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(generated from captions) Rain-wise, we could pick up
around 20mm across the city. Today, the gusty winds
stopped the city getting too hot. Fine, sunny skies
and a top of 25. Temperatures were pretty varied, depending on how close
to the coast you were today. Along the beaches, the gusty sea breeze
kept things around 23 degrees. But in the west, the hot winds
made it around 10 degrees warmer. 32 in Liverpool. 35 degrees in Richmond. Some afternoon showers and
weak storms developed on the ranges but those didn't move
over the Sydney region at all. That will change tomorrow as a trough pushes into Victoria
and New South Wales, bringing some rain, showers
and storms. Around the nation,
the cup forecast - warm and wet and
pretty humid in Melbourne while Adelaide
will become fine after a morning shower.

It will be choppy
on the water tomorrow with winds gusting up to 30 knots
in the afternoon. Tonight will be fine
and partly cloudy with a warm low of 19 degrees. Then we may pick up a late shower with a top of 27 in the city. The western suburbs could see a
storm or two fire up in the evening. Rain-wise, things will be light. Just 1-2mm.

Looking ahead, expect a shower or two on Wednesday with the wet weather set
to get heavier on Thursday before easing to the odd shower
across the weekend.

And that's Seven News
for this Monday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Now, here's 'Today Tonight'.

RADIO: My boyfriend just attacked me

On Today Tonight - victim or killer? She stabbed her boyfriend
but was acquitted. His family is furious. Tonight - the exclusive interview. I am not a killer,
I am not a murderer. Also, cashing in
on Super Tuesday. From the Cup to Oz Lotto. Australia's betting bonanza. ...and the spies in the sky. The drones are above us
but how much can they see? This is a serious issue. Good evening. Thanks for joining us. Is she a victim or a killer? Tonight, for the first time since being found not guilty
of stabbing her boyfriend to death, Lena Kasparian speaks out. She says it wasn't murder. You'll hear the dramatic 000 call
and the police interviews that were so crucial
in her acquittal. James Thomas has this exclusive

MAN: Lena, listen to me.

I can't tell you if Marc
is going to survive or not. A lover mourns her boyfriend.

A mother grieves for her son. (SOBS)

I can't understand
why she killed him. Such a lovely young boy.

Marc's family believe
you got away with murder. Which upsets me. They need to understand that I am just as much the victim
as he is and they are. Both my family and I have suffered
just as much as they have. It's's not easy.

Driving home from a party, Lena Kasparian
and boyfriend Marc Zartarian get McDonald's for Lena's kids. Shortly after, Marc would be fatally stabbed
in the chest.

I am not a killer,
I am not a murderer. I'm not anything that the media
or the public think I am.

The reason
I am doing this interview is to allow people to know that
what happened was a tragic accident.

Lena says it started as an argument
over nothing. Marc was drunk, fiddling with the windows
in the car, turning the radio on and off,
annoying the kids. At home, it escalated. Marc threw a Coke at Lena. Lena threw a glass at Marc. Marc exploded,
hitting her with a saucepan. Lena reached for a knife.

I was just, you know,
holding my son back because he was really clinging on
to me and, you know, Marc was here and I just held it right against
my chest and just trying to keep distance
between us. And then what happened? And he just pushed right into it.

The knife penetrated 14mm
into Marc's chest, puncturing a ventricle in his heart culminating in blood loss
and oxygen deprivation. He said, "I can't breathe" again and he literally just collapsed
right here in front of me so I just ran out
and, um, said to him, "Just keep breathing.
Don't die on me now." Lena's distress is obvious
in a police interview recorded immediately
after the accident with detective Sergeant Barnes.

Marc Zartarian died in hospital
five days after he was stabbed.

This police recording
would become crucial evidence in Lena's trial for murder.

REPORTER: Lena, how are you feeling
about the verdict today? In court, Lena's barrister urged the jury to
listen to the emotion in her voice.

Lena's lawyers argued
she never intended to kill Marc but acted in self-defence, having been hit repeatedly
by a saucepan. It was, you know, with great force
and a lot of anger.

After a three-day trial, Lena was found not guilty
of murder and manslaughter in September this year. She was free.

I'm just relieved that it's over
and I can spend time with my kids.

In 10 years' time, how are you going
to explain this to your kids? I've been pretty open about it
with the children and, you know, I've taught them not
to blame Marc for what's happened. I don't want them to hate
'cause that would create hate and develop issues.

She knew
she was going to get away with it because the legal system
will favour her. He's not here to defend himself
and she's a woman against a man. Marc's cousin Caroline,
Aunty Sylvia and mother Katia continue to believe
Marc was murdered by Lena. Lena murdered, she killed my son. All I know is this -
she is murderer.


