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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Back on the hustings - campaign trial hostilities resume following Superstorm Sandy. We know what change looks like. And what the governor's offering sure ain't change. The desperate plea for help from New York's Staten Island. You don't understand. You've got to get your trucks here on this corner now! Tony Abbott laughs off a university protest. And isn't it fantastic, ladies and gentlemen, to see undergraduate humour does undergraduate humour does not change. And Facebook fights back against online bullies.The fact that if they're bullied they might effect be thinking about ending -- even be thinking about ending their own life. out ending their own
life. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Janice Petersen. And I'm Anton Enus. Also tonight - the asylum seeker who could hold the key for Australia's cricketers. Definitely I want to play test cricket and if I get a chance hopefully for Australia as well. And the tiny skeleton holding a 70- year-old mystery. US President Barack Obama has returned to the campaign trail a day after touring storm-damaged New Jersey. The President has received widespread praise for his handling of the crisis. And his campaign for election hood received a new boost, with an endorsement from the Republican turned Independent mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. From the US Brian Thomson reports. Clad in the bomber jacket favoured by his predecessor, bouncing off Air Force one with a spring in his step. If he's worried about losing his job in just five days' time, he certainly isn't showing it. President Obama mocking Governor Romney's insistance that only he can bring about change. Giving more power back to the biggest bank, is it change? Leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. Another $5 trillion tax cut that favours the wealthy isn't change. Turning Medicare into a vouch senior change but we don't want that change. The President and his challenger now on a round-the-clock 5-day sprint to the finish line. (SINGING). Governor Romney spent the day on his battle bus crisscrossing Virginia, one of the states he must win if he's to make it to the White House. Country and western singer Ricky Skaggs providing the warm up, although to governor had a Joe Biden moment when he began by acknowledging him. I want to thiepbg and thank Skrags - Skrugs - boy, I can't get it right. A new poll today has the President leading Governor Romney by 2% here in Virginia. That's down 3% on a month ago. The race here in Virginia, as in most battleground states, still too close to call. The governor in a confident mood even when a climate change protester interrupted his opening comments about Hurricane Sandy. The crowd turning on the protester, who was swiftly bundled out of the invitation-only event. Mr Romney quickly recoveringnt. Mr Romney quickly recovering from the interruption. I don't believe status quo is the right course for America. I believe that America finally needs real change. It was promised and we're going to give it to the people. Climate change also on the mind of New York Mayor Bloomberg Bloomberg -- Michael Bloomberg, who cited it as one of the reasons for throwing his weight behind the President. In Ohio, both campaigns continue to slug it out over the bailout of the US auto industry. The united auto workers holding a press conference announcing plans to file an ethics complaint over Governor Romney's alleged failure to disclose the fact that he profited from the bailout to the tune of $15 million. Through his investment in a hedge fund. So what effect has Santos GLNG City of Lights had on the presidential campaign? Brian -- effect has sandy had on the campaign? It's hard to avoid the impression that things are beginning to slow away from Governor Romney. The advance he made in the aftermath of the first debate now halted. The events over the last few days appearing to save the President. President Obama's handling of the aftermath of the superstorm widely praised here even among Republican voters, and the praise that he received from the Republican New Jersey governor reverberating. His ability to work with the governor, the bipartisanship that this country has been t this country has been looking out for. Add to that, today's endorsement from the New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and the President's stocks look like they are rising. But it's important to context yuelise this. This is on -- an election that is about the economy. No President has ever been re-elected with unemployment levels so high. The President received a boost last month when unemployment dipped below 8%. The latest fipgs are out tomorrow. Should they -- figures are out tomorrow. Should they creep up again, hould they creep up again, all bets are all. But tonight things are looking good for President Obama. Life is a long way from returning to normal across parts of the east coast of the United States. More than 4 million people are spending their fourth night without power. Sandy claim some 40 lives in New York state, half in the -- half at Staten Island where residents are getting desperate. In Staten Island today, a cry for help. We're going to die! We're gonna die, we're gonna freeze. We got 90-year- old people! This woman pleading with government officials for gas lean, food and clothing. You don't understand, you've got to get your trucks here on this corner now! This is three days. This is one of the hardest hit communities in New York City. Thousands still York City. Thousands still without power, many homeless. 19 people dead. In devastated neighbourhoods overwhelmed by rhoods overwhelmed by a violent surge of water. Residents describe a supersize wave as high as 20 feet. It was coming in, rushing like a - like a rapid. Welcome to your house, huh. We met this man. His house is completely gone. Just the floor boards remain. He and his wife and two young daughters have been staying with relatives. My youngest daughter yesterday said, "I want to go home." I said, "It's gonna be a while honey." She don't understand. She's six. He gives us a tour of what once was. One beautiful Christmas plate that. Will be a special plate at your house. Yes. For 48 hours search teams have been hunting for two brothers aged two and four swept out of their mother's arms after their car was caught in the floodwater. Today their small bodies were found. Staten Island officials today founded increasingly desperate. This is America, not a third-world nation. We need food, clothing, -- and clothing. d, clothing, -- and clothing.As for the woman who was begging official force help, we're happy to say a Red Cross truck is on her street tonight with plenty of food and water. The National Guard is here and things are much better according to the city officials we spoke to. Experts have described Staten Island as being in the bull's eye for the storm surge, saying the development of the region meant the water couldn't be absorbed and that resulted in massive damage and the loss of life. The death toll from Hurricane Sandy has soared to more than 150 across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Rescue workers in bean. Rescue workers in New York City and New Jersey continue to comb through destroyed neighbourhoods in the hope of finding people alive. Tens of thousands of workers are also racing to restore energy to homes as temperatures plunge. The National Guard scours New York's high-rise apartments for bodies and those in need. They distributed 1 million meals today, some of them total elderly standed -- stranded and needing medical care. New York's mayor says restoring power could take time. There are parts of the City Serve bid overheadlines that might not get done until the end of next week. Queues are becoming a way of life. Hundreds of people are waiting for buses as public transport slowly resumes. Reserve done -- residents youred for hours for food amid criticism the city has been slow to respond to their needs. Other areas are being taken care of and they overlooked us.The struggle is plagued biofuel shortages as petrol stations run dry. Almost like Armageddon. I was driving like crazy because I was almost empty. Two refineries remain close bud the United Nations building has reopened following a small fire, flooding and roof damage. We lost some communications capabilities. We went into back up mode nor communications.Residents of New Jersey are stun bid the devastation. Some finding the beach relocated to their front doorstep N Cuba, the President visited hard- hit areas urging residents not to lose faith in the revolution following the deaths of 11 Pete. Satellite imagerys shows the enormity of the hurricane as it developed. In the wake of the superstorm comes the super clean-up. Residents determined to stay on despite the damage. I been here too long. Friends, family, can't give it up. The damage bill estimated to be $50 billion. Now a quick look at other stories making news around the world. Eight people are confirmed dead in Sri Lanka and southern India due to heavy rains and a storm surge from Cyclone Nilam. About 150,000 people were forced to flee when Nilam struck the Tamil Nadu coast near Channai on Wednesday. Most of the crew of this grounded oil tanker were rescued from a Chennai beach but several are still missing. Ministers in Northern Ireland yees -- Northern Ireland's government have condemned the murder of a police officer. He died when his car ran off the road after reportedly driving into a hail of bullets on his way to work. Republicans opposed to the peace have been blamed for the first murder of a prison officer since 1993. ison officer since
1993. Welcome aboard. And Air New Zealand is now Air Middle Earth. is now Air Middle Earth. It believes hobbits can teach air travellers about safety. It's inflight safety video features hobbits. The premiere of the hobbit trilogy is next month. A Greek journalist has been acquitted of charges of breaching privacy laws after he publish add list of 2,000 prominent citizens who had set up Swiss bank accounts to avoid paying tax. Successive Greek governments had sit on the last for two years. The court threw tout charges in less than a day. As Costas Vaxevanis arrived at court to learn his fate, his supporters said this trial was not about the freedom of one man but of a country. To their relief, the judge agreed.

