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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Cup scandal - Damien Oliver faces a betting enquiry on the eve of the Melbourne Cup.I am so jet lagged I feel a few sausages short of a barbie. Royal arrival - travel-weary Charles and Camilla gear up for their big day at the races. Betting on rates - the Reserve Bank under pressure to give punters a race day cut. Back a winner - the experts' guide to the race that stops the nation. And Holiday Heaven - your chance to win a dream holiday worth $50,000! And a very good morning to you all across this great country of ours. It is Tuesday, 6 November. It is wonderful to have your company this morning. Lisa is not here, it is almost as if my wife is away for the weekend. She is down in Melbourne. It is a very busy day in Melbourne. Hey, Lisa.You are on air wife is away but I still have an eye on you. I have woken up this morning just like Charles and Camilla here in beautiful Melbourne. They are waking up to have a very balmy morning. It is 25, 26 degrees. Melbourne will do its special trick of probably having four seasons in one day on this Melbourne Cup Day A very exciting day. They have a full round of community events and of course this all culminated in their trip to the Melbourne Cup. A very exciting day, in particular, for the Duchess of Cornwall, her very first trip to Australia.I think she will have a smashing time. We will come back to you very soon. In the meantime, let's have a look at the weather.

the weather.
Good morning to Ben Fordham on my left. A huge day of sport.Only 6.5 hours to go and then it is all under way.We will get your tip a little bit later but right now it is time for the news with George guard guard.Thank you, Karl, good morning to you all. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall touched down in Melbourne overnight for the second leg of their tour Down Under. Today reporter Christine Ahern has the details for us this morning. There was a security scare last night. Tell us what happened.Yeah, that is right, not a great way to kick off the tour in Melbourne. They found a suspicious package in the Linlithgo avenue which is the street surrounding government house. It was secure at the time but police noticed this suspicious package and they investigate. It did take an hour-and-a-half for them to deem it OK and there was some traffic problems in in the area at the time as police just wanted to make sure that the area was safe and secure. Now, the Prince and also Duchess were a little bit delayed. They didn't touch down until 10 o'clock so by the time they did arrive in Government House that scene would have been cleared or just about to be cleared. The Royal couple began their tour with a quick trip to Longreach in outback Queensland and he looked very relaxed, even cracking a joke at a barbecue.That is right. This was a lightening trip to Longreach but they certainly packed a lot in and they also very, very much charmed the locals. I mean, it did start of course with them touching down in a very, very hot Longreach. We saw the Duchess crack out her Parosol to keep the heat away. They were greeted by Govenor-General Governor-General Quentin Bryce. They went to the Stockman's Hall of Fame and there was some whip cracking there and then the first in the Duchess's words - there was a first for everything because she got up close and personal with some wildlife hugging a Joey.There were a few other commitments before, the Prince and Duchess held a barbecue with 300 of their new closest friends in Longreach and that is where the Prince charmed the you. He first of all praised Queensland's spirit of mate ship in overcoming that summer of disaster before having a little bit of fun with our fair dinkum Aussie lingo. It is more than 15,500km from London to the Stockman's Hall of Fame and I am so jet lagged I feel a few sausages sort of a barbie. I am rather hoping that some of you might have been able to initiate her into the special pleasure of Tim Tams, not to mention the unique experience of vegemite. As our one and only jar of jubilee Marmite was confiscated here on arrival in Australia.She a wag, isn't he, what is on the schedule for them today?To chart it all off it is a little bit different. The Prince of whales is going to the Australian tapestry work shop in south Melbourne. They do quite a bit of work with students from disadvantaged background and the Prince will be meeting a couple of those before jetting off here quickly to the MCG for a stop over, playing some cricket. Hopefully we will see him rolling his arm over with the kids from the Harmony Program. That promotes kinds with all differentth nis tick, religion, all playing under one rule of cricket but the main part of the day is when they head over to Flemington and cram ill la presenting the Melbourne Cup. They are -- Camilla presenting the Melbourne Cup. They are in for a very busy day, thank you very much. Melbourne Cup favourite Damien Oliver has been grilled by senior racing stewards over an alleged bet made on a rival horse. The jockey - who will ride Americain in today's race - is being investigated over the $10,000 bet, allegedly made on Miss Octopussy in Moonee Valley in 2010. Fairfax Media claims Oliver has admitted making the bet and that he expects to be banned for up to a year. But it's claimed he's also considering retiring in order to avoid a penalty. Racing Victoria officials say more witnesses have to be interviewed. They've declined to comment on whether Oliver made any admissions. And more than 100,000 people are expected to pour into Flemington today to watch the big race. The finishing touches are being made this morning, while the fashionistas make the last-minute touches to their outfits. There are patchy showers and a possible thunderstorm forecast for today - which should clear by this afternoon. The Cup may be the race that stops the nation but it'll be mortgage-holders in particular who are holding their breath today, as the Reserve Bank decides whether or not to slash interest rates. Many economists predict rates will be cut by a quarter of a percentage point to 3% - marking the seventh consecutive November change to the cash rate. But others believe it isn't a sure bet - pointing at the latest spike in inflation figures. Westpac boss Gail Kelly has called on the Central Bank to cut rates, saying consumer confidence needs a boost before Christmas. And Nine News will bring you the RBA's interest rate decision as it happens - that's at 2:30pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. We're now approaching the final 24 hours of campaigning for the US Presidential election. Both Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney are embarking on an all-out assault to secure votes across America - but it's the so- called swing states that have both on edge. Nine's US Bureau Chief Robert Penfold is travelling with the Obama Campaign in Wisconsin, and filed this report. This really is a last ditch scramble for votes. Barack Obama this time is here in Wisconsin but he be here and gone within the hour. It is all about getting those last few undecided voters. He is here to try to reel them in.

