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(generated from captions) The weekend is here. Grab a copy of 'Best Weekend' mag in in tomorrow's 'Daily Telegraph'. Head to Hunter Valley, or try authentic November food in Terai hills tomorrow. And there's a special feature on the small bars popping up all over Sydney. Cam.You got me at november fest. Thank you. Amber. I'm Cameron Williams. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... Shane Rattenbury sides governm
with Labor to form a minority
government. A pedestrian struck by crisi
car in Phillip, and a coaching assistan
crisis at the Raiders - both eveni
assistants confirmed gone. Good two
evening I' m Greg Thomson, Nearly their
two weeks after Canberrans cast their votes - the outcome of the AC R
Election is final. Kingmaker Shane P
Rattenbury has sided with the Labor Green
Party. As part of the deal, the minister
Greens will have their first I
minister in a Territory government.
In a few moments Chief Minister Kat Gallagher, will join us live in th Politi
studio.But first WIN NEWS ACT Political reporter, Luke Dufficy. r
It was widely expected, but still a relief for the ALP. I have decide La
to support Katy Gallagher and the t
Labor Party to be the Government in Mo
the ACT for the next four years. Moments later it was made official. we
Labor' s vision, the vision that starting
we will be able to implement
starting now is the right vision fo Shane
the future of this city. For clear
Shane Rattenbury, the ALP was a o
clear winner. Agreement was reached cli
on light rail, cleaning up lakes, and
climate change, marriage equality and tax. It would be irresponsibl part
of me to form Government with a th
party that is committed to undoing have
the progressive tax reforms that T
have been implemented in the ACT. Territ
There was also a first for the mi
Territory, the promise of a Greens
minister. I believe it is the tim bei
after 17 years of the ACT Greens being represented in the Legislativ Assembly and on the cross-bench fo Gov
the ACT Greens to play a role in h
Government. What portfolio he' ll however
hold is yet to be determined, light
however it' s likely to involve Ze
light rail and transport. It seems before
Zed Seselja knew his fate well the
before today. No matter who won L
the popular vote, the Greens backed o
Labor. No matter what policies were Labor.
on the table the Greens backed w
Labor. No matter whether ministries Labor
were on offer the Greens backed wi
Labor. Mr Seselja says his party H
will allow him to remain as leader. offe
He has accepted Mr Rattenbury' s well
offer of a Liberal speaker. As Shan
well as having the ministry role jud
Shane Rattenbury will be the sole l
judge of every piece of contentious It'
legislation the Assembly debates.
It' s going to be a busy, tough fou years for the sole Green MLA. Th the
reality hitting on Wednesday, at w
the declaration of the poll. That rea
was perhaps the moment in which I ove
realised how lonely this could be Assem
over the next four years. The Katy
Assembly will officially install Minst
Katy Gallagher as the new Chief Minster on Tuesday.

Joining me now in the studio is see
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. It Opposi
seems everybody, including the Rattenb
Opposition Leader, knew Shane wer
Rattenbury would side with Labor, Sh
were you confident from the start? Shane Rattenbury

Shane Rattenbury has accepted the ca
offer of a ministry, which current to
cabinet member will you be sending him?
to the backbench to make way for him? Are you worried

him? Are you worried that having a to
non-Labor minister, who is allowed dest
to speak his mind on issues, may destabilise your party?

destabilise your party? An elderly The
man is in a critical condition in he
The Canberra Hospital today, after t
he was hit by a car. He was knocked h
to the ground and sustained serious mornin
head injuries, at Phillip this
morning. A normally quiet shoppin precinct in Phillip - blocked off. At about 10 past 10 this morning a
gentleman in Phillip was struck by pedestrian.
a motor vehicle, he was a jus
pedestrian. Outside Magnet Mart just off Hindmarsh drive, an elderl carpar
male was walking through this su
carpark. He was hit by a car - and Witn
sustained serious head injuries. yell
Witnesses say they heard someone ban
yelling stop - followed by a loud like
bang. This unfortunately looks inv
like an accident but we' re still emergency
investigating that. The te
emergency call was made just after ambula
ten o' clock this morning. The para
ambulance service intensive care th
paramedics treated the man here at
the scene before he was taken to th condi
Canberra Hospital in a serious AC
condition. Late this afternoon - crit
ACT Health said the man was in a t
critical but stable condition. If have
there are any witnesses that may H
have been in the area of Phillip on Hindmarsh Drive near Magnet Mart we through
d ask them to contact police through Crimestoppers. This morning re
s incident has promoted police to s
re-warn the public about pedestrian
safety. Drivers need to be away o motorcyclis
not only pedestrians but motorcyclists and pushbike riders o r
our roads we all need to share the road and be courteous on the road

