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Chapgschapgs ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News. Good afternoon. We begin with breaking news - a man's body has been found south of Brisbane. Els Gates joins us by phone. What more can you tell us about this discovery?Police confirmed that this death has been treated as suspicious. Details are sketchy. We know that his body was found on a boat ramp south of Brisbane earlier today. A car was also found a short distance from the body. There were prominent skid marks on the roadway. It's a very isolated spot. Police are planning to hold a press conference soon and hopefully we'll get more details there. Detectives remain at the scene and we should know more details in 30 minutes. Firefighters are this afternoon battling a number of bushfires which continue to flare-up near Teralba. A huge blaze broke-out 24 hours threatening dozens of hofplts Dimity Clancey is on the ground. It's been touch and go for fire crews. They're keep ago close eye on things. What's the situation now?About three or four times today this fire has flared up again and the helicopter's been called in to dump water on those flames. Crews from Sydney and the Central Coast have been called to the area. They are scattered at different points of the fire ground. As you can see behind me, this blckened bushland that you can see stretches for more than 200 hectares. You can see that no homes were damaged from this fire. You can see how close this fire came to homes last night. For a good couple of hours this was a very tense and dramatic situation. As you said, it's been turning for more than 24 hours now. Smoke has become really thick across this region and that has meant some health concerns for some residents at the local retirement village. We understand that 50 of them have been evacuated and are now staying with family. Some of them say they've been packed since last night. They were concerned with the real possibility that they were going to lose their home. This blaze was under control for most of yesterday until 7:00 last night. It started to go wrong with a change in the wind, flames got away from firefighters and hours later they were knocking on doors and telling residents to prepare for the worst. As you can see by the pictures it was quite dramatic and intense. Let's listen to some of the residents.About 9:00 last night we saw six or seven fire trucks come down the street.It was warm as soon as you walk near the fence. It was very close apparently last night.How were you feeling about itA bit scared.Understandablely so.Just how long are crews expecting to remain in the area tonight?With these flare-ups still happening it's unclear. Each time this fiery ignites it's getting closer and closer to the river, which is good news. Eventually it will be out for good.

will be out for good. Residents are feeling extremely lucky.We'll have more on this unfolding story in Sydney's news at 6:00. A man has been rushed to hospital after a freak accident in Sydney's south-west. Struck by the propeller of a hovercraft at Webberburn Airport near Campbelltown at midday. The 60-year-old was working on the engine when the propeller suddenly came lose. The victim was airlifted to hospital in a serious but stable condition. The average Melbourne water bill is set to rise by $300 next year. It comes after the water retailers applied to the essential services commission for one-off bill hike from next July. They say the hike is necessary to cover the cost of a new desalination plant in the south-east of the city. Tony Abbott has unveiled part of his economic vision under a Coalition government. But a big cash splash is not part of the grand plan. Deputy Leader of the Opposition's ideas were met with some opposition. Kerrie Yaxley is in Canberra. Some protesters stole Tony Abbott's big moment?The Leader of the Opposition was a minute into the speech at Melbourne University when a couple of young men made their way onto stage making comments about global warming. They were removed by security. Tony Abbott was also heckaled after his speech when getting into a car and security had to hold back the protesters there. He didn't seem too fussed, describing it as undergraduate humour. Have a look.We're so happy you're here. It's really fantastic. It's lovely to be here.Looking forward to when you take down the Prime Minister coming up soon. It will be a great time for all of us. Good stuff.Global warming is a bunch of crap.Isn't it fantastic, ladies and gentlemen, to see that undergraduate humour does not change.Once the protesters had been escorted out Tony Abbott was able to get on with his speech. He spoke of the ways to boost prod ducktivity, announcing a working group of his senior MPs. They will start consulting right away so reforms can be implemented.