Meantime, Mitt Romney is also determined to make the most of the final hours of the campaign. Let's go live now to Nine's Denham Hitchcock, who's with the Romney Camp in Boston. Most polls still have the race way too close to call. What is the feeling there among Romney supporters?Georgie, there is a lot of excitement here. People really hoping and even believing that America could actually tip Romney into the presidency. I will give you a quick look around here. This is the media room and this is the room he is hoping to walk out on to the stage and say he has got the job. There is more than 500 media outlets that are here, more than 4,000 that have been credentialed. So everyone here waiting for the big announcement should come around 2pm Australian time, and the rolls out today, neck and neck. Obama maybe only one or two points ahead but within the margin of error. Three or four months ago his aids were telling people they were stealing themselves for defeat but now they think it is in their grasp and he thinks that perhaps the White House could be coming up, they could be walking into there soon. This is a journey he started down in 2008. He was knocked back for the nomination there. His father had a go at it four decades ago but now he believes it is in grasp and he is talking to anyone and everyone who will listen.Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. This nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow. Your work is making a difference, the people of the world are watching. The people of America are watching.Georgie, some figures that have come out today over the last 17 months these two campaigns, both Obama and Romney have spent a total of $6 billion. Even if you are sitting here - anywhere actually - watching a TV the ads are everywhere. People are door knocking and I am going to find out soon which one would be more effective.You have would be wanting the right result with that sort of money. Thank you very much. And you can see full coverage of the US Election results in a Nine News special event from midday on Wednesday. The live export industry has suspended all sheep exports to Pakistan, amid revelations 21,000 of the animals were inhumanely killed there. ABC's 'Four Corners' claims the sheep were culled in September and October. Government officials say the animals were killed because they were sick - claims rejected by Australian live export officials. Thousands of cows from Victoria are now set to be sent to Pakistan. Agricultural Minister Joe Ludwig says he's satisfied all due diligence has been done for the upcoming export. The NSW Fire Service is temporarily shutting up to eight stations across Sydney in a bid to curb excessive overtime costs. The Fire and Rescue Commissioner says 70% of the $10 million overtime budget is already gone for this financial year. The stations will shut down for a day so fire fighters can fill shortages at other stations. The union has previously warned closing fire stations could compromise public safety. Terrorism and food security are just two of the issues on the agenda as world leaders gather today for the second session of the Asia-Europe summit in Laos. Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday praised efforts by European leaders to stabilise the debt crisis during a meeting with the French President. The Federal Government also used the visit to announce more than $41 million in funding for rural livelihood program for the South-East Asian country. Let's look at the market now.

If betting on the Melbourne Cup isn't enough for you today, you also have the chance to hit the big-time with tonight's record Oz Lotto draw. It's the first time in history the jackpot has reached $100 million and there's sure to be no shortage of punters hoping it's headed their way. If you're looking for a hot tip, according to Oz Lotto, 22 is the luckiest number followed by the number 18. There you go. You heard it here first. Good to have a gamble, isn't I. A lot of gambling around today.There is lots of options.Miss out on one go to the other. It is a gorgeous thing. Let's have a look at the national fly around this morning.

national fly around this morning.
That, my friend s the way you do the weather. (APPLAUSE) .Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let's get some sport now, with Ben Fordham.Good morning, our cricketers are firing up ahead of Friday's test, can't wait for that but the tension is building in Melbourne today. Americain, Dunaden, Red Cadeaux or do you have the hot tip? All the Melbourne Cup news is coming up next. Don't go anywhere. This program is not captioned.

coming up next. Don't go anywhere.
And there they are, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla enjoying that searing heat yesterday. That must have been a bit of a shock although coming from Papua New Guinea there was a bit of time for them to get used to it. Prince Charles was sporting an Akubra for most of the afternoon and Duchess of Cornwall has the parasol. Melbourne heading for different weather - a bit wet, a bit windy and a bit sunny. But first let's get a look at the front pages. First up in the 'Herald Sun', more than 100,000 racegoers are tipped to pack Flemington today, despite the forecast of rain. In the 'Daily Telegraph', Cup winner Americain is looking to make history by becoming just the third

Americain is looking to make
history by becoming just the third 8-year-old to win a Melbourne Cup. In today's 'Australian', Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in Longreach yesterday and were greeted by residents, including an injured joey Rooby Blue.Here you go, I thought a parasol was something that you wore under your clothes. I will get to that later. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reports how Australia's favourite jockey, Damien Oliver, has admitted to racing authorities that he bet on a rival horse in 2010 race and expects to be charged soon. 'The Age' says the High Court has agreed to hear a landmark challenge to the mining tax, posing a fresh threat to the Government's embattled revenue base. The 'Courier Mail' says police are being urged to accept that drug use is part of modern-day pressures and open their ranks to former users. And finally in the Hobart 'Mercury' - "Go get it dad". Top jockey Craig Williams promises today will be a day of redemption after being suspended on the eve of last year's Melbourne Cup - and his biggest supporter is his son, Oliver. All decked out too. Let's get more on the sport now with Ben.Thank you very much, Karl. 2010 winner Americain remains the favourite for today's Melbourne Cup at Flemington. But punters are finding it tough to separate him from Dunaden, Mount Athos and Red Cadeaux.Straightaway after running second last year his target has been the Cup tomorrow. His preparation has been perfect. The horse just looks $1 million. Gai Waterhouse is quietly confident Glencadam Gold can run a place, but doesn't give

Glencadam Gold can run a place, but
doesn't give it a chance to be first past the post.There aren't any local chances in the race, they are all internationals. The race has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. The best local hope is thought to be Maluckyday, although trainer Wayne Hawkes admits he needs a wet track to have a decent shot at the $3.6 million prize money. The Australia cricket team will train together for the first time, ahead of the opening test against South Africa. There'll be a new face among the squad- with Rob Quiney to come in at number three in place of the injured Shane Watson.I am hoping that my maturity will come through and it can help me.So in an ideal world you want Shane Watson at 3 and bowling for you. The fact is we are not going to have him. South Africa will also hit the nets today- the first test starts on Friday, it's all live on Channel Nine. We can't wait for that. It was the perfect 21st birthday present for Marco Rojas, scoring a double against his former club in a rare Monday night game at Etihad Stadium. The Melbourne Victory tore apart the Wellington Phoenix, led by Rojas and Archie Thompson.He has Rojas!! What a double team that is.Perfect. They eased off in the final few minutes and conceded twice, but the 3-2 win was enough to see the Victory leapfrog Sydney FC into the A-League's top six. In AFL, Carlton's playing group have had their first taste of what life under Mick Malthouse is like - the veteran coach taking the reins at the Blues for the first time yesterday.Nothing is really changed except it is good to be on a football ground with a terrific bunch of young blokes that want success.He always looks like he means business. The team leaves for their pre-season training camp in Arizona later this week. In rugby league, Scott Prince says he's just happy to be moving forward after walking out on the Gold Coast Titans to joins Queensland rivals Brisbane. He trained with his new team-mates for the first time yesterday.It is just about, you know, putting my head down and bum up and working hard to prove myself and hopefully get a start in the team. The Titans were also back on the training paddock yesterday - coach John Cartwright still undecided over who will take over from Prince at halfback. And the world surfing title will go down to the final event in Hawaii, after contenders Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater both won their third round heats at the Coldwater Classic in California. Despite the wind, Slater was upstaged by local surfer Dusty Payne during their clash, with the Hawaiian thrilling the crowd with plenty of big air. There you go. All eyes on Flemington today. It will be an exciting day.That was unbelievable that little thing he got there on the wave. You and I do that at the weekends sometimes. With the bogey board, though.That is so '80s. Let's check in on the weather now - there you go, have a look at that. Bam, slaps it and then flips around. Let's go to the weather.