Are you OK?
Do you want to have a break? Can you understand
how difficult it is for some people to believe that anyone would deliberately
walk into a knife? Yeah, well, I didn't stab Marc, so, what happened
was a freak accident. He was attacking me, you know. maybe hoping that he would back off
and scare him away but it didn't. That's what she's saying. But when the police came, they saw not a scratch on her,
she had nothing. She's claiming that he hit her
with the saucepan on the head but there was no bump, no nothing. Was there any evidence that
you'd been hit by the saucepan? I had a few lumps on my head that were there
for about three weeks, um, which the police didn't even examine and the ambulance
didn't even examine me. Lena maintains
the police did not examine her head but in the police recording an officer can be heard
doing just that.

In court, police confirmed
inspecting Lena's head but said they found
no visible signs of injury. Forensic experts also found
no evidence of Lena's DNA on the saucepan
that was used to hit her. Yeah. it not surprising to you that
they couldn't forensically find any of your DNA on that saucepan? Yeah, it was pretty surprising. Who knows
that they didn't clean it.

Did you love Marc?

What nerve do you have? You did it. You parade it. You don't care.
You show that blatantly. Caroline believes that Lena's love
for Marc is not genuine. reportedly sent by Lena
to a friend of Marc's shortly after his death. In it, Lena says of Marc:

When confronted with this message, Lena responded to us
with a series of text messages.

I feel like somebody stab me
again and again and again and then I fall down. Marc's mother, Katia,
is inconsolable.

The great injustice for Marc,
for my aunty, for our whole family, is that she kills him,
he's not here to defend himself, she can say whatever she likes
and she did and she got away with it
and now she's going after his money. Marc's life insurance benefit
of more than $130,000 has been awarded to Lena
and her children. Marc's family
are contesting the payout on the basis
that Lena's children are not Marc's and that she was not genuinely
Marc's de facto as they allege she was still married
to her ex-husband while she lived with Marc. I do believe he's made it out
to the children and me and if that was his wish,
then let it be. We paid you for this interview. Has that contributed
to your motivation for talking? Is that why you're talking?
No, no. I always wanted to share my story,
um, just to clear my name. Lena's name is cleared. Remember, she was found not guilty
in court. But before
she even made it to trial, someone was taking justice
into their own hands. REPORTER: Lena Kasparian, the latest young mother to find
herself in a gunman's sights. Last night, bullets pierced
her lounge room window.

Following Marc's death, Lena found herself
in the sights of gunmen when bullets were fired
through her windows and into the lounge room
of her home. Did they catch who did it? No. Who do you think did it? Is it safe to say his family? Is that who you think? I really believe that they have
a lot of hatred towards me and revenge.

There is no evidence
to support Lena's suspicions and Marc's family deny
the allegations emphatically. We never went near her or near her or near her house
or children or anything like that. I mean, we wanted justice and we didn't want
to jeopardise that in any way. Marc's family didn't receive
the justice they'd hoped for. Outside court, Marc's mum collapsed
upon hearing Lena would walk free. It's devastating.
Every day we get up, it's sadness. We are surrounded still by sadness.
This sadness will never leave us. What would you say to Marc's mother
who is stricken with grief? I'm deeply saddened
and sorry for her loss and, you know, if I had a chance
to meet her and talk to her and just give her a hug, but I never got the chance
to meet them and... just breaks my heart that they just hate me
for something that I didn't do.

And something the jury felt
she didn't do as well, acqitting her
on the grounds of self-defence. They're calling tomorrow
Super Tuesday - for good reason. First, the Melbourne Cup. Then Oz Lotto, which could make
someone $100 million richer. As Jackie Quist reports, it all adds up
to an unbelievable betting bonanza.

RACE CALLER: They're off. When it comes to gambling,
we're headed for a perfect storm. MAN: Number 31. RACE CALLER: Here's Red Cadeaux starting to flash home
on the outside now. We're looking at maybe
500 million bet in the one day so it's fair to say that tomorrow will be the biggest
punting day in Australia's history. (CHEERING) Tomorrow is super Tuesday - the world's richest handicap race
running at 3pm with punters plunging $200 million
on the Melbourne Cup alone. Later, a second chance at riches with 7.5 million Aussies
rushing to buy a ticket in Oz Lotto's mega jackpot. This is the first time
in Australian lotto history that we have offered a guaranteed $100 million
Division One prize pool. A standard entry gives you
a 45-million-to-1 chance of becoming a multimillionaire. But,
as Elissa Lewis from Tatts says, it's all about the dream. Our players play lotto
to have some financial freedom and to hopefully, you know,
live that Oz Lotto dream. I got a house.
I need a lot of holidays. Cars, Lamborghini, Ferrari.
Buy an island or something. Buy a new car and go on a holiday. In the past few years especially, we've seen the betting industry,
the gambling industry, explode. Centrebet's Michael Felgate. This week alone, we're talking online bookmakers
like Centrebet ourselves, we'll be turning over
hundreds of millions of dollars when you put them altogether. With a bet just a finger tap away, online betting is experiencing
massive growth according to AVG Technologies'
Michael McKinnon. It's amazingly popular. In 2008, it was only around about
a $390 million turnover business and last year,
it was around $1.5 billion.