Vaxevanis had published the list of 2,000 Swiss bank account holders which include add government minister in his weekly magazine 'Hot Doc'. The list was leaked by an employee of the HSBC bank and handed to the Greek government in 2010. Rather than act on information about possible tax evaders, journalists say the past three governments went out of their way to cover it up.

It comes after state television suspended two high-profile journalist force-profile journalist force criticising a government minister on air. We live in a very unstable and dangerous situation. We have seen a lot of cases of censorship.The swift judgement in Costas Vaxevanis's favour is being seen as a rebuke to the government.The question today they issue were whether transparency, dispose yur, accountability, will be reinstated at last. Media commentators are saying the courts have listened to the people but now politicians must do the same. Back home, Tony Abbott has been accused of rehashing old policies. By releasing a discussion paper on measures to cut business regulation. Tony Abbott promised to withhold senior public servants' bonuss if they didn't cut red tape but hecklers interrupted him before he could make the announcement. Tony Abbott announcement. Tony Abbott had just started when he had t started when he had to stop. Thank you, Tony, for - it's fantastic, The two hecklers were dragged away. It's a bunch of crap as you well know and we're very - Isn't it fantastic, ladies and gentlemen, to see that undergraduate humour does not change. Then it was down to business. Tony Abbott says less regulation equals a more productive economy. Overregulation is an incentive destroying, job jeopardising family-budget consuming burden on our economy and on everyone employed nit. Senior public servants would have to slash regulation if they don't want their bonuses cut. Every agency and department will be given an annual target for reducing red tape. Cumulatively at least depz 1 billion a year that will have to be -- $1 billion a year that will have to be met if senior public servant bonuss are to be paid.The -- the Prime Minister said he's recycling ideas. It's an idea from May this year. Andrew Wilkie says Tony Abbott's not releasing y Abbott's not releasing enough policies is. He says with an election to be held next year Tony Abbott has reached crunch time to explain his plans for nation. He's made about 40 statements over the last two years outlining the direction we should -- we would take. She said today's speech was an example of that. Perhaps more worrying for Tony Abbott is the direction the polls are taking. It's showing he's trailing as preferred Prime Minister. Julie Bishop argues there's volatility in the polls. I accept the Government is undertaking a character assassination against Tony Abbott. I believe the Australian people will reject it.Julia Gillard says voters will reject what she call it is Coalition's negative approach. - - calls the Coalition's negative approach. The Greens have backed Labor to form Government in the ACT. The Greens lost three of their four seats in the elections but still hold the balance of the power in the assembly. After negotiations Greens MP Shane Rattenbury supported the ALP despite the Liberals receiving slightly more votes. Shane Rattenbury will be given a ministry -- Ministry. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - a cyberspace offensive aimed at hitting Facebook bullies front on. Shortly - hard times in Haiti du how it is coping after Superstorm Sandy. And hate and later the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer - China's economic gap widens.

