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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Green Moon rises
over the favourites, as jockey Brett Prebble
wins his first Melbourne Cup. Fans give Prince Charles and Camilla
a right royal welcome to our richest race day.

The Reserve Bank
keeps interest rates on hold. Can borrowers now expect
a December cut?

The suburban fire stations closing because of a Government
budget crackdown. A Buddhist blessing for tonight's
$100 million Oz Lotto draw.

Good evening. This year's Melbourne Cup
has had it all - a betting scandal,
a royal visit and a big upset, with the favourites outclassed
by outsider Green Moon. On the home stretch, the Australian-owned import dashed
to the lead and held on on a race day full of drama. Plenty were surprised they actually
let Damien Oliver into Flemington after reports he expects to be
banned for backing a rival runner in 2010.

Word is that you've admitted
that you did place the bet. I've got no comment to make. But Oliver had prepared
Americain's owners for the worst. He also said that he is focussed
and won't let us down.

He'd already won two and punters were keen on Americain but late money saw defending
champion Dunaden start favourite in this year's Cup. RACE CALLER: They're off and Dunaden might have
been a little bit slow. Lights of Heaven began well. When they went past the post
the first time it was Glencadam Gold and the Gai Waterhouse runner
led them for home the final time too before the challengers came with the favourites
nowhere to be seen. Now they corner. Glencadam Gold is grabbed by.

Mount Athos got home late.

They Then came Jakkalberry. Glencadam Gold was grabbed by Green Moon. Green Moon dashed to the lead in the Melbourne Cup. Followed by Kelinni. Fiorente starting to come home. Green Moon for Brett Prebble. Green Moon wins the Melbourne Cup by a length and a half. Jakkalberry third. Mount Athos got home

Jockey Brett Prebble's first Cup win
a moment he'll never forget. It's my life's dream to do it. Thanks to my wife, Maree.
Love you, baby. It is trainer Robert Hickmott's
first Cup win too but fourth for owner Lloyd Williams who watched this one at home. Williams won his first Cup
with What A Nuisance the last time Prince Charles
was at Flemington in 1985. I'm just so proud for all our team
at the farm. Of course, led by dad. He's dedicated much of his life
to trying to win these big races and ultimately,
all credit must go to him. While it was brilliant
for Brett Prebble the win was bittersweet for Oliver. He hugged his friend even though he'd been sacked
from Green Moon by Williams when the betting controversy broke. Oliver will learn his fate next week but today's memories will last
a lifetime for Prebble. Well, it's been long time coming
but I've finally done it. I've won the Melbourne Cup. If you were lucky enough to back
the first four in New South Wales

you are now a millionaire. In a year of rising household costs Australians took the chance
to splash some cash and maybe a little champagne, too. But the place to be
was Flemington, party central, for around a 100,000
fashion-conscious fans. They're off at Flemington. Melbourne Cup race books. Sure, they come
for the horse racing. Amigo!

Mourayan for the Cup. Red Cadeaux.

Let's do...
Race seven. ..number eight. This guy knows how to win and lose. I've backed a winner. Have you? Yes, yes.
Which one is that? Quest for Peace.
It's got a very good UN theme. This season there are hats,
fascinators and hatinators. Thank you, thank you.
A satellite dish. (LAUGHS) It's a serious business fashion,
as these judges know. Long hemlines, maybe a sleeve even. Classy.
Yeah. The ladies compete hard. Is that a fascinator or a hatinator? A hatinator? (LAUGHS) Some forsake elegance
for the sake of making a statement. It's the first suit I've ever owned
so I'm quite proud of it. Happy Melbourne Cup! An occasional shower
forced the masses to shelter. Is that a spot rain on that camera?
Hmm. It is. The celebs took shelter
in the corporate marquees. Who do you like, James? Shane.

He's more a spinner than a stayer. We are just moments from the jump
in the 2012 Melbourne Cup and the atmosphere is very tense. After all, in the next few minutes fortunes will be won and lost and
Melbourne Cup history will be made. RACE CALLER: They're off. In the saddle, riding Green Moon in. $2,500!

Lots of losers, though. So sad, so sad. Ooh.

There's always next year.

Prince Charles
and the Duchess of Cornwall were Flemington's guest of honour. They took centrestage
for the formalities but also charmed the crowd, taking the time to meet
as many racegoers as they could.

