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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. One person's been killed after a train derailed this morning when it crashed into a truck at a level crossing at Dandenong, south of Melbourne. Nine people were injured when the front carriage jack-knifed and flipped on its side. What more can you tell us?We are looking at one person dead and several more in hospital. You can still see the train behind me. Six carriages in total. One completely off the tracks. Thankfully it was a quiet servers. The most seriously injured was the driver of the train. A man in his 30s. He was trapped inside his cavern, pinned to the floor by his seat. He is still the most serious of the injuries taken away. Thankfully, we're talking about one fatality - it could have been more. As for the driver of the truck, he emerge with little more than shock. He has gone through a level crossing and maybe not seen the boom gate. We do not know anything more. We hear from some passengers and the head of transport Victoria. Bang.And it scared.The early indications, although this is always subject to a formal investigation, are that the train driver was in no way at fault. Crash investigators are poring over the Seine. They will do that for the next couple of days. We don't not explain -- expect any action on the tracks for at least four to five days. The truck driver is currently being questioned at a police station.Prime Minister Julia Gillard has intervened to stop a legal stoush between a senior Labor Minister and Independent Rob Oakshott. Martin Ferguson was planning to sue the crossbencher who's support is critical to keep the Gillard Government in power. What prompted the threat of legal action?Up that it was revealed the mining tax has raised and a revenue in its first three months, Rob Oakeshott said the tax should be reviewed. The remarks were published. It prompted minerals minister Michael Ferguson to file for defamation against the Independent MP. This morning, Julia Gillard intervened to stop the stoush.I had the opportunity to speak to Mr Ferguson about this matter this morning. He will not be pursuing such action against Rob Oakeshott.This is a chaotic government. It seems to be fighting with everyone and this is just more evidence of that.Christine Milne wants the government to adopt the original model proposed by Kevin Rudd. It would raise $26 billion over the next four years. But Julia Gillard insists that will not be happening. The Prime Minister says the government will not be taking advice on this matter from the Greens. A family has had a lucky escape after a car ploughed through the front of their home in Sydney's West. Claire Dressler has the details. The family home crumbled under the impact. A four-wheel drive wedged into front bedroom of this Auburn house, the walls collapsing around it. It's believed the car lost control at the roundabout, slamming through the fence and into the home. Timing turned out to be the family's only saviour - 7 o'clock and they were out the back eating dinner.Outside here were the chairs and the swings.The driver too managed to walk away unscathed. But it was a delicate operation to remove the car, firefighters holding the home together with metal beams. Come daylight the family returned to inspect the damage but were unable to go inside and collect their belongings. The main concern is about the safety of the building. The home has been shunted up against the neighbour's fence and There are fears it could collapse. A terrible shock, but this family is just glad to be alive. A pilot has died in South East Queensland. Witnesses say the aircraft plunged into trees before exploding near Helidon.He had only just taken off when his plane went down. Witnesses say they heard the engine cut out and start splattering. The plane then plunged into trees before bursting into flames. The pilot was the only person on board. Around 1 dozen people were taking part in a first aid course on the property and witness a whole thing.It would be very traumatic to most people.Two men raced to try and pull the pilot out but the heat and smoke were too much and were forced back. One of the men in his 30s was taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation and minor burns. An experience fire and well known in aviation circles, he had built the plane, P51 Mustang replica, himself.It is horrible. I guess it is the nature of that sort of activity.In terms of what caused the crash, an investigation is underway. Conditions this morning were pretty good so it probably was engine failure. He is survived by a wife and two teenage daughters.A man has been charged with murder after a stabbing in Melbourne's north-east overnight. Following an attack at the Heidelberg West unit, the 31-year- old victim was taken to hospital with multiple stab wounds, but later died. Police say the 2 men knew each other. The 59-year-old alleged attacker will face court on Monday. Queens and police have released a man of a man found on the Logan River. His death is being treated as suspicious. It's a very isolated spot here at the Logan reserved near where the body of 38-year-old Julian Neuendorf was found floating in the Logan River by a passing fishermen yesterday morning. Now dozens of police including forensic officers, water police, as well SES volunteers have been combing the area they're looking for any clues into his suspicious death. We do know that quite a great deal of blood was found on the boat ramp near where his body was found and also an abandoned black ford falcon was found nearby. Now police are appealing to any members of the public to come forward with any information they may have about suspicious activity down near the boat ramp. Here's what they had to say a short time ago.The victim is known to police. He has had a involvement with police over the years and he does have a few questionable associates so that's obviously one line of enquiry we are following.Neighbours on rural properties close by say this is a well-know hooning hot spot and some in fact say they heard gun shots on Thursday night.My wife thinks she heard some shots that night. She can remember hearing three shots like bang, then bang, bang.Now a post mortem examination should be completed on his body this afternoon and we should know his cause of death within a matter of days. In Queensland, a fitting tribute to the late gardening guru Colin Campbell. A famous inner-city park in Brisbane has been renamed in Campbell's honour.He had a huge influence. Incredible influence on the way that Brisbane and South East Queensland presented itself. Colin Campbell was one of the main architects of the Parklands that now bear his name. Nicole Kidman has proved she really is the star attraction at Derby day. The actress stole the spotlight as she arrived at Flemington with the parents. Derby Day has become one of our favourite race days and every year it keeps getting bigger. The better the weather, the bigger the cloud - - crowds. Today was perfect. Plenty of people ready for a be day of racing. Had you choose a winning horse?Good names.The beautiful ladies like yourself and the sun. Such a nice day to get out. What else would you do?Find a stress, finest shoes. It is exciting. Fashion, drinking, a great day. We're not really into the horses but I here for the girls and the fun.To many people it is all about getting frock up.Because it is black and white it is the most stylish one.It is such a combination of colours.Isn't a Derby day about black-and-white?We thought we go for something different.Your shoes?Thank you. A friend made them for me. What can I say? They are fabulous.What is a race there without celebrities. There was no bigger than Nicole Kidman. She was looking very My Fair Lady.I am comfortable in these. It was fun getting dressed. It is nice when you get to put our hands.It has been a big day at Flemington. Lots of champagne, socialising. There might be some tired feet and sore heads but no doubt everyone will be back here on Tuesday to do it again for Melbourne Cup. Still ahead - the New York Marathon on cancer and -- cancelled. Well well to veterans give up for a royal visit. And a new edition to drama zoo. This program is not captioned. How about some music?