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Facebook has teamed up with the Federal Government to encourage users to play a more active role in battling cyberbullie active role in battling cyberbullies. But the global social networking giant didn't send one representative to speak at a launch in Sydney today, leaving it to a Government minister and other organisations to pub size the venture. -- publicise the venture. Making friends and targeting online abuse, the fid Education Minister visits high school students in Sydney for a different kind of update. Be Bold and Stop Bullying is a new initiative by Facebook. Where users sign a pledge to actively pursue those who dish out continuous abuse online. Some of you may have experienced it yourself. Think about the impact it can have on someone. The fact that if they're bullied they might even be thinking about ending their own life. Mental health organisations HeadSpace and nisations HeadSpace and Project Rockit are advocates. They say 10% of Australians aged 12 to 25 have experienced some form of mental distress as a result of being harassed online. Once people are depressed and anxious, they tend to withdraw and it makes to withdraw and it makes it much more difficult to engage them in any form of help. I guess what we're saying to people is let's make the pledge. Let's not bully each other online.Signing the pledge gives users access to information on how to prevent bullying and includes a map showing how many others are taking part. Last year Facebook launched a similar campaign in the U suts -- United States with 1 million likes. Now they're trying to duplicate it in Australia. Earlier this year the site was slam Ford initially refusing to initially refusing to remove a page with crude images and jokes about Indigenous Australians. An expert says the case may have contributed to Facebook's latest strategy especially now it's a publicly listed company. When you list a company you're accountable to a much harmer group of people. Those people who have shares want value for money and one way for that to occur is for them to say, "Listen, this is how we're looking after our consumers." Despite the pledge fee -- pledge featuring on the Facebook the organisation is remaining in the background with no-one from the company speaking publicly at today's launch. Go to our Facebook page to have your say on whether this campaign will succeed in reducing online bullying. Now to other stories in the news around the country - the international body set nternational body set up to protect Antarctica's marine life has failed to agree on marine sanctuarys in the territory. For two weeks 21 skuns have been meeting in Hobart reserves in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica. But the plans were blocked by key fishing nations including China and Russia. Conservationists say the body has behaved more like a fisheries organisation. The Foreign Minister has announced Australia has pledged $100 million over the next four years to fight malaria in the Asia Pacific. The money will be used to come bat drug-resistant malaria in the region. It's estimated malaria kills 42,000 people a year in the Asia Pacific. A Melbourne come -- woman has been badly burnt after heat from a stove ignited to heat from a stove ignited to methylated spirits' soaked cloth she was using to clean her kitchen. As flames engulfed the 23-year-old, her brother covered her in a blanket and dragged ler to the bathroom. She remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital with burns to 30% of her body. More now on Hurricane Sandy. Before it hit the US it tore through Haiti, killing more than 50 people and wiping out an estimated 70% of crops in the -- crops in the south. Now the country is appealing for international help to feed its people and prevent another cholera outbreak. When he looks at his garden, this man can't help but get upset. Nearly all of his banana trees were destroyed by the rains from Hurricane Sandy which hovered over Haiti nearly a week ago. TRANSLATION: The storm made a lot of noise and there was a lot of water for several days. I took a bucket to try and clear it out. With his crops destroyed, he now worries he won't have enough to eat or feed his family. He is not alone. Thousands of families living along the southern coast of Haiti have lost their crops which they depend on to survive. More than 70% of crops were destroyed in the south according to officials, and for more people it's either too late or too expensive to replant. Now that ta water levels are coming down, aid groups are able to get access to these communities, many of which struggled with food security long before Hurricane Sandy and could be facing a looming crisis in the coming weeks ahead. This man's wife lines up with more than 150 families to get rations of beans and flour, a lifeline to get them through the next 14 days. Before this storm hit these people were barely getting on their feet after Hurricane Isaac in August. We're adding national disasters on top of each other. People are really recovering what they have lost because once we get them back to recovery there's another natural disaster. In addition to concerns about food shortages, worries about another cholera outbreak are growing. This clinic -- at this clinic doctors have seen more than 150 cases of cholera in the last week. Hurricane Sandy has the taken about 70 lives throughout the Caribbean including 11 in Cuba and two in the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Returning to the US election, and this week we've been reporting on the importance of the swing state of Ohio. As an indication of just how crucial it is, President Obama plans four visits there over the next five days. One area in particular - Stark County, is the focus of both campaigns. As our senior correspondent Brian Thomson reports. Whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency and whoever wins here in Stark County wins Ohio. With just one exception, the 375,000 people who live here have voted for the winner at every presidential election in recent history. Come next Tuesday night, both parties will be watching the result here very closely. It's a largely rural county and agriculture is still the number one industry. If the yard signs are any indication, President Obama is in trouble. If he had supporters here, they are not publicly advertising the fact. Three, two, one! Long before change came to America, it came to this farm. In the fields that once grew crops, Bill Bakan tests -- tests his pumpkin cannon. What he's firing at testament to the power of the flying pimp kin and the number of timings it's been shot at. The cannon is a magnet for families who visit the farm at weekend. The shot where many locals now buy their fresh produce. The winery and restaurant attracting people from miles around. The farm now a far cry from the one that Bill's father in law spent all of his -- all his life tending. E evidence We're gonna change no matter what, and I have always been willing to change. When someone says you're on the wrong side of the fence and they can show me that, I'm going to get on the other side of the fence. I think you're an idiot if you get stubborn and don't want to change. This family in many ways are a Mick row 'coz m of Stark County and the country - Independent yend -- independent minded, Obama supporters last time but not so sure now. Their daughter explains. I'm not a diehard one way or another. As a small business owner probably my tendencies are probably more towards the Republican side because truly I want the government to stay out of my