A bit of unsettled weather around today. After the break all the Hollywood gossip with Richard Reid. How are you, Richard?I am fantastic. Well, Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis practically Australian. I am telling you all over Sydney. The two are making friends wherever they go. I have the pictures to prove it coming up.

This program is not captioned. prove it coming up.
Welcome back to the show. Time for some express gossip now with Richard Wilkins.Good morning, Karl and good morning Richard Reid who joins us from Hollywood where it is all going on. It is also going on here. Aussie Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, boy they have been making the most of their time here in Australia, haven't they?Yes, they have. Who needs the paparazzi when you have Facebook and Twitter. Ashton and Mila all over Sydney. Either they are having a little bit of coffee or breakfast at a quiet cafe or everyone says they will so accommodating when it comes to taking pictures. They will take pictures with anyone! It has been fabulous. Ashton is in Australia on a little bit of business. He is plugging this new Internet travel site, but Ashton and Mila finding time for romance and a lot of sight seeing. I am pretty impressed with these two.They are doing everything right. Another quicky, the Kardashians, a clutch of them are off to England. Are they divas or what?Come on Kim and her sister Kourtnyy they have thrown down the rules - we do want you the staff to look at us in the eye and we want a private elevator. Thank you for. That we will check in with you in an hour's time but in the meantime let's go back to Lisa in Melbourne. Thank you very much for that Richard. Coming up this hour on Today the Damien Oliver betting scandal and our very special Charles and Camilla planning on a big day in Melbourne. But right now it is time for the news.Thank you very much. It's been a Melbourne's turn to welcome Prince charms and wife Camilla with the Royal couple touching down in the city overnight for the second leg of the Diamond Jubilee tour. But not everything went to plan last night?That is right, there was a suspicious looking package on the grounds of Government House. That was located at around 9 o'clock and it took an hour-and-a-half for them to deem that package to be OK. We still don't have any word from police just what it was. The important thing that it was deemed to be OK. Now, the Duchess and Prince arrived in Melbourne at around about 10 o'clock last night so by the time they drove into Government House that scene would have been cleared. Now, the Royals were actually 45 minutes latin to Melbourne. It seems they were having too much of a good time in Longreach. They arrived late in the afternoon, it was very, very, very hot. Came lail had to break out -- Camilla had to break out her parasol. Then they set a blistering peace along the highlights visiting the Stockman's Hall of Fame for a little bit of whip cracking and then of course Camilla got to get up close and personal with some wildlife. She got to hug an injured Joey. She said there was a first for everything. Then the Royals held a bit of a barbecue for 300 of her new closest friends in Longreach. The Prince praised the Queensland's spirit of mateship in overcoming the floods and also the cyclone before having a little bit of fun with the locals.It is more than 15,500km from London to the Stockman's Hall of Fame and I am so jet lagged that I feel a few sausages short of a barbie.It will be a fast peace for them in Melbourne today. It will all start for the Prince heading over to the Australian tapestry work shop before he drives over here to the MCG with a spot of cricket for kids involves in the Harmony program, and then both the Duchess and the Prince will head over to Flemington for the race that stops the nation. The highlight there, Camilla presenting the winners of the Melbourne Cup with their trophy so a big day here for the Royals. Thank you very much. Melbourne Cup celebrations will be in full swing in just a few hours time but they're already being overshadowed after champion jockey Damien Oliver was grilled over betting allegations. Oliver - who is riding favourite Americain in today's race - was questioned over claims he bet $10,000 on a rival horse during a race in 2010. Jockeys cannot bet on their own races, or sell race information. Oliver has previously said his record and reputation to be honest and trustworthy. Racing Victoria says two others are yet to be interviewed. Mortgage-holders will be hoping the Reserve Bank slashes interest rates at its official board meeting later today. Many of the nation's top economists believe it's a sure bet and that the Central Bank will slash rates by a quarter of a percentage point. Others predict the recent spike in inflation figures could mean rates are kept on hold. Labor says bringing the budget back to surplus has given the RBA room to move. While the Opposition says any rate cut would be a sign of general weakness in the economy. And Nine News will bring you the RBA's interest rate decision - that's at 2:30pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. After 18 months of battling it out for the world's top job, US President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney will soon learn who will win one of the closest Presidential elections in history. Voters go to the polls in just under 24 hours, and right now, Obama holds a razor-thin lead over Romney.We will win Wisconsin. We will win this election. We will finish what we started. We will renew the bond that bind us together.Meantime, Mitt Romney is confident he can claim victory in tomorrow's vote, campaigning hard in the swing-state of Florida. And you can see full coverage of the US Election results in a Nine News special event, from midday on Wednesday. The Government's mining tax could be under threat with the High Court agreeing to hear a landmark challenge against the controversial revenue raiser. The case, which has been brought forward by the group owned by West Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest, will be heard next year after a ruling by the chief justice. Despite the action, Labor is standing strong, with a spokesman saying the Government is confident the tax is valid. Some relief for drivers could be on the way. Petrol prices are set to fall up to 4 cents a litre over the next fortnight, following a similar fall last week. Economists say the key Singapore unleaded price has dropped 10 cents a litre, in the past three weeks. The national price for unleaded fuel dropped just over 4 cents to 144.4 cents a litre last week, Sydney had the cheapest average unleaded fuel while Darwin was the most expensive.

while Darwin was the most expensive.
A quick update of finance for you now.

