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(generated from captions) He's not answering his phone...
Keep your dirty hands off him! Can't you see he don't want you,
you're a whore!

Some want you to believe
that I'm a racist, as if a vote for me
is a vote for intolerance and hate, as if the day I'm elected there'll
be race riots and ethnic cleansing. Armstrong's doing his rent-a-quote
again. Nothing could be
further from the truth. We are a party
for the British people, for every British person. A vote for me is a vote for Britain.
This is not about race. It's the most unbelievable crap. You can't dismiss him.
He's struck a chord with people. Britain has a problem
with immigration, with vast amounts
of cheap foreign labour. It's the Poles and Romanians
who are responsible. We are not a racist party. But I stand for communities
free of gun crime, and crack dens, and slum housing. EXPLOSION
And the main reason... SHATTERING GLASS




Martin! (COUGHS) Martin!

My name is Selim Said. A proud Muslim youth. For too long we have been asleep,
but now we are awake. It's time for the British jihad
to begin. He is my son. Don't you understand? It doesn't make any difference what
he's done. He's still my child. Making that kid do a martyr video
was a big mistake. Grace thinks there's a word
in the flames.

If you go in there and face him, he
won't lay a hand on you ever again.


What's she doing here?

There was no-one there.

It's the perfect irony, isn't it? They burn down an AIDS hospice
and all end up getting it. Closed Captions By CSI

P Tonight - budgets bottomline. Tony Abbott concedes he may walkway from policy commitments for lack of money.Some of our own initiatives might have to be phased in or commence later than if the current structural budget position were not so poor.The Prime Minister bets a Coalition Government wouldn't give up the carbon tax.This is part of Abbott's con job on the Australian people. He's trying to tell Australians he'll get rid of carbon pricing. He never will. This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening. Welcome to Lateline. I'm Emma Alberici. Going into the final weekend of the US election campaign, Mitt Romney is gaining in the polls with early voting giving the Republican candidate a 7 point lead. He's also raised ahead among the critical Independents. But a last-minute flurry of the political advertisements and high-profile endorsement for Barack Obama make next Tuesday's outcome still difficult to predict. Even the President's lead in the key battleground state of Ohio is now raiser thin. Shortly we'll cross live to Washington to speak to John McCain's 2008 campaign manager Rick Davis And you can join the conversation with our guest tweeter - Labor MP for the Federal seat of Throsby Stephen Jones. Just follow the Lateline hashtag. First, our other headlines.Car trouble. Holden sheds 170 jobs and a components manufacturer goes to the wall. And Man Versus Wild - the modern-day hunter gatherer living off the land in rural Victoria.Opposition leader Tony Abbott has conceded that the coalition might need to jettison some policies if it wins the next election and carries out the promise to cut the carbon and mining taxes. The Prime Minister is interpreting that to mean the coalition has no policies even though she's predicting Mr Abbott won't repeal the carbon tax. Tom Iggulden has Clover Moore from Canberra.With polls showing public opposition to the carbon tax abating, questions are being asked of the Coalition about whether Tony Abbott needs to broaden his attack on the Government.Today Tony Abbott is making a very serious speech about the economy and how we would strengthen our economy and cut red tape. Not everyone took the speech seriously. Hecklers got up close and personal with the Opposition leader on stage. A bunch of crap as you well know and we're very excited.Isn't it fantastic to see under gratwit humour does not change.Neither do Abbott's promises. He says in Government he'd go ahead with repealing the carbon and mine be taxes, turning his back on the $40 billion they would bring in.That's why I've warned shadow ministers that some of our own initiatives might have to be phased in or commenced later than if the current structural budget position were not so poor.The Opposition loodder's remarks were recommend sis then of those made last year by his Shadow Treasurer. Fining 50, 60 or 70 billion is about eye fogging waste, identifying areas where you do not need to proceed with programs.Decoded that means he hasn't got any plans. The Prime Minister's decoder fired up again on the section of Abbott's speech about the carbon tax.This is part of Abbott's con job on the Australian people. He's trying to tell Australians he'll get rid of carbon pricing. He never will. They'll have a little fiddle, a little name change if they're in a position to after the next election.Julia Gillard's accusing the Opposition leader of running out of ideas, but Mr Abbott did have one new announcement today about what his government would do on entering office. People will need to know from