life.This woman's husband concurs. He is no fan of President Obama but he's not so sure about Mitt Romney either. His wealth and his privileged background of particular concern. I have been the little guy. I have been the underdog. We've been crawling our way out for 12 years, we're start t for 12 years, we're start ting get successful. I don't think he gets that. Kay has that. Kay has his doubts about the governor. I can't tell where he's at. He says one thing one time and another thing another time. This bothers me, not so much what he says but that he flip flops and I have the impression he'll -- he'll tell me anything I want to here hear to get my vote. I don't want a man like that. I want a man who will do what is right.We were warned we were in Republican territory and sure enough among those enjoying the music there were supporters of Governor Romney. I'm a businessman -- he's a businessman personified. I did vote for Obama and I haven't been that happy so I do want to see a change. I want to see something better for our nation. But they were in the minority. Young and old, siding with President Obama. He came in to a mess. OK? So it's easy for Romney to come in now and say he's going to pick us up. Yes, because Obama ick us up. Yes, because Obama has got us to where we are now. Probably 95% of the people that I have talked to say they're going to vote for Obama for a majority of reasons. One of them I have heard a lot of people say Romney does not care about women and that's why they'll vote for Obama.Would it surprise you to learn that most of the people - 80% of the people we spoke to here tonight are Obama supporters? That is shocking. That's shocking to me hat's shocking to me especially here. Perhaps not so shocking, though, for Governor Romney. The polls revealed that with just five days to go, his much-needed breakthrough here in Ohio is failing to materialise. Join us for our special election - coverage on election day. That's Wednesday live and online from 1:00pm eastern. China is widely regarded as a global economic powerhouse, but as it's ruling party prepares to appoint new leaders next week, it's poverty that will top the agenda. The country's remarkable growth over the past two decades has led to massive class divides. China is home to 1.3 billion people, but 150 million of those are living below the poverty line of just $1 a day. 85% of those in rural areas including the province of Guizhou, where many farmers are struggling to get enough food for their families. In China's poorest province, deep in its rural heart, life still ambles bifplt the economic -- by. The economic boom in the cities and along the coast is happening far from here. Nevertheless, today they're celebrating. This person's first child. There's a banquet and gifts, a refrigerator, a new bed. He could never afford these himself. The father and labourer, he's earned nothing this year. He's one of over 100 million He's one of over 100 million Chinese in its villages still living below the poverty line. TRANSLATION: It's not fair. I've been to the cities. They're rich. Eat in fancy restaurants everyday. My life doesn't compare. It's a problem China's next leaders know they must tackle. China's economic growth has been deeply unfair. Some have not benefited much and the gap between the rich and the rich is getting ever wider. It may not be sustainable. Three hours flight away in Beijing people enjoy incomes comparable to Europe. The Communist Party's rule rests on the assumption it's making everyone better off. But China is now one of to most unequal societies anywhere. The unequalities are glaring and growing. One million Chinese are now millionaires. They dress in designer outfits which cost more money than this man and his village have had in a lifetime. TRANSLATION: In the West, we're rich so, we want what's fashionable and sophisticated. -- natural. It's natural. Sophistication means a French chateau, recreated near Beijing. Thosz with -- those with money come here to sample Western lifestyles and a -- and get a taste for leisure and luxury. The most pricey wine costs £1,000 a bottle. This couple are also spending £1,000 on their castle-themeed wedding photos. They want to impress their relative who is have never felt China. Both estate agents, they're part of the rising middle class. But China's ine -- unequalities mean they don't fell well off, not when they see how wealthy some are becoming. TRANSLATION: Our e becoming. TRANSLATION: Our lives are better than the poorest but far worse than the rich. ut far worse than the rich. It's not great. We're stuck in the middle. The poorest feel stuck, too, in the countryside. It's why China's communist rulers say tackling inequality is one of their most urgent tasks fearing if they fail it could undermine the legitimate si of their one-party rule. China's leaders are under scrutiny after a 'New York Times' report revealed several high-profile Communist Party members have accumulated massive fortunes including the Prime Minister, who is believes to have assets worth $2.7 billion. Thanks. Two former employees have blown the whistle on the tricks used bay leading internet dating company to lure customers. Global Personals which run 7,500 online sites has admitted using fake profiles but claimed it stopped posting them four years ago. It's a dating service that makes more than $60 million a year and a new member every four seconds but the message used by Global Personals to attract the members are under scrutiny. Former workers have revealed how they created online profiles to lure daters. And keep their subscription fees rolling in. We had a team of 19, 20 people and they - they would take pictures from social networking sites and use them in profiles. So you would take Helga from Iceland and make her into Helen from Manchester. Flirtatious messagm Manchester. Flirtatious messages follow to innocent subscribers who part with their $30 a month. But when they seek face-to-face encounters, the fictitious object of their interest loses interest. It's about stringing them along. According to the whistleblowers they worked on the pseudo team until 2010 pseudo team until 2010 but Global Personals says it stafrpled tout practice two years earlier. ut practice two years earlier. It says it was one of the first online dating companies to stop using fake profiles and for almost three years has encouraged most three years has encouraged other net businesses to do the same. The company runs thousands of web sites across the world but here it's not an easy organisation to track down. This is where Global Personals lists its Australian headquarters, here at Melbourne's Rialto Towers. But it's a virtual office set up for mail collection up for mail collection only. With a contact number that appears to divert the caller to the United Kingdom. With its network of online operations there's another ine operations there's another cautionary tale for subscribers. Jenny Beard from the UK registered with a single parent dating website only for her profile to surface for her profile to surface on thousands of others including one linked to a run chy magazine.I chose the fight for what I was looking for. Nuts Not Dates is not what I was looking for. Global Personals says members are warned about its shared database. Britain's information commissioner is investigating the practice. Coming up next - all the day's sport news including Israel Folau says goodbye do his former teammates but which code will the superstar athlete choose next? And Qantas confident of navigating a profitable mass and passage a year on from its lowest moment.

