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(generated from captions) the red carpet. Hello Foster M Lyon late for that date question no you are on time. We are in church. What is the occasion?We are launching an online acting program, a book and at.This is a world first forced a of you came here as a nervous young lad?I never thought I would get in. It was a joke, but this place changed my life. This is where acting with from a hobby to a passion.Did you ever think you would be back here with these whiskers?Know. Somebody said I had the wrong idea about November fast it have these seemed the new show? I want to see it when it is finished.Good luck with everything. Have a great night. Thank you for stopping and

This program is captioned live. Tonight - happy birthday Tony! Is Australia in danger of an Alzheimer's epidemic. Charles and Camilla sweat it out in PNG. The novel way to keep birds off the runway. Charlie Pickering joins us from New York. This is The Project. Good evening, this is The Project. Back with us tonight is Breakfast's Magdalena Roze and of course Michelle ma bell Laurie. Derby Day yesterday. Anything could happen today. You went hard?Oh, look - I had a couple of drinks. But I was sensible.Let's just say that I learned that he is a very good dancer. There is a new move! Hopefully he can show us one day! It is time to move on. The headlines?Well in the news today, Sunday 4 November - a train driver remains in an induced coma in the Alfred Hospital after a level-crossing collision that killed one man and sent 12 others to hospital. The horrific accident occurred around midday yesterday, when a metro train partially derailed after smashing into a truck. Ten reporter Jayde Vincent has been following the story. Guys, it has been a long day here for crews working to remove the derailed carriages. They have brought in a crane to lift them over broken tracks as the investigation continues. Now, despite a 43-year-old man sadly passing away yesterday, remarkably, only two people remain in hospital. Joe Jayde, this is the second fatality at this intersection for four years. Is there an issue with the intersection?Public Safety Victoria has said from their initial investigation there is no fault with this particular crossing. When the collision happened, boom gates were down, bells and lights were working. But it it has, of course, made an urgent call to remove level crossings across Victoria. Thank, Jayde. The cause of a unit fire on the NSW Central Coast overnight is still unknown. Emergency services were called to the scene in Booker Bay around 3am this morning. Police evacuated several residents. Sadly, one man has not been able to be saved.The fire was too heavy to control. Too much.At least 25 asylum seekers in a Nauru detention centre have required medical attention during a hunger strike. Officials say 300 people are participanting in the strike, now in its fourth day. Refugees are calling for better treatment, and more information about when their claims will be processed. Julia Gillard has jetted off to Laos for the Asia-supersummit starting tomorrow. It is her first visit to the region since announcing the white paper this weekend. Tony Abbott has kept a low profile today as he celebrates his 55th birthday with his family. Happy birthday! He was at the Birdcage at Flemington at the races. Is this a Freudian sleep.You will spend the day in the Birdcage?I might be tempted to go to a few of the birds - attractions there! What attractions?! That was very odd.Coffee lovers beware. You may be getting much less caffeine than you bargained for. Some chains are serving up as little as 25mg of caffeine per cup, less than one third of the average, with others dishing up as much as 214kg. Unless you are swimming to Europe or getting heart palpitations, get your money back! You need to know how much sugar to add to cover up the horrible taste of coffee.That is weird! You think coffee is horrible! Charles and Camilla have received a royal welcome in Papua New Guinea in the first stop of their Jubilee Tour. I hope they paced themselves. The real excitement is about to come. Papua New Guinea has gone Papua New Gaga for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. They are on a whirlwind three- country Pacific trip. As a middle stop, Australia will have a lot to live up.Several thousand people gathered to catch a glimpse of the royals. PNG has gone to great lengths to make the couple feel welcome, filling in potholes, picking up garbage and hiding old photos of Princess Diana. They have named an orchard after Camilla. They made him chief. Then in New Zealand, where the Prince will celebrate his 54th birthday, director, Peter Jackson, will personally host an exclusive preview of the 'The Hobbit'. What is on Down Under? The Qantas museum, and a barbecue. They are bunging on a barbie complete with king prawns and XXXX and going to ask His Highness to cook it himself. With all that Hobbit-watching to do, he is probably looking forward to cracking a tinny and picking up the tongues! The locals there seem really excited about this. Were