day one that Australia is upped new management. That's why I'm announcing today a productivity priorities working group to be chaired by Steven Ciobo.Steven Ciobo who made it absolutely clear a little bit earlier this year that his answer for productivity is bringing back Work Choices and individual contracts.The coalition was on the defensive on another front today too. The deputy Opposition leader's denying that her questions to the Prime Minister this week about her days as a union lawyer amounts to a smear campaign. Julie Bishop says she's only asking about the Prime Minister's professional integrity. It is also about her ethical conduct. She gave a statement to journalists in August setting out her version of the events. I'm challenging her version with documents that have come to light since she gave that press conference.I'm not at all worried about anything to do with any of this. It is 17 years ago. The fact that the Opposition is just in this sleaze and smear is just telling people they haven't got any ideas for the future.And increasingly familiar attack from the Government. Tom Iggulden Lateline.Prominent Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney who was acquitted yesterday of murdering his wife, is reportedly pushing ahead with a defamation lawsuit against the WA government. Corryn Rayney was found burr about buried in a shallow bush grave five years ago and her husband was described by police as the prime and only suspect. At the close of Perth's so-called trial of the decade, the judge criticised as inappropriate and reprehensible some of the actions of senior investigating police. The West Australian Police Commissioner has refused to comment on the trial until prosecutors decide whether or not to appeal Mr Rayney acquittal. Joanna Menagh reports.Prosecutors have 21 days to lodge an appeal against the decision to acquit Lloyd Rayney of his wife's murder. The Police Commissioner insists he won't be making any public comment in that time. I will do nothing until I get advice from the state prosecution authorities. It is in their hands. They might have it nor another 21 days. Ale make no further comment on it.In his decision Justice Brian Martin described the conduct of some of the investigating officers as inappropriate and reprehensible. Most notably, he was critical of officers who pressured the forensic pathologist into changing a report. Justice Martin said the conduct was totally inappropriate and an abuse of their position. He was also critical of the public way Mr Rayney was arrested describing some of the evidence of the lead detective as arrant nonsense and concluding that officer had decided to put on a show of force to humiliate Mr Rayney in public. You have confident in those officers named in that finding?Again, I'm not going to make any comment until I get advice from the state prosecution authorities.Are you willing to look at outside investigators to lock at the charge? The judge highlighted what he called discreditable conduct by him. He found Mr Rayney had secretly and illegally recorded his wife's conversations and that he'd lied to an earlier court hering about having her consent to do so. Mr Rayney is still facing a charge of telephone bugging and he also has to consider whether to spread with his defamation action over being named as the prime and only suspect. If Mr Rayney wants to pursue that that's his choice. The Premier has ruled out an independent inquiry into the case.We don't need an Cairory. I'm sure the Police Commissioner will look at, the police Minter and will look and the Attorney-General. Mr Rayney has declined to make any further comment.Holden today announced it's cutting 170 jobs at its Adelaide plant because of slowing car sales. The company has already reduced production this year and says it hopes to make the new cuts through voluntary redundancies. Yesterday 400 workers were stood down in South Australia and Victoria by car part maker autodom.It is a fact that the motor vehicle manufacturers have been doing it hard. Whether it is the dollar, whether it is competition, whether it is other factors, and they are seeking to adjust.Talks have failed to solve autodom's financial problem and Ford and Holden only have stock to last until next week. If Autodom collapses thousands more car industry jobs would be lost. Victoria's coalition Government says its Labor predecessor is to blame for sharp increases in the cost of water. Melbourne Water retailers want to increase prices by 34% next year to cover the cost of a new desalination plant. While the price hikes are yet to be approved the State Government says there's little it can do.The contracts are in place. The bills have to be paid. They are going to cost consumers $1.8 million million a day every day for the next 27 years. That translate noose these increases in water bills. That's what the contracts say. That's Labor's legacy. This is what the previous government left behind.Labor has consistently maintained the desalination plant which opened this year will become an essential part of Victoria's infrastructure.