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on from its lowest moment.
Management at Australia's biggest airline had met shareholders in Canberra a few days after rival Virgin Australia launched a new assault on the flying kangaroo. It's been g kangaroo. It's been a testing 12 months for Qantas which this time last year grounded its entire fleet during heavy industrial action. It may have happen add year ago but the unprecedented 35,000 staff lockout and subsequent grounding of the entire Qantas fleet have been branded by unions as the most disastrous decision by management. 90,000 travellers were stranded globally and the action cost the company nearly $200 million after various unions demanded better conditions. Over 2,800 jobs have been cut and outcoursed -- outsourced. While an Alan Joyce impersonator may have fooled a shareholder outside the AGM. One day will come true for you.The real Alan Joyce inside didn't play down the nature of his decision. I deeply regret the disruption that was caused to many of our customers by the industrial action and the grounding. It was the right choice to ground the planes because it just would have been a very slow process to getting through the industrial action. It recently launched a a 5-year plan to turn around its loss-making international business cutting unprofitable routes,ss cutting unprofitable routes, cutting maintenance and upgrading aircraft and with expenditure. Its domestic business is making money along with the successful frequent flyer program and Jetstar. Virgin Australia, though, is hitting back, taking a 60% share in Tiger. Earlier this week Virgin Australia added another international shareholder to its register in sing more airlines. It now has four major foreign investors including Richard Branson's Virgin, Air New Zealand and Etihad, strengthening its overseas alliances. It makes the proposed Qantas Emirates deal more crucial. It still needs to be approve bid the competition regulator. It's the most significant partnership in Qantas's history. It enables Qantas to reduce the cost base because they won't have to fly as many aeroplanes and they can use those aeroplanes to open up other destinations.Qantas shares fell 15% over the last 12 months but shareholders have been told the first dividend in more than three years will be paid as soon as possible. Let's check the finance figures now. The share market ended the trading week little changed. Despite a strong lead from Wall Street. Qantas was flat despite the positive news on dividends. Overall, the miners were up. NIB holdings add 6% after buying New Zealand's second biggest health insurer Tower. The Nikkei tracked New York higher but Sharp Corp followed Panasonic in flagging a massive annual loss. On Wall Street the spurt of buying was thanks to buyant economic news. The Australian dollar: Traders are on alert fou the -- for the US jobs report which is the last economic snapshot before the US presidential election. Time for sport now with Mike. Help for Australian crickete. Help for Australian cricket from an unlikely source. Yes, you wouldn't believe so. But he's not a name many will have heard of but Pakistani asylum seeker Fawad Ahmed could be the man to give Australia an edge in the first test n edge in the first test match against south -- south Africa. His bowling style is similar to Imran Tahir and the Melbourne-based club cricketer has been invited to bowl at Australia's batsmen in preparation. Suburban Yarraville in Melbourne's inner west is home to Australia's secret weapon ahead of the first test. Leg-spiner Fawad Ahmed will travel to business to help prepare the home side's boots men for South African Imran Tahir. It's a long way from his boots after 10 first class games in Abbottobad, where Osama bin Laden was killed. He fled here two years ago because extremists warned him coaching children and working for a women's organisation was against iz ram.-- Islam. They want to dominate the kids and use for their own ends, you know. And what their targets are. He says terrorists regularly made death threats at his local ground near the Afghanistan border. There was just like hiding their faces and, yeah, they says, "You can't coach any more", and "You don't need to play here" And "You don't need to promote cricket here, those kids to bring out them from the homes". That was a bit scary. He bowled to the Australians in the lead up to the Australians last summer. That was a good experience for me especially when erience for me especially when I train with Shane Warne at the start net session so that was really unforgettable moment for me. It was like a dream moment to train with Shane Warne. He's my idol cricketer so that was awesome.He made a particular impression then on Ed Cowan, who asked his presence in Brisbane next week ahead of first test given his similarity to Tahir. Yeah yourbgs -- yeah, you can see action and height and, like, our varieties if you compare