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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Just days out from the US election - what impact will Hurricane Sandy
have on the result? Plus, the Australian companies
spending millions on the campaign. We'll follow the money trail
and ask why.

This man claims this woman promised to get rid of
plastic bags in shops years ago. Clearly, that hasn't happened. So this morning,
we again bring them head to head.

The reporter who spent thousands
to look like Shane Warne.

There is a serious message here but wait till you see
the reaction from his wife.

We rate the starters
ahead of a big week of racing. It's Derby Day
as Weekend Sunrise begins now.

(SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Put your hands in
to the big sky. # Live from Studio 52,
this is Weekend Sunrise with Samantha Armytage
and Andrew O'Keefe.

Good morning.Good morning.How do you do?Welcome to Saturday.Sam is the only one who has done and Derby Day colours.You have the white shirt and I have the black shirt. We could team up.You have got fed cold, haven't you?I am waiting for the drugs to kick in.In the spirit of Derby Day, Edwina Bartholomew, who was with us this weekend as a weather girl. Very glamourous this morning at Flemington.James's fascinated was not ready in time. Derby Day in Melbourne, 120,000 people expected. We will show you around the Birdcage this morning. Classic racing wear. Ugg boots. It is seven degrees. It will be bid for 22 degrees. Showers across the country today with the Queensland and WA
expecting a few storms. Raining across Victoria
with a cloudy day ahead for Tassie, while New South Wales and the ACT alternating between showers
and patches of cloud. Your local weather shortly. But first,
here's Jess with the 7am news. A civilian teenager has been killed on a heavy weapons range
in Afghanistan where Australian troops
were training. The teenager was rushed to hospital after being injured at the
Tarin Kowt Multinational Base. He died a short time later. Soldiers at the range believe the Afghan was most likely hit
during their practice. Defence says troops ceased firing as soon as they realised
there were civilians on the range. Australian and local authorities have announced
a joint investigation.

Better-than-expected job figures have boosted US President Barack
Obama's re-election campaign just three days out
from the election. Mike Amor is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike, how is this going
to effect the result?

Yes, forgive me. Kid Rock is rehearsing. This is a Mitt Romney rally. There would be jubilation in the Obama account after the job figures. They just to the number for the previous month. That is good news for Barack Obama. Wheelwright a Mitt Romney rally. We started the day at an Obama rally. There hammering the state of Ohio. This is crucial as to who will win the White House. Barack Obama has been here 19 times. Mitt Romney will take to the stage knowing that no Republican has ever gone to the White House without getting Ohio. Just a few days out, Barack Obama is ahead in most polls. The war we will try and screen out the music and move on to superstorm Sandy. The clean-up is continuing in New York. Our people coping? -- how are people coping? Absolutely. This could also affect the election. Lines for petrol in New York City are incredibly long, 2-3 hours. Patience is running short. Reports of fighting in alliance. One man drew his gun apparently. Electricity is a problem. 4 million people in the east coast are still without power. A lot of anger at Michael Bloomberg for not turning on more power. He is scared that if he does, it may result in some people getting electrocuted. A lot of anger that the New York Marathon is going ahead this weekend. The UN says a video
which appears to show Syrian rebels executing
captured government troops could be used
in a future war crimes trial. The prisoners were ordered
to lay face down on the ground

before gunmen kicked them
and opened fire on Thursday. The allegations are that

The allegations are that these were soldiers
who were no longer combatants and therefore, at this point,
it looks very likely that this is a war crime,
another one. It's likely to damage
the rebels' attempt to claim the moral high ground
in the civil war. Cooler temperatures are expected
to help firefighters battling dozens of bushfires
across New South Wales this morning. Firefighters yesterday
managed to contain a major blaze near Newcastle. The fire came within metres of homes and authorities are investigating
if it was deliberately lit.

You could see all the smoke and the
flames shooting up above the trees and then this morning they started
back-burning at about 3:30. 'Malcolm' the aircrane
has also arrived in Sydney to help out this summer. He's on loan from the US and is capable of dumping 10,000
litres of water in a single run. Holden is blaming
its latest job cuts on the high Aussie dollar and plummeting sales
due to overseas competition. 170 workers at the car maker's
Elizabeth plant in South Australia will lose their jobs. Holden says the cuts are necessary to ensure the company remains viable
over the next decade.

It's much easier to get a car
at cheaper values in Australia, much more easier than it used to be. It comes just months after the company received
a $275 million assistance package. Scotland Yard
has launched an investigation after a British royal protection
officer accidentally fired his gun while guarding
Prince William and Kate. He was sitting in an unmarked car
with another officer when the gun went off. Luckily, the bullet went into
the floor and no-one was injured. The royal couple were safely
inside their home at the time. The officer has been suspended
from firearms duties.

In finance news:

A talking elephant has baffled
zookeepers in South Korea. A group of international scientists
have confirmed Koshik the elephant is, in fact,
able to imitate human speech. He can mimic several words
in Korean, including "sit down", "no"
and "lie down".


Scientists think he may have started
speaking because he was lonely. He will be doing Gangnam Style very soon.This is

soon.This is saying, get me out of this concrete box, for God's sake. Sam, your ear is not attuned to it. There was a difference between the sounds. Quite obviously. It was hard to tell with one of those sounds.The air it is again.Choo- ah!But think you are right, Simon, he is just saying, "Get me out of here." And up cabbages.It is a very useful phrase in Coria.I am over cabbages. It is a reality show in South Korea. Ahead this morning -
a very special performance. Yvonne Chaka Chaka
is known as the Princess of Africa. She's inspired everyone
from Bono to Mandela. This morning,
she'll do the same with us. But straight ahead - late mail from trackwork
as we preview Derby Day. And that includes
the all-important weather. Eddie is at Flemington
right after this.

Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

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It's a $100 million Lotto jackpot. The question is, does money make you happy? Some surprising stories tomorrow. Also in our Sunday edition, Black Caviar, the fashion model. And Apple, orange, tomaro.