After three days dealing with the disastrous impacts of Superstorm Sandy, US President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail. With less than a week to go in the presidential election, the polls are showing the race between the President and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney is neck and neck. But Barack Obama has received a boost for his management of the disaster response today, receiving an endorsement from independent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Matthew Carney reports. US President Barack Obama returned to the election trail with polls showing he holds a event ter lead in five of the eight most critical States. We know what change looks like.(APPLAUSE) and what the Governor's offering sure ain't change. Giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. Leaving millions without health insurance isn't change.Praising his response to the superstorm, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his endorsement for President Barak Obama in 'The New York Times'. The former Republican said he had shown leadership on climate change which could be causing severe storms such as sand I did. In Virginia, Mitt Romney attacked the President as a man with no plan for the future.I know that the Obama folks are chanting four more years, but our chant is this - five more days. I five more day is our chant. (APPLAUSE). There was good news for the President with US consumer confidence jumping to a four year high. But unemployment figures out tomorrow are tipped to rise slightly above the current rate of 7.8%. Meanwhile, the death toll from the superstorm is nearing 90. Among the victims, two young boys torn from their mother's reach by raging floodwaters.God, I would be devastated. What would we do? I would die. I would want to be dead with them. I can't believe it.Police in New York in jersey are going through house to house ser searching for more victims.There is a lot of elderly that stay in place. You may encounter this.As the death toll mounts, New York is struggling back to life. Food and water shortages are widespread. The power should be back on within days. Chronic petrol shortages have meant long queues and frustrated drivers. Almost like Armageddon. Like, it is a rough feeling out here. You know you got a car yourself everybody fighting for gasAtlantic City was the landfall for Sandy as it roared towards the coast. The iconic boardwalk was picked picked up a smashedI seen it mostly, but on the mountain you see the waves sitting. I'm like wow Sandy is destroying this place.Estimates say the storm damage to amount to $50 pill billion.While the White House race is a toss up and the Republicans are expected to hold the House of Representatives, the Democrats are hopeful of retaining control of the Senate.But the contest is still close with Republicans potentially just three seats away from winning back the chamber. The race could come down to States like Massachusetts which is seeing a fierce battle for the seat one held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie travelled to Massachusetts for a closer look at the Senate campaign.She's 63, Ahar vard law professor who is aiming to the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate. I'm running for the United States Senate because that's what girls do.Republicans have called Elizabeth Warren a partisan Liberal elitist.I'll be working my Fannie off for this campaign.In her first election she's also emerging as a national figure.Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts candidate for Senate.And an unlikely insurance policy for Democrats. Because if Barack Obama loses the presidency, her election could stop Republicans claiming a political trifecta, winning the White House and control of both houses of Congress.You know, people told me when I got into this it would be tough. It would be ugly. It would be nasty. They said it will get personal. Them attack your family. It is tough out there and that's what they're doing. I want you all to hear me. I am not afraid. I am not afraid. (APPLAUSE).Thank you very much.Her opponent is a charismatic 53-year-old moderate Republican. Two years ago Scott Brown stunned the political establishment by winning Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in a special election following the vet rent Senator's death. In 2012 Boston Democrats like Warren supporter Kathi-Anne Reinstein want it back.Scott Brown did unthinkable. He put out a commercial that had John F. Kennedy speaking and it morphed into him. Every dollar released from taxation that's spent or invested will help.Being someone who is Irish Catholic growing up in the Boston area, this is blasphemy.Polls currently show he's running several points behind and the Massachusetts Senate race is one of several Republicans had been counting on. The party only needs a net gain of 3 or 4 seats to take control of the US Senate. But after a series of controversial comments by candidates, what once seemed likely now feels like a long shot. Harvard political scientists David King says the party only has itself to blame.Republicans have almost uniformly, not in Massachusetts but in most States, nominated very conservative, Tea Party Republicans who are now seen as vulnerable.In Missouri Todd Akin horrified Republican strategist and badly damaged his campaign with this remark during a discussion about abortion rights. First of all, for what I understand from doctors, that's really rare. If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.Indiana Tea Party favourite Richard Mourdock another in a tight race, outraged women's groups with this.Life is a gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.How much does it hurt you that your campaign when controversial comments from conservative Republicans elsewhere on abortion, for example, how much does that hurt your campaign here? Listen, I immediately said I don't agree with those