they told it would be William and Kate? (LAUGHTER)Well, they were actually told that many of them that it was going to be the Queen. There are posters of the Queen up all over the place, as well as Charles and Camilla, of course. There was confusion - certainly not the young royal, though. Take a look at some of the beautiful images. We are at Boira village, outside of Port Moresby. It is just beautiful here. This is the sort of welcome that the royals have been receiving everywhere they have been, in Papua New Guinea about 24 hours ago. There are traditional singers and dancers. There was a handicraft store this afternoon that the Royals inspected, and a church service this morning.I believe as a result of the Royals coming to visit, they filled in the potholes and picked up the garbage. Is it looking good?Certainly, back in Port Moresby, every road that the royals have been driving on is beautifully paved. There snot a speck of rubbish in sight. There are a few potholes that we have fallen into in other roads.Now, Charles has been to Australia so many times. We are not really sort of that enthusiastic. Is it because we are used to him?Look, guys, I don't think Charles and Camilla at this point will be worried about pomp and ceremony when they arrive in Australia. They are so affected by the heat this afternoon. Prince Charles had to wear his military uniform, he was blushing and red. Camilla had a fan all day. They will be hanging to get to Melbourne for the Cup and down to Tasmania for cool air.Sunstroke aside, it sounds like everyone is having a great time! Anyone here excited?Oh, look, I'm ambivalent.I didn't know they were coming till just then! Let's move on to Aussie royals. Kevin Rudd is in China at the moment. Now he was talking to Sky News this morning, bringing a weird piece of extra information at the end of his introduction.Mr Rudd, thanks for your company.Good morning from Beijing. It is snowing up here, guys. I didn't ask! Thanks for the weather report! (LAUGHTER)That happened really quickly.Where are you again, Kevin?Let's go to China first, I have a speech to deliver here in Beijing today, a complex speech in Chinese. I think he is in Beijing!I'm not sure!(LAUGHTER) Giving a speech? Very complex!Speaking Chinese! If you have something to say about anything on tonight's show jump on any of the sites on your screen now and join in the conversation.Break time now, back soon. VOICEOVER: Coming up - Charlie checks out the petrol prices on the ground in New York.Fuel is in such short supply here that I had to cancel an interview over in Jersey because we didn't have enough fuel in the tank to get there and make BOY: Our mum is saving us... GIRL: From 2.5kg of saturated
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Welcome back to The Project. Amazing story from WA guys. An abalone fisherman has rescued another man from drowning. Great, yeah! Look what happens next after speaking to the media. What happens? He's got a parking ticket! Karma?! That man deserves...he is...Oh,No!That is not a small person with a normal-size car, that is a giant car with a normal-size person - in case you are wondering! A 16-year-old Sydney girl has undergone surgery after impaling herself on a metal fence early this morning. Emergency services worked for around 0 minutes to free the girl, who -- 90 minutes to free the girl who pierced her left leg. Police believe alcohol was involved in the accident. A huge number of Melbourne churches have found themselves on the property market this year prompting what some are calling a holy fire sale. Church officials say shrinking pir rishs are behind the sell-off. This slice of hevsn expected to fetch up to $3 million!Wow wee!I love it! No fun and games until you look in the contract and realise there is a no contraception clause.Another person says, "Would you buy a church." "Yes, but only to turn it into a gay hot spot." At least at least you would not have to worry about gentlemen Hove that witnesses coming to your door."Good point! Come in, my child!An expensive way to do it. Would you live in a converted church?53% said yes. 10% said no, it would be awkward. And others say only if Jesus helps with the bills. He could make some money on the speaking circuit now! It is time to see what is making news around the world. The Red Cross is stepping up efforts to help those struck by superstorm Sandy amid fears that a storm could hit the US coast next week. New York and Newjersey continue to clean up and forecasters are warning another bout of bad weatherer could bring biting wind and rain. Egypt, Czech archaeologists have unearthed the 400-year-old tomb of a princess. It is surrounded by the tombs of four high officials from the fifth dynasty dating to 2,500 BC. More excavation will be needed before it can be open to the public. Obama has beaten Romney in a bull fight. Villagers in a small town in Kenya have a bull named Obama, and 460kg bull named Mitt Romney. Despite being smaller in size, Obama didn't disappoint, being declared the winner. And an airport in the UK has found the solution to keeping birds off