A highlight,
even by Melbourne Cup standards. MAN: Charles! Welcome to Australia! The future king and queen
of England relaxed, chatty and mixing freely, not with racing's aristocracy, but with the ordinary punters
packed along the Flemington rails. You look very fetching in the rose. Inside, there was a meet-and-greet
with the cup jockeys an hour before the big race and immediately after, the royal couple
presented the trophies to the winning connections. A nod to the Queen with the running
of the Diamond Jubilee Plate, then a regal departure
in time to beat the race day crowds. On his second stop of the day, the Prince visited Melbourne's other
patch of hallowed turf - the MCG. This is the
Harmony in Cricket program, taking the game to players
from all sorts of backgrounds, even royal ones. Have a shot, sir.
I knew somebody would say that! And so he did, proving he's a great sport
if not a great cricketer. Kindly remember, I've broken my arm
in two places so I can't do it! Excuses, sir!
Yeah, exactly! Then just time for a snap... ..a gift... A tie and a scarf for Camilla. ..and a chat
with a very surprised cricket mum. We didn't know that
he was actually going to be here. My sister actually rang me up
this morning and said, "Guess who you're going to meet?"
and I said, nah! Earlier, Charles tried his hand
at weaving a tapestry, while hundreds
endured a spring shower for the chance to offer
the warmest of receptions. ALL (CHANT): We love you!
We love you! Was that the first time
you've seen a prince? Yes, it was so exciting! The royal charm offensive continues
tomorrow in Adelaide.

Here in Sydney, the Cup sent hearts racing. Martin Place became an
open-air TAB, giving city workers the chance to
slip outside and place a bet or two. Punters at Randwick did their best to recreate
some of the glitz and glamour at a scaled-down picnic event. They took in a long lunch as
junior jockeys raced by on ponies but their focus switched
to the big screen for the main event in Melbourne.


$50 bucks the Moon, yew! I can't believe the way the whole
country reacts to one horse race. It's overwhelming, it's brilliant. And it wasn't all about taking home
the big money. Sick kids were the winners at
a charity lunch held at Luna Park. The annual Variety Club event
raised $60,000 to support children in need.

We'll have more from Flemington
later in sport

about his first Cup win. That's coming up. To the day's other news now. And home loan borrowers aren't toasting
a Cup Day interest rate cut. The Reserve Bank decided to keep
its official rate on hold on Melbourne Cup Day
for the first time in six years. It partly blamed inflation
on the carbon tax but the Government says the economy
is still healthy. We've got low unemployment
by the standards of the world, low inflation. Financial markets now rate the
chances of a December cut at 56%.

In breaking news, fire brigade chiefs have been
ordered to keep paying overtime to firefighters to prevent stations closing. Live to Hugh Whitfeld at Ashfield. , What has happened?The Industrial Relations Commission has ruled this station and others affected by the brigade's over blown, overtime budget should stay open. It is a win for the union but will put more pressure on the fire bridding pressure on the fire brid brigade's financial

Fire crews contain a Rydalmere
factory fire early this morning. These are Parramatta firefighters because the local station
was closed. No-one in this state voted
for fire stations to be shut. This is really, I think,
dicing with people's lives. The Parramatta crew arrived in time but for the first time in a century, budget cuts forced the snap closure
of suburban stations. When a firie was sick a casual wasn't called
to take their place. That would be absolutely terrifying
to be in a 5-storey building with no fire brigade, definitely. Who's going to put out my house
if it catches on fire? Houses are going to burn
and lives will be lost. Government budget cuts
are forcing the fire brigade to rein in a huge overtime bill.

Last night it forced the closure
of stations from Rydalmere to Maroubra. Today, Ryde, Silverwater,
Neutral Bay, Newtown and Ashfield all shut. The union isn't allowing
firefighters at some closed stations moving to others
that are short staffed. It is a form of industrial action that means more suburbs
are affected than need be. Months of negotiations have failed. We still have an insurmountable
overtime problem. We need the union to help us
not hinder us. Fire and Rescue says
public safety isn't at risk. They have got a month
to strike a deal. If you didn't back a winner
in the Cup today, there's always tonight with the Lotto draw
that stops the nation. $100 million is up for grabs and across Sydney

everyone is looking for the winning
edge, even divine intervention. Some people would do anything
to win a mega jackpot, even bring in some monks
to boost the odds.

They wanted some good luck and good
blessing for the shop. The holy pair was happy
to be swept up in Lotto fever at Canley Heights today, but they stopped short
of joining the ticket queue. (LAUGHS) Oh, I don't know.
I don't do the Lotto. But plenty of punters do.

One in two Australian adults
has snapped up a ticket all with big dreams of how
to spend the $100 million draw. Buy a beautiful house
and good holiday. Got the winning ticket right here,
the one I will buy an island with! Today's longest lines
were in Sydney's luckiest suburbs. Campbelltown has sold
the most winning tickets for Lotto followed by Penrith, Cabramatta
and the CBD. Over 8 million Australians
have bought a ticket and if you're planning to
you'd better hurry up. There's only a hour to go. There is a possibility
that with such interest it could grow beyond $100 million. The draw is on Seven tonight
during 'Winners and Losers'.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - An elderly woman badly hurt,
knocked down by a runaway car.