I think it was George Burns to said, money can't buy you happiness but it sure makes Ms Rea lot easier to bear.Who are you referring to? Black caviar. Money buying happiness. It is a story we are running tomorrow.Yesterday, of the strength of a black caviar.He went listening to that part?And men and women.We do not connect.We should have our own show. We should they break away.Be very afraid.We can win the Lotto.Is there was actually on the cover?You us.The it's terrific. Ford the first time ever.It was very glamourous. The double shoot.Quite a make-up job. She had to wear normal bridle. I saw an interview with the new editor of Vogue saying they wanted to put a special bridle on her horse but they were not allowed to. It would make a nice crop.Ida and want to know.Case some sport, shall we? Australia's greatest day
of horse racing begins at Flemington this morning with a host of runners desperate to qualify
for the Melbourne Cup. Gai Waterhouse
will have three winners if Reuben Percival
wins the Lexus Stakes this morning. Glencadam Gold is already
a confirmed starter, along with imported galloper
Fiorente who has caught the eye
of racing's first lady.

I think he is a very sexy or so. I really like him and the way he is training.We love sexy horses around here. Kiwi colt It's A Dundeel
is favourite for the $1.5 million Victoria Derby. Coverage of Derby Day
and the entire Cup Carnival right here on Seven. The Western Sydney Wanderers have recorded their first home
A-League victory, winning 2-1 in a heated contest
with the Melbourne Heart. Up 1-0, the Wanderers
were gifted their second in the 51st minute. Croatian striker Josip Tadic struck back five minutes later
with a peach but it wasn't enough to deny
the Heart their third loss in a row.

Teenage speedster Pat Cummins
has broken down and will miss the rest of the summer
with a back injury. He sat out last summer
with a foot problem and after a heavy Twenty20 workload,
the news was all bad.

Worst-case scenario, finding
a little bit of a crack there and I guess there's nothing else
you can do then, wait a couple of months. It was an ordinary day
for our test big guns. Michael Clarke made eight
and David Warner just two in the Shield match
against Queensland. Ricky Ponting withdrew from Tasmania's clash
with South Australia after a hamstring scare. And test hopeful Phil Hughes
made five for Australia A in the tour match
against South Africa.

Round 13 of the V8 Supercars
at Abu Dhabi begins today all on Seven and 7mate. Ford's Will Davison will start
from pole in all three sprints after dominating the qualifiers
overnight. Championship leader Jamie Whincup
came in second, unable to catch Davison, who was simply outstanding
on the Yas Marina circuit.

Yeah, bang on, Beretts. Fun track, long track and a real art trying to get the
tyres in their operating window. Series leader Sebastian Vettel prevailed in second practice
for the F1 Grand Prix. Australia's Mark Webber
was fourth fastest.

Parramatta coach Ricky Stuart says
he'll do whatever it takes to sign former AFL recruit
Israel Folau. The Eels are working with the NRL
to secure the 23-year-old after he walked away from AFL
on Thursday.

We want him to play
for Parramatta Eels and we'll move heaven and earth
to get him there and the good thing
we've got in our favour is he wants to play for Parramatta. Folau will have to bulk up again
if he returns to league after shedding 7kg
from his 105kg frame for GWS.

Australia's Adam Scott
is well placed at the halfway mark of the $6.7 million Champions event
in China.

Scott shares second place
with Ernie Els at 11 under, five shots behind Louis Oosthuizen. A second-round 63 helped him to the halfway
world golf championship record, first set by Tiger Woods in 2000.

It has a lot of money, isn't it?It is a lot of money.It is a very skilled game.It is. It is all up here, isn't it?More skill.Are you criticise an all-out golfing duos? Don't get me wrong. I can't do it. Nonetheless, the basic premise is pretty simple.A lamb with you, Andrew.And the $2.5 million jackpot. Eddie's trackside at Flemington. We have the cover of Vogue with Black Cap Black Caviar.

My boyfriend says my hat looks like a blown tyre. Another skilled game, picking a winner. We all like to pick up offered Cup week with a bit of money it. I'm told that Australian punters will get $100 million today. They did not say dead, they say invest which implies you get the money back.

I am joined now by Glenn. I have got a $50 here that I only want to bet $5. Who are your favourites? But more you bet, the more you win. For a new say that.A lot of people here in the Birdcage, they do not know what the races are but on the website, it is all about the races and having a bet on Derby Day. It is shaping day for the rest of the carnival. More important, Lexus. Gatewood. Can he get into the Melbourne Cup? There are about eight horses. The racing purists, the best today's racing in Australia. I'm from Sydney. Not a lot of people here at the moment.A get your bets in early is the advice from blend. They say it is the best day in Australian racing. I will keep this for later.Good on you, Eddie.In have to spend money to make money at the track.They it's right. You can't just put a blown-up tyre on your head and expected to win.Can we said Eddie's boyfriend Neil to be on your show when you have that spin- off?It does not look like a blown tyre. It looks like a very fancy See More lost. But big is beautiful. Our think it is beautiful. Last click, I cannot hear you. Ahead this hour - the dirtiest things
you touch everyday. Also coming up - the women who spent years throwing
accusations at Lance Armstrong. They were often ridiculed.
See how they're feeling now. But next,
our weekly segment to inspire. This week, the man who walked out
on his job and kept walking.

Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

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Well, it's an exciting time
for our friends at Jetstar as they celebrate their
100 millionth passenger this week.

And to say thanks,
Jetstar are having a great sale. Fly one-way between Sydney
and Gold Coast for $39 a person, Melbourne, Tullamarine and Sydney
for $49 a person, Brisbane and Cairns for $69 a person or Adelaide and Perth
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Melbourne holiday package. Stay three nights
and only pay for two at the Citigate Albert Park
Melbourne in a king or twin room. Packages start from just $240
a person, twin share, flights included. To book, visit

The 100 million passengers as quite a few, isn't it? The incredible.I went on a US airline, there were 100 million people tried to get on the one plane. Now it's time for our
weekly inspirational segment where we share a little something
to lift you for the weekend. Today we're joined by someone who has literally been
on an inspirational journey. Michael Turtle
was a journalist here at Sunrise until 18 months ago he decided to quit his career
and travel the world.

Since then Michael's been
travelling far and wide and writing a hugely popular blog,
'Time Travel Turtle'. He's back in Australia for just
a couple of weeks and joins us now.


When you have a stupid name, you need a steeple stupid blog title. We love you, by the way. What made you actually go and do it?

