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(generated from captions) however they continue to drive
whilst being intoxicated and these are the results
of what happens when they ignore the warnings.

Luke knows he's lucky to be alive. He also knows he'll face court
in the future. But, for now, he has to face his mum.

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This program is captioned live. Caught in the flames - tonight, a young man dies in a frightening unit fire. A Kingsgrove house blown apart by a gas blast. The man who says he will keep a lid on rising power prices. A Navy helicopter lifts a sick passenger from a cruise ship. And just what did Prince Charles say to PNG locals?

Good evening. A community north of Sydney is tonight mourning the loss of a young man in a ferocious unit fire. Ben Edmonds could not escape the inferno, which took hold early this morning. Fire investigators believe a faulty wiring may have been to blame. This was the frightening picture. Her boyfriend were somewhere in those flames. This is the young couple, 22-year-old Ben Edmans remembered as a great friend. This man did everything he could.The fire was too heavy to control. It should not have happened.Residents there were woken by screams at around 3am. This man ran to help.It was out of control.Somehow, his family got out safely.There was smoke everywhere.It just grew so large quite quickly.All of them taken to hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. The entire unit blog was evacuated and made into a crime stain. Investigators believe 40 stain. Investigators believe 40 -- faulty wiring is to blame. It is incredible that any body cut out alive. There is a long road ahead. They have nothing left. A house has been destroyed and a man badly burned in an explosion in Sydney's south this afternoon. The blast rocked the Kingsgrove neighbourhood around 2pm.We are not sure what caused the explosion. The victim, are believed to be aged in his 70s, was pulled from the house by neighbours and was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital. His injuries are not life-threatening. In breaking news - the Pacific Highway is blocked after a fuel tanker collided with a car near Ballina. The driver of the car has been seriously hurt, while the truck driver has non-life threatening injuries. Emergency crews are working to contain the leaking fuel. The highway is expected to stay closed for the next few hours. Some much overdue relief on power bills is being promised by the state's new electricity chief. Vince Graham says he knows the pain they are causing, promising to keep future increases to below inflation. We are all feeling the pain on power prices. That is about to end. Double-digit increases are the things of the past.Vince Graham is now in charge. The poles and wires are his domain and he is promising to keep rises in does no work cost below inflation for the next six years.Everyone involved has to work hard to achieve said the community in can benefit.The carbon tax and Nick Green schemes are responsible for the rest of the risers and Prize. -- rising prices. They do have to be addressed in future years.It is a bit rich coming from a man who has over $500,000 a year. Bondi's surf life-savers have been highlighting the dangers of rips, releasing purple dye into the water to show how fast the current can Paul swimmers away from the shore. The surf safety lesson will be taught at 100 beaches across the country this summer. Rip currents are the number one cause of coastal drownings. Traffic police are cracking down on jay walking in Sydney's CBD. Dozens of people had already been caught, Coppin fines of $66 each. 61 pedestrians were killed on the state's roads over the past 12 months. That is a 39% jump on last year's fatalities. It is neck and neck in the final, frantic push to the White House. The presidential candidates have everything to play for in the next three days after a campaign that's cost $2 billion in TV advertising alone. Now in the final one, the President has his sleeves rolled up and his eyes on the prize. Mitt Romney is also dressing for success. While Mitt Romney visited two states, the President gave Air Force One a real workout, flying from Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, and has gone son. Katy Perry got to be the warm-up act. And to reinforce the message, Wednesday is election day. Both candidates would have spent $2 billion on TV advertising alone. A Wall Street billionaire has spent nearly $10 million warning Americans that if they vote for Barack Obama, America could become a socialist nations.

And then there is the unknown. Where a Barack Obama's swift response of the super storm benefit him in the polls? He is still dealing with that at the moment.We did not have patience for red tape. We want to make sure of we are figuring out a way to do it -- a way of getting to yes.Barack Obama has avoided the type of mistakes President Bush made in his response to Hurricane Katrina. There has been a dramatic rescue from a cruise liner off the coast of Western Australia. A passenger suffering severe stomach pain was winched into a Sea Hawk helicopter from the Royal Australian Navy. The trouble was in the region on a training exercise. -- the helicopter. The woman was treated inside the aircraft before being taken to hospital. Three separate investigations are underway into yesterday's fatal train crash in Melbourne. Workers began clearing the wreckage as one of the first people at the scene spoke about rescuing the train driver.By the time we dub him out, we realised he was breathing and semi-conscious. He must have smacked his head. I think his jaw was broken.The third year-old driver remains in an induced coma. -- 30-year-old. Prince Charles has been showing off his language skills, conversing in Pidgin English with his hosts in Papua New Guinea. Thousands turned out to see the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall on the first leg of their Diamond Jubilee tour. It is not something you see every day. The Duchess of Cornwall in a white dress with patterns based on traditional local pottery designs, accessorised with a parasol, protection from the heat and sun. Every available seat was taken. Thousands filling the stadium by a chance to hear Prince Charles a spade. -- speak.