us is not much difference, you know. So I - like I say, pretty similar. He's awaiting a decision from Tim graigs minister about a refugee protection visa. Hopeful because I have good support from cricket Australia, cricket Victoria Melbourne University and the community I'm coaching kids, their parents supported me. So I have a good help from the community. He wants to play for Pakistan but donning a baggy green could also be on the horizon. Ricky Ponting has withdrawn from the Sheffield shield match against South Australia with hamstring soreness. And Pat Cummins has been ruled out for the sum were a stress fracture in his lower back. Australia A have had the best of the first day of the tour match against South Africa. Dale Steyn was the best of the bowlers with Julia Calixto and Morne Morkel both -- with two batsmen rested. Phil Hughes managed on the five. Imran Tahir ta got Andrew McDonald for a duck. But Rob Quiney and Steve Smith steadyed to ship with a century partnership. Quiney looked in control until he nicked into the slips and fell for 85. Tahir almost removed Steve Smith for 67. Glenn Maxwell and Alex Doolan added 130 before Maxwell fell to Steyn for 64. In rugby, Nathan Sharpe sharp -- Nathan Sharpe has been given a fitting parting gift picking up his second John Eales medal. The award completes a remarkable 12 months in which the 34-year-old was dumped from the Wallabies and talked out of retirement tpwies. A final training session on home soil for the Wallabies prior to their departure for Europe. France is a proud rugby nation. It will be a physical game. They'll be looking forward to giving the -- getting the visitors there. Last night it was a case of looking sharp, the veteran of 112 tests still on a high after receiving Australian rugby's most prestigious accolade, the John Eales medal for the second time. You know, when you go by your -- you get voted by your teammates it means a lot because I have want toobd team player and standing next to when d standing next to when the times get tough.Sharpe, who played in 15 of the 19 votes, was ahead of David Pocock and this year's rookie of the year recipient Michael Hooper. David Pocock has come back into the team. I have to earn my spot but this year's been a great year so far. You get a taste and you want more.The honour completes an incredible turn around in fortune force Sharpe. At the same time last year, the Wallabies' highest capped forward was struggling to make Australia's 22-man side. This year he was the only player to start in every test postponing his retirement and captaining the Wallabies midway through the rugby championship. Sharpe will lead Australia on its spring tour of Europe before hanging up his boots, this time for good. I don't think I could come back again because I don't think I could handle all the jibes I get about having hung around for so long. As I said, I have always wanted to finish on my terms.The Wallabies fly out for Paris tomorrow. The opening game of the four picking off against France next weekend. Israel Folau has said his goobs at AFL club Greater Western Sydney today with attention now turning to where he'll move. After announcing his future yesterday, Folau wanted to explain the reasons behind his decision face-to-face with the playing group. NRL club Parramatta Eels have confirmed his signature is a d his signature is a high priority but the man himself has plenty of thinking to do. Whether it's going backbench to rugby league or having a crack - even playing union. So, you know, that's up to me. To think about in the next week or so. He's our key target in regards to getting him to play for Parramatta. We want him to move for the Parramatta Eels. We'll move heaven and earth to get him there. Parramatta confirmed it's initiated talks with Folau's management about a move to last season's wooden spooners. Sydney FC has named Alessandro Del Piero in its squad to play ro in its squad to play against the Central Coast Mariners tomorrow night. Despite the Italian star not training again today. Del Piero has complained of fatigue and Sydney is mindful of protecting its prize pd asset to ensure he doesn't suffer further problems. He's a good player and he knows his body and he said, "Look, give me until tomorrow." We're doing that. We'll speak - get medical advice and that. Stan has been brilliant with him, so we'll make that decision tomorrow. make that decision tomorrow. Fifth placed Sydney is one-point behind Central Coast Mariners who are running in third on the ladder. Finally boxer rd on the ladder. Finally boxer Danny Geale has been stripped of Geale has been stripped of his WBA title for agreeing to fight Anthony Mundine next year and not a mandatory defence against Kazakstan's -- Kazakstan opponent Gennady Golovkin. That's all we have in sport. Thanks. Easy for you to say. It's not. Coming up - all the details and the code-kor carrying pigeon's World War II -- and the code-carrying