Bush.The short answer is, I realised I could. I loved my job and I loved living in Sydney but I realise does in a generation and to live in a country where I had the ability. No predetermined future or trajectory in my life. I thought, I had control of time and space, why not make the most of it? I'm not supposed to sound like Dr Who. I travel on Jetstar. That is not as big on the inside as the Tardis. Everybody would like to drop everything and run. You are writing about it. A lot of people are doing it. What is the focus of your blog? I try to find unique things. It is very easy to go the standard route but I like to write about the things that make a country unique, things about them you could not find anywhere else.Where is this? That is on the border of Argentina and Brazil. I was just in Indonesia. It would have been easy to have just gone to Bali. A port, I will not do that, partly because I did not want to crash Rhonda and Ketut. I went into the jungle in Borneo. I met someone whose mother was a research scientist. He told me about it his best friend, an orang- utan. Komodo dragons. Yogyakarta. A restaurant there were they just make one dish which takes 12 hours to cook.Is this the future of tourism?They want to more adventurous stuff?There is nothing wrong with people wanting a week or two and lying on a beach and having a few cocktails but honestly, as the world gets smaller and we have more and more ability to discover it, I think people will look for those unique and special places and people and activities you cannot do anywhere else and that is what I'm trying to bring.It is a good focus because the world is increasingly homogenised but there are increased aspects to every destination? Time Travel Turtle. Travelling through time, but very slowly.That's the idea.It looks fantastic. Good on you. We miss you. If you ever want a job, you know where to come back to.If you would like to swap jobs. When you see the alternative, you will traded in for the world.Thank you, Turtle. The latest from both the newsroom
and Flemington is straight ahead. Also this morning,
as the death toll rises, so does the anger
after superstorm Sandy. We're live for the fallout. And should smokers be charged extra
for health insurance? Both sides go head to head.

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Brand-new Ibis, brand-new comfort.

A civilian Afghan teenager
has been killed at an Australian firing range
in Tarin Kowt. It's understood the boy had wandered
into the path of Australian fire during heavy artillery training. Soldiers at the range believe the Afghan was most likely hit
during their practice. Defence says troops ceased firing as soon as they realised
there were civilians on the range. Australian authorities
will conduct a full investigation.

Excuse me, I have a shopping court. Our you're OK?I will keep going. Apologies to anyone listening to me talking through this. Tempers are running high
on the US east coast in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy with fuel lines stretching
several kilometres in some areas. Drivers are becoming
increasingly desperate with reports one man pulled a gun
when someone pushed in front of him. The storm shut down oil refineries and stopped oil tankers
from docking. The Coast Guard has been
working to open up the harbour here and other harbours
along the path of the storm so that fuel can begin
to move to terminals. Nearly 4 million people
are still without power.

A man has been stabbed to death
in Melbourne's north-east overnight. The man in his 30s was taken
to hospital with serious injuries and later died.

Police arrested a 59-year-old man
at Heidelberg West. He's assisting with their enquiries.

We're still investigating, obtaining statements from witnesses
about what they saw. It's believed the two men had
been in a fight before the stabbing.

A Westpac employee has been accused of fleecing the bank
of more than $100,000. The 25-year-old Sydney man was arrested outside his workplace
yesterday. He's accused of making
fake credit cards and using them to withdraw cash
from ATMs. He's been granted conditional bail
to front court again in December. Firefighters are welcoming
cooler conditions as they battle dozens of blazes
across New South Wales. A fierce firefront that was
threatening properties at Newcastle is under control. Police are now tracing
a suspected arsonist. It comes as the
Rural Fire Service welcomes back its favourite fire fighting tool. 'Malcolm' the aircrane
is on loan from the US for what's shaping up to be
a very busy summer. Actress Nicole Kidman
will be among the celebrities at today's Derby Day in Melbourne. The star flew into Sydney
on a private jet yesterday, looking stylish in a white shirt
and tailored blazer. The Aussie actress
has been in Monaco, filming an upcoming biopic
on Grace Kelly. She's home for a whirlwind
24-hour visit.

It's Derby Day at Flemington today
with 4 Group Ones followed by the Melbourne Cup
on Tuesday. And once again, Bart Cummings
will be well represented in the race that stops a nation. Bart will have at least two runners
on Tuesday, possibly three, but he thinks the 2010 winner is
the horse to beat again this year.

Whatever beats Americain I think
will be probably the winner because it's one of the nicest
horses I've seen for a long while. Americain will be ridden
by Damien Oliver. The Derby, Mackinnon
and Lexus coverage will be right here on Seven
later this morning.

Melbourne Heart have suffered
their third loss in a row, going down 2-1
to a feisty Western Sydney at Parramatta Stadium.

The hurt was deepened
for Heart defender Patrick Gerhardt who gifted the hosts
their second of the match with an own goal.

It's the first time the Wanderers
have posted consecutive wins and their maiden home victory.

Ricky Pointing is tipped to play in next week's Gabba test
against South Africa despite pulling out of
Tasmania's Sheffield Shield clash with South Australia with a hamstring problem. But that news was countered with Pat Cummins
ruled out of another summer with stress fractures to his back, while Australia's top seven batsmen managed a combined total
of just 65 runs yesterday in their Shield matches. Australia A continue
their 3-day match with South Africa at the SCG this morning at 7/325.

And V8 championship leader
Jamie Whincup will start from second on the grid in the weekend's three sprints
at Abu Dhabi. But it was Ford's Will Davison who stole the show overnight
in the qualifiers. Davison won all three
and will go from pole while Whincup's main rival,
Mark Winterbottom, is back in seventh
at the Yas Marina Circuit.

But one of those

But one of those tyres that came off one of those cars has ended up -- ended up on Eddie's head at Flemington. So beaten of sustainable, -- speaking of sustainable, we are at the Swisse marquee. All this will be recycled. This will be re-used for BMX tracks and the poor will be donated to charity. I just put back on my high heels. But what a couple of holes and the four and in his seat. The marquee is also decorated with some herbs used in the vitamins. This is the top of a fennel plant. I do not think that is edible or what you would be having to eat. The catering will be done by George Calombaris. Here is the liver detox. No doubt, a few people coming out here will be requiring it. Brisbane,
cloudy. Sydney,
a few showers. Canberra,
cloudy. Melbourne,
mostly sunny. Hobart,
partly cloudy. Adelaide,
a few showers. Perth,
scattered showers.