Time for all the sport. Plenty of it.Yes, good morning everyone is waiting in anticipation. It is the biggest day of the year. There you go, you can see Flemington at the moment getting ready, under six hours until the start of the Melbourne Cup. There are millions of dollars on the line today. French stayer Dunaden, one of the favourites to take out the 2 mile feature. He is chasing back-to-back Cup victories after edging out Red Cadeaux last year. In cricket Australian selectors insist 30- year-old Rob Quiney is good enough to replace Shane Watson in the test team. Watson is expected to rekocher from a calf strain in time for the second match of the series in Adelaide.We are comfortable that we have the players and we have the cover. We are comfortable that every one of our players right now is in a really good frame of mind and ready to go. The Wallabies have trained in Paris for the first time ahead of their game against France on Sunday morning. And a host of NRL clubs returned to training yesterday- including the Dragons. New recruit Gerard Beale declared he wants to be the club's new fullback, despite playing on the wing for the Broncos. Just a question story about Damien Oliver, let's hope it doesn't affect his race today. He has admitted to breaking the rules. There are going to be people saying if you have admitted breaking the rules what are you doing in the race.It is a fair comment, especially when you have had the wager of 10,000 on a rival horse. It is against the rules and what is he doing continuing to ride?They are also saying that the investigation in the Fairfax naper there are two other jockeys also under a cloud but Damien Oliver is one who has made an admission.Must be a fair bit of it going on. Yeah.Thank you, for that. Your chance to win a $50,000 holiday and Prince Karl's Aussie teacher reveals what the Royal was like as a young student. And 100 million reasons to dream about being happy. Time to dream on how you would spend Oz Lotto's massive price. Time to get some weather now with Stevie.Good morning, Karl, we are at pleming on the today and as you can see the horses are here readytor the biggest race day in the country. The weather play as big part, what can we expect - early thunderstorms but weather clearing for this afternoon. It is warm so we can expect a hot, wet sticky track which means you might want to look at some outsiders like Galileo's Choice or others but I think Dunaden is still the one to beat the day. We will have the statsnd all the tips for you throughout the morning but right now let's check the weather around the country.

Come Cup down Aussies will bet on just about anything and there is a lot of money going down today as to how Charles and Camilla will arrive at the track. With this weather the odds of hot air balloon has dloun out from $10 to $35.We do bet on everything, don't we? We love it. After the break, Camilla gets cuddly with some very friend lilocals. A Royal update. You are watching Today right across Australia. This program is not captioned. So, have you checked to see if there's better value cover
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The excitement and anticipation building in Flemington this morning. They are out and about getting ready for the race. There may be a bit of rain around for Cup Day. It is already 25 degrees, and a couple of hours. Ly let you know how that is affecting the betting in a little bit. But right now, the Australian Livestock Industry has suspended exports of sheep to Pakistan and Bahrain after a 'Four Corners' report exposed the brutal culling of 20,000 sheep in Karachi. The footage of the slaughter is too distrubing to show you, even though Pakistani authorities say the cull was carried out humanely.It was again with a heavy heart that we thought, here we go again. Here comes Indonesia all over again but this time it is not through an abattoir, it is actually being half killed and thrown into a pit. That is a terrible way to die. Joining me now is the President of the National Farmers Federation, Jock Laurie. Good morning to you. Good morning, Karl.There is another dark morning for you?It is disappointing. Our industry gets affected by this, we spend a lot of time nurturing the industry and to see that it is disappointing.How long have you known about the treatment of these animals in Pakistan?Certainly when the ships went over there there is no doubt they ran into the circumstances of trade last night and the industry took a very clear decision then that they would suspend exports into Pakistan and Bahrain until the investigation clearly identify what the problems with are.I gathered you were expecting this, that you knew it was coming, that you hadn't known for very long that this was the case and it doesn't happen all the time?Certainly we new the program was coming but as far as this issue goes, I mean, there are about a million sheep that have been exported to countries around the world. Australia is doing a tremendous amount of work in those markets to make sure that animal welfare standards are brought up. There has been a new scheme which is a supply management system in those exporting countries and you don't get permits unless you can meet those terms so there has been a tremendous amount of work. The cattle industry suspended exports to Indonesia because animals were being grossly miss treated there. It happens again and you know who suffers here, apart from the livestock r the Australian producers and the Australian industry and it needs to be cleaned up for them.That is right and that is why the industry has been doing a lot of work with the minister who, to be fair, has put himself right ow there. In Indonesia there is 58% of the cat settle now being slaughtered using stunning. Last time it was only 15% 1 months ago. In the countries receiving the sheep, the same sort of program, they get the supply management systems in place. This was an extraordinary event, right outside any circumstances that anybody has ever seen before.We have to move on but let me ask you this: Can you guarantee is it not happening anywhere else that we send our live cattle?One of the difficulties is that thing in life get out of hand every now and again. With everything we do in life thfrbgs is not just a live export thing, with everything we do in life people break the law. In these circumstances what we have to do is make sure we identify the problem through the process and do everything we can then to make sure that future shipments don't get caught up with the same issue.It is a tough issue, hopefully you will resolve this one very quickly. Thank you for your time today. Pleasure.Over to you, Lisa.Thank you very much. Charles and Camilla's whirlwind tour of Australia is well and truly underway. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Melbourne at 10pm last night, after a reception in Longreach in regional Queensland, where Charles revealed that he'd already had a brush with Australian Customs officials.I am rather hoping that some of you might have been able to initiate her into the special pleasure of Tim Tams, not to mention the unique experience of Vegemite as our one and only jar of jubilee Marmite was confiscated on arrival here in Australia.A very good line!! From a bush barbeque to baby joeys, Charles and Camilla certainly had a real taste of the Aussie outback. Nine news reporter Tim McMillan has more. The Royal tour has started as a gallop. Charles and Camilla streaking the length of the country, landing in Melbourne late last night. They travelled from Port Moresby, stopping off at Longreach in outback Queensland, greeted by Governor-General Quentin Bryce. Camilla watching a casualty demonstration at the flying doctor hangar. Then it was off to the Stockman's Hall of Fame sampling the rel licks of our pioneer days amed the ear-splitting crack of the stock chip. Camilla on her first visit of Australia getting her first cuddle from a local. Charles could not have seened more relaxed. Back in a country he knows well. He has been coming here for 46 years, this is his 15th visit.I am so jet lagged that I feel a few sausages short of a barbie. (LAUGHTER) There was an evening barbecue with 300 towns folk.He just said how much he loved being here.I really liked Camilla's dress.They were really nice, a really nice couple. Very friendly. This 6-day tour is fast and furious much of it based from here in Government House in Melbourne from where they will make day trips to Adelaide and Hobart and brief visits to Sydney and Canberra. First, though, it will be sport of kings on royal minds, Charles and the Duchess heading to the Melbourne Cup. It is a very busy day for the Royal duo. Prince Charles will attend a tap tri work shop this morning before he heads to the MCG to meet aspiring young athletes for cricket Victoria's Harm my program and then they will be guests of honour at the Melbourne Cup and the Duchess of Cornwall will be presenting that Cup. They are setting a cracking peace. A little bit later, a bit of a treat, we have Charles' history teacher from the time when he went here to Geelong Grammar, and a much-loved history teacher he is. That will be a lot of fun.Looking forward to that, Lisa, thank you. You are looking beautiful this morning. And we will meet the little girl who is sick of the US election race.I am tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This program is not captioned. Being there for others isn't
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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company this morning. It is time for the Most Clicked items on the net. Pete Evans is copping it on social media after publishing a rather pre-tenious food diary. He revealed he starts his day with alcolised, water, has cultured veggies, but he also loves activated almonds, sending the Twitter sphere into frenzy. Brad tweeted: Evans, he hit back. "I find it so bizarre as to why sometimes people find my food choices so offensive." Are you kidding, Pete.I it is just pre-tenious.What is alcolised water?It is warm.The almond tinge I get, though.Let's keep it real. Here is someone keeping it real, here is a little girl who has enough of the US election.I am tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.That is why you are crying? Oh, it will be over soon, Abbey. OK? The election will be over soon, OK?OK.The poor little thing!! It is like that because it just takes over the whole world.$6 billion later...Finally, they are some of our favourite songs but the lyrics can be misheard sometimes.