So easy to bet and, for some,
so easy to become addicted. For pawnbroker Grant McKay, this is the busiest time
of the year. Generally, they bring something in
of value and we lend something against that,
mainly jewellery. Punters borrowing up to $10,000
to bet on the horses. If the favourites win tomorrow, people will be cashed up
for the rest of the week. That'll generally onflow. They might come in,
pick their stuff up or buy something. If they have a bad day, they might bring some more goods in
and borrow some more money and see if they can reload
on Thursday or even Saturday. There are lots of dangers
with this issue. Psychologist
and problem gambling expert Dr Darren Christensen says pawning belongings
is a sure sign of addiction. They're likely to sell
their own assets and their families,
basically steal from their family just to support their gambling. RACE CALLER: Three or four lengths
in front of Super Cool. For many once-a-year punters,
tipping the winner of this comes down to favourite colours,
favourite numbers and names. But a little statistical data
goes a long way towards picking the winner.

And one man has managed
to do just that. he's managed to tip the winner
22 out of 24 times. I'm Max Hitchens.
I'm known as 'Melbourne Cup Max'. RACE CALLER: Dunaden and
Red Cadeaux, they hit the lead. A photo finish. Do you know the last 8-year-old to
win the Melbourne Cup was in 1938? It was Catalogue. Americain is an 8-year-old. Do you know the last 3-year-old
to win was in 1941? That's how Max narrows the field
of 24 down to 6, making his final choice
in the morning. For instance, Galileo's Choice - if it rains,
I'll be looking at that very closely because it's very good in the rain. Maluckyday is good in the wet track
as well. I think the omen bet in the race
with so much money being gambled, it's gotta be Maluckyday. Or a lucky night for someone. Who knows?
Maybe I'm gonna buy a beach house. Maybe gonna change my wife, even.
Who cares? Have a nice day. All that money circling around
at a time when we are supposed to be
in tough economic times. However you decide to invest
your money tomorrow, good luck. After the break - the rise of the drones. This is a serious issue. It's a major privacy issue
of this century. Are they seeing too much? That's next.



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The more we use the internet, the more our current copper network
is struggling to keep up. After all, it was originally
designed for phones. Not today's internet. (EXCITING MUSIC) The National Broadband Network
is a network that can deliver our needs now
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With technology such as optic fibre
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The National Broadband Network - connecting us to a better future. The rollout is already underway. To find out more, go to

Welcome back. It sounds like something
out of the sci-fi world. The rise of the drones. But it's real and it's here now. Aircraft without pilots, originally designed for military use
are now available for anyone to buy. As Adam Marshall reports,
they have their uses but they also take privacy concerns
to a new level.

It's the future of law enforcement. POLICE OFFICER:
I have a visual on the suspect. Positive ID of a gun
in his right hand. I repeat, there is a gun
in the suspect's right hand. Proceed with caution. Firefighting...


..real estate. What looks like a remote-control toy
is a highly sophisticated drone.

And while we're used to seeing
these pilot-less aircraft on the front-line
of the war on terror...

..soon, anyone could have one. Your friends, your enemy -
even your neighbours. They should be built
by professionals and tested by professionals Flick Durham from Aerobot says no-one is regulating
what's coming in to Australia. Her Byron Bay company
is building the drones with a view
to only selling the technology to photographers,
reputable organisations and emergency services. And, she says, used correctly,
the pros far outweigh the cons. These machines will save lives. This is the hexacopter. We've got a video feed at the moment
coming through this GoPro so that we can see
what the copter sees. Can I have a look? It can carry payloads -
up to 1.5 kilos. It can be modified
to carry just about anything - a GPS tracker, a floatation device,
a high-definition camera. The picture on it's so clear, so you could easily find someone
out in the surf. This is a serious issue, it's the major privacy issue
of this century. And civil libertarian Terry O'Gorman
says forget about taking legal action. At the moment,
there are simply no laws to protect against privacy misuse
of drones. None at all. are through
the federal aviation body, CASA. Those laws relate to safety,
not privacy. So, the sky above your home
is a free-for-all. So, how easy is it to get your hands
on one of these drones? Well, you don't have to pay $10,000. This one cost
just a few hundred dollars from the online Apple store. There's a high-definition camera
that streams live video back to your iPhone or your iPad. As for the heights it can reach,
well, it can easily peer
over the highest fences. It's technology you wouldn't dream
of having in the palm of your hand even just a few years ago. I can definitely see a use for
unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in Australia. Managing natural disasters
and border protection is where John Bigelow
from 'Security Solutions Magazine' sees the greatest benefits
for these drones. Any application in which you might
use a helicopter or a plane can be done
possibly more effectively and more cheaply,
or cost effectively, with an unmanned aerial vehicle. He says every day technology
is becoming more affordable and compact. Just take a look at this model
from the US. It looks like a hummingbird
and flies like a hummingbird. I think they will be
lifesaving devices. Well worth the investment. So, whether you like it or not,
this technology is here and it's here to stay.