Worksafe ACT has shut down another safet
Canberra construction site over rang
safety fears. Inspectors found a sit
range of serious problems on this Commissi
site on Flemington Road. The un
Commissioner has ordered work stop ran
until they' re all addressed. A of
range of issues with the operation
of cranes and other equipment on th site, quite a long litany of safet inspecto
issues. Sufficient that our w
inspector felt the need to shut the days
whole site down. It comes just cra
days after the agency announced a heig
crack down on tradies working at r
heights. Drivers taking dangerous l
risks on the Kings Highway are more
likely to be caught this Summer. On patro
of the State' s newest highway moto
patrol cars will be out to catch motorists during a four month blitz not
Meanwhile, Closed captions are not available for this story

not available for this story Policing
Meanwhile, the focus for ACT a
Policing this Summer, will be drink simila
and drug driving. It follows a N
similar campaign last year. Between conduc
November and January, officers roadside
conducted nearly 27 thousand wer
roadside breath tests. 383 people
were fined. One in 70 drivers wer returne
tested in the same last year T
returned a positive result reading. This is absolutely not acceptable. result
Police have also released the dow
results of their month-long crack example
down on speeding. The worst
example was a 25-year-old man caugh Monar
at 170kmh in an 80 zone on the fas
Monaro Highway that' s simply too l
fast, it' s almost double the speed cau
limit. He was one of 910 people a
caught. Still to come Suspensions A
and detentions down in ACT schools, And, ... a local bottle shop - name the best in the country. This program is not captioned. Amb
the best in the country. The ACT vehic
Ambulance Service has stressed, ar
vehicles used by senior executives I
are not a waste of taxpayers money. T
In a WIN News exclusive last night, private
The Union said funds spent on re-di
privately plated cars should be A
re-diverted to the front- line. The t
ACT Ambulance Service has confirmed gener
there are four vehicles used by
general managers, and the collectiv fuel,
yearly leasing cost, excluding fuel, is sixty-one thousand dollars severa
Chief Officer David Foot said Mitchell
several were used during the resi
Mitchell Chemical Fire. Goulburn alo
residents have slashed vegetation improve
along rural roads in a bid to w
improve safety. It' s work, Council the
would normally do. But locals say dead
the prolific growth has become a sp
deadly hazard. While most people P
spend weekends in their own garden, citizens
Paul joins other like-minded
citizens clearing these trees. We w
ve proven with a crew of three men wi
we' re talking about three old men st
with tools that are not even up to We'
standard, not even sharpened. on
We' ve cleared almost 22km of bush on both sides of the road. Paul i within
a cyclist. He says vegetation tr
within one metre of the road, is a an
traffic hazard - preventing riders ar
and drivers from seeing each other
around corners. The biggest one w metre
took down was three and a half half
metres, that took about five and Mulwaree
half minutes. The Goulburn one-thous
Mulwaree Council has nearly kilometres
one-thousand-five- hundred wo
kilometres of roads to maintain.It C
works with the Upper Lachlan Shire. u
Crews though are struggling to keep a
up with this kind of growth. I' m peo
a big believer in Civic pride and
people helping us out where they ca particularly going into 150th year t
as a city next year but people need to in some of the dangers of taking th
that work on themselves. Part of pla
that is threatened and endangered employ,
plant species. The crews we s
employ, they are conscious of those species so they don' t take a slash doing
all philosophy to what they' re s
doing, they do identify what plants shouldn
should be left and what plans shouldn' t be left.

