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(generated from captions) because the Melbourne Cup
will be broadcast live but the party kicks off today
at midday with the Melbourne Cup parade. Viewers in Victoria
can watch the live coverage, hosted by Peter Mitchell
right here on Seven. Standby now for Seven Morning News.

I am going to watch the telecast after watching 'The X Factor' tonight. The judges have selected signs for the other judges' contestants.We will see you on Wednesday. Supertext captions
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This program is captioned live. This morning - a suburban shopping
centre in lockdown as police hunt two armed men. Wedding celebrations
turn to tragedy in Sydney as a young man is shot dead. And troubled tennis star
Bernard Tomic in court on driving charges.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. A woman is in custody and heavily armed police
are searching for two gunmen, following a bungled shopping centre
robbery south of Sydney. The centre in suburban Wollongong
remains in lockdown. Sean Berry is at the scene. Good morning, Sean.
How did this unfold?

Does before six o'clock this morning security guards confronted two men and a woman inside the West feel shopping centre behind me. They managed to detained the 27- year-old woman who is with police assisting with inquiries. The guards told police she was with two men who ran inside the cinema complex. Police shut down the building and put roadblocks on the roads around it. They are taking this very seriously. Information suggested
that three persons and we will allege
that one of those persons has entered the premises. It was certainly possible that two
of the persons believed to be males were armed with firearms.

What is the situation there now? With two armed men potentially at large, police sniffer Dogs are going through the cinema complex to see if they are still inside. Police officers are around the building and it has been six hours now. They are trying to figure out if the two men ran before police got here or if they are inside. It is on going.

A man who was shot during a wedding
reception in Sydney has died. The victim was one of three people
injured in the attack at the Canley Vale function centre. Hugh Whitfeld joins me now.
Hello, Hugh. What have police said
about this incident? Good morning. There were

Good morning. There were about 300 people at the Serbian National Defence Council which is essentially a function centre in Canley Vale in Sydney's south-west. Neighbours said it was a fairly boisterous wedding reception. The gun was fired around midnight. Three men were shot including A23- year-old man who suffered two gun shops to the head and two less serious. When police got here they were on the street being comforted by friends. And by members, people who were at the wedding, on the footpath. There were emotional scenes as police tried to push people back. They tried to gain access to the crime scene. Emotional crime -- emotional scenes at the hospital as well. What can you tell us about the victim? He came from a large and loving family. Falou Pisu was just 23 years old and was a guest at the wedding. His family gathered at the hospital to make the heartbreaking decision to turn his life support off. Folau was the best guy. He was a guy with a big heart and he
loved each and every one of us - especially his children. He loves his family -
so we're going to miss you a lot - we love you 'Lau and we wish
this didn't happen to you.

Obviously with so many wedding guests at the

guests at the reception there are a lot of people for police to interview. A lot of potential witnesses. They are investigating links to the Comancheros bikie gang. It is now being handled by the state can't command, the homicide squad who will be investigating this over the coming days. There is still a gunman on the run.

Thank you, Hugh Whitfeld. The carriages from a fatal train
and truck crash at a level crossing south east of
Melbourne are being removed today. The train driver remains
in hospital, the driver of the truck has been
questioned by police and released. Laurel Irving has the details.

The focus today will be on clearing away the last of the very badly damaged train carriages. They will have to be taken out by a truck. The ground is very soft. It will be days before they can be removed. The three other less seriously damaged carriages were taken out overnight. Metro's says it will be several days until services are back to normal. There will be delays for passengers on this line. The rest of the network, including out to Flemington, will not be affected. The train driver is still in a serious but stable condition at The Alfred hospital. There are now three separate investigations under way. Key to that is why the driver of the truck was on the level crossing when witnesses say the boom gates were down and the lights and bells were working.

Tennis player Bernard Tomic is facing a Gold Coast court
this morning, on several driving charges. The 20-year-old says it's been a tough year
both on and off the court but he's learnt a lot. Good morning. Bernard Tomic was expected to fight a series of charges relating back to Australia Day this year. His lawyer has confirmed he will be pleading guilty to three offences and contesting only one charge, failing to stop. The 20-year-old looked relaxed this morning surrounded by his lawyer. He was candid with reporters. This is a little of what he had to say. Not much of a holiday?It is still a nice, the weather is great.Do you still like the Gold Coast?No place better. How is the BMW?Still OK. Everything happens for a reason, I guess.The hearing was expected to last for two days but may be finalised today. That is good news for him. He might finally get the chance to relax after a terrible year. He is at number 49 in the rankings. There are calls to him to get his life back on track. The Gillard Government is standing
by its promised budget surplus, The Prime Minister's immediate focus
is on the global economy as she meets other leaders
on the world stage. Julia Gillard enjoys
the red carpet treatment in Laos, joining dozens of other
world leaders for the Asia-Europe Meeting. Good to be in Laos? Certainly is. After a warm welcome
from the country's Prime Minister, Ms Gillard will spend
the next two days spruiking her plan
for the 'Asian Century'.