reforms can be implemented.So what's the government had to say in response to Tony Abbott's speech? Julia Gillard's on the Central Coast today where she's hit out at the speech, saying it's just a rehash of old ideas. Some of the plans are linked to a return to work choice. He is he' short on ideas for the future.That's what the next election will be about - our plan versus the negativity and the tired old reharshed announcements we're seeing from the other side. There's something big happening on the Gold Coast - a multibillion dollar cruiseship terminal is in the works. Libby Stone has the details.The Queensland government and Gold Coast City Council will take the plan for a cruiseship terminal to the next stage, announcing the opportunity for a expressions of interest from investors. They say they've received plenty of interest from leading developers and tourism groups. Now they are open to ideas but the proposal could include hotels, casino, residential and retail developments. They are offering a state-owned land for the project, including a wave break island in sparts of the spit. They won't be offering any additional taxpayers' money to fund it. The consortium has to cover the cost of drenching to allow cruiseships to enter here. It will begin in two weeks time with the announcement of a successful bidder early next year. It would provide an enormous boost. I want it to be, should anybody fly into Australia it's a must-be place too advise jittit.It will create more than 10,000 jobs. There will be a rally this weekend with thousands of people expected to attend.As the death told from Hurricane Sandy climbs above 8 0, the true extent of the devastation along the US east coast is being revealed. Denham Hitchcock reports from New Jersey.I couldn't tell you how many places there are like this, beach front homes, this is Michael's place. He's going through what he can. I want to show you the view thearve who lives along this coast gets when they come back to their places.Michael had a porch and garden. Iem I'll give you a look at the whole place. He had a nice little grassy area that ran down to the ocean. The problem is for his place and all of these places being so close to the water, that storm surge and I know we've been talking of it for a few days now. That storm surge was about 4m, a record, and it came through here. If you come up to this spot up here and I'll give you a bit more of a view of exactly what you can see on this coastline. This is Cony Island. Believe it or not the fun park is around the corner. And these homes here have been decimated. Some have been washed right through to the streets behind and beyond. And this is just like the New Jersey coast. And that runs for hundreds of kilometres. That's why we have not heard a figure on the number of homes that have been destroyed yet. They got rough estimates because we've been looking at the aerials and you know how bad they are. The places that haven't seen the bulldozers yet. The New York Marathon, they plan to go-ahead with that on Sunday. Somehow 30,000 people have to come into this and back out again and then there's the election on Tuesday. Still ahead on Nine News - fire through a home in Melbourne. And the incredible weight loss

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A massive fire has destroyed a home in north-east Melbourne - the familiar ly he is heater is believed to have sparked the blaze. -- family. The home was fully ablaze, flames licking the walls from one room to the next. The fire started next to the heating unit, spreading through the house, causing the floor and roof to collapse. But with daylight, capillaryality. 19 years of memories burnt to a crisp.That's me as a kid.Last night Brad tried to turn the heater on.The power fuse had gone.After checking the box Brad ran inside to find the bedroom billowing up through the heating vents. Luckily, he was able to get his wife and two kids out. It had come into this room, this room and into our room.It took firefighters almost 24 hours to put out and this morning it reignited. Every photograph we have we put on here.Aside from the photographs they may retrieve, everything is gofpblt investigators believe the heater is to blame.We always advise that gas heating is checked by a qualified plumber.A house can be rebuilt but lives can't, that's the main thing.Another lucky escape for a 30-year-old woman this morning after an electrical fault set her house on fire. Both fires are expected to cost more than $2 hundred thousand damage. A young woman is thanking a new weight-reduction surgery for saving her life. Losing 40kg since having a sleep input in June.This is not cosmetic surgery, this is life saving surgery. This surgery deals with high blood pressure, depression. And we'll have the full interview tonight in Nine News at 6:00. Still to come - the parents of a man toward youred and brutally murdered face their son's killer. Remembering the heroes of Kokoda, 70 years on. Our reporter is in opinion PNG. How this little bundle of fur is doing Thanks Deb. Tonight, airfield emergency - a man sucked into the propeller of a hovercraft near Campbelltown, we'll have the latest on his condition at 6:00pm. Nursing home residents evacuated as a fierce bushfire closes in - the incredible pictures at 6:00pm. Also tonight, Tony Abbott ambushed - dramatic scenes as security guards try to hold back protesters. Shock twist - a corruption hearing told a car given to Former treasurer Eric Roozendaal had been involved in a hit and run. And Ricky Stuart's bold declaration about Israel Folau. See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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species proud.
The parents of 35-year-old man tortured and murdered two years ago south of Sydney have spoken shrifl to Nine News about the heartache of losing their son. Matt Digby was found chained to a burnt-out car near Wollongong in 2010.I can't comprehend how you could do that to another person. It's beyond horrendous to us, it must have been to him.Both his parents gave emotional victim impact statements in a Sydney court today at the sentencing hearing for his killers. We'll have a full report on that story at 6:00. With a finishline in the race for the White House now in sight, both candidates are back on the campaign trail. As Robert Penfold splairnings the President isn't attacking any time attacking Republican Mitt Romney.Take a look at the President arriving today in Winsconsin jogging towards the crowd after dealing with the crisis of Hurricane Sandy, looking very confident. He's still in the groove wearing the bomber jacket. It has been the most expensive presidential race ever. Any vote for Mitt Romney would be a waste because he's offering nothing new. In the closing weeks of this campaign governor Mitt Romney has been using all of his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. Those we have been cleaning up after for the past four years. And he is offering them up as change. He's saying he is the candidate of change. Well let me tell you - we know what change looks like. And what the governor's offering sure ain't change.Now, like the President, Mitt Romney is doing the rounds of the battle grounds states, the few states that decide the presidentcy. Over the course of the past few days Mitt Romney has had to below-key.You know, this is an election of great consequence and I think you understand that. I know there are some people who believe we should stay on the current course we're on and things are going fine. I don't believe status quo is the right course for America, I believe we need real change. It was promised. We're going to give it to the American people.As for the polls, Barack Obama has a slight lead, his strong response to the storm is likely to help him more in the polls over the next few days. This is interesting - the same poll of Americans revealed that eight out of ten people in the States thought he did a good job handling the storm. This little fellow is off the scale in the cuteness stakes - the baby panda is doing well developmentally. He is now plump enough, has his first tooth and is beyond crawling but not quite up to walking, only 1600 giant pandas still exist in the world, so this chap is crucial to the continuation of the species. A man struck in the head by the propeller of a hovercraft in Sydney's west - the man charged with taking a police van on a joy ride. We reveal how Keith Urban went in one of