This is what's best
for the population and what's best for, say,
people trapped behind a fire front or people lost in a flood zone or people who are in real trouble
at a major event. They're the people
that we need to be focussed with. Adam Marshall reporting. We're heading to a break

and then the final word
on the Melbourne Cup.

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The more we use the internet, the more our current copper network
is struggling to keep up. After all, it was originally
designed for phones. Not today's internet. (EXCITING MUSIC) The National Broadband Network
is a network that can deliver our needs now
and into the future.

With technology such as optic fibre
directly to the home, the NBN will give us access to high-speed, reliable broadband and the possibilities of tomorrow.

The National Broadband Network - connecting us to a better future. The rollout is already underway. To find out more, go to

It has been a little showery
here in Melbourne today but the locals and visitors
were still out in force for the Cup Parade through the city. Something visiting trainers say
is unique. I've seen them before but I think it is
absolutely fantastic. The international horses
are all the rage. Here's the thoughts of jockeys
on fancied runners.

This is what makes
the Melbourne Cup so special. The build up is fantastic and come tomorrow, if I can win the great race it'll be the greatest race
on earth for me. Obviously he has to be going better
than last year, it's a very strong cup
but he looks a million dollars. The last word,
as should be the case, goes to Cups' King Bart Cummings
looking for his 13th winner but wary of Americain. Whatever beats him will win it
in my opinion. Full coverage of Cup Day
right here on 7. I'll be celebrity tipping again, hopefully making more money
for charity. And then join me trackside for TT,
at 6:30. Good luck. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

Did Casey get a hold of you? He's been trying to. I just don't want to speak to him
right now. I know for a fact
that he's really grateful to have you in his life right now. I wonder
how long that'll last once... Once what?

Once I tell him
that I might be pregnant.

You're coming back to the Bay
with us and you're gonna explain
to the coppers why Casey ended up in
the desert and not the courthouse. Why the hell would I do that? Kyle, what the hell
is wrong with you? You were always telling me how much you wish you could
get to know your brothers. This is your chance. Help sort this out for them and you might just get
the family you always wanted. If you let Casey
hang for your crime, then we're done with you for good. You understand that?

So what now? Keep him in lockdown until he agrees
to confess to kidnapping Casey. Confess? We've been in the car with him
for two days and nothing. Hey, he'll crack.
It's a matter of time. I don't know, mate.

What's funny? The pair of you. Please, just let me. No, no, no.
I want to hear what's so amusing. you shove me in a car,
you bring me here... Oh, wake up to what? Helping you? You still haven't said
what's in it for me.

Case, I've been trying to call ya. Sorry. I was getting you dinner. Oh, hello, little brother. You're not going to welcome me
to the family?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Case, stop, stop. Stop, mate. Leave him, mate.

You look after our mate. Back in a second.


SASHA: I can't believe this is the
first time I do it and this happens. Yeah, about that... Please, I don't need a safe sex talk
if that's what you're gonna do. OK. I'm suffering already. It's stupid. Sash, if you're pregnant,
it's not your doing alone.

Which brings me to my next question.
You're gonna tell Casey, right?

I can't do that to him now. Some might say
that he's done this to you. I know, but we're not even a couple.

I tried talking to him about it but he's just got too much going on
at the moment. Sash, you've got to tell him. He's a part of this.
He needs to know.


I should go - let you two go to bed. No, stay till the end. No, I shouldn't, really. Really, you're not keeping me up.

Looks like I don't have
much of a say in the matter. Oh, he's so tired. I can wake him up.
No, no, no, leave him. Wait till the movie's finished. (MURMURS) It's alright, mate, it's alright. You nodded off.
It's alright, you can stay there. No.

No. I'm gonna go to bed.

This movie sucks.