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Tonight - battling the flames - the fight to save homes from a raging bushfire. A man seriously hurt by a hovercraft propeller. The hit-and-run car owned by the former treasurer. Tony Abbott the target of anger over global warming. And remembering the fallen - Kokoda veterans back in the hills of PNG. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Cameron Williams. Good evening. Home-owners and emergency crews have spent the past 24 hours battling an intense bushfire that threatened properties and scorched 200 hectares of land. Even worse, police suspect the blaze near Newcastle may have been started by local teenagers. It was a hell-raising night.That's hot! Holy crap!A ferocious blaze that got away. Flames spew into the air and quickly spread, coming within inches of homes.Just looked like a ball of fire.Then came the ember attacks, drifting towards frightened families. The residents' only defence, their garden hoses. It's terrible. It's heartbreaking, especially when you've got animals. Firefighters had their work cut out. More than 120 of them battled to protect the Lake Macquarie community. By daylight, it was clear no properties had been damaged, but spot fires kept locals anxious.We packed up last night ready to go.Dozens of residents at this nursing home in Teralbu were evacuated, as thick smoke started to envelop. Fire crews stayed on stand-by throughout the day in case of any flare-ups like the one that's happening on the other side of the trees. The helicopter was called in a number of times to dump water on the flames. In Sydney, firefighters were showing off a new weapon for the hot days ahead - Malcolm is a giant air crane from the US, part of the arsenal for what's tipped to be a bad summer for bushfires. Already, Sydney has endured its driest three months in a decade, with only 72mm of rain - well short of the average 227mm.It is a wake-up call that the fire season is with us.

To breaking news - a teenager has been rushed to hospital after falling from a moving bus at Luddenham in Sydney's west. Pradics say he was found face down on the road, with a blood clot above his ear. There are reports he may have been pushed off during a fight. He is in a stable condition. A man is in a serious condition in hospital tonight after he was hit by the propeller of a hovercraft at an airfield near Campbelltown. Live now to Jayne Azzopardi. Jayne, how did it happen?Cam, by all accounts, this was a freak accident. Jan Zytka is an experienced pilot, but today he was working on the engine of his hovercraft. He had that engine on a bench. As the propeller started to spin, it lost control, striking him in the head, chin and hand, and partially severing the tip of his index finger. He was very lucky there were several experienced pilots at the airfield at the time. They were able to help him and talk to him while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. I've spoken to the president of that sport aircraft club, who is a friend of Jan's. This is what he had to say.He was losing a lot of love, and so we thought he might become unconscious, but he was conscious the whole way through the process. He was quite lucid, calm as any pilot would be under those circumstances, I guess.Sadly, Cam, Jan is in a serious condition here at Liverpool Hospital tonight. His wife is by his side, and everyone at that aircraft club is wishing him well tonight. Cam. We are too. Thank you, Jayne. There has been a whodunit twist at the corruption hearing into former treasurer Eric Roozendaal. The inquiry heard that a car given to Mr Roozendaal at mate's rates was later involved in a hit-and-run accident. Meet Rocco Triulcio, the property developer who bought the Honda at the centre of this corruption probe. He said it was his sister, and changed his mind and gave her a Mercedes instead.She was going to get a Honda CR-V and ended up with a Mercedes.She's my sister. Look, the car's a good car. It was never a lemon. She's still got the car! Icrack has been told the car was really paid for by Eddie Obeid and his son Moses, and then given to Eric Roozendaal at a $10,000 discount as a reward for political favours. Mr Roozendaal, now a Labor backbencher, denies any wrongdoing. Rocco Triulcio is an associate of the Obeids. Bank records show they gave him the $44,000,800 that paid for the Honda CRV.Wrong place, wrong time.His explanation has been described as a great load of rubbish by the commission's lawyer. There were more strange twists - the car was involved in a hit-and- run at Surry Hills not long after the Roozendaals picked it up. But we don't know who was behind the wheel at the time. It also appears that the registration papers, or at least some signatures, were forged. Also a mystery - why the then-Labor roads minister needed associates of a political made to help him by a new -- buy a new car with a discount for his wife in the first place. The man accused of setting fire to a Quakers Hill nursing home almost a year ago has pleaded not guilty to murdering 11 elderly residents. Roger Dean faced the Supreme Court today over the fatal blaze. He'll stand trial in May next year. The parents of a man who was tortured and murdered on the south coast to face their son -- have faced their son's killers. They described the murder as "pure evil". Matt Digby died a shocking death, a court told he was strangled with a dog choker chain.The thing that sticks in our mind is how much he would have fought for his life against these people.His parents will live with that horrific memory forever.It was horrendous, to us. Must have been to him.Richard James Walsh and Lauren Mae Batcheldor were found guilty of murdering the 35-year-old in January 2010. Today, the Digby family gave emotional victim-impact statements, as a judge tried to determine how long Walsh and Batcheldor will spend in jail. Matt's brother Marcus said he "Didn't stand a chance. This will torment me forever."Bloody torture. You just can't imagine what would have been going on in his mind. Matt Digby was abducted by Walsh and Batcheldor after an argument over a stolen gold necklace. His body was found chained to the seat of a burnt-out car at Mount Murray, near Wollongong. The jury was shown a dramatic animation of the crime scene. It took the jury of eight men and four women two days to rereturn a guilty verdict.When that jury came back and found both people guilty of kidnapping and murder... Just a rush comes through your body. You can't help but cry. The pair will be sentantsed at the -- sentenced at the end of the month. Tony Abbott faced off with hecklers today as he warned voters not to expect a cash splash at the next election. The Opposition Leader was delivering a speech on reining in the budget, when university students stormed the stage. Tony Abbott wanted to talk about easing disruptions to business, but some were more interested in disrupting him.