drivers were caught speeding on Goo ha
afternoon, Queanbeyan police will High
have two extra cars on the Kings nab
Highway this Summer - in a bid to distance.
nab drivers speeding from a driver
distance. Nine hundred and ten Canbe
drivers were caught speeding on Canberra roads last month - during Canberra
targeted operation. And the Canberra Capitals will be aiming fo three straight wins, when they mee Detai
Sydney Uni at the AIS tonight. t
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This program is not captioned. Veterans had gathered in it but don't you give me than to commemorate the 70th anniversary of an important battle. This report from the Zane. 70 years ago, this valley was a raging battle field. Some of the men who took part has returned for the first time. It is the first time they have returned for 70 years. The reception was amazing. The residents wanted to show their gratitude. They did this through song and dance.Fantastic. Look at all the beautiful little kids.The veterans say they have been performed by fat reception, but it brings a lump to the threat because many friends did not make it back. -- that reception. They believe some of them are still in the jungle.I am here and they are not here. They should be.At the same charm -- time, a group of young Australians finished the tracks themselves. There was spontaneous applause. They said they felt they were in the presence of something special for.I thought we had it tough, but then you think of what they had to do. It is amazing they are still alive.The veterans are all from all over Australia and are all aged in their 90s. They have found the heat half but they say it is an honour to be here. -- tough. This is Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's happening across the East Coast right now. A man's body has been found near a boat ramp in Logan, south of Brisbane. Police are treating the death as suspicious. In Sydney there's been more explosive evidence at a corruption inquiry into former government ministers. And there are serious concerns about protective service officers in Melbourne, after a man misfired his gun, on his first day on the job. A freak accident at an airfield in Sydney has left a man with head injuries and a partially severed finger. What more do we know about this terrible accident? This was a freak accident. The man is an experienced pilot who has been a member of the aircraft club at the airfield here for around 10 years. Today, he was working on a hovercraft engine. He is also a pilot. It was taken out of the craft and was on a bench. It started spinning, lost control and he team in the head, she met and hand. It has partially severed his index finger. His head injury is very concerning. He lost a lot of blood. He remained conscious. He was lucky there were people on hand to help him. I spoke to a friend of his.We have a lot of very experienced pilots who use this as a recreational place. There is a lot of calm and professionalism. Fortunately three or four of those people were on hand. They made sure everything happened in the right fashion and he was looked after. Everybody at the club is wishing the private wealth. He used in Liverpool Hospital in a serious condition but his wife is by his side. Everybody at the club is concerned. He will undergo surgery later tonight. Around 120 Rural Fire Service crews remain on the ground at Teralba, near Newcastle, 24 hours after a large bushfire broke out. The blaze came dangerously close to dozens of homes. Many residents of a nearby nursing home chose to evacuate. A number of smaller fires have flared up throughout the day, with 200 hectares of bushland now burnt out. For our Sydney viewers, we will have all the latest in our news at 6pm.