The good thing about these, we can turn it over and it looks good. Nobody will notice bus stop Nicole Kidman to hear. Cadel Evans. But also Rick Astley. Can you believe it? Never going to give you up, never going to let you down. You know the song. It will be absolutely fantastic. It is a big racing carnival, particularly big on celebrities this year.Is it? Apart from the cull Kidman?Kim Cattrall. Rhonda and Ketut. Eyes on the road. AAMI. To read effective campaigning. You're not allowed to call a Samantha. -- call her Samantha. App of the Week time now. And today's app is a detailed look at one of the great
wonders of the world, Simon?

Not the Big Merino?And not last week's disaster. This is called Pyramids Preedy. -- 3-D. I have never been to the pyramids. You can fly around this site. A simple click and it is working.The Big Merino of ancient Egypt. They took it from Goulburn.The two stunning. You can go inside it. We will go inside this tomb. Into the Tomb of Qar. The historical detail. There is a voice as well that you are not hearing this morning. At every point, you can click on something. Pass all those hieroglyphics. Very intricate. It is quite into good. Where are all the skeletons covered in cobwebs?Indiana Jones. That is the Indiana Jones application. Another great feature. As you would see it, you can go. 2,000 years ago. Lots of information available at every point along the journey.It is an animated graphic taller but also photos of the interior. Exactly. This has taken a long time to put together. The price accordingly. $14. The reviews are sensational.What is it called? Pyramids 3D.I love when you hit that 3,000 years ago function, Bert Newton in a toga. Next to Anubis. It was quick. That would be a beauty for all the ancient wonders, wouldn't it? The mausoleum of Halicarnassus. That'll be great. And speaking
of tech-related things, later in the show - we'll rate the Facebook campaign
against bullying. It was launched yesterday
with much fanfare But how will it actually work? But next, the dirtiest things
you touch every day. You could be in for some surprises. He's not dirty!

So, did you get lucky? There was this one guy. There was this oneT

Our eyes met.
He offered me a special drink. Ooh, you look so hot tonight. "Like a sunrise." I whispered back, "Kiss me, Katut."


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Who parks a boat
in the middle of the road? The new up! With City Emergency
Braking as standard. Volkswagen.

It's a $100 million Lotto jackpot. Around 1 in ever 2 Australian adults
will have a ticket.

The question is -
does money really make you happy? Some surprising stories tomorrow.

Also in our Sunday edition,
Black Caviar, the fashion model.

Her owners join us live. And apple, orange, tomato - we reveal the best fruit juice
for your body. Our Sunday edition of
Weekend Sunrise from 7am tomorrow.

Now, how often do you go and
stick your hand in the toilet? Not too often, I'd guess.

I got my phone in the toilet once. I had to get it. They are as another Melbourne Cup. It was not a portable toilet. Yuck. So, what are the dirtiest things
we touch every day? To tell us,
we're joined from Melbourne by a forensic cleaning expert,
Peter Guerin. Good morning, Peter.

Are light switches
really all that dirty?

Yes, light

Yes, light switches and more specifically toilet door handles. They are probably the filthiest things he were ever going to strike. I have been told when you go to a public toilet, presuming it has a number one, you're better off not washing your hands because the tap itself is so filthy that it counteracts any washing effect. That is correct. Our toilet hygiene or the facilities and public toilets needs to be lifted. The US has got it fantastic. You do not touch anything.Re Alley?They have the electric doors? We need to get that technology here. What other particularly dirty things? I'm thinking escalator handles. Escalator handles are shocking. ATMs. The keyboard on those. Computer keyboards. Telephones, for example? Anything where there is hand contact which becomes hand-to- mouth contact. That is where the transference is that there is germs. You will see this quite often in airports. The person before you is eating a burrito. Picking their hair and typing all at the same time. It is disgusting.We all have manners. The cough into WA hands and then shake Some Body's hand. Just do it into your sleeve.The things that have the most hand contact Adam not frequent be washed are likely to be extremely unhygienic.If it is porous surface. The car keys. We have electronic remote. Germs get in the crevices. It is not a nice place.Television remote.Wooden chopping boards. They are pretty bad?He put to a chicken on their and chicken is renowned to go off fairly quickly. The chicken juices get into the wood grain and there they fester and literally fester by the hundreds of thousands.Things like a wooden chopping board. You can just watch those. Your computer keyboard, you can give that a white with the little KFC refresh a towel. There are things you cannot tell plight money or public door handles. What do you suggest?A lot of portable hand sanitise as on the market. Isopropynol alcohol. The best defence you have is good, solid hand-washing.But not in a public place. Those can sanitise us, I have it in my handbag first but then I read that if you use it too much, you cannot build up tolerance towards germs.That comes from when we are young. Get into the dirt, but into the sandpit where the cat has been. Some pretty nasty stuff from Cats. That is how we develop our immune systems. The immune system recognises the nasties and defends itself.Great. The bidder can sanitise it. Some dish washing gloves. The whole bit.Is that acceptable? To go out in public.I like that you are a forensic cleaning expert. Do you do a house course? I just thought of a Christmas present for my mother. Not that she needs forensic cleaning but she loves a tidy ship. I hope she doesn't because forensic cleaning is actually trauma cleaning.What does that mean? Think about it.I am certain it is. Her, right. OK.Peter, thank you. It has been a delight to talk to you.Sorry to put everyone of their breakfast.You have made me feel quite sick. Thank you anywhere.I'm thinking of cutting up a chicken on my board. I will just to stick my finger up my bottom instead. It is much cleaner apparently. He has put me off everything. Maybe I will not. Sorry, back to eating breakfast, everyone. It seems you can't walk around at all.Sorry.It is my cold medication kicking him.OK. My goodness. Where do you get these ideas? Sorry, we have to go to a serious story. Well, tensions are rising in
the wake of America's superstorm. Our man Mike Amor is live next. Also coming up - the women who were ridiculed for
labelling Lance Armstrong a cheat. We'll catch up with them now. And a debate you don't want to miss. Why are we still using plastic bags? Right after our next news.

22 degrees and a few morning showers for Brisbane. A gloomy day. -- Sydney. Time for our weekly
Postcard from America The US death toll from Sandy
is nearing 100 while millions
are still without power. The disaster has overshadowed
the presidential election which is just days away. Our US bureau chief, Mike Amor,
is on the campaign trail and he joins us now from a Republican rally
in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kid Rock has piped down. Mike, what impact has Sandy had
on the election campaigns?

A very good question.