the runway, by playing Tina Turner songs at higher volumes - it is 'Simply The Best' blared from the loud speaker driven up and down the air strip. Genius!They tried 'Meatloaf' but it scared the passengers away! Well, hours before Sandy hit New York, many were stocking up on food and water supplies. Little did they know that in the wake of the storm fuel would become the city's most precious community. It is a city often defined by its streets of iconic yellow taxis. When fuel is in short supply, things are serious. How long have you been waiting? Hours. Over five hours.For an hour and a half already. What is going on? Who is taking over the Middle East? Where is our oil?80% of service stations are closed, either run out of fuel or still don't have the electricity needed to pump it.There is no train, no buses, hardly anything moving! There is no help, nothing. Nobody is coming. This is absolute BS.Fuel is in such short supply here that I had to cancel an interview I organised over in Jersey because we didn't have enough fuel in the tank to get there and back. It is like not being able to get to Geelong and back. And for Sydneysiders, not being able to make it

being able to make it to Wollongong and back. For Canberra - why would you want to go back?! In some cases, it is every man for himself.Got shot in a line for gas?Yeah.Yeah, wow. This is mad, big time. There's been looting of stores. Fist fights and warnings that fake charitys will be out to scam people into giving donations. In defending the behaviour of the wayward New Yorkers, the Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, found a silver lining. The vast bulk of people are doing the right thing. You have to take a look at the crime rate to understand.The New York City Marathon, which normally brings $330 million in the city was scheduled to kick off this morning. An event that normally ignites the city became divisive. They say that resources could be better used to support communities.I want to do the race.I think it is right to cancel it. They need to focus on people who are actually needing the help.They should everything in the world to get power back to these people. We can run another day. Politically, with motornature battling the minds of many, tp Bloomberg is endorsing Obama, based on his response to the Sandy disaster, despite having been particularly critical of the President in the past. For the first time in 24 years, climate change was not mentioned at any of the presidential or vice presidential debate. But it could be the issue which separates the two candidates on election day.It is an important issue. But we right now we need to get food and medicine to our families. Charlie Pickering is on his way to Canberra, via New York. Tempers are fraying. We have heard stories of guns going off. Does everybody feel safe?Absolutely. I moved back into my apartment in the West Village last night, still no power. But people were walking around the neighbourhood in the dark, talking to each other. The nature of this city is that it is very communal. People get along, treat each other with respect. It is the only way it can work in a city of 20 million, where a fair few of them have guns! No choice but to get on! Charlie, people have been queuing for petrol. Queuing for anything else around the city?One of the funniest things is the iPad Mini was released this week and Apple delayed it for about six hours because of the storm. They were not really affected. But the queues for the iPad Mini were in some cases, longer than the queue to get gas. People need their Apple products! We share a deep and abiding excitement for this election, finally here in a couple of days. What is the vibe now?It is getting really exciting. The polls are very, very close, but all the reading of the numbers at the moment say that Obama is going to get by...just. At the moment, I'm trying to figure out if I can get to Wisconsin tomorrow, where Obama is doing a rally with Jay-Z - my two favourite people in one spot. Romney is probably performing with Chuck Norris and Kenny Rogers. I don't know. It will be a far more white event, that is what I know. Meatloaf may well turn up if you are lucky! Charlie, good to talk! Have a great week. IfIssues there with fuel. I love the reaction of this New Yorker after receiving a fuel allocation. I'm happy! I've got a little bit! Just a little bit! But I got it! F (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Ah, it makes you smile at least! We will be back with more after this. ANNOUNCER: This week on The Project - Charlie continues to follow election fever in the US. We chat to some of Australia's biggest royal fans. Delta Goodrem, Michael Palin and Kevin