Under-graduate humour does not change!The protesters, angry over global warming, were ejected, but waited for Mr Abbott outside. (JEERING) The police and security held them back, as the Opposition Leader got into his car. Tony Abbott had been outlining his grand plans to boost productivity - he wants to establish a new working group to be headed by Liberal Steve Ciobo, an outspoken advocate of workplace agreements.His answer for productivity is bringing back WorkChoices.Julia Gillard spent the afternoon visiting students. Leaving it to her Finance Minister to reaffirm Labor's commitment to a surplus.In 12-13, and estimates growing.Tony Abbott is so concerned about the state of the budget, he's said that some Coalition initiatives may have to be phased in over time, or delayed. Don't expect a campaign war chest from the Opposition.In many portfolio areas the, policy the Coalition takes to the next election won't involve any new spending at all. New York is struggling to get back on its feet, after the fury of super storm sandy. The US death toll has now passed 90, while a chronic shortage of supplies is making life miserable. You're seeing the line completely around the building.They were told to go back to work, so today, they tried, but 7 million people won't fit onto a bus service designed for 2 million.Where are the buses? Cars had to have three onboard. The other option - the old-fashioned way. But there was a return of an old friend. You don't realise just how paralysed New York can get until the subway is shut down. Although today, less than half the lines are open, already it's made a huge difference - and there's something else - today, everyone rides for free. What's it been like to have the trains back running?(SIGHS) Great. It's a start. We have a long way to go.Even if you had wheels, the problem was petrol.I got here at 9:59am, and it's 1:00 in the afternoon. I'm by myself. I can't leave the car. I feel like I'm gonna faint over here!Don't forget next week's presidential election - Sandy may be Obama's biggest supporter.When disaster strikes, we see America at its best. All the petty differences that consume us in normal times all seem to melt away.His message, though, lost on the millions without power.We're gonna die. If we get killed with the weather, we're gonna die, we're gonna freeze! We've got 90-year-old people!My youngest daughter yesterday, Faith, said, "Daddy, I want to go home." I told her, "It's going to be a while, hon." She don't understand. She's six.The wild-weather ride isn't done yet - a winter storm is on the way. Sydneysiders are being asked to join a Facebook campaign to stamp out cyber bullies. The social network is moving against the trolls who taunt others on the site. A new app, launched at Matraville High School today, lets users though their support. Facebook is trying to fight the trend of students ridiculing teachers and classmates online. Australian war veterans have returned to Papua New Guinea to pay tribute to their fallen mates. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the fierce Kokoda Track campaign. Inwelcome was from the heart - colourful and noisy. (SINGING) At Kokoda, the greatest form of respect is to dance and show happiness. Australian veterans are like family.Yes, very honoured. Yes, indeed.It's 70 years to the day the Aussies recaptured Kokoda. Len Griffiths helped raise the Australian flag, signalling the Japanese were in retreat.We were there for a short period, raised the flag, and kept on going.During the battle, Eric and Ray became separated from their unit and spent two weeks lost in the jungle avoiding the Japanese.We was about a fortnight without any real food. We just got a little bit of native food. That was all we had. Lost about three stone in weight.For an hour, the veterans were surrounded by applause and cheers. Joining the chorus - young Australian adventurers who, only hours earlier, finished walking the track themselves.I thought we had it tough. Then you think of the conditions and everything they had to do - it's amazing they're still alive, really.The veterans say they're embarrassed and humbled by the reception they've received, because they say there's still so many of their mates lying in the jungle, undiscovered - their stories will never be revealed. Sometimes they call us heroes. Look, I'm not a hero. My heroes are up there.

Thank you, Darren. We owe them so much. Next in Nine News - a luxury cruiser taking on water just off the coast - police and the coastguard are on the scene. Plus - miracle at Mount Druitt - how weight-loss surgery saved a teenager's life. And the stars fly in on their private jets for the racing This program is not captioned.