can be misheard sometimes.
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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the program. It is wonderful to have your company today. It is 7:30. Don't forget to send us in your Melbourne Cup tips because we are hopeless without them. Right now it is time for the latest news.Hey, Karl thank you very much. Good morning to you. 6:30. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have begun the second leg of their tour down under, arriving in Melbourne overnight. It follows the pair's whirlwind visit to regional Queensland yesterday where they saw the sights of Longreach and shared a barbeque with locals.It is more than 15,500 km from London to the Stockman's Hall of Fame and I'm so jet lagged that I feel a few sausages short of a barbie. The Royal couple will today visit the MCG before arriving at Flemington for Melbourne Cup celebrations. The visit, celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, is Camilla's first to Australia. And it's just a few hours until the race that stops the nation. Despite storms threatening to dampen spirits, more than 100,000 are still expected to flock to Flemington today. But the day has been overshadowed with reports champion jockey Damien Oliver has been questioned over allegations he bet $10,000 on a rival horse, in 2010. Oliver - who is riding favourite Americain in today's race - faced racing stewards yesterday. Racing Victoria officials say two more witnesses are yet to be interviewed. Australian actor Sam Worthington has reportedly been arrested and pepper sprayed after an altercation at an Atlanta restaurant. TMZ reports the Avatar star was refused entrance to the restaurant on Saturday, because he was too drunk. Witnesses have told police Worthington shoved the doorman twice. He responded by pepper spraying him and handcuffing him until authorities arrived. It's understood he's been charged with disorderly conduct. Westpac chief Gail Kelly has called on the Reserve Bank to lower interest rates, when it meets later today. Economists are split with some are tipping a quarter of a percentage cut, to 3%. If that happens, it will be the seventh consecutive November rate reduction. Others have said the recent spike in inflation figures could mean rates are kept on hold. Nine News will bring you the RBA interest rate decision as it happens at 2:30 eastern daylight savings time. Less than 24 hours out from the US Presidential Election, and the latest opinion polls have it too close to call. In the last day of campaigning, President Barack Obama and Republican Rival Mitt Romney will rally their supporters at 14 scheduled events across nine battleground states. Romney's just gone on the attack, at a rally in Florida.The same course we have been on won't lead to a better destination. The same path means $20 trillion of debt at the end of a second term. Meantime, in Wisconsin, Obama this morning tried to win over undecided voters, after a rousing warm-up act by singer Bruce Springsteen. Nine News will have special coverage of the US election results in a special event from med day tomorrow. -- midday tomorrow. TV star Sharon Osbourne has revealed she's recently undergone a double mastectomy, after discovering she carried the breast cancer gene. The 60-year-old, who battled colon cancer in 2002, says she didn't want to take any chances with her health. Osbourne, who's just become a grandmother, had the preventative procedure done last summer, with the operation lasting 13 hours. She says she didn't want to live with the constant fear of cancer, and that the life-changing decision was a "no brainer". Updating finance for you now.