A very good question. Everybody in American politics keeps talking about the October surprise, the big event that could change an election. The October surprise could beat Sandy. Unfortunately. President Obama widely praised for his handling of the storm, the aftermath. He suspended his campaign but he is back on the campaign trail, as is Mitt Romney. There is growing frustration on the east coast that there is still 4 million people without power so that sentiment grows, that could hurt Barack Obama when people go to vote. He did have some good news today with the new jobs figures. Kidd Rock is about to fire up again. 170,000 jobs. Good news. Let us listen to what Barack Obama had to say at a rally we were out this morning. In 2008, we were in the middle
of two wars and the biggest economic crisis
since the Great Depression. And today, our businesses
have created 5.5 billion new jobs and this morning we learned that companies hired more workers
in October (CROWD CHEERS)

Do you think Sandy will affect the voter turnout next Tuesday?Yes, a try to make measures that will enable those, even those in the worst-affected areas, to get there but here is the dilemma. A lot of the areas are still flooded. A lot of people not living at home and a lot of electricity out in those areas so those electronic books are not going to work. They do not think they have enough paper ballots so what is unknown what effect it will have that. Having said that, the worst-affected areas, New York and New Jersey, are both very strong Democrat strongholds so unlikely it is going to change the voting in those states. Another storm is coming. A lot of rain. Not as bad as Sandy but that may stop a lot of people from getting to the polling booths in those swing states.The Democrats traditionally rely on people, the early vote as they call it. People who vote before the official polling day. One would imagine that turnout for that former voting has been completely reduced. -- form of the voting.A lot of people have not been able to get out in those last few days of early voting. That will hurt the Democrats. They to usually find it harder to get people out to vote. It could hurt them. They are a bin a lot of people had already voted in those weeks before superstorm Sandy hit. -- hoping. It is very exciting. The campaign trail, so many unknowns in all of this. It will be right down to the wire in the next four days.The jurors. What do interesting time. They have organised a benefit concert taking place tonight to raise money. A huge line-up.A My goodness. Kid Rock won't be there. Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, both natives of New Jersey, as well Billy Joel, who was from Long Island. He got the phone call in London and said yes within a few minutes and went back to New Jersey and said his school was actually used as an evacuation centre. -- Bon Jovi. The area where he grew up, very hard hit. They're coming together, so many stars from that area. No power, no fuel. It is getting cold here. You would not want to be without electricity.A great line-up. Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel. leave us this morning. Thanks for your company
and have a great day.

For everyone else, it's news time. Here's Jess.

The death toll from superstorm Sandy
is fast approaching 100 with 41 people now confirmed dead
in New York. Millions remain without power
along the US east coast and frustration is growing as a
fuel shortage hampers the clean-up.

The storm has long subsided

but Sandy has left the grim reality of hundreds queueing for food donated by charities and churches. The warning here that some parts of New York City will still be in blackout for another week as dismayed residents.A lot of frustration. It is like they have no value. They see other areas are being taken care of and they totally overlooked does.It is a frustration that is spreading. In New Jersey, with half the battle stations still closed, reports of fights breaking out among people desperate for fuel.It is terrible. No gas. Everywhere I went, the police said, no gas so I came down here and it has been over two hours. Almost three hours.Half of all the deaths occurred here on staff and Ireland.This is the only wedding photograph. -- Staton Ireland.As residents picked Ruud remains of their homes. There is rumours that the recovery effort has been concentrated on wealthy areas.The we're hurting and we need help immediately.The City of new work is talking about getting what out of the battery tunnel and preparing for a marathon. We are pulling bodies out of water. You see the Disconnect?Among those bodies are two young brothers pulled out of their mother's arms by floodwater and she tried to flee. The death toll is more than 90. Australian and Afghan authorities
have announced they'll work together
to investigate the death of a teenage civilian
on a military firing range. Defence has confirmed
the Afghan was injured at the Tarin Kowt Multinational Base where Australian troops
were training. He was rushed to hospital
but died a short time later. Australian troops say
they ceased firing as soon as they realised
there were civilians on the range. Victorian police
are doorknocking homes after a deadly stabbing
in Melbourne's north-east overnight. A man in his 30s was killed after being stabbed inside a home
in Heidelberg West. A 59-year-old man has been arrested and is assisting police
with their enquiries. It's believed the two men had been
fighting before the stabbing. Papua New Guinea is preparing for a
very special visit from the royals. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla
are due to arrive tonight before heading to Australia
on Monday. Talitha Cummins is in PNG,
waiting for them to arrive.

Set for royals is the headline. Front page news and a big deal for locals. Much like you do a big clean-up of your house, that is exactly what Port Moresby has been doing for the last few months. It ended 800800-person clean-up. The roads they are driving along has been done again.Everyone has been doing their best to clean the highways.As you can see, we are cleaning up our city and doing the best we can do. It is nice to meet Prince Charles with his wife.There was a right here to a 21-gun salute by the Defence Force. They will be held for three days and have a jam- packed schedule. That is before they head along to the Australian leg of their tour with a will visit five states including Queensland, SA, NSW, Victoria and Hobart. The royals will have to New Zealand for the last leg of their tour and Prince Charles will celebrate his 64th birthday. The Prince last visited PNG in 1984 but this is Camila's first visit to all three countries. We haven't seen a lot of this couple together publicly so here is hoping we will see a different side to both of them over the next couple of weeks. A rare white lion cub
has been born in China. It's parents are both yellow lions, The cub is being nursed by a dog
to make sure she gets enough milk. White lions are extremely rare. There are estimated to be approximately 300 of them
in the world.

De Must be related to Kimba. I loved that.Why wouldn't the target get enough milk from its own mum? It might have rejected it.There is a bigger story about this. All these little white cards come out of China. There is a much bigger back story which is not a good back story.About the conditions?About so many cubs being rejected. The news scripts are all the same. These cubs are rejected by their mothers. They're not. They are being bred this way. Some pretty nasty stuff going on.A really? Siegfried and Roy and not behind this?Out now, they're on the loose. I'm not bringing down the tone but there is a bigger back story.We should do a story on that.You have bought the tone down. You have made me really sad.Cute little tigers? No. Animal cruelty.Sadly, it is a bit like that. I have ruined it for everybody. Glen Boss is still in danger of
missing out on a Melbourne Cup ride but Australia's
greatest big-race jockey

has a good shot today in the Derby. Boss will ride $7 chance Havasstan
in today's main race. But before that, he must pilot favourite Gatewood
to victory in the Lexus Stakes to be assured of another chance
to win Tuesday's $6.2 million Cup. I will be cheering from the stands.