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The first of two air cranes have arrived to be on stand-by during Australia's bushfire season. The 20-tonne air cranes can drop 10,000 litres of water in seconds. To the forecast now. The a low in the west is bringing rain and storms to Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia. Another low crossing Queensland is causing a cool change on the coast and storms to the north-west. In the major centres:

Finally tonight, the remains of a World War II carrier pigeon have been found in the chimney of an English home. The bird was carrying a tiny coded message. Which never reached its intended target. Decades on, historians are waiting to see if decyphering experts can crack the code. Clearing out the area behind the fireplace of his country home, David Martin wasn't too shocked to uncover the followage and twigs used for nesting by generations of birds. But then an unexpected find. The breast bone I think was the first and then we had the head and then a leg with an aluminium ring round it. Obviously a racing pigeon. Tft a carrier pigeon. Experts say the bird fell down the chimney during the second world war perhaps overcome with fumes and contained within the canister attached to its leg a tiny message. It was like a cigarette paper with coded writing on it. Mr Martin's home is in Surrey close to the hotel where Britain's General Montgomery helped plan the D-Day invasion helped plan the D-Day invasion of France. Different theories say the bird could have been headed there from Normandy or perhaps to om Normandy or perhaps to the headquarters of Bomber Command sent by a special operative in occupied Europe calling in an air raid and because it was code by no means the treatment for all military messages, there's excitement of the secrets it hold. One theory suggests it was heading to decyphering headquarters at Bletchley Park. Perhaps 70 years on, the message carried by this valiant, but unlucky, bird is now finally in their hands. Recapping our top stories now - Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have returned to the campaign trail days after Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc across the US. The President has been praise Ford his handling of the crisis. Residents in New York's Staten Island, one of the areas worst hit by Superstorm Sandy, have pleaded for help with many people there spending a fourth night without power. rth night without power. And social media giant Facebook has teamed up with the Federal Government to encourage users to play a more active role in battling cyberbullies. That's the world this Friday. Our next bulletin at 10:40 on SBS One. You can still get all tonight's stories online and on our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee captions by Red Bee Media -