ACT schools have recorded massive performance
increases in the academic fo
performance of students - due to a being
focus on mental health and well
being. Mind-Matters is an Australia incorpor
program, that helps schools curr
incorporate initiatives into the r
curriculum. Schools are reporting redu
reductions in bullying, dramatic sc
reductions in bullying behaviours, schools are reporting and using dat a
to also report increases in NAPLAN t
and academic achievement. Schools achiev
that have recorded exceptional
achievements, were today recognised among
Wanniassa Secondary School was reflected
among them. that has been re
reflected in now improved academic range
results through NAPLAN and in a bottl
range of other ways A local in
bottleshop has been named the best Brewer
in Australia - by the Beer and Fyshwic
Brewer Magazine. Plonk at the th
Fyshwick Markets beat more than 16 the
thousand other stores to take out An
the title. If there' s one thing T
Anthony Young knows - it' s beer. i
This is a Belgium trappist beer and bel
it' s from the Shimray brewery in an
belgium. It' s a three litre beers be
and it' s a fantastic dark Belgium
beer. It' s this knowledge that' Elizabet
helped Anthony and his wife Plonk
Elizabeth grow their business - t
Plonk. The hard work has paid off - their store has recently been named
the best bottle shop in the country A lot of exposure, a lot of fame f
We' ve been finalists for the last shop
few years so out of 16000 bottle numb
shops in the country, we' ve got number one. The couple opened Plonk six years ago in Manuka. Afte Fysh
twelve months they moved to the of
Fyshwick Markets. Their wide range sta
of niche beverages - helping them select
stand out from the rest. The absolutely
selection is awesome, yeah way
absolutely. I' ve been working my th
way through the internal beers for haven'
the last couple of years and I
haven' t got to the end yet. It po
s not hard to see why Plonk is so popular. Anthony and Elizabeth stoc 1100
170 ciders, over 1000 vines and 1100 different beers. We carry lot of international beers so abou inte
two thirds of our beer range is b
international. The Australian craft blossome
beer market has just sort of Plon
blossomed in the last 5 years.
Plonk offers tastings every Saturda W
and Sunday afternoon. Jelisa Apps, WIN News.

Ellena joins us for sport - and th T
Raiders have no assistant coaches. That' s right Greg - Andrew McFadde detai
was resigned - we' ll have the aim
details next. Plus - The Capitals aiming for three straight wins. This program is not captioned. R
aiming for three straight wins. The coa
Raiders are without any assistant pre-season
coaches, one week out from resig
pre-season. Andrew McFadden has the
resigned. It comes 24 hours after wont
the club confirmed Justin Morgan
wont be returning either. 2012 wa a season Raiders fans will remembe w
for a long time. A finals surge, a r
winning streak and flying under the radar to a home finals berth. The Andrew
coaching team of David Furner, tur
Andrew McFadden and Justin Morgan team
turned the club around. But that yest
team is now divided. The Raiders won
yesterday confirmed Justin Morgan c
won' t be returning as an assistant resig
coach. Now, Andrew McFadden has
resigned from his position - leavin o
David Furner on his own - one week out from pre-season training for th strugg
2013 NRL season. The club has coach
struggled to maintain assistant a
coaches in recent times - 12 months joinin
ago Quintin Pongia left, after thou
joining the Green Machine in two by
thousand and nine. He was replaced
by Morgan - a former player with th Su
Raiders and head-coach of English s
Super League team HULL KR for seven curren
seasons. Win News understands, Dunne
current Toyota Cup coach Andrew Dunneman is in line for a promotion and will join David Furner at firs fill
grade.Just who will be named to positi
fill the other assistant coach anyo
position at this late stage - is Ne
anyone' s guess. Greg Thomson, Win News.