6pm. A priest and man has allegedly taken himself on a wild and costly joy ride. This report from Brisbane. It started at some birthday drinks and ended with a stolen, crashed police van. Police say when they went to break up a fight they'd left the them unattended end it was stolen. It did not get far. The driver apparently made it a few 100m before crashing into a date. He fled on foot. They brought in the Dog Squad to find him. Today the 19-year-old man appeared in court facing a string of charges. The court heard he plans to plead guilty. He was not denying anything when he left the White House. He told me he was out having drinks for his birthday with maids. -- Watch House. He does not have a driver's licence. He does not remember much. He does not have much remorse. He said the worst part was how long he had to wait in the White House before being released. He told waiting media it has been an experience for.I can't remember anything.Will you pay for the damage questioner I guess I have to.-- damage?Police wanting to pay. We do not know how big the repair bill is it. -- warned him. A former NSW Labor government minister is the target at corruption hearings over a car he excepted from an ALP powerbroker. This is an intriguing story. It is a strange and baffling story. In 2007, Eric Roozendaal was the roads minister. But he was too busy so he got other people to organise for them to buy a Carrefour his wife. He started off with a property developer who knew Eddie Obeid. The property developer bought the Carrefour his sister then kept it for a short time and sold it again. It became quite comical. It was a good deal for your sister. She ended up with a Mercedes.She is my sister. It is a good car. We are good people. We got caught up in something we should not have been caught up in.Another twist to date?Yes, a hit-and-run accident not long after Roozendaal picked up the car. When he picked it up he did not even say thank you to the car dealer. It was a minor hit-and- run in Surry Hills but the registration papers were still held by the sister of the property developer. But how could something like this occur? The investigators believe it was a political favour delivered to Mr Roozendaal because he was the roads minister. We have not heard from him but in Parliament he indicated he had not done anything wrong. It is a baffling case that throws light on how things were done under the previous government.More on this story later for Sydney viewers. Breaking news - a body found in Logan, south of Brisbane. Police believed the man may have been murdered. Our reporter is at Logan's. What are the police saying?The body was found in an isolated spot at the Logan river, south of Brisbane, by fishermen. They noticed a great deal of blood on a nearby boat ramp. Police found an abandoned car close to the rat. Police think the dead man may have been in force in an altercation on this rap. -- rap. Postmortem will be carried out tomorrow. -- ramp.A full report at 6pm. Tony Abbott has been heckled by Melbourne University protesters. He was giving a speech on productivity. Two protesters made their way on stage, making sarcastic comments about global warming.Isn't it fantastic to see that undergraduate humour does not change?Mr Abbott was also heckled as he was leaving with security holding protesters back. A protective services officer in Melbourne is being investigated after accidentally firing his gun just minutes after being given the weapon for the first time. What happened? This has happened on his first shift. He was being handed his gun for the first time. Police say he loaded his gun correctly, put it into his holster, but then he tried to pull off an ID tag from the gun and fired a shot through the floor. This happened in the room full of other officers. Luckily nobody was injured. This happened just before he was to step out onto the train platform. Police have assured us these officers are properly trained.We have to work hard to make sure this never happens again. But I am confident this officer has made a mistake, that he understands what has happened and that nobody is in further danger.Where to now for this investigation? It is ongoing. It appears, from what we do know, there has been a series of human errors beginning before the officer was handed his weapon. The weapons all have ID tags that should be removed when the weapon is handed over, but in this case the cake was attached to the trigger of the gun. When he pulled it off he got more than he bargained for. -- in this case. The state opposition to date has come out firing off.There are real concerns. -- today. These officers have all the responsibilities of the police, yet they only have one third of the training.Despite this, we are told these officers are properly trained and the public is safe. This officer has been put back on platforms tonight and he will have a gun. If you are in Melbourne, more on this at 6pm. Breaking pictures through from the chop part of a private luxury cruiser. It is 72 feet long and it is taking on of a private luxury cruiser. It is
72 feet long and it is taking on water. It has been taking -- taking on water and speak escorted off the coast of Brisbane back into the case Lyon. -- is being escorted. -- Coast line. A man preparing to renovate his home has stumbled on the skeleton of a carrier pigeon. In a disused fireplace, with a coded message attached to its leg, Homing pigeons were allied secret weapons in World War II, used to relay vital messages to the UK about the D-Day landings. Experts are now trying to decipher the code, bound for the mysterious 'X02'.