comments. I'm a moderate pro-choice Republicans. What happens in other parts the country where they may have more conservative beliefs has very little to do with me and what I'm doing here.On Scott Brown's campaign signs and in his campaign messages there are few if any references to his party. Despite the partisan battle lines drawn in Washington, Scott Brown says he's prepared to reach a across party lines.Tonight the Independent majority has delivered a great victory.When he's here in Massachusetts he's very, very independent. But in the other 4 States where he's out raising money he's very, very Republican. A Republican in order to win the Senate seat in Massachusetts has to pretend not to be a Republican.Former Boston mayor Ray Flynn says that streak of independent is appealing. Fed up with gridlock in Washington the lifelong Democrat has publicly endorsed Scott Brown over his party's standard bearer Elizabeth Warren.I probably represent a lot of people in this State probably in the country that really have decided because of the Government is so polar rises in Washington and in the city in the State, it is so partisan, divisive, that we vote for the person, not for the party, because the party's don't don't work for the people around here.The 73 year oeld-year-old believes that from us trition will hurt Barack Obama on November 6.I think Romney wins this election because people are really fed up with the polarisation even Democrats.They blame Barack Obama for that? Yeah. Not him personally, they blame the system, the system is awful.He's in charge.It is the most expensive Senate race in America. The most expensive in this State's history. Tens of millions of dollars are being poured in here much of it from groups outside Massachusetts.Why are companies and individuals investing in these campaigns? Because it is an investment in the future of the United States's Senate whether it will be held by the Democrats or by the ripe cans. A campaign contribution for either Scott brourn Elizabeth Warren is not merely a contribution. It is an investment.Just one vote, just one Senator could put Republicans in control of the United States' Senate. Scott Brown could be that Senator. Which is more important, the re-election of Barack Obama or Democrats hanging on to control of the Senate? They're equally important. I can't say one or the other. I go back and forth in my head to which one would I settle for. Elizabeth or Barrack. Both of them keep me up at night.It wasn't so long ago that Republican strategists were quietly confident I've double victory. The presidency and a sin net majority.There we go.Thank you. Now the major parties find themselves facing a cliffhanger with neither side certain how this turns out. Craig McMurtrie, Lateline.To discuss the Presidential election we're joined now from Washington by Rick Davis, he was the national campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008. He's currently the chief operating officer at the private equity group peg suss capital advisers. Thanks so much for being there for us.Thank you.If we take a look at early voting numbers, it would appear that Mitt Romney is ahead something like 7 points. How much significance should we attach to that? I guess, especially considering that at this point in 2008, Barack Obama was 19 points ahead? Right. It really just matters as to whose poll you want to read and how many Democrats and Republicans make up the mix of that poll. No question early voting dynamic has changed significantly in four years since I was involved in 2008. A massive Turnout early so the numbers were on the side of the Barack Obama four years ago on Turnout and then obviously the margins were on his side because he was winning really two out of every three early votes. This time completely different. A little different state by state but overall would you have to give some of the advantages to Mitt Romney.Most of the polls have the two men neck and neck in Ohio, considered to be I guess the battleground State. This is a fairly middle class, working class State. I note, though, that the respected pollster and statistician NATO silver says there's a 80% likelihood observe will take Ohio. What's your reading of that state and at this late stage what would Mitt Romney have to do to sway opinion there? I really do think it is dead even. Every poll indicates that the two have been hovering around a margin of error for now about two weeks. Really, since the collapse of the Obama margins after the first debate, this election has been in a virtual tie. You have to look at Turnout and Turnout on election day is what's going to matter. The early vote in this case is irrelevant. It is basically even also. End when you look at Turnout you oneder what that model is going to look like, what's the percentage of Democrats v Republicans who Turnout. In the model he describes he has a pretty significant increase over Republicans in democratic Turnout. It is more the 2008 model where Democrats turned out in excess of 5% more than Republicans did. In the 2004 model it was virtually even if not a little bit I've margin for Republicans. Within that six or 7 point span we're going to see who turns out most and it is a knife fight on ground in Ohio to Turnout every voter that these campaigns have identified and those Turnout operations are going to matter this time.The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire businessman, has decided to side with Barack Obama. How big a blow will that be to the Republican campaign? I think it is pretty much irrelevant. He's involved in a horrible situation with Hurricane Sandy really decimating large portions of his city. His hands are going to be tied to fixing that. I'm a little surprised, in fact, that Mayor Michael Bloomberg chose a disaster to get into the political arena. No question that his views line-up more with Barack Obama's on climate issues. No question that he's going to be