I will be cheering from the stands.
If it is not to be, it will not be. It's A Dundeel is favourite
for the $1.5 million Victoria Derby. Coverage of Derby Day
and the entire Cup Carnival right here on Seven.

Alessandro Del Piero
remains in doubt for Sydney FC's A-League clash with the Central Coast Mariners
tonight with a hamstring issue. It's just as big a blow
for the Mariners with a big crowd expected at Gosford in the hope of seeing the man
transforming the A-League. While last night, Western Sydney
won their first home game, overcoming the Melbourne Heart 2-1. Our cricketers had a day
of ups and downs yesterday. As Pat Cummins was ruled out
with stress fractures to his back, Australia's top seven batsmen
managed only a combined 65 in their Sheffield Shield matches, while Ricky Pointing pulled out
with a hamstring scare. Some of the lesser lights, though,
put the pressure on the incumbents in Australia A's match
with South Africa at the SCG. The Aussies resume at 7/325 after a quick-fire 85
by the prolific Victorian Rob Quiney and 67 from test hopeful
Steve Smith. The party is in full swing
at Abu Dhabi with revheads from around the world
turning out for the V8s and Formula 1 weekend. Ford's Will Davison
was the best in the Supercars, dominating all three qualifiers
to secure pole for Round 13 on Seven and 7mate today. While Australia's Mark Webber
battled with technical problems to manage fourth in the
second practice for the Grand Prix. His Red Bull team-mate,
Sebestain Vettel, was again quickest.

And one of the many golfing records
set by Tiger Woods has been broken overnight
at the Champions event in China. South African Louis Oosthuizen
was unstoppable for a 9-under par 63 to leave him 16 under
halfway into the event. It's one better than Woods'
all-time record of 15. Australia's Adam Scott sits
five shots back at second place.

Something about hand cleaning. Hotel rooms. The remote and the phone and all those things, the first thing I do, when I walk into them, clean them.And the bed cover. You put the bedspread in the cupboard.Do you clean the cupboard before?Just a little tip after row wrecked the whole show with that type of thing.Maybe some ageing Hollywood star has been in the cupboard.Now you're in trouble. Eddie is once again at Flemington. Save us.Wonderful Derby Day Today in Melbourne. It is going to be 22 degrees. Sunny. Right now, it is about 10 degrees. I had the slippers on earlier but I changed into a high heels. I also had some heat pack Sunday here. The best thing to warm-up will be a bottle of champagne. We have been given the honour of opening the G.H.Mumm marquee. There we go. 10,000 bottles of

Chris Morrison actually opens bottles of champagne for a living. I want your job. It is quite special, it is called sabrage. A 200-year-old French tradition created by Napoleon's cavalry as the quickest way to open these bottles of champagne. Because this way, are like that.

bottles of champagne. Because this way, are like that. Here is how it is done. I had been practising this over many years at the bar.Lay it flat.Flat, OK. Deny try this at home with a butter knife. 1, 2... Wow! That actually worked. Is it safe to poor? Is it safe to drink at eight o'clock in the morning? I take your word for it, he is the professional. That was bad boring. Cheers.As the good Melbourne Cup. Good on you.

If the try that in the pub, you would be arrested. It's my sabrage sword. It is why Swiss Army soared. It is harmless. Well, each year Australians use
an estimated 4 billion plastic bags. That's billion with a 'B'. Once we're done using them, they end up in land fill or
littering our streets and waterways, causing significant
environmental damage. In 2002, a national campaign
to limit the number of plastic bags was launched
by Jon Dee and Ron Clarke. The government committed
to phasing out plastic checkout bags within five years. 10 years ago, Jon was on Sunrise to announce that the very first town
to ban plastic bags was Coles Bay in Tasmania.

I hundred

I hundred and 80,000 people a year visit the town so a hundred and 80,000 people will not be able to get a free plastic bag or purchase a plastic bag at the checkout. You'll get her strong reusable paper bag with recycled content and you can recycle that and the good of $2 calico bag that you can use for years in years.

But have things really changed
since then? Let's bring in Jon Dee from
Do Something the Australian National Retailers
Association. Margy, if we can start with you - what are retailers doing to limit
the amount of plastic bags we use? There has been enormous amount of movement. You only have to go into one of the larger

