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Obviously what we have seen here today is a terrible tragedy. The loss of one life and our hearts, our sympathy, goes out to his family, his friends. This is a tragic loss of life. But we can say, and I'm sure anybody who has been here, would observe it is extraordinary that no more lives have been lost. We have been advised that nine additional people have been taken to hospital, including the driver of the train. And they have gone variously to Dan Dandenong, to Frankston and to the Alfred. One to the Alfred, to the trauma centre. There have been other people on the train who have sustained some injuries, but not sufficient to warrant their presence at hospital and they have been treated on site. This is a terrible tragedy. A level crossing accident, in any terms, is a tragedy. This one particularly so. Obviously, there has been a significant derailment as a consequence of this and we are terribly, terribly fortunate that there have not been a greater loss of life. We are advised that at this level crossing, at around 11.40 a.m. this morning when the accident took place, the boom gates were down, the bells were operating and the lights were operating and that there were stationary vehicles present at the crossing. I'm not going to speculate about what's happened here and nor will the minister. That's a matter for the Victoria police, a matter for transport safety and, indeed, the Coroner who is present with us now to determine. This is a tragedy. Our hearts go out to the family of the man who has lost his life. And we will await the full investigation and advice on what's occurred here. I'm going to ask ter-Troy make some comments and then we will hear from Ian Dobbs. Can I just endorse the Premier's comments. These are the sort of days that a transport minister dreads in your life, in terms of holding the minister responsible for safety around rail crossings. I understand on the weekend there was around about 30 people on board the train. Can you imagine what could have happened if it had been the middle of the week. It could have been a far worse scenario than what we face today. It's a tragedy that we have lost a life, a number of people seriously injured. But as I say, middle of the week, we could have been facing a cat front offic situation. We haven't had a major situation like this on