incredibly dependent on the Federal Government for recovery dollars, but to politicise a disaster like this is a little surprising. Yet, his appeal really is with democratic voters. Does it help Turnout voters New York City at a time of a natural disaster? I don't know. I mean, I think it is pretty up irrelevant at this stage.It wasn't of course only climate change he mentioned in the piece he wrote. He talked about other factors, obviously global warming contributing perhaps to the hurricane, but also the woman's right to choose on abortion on marriage equality. One might suspect that these kinds of issues are likely to strike a with independent voters who until now seem to be trending with Mitt Romney.Yes, they are trending with Mitt Romney and I don't think the abortion rights issues or social issues are going to play in advance of economic issues. It is pretty much an economic debate going on out there. When you poll voters and identify the issues you think will break one way or another, by the time you get through joblessness and their own incomes and spending dollars and price of gas, you have to get down pretty far in the issues category to find any social issues. It is just not what's motivating voters today.When we talk about the economy, obviously today we're going to see some critical job numbers coming out of the US. They are expected to continue a trend that in September saw unemployment fall in 41 States, including five of the 7 most significant in this election. That doesn't seem to fit the narrative that Barack Obama's administration has failed on the economy.No. In fact, I think the one driver that the Obama campaign has in their favour has absolutely nothing to do with their campaign and that's the increasing consumer confidence. You mentioned it in your report earlier. It is clear that consumer confidence is on the uptick. As a time when Romney polling numbers have been on the uptick, you have this sort of countervailing effect with the public who are getting more and more confident that the economy is recovering. I do think that's the dynamic. Two big forces moving in opposition to one another. The economy improving app people realising it in their pocket book and Mitt Romney saying that he's got a plan to make it betterment I think those two things are meeting headlong on election day.The jobs figures today, how critical will they be to the next few days as we get to polling day? It's getting pretty late and there are very few who are undecide at this point in this election. They wouldn't have the impact that they would have had a month ago. That said, if it is good news, it continues this narrative that people believe the economy is improving which will help Barack Obama. If they're bad it freezes that up a little bit and it is not the story the Obama people want to have going into the weekend before the election.Could I just take you back to the politics around the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. What went through your mind when you saw those pictures of the President embraced by the Republican Governor of New Jersey, Christie? I think this is what people expect of their politicians. I think their attitude is probably it doesn't take a natural disaster for those who individuals to be able to work together. I do think one of the things that has been an important factor in Mitt Romney's surge in the poll since the first debate is his message of willingness to cooperate and the history he had as the Governor of Massachusetts in working with Democrats. People want to see that. That's a positive to them. They think that's exactly what these fellows should be doing and frankly, they hold some negatives towards Barack Obama for not having spent more time as a post partisan President that he was billed to be going into office. Think it is a good thing in the sense it is a reminder to people this is what's really important to the country and this is a way we move forward if we want get anything done.Is it a net positive for the Republican campaign? I think it probably is irrelevant. In other words, I doubt if anybody's going to assume that from the two of them devastating these devastated areas together and cooperating to help people lives improve and get back to normal as quick as possible that somehow is going to change anybody's vote. It is pretty clear where Chris, Christie was. He was the keynote speaker at the Republican Convention. He gave a real barn burning speech an indictment on the Obama Presidency and I think this is what all voters want to see their President in situations like that showing leadership and helping people in need and in that regard, yes, I think that's a helpful thing for Barack Obama, but I don't think the Chris, Christie involvement there has any bearing.As you say, he was one minute highly critical of the President and then we saw them in an embrace and him praising the President as doing an outstanding job. It probably went a little bit further, I guess, than perhaps the campaign managers would have liked on the Republican side.Not to password, but an outstanding job on this disaster. I don't think he was endorsing the Obama Administration's track-record. Look, again, part of the reason Chris, Christie is a loudly popular political figure in his own home state which is predominantly Democrat is because he gets things done. He reaches across the aisle and asking people to cooperate for the better and greater good. The fact is it these are the kind of guys we need more of in American politics.I noticed that the Nobel Laureate economist Paul club man stayed in the 'New York Times' if President Obama is re-elected, healthcare coverage will expand dramatically, taxes on the wealthy will go up and Wall Street will face tougher legislation. Mitt Romney wins taxes on the wealthy will fall to levels not seen in 80 years and financial regulation will be rolled back. Seems like a stark choice.That's certainly his choice. I'm not sure everybody sees the choice exactly the same way Paul does. I think this is a great framing up of the election. I do think that his choices embody the basic decisions which is if you believe government is going to do more with your tax dollar for you than you would do for yourself, then you should vote for Barack Obama. If you believe you can spend that dollar in a way that would help the economy grow jobs and help your own situation, you should vote for Mitt Romney. I think that's basically the choice that he's giving you.At this critical point, which States are you focused on and where do you see the outcome, if I can ask you such a difficult question, given how close the polls actually are? I think it is a better's game. The amazing part of this election is how many close States you have. Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, it is really incredible within the margin of error, three points one way or another, literally you have probably a dozen states on the bubble. When you look at that, you realise this could tip either way. You could see it tipping Mitt Romney's way and so if he gets a little surge at the end, and he could win six or seven or eight of those states, it not even look like a close election, the opposite is true for Barack Obama, or you could be the better who says I think they split them and we're going to be up late on election night. I don't know which one of those are going to happen I prefer the tipping point to Mitt Romney.There are seven or eight key battleground states likely to decide this vote on Tuesday. Prince doesn't seem to be one of them. Yet, Mitt Romney is visits and spending millions on advertising there. What's the thinking behind that? I don't know why you don't think it is a battleground state. Any time you have a State within three or four points and the president's numbers are below 50%, that's a State that's a battleground state. Historically, incumbent Presidents get what they get in the polls. That's no additional benefit to being an incumbent other than having the office and the plane and all the acute meants. If you look at the polling data and you believe that, which is his tore caliper respective, anything un-49% or 49% is probably going to be a state that Barack Obama loses. When you lock across these various battleground states, and Pennsylvania sticks out as one of them, Barack Obama has not seen 50% very often in that State. 48, 4% for an incumbent is bad news. 4%. When you see the movement in the polls in the last month that Mitt Romney has seen in States like Pennsylvania where it is not moving away from him but it is moving toward him, that's movement you want to encourage.Rick Davis we have to leave it there. Thank you so much for being with us this evening.Thank you.Many people dream of turning their backs on the hustle and bustle of city life and escaping to a quieter live in the bush. Rohan Anderson didn't just dream about it he acted and became a modern-day hunter gatherer living off the land. His blog, whole larder love which encourages people to reconnect with nature, has become a global hit. Eid Al-Fitr reports Hamish Fitzsimmons reportsRohan Anderson had something of an epiphany. He was on the steady claim as a buyer for a major supermarket chain but decided there was more to life than the corporate fast lane. That complex system made me want to look for something a lot more simplistic.That involved moving to the country and learning how to grow, gather and hunt for the food that would feed his family.I had to teach myself a lot of things along the way, whether that be hunting or new fishing skills or foraging what was safe to eat out in the wild. So all those little food adventures happened over a longer period of time. A few years ago, Rohan Anderson started a blog, whole larder love which documented his new life. It's touched a nerve worldwide, inspiring blogs and informing magazine articles that reflect the desire to document cooking and camping experiencesWhether it is vegetable it is in your back garden or fly wish fishing on raver for trout. People have missed that. They've been divorced from nature for so maniers people are excited about up concept up going back and learning to have a relationship with nature again.This Ballarat based hunter gatherer has now published a book sharing his thoughts, experiences and recipes.Living in weeds. There they are. A lot of people are not getting satisfied. They're not getting that natural satisfaction, they're living very busy structured ridged lives. They've lost the connection to nature. People are look at my life and I love sharing with people. It can get people interested this doing things that outdoors.While his's dab hand in the vegie patch, it is the catch and kill your own aspect of your life that's let to Rohan Anderson being labelled a Ned neck way Green thumb.For men in particular there's a an attraction doing something that's not just going to a desk and earning money. It is about getting your hands dirty and doing something that's got some of a primary velfeel to it I suppose.When some people look at Rowan's bucolic blog he's told it is an una sustainable dream. He Maughan since anyone can have a go at his idea of good life. I made the choice to stop relying on supermarkets and to jump in the car or to go out and grab my food from the wild or to grow it in my backyard. I I was a complete urbanite but I was living an existence of somebody that could have been living in a village 200 years ago in the country. It is totally feasible. It is totally possible.Hamish Fitzsimmons, Lateline.Now to the weather:

That's all from us. If you'd like to look back at tonight's interview with Rick Davis or review any of Lateline's stories and transcripts you can visit our website. You can visit us on FaceBook and. That's all for tonight. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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