one of the larger stores to see the number of options in terms of what you can put your groceries in two. Some of the larger supermarkets, they will not give out plastic bags for less than three items. All the major supermarkets provide recycling things. Their turnover an enormous amount of returns. The important thing is that consumers have got a huge number of options when they go into stores and they make the choice and increasingly what you see is people going for the reusable bag or the biodegradable bag or the long-term reusable again taking them back. That is something that the large retailers are encouraging.When the can they first started, you did see people increasingly using the reusable bag. I have noticed in the last few years, a real shift back to plastic bags. To retailers need to do more to actually advertise or push the other options?There is an education issue, certainly but retailers to a fair amount of pushing. You go in store, the options are available in terms of what you can put your groceries in. But the deportees to start loading it into plastic bags. Very rarely does the checkout person of the youth.A often do you go grocery shopping?Every week.When I go, they often ask me do you want a plastic bag or something else?I wish they did because I go shopping and so many times I get one item and they put it in plastic bags. The reality is, 22 million Australians and the last the years have used nearly 50 billion plastic bags. Most of those at ended up as little or landfill. The recycling rate is pitifully low. The fact we are still using so many plastic bags says to me we should do what was originally committed by the state and federal governments and ban them once and for all. We have a situation where some states and territories have banned them. I think we need to see that adopted nationally.But as an issue here about the litter streamed. These plastic bags represent less than 4% of all 1% of the little stream. Some states have said they will be phasing out or have a complete ban on plastic bags. This is about community education and working through and offering options.It has been 10 years. Those statistics, it sounds like a remarkably small amount of litter.The fact is, it is wind-blown litter. When it ends up in the waterways, turtles, dolphins, Wales, I've seen the footage of these poor animals suffering and often getting killed by ingesting plastic bags so it isn't only needs a small number of plastic bags to cause immense damage. We do have the ban in place in SA. That is doing incredibly good things. Everybody, because the ban, is taking their reusable bags when they go shopping. The a city and the NT, the sane and next year, Tasmania, which start of this whole thing, or stop -- the same.Most people I think would want to do the right thing. You had your bags and the boot of the car. When it moves 10 years on, you forget. You get a bit lazy. Is it time for another national campaign and these big estates on the eastern seaboard? Without a doubt. We need to copy what Target has done. When you go there, 75-90% of people take their own back because they are banned the non-biodegradable bags. You get these reusable bags. Those of the at the raised much money for the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation. If we could do what the Target have done, we would raise a lot of money. Can I ask about those bags? Like Sam, I often forget to pull my back out of the Britain I think, oh, No. So a purchase some more of those. How many of those can we keep a buying?The key thing is, when you enter them out, put them back on the passenger seat of your car. That is the best way. We do need more commitment from Coles and Woolies and other supermarkets. These biodegradable bags, is that sustainable for Woolies and Coles? It is about what consumers want when they go into the store. Across the board of sustainability, the big retailers are doing a huge range of beans not just related to plastic bags. Organisations like Coles, for example, a high proportion of money spent on these sorts of bags goes into junior land care projects at helping develop gardens and so forth so what is a holistic sustainability approach from these big retailers.You said it is about consumer choice. Why would any consumer choose and non biodegradable bag over a biodegradable bag?These ones are in many places. People are charged for biodegradable bags. A sliding scale of fees for all sorts of different bags in store. Everything from 0.15 up to 0.99. There are very comfortable for carrying bags in. It is very easy. You can get more in them.You can purchase more. If you have a great Dane, they're fantastic for picking up their faeces.Bread bags are fantastic for that. We have a labrador. If there is a big stick of Pooh, we use the bread bags.Our want to see that.Retailers are encouraging people to bring bed bags and making special things available just for that.Then go back for your time this morning. -- Thank you. Ahead this morning - the women who spent years trying
to expose the real Lance Armstrong. Also coming up - the Facebook campaign
to combat bullying in Australia. Will it make a difference? But next, the Aussie discoveries
that could change our lives. Dr Karl explains why they matter.

Part dessert, part beverage.
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I ever imagined it to be. But if I had two imaginations... You know what it's really like?
Frozen Coke mixed with soft serve. Killed it. McDonald's new Frozen Coke McFloat.

Refreshing frozen Coke under
creamy soft serve. From $2.95. Oooh, where's my jacket?

It's a $100 million Lotto jackpot. Around 1 in ever 2 Australian adults
will have a ticket. The question is -
does money really make you happy? Some surprising stories tomorrow. Also in our Sunday edition,
Black Caviar, the fashion model. Her owners join us live. And apple, orange, tomato - we reveal the best fruit juice
for your body. Our Sunday edition of
Weekend Sunrise from 7am tomorrow. Well, Australians scientists
are at the forefront of terrific innovations. But sadly, their achievements
are too often ignored by the mainstream media. We want to help change that
here on Weekend Sunrise. Australia's top scientists
were honoured this week for discoveries
that could change our lives. Our science guru, Dr Karl,
can walk us through them. Morning, Karl.

Science has been downplayed in the last few years as scepticism has risen.Some to a redoubt put out by people against climate change would the same thing about smoking and CFCs and acid rain.I like the back you will trust your electrician when he says you need to change a light or someone will get the electrocuted but you will not trust your side just when he says you need to change your behaviour otherwise the world will die.That somebody says the universe began 30.7 billion years ago. NEC a sign saying what paid and he will touch it.The awards. One of them was in the area of dark matter and Galaxy for Mason.E C.Most of the universe, we cannot see. We can only see 4% of it. There is this dark matter which makes up 20% of the universe and dark energy which makes up 70%. All we can see is 4% and the sky, Ken Friedman, he was big on the dark matter, in the early days and he is moving into galactic archaeology which has tried to understand a galaxy and you might think, what use is it? Yet. While interested in dark matter?A scientist, John Sullivan, an Australian, was looking for black holes in 1970 for bus stop before the world wide web and the for personal computers. He accidentally invented wi-fi. In 1970 bar, he says he could invent that for your personal computer. What is the world wide web, what is a personal computer? In 34 years, it came to be. Something from dark matter could be a toy, if you stop playing with it, Johnny, we don't know.Dark matter gravitate to.We have no idea. Another breakthrough was in melanoma
and breast cancer research.

The air is no such thing as a single cancer but there are hundreds of them.

hundreds of them. In one cancer, there are four different types. Different causes, treatments, outcomes. Some of them, you die quickly and some, you don't. The same with breast cancer. He was one of the first to show you could grow a complete breast from stem cells and looking at breast cancer, come cancers a whole bunch of them, he showed us what we thought was wrong. We bought in breast cancer, only one in one million cells was bad. He showed that one in four was about. Then, a whole new way of treating it. It revolutionised how we are treating it. Treatment is sort of like a primitive agriculture. Slash and burn. Use a shout would you can have a knife and what is left, you burn with radiation or chemicals. Then you have to the best. He's tried to push us to the next level.Were it is his name?Mark Shackleton. He did a wonderful job and used to working in the field.We hope you can continue to bring us the innovations in the coming weeks, particularly the ones that happening right here. It is a good point. Some research needs to be targeted. Some, like research into dark matter, we will never know until we do with what the results over a to B. Were it will lead us. Ken was great, was due, winning an award this week.Too a bit. And speaking of science,
a quick word about tomorrow's show - what role has climate change played
in recent big storms? Scientists versus the sceptics
tomorrow morning. But ahead this morning, the reporter who underwent
the Shane Warne makeover. You could do it too...or not.

And we'll visit the Sydney train
platform that doesn't really exist.

It's very Harry Potter - next.

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The death toll from superstorm Sandy
has climbed to almost 100, including 41 confirmed deaths
in New York. Rescue efforts are still continuing
in some areas. And more than 5,000 people are staying in shelters
and emergency accommodation. As rescue and recovery efforts
continue, there could be more fatalities
discovered. And this just in - the New York Marathon
has been cancelled despite earlier plans
for it to go ahead. Many locals said continuing the race
would be insensitive. US President Barack Obama
has dodged a last-minute blow to his re-election campaign thanks to
better-than-expected jobs figures. Employers created 171,000 new jobs
in October, showing the world's biggest economy
is on the mend. But the unemployment rate
still rose to 7.9%. This morning, we learned that companies
hired more workers in October than at any time
in the last eight months. (CROWD CHEERS) Obama and his challenger,
Mitt Romney, are campaigning in Ohio today
ahead of Tuesday's poll.