are now trying to decipher the code,
bound for the mysterious 'X02'. Keith -- Keith Urban has missed out on the Best Male vocalist at the Country Music of Lords in National. But he still start on stage along with Taylor swift. -- Swift. Nicole Kidman has become the first of the key celebrities to arrive in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup, which kicks off with the derby Day tomorrow. She flew in by private jet from Paris. She will only be in town for 24 hours as a guest of a vitamin D supplement maker. She will attend the races with her parents. This live cross to Flemington. Very exciting to have Nicole Kidman in town. It all starts tomorrow at Flemington. It is Derby day but we are looking ahead to the Melbourne Cup. After the break - the horse carrying the hopes of Australia in the Melbourne Cup. Also - Isreal Folau set to become an eel. That has Ricky This program is not captioned.

Just before we go to sport, we return to allow breaking news story of the luxury cruiser off the coast of Brisbane which is labouring heavily in the water. The coastguard and water police are escorting it closer to Shaw.

coastguard and water police are
escorting it closer to Shaw. We have a reporter on the phone. What more do we know about this vessel quest and Mark details are sketchy. It is off the coast, where it has got into trouble. It was taking water up on board. But it is being escorted towards Red Cliffs. It is going through some choppy water. -- Redcliffe. It was in more trouble before but the waters are smooth their here. Everything looks alright. It is taking it slowly.It is a race against time to get bat boat to Shaw. It is taking on water, has been confirmed by water police. -- to get that boat to Shaw. -- shore. Now to sport. It is Derby Day at Flemington tomorrow but the Melbourne Cup is looming. Tuesday next week. All the focus has been on the internationals, going about their business in style. But a handful of Australian horses could upset the applecart, including Ethiopia. He was down at the beach this morning. He is in great nick. He is only a four-year-old so maybe the race is a year earlier. But after a great run in the Cox Plate the connections thought they should give it a go for.If you are not excited about having a runner in the Melbourne Cup you are tough person to please. He is a genuine chance. We are very happy with his preparation after the Cox Plate. He used in good order.

preparation after the Cox Plate. He
used in good order.The derby tomorrow - it is a -- it's a done deal is the favourite. But Nisos is an outside chance. Anything could happen.

an outside chance. Anything could
happen.He looks in good condition to May. He is right where I want him. -- me. He is an outside chance but he is running well. We are not just running him for the sake of it.

but he is running well. We are not
just running him for the sake of it. Another bitter blow for Patrick Cummins. He has been rolled up for the entire summer after stress fractures were discovered in his spine.It was the worst case scenario. All I can do is wait.He missed all of last summer with a foot injury. Danny Weidler is standing by in Sydney. He has news about Isreal Folau. The talk is he is going to Parramatta.That would be a fantastic deal for them. Today he did what he should have done before talking to the media. He told his former team-mates why he is going.As you already know, I announced yesterday that time will not be here next year. I have been thinking about this for a while. I had to be true to myself. I did not have the passion to go through with it.Ricky Stuart talked about Isreal Folau was make a decision today end is confident he will go to Parramatta. He was pressing the flesh out West today. He once they have already to know he is doing what he can to bring Isreal Folau to power a matter.It is a great thing for would be late, especially western Sydney. He has decided to come back. It is what we need. The game is going forward quickly. He will keep moving it in that direction, having these types of players return for.Good to see Isreal Folau back where he belongs in rugby league. The one thing we can't do fall on is the weather. But you might have an inside scoop. Weekend gives a pretty accurate forecast. Tomorrow for Derby Day in

Tonight on WIN News: Shane tak
Rattenbury sides with Labor - and c
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Around the country it was fine and mildly in Adelaide.

Showers have fallen across the south-west underneath a low. Tomorrow that system will generate showers on parts of the south Australian coast. Total rainfall were only be five millimetres at their heaviest.