for you now.
Well, forget statistics, interviews and voting technology. Far away from the media frenzy surrounding the Presidential campaign, a witch doctor in Obama's ancestral village in Kenya, believes he knows who'll claim victory. The 105-year-old, who lives in the village once home to the President's late father, has predicted the outcome of tomorrow's vote, using shells, rocks and bones. After tossing the items on the ground outside his hut, he says he's convinced Obama's got the election in the bag. You get the feeling it was always going to go that way, don't you?Yeah.Does he have a tip for the Cup?We should get on to him for that. That is a good idea.Did you see the size of his magic mushroom at the start of that vision?Maybe he has the Oz Lotto numbers as well. It is worth a call.He didn't look in the best shape to truth be told.He is 105. He just chews on that mushroom all day. He -There it is. Red Cadeaux. Yep, well done. Speaking of which, Australian racing Queen Gai Waterhouse has declared no local horse has a hope in hell of winning the Melbourne Cup. Not her exact words, but 2010 Americain is the favourite. Australia's best hope is the runner up from that year, Maluckyday.He has great form running second two years ago so that is pretty strong form. To cricket now and both the South African and Australian teams will hit the nets in Brisbane today as they prepare for the opening test on Friday. Shane Watson has been ruled out for the Aussies. Rob Quiney will make his test debut instead. Melbourne Victory coach Ange Postecoglou has given his side a serve, despite a 3-2 win over the Wellington Phoenix. He wasn't happy that his side gave up 2 late goals- even though the win sees them leapfrog Sydney FC into sixth spot on the ladder. And Greater Western Sydney players have backed club officials in their bid to bring Kurt Tippett to the Giants, saying the former Crow's star would add extra firepower up front. Let's have acloo at our Today Show T signs that have been coming in. This is Jayden and Luke from Sydney giving Australia floating T sign having some fun in the pool. Well done. Scott, Kye, Sienna, Ava and Chris made up this T sign while holidaying in Queensland. And Lynda spotted this T sign while walking at Broadwater on the Gold Coast. (LAUGHTER) What is that?Let's not dwell on that too much.We need the witch doctor to sort that out.Some people are very funny at home. Coming up Today in five minutes, a look at Jacki Weaver's new flick.I think you are the weird one. Correct. We are live to the US where America prepares to vote. Plus we immediate the photographer what exclusive access to the Royal family and a big hello to them waking up in Melbourne this morning. That is where we find Stevie this morning.Thank you, Karl, good morning everyone and we are on the track this morning behind me is Flemington. A lot of history has been made here and people will be doodling themselves up already this morning having Cup breakfasts and then make their way to the track. Record attendance here, over 122,000 which is a lot more than the first Cup back in 1861 when a measly 4,000 people turned up. It was a lot easier to get into the bar, that is for sure. Let's have a look around the country. Good betting to you, hope you become a winner. P

- back a winner.

- back a winner.
It is the biggest race day in the nation so how do you pick a winner on the Melbourne Cup? You could always go for the favourites, Americain and Dunaden, other people like to look at the statistics. Now, New Zealand horses have really dominated, 40 New Zealand horses have won the Melbourne Cup. If you are looking at the age of horses, more 4-year-old horses have won than any other horse. If you are looking at the weight of the jockey, 52.5 and 53 kilograms are the most successful weights winning eight Melbourne Cups each. Some people like colour, some like numbers, but a sure bet go for the horse that is fed on activated almonds.They are very in. Thank you very much for that and we will tell you how to activate your almonds a little bit later. Let's get some gossip now with Richard.What is Jacki Weaver doing with Robert De Niro. An irSam Worthington in a fight, and an Irish man playing an American President. All the details next. MOVIE REEL: It is either This program is not captioned. Whoo-hoo!
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Good morning again. Well, there's a fair bit of entertainment stuff around today. First, Oscar buzz aplenty around Stephen Spielberg's timely new film starring Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones that takes us back to some turbulent times for America's 16th president, 'Abraham Lincoln'. MOVIE REEL: A bombardment of the largest fleet the navy has ever assembled.They were his final few months in office. The country was at war. But Abraham Lincoln had a mission to unit the nation and put an end to slavery.You are going to try to pass the amendment to abolish slavery. Don't waste that power.Nothing was going to stand in his way.AlBol lishing slavery settling the fate for the millions now in bondage. And unborn millions to come.It is either the amendment or this confederation, you cannot have both.Slavery, sir, it is done. Oscar buzz is building for both Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis who appears to play the piece brilliantly.I don't think so. Alright, if you have a hopeless romantic here is one for you. It is the latest from Nicholas Sparks, the author of 'The Notebook' and it is another one that will put on your heart strings. It stars Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel and it is about a girl who runs from her past and into the arms of a new man. It is called 'Safe Haven'.If you in some kind of trouble we can fix it. Kate!!It is up and running February 24.There is no safer place for you than here with me. This is great.Next up, Sam Worthington thinking on the has made a name for himself in Hollywood and she part of one of the biggest productions ever, and it is a video game. Now the team are hoping to do it all over again with 'Call of duty Black Ops 2'.I love doing these kind of games. Not only am I a fan of playing them, I bow down to the Call of Duty Boys, but especially black ops one and two the boys give you a lot of freedom compared to a some movies which is a bit more structured. Squat call of Duty Black Ops 2 is out next week.The court said yes. But what did the doctors say? Look who else is going from strength to strength, Jacki Weaver and she is in pretty good company. She plays Robert De Niro's wife and Bradley Cooper's mum in a movie about a bloke who moves back in with his parents after a stint in a mental institution.I am ready. I feel motivated. I don't feel so angry all the time. The whole time you are rooting for this hemming way guy to survive the war and be with the girl he loves.It is 4 o'clock in the morning.And he meets a girl who has problems of her own.What meds are you on?I used to be on zan in fact.I am tired I want to go, are you going to walk me home or not.You have poor social skills. I have a problem? You say the most inappropriate things.It is a sin if you don't reach back.You have to do everything you can and if you stay positive you have a shot at a silver lining.It is a terrific cast, isn't it? Jennifer Lawrence of 'Hunger Games' fame in there as well. 'Silver Linings Playbook' is out January 31. We have more on Sam Worthington coming up. He is shotting a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger with Atlanta and has been in a bit of trouble. We will get all the goss from Richard Reid in Hollywood.He has been pepper sprayed?Yes, a big stoush on Saturday night trying to get into a restaurant. We will get the later from Richard Reid coming up.Thank you for that. Sound like he was just having a big night.Aussie Sam. Exactly. Coming up, your chance to score a $50,000 holiday.Then the top tips to back a winner on Melbourne Cup Day, we will tell you the favourite.Looking forward to that. And back in 1987 this song became one of the biggest hits of the year - sing along Australia!! SONG:# Down the barrel of a gun. # You're the voice # Try and understand it # Make a noise and make it clear # Oh, oh, oh, # Oh, oh, oh # We're not going to sit in silence # We're not going to live in fear # Oh, oh, # Woah, This program is not captioned. We're looking at home loans now.
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It is considered social protocol not to touch any members of the Royal Family. So if you see the Duchess or the Prince of the track, don't greet them like this.Hey, old boy!Or even like this... A courtesy or a bow, if you wish. Very good! Country's teen Ahearn on fire. More advice from come her as the morning goes on. We have a $50,000 Steenic Tour -- Scenic Tours voucher up for grabs.