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This program is not captioned. The Mayor of New York has called
off the city's annual marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It comes as emotions run high in the US as people struggle with the aftermath of the storm. Although the number of tourists in a Times Square yard down, New York is like a tale of two cities. You can walk around and it is almost as though the Hurricane Olga never happen but only 25 blocks from here, it is still without power. One of the problems they have had were people running out of petrol for generators and cars. Difficult to get around at the moment. Those queues stretched 20 blocks at a time. People sitting on the empty metre. One man was arrested for pulling a gun trying to cut into the queue. Jobs figures came out today - one and 70,000 new jobs. These might influence the election which is just in four days' time. The other big news is the New York Marathon on has been cancelled. It is a race that has been running since 1970. About 1,000 Australians take part along with 40,000 others. We have been down to the Convention Centre at to pick up registrations. There were thousands of runners. It is a low blow.Devastating. We are trying to find the positive in it. It is hard to come all the way here and find out here.With such a big clean-up, tonight was also a charity concert. Every big name in the music industry was there. It was headlined by the bus, Bruce Springsteen. They are hoping to raise some money for the people that have been affected. Eight surviving veterans of the Kokoda battles have discovered the graves of their comrades killed there 70 years ago. It's the first time they've been to Bomana in Papua New Guinea, which is the largest war cemetery in the Pacific. More than 3,000 Australians are buried there. Why did we have to do well this? To save their country. I suppose we did it for them.The veterans hope the Kokoda Track will become a significant place of remembrance, just like Gallipoli. It A new addition has been welcomed at Indonesia's Wildlife Park. Pemuda took his first steps shortly after being born at the zoo in Java. He's a West African giraffe which are endangered in the wild. Standing at around 180cm, he's one of the tallest babies in the animal world. Sport is next with Roz Kelly and a scare for our Test cricket team. Unfortunately it's Shane Watson again. He hurt himself bowling. So what are his chances of taking on South Africa? Plus, Damien Oliver the man of the moment at Flemington. And whose side are you on? This program is not captioned. Shane Watson left the field injured, after bowling just one over for New South Wales against Queensland today. It's a recurrence of a calf problem which saw him sent home from the one-day series with England.Yeah, I'm OK. It's just a bit tight so I'm going to get a scan, thanks thanks guys.And South African captain Graeme Smith made 60 against Australia A, and then retired to give his other batsmen a turn on the SCG. Damien Oliver hasn't let a number of off-track issues affect his Melbourne Cup Spring Carnival with the champion jockey getting a roughie home in today's Group One Victoria Derby.