The Canberra Cavalry and the Sydne roun
Blue Sox kick-start the opening one
round of the new ABL season. Game fr
one begins at Narrabundah Ballpark from seven o' clock, before a doubl Genera
header tomorrow. I spoke with General Manager Thom Carter, earlie Ba
this afternoon. ll see you at the game
Ballpark. - - Well Thom Carter like
game one finally here. Yes it' s like Christmas morning, you know we cr
re really excited about it, great and
crowd is going to turn up tonight toget
and we' ve got a great team put ab
together, so we' re really excited
about game one, we' ve been plannin Canberran
for months now. New coach, Canberran Michael Collins, how' s h g
handled the role? He' s handled it h
great, you know he stopped in here, twenties
he' s a young guy he' s late charg
twenties and he' s really taken f
charge, the boys have looked to him rea
for leadership. And I think he' s the
really going to take this team to play
the next level. We' ve got great teachin
players and Michael is really Ca
teaching them to play the Canberra o
Cavalry way. How optimistic are you re
of making the finals? I' m feeling
really good about our chance, we' r going to pitch, we' re going to hi so
and they' re going to score runs, a
so I think people should be excited field
about what we have to do on the again
field this year. Bitter rivalry
against Sydney, are you glad to hav beating
your home fans here? We love pl
beating them are we' ve taught our gam
players here, how important these our
games are, so when they come into our house, our fans are really goin to take it to them on the field an Well
through the noise of our crowd. Thanks
Well good luck for the season. w
Thanks so much great to see you and we' ll see you at the Ballpark.

The Canberra Capitals will be
looking to keep their undefeated ru tak
at home, alive tonight. They' re taking on Sydney Uni, in a matter o aimi
minutes at the AIS. Canberra is aiming for three-wins-in-a-row. Jes in
Bibby is nursing a minor shoulder injury. But the side will be withou recove
Lauren Jackson, who' s yet to recover from an on-going hamstring i
injury. To Cricket, And Eastlake is th
in a strong position, heading into g
the final day, of their Two-Day Cup Bowl
game against Western Creek. Pace so
Bowler Nick Winter is coming off a Clo
solid spell for the ACT Comets. for
Closed captions are not available for this story

for this story After the break, all the weather details. This program is not captioned. su
all the weather details. Plenty of It
sunshine around the region today - afte
It climbed to 21 in the Capital, Ri
after dipping to just 1 overnight.
Right now its sitting on 16 degrees tablela
Taking a look around, On the i
tablelands, Dipping to cold minus 1 in Goulburn, 19 today Yass reached coast
top of 22 Braidwood, 18 On the cli
coast, 6 to 20 in Nowra Ulladulla Bay,
climbed to 19 22 the high in the Mountain
Bay, 11 to 22 in Bega On the Perisher
Mountains, 2 to 17 in Cooma, t
Perisher reached 12 degrees Minus 1
to 14 in Thredbo Bombala, also 14 O the Satellite map, Patchy low clou in
along the central and north coast in moist southerly winds is bringin the odd shower. On the chart, Skie NSW
are generally clear over much of NSW under a high pressure system. T tomorrow' s forecast, On the Coast Bega is expecting 22 18 the high i sho
Moruya Heads tomorrow A clearing lig
shower and 19 in Ulladulla Nowra, light showers, aiming for 21 Drizzl Braidw
on the Tablelands, 5 to 16 in Mornin
Braidwood Yass is expecting 23 Goulbur
Morning drizzle and twenty in in
Goulburn On the Mountains, 3 to 17 Thre
in Bombala Freezing overnight in shou
Thredbo, climbing to 10 Perisher an
should get to 13 A clearing shower tomorrow
and 20 in Cooma For Canberra head
tomorrow, A cloudy day in store, tonig
heading for a top of 21 after 5 befor
tonight. The sun will rise just
before six, and set just after seve f
thirty. Taking a look at the 5 day 2
forecast, Twenty-six on 26, Monday, We
28, a late storm and 29 degrees on h
Wednesday. And that' s the WIN News Greg
hour for this Friday night. I' m weekend
Greg Thomson.....have a great weekend, see you Monday, Good night

This program is captioned live. Welcome. First tonight - as the cost of childcare rises, increasingly it is grandparents who step up to ease the burden by minding kids. Now there are calls for them to be paid.We fill in our time go to go play group or the park. Throwing ball for the dog. Greeta would not have it any other way, but...Tom, Archer and Oliver Are a full-time job for this retiree.So I'm baby-sitting four days a weekIt is five days for Noeline.Pick them from school, take him home, look after himWe