The UN Human Rights Commissioner
says a video which appears to show
Syrian rebels executing captured government troops
could amount to war crimes. The prisoners were ordered
to lay face down on the ground before gunmen kicked them
and opened fire on Thursday. It's likely to damage
the rebels' attempt to claim the moral high ground.

A burst water main
has flooded homes and backyards in Melbourne's south east. A burst water main
has flooded homes and backyards in Melbourne's south east. Fire crews were called to an address
in Chadstone several blocks
from the source of the flooding. A brand-new unit was destroyed just days before the new owners
were due to move in.

Social networking fashion
could be the new trend this season with the world's first
'Twitter dress' unveiled in London. The dress,
made from French silk chiffon, includes more than 2,000 LED lights and spells out tweets in real-time. A judge from the British version of
'X Factor' wore it to a tech launch. That's got to be hot, doesn't it? Yes.

Yes. You would not want to go and the rain.Yes.I've don't know why I said that. It's A Dundeel
remains strong favourite for the $1.5 million derby
at Flemington today. The Kiwi colt began the day at $2.80 while Glen Boss's mount,
the top-weight Gatewood, has been heavily backed
to win the Lexus and qualify for the Cup. Cricket, and Ricky Pointing is tipped
to recover from a hamstring injury in time to line up in next week's
Gabba test with the Proteas. But teenage speedster Pat Cummins has sadly succumbed again
to the fast bowling curse and will miss the rest of the summer
with a back injury. Western Sydney fans have left
Parramatta Stadium very happy after the A-League newcomers
snatched their maiden home victory in their second win in a row
against the Melbourne Heart. The job was made easier for them after an own goal from
Heart defender Patrick Gerhardt. And Round 13 of the V8s
get under way today in Abu Dhabi as series leader Jamie Whincup
looks to add to his 3 from 4 wins at the Yas Marina Circuit. But the Ford of Will Davison
got the better of the champ in the qualifiers overnight. He'll take pole
in all three 12-lap sprints

in the lead-up to the F1 Grand Prix.

and cloudy. Sydney,
a few showers. Canberra,
cloudy. Melbourne,
mostly sunny. Hobart,
partly cloudy. Adelaide,
a few showers. Perth,
scattered showers. And a possible storm
for Darwin.

This is not an Irish pub. We are here in the Emirates marquee. The luck of the Irish today. It reminds me of, where the road rises up to meet you, made a wind always be at your back. May your Guinness always taste like, let's give it a shot. Not bad sporing.Sheesh. It doesn't travel very well. As specially when it is warm and it is 8:30am. That is to crosses were how I have drunk a bit about golf. An Irish breakfast. I find it difficult to believe that many people in the Error extent are going to be sitting down reaching for the James Joyce. It looks a bit like Ron Burgundy's library. Well, Sydney has some of the most
recognisable buildings in the country, if not the world. Contemporary designs,
much-loved heritage buildings and architectural icons
tower over the streets. And for most of the year, passers-by
can only admire them from afar. But this weekend,
we get an 'access all areas' pass to explore some of the normally
off-limit structures in the city. And one man
who is all too well aware of what it means to be off limits
is broadcaster Tim 'Rosso' Ross who joins us
from a very special place.

Where are you?Nice to be back. I'm at Central Station on the platform known as the ghost platform because it has never been used. If you look down here, there are no rails. It was built in 1979 and finished and has never been used. It is incredible. I could have got to say, it is the creepiest place I have ever been. Absolutely weird.They have been discussing the transport blueprint, some were suggesting those tunnels should be used for trams all things. In your opinion, what could be done with that space? It is amazing.Homeless people could live here. That would be fantastic. It is here for the future in case we need extra but it is so bizarre because it is like a movie set. It is one of the amazing buildings that will be open all this weekend. It is the strangest been that I have ever witnessed. You come down here and it has never been used and no-one comes down here at any other stage ever apart from on weekends like this one. What other buildings will open their doors?Parliament House, the fire station. You will like that one because the boys will be serving up sausages all weekend. Really?Yes.No comment. Used to be boys.They will be polishing the poll all weekend.Oh, I don't know about that.What a great opportunity. You really cannot go into some of these. The tunnel was one example but the foil of a beautiful old building -- for ye. You cannot go in without a pass generally.This is absolutely all access. Although on Sunday you can see buildings that people walk past everyday editing, I wonder what is in there. Like the Queen Victoria Building. You can check out the Dome. Parliament House. Where a lot of people go every day enter not work.What is your favourite?It is not open up my favourite is obviously the Opera House is great but that that will block all we go to in Chinatown is great.Thank you. It is a delight of you to say so on national television. Thank you very much.Once again, he managed to bring down the tone. We miss you. Add a great weekend for a stop I'm sorry.I apologise.That is the funny thing about working in the city. You just walk around with your head down and occasionally you look up and there is a great building across here, the Commonwealth Bank building. It is not applied but it is a fabulous building.That was one of the old- school imposing or inspiring bank buildings, wasn't it? You're supposed to walk him and think, my money is safe. Ahead this morning - the Australian companies
spending millions on America's presidential campaign. We'll tell you why. Also coming up - the women who spent years trying
to expose the real Lance Armstrong. Seems they get the last laugh. But next, the Facebook campaign
to stamp out bullying. Our Masters of Spin
on whether it will work.

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But was half-a- yearly budget to make that promotion. You two were sticking around. Facebook has launched a new campaign
to fight cyber bullying. It's unveiled
a special Facebook page where users can pledge
to stop bullying and ask others to join them. But will it make a difference? Let's ask our Masters of Spin, advertising commentator Jane Caro and Joe Hildebrand
from 'The Daily Telegraph'. Good morning to you both. Jane, what do you think
of the campaign?

Arts think it

Arts think it is very well-meaning. I think it is a little bit adults and a little bit grown-up to really be tremendously effective.Being sarcastic as a form of bullying.By will, then, suck it up. I will be a bit sarcastic. It is so tick the boxes and lacking in imagination and lacking and signing a pledge, that is nice but to will sign it? People who were already converted. It is not really go to get to the heart of the problem. It is a nice idea but I hope there is more to it than just a Facebook page and a whole lot of people getting on and