I'm sure it will be
a very successful meeting. There are signs of success
at home too. Labor's primary vote has improved
in the latest Galaxy poll though at 47 to 53%
after preferences, it's well behind last week's
50-50 result in Newspoll. It does show that
we have a lot more work to do. Not that Tony Abbott can take
much comfort personally. Less than a third of voters
want him as Liberal leader. Even Coalition supporters
would prefer Malcolm Turnbull - 51 to 45%.

Ms Gillard's slightly more popular
as Labor leader but when it comes to her role in the
2010 coup to topple Kevin Rudd, almost two-thirds don't believe
the PM's claim that she only became involved
on the day.

The Prime Minister's problems
don't end there. A major economic report out today predicts a big fall in expected
mining tax revenue will blow the Government's
promised budget surplus. Unless the Government
does more juggling there won't be a surplus,
there won't be one this year.

The government will never deliver even eight dishonest surplus. The Government's banking
on a turnaround in coal and iron ore prices
to keep its promise. The US election campaign has entered
its final, frenzied hours

After a busy weekend
criss-crossing the country, the President
is about to address one more rally in the battleground state of Ohio. Mike Amor is there. Hi, Mike. A huge turnout for Barack Obama but it's still going to be a very
close race for the White House?

Yes. It reminds me of the 2008 campaign. 18,000 people here waiting for Barack Obama. These people have been waiting up to it all our wares in quite cold conditions. A lot of enthusiasm. It is a statistical dead-heat if you listen to the latest polling nationally. This will be decided in Ohio. It has successfully picked the winner of the last 10 elections and no Republican has gone to the White House without winning Ohio. Right now Barack Obama is in front. The system is that states get votes according to their population and Ohio has a team. If Barack Obama wins here it is impossible for Mitt Romney to get the 270 he needs. Mitt Romney will be here tomorrow. He is keeping a cracking pace. He held 80 rallyes in seven different states. Barack Obama goes to Colorado from here. It is eight o'clock here in Ohio so it will be a long day for Barack Obama. Both of them must be exhausted. It is just over 24 hours before Americans begin voting.

Prince Charles and Camilla
will fly into Longreach today as part of their Diamond Jubilee
trip to Australia. They've spent a busy weekend
in Papua New Guinea, ending their visit
with a state dinner. Talitha Cummins
is travelling with them.

They reassured leave they will be departing for their Australian leg of the tour. -- sent a bill leaf. The royals attended a state dinner last night that was so far behind schedule people were falling asleep. Prince Charles joked about his age. When I think about it, I first came here nearly 50 years ago. That worried me greatly.The standout was probably a visit to a village yesterday when the entire village came out to celebrate their rivals. Camilla had an orchid named after her. They fly to Longreach this afternoon where they will be greeted by one of Queensland's few remaining stock man before flying to Melbourne. Camilla will be in her element at the Melbourne Cup. And Seven News will have
full coverage of the royals' arrival in Australia in the 4:30 News
and tonight at 6:00. Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Holden and Ford face
a car part crisis. And Australian runners lend
a helping hand in New York.

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The search has resumed for a man
missing in waters north of Perth since yesterday morning. The 20-year-old was swept out to sea on the first day of Western
Australia's abalone fishing season. He was with three other men and
wasn't wearing any safety equipment. An air and sea search
failed to find any sign of the man. Holden and Ford
could run out of parts within days as administrators work out if car
parts maker Autodom has a future. They took control
of the struggling company yesterday, standing down 400 workers
in Victoria and South Australia. Production lines at Holden and Ford
could be affected by midweek. Toyota says it has enough parts
to last until Christmas. To finance now and joining me is Westpac senior
economist Matthew Hassan. Good morning, Matthew. The ABS had just released
its retail sales report. What does it show?

