to be more hurdles. vis
Ellena Midgley reports. A grand Th
vision, no longer just a sketch. Af
The long drawn out saga is over.
After more than a decade - the Stat rezoning
Government has approved the thousan
rezoning of South Tralee. Two le
thousand homes will be built, much S
less than originally planned. The t
South Tralee area won' t be subject alrea
to any future noise than we' ve Jerrabombe
already seen in areas like de
Jerrabomberra. The smaller scale lo
development has been restricted to
low-noise areas. All new houses mus noise,
be insulated against aircraft stand
noise, which exceeds Australian warn
standards, and residents must be Eve
warned of potential air activity. opposition
Even so, developers expect opposition to today' s announcement f
There' ll be noise, it won' t be come
from aircraft. It' s likely to i
come from the Canberra Airport. 7 Tral
independent inquiries have found p
Tralee lies directly under a flight noise
path and is subject to aircraft
noise and houses should not be buil Govern
in this location. The State 24
Government has said the airport' s H
24 hour curfew free status remains. plans
However, Stephen Byron believes a
plans to transform the airport into Th
a transport hub are in jeopardy.
That' s a promise he can' t keep. H does not have the jurisdiction. People will buy houses under fligh t
paths and then object particularly to the impact of aircraft noise las night. The Federal Government ha de
already asked for a review of the proces
decision. No proper planning deve
process would have approved this is
development. +y Affordable housing W
is to make up most of South Tralee, ar
With the majority of homes to cost dollars
around four- hundred-thousand ne
dollars. We would hope this time d
next year we would be standing here C
doing a breaking of the soil. The w
City Council will request a meeting
with the ACT Government to make sur infrastructur
that happens. Sewage an
infrastructure being the key issue and also the roads connections.

Now to the race that stops a natio - Melbourne Cup celebrations in th l
Capital. Later in the bulletin we' racing
ll bring you a look at all the racing action. But for now, WIN New at
reporter Gabrielle Adams has been th
at Thoroughbred Park, checking out For
the fashion winners and losers. hav
For some, the races are all about abo
having a punt. For others - it' s u
about fashion and a chance to frock up. "It' s a fun day out with you ab
girl friends, that' s what I like wh
about it and making money, that' s dress
what I do." "I just live to rac
dress up and looking nice for the inspiratio
races." "I guess I got w
inspiration from Spring racing so I th
went shopping and had a look and I and
thought I might wear a fascinator r
and all that." "This season we'
re really spoilt for choice. The bi trends this season would be prints your
so either your tribal prints or prints
your digital prints and floral Spring
prints as well." And what' s fasc
Spring racing without a hat or a wh
fascinator. "It' s fluoro yellow
which is quite in this season and I ve just bought it it to brighten u t
my outfit a bit." "I went with act
the trend this year of fluoro and actually me and my grandma made it. i
"It wouldn' t be races without attrac
it." Fashion' s on the field struttin
attracted 66 entrants. Girls o
strutting their stuff to win a pile be
of prizes. "The first rule would
be just to make sure that your skir No
or dress is actually knee length. w
Not too short because we definitely And
want to look at lady like styles. And we think the races is definitel fash
the day to do that." As the years
fashion guru' s expected - this