NEIL OLIVER: The coast
of south-west Wales.

Our earliest ancestors came to the
edge of our islands for sustenance -

from land, sea and sky.

But this cathedral of the elements
didn't only nourish their bodies.

They also found succour for the soul.

Far on the horizon lies the vanishing
point between the sea and the sky.

Out there, it seems as if
the heavens and the earth meet.

No wonder, then, that natural
walkways to eternity, like this one,

where the land snakes out
into the sea,

are special places with spiritual
power for pilgrims and pagans alike.

We're on a journey from one great
finger of land, at Worm's Head,

to another, on the Llyn Peninsula...

..travelling up the heavenly
west coast of Wales

to explore divine - and devilish -
goings-on along this stunning shore.

Nick's in search of the smugglers
who circled the coast of Gower.

On the isle of Skomer, Miranda
explores a seabird paradise.

There's a taste of military shock
and awe, 13th century-style,

for Mark.

Iron gate there, iron gate there.

The famous murder holes.
That's right.

And Alice tries to solve
the riddle of the singing sands.

Quiet, please! We are recording
the squeaky beach.

This is Coast.

Having crossed from Brittany,

we're still in the land of the Celts,
but back on home turf.

Our journey continues,
heading for Anglesey,

starting at Worm's Head in Gower.

These long fingers of land
on the western edge of Britain

reach out to caress the Irish Sea.

Gower was the UK's first designated
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,

and at the very tip
of the Gower Peninsula

lies this remarkable headland,
Worm's Head.

Vikings coined its name 'Ormr'
from the Old Norse for 'serpent'.

I can see why that
green spine of land