A surprise admission from the former
treasurer at a corruption inquiry.

as Mitt Romney's team makes
a bold presidential prediction. That's next.

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Hey, babe, we gotta go over that
bush fire survival plan today. Um, I'm kind of busy. Uh, why don't we just
do it tomorrow some time? Yeah, alright, I'll pencil it in. Thank you, sweetheart.
(GLASS SMASHES) Do you want a cup of tea?

An elderly woman has serious
injuries after being hit by a car and pushed through the glass window
of a florist's shop in the state's north. The 84-year-old was trapped
for more than 30 minutes being taken to hospital
with leg injuries. The woman's granddaughter
rushed to the scene. I just felt really paranoid that
it was her, and it was. Police believe the 62-year-old
driver wasn't able to brake due to a medical condition. State MP Eric Roozendaal has denied
receiving any financial benefit in the form of a cut-price new car. He has told the ICAC a $10,000
discount was simply a "saving" but the former treasurer admits he's
not very good at personal finance.

Eric Roozendaal says he knows the
car at the centre of an ICAC inquiry was a good deal, at a price not available
to most people. Feeling confident? Seeking a car for his wife the former minister was offered what
he describes as a newish Honda CRV by businessman Moses Obeid, who arranged a $10,000 discount.

The former minister says
in retrospect it's unusual he didn't sign or even
ask for a contract before paying. The inquiry has heard the rego remained
under two other names for a month before being transferred
to Mr Roozendaal's wife. You were the Roads Minister.

Mr Roozendaal says the delay in transferring
the registration of the car was just his slackness. He was committed to his work and the former treasurer says he's
hopeless with his personal finances. The first stage of this inquiry
has now ended.

It's presidential election day
in America with the first voting booths opening
in just under four hours. Barack Obama has opened up
a narrow lead in the latest polls but Republicans are confident
Mitt Romney will be the winner.

It's what Americans call
the political end game... Are you fired up? (ALL) Yeah! ..the last-minute dash for votes. Barack Obama's voice was failing
during three rallies in three states but he had the help
of high-profile supporters. # Forward and away we go. # It is these people who could
ultimately decide this election. 30 million Americans
have already voted. Some here have waited in these
enormous queue for two hours. Rude question, who did you vote for? Barack Obama.
Why? Because I like him. I trust him. It really warms my heart to see
everybody getting out, it's important to vote. The President is confident
he's convinced enough Americans to stay in the White House. With the Obama campaign,
Mike Amor, Seven News.

And I'm Angela Cox
with the Romney campaign. This was meant to be his final rally but with voters deadlocked he'll continue to pitch for votes
in swing states on election day. The former Massachusetts governor
held five rallies in four states, I think he's gonna win big. I think Obama hasn't lived up
to what he promised. I believe that Romney loves
this country as much as I do and my family so I hinder on this country now. This election could be so tight, Americans could go to bed
tomorrow night not knowing who their president
will be.

Seven News will have live coverage of the presidential
election tomorrow. You can see all the drama
of the vote count over on 7TWO from 10:30am.

Sport now with Jim Wilson who has been soaking up Cup Day
at Flemington and what a win to Green Moon. Chris, power plus
and very famous racing colours with owner Lloyd Williams winning
the great race for the fourth time. Coming up,

we'll chat to winning jockey
Brett Prebble live and we'll tell you
where your horse finished. Plus, the dream of a lifetime
for a Pakistan asylum seeker bowling to our star cricketers.

Welcome back to Flemington where Green Moon is the
Emirates Melbourne Cup champion, beating Sydney's first lady
of racing, Gai Waterhouse, who claimed second place
with Fiorente. Pre-race favourites Dunaden
and Americain finished well back, as jockey Brett Prebble gave owned
Lloyd Williams his fourth Cup win which he watched at home.

RACE CALLER: Glencadam Gold
is grabbed by Green Moon. Green Moon dashed to the lead
in the Melbourne Cup followed by Kellini, Fiorente starting to come home. Green Moon out in front
for Brett Prebble, he's two lengths clear
from Fiorente, and Green Moon wins the Melbourne
Cup by a length and a half, Fiorente! Jakkalberry's run third,
Kelinni four, Mount Athos got home late. I think it's a great race.
I used to be a VRC committee man. I just feel very fortunate.

The Williams camp picked up
$3.6 million for the win. Ethiopia was last.

Green Moon paid $20.80 for the win
and $6.60 for the place.