Pick up the phone within five rings and say the magical words, "I wake up with Today." We will be making that $50,000 call a little later in the show. Gee! A lot on offer today! Here is Ross. Oh, good morning to you all! It is Super Tuesday! I thought I would give you the odds on trying to pick a winner today. First up, the Reserve Bank's around even money, according to money markets, to cut interest rates at 2:30 eastern summer today. Americain vmerp jumps at 3 o'clock, with odds at six and a half to one. You will get the 250 to one on Unusual Suspect. Oz Lotto, going off tonight, 8:30pm. The odds of drawing down the seven winning numbers out of 45 in the barrel, 45 million to one with a 12-game entry. I worked out this morning, you have better odds of trying to pick the first eight horses in order in the Melbourne Cup if all of them were equal. The smart money is on a interest rate cut. The Reserve Bank has moved on each of the last six Melbourne Cup days. This is what a quarter of a percent rate cut passed on in full will deliver to the Australian households and economy. It is 2.8 billion dollars worth of mortgage cuts going out to households. $252 million to personal lenders. $1.84 billion goes to business lenders. But it clearly strips away billions from those with savings in the bank. Those, to be fair, they have not born the brunt of the rate cuts so far. Which punt will you take today? Oh, the head hurt, Rosco!Do you like that? I've given you the numbers.What numbers? What is the Melbourne Cup number?I think it is 13. Maybe 17...Hey,We will get that to you later. Let's get some gossip with Richard Wilkins.So many numbers on this big day. Sam Worthington Richard, a bit of a stoush down south?Well, I'm just gonna say it - some blokes don't know how to handle their grog! That's right! Sam Worthington, arrested after picking a fight in thrapt ta, Georgia! OK, apparently, he was trying to get into a nightclub last night. The bouncer thought he was a little too drunk to come in. A shoving match started. OK, then the bouncer, he pepper- sprayed Sam in the eye, hand cuffed him until cops came. Sam looks like a bikie thug right now, he is making a movie call 9ed is Ken' with Arnold Schwarz egger. We don't know if the owners of the restaurant are going to keep pressing charges. But not a good look on old Sam.No, a big night out there for Sam there. No signs of Schwarzenegger sh - he might have settled things down! Chris Brown and Rihanna - holy Katy Perry!Yeah, well, you know, Katy Perry besties for the last couple of years, but apparently she has made her opinion on Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown very clear. She says to Rihanna, "Don't come cryin' to me when things go south again." She doesn't want Rihanna to get hurt. No-one wants Rihanna to get hurt. No-one figures out why Rihanna is back with Chris Brown. Katy Perry has made her position clear.Who is the latest supermodel to show her off baby bump?Oh! We are on baby watch with supermodel Gezel. - Giselle. She is six months pregnant, flaunting it and showing it to the world. We caught up with her - well, some paparazzi friends - in Miami. Still working a bikini. She is six months along, looking extremely healthy and extremely pregnant. I'm tell ying ya - if you got it, flaunt it!These are words I didn't think we would see in the same sentence - David Beckham talk show host?What?! Come on!No! It is true! Apparently David is in negotiations with a cable network here in the States to host his own sports show! Watch out, BenEd for ham! I'm tellin' ya! Nothing is firm. We don't know if he will keep on playing soccer or retire. Apparently Victoria thinks David should do it!Yeah, well, you don't argue with Vicky B. What would David's opening line be, do you think, at the top of the show?Oh, hello, I...I...I'm David Beckham. Very nice!(LAUGHTER)Appropriate! It is all very psychic! Boys, great stuff. Here are the top stories. Cup scandal - Damien Oliver faces a betting inquiry on the eve of the Melbourne Cup. I'm so jet lagged that I feel a few sausages short of a barbie! Royal arrival - travel-weary Charles and Camilla gear up for the big day at the races. Betting on rates - Reserve Bank under pressure to give punters a race-day cut. Back a winner - the experts' guide to the race that stops the nation. Holiday heaven - your chance to win a dream holiday worth $50,000. Good morning to you, great to have your company this morning on this Melbourne Cup Day! It is Tuesday 6 November 2012. It is gopg to be a huge day here -- gok going to be a huge day here in Melbourne. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall is in time. We have a betting scandal involving Damien Oliver. We begin with the guests of honour, Charles and Camilla, who arrived in Melbourne overnight. Today reporter Christine Ahern has the very latest. Good morning to you. We understand a little bit of a security scare there at Government House where Charles and Camilla are based over the course of the next 24 hours? Yeah, that's right, Lisa. This happened at around about 9 o'clock last night when a suspicious package was located in Linlithgow Avenue, the street surrounding Government House. The police were called in. It took them an hour and a half to investigate before deeming that this package was OK. No word from police just what was contained inside that package. But, of course, the main thing is that it was deemed to be all OK, safe and secure for the royals to go into Government House. Now, they were late, 45 minutes late into Melbourne. They didn't arrive till about 10 o'clock last night. By the time they drove into Government House, Lisa, that scene was cleared. That is good to hear. Christine Ahern, thank you very much.Last night, the royals attended a reception at Longreach, where the Prince revealed he had already had a bit of a brush with the Australian customs officials. I'm rather hoping that some of you might have been able to initiate us into the special pleasure of TimTams, not to mention the unique experience of Vegemite. As our one and only jubilee jar of Marmite was confiscated here on arrival in Australia!He has a good sense of humour! From bush barbecues to baby joeys, the the royal couple got a taste of the Aussie outback. Tim McMillan has more. The royal tour has started at a gallop. Charles and Camilla streeting the length of the country, landing in Melbourne late last night. They travelled from Port Moresby, stopping off at Longreach, in outback Queensland, greeted by Governor-General Quentin Bryce. Camilla sporting her paraSol in the heat, watching a casualty demonstration. Then it was off to the Stockman's Hall of Fame, sampling the relics of our pioneering days, amid the ear- splitting crack of the stock whip. Comilla, on her first visit to Australia, getting her first cuddle from a local. Charles could not have seemed more relaxed, back in a country he knows well. He's been coming here for 46 years. This is his 15th visit.I'm so jet lagged I feel a few sausages short of a barbie. There was an evening barbecue, with 300 towns folk.He just said, "How much he loved being here."I told Camilla I really liked her dress. They were a nice couple, lovely, just very friendly. This six-day tour is