This is his fourth trip to the country but the first for his wife. The locals made the most of the opportunity, celebrating their cultural diversity. Schoolchildren join the display in an energetic and colourful stampede. Followed by a possession of different groups in traditional dress. The royal couple taking a Special Mobile for the lack of the ground. -- rest of the ground.It is great.Next stop was the international orchid gardens where the dachas was presented with a flower named in her honour. -- Duchess. They hid any Midi looks like it has taken its toll. They needed to stop and have a bit of arrest. That put them behind schedule to the visit of a seaside village. There were greeted by a group of angry warriors but they took it in great -- good humour. They are headed for more sweltering heat tomorrow. That is before they visit Australia, all part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Less than 48 hours out from the running of the Melbourne Cup, all the signs point towards the international horses dominating Australia's greatest race. Ken has the latest on the big three following the barrier draw. It could easily be a clean sweep for the International Raiders. This year's favourite Americaan drew barrier 12, while Dunaden will jump from gate 16, and Red Cardeoux from 18.

The International has have brought so much muscle to town. Ahmad Canberra is a classic example. -- Americain.Everyone talks about him because he's so beach and handsome. The connections of Dunaden say he is ready. They believe last year's winner has returned a better horse. Another French stand out.It is turning into the greatest horse race on the planet. To be with the favoured is beyond my wildest dreams.They all have their ears up and you get the impression they know there is a job to be done. Red Cadeaux went down to a photo finish last year but he has a big weight advantage this time around. The foreigners believe they have the cup trifecta all but sort it out. They are proven international courses. -- horses.And what is the Cup without the king? Bart Cummings is chasing his third Trophy.I never get nervous. You'll upset the horses. I will be back later with a sport. More on Shane Watson and the tennis player who completely lost it. In the news ahead, online shopping - protecting you from fraud. Also 'softly-softly' - why pregnant women are the new target of a health campaign. And a billionaire and his $50 million yacht.

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MAN: Solonato is a very new variety. It's got a very, very sweet taste. Lovely shaped tomato. And good for snacking. Uh, you know, perfect... When you put it in your mouth, it's a lovely texture. They look beautiful, like grapes. They are. People put them in lunch boxes. Great idea. We're picking at least
three to four times per week to get that freshness
to the Woolworths store as soon as possible.

This program is not captioned. Well, the blind-spot
alert system - if there's a car in your blind
spot, the little light lights up. It makes me a feel
a bit more secure actually. I'd love it
if everyone drove a Mondeo.

This program is not captioned. Australian-based online shopping sites are put on makers and it fears consumers are on risk. Figures show 50% of businesses are failing to protect online shoppers. You may have the best online product in the world but if you allow your customer's details to be stolen, you could lose that business.Fair training has launched an campaign to protect consumers and businesses. -- Fair Trading. Despite the warnings and graphic campaigns, an extraordinary number of Australian women still smoke during pregnancy. It has forced the Federal Government to change tactics, taking a 'softly-softly' approach in its campaign to convince expectant mums to quit. Smoking for two is still very much a social taboo. But still did -- statistically, one in seven women will smoke through their pregnancy. This is not the baby away as a supposed to have.The research shows shame and shock tactics are not working on pregnant women.If it is too negative, people switch off.The Federal Government is trying to hammer out the habit with a softer ad campaign.You're not just quitting for years.No scary slogans of gruesome pictures here. Just a gentle reminder of the terrible damage smoking can do to an unborn child. This smartphone application can help mothers quick. It can contain practical support and tips.Really helping someone give up is much more effective than shaming them.The Arabs launched today. -- advertisement. Young cancer sufferer Zac Dalziel has been given a special tour of the Parramatta fire station. The four-year-old had a brain tumour removed in August, and will start chemotherapy next month. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. And by the looks of it, he has already got a firm handle on the basics. James Packer has made the most of a gorgeous spring day, taking his $50 million super-yacht out on the harbour for the first time. Longer than an Olympic-sized swimming pool, 'Sea Horse' arrived in Sydney yesterday. Use of the smaller Tories will have to wait until next time. Sport is next. Good evening. Cricket Australia is scrambling for a plan B, as Shane Watson and Ricky Ponting struggle with injury. In the A-league - a harsh reality check for Sydney FC. And what reduced this tennis player to an emotional wreck?