, The man of the moment is stand withholding me right Nour, Brett Prebble, you've had so much great success here at Flemington but now you've won your first Melbourne Cup, how does it feel? It's very rewarding and you know, obviously you've got to feel very privileged by being a part of the Melbourne Cup now. I have to ask you, you are due to race back in Hong Kong tomorrow night, are you going to have a bit of a party? I'll go out for dinner with the owners. We will have a little celebration. I will speak to jockey celebration. I will speak to celebration. I will speak to Hong Kong jockey club and work out Kong jockey club and work Kong jockey club and celebration. I will speak to Hong Kong jockey club and work out something. Lloyd Williams watched this from home, what do you say to Lloyd? What can you say? I can't thank him enough. You know, to be part of it with him, we have been friends for many years, you know, it's motion Alwyn for us. Your life has changed mate. You are now a Melbourne Cup winning jockey? It's a great feeling. I will be up there with my name's on the board now, you know, up there with many, many, top jockeys. I have won two of the majors for Australia, I've got two to go. Well, well done. I think you should be very proud and I know you have got a great say got a great got a great association where Lloyd Williams, everyone wishes you all the best and congratulations you on being the Melbourne Cup winner for 2012. Let's move on to

Ricky Ponting has dismissed concerns
of a hamstring injury ahead of Friday's first test
against South Africa at the Gabba. Australia's batsmen
had a special guest at training facing the leg spin of
Pakistan asylum seeker Fawad Ahmed

to prepare them for Proteas spinner
Imran Tahir. Nathan Lyon's likely inclusion leaves pacemen Ben Hilfenhaus
and Mitchell Starc battling it out for the final bowling spot. To be back with the Australian team
that intensity lifts again and it's great competition
throughout the team. Ponting says
the Aussies aren't far away from reclaiming
test cricket's number one ranking.

Three-times runner-up Joel Parkinson
is edging ever closer to a first
world surfing championship. The Gold Coaster charged
into the quarter finals of the Coldwater Classic
at Santa Cruz where he has been joined
by fellow Aussies Taj Burrow and Matt Wilkinson as he looks to take
Kelly Slater's title. It's just good for surfing
and it's enjoyable to be in it. Parkinson celebrated his heat win by giving Slater a spray
of the surfing kind. ,
Chris, 106,000 fans, well done to Brett Prebble and well done to Lloyd Williams and I reckon by what I'm looking at now, there will be some sore heads in Melbourne, we will have to come back and do it again on Oaks Day. I am sure you will enjoy it if you get

Checking finance now. The share market was higher after the Reserve Bank
kept interest rates on hold but trading was light due
to the public holiday in Victoria. The ASX 200 closed up 11 points. Air New Zealand was up 4% after axing
its Hong Kong-to-London flights, with the loss of 70 jobs.

Sally Bowrey is next
with Sydney's weather and it could turn stormy tomorrow.

Chris, the odds are good
for some rain, too. I'll have the details
after the break.

The western suburbs sweltered today as temperatures climbed
into the high 30s but wet weather
will cool things off tonight. It was cloudy and cool
across the city today. We reached a top of 25. Right now it's 21. It was breezy today. The winds were gale force at times
at the airport. The western suburbs baked. Penrith, was 11 degrees
above average. Even though it felt pretty hot
it didn't break records, we saw hotter weather
last November. A thick cloud band is brewing
across the country. Underneath that we can
expect 10-30mm of rain as showers and storms sweep over southern and western New South Wales
tomorrow. Showers and storms
are common for a few of the
capitals tomorrow. Fine in Hobart
and Brisbane.

Calm conditions on the water:

Some showers and storms developing
on the ranges at the moment. We may see a storm or two
across the city tonight and again tomorrow, with a top of 24 expected. The western suburbs are
the most likely spot to see storms tonight. Tomorrow it will be cooler
in the west compared to today, thanks to thick cloud cover
blocking out the sun. Showers and storms are the story
for the working week but the good news is

that this will clear by Saturday.

Fine on Sunday.

A brighter outlook for the weekend. I'm Chris Bath,
thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' -
the rent or buy debate. Which one is the smart money? That's next.

What a race, what a day! All the colour and the drama

Green Moon out in front! Green Moon wins the Cup by
a length and a half from Fiorente. Plus, the big sting - the serial con man who made millions
from a casino fraud. And crunching the numbers - is it better to rent or buy
or is there an even better option?

Welcome to Flemington. It's been another amazing day
at the Cup. Shortly, I'll be joined
by winning jockey Brett Prebble. Green Moon
might be an imported horse, but his Cup victory is a triumph for his Australian trainer
and connections. But they're not the only ones
partying. As Lynda Kinkade reports, win or lose, the Melbourne Cup
is something to be celebrated.

What do you love about the Cup? I love the beer,
the girls and the horses. It's a trifecta! Yeah, that's right.