It shows a slightly better than expected picture. Expectations were for a soft set of numbers. September retail numbers are up the road 0.5%. For the quarter, sales volumes were down 0.1%. It is due to a burst of spending associated with the carbon tax. It suggests sales are better than expected but it is an uneven picture. Sales of food and basics are picking up more than clothing and department stores. They are seeing cells declines. What are the chances of a rate change tomorrow? They are keeping an interest rate cut but not as much confidence as last month. -- they are suggesting a change.

Thank you, Matthew.

Temperatures are falling in the US
and authorities are concerned for residents hard hit
by superstorm Sandy. Repairs to damaged power grids,
transport links and housing will take months. In New York, up to 40,000 people
still need to be relocated. Volunteers, including
a group of Australian athletes who arrived
for the New York Marathon, are lending a hand. It's a little bit chaotic but they feel as though they're
making a contribution and that's really important. They're expected to stay on
until tomorrow. Next in Seven News - Shane Watson unlikely
to take on the Proteas. And Mick Fanning's world title hopes
dealt a heavy blow in California.

A record crowd of over 50,000 is expected to line the streets
of Melbourne for today's annual cup parade,
ahead of the big race tomorrow. Seven's Leith Mulligan joins me
now live. Hello, Leith.
The excitement is building? And the weather is holding out?

And the weather is holding out?
It is for now. It is quite humid. It is not stopping any of the people coming down to watch the parade before the race tomorrow. Everyone is ready for it. The horses cannot do any more work. I was at Werribee this morning and had a look at some of them including Galileo's choice. The jockey has won is a few times before and he would like some rain on the track. He is looking forward to possibly winning his third Melbourne Cup. I think it's just a great renewal
of the race, Leith. I always think the year
that Makybe Diva beat Vinne Roe was an exceptional year because Vinnie Roe was probably
my best horse that didn't win a Melbourne Cup.


His Americain still the favourite?

His Americain still the favourite? Ever since it was announced Damien Oliver would be riding Americain the numbers got crunched. Dunaden and Mount Athos along with Red Cadeaux. It is us against them, so many internationals. You had my lucky day. Light of heaven looking good as well. It is just over 24 hours to go.

South Africa admit the loss
of Shane Watson would be a huge blow to Australia ahead of the first test
at the Gabba. 30-year-old Victorian batsman
Rob Quiney will train with the Australian
test squad in Brisbane today, as a potential replacement
for Watson. Obviously massive. Think he brings a lot
of balance to their team and he's been quite influential
to the team over the last couple of years. Quiney scored an impressive 85
for Australia A against the Proteas at the SCG.

Jamie Whincup has a vice-like grip
on the V8 Supercar title after completing a hat-trick
of wins in Abu Dhabi. A heavy pile-up on lap two
claimed several cars. Karl Reindler was forced
to run for safety after his Holden burst into flames. Yeah, a few pretty horrible
flashbacks back then. The fire wall did split open
and I looked to my left and saw flames beside me again. The incident evoked memories of Reindler's terrifying fireball
incident in Perth last year.

Sebastian Vettel still holds
the F1 championship lead, despite finishing third
behind Kimi Raikkonen at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Starting from pit lane
following a fuel infringement, Vettel produced
one of the best drives of his career to claim a podium spot. The defending champion's lead is
just 10 points over Fernando Alonso who finished second. Mark Webber's night finished early,
crashing out on lap 39. Mick Fanning's world title hopes
have been dealt a heavy blow, beaten in round two of the Cold
Water Classic in California. Currently third behind
Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater, Fanning suffered a narrow
last-minute loss to Brazilian Jadson Andre. COMMENTATOR: 7.50! He takes the heat.
That is heavy. Mick Fanning has been eliminated.
That is heavy! Mick is out of the event and you'd
think out of the world title race. Slater kept the pressure
on Parkinson, beating Jason Collins to book a spot
in round three.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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China's capital
has come to a standstill after blizzards and heavy rain
lashed it over the weekend. People were on high alert
to the north of Beijing as thick snow caused traffic jams
along an expressway and trains were delayed. Snow on branches and fallen trees
caused power outages in some areas.

Checking today's weather. A series of troughs
are triggering storms in the Territory,
South Australia and WA. Showers and storms are
affecting the south-west while a high pushes strong, warm
winds into the country's south-east.

Around the capitals - fine in

Hot in Canberra
today. Some cloud
for Hobart. Melbourne will
reach 27 degrees with some showers. Some showers
for Perth. Darwin, an afternoon
shower or storm. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye.

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