Fine and wild for Derby Day tomorrow. Thank you. That is the news. -- mild.

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to
Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Let's get ready to rumble. Because we've got half an hour
of fun and frivolity and questions and hopefully lots of money
tonight to give away. $1 million, 15 questions.
It's got to go off sooner or later. It may as well be tonight, gang.
What do you reckon? Yeah?

Let's meet the lucky six tonight.
We have... Un-handyman Danny McDowell
forgot the cement when he was mixing some concrete. Whoops. Sarah Walshe used to quiz
all potential husbands in an effort to avoid having
red-haired children. Oh. True romantic Troy Howell
pushed his wife out of the way to catch an NBA player's hat. Jackie Gould
almost fell into her uncle's grave when throwing flowers at the burial. Oh, no. Brendan Dougherty broke his toe while running to see
the fattest baby in the world. And Shani Sami's full name
is Shani Rani Sami. She changed it
because it was annoying. Oh.

I reckon you should change it back,
Shani Rani Sami. (LAUGHS)
I like it. Shani Rani Sami.
No. I don't think so. Had enough of Shani Rani Sami? No? Why did you stick with Shani
and not get rid of Rani? Um, I stuck with Shani... Rani means 'queen' so I didn't
want to feel too full of myself. Oh, yeah. What's Shani mean? 'Marvellous' in Swahili. (LAUGHTER)
OK. There you go. Alright, Marvellous,
we'll talk to you a bit later on. Danny. What does Danny mean? Um, it means 'judge'.
Judge? Yeah. Judge.
Daniel. Daniel, that's right.
Daniel. Judge. Judge McDowell. That's right.
Come on, buddy. Are you ready to go? I am, yes.
Let's go. Come on!

Good on you, mate. You're a youth pastor.
I am. With the Knox Community
Baptist Church in Victoria. 44 years of age. Julie's your wife.
Hi, Jules. How are you?
I'm well, thanks. He's pretty fired up here to win.
Yes. Hey, now, your son, Riley,
had two big heart operations. Sure, yep.
What happened with him as a baby? He was born with two heart defects.
Yeah. The second operation
when he was six months old, he ended up with a pacemaker
which he's got to his day and he'll have
for the rest of his life. He's going well. Playing footy, cricket,
doing all that kind of stuff. Good stuff. And you've got
the HeartKids shirt on. And you wrote a book?
I did! I wrote a book. Is that what you've got?
Yeah. We wanted to say, um,...
Just hold it up this way. We wanted to say thank you
to the Children's Hospital so we're selling these
through HeartKids. Yeah? There you go.
Get on there. Thanks, mate. Alright, put it down,
let's get on with the show. Alright. Mixing the concrete. You forgot to add cement in with the
screenings, did you, in the sand? Yeah.
What happened? It rained about six weeks later
and... So it actually set OK?
Yeah. It set really nicely. And then it rained and washed away.
That's exactly right, yeah. Yeah.
(LAUGHTER) You need three parts -
sand, cement, screening. Yeah, the cement part with concrete
goes pretty well, one would have thought. But good on you, Danny.
I did learn that. Come on, mate. Let's get on with it.
Let's go.


I think we can lock in B.
The 'Shark' is locked in. Correct for $100.



Ooh. I think it's A, Eddie.
Lock in A. Lock in The Smith Family. It's correct for $200.



D, paper. Lock in D. Paper's locked in. And correct for $300.

A ream used to be
480 sheets of paper, now it's 500 sheets. $500. (READS QUESTION)

I think I will pass on that one,
Eddie. See you, Danny. Catch you later.

Hello, Sarah.
Hello, Eddie. How are you?
Quite well, thank you. 37-year-old nurse. Nurse! What sort of nurse? I work with a gastroenterologist and I perform a test called
oesophageal manometry. OK. And what sort of test is that? That's for people who have,
uh, stomach upsets. Yeah.
And, yeah, in the nose. Oh, OK. So, what do you do?
You put the...? Is it a...? There's a gastric tube. Yeah, so, up the nose,
down the throat. All the way
to the top of the stomach. And it's hooked up to an air
and water pressure machine and it gives us a computer readout and it shows us how
all the muscles are working all the way down the oesophagus. You used to screen
your potential boyfriends to make sure you
had no red-headed kids.