fast and furious, much of it based from here at Government House in Melbourne, from where Charles and Camilla will make day trips to Adelaide and Hobart then to Sydney and Canberra. First, though, the sport of kings on royal mind,. On that story, there is a cloud hanging over the race that stops the nation. Champion jockey Damien Oliver has fronted a betting inquiry on the eve of the Melbourne Cup and there are reports that he has admitted to betting on a rival horse. Joining me with all the details, Clint Stanaway. These are very serious allegations. What do we know?Absolutely, Karl. Good morning to you, too. These allegations have been festering for sometime, really. Notably, Oliver was one of the only jockeys missing from yesterday's big Cup race through the city. He has reportedly made admissions to racing authorities that he bet through a third person on a rival horse 'Miss Octopusy at moonee valley in 2010. These are explosive allegations. He might even retire from the sport to avoid a public hearing. Now, jockeys are not allowed to bet on any race. Here, we have Oliver reportedly making admissions he punted on a rival horse. Naturally, that has some in the industry asking exactly why he has been allowed to continue racing, not the least, Karl, on the biggest day of the year, the Melbourne Cup.Right. On that point, as you point out, he is set to ride one of the Cup favourites today. How will it affect the Cup itself?Well, it remains to be seen, really. It is staggering. It is the last thing Melbourne Cup organisers wanted on the morning of the big race. This is our show piece. Having the intereing grittity of racing questioned certainly is not a good look. It is a huge day for Oliver too. He is on board one of the Cup favourites in Americain. He got that ride 10 days ago. All race officials have had to say on the matter is that it is an ongoing investigation. You will suspect that it will drag on for some time yet, the next two days and the remainder of the Spring Carnival. It is, of course, the biggest day of racing in Australia, with more than $6 million up for grabs in the Melbourne Cup. Here is what you need to know ahead of the country's most famous 2-miler. The flowers are blooming, all in preparation for the race that stops a nation. There's no early morning trackwork today. Just a few nervous trainers. It is hard for - it you have the world in Melbourne, it is competitive.Gai Waterhouse has two runners. But Australia's best chance of Cup success is Maluckyday.Super well, looks a picture.Over the past week, plenty of interest in French stayer Dunaden, after edging out Red Cadeaux last year in the tightest Melbourne Cup on record. He is looking for back-to-back wins.The race stops the nation, great to be part of it. Most importantly for me, I have a really exciting horse in Dunaden, hoping to win it back to back.But the deciding factor in the race might not come from a horse or trainer but up in the sky. Both my horses love a wet track, so I would be happy with rain. There you go. Let's now go to Tom Waterhouse and Royceing royalty to get his thoughts. T Tom, Dunaden, all the talk, a monster plunge on Dunaden yesterday. He is still the clear favourite?He is still the clear favourite. Both Dunaden and Americain. There was not the amount of money I thought there were. I know they are firm. I expect them to drift back out today on course. There wasn't a huge plunge from Americain, very little money for it. The smart money has come for Red Cadeaux. It was $12, now into $8. It takes out millions with all the bookies from yesterday. The other one that I thought was interesting, not the money that I expected for Mount Athos. I thought Mount Athos would be clear-cut favourite today. It is still $8. There was stable- inspired money for the stable mate My Quest for Peace. A bloke had a bet $10,000 each way. There was Glencadam Gold at $51 into $41. I really like Green Moon. It has been backed from $26 into $17. Lloyd Williams - an absolute genius. I think you can excuse the Cox Plate run. Going back to handicap, it is a terrific value bet. I think it has a great chance. I think you can topple a favourite. We have a if you emails from people saying who do we back for a trifecta? If it was me, Green Moon, Dunaden - even though it was not the money I expected for it - I thought that Caulfield Cup run was amazing. Craig Williams - well, a genius as well. I also think if you are looking for value, go for Fiorente, mum's horse. It is from overseas. It has not raced yet. She says it is one of the most beautiful looking horses she has seen. Going fantastic at Werribee. It might just cause an upset, hopefully get a Cup for mum.Tom, good luck today, and to your mum as well. Thanks for joining us. Tom Waterhouse from The live export industry says it is disappointed over revelations that 21,000 sheep were inhumanely sheep in Pakistan. They were culled in September and October, and it has prompted the industry body to suspend all sheep exports to the country.Our industry gets very much affected by this. We spend a lot of time nurturing livestock. The city took a clear decision to suspend exports to Pakistan and Bahrain still the investigation clearly identified what the problems were.Ongoing problems. Traditionally Melbourne Cup day has also meant a dip in interest rates. This year should be no exception. For me, we are joined by Ross Greenwood. Good morning to you. Morning, Karl.It will happen today, the cut?I think there is a pretty decent chance it will. The truth is even Gail Kelly, the boss of Westpac said, said she thinks it is even money. That is reasonable. Talk to the Westpac economists, ahead of the curve, in terms of all of the economists of Australia, saying that interest rates will continue to fall. Bill Evans says they will cut the interest rates at some stage, why wouldn't they send a very strong signal into Christmas for shoppers? Really, the truth is that other parts of the economy, the mining industry, is slowing quickly. The truth is you have to get other parts of the economy, in particular manufacturing, retail, the property sector - you have to get that moving, otherwise the Australian economy falls in a big hole next year. He says you might as well go sooner than later.It has had an impact on retail figures the last month. Will the banks pass it on? Gail Kelly said it should come down.There is the interesting thing about Westpac, of course. They still have the highest variable rates of all the big banks. They say they have deeper relationships with their customers, and that is the reason they have not passed these rates on in full. The four big banks have made the best part of $25 million in profit in the past year, up by 4%. As a result, there's still that question mark about what do you want - a strong bank that is going to be there for the future, or do you want all of this money passed on to you as the consumer, and as a result of that, maybe the banks are not necessarily as robust as what they could be. This decision from the Reserve Bank, mostly likely, a cut, I would suggest. But, look, you would not surprise if they keep it on hold.Quickly, for everyone else who doesn't have a mortgage, the Cup?No. 17. What was Tom waterhouse saying about that