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You are watching The Project. Pregnant women, especially indigenous Australians, have been targeted in a new anti-smoking campaign. Health Minister Tanya Plibersek says the new ads are designed to support women.Giving them a positive message that when you stop smoking you start repairing is very important to helping people give up.And ready or not - here it comes! Tryouts for the Australian Lingerie Football League took place in Perth today. With tryouts completed in Sydney and Brisbane, it is billed as the world's sexiest sport. Organisers are hoping to attract up to 10,000 spectators per game. How?! I know you have been going through the fine print of this! Have you found anything that has caught your eyeLook, it is hard for me to make up my mind. I will go through the vision again! I quite like it.Facebook says, "American football being the most boring code in the world, now they are on to something." "well, I want to see brokes out there in frilly knickers too, otherwise it is sexist." That would be freaky!Quickly, hats off to Channel Ten and the NBL for this promo they are running at the moment. Oh, yeah...yeah, not sure if I want to watch! Oh, yeah, OK... (LAUGHTER) Well, to something more serious. Experts are worried that poor diets and inactivity may be to blame for Alzheimer's.Alzheimer's affects about 300,000 Australians and we are on track for the number to increase by a third to 400,000 in the next decade.Projections are that by 2050, a million Australians will have dementia. That is an enormous strain on nursing homes, home care and relatives. It needs a significant amount of planning.The cause of Alzheimer's has been a scientific mystery for decades. Many researchers think that enzymeers is a metabolic disease, a lot like diabetes, and type 2 diabetes - a poor diet and lack of exercise may be the cause.A small piece of the brain is lost over time. If we can minimise the cholesterol, improve our exercise, do something about prevention.A recent study of 600 healthy people found that people who don't exercise are much more likely to have a type of brain plaque that is associated with Alzheimer's. With the growing rate of the disease around the world, some scientists have even started calling it type 3 diabetes.Community is heading for an Alzheimer's epidemic, a million sufferers in Australia by the year 2050. The baby boomers are older. We know there is an obesity epidemic. Obesity, heart disease, has a link with Alzheimer's.What can we do to stop the spread? Professor Ravel Martin from Edith Cowan University is one of Australia's leading Alzheimer's researchers. How strong is the link between diet, exercise and the onset of the disease?The link now is becoming very strong in terms of the evidence we are showing. It is quite clear that certain foods can put you at a high risk of Alzheimer's. Others can be protective. Likewise, physical activity can play a huge role. Which of the other ones that you want to eat then if you want to stave it off? Ffrblgts you look at fruits and vegetables in particular, but there are specific foods, including herbs such

including herbs such as in curry, and green tea, which have certain anti-oxidants. Looking at ways to bring them together to have a powerful clinic impact. All the Indians and Arabs across Australia are giving each other hi-5s! We think of it as a brain disease. You are drawing a food link. How does it work? How is it that food affects?What affects the heart affects the brain. Clearly, scientists see that certain foods, particularly those rich in saturated fats are associated with increasing a particular protein called amyloid. It is a protein that builds up in the brain. I liken it to what cholesterol is to heart disease. Amyloid is to Alzheimer's. When the levels are up, you get Alzheimer's.I thought it was about brain exercises. All the time, I should have been on the treadmill, I should have -- all the time I should have been doing the treadmill, I've been sitting down sudoku.We are looking at physical activity. It lowers amyloid in the brain. Mental stimulation as well. We think the two together will give you the best benefit.OK, so we have to go for a run, while doing a puzzle and eating curry! We have it sussed! To celebrate Charles and Camilla's visit, let's take a look at a royal tour of Australia's weather. Brisbane - this week's looking good, which is great. Charles and Camilla will be visiting you first on Monday. Melbourne, they will be at Flemington on Tuesday for the Cup. You will be making them feel right at home with a classic English summer's day of mid-20s and a little rain. The Princess will be heading off for tea and wine on Wednesday. It will be cloudy. Still, it is the only city named after a royal. It is something! You will be rocked on Friday after visiting Hobart. You will be cool that day, Sydney! You koot cat! Perth, your work will turn out sweet! Well done! It is a shame that they will never see it. I guess they found out what you said about them, huh - awkward! Canberra, they are visiting on Saturday, when the weather will be... Hey, just very quickly, Polish tennis player, emotional after a win. Oh...oh... Oh......I... Oh...(LAUGHTER) Oh, no! REPORTER: Well done, fantastic! Oh, oh...Well,Listen, don't worry! Sit back, save your energy. We will look forward to seeing you in the final! It wasn't the final! That is it for the show. Thanks to Magda and Meshel!

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