This program is not captioned. With summer on the way, Coles Brand 2L Blue Tub Ice Cream is down, down and staying down to just $5 a tub. No artificial colours. Just 100% Aussie-made ice cream. So get down, down to Coles. # Down, down, prices are down. #

This program is not captioned. Cricket selectors are meeting right now to decide which two players to bring into the Test squad to cover for Shane Watson and Ricky Ponting. Scans revealed Shane Watson has a minor calf strain. He has not given up on the first Test. Shane Watson giving away his cricket here, but it does not mean he is not playing against South Africa.I am really hope for. I hope things go well in the next couple of days. I am desperate to play.He would not rush back to his son. He would rather miss the first Test rather than the whole series. He has learned that lesson the hard way. Australia may consider playing the all rounder as a batsman only. Ricky Ponting is having his injury treated in Sydney. Our Test team is hobbling to the starting line.It happens. It is unfortunate. It has been a busy week. We'll find a way. It might be up to Michael Clarke himself to scold the bulk of the runs.Players like Mike Hussey are batting at six and Michael Clarke batting at five, they will be keen lenders if our top order does not work.The South Africans at drew Australia in their warm-up match. The world number one size is ready for the summer. Sydney FC Coach Ian Crook has apologised for his team's embarrassing loss to the Mariners. In their worst ever defeat, they were hammered 7-2. Alessandro Del Piero was a late withdrawal with hamstring problems but Ian Crook says it's no excuse for the result. Formula One championship leader Sebastian Vettel will start from the back of the grid in Abu Dhabi tonight after being disqualified for a fuel irregularity. Mark Webber will start on the front row, alongside pole winner Lewis Hamilton. Amidst some confusion on the Abu Dhabi course, reigning champion Jamie Whincup has once again dominated the V8s. He won both races and now leads the driver's championship by a comfortable 270 points, with two races to go. Jamie Whincup's Holden is now the most successful individual car in history with 26 wins, overtaking the record held by Marcus Ambrose. And it is nice to see athletes showing emotion but Polish qualifier Jerzy Janowicz took it to a whole new level after beating Gilles Simon to make it through to the final of the Paris Masters. Good effort, Quebec going for a step I am so sorry.Thank you so much. It was unbelievable for me. Good at work.I love it. I think it is correct. The weather is next. After a very This program is not captioned. OK, so your pressure
should be fine now. Excellent. What about yours?
Eh? Your finger nails.
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This program is not captioned. We enjoyed a misty sunny day but it was windy days after name was -- windy as well.

Rain will be concentrated in the centre of the country.

Thank you. Here is a quick look at what is in store for tonight's addition of '60 Minutes'. Eight Mr de tale of love, betrayal and murder. She was sitting on top of me, and had a plastic bag over my head. She is now trying to steal his kids. That is it for us. Goodbye.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live.

I've got a one in six chance. No person with an advantage. To win this competition you need to be clever. Everybody has an equal chance Yeah, I reckon everybody is pretty terrified.


VOICEOVER: Welcome to Big Brother Eviction Night, live from Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Here's your host, Sonia Kruger! (CHEERING AND

Hi! Welcome to Big Brother Eviction Night Live. The countdown is on. In just three days, Big Brother 2012 will be -- will have a winner! So tell me now, who's it gonna be? Now, I didn't quite hear that. What? Who? OK, well, the six remaining housemates are desperate to get their hands on that stack of cash. But outlasting five others will be no easy task. Tonight we lose one housemate and one dog. I know, that's right. Delilah's Big Brother family have carefully select add new family for her to join and she will

will meet them live tonight. I'm going to miss her. Are you going to miss her? Now, a week ago Australia started voting for the winner of Big Brother. So, for the first time ever we can now see how the housemates stack up against each other when they're all up for eviction, so let's take a look. Oh, down the bottom on 6%. Only 10% separating the leader and the second last person. So someone is in deep trouble. It could be your favourite. If you don't want them to get the boot tonight, you must vote for them to win within the next 10 minutes. Facebook voting has close bud you can still text or call until 6:43pm Australian