Rescuers are desperately trying to tow a yacht back to shore, after it started taking on water in rough seas off Queensland. Five people are aboard the private luxury cruiser, which has lost its steering. The coastguard is trying to pump out the water to prevent the boat sinking. Sydney drivers should fill up now - the NRMA says prices will rise sharply over the weekend. Right now, the cheapest unleaded:

As many as 200 witnesses may be called in the trial of Kiesha Abrahams, the Mount Druitt woman accused of -- -- Kristi Anne Abrahams, the Mount Drut woman accused of murdering her daughter, Kiesha. Weight-loss surgery has saved the life of a young Mount Druitt woman. She was obese, her liver and kidneys failing, until her grandmother stepped in with an incredible act of generosity. Brooke Mamo has shed about 40kg since having her operation in June at the age of 19.I was 126kg. I'm now 87kg.Brooke turned to surgery after years of dieting and advice from leading obesity experts in Sydney. An underlying hormone condition made it difficult to keep the weight off.My liver and my kidneys weren't functioning. They were failing. 'Cause I was on the verge of getting type 2 diabetes. Brooke had an emerging procedure called a sleeve gastrectomy. A large section of her stomach was removed through keyhole surgery, then stapled. By removing the outer part, which secretes the anger appetite hormone ghrelin.This is not cosmetic surgery, it's life- saving surgery.Brooke's doctor says the benefits of having the operation greatly outweigh the risks, such as bleeding.This is surgery that deals with diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, arthritis, depression.Tens of thousands of Australians have resorted to several types of weight-loss surgery in the past five years. There's a growing demand, even among teenagers. But services are restricted to the private health system.This should be available in the public hospital system.Brooke's grandmother, Pat, shelled out $22,000 of her own savings to fund the operation. She's a lot happier, a lot healthier.All thanks to my nan and pop. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing now. A home renovation has uncovered a World War II secret - David Martin found the remains of a British carrier pigeon in his chimney in southern England. With it - a capsule, and a coded message.As I pulled it down, "I wonder if there's a secret message." And it was!250,000 pigeons were used for communications during the War. Government experts are now trying to crack the code. Nicole Kidman has flown into the country, minus her children and husband Keith Urban. Nicole's private jet touched down in Melbourne ahead of the racing carnival, and she'll be the celebrity guest at one of the marquees at Flemington. Which is a nice segue to you, Roz. How are you today?Good, thank you. How are you?Very well.Ricky Stuart can't wait to coach Israel Folau, but not everyone is happy he's heading back to league - that's next. Also - the South African plotting his country's cricketing downfall. And the Aussie horse who's defending our national pride.

Will it warm up for the weekend? I'll have the forecast a This program is not captioned. Israel Folau says he wants to play for Parramatta. Now, it's up to the Eels to make the deal happen. Ricky Stuart believes he will return to rugby league a better player because of his AFL stint. He told the world yesterday. Today, a tougher task - explaining his departure to those who really matter to him - his team-mates.You know, I'll definitely be supporting you guys, that's for sure.A fellow code-breaker was perplexed.If it was me, I never think I would pull out like that.The Eels will need plenty of cash to get Folau. Ricky Stuart hasn't resorted to sausage sizzles to raise money to bring him to Parra - he's pressing flesh to help win the baddal for the west - signing Folau will go a long way towards victory.He's our key target. We want him to play for the Parramatta Eels. We'll move heaven and earth to get him there. The good thing we've got in our favour is he wants to play for Parramatta. You say he definitely wants to play for Parra?Well, that's what I keep hearing.Stuart met Folau yesterday, but there is work to do. Is it a done deal, considering you're that confident?It's not a done deal. AFL has changed Folau's body shape and, according to Stuart, thin Izzy will be a hit. Why do you think he can be a better player?You look at his age, Danny - I think the endurance levels of what he would have had to achieve at AFL will only improve his game immediately in regards to his fitness, his energy level.The AFL boys are a lot fitter than what we are when it comes to getting around the field. Their train is much longer than ours is. Izzy's lost lot of weighty. No risk is being taken ahead of next week's first cricket test. Ricky Ponting was today pulled out of a state game with hamstring soreness. Young fast bowler Pat Cummins has been sidelined for another series. A promising career on hold again - stress fractures in Pat Cummins's spine mean he won't play a test this summer.It's not really stiff. There's no really acute pain. Yeah, I don't really feel that injured, but unfortunately there's something there.When it comes to the series against South Africa, Australian cricket's edge won't come from a player - coach Mickey Arthur was in charge of the Proteas for five years.I do know those guys. I know them inside-out.He built the team that's become the world's best, and now wants to tear it down.The one thing I do have, I guess, is the mental knowledge, knowing what makes those players tick, knowing how they react to pressure, knowing how they prepare properly.Arthur says the pressure is on Australia's top order to stand up to South Africa's lethal pace attack.How we absorb the pressure of Steyn, Philander and Morkel up-front when they bowl at us - that's where the test series, I think, will be won and lost.He still has some work to do - Warner, Watson and Clarke all falling sharply in Shield cricket today. His love of the beach proves Ethiopia is true blue, and on Tuesday, he'll be flying the flag for Australia in the Melbourne Cup. With international horses dominating betting, Ethiopia is one of our best hopes of keeping the Cup at home.It would be nice to see an Australian horse run well and win, hopefully. Hopefully, that's us.The Cup carnival begins with Derby Day tomorrow. Australia A are putting up a big fight against South Africa in their tour match. At stumps on day one, they are 7/325.Good start. How did Rob Quiney go?Very well. 85.Nice knock. To finance:

Amber is next with the weather. What's happening out there, Amber? Cam, we're expecting very warm weather in our west. I'll tell you when, after the break.

Join me for the details next. Ra
Coming up A detailed look at Shane L
Rattenbury' s decision to side with c
Labor, An elderly man in a critical A
condition after being hit by a car. Mc
And Raiders assistant coach Andrew McFadden resigns. See you soon.

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We enjoyed a mostly fine day, although it was a little cool out of the sunshine, thanks to fresh and gusty southerly winds.

Tomorrow, hot northerly winds will contract into Queensland, with onshore winds bringing showers along the east coast. South-west WA will also see some showers ahead of a front.

We can expect a cloudy day tomorrow, with a few light showers in the morning and afternoon, with light south-easterly winds.

The weekend is here. Grab a copy of 'Best Weekend' mag in in tomorrow's 'Daily Telegraph'. Head to Hunter Valley, or try authentic November food in Terai hills tomorrow. And there's a special feature on the small bars popping up all over Sydney. Cam.You got me at november fest. Thank you. Amber. I'm Cameron Williams. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... Shane Rattenbury sides governm
with Labor to form a minority
government. A pedestrian struck by crisi
car in Phillip, and a coaching assistan
crisis at the Raiders - both eveni
assistants confirmed gone. Good two
evening I' m Greg Thomson, Nearly their
two weeks after Canberrans cast their votes - the outcome of the AC R
Election is final. Kingmaker Shane P
Rattenbury has sided with the Labor Green
Party. As part of the deal, the minister
Greens will have their first I
minister in a Territory government.
In a few moments Chief Minister Kat Gallagher, will join us live in th Politi
studio.But first WIN NEWS ACT Political reporter, Luke Dufficy. r
It was widely expected, but still a relief for the ALP. I have decide La
to support Katy Gallagher and the t
Labor Party to be the Government in Mo
the ACT for the next four years. Moments later it was made official. we
Labor' s vision, the vision that starting
we will be able to implement
starting now is the right vision fo Shane
the future of this city. For clear
Shane Rattenbury, the ALP was a o
clear winner. Agreement was reached cli
on light rail, cleaning up lakes, and
climate change, marriage equality and tax. It would be irresponsibl part
of me to form Government with a th
party that is committed to undoing have
the progressive tax reforms that T
have been implemented in the ACT. Territ
There was also a first for the mi
Territory, the promise of a Greens
minister. I believe it is the tim bei
after 17 years of the ACT Greens being represented in the Legislativ Assembly and on the cross-bench fo Gov
the ACT Greens to play a role in h
Government. What portfolio he' ll however
hold is yet to be determined, light
however it' s likely to involve Ze
light rail and transport. It seems before
Zed Seselja knew his fate well the
before today. No matter who won L
the popular vote, the Greens backed o
Labor. No matter what policies were Labor.
on the table the Greens backed w
Labor. No matter whether ministries Labor
were on offer the Greens backed wi
Labor. Mr Seselja says his party H
will allow him to remain as leader. offe
He has accepted Mr Rattenbury' s well
offer of a Liberal speaker. As Shan
well as having the ministry role jud
Shane Rattenbury will be the sole l
judge of every piece of contentious It'
legislation the Assembly debates.
It' s going to be a busy, tough fou years for the sole Green MLA. Th the
reality hitting on Wednesday, at w
the declaration of the poll. That rea
was perhaps the moment in which I ove
realised how lonely this could be Assem
over the next four years. The Katy
Assembly will officially install Minst
Katy Gallagher as the new Chief Minster on Tuesday.

Joining me now in the studio is see
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. It Opposi
seems everybody, including the Rattenb
Opposition Leader, knew Shane wer
Rattenbury would side with Labor, Sh
were you confident from the start? Shane Rattenbury

Shane Rattenbury has accepted the ca
offer of a ministry, which current to
cabinet member will you be sending him?
to the backbench to make way for him? Are you worried

him? Are you worried that having a to
non-Labor minister, who is allowed dest
to speak his mind on issues, may destabilise your party?