It's a Dundeel started favourite but Oliver delivered a brilliant ride on the 20-1 shot Fiveandhalfstar.

A hamstring injury may bring Alessandro del Piero's scoring run to an end, he's in doubt for Sydney FC's clash with Central Coast tonight. Meanwhile the Western Sydney Wanderers have made it back to back wins.

Mark Bridge scored their first ever goal in a home match, against Melbourne Heart.

Bridge also scored the historic winner against Brisbane. The final score was 2-1, the Heart helping out their opponents with a horror own goal.

Adam Scott is trying to stay in contention at the HSBC Champions tournament at Mission Hills in China.

He started the second round in second place, but two bogeys in his opening three holes could prove costly. Scott's fallen to eighth, while British Open Champion Ernie Els carded three birdies and eagle on the front nine, to close the gap on leader Louis Oosthuizen to just one shot.

Jamie Whincup says tonight's two V8 races in Abu Dhabi, will be short but intense. The series leader will start from second on the grid, behind Will Davison's Ford. The races are twelve laps each. The V8s are sharing the Yas Marina circuit with Formula One this weekend. Mark Webber couldn't complete his practice session because of mechanical problems with his Red Bull, but still posted the fourth fastest time. Team-mate Sebastian Vettel was quickest around the multi billion dollar track. Coming up in the end six being used, plenty more violence in the racing at what it means for the Melbourne This program is not captioned.

Storms in the NT. 30 millimetres of rain. In the South East, a few showers on the NSW Coast but mostly dry. Tomorrow, the odd shower into eastern Queensland, NSW and Tasmania. Showers in WA. This program is not captioned. our Top End adventure continues and we cast a line
where the wild things are.

Numbers of bigger barra.

# Theme music

You could be forgiven for thinking I
was on safari in the wilds of Africa, because Mary River Station,
right here in Australia's Top End, resembles just that.

Owners Kevin and Carol Gleeson breed some of the world's
most unique, endangered and dangerous game animals right here on a property
the size of a small country.

Kevin invited me out here because
the property is bordered is one side by the Mary River, which Carol
heads down to most afternoons for a quick fish. I think he likes the idea of Carol
having a fishing partner when he can't go - not exactly for the company
but for security reasons, as this area really is
where the wild things are.

Oh, how nice is this? It's nnice and cool down here too, by the water with that shade.
Beautiful. Um, I take this is a run-off from
a little gully from the wet season. From the wet season.
And this is...? The Mary River.
Wow. The upper reaches really, isn't it?
Yes, it is. How far from the salt water
would we be here? About 200km.
Wow. The barra get all the way up here.
They sure do. How much river-frontage have you got? About 90km. And, um, how big's the property? The property's 364,000 acres. 364... That's nearly 1,000 acres
for every day of the year except Christmas - that's unreal.
(Chuckles) That's about right.Size of
a small country. You first, mate.

So what would be an average fish
here, size-wise, mate - barra? Um, average around the 70, this
year, we caught.A good year? Yeah, it was a good year
for big fish. That's a good-sized barra
for way up here in the fresh. Normally, it's around the 65.
Yep.Yep. And your biggest? Biggest one's 94 we've caught. That's a good fish for way up here.
That's unreal. So you bring along the puppies
for a bit of company? Yes, they're great company,
especially when you're on your own, and they're very good to let me know
if there's anything dangerous about. Like crocodiles?
And buffalo. OK. That's making me feel
a bit better.And pigs. And pigs too?
Uh-huh. Anything big and dangerous, I guess.

Good fella. I like you.

Besides the attraction
of some great fishing, I could see why Carol
loved the river. It felt about ten degrees cooler
by the water than back at the station,
and with temperatures hitting 40, it made a big difference,
I can tell you. Yep. Barra.

Yep. Only a little guy,
but it's a barra. Basically, Carol's going ahead
with a hard body and having a few casts and I'm picking up the scraps
with a little plastic. So these little guys have come
some, oh, 200 kay or more up the river
from where they were spawned in the mouth of the Mary River. They've pushed their way
all their way up here. Let's get in there. I'm just keeping my eye out there. If I lose him, I lose him -
I'm not that fussed. There we go.

There he is. Get away from the water.

A little barramundi. Beautiful little fish,
he'll go straight back - he's only 45-odd centimetres,
but great fun at whatever size.

This program is not captioned. (GRUNTS)
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