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This program is captioned live. This morning - renewed fire warnings after a woman
accidentally sets herself alight. The mammoth task to rebuild
after Sandy and get New York back to work.

And World War II veterans
return to Kokoda 70 years on.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. Good morning. A woman is in hospital
with burns to 30% of her body after an horrific kitchen accident
in Melbourne. The victim was cleaning
with methylated spirits when she caught alight
from the stove. Margaret Dekker has the details.

Yes, the 23-year-old woman from St Albans in Melbourne's west is in a critical but stable condition after the methylated spirits she was using to remove oil mark from a near by bench came into contact with a gas burner. The fire flared up burner. The fire flared up in the student's face, engulfing her hair, face and ears. Hering her screams, who brother sma third the fire with her blanket and rushed his sister into a running into a running shower. He came over her and put a blanket over her to keep the flames off her body. He put his own life at risk to a certain extent. He did a great job. The woman is in the burns unit here at the Alfred Hospital, the same facility which treated many of the Bali bombing burns victims. She likely to make a full recovery but that journey will take months.

120 firefighters
have worked through the night to control a bushfire in the
New South Wales Hunter region. The fire burnt close to homes
near Newcastle late yesterday but crews managed
to bring it under control before any properties were damaged. Firefighters worked
throughout the night, protecting properties from the fire. It was a significant fire
yesterday afternoon and into the evening it's now contained. While the threat has eased for now, firefighters have extra support
this fire season. 'Malcolm' the Air Crane
has arrived in Sydney for the summer and can drop 10,000 litres of water
in a single run.

It's now been three days since superstorm Sandy slammed
into America's east coast. More than 80 people
have been confirmed dead, almost five million
are still without power and thousands of homes
have been destroyed. Life is becoming increasingly
difficult for New York residents as the city struggles with
transport, food and gas supplies. Angela Cox reports.

The Big Apple is try to get back on its feet but it's still very difficult to get around. There are limited subway services operating in upper Manhattan but down here in Lower Manhattan there are no trains running. People have been waiting in queues for hours just to get on buses to shuttle them around. The worse of the people, the New Yorkers who live outside of Manhattan but have to travel inhere for work, some of them had to wait for hours. I live on the island so there I live on the island so there is no gasolene at all. There is still a lot of power I'm from Atlantic islands. New Jersey. There are miles of wait. I been driving from 23rd street all the way to here and the traffic is not moving. The streets here are reasonably quiet though. That's because the city has issued a ban on any drivers coming into Manhattan who coming into Manhattan who haven't got at least two passengers with them, that's because yesterday there was gridlock around Manhattan. Emergency services couldn't get to where they needed to be and a few buses that were operating, couldn't move because there was so much traffic. The power is still out to half a million people here in New York. Millions more right across the north east. In New Jersey, the hardest hit area, the clean up continues but it's a massive job. Frustration is building with many residents still unable to go home. It's unsafe there, talk to the press. Talk to the rest of the home owners. The gas mains we're scared off, trying to shut the gas main off. I don't care about a house, I'd rather care about your life. The New York City marathon is still going ahead this weekend. That's a controversial decision. Some say it's insensitive because so many people are still realing from this disaster. There is also going to be a benefit concert tomorrow night. That's to raise money for the victims New Jersey local, Bruce Springstein and Jon Bon Jovi will be headlining that. The money raised will go to the Red

As the recovery and repair operation
steps up, the race to the White House
has resumed at top speed. US voters go to the polls
in just five days and both presidential candidates
are making up for lost time. When disaster strikes,
we see America at its best. There are no Democrats
or Republicans during a storm, there are just fellow Americans. In the wake of the storm, the President also secured
a high-profile endorsement from the Mayor of New York. Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney
is celebrating his freedom after being acquitted
of his wife's murder. The former prosecutor could pursue
a damages claim against police who were criticised for misconduct
in yesterday's verdict. Five years after his wife's body
was buried at King's Park, Lloyd Rayney says
his family needs answers. We still don't know what happened
to Corryn and that is... ..that is a terrible tragedy. The former prosecutor toasted
his win with supporters last night after a judge found him
not guilty of her murder. One of their two daughters
by his side as he walked free from court. Despite unlimited
apparently resources at the disposal
of those people investigating, this is still unsolved. The court registrar disappeared
in 2007 on her way home
from a bootscooting class Her body was found eight days later and police publicly identified
Rayney as their only suspect. Justice Brian Martin
criticised the investigation, finding the case was improbable
and lacked crucial evidence. But her sister thanked police
and prosecutors for giving Corryn a voice. The judge found Rayney's conduct
was also discreditable, including tapping his wife's phone
while they planned to separate. The high-profile case
cost well over $2 million with both judge and prosecutor
recruited interstate. But the bill to taxpayers could soar if Rayney resumes a defamation case
against police for loss of income and inciting public hatred.

A squad of Melbourne transit police
is under pressure after a new recruit
accidentally discharged his gun. The officer had just been
issued the weapon when he fired a shot into the floor. Emily Angwin has the details.

It was here at the Victoria Police centre where the gun was accidentally fired. The PSO was preparing for his very first shift and being issued with his gun and pulling the name tag off when it discharged. The bullet hit the floor discharged. The bullet hit the floor discharged. The bullet hit the of the equipment issue office and luckily the other people inside the room at the time weren't injured. Now, the training of the Baillieu government's 940 armed guards for train stations has been criticised in the past for both the coalition and Victoria Police. Are confident this accident is a one off. It's very unfortunate. It doesn't happen often. We have been issuing thousands of these firearms. They are the same firearms that the police get. Transit CRU detectives are investigating the incident and as for the PSO, will, he's back at work tonight. Back to you.

A group of Australian
World War II veterans has returned to Papua New Guinea to mark the 70th anniversary
of the Battle of Kokoda. Seven's Nick McCallum
is travelling with them and joins me now on the phone. Hello, Nick. An emotional, but important journey
for these veterans?

It certainly is, Ann, they arrived here, it's still a very remote village of co-code a, ban an hour ago. They came in by light plane. They were greeted by a traditional band and dancers and they were literally marched into the main area of this tiny village as returning heroes. It's exactly 70 years to the day that they liberated this village from the Japanese and were etched into Australian military legends are end. As much as they are enjoying the fess difficults though, Ann, it still brings back some horrible memories for them as one of the old diggers told me, this place is where he has buried some of he has buried some of the best people he has people he has every known. We caught up with a few of them before they left to ask them how left to ask them how tough this advice ill be. Here is what they had

There are many memories
that come flooding back, you know, the hard times we went through,
the tough times. Still have a few demons and I'm sure there's lots of others
that have the same.

Now, they have just parity pace Now, they have just parity paced in a flag raising ceremony. They have a flag raising ceremony. The last post. They will fly out to Port Adelaide Moresby tomorrow. They will be going to the war cemetery to visit the graves of some of the 625 Australians who died on the track during this legendary but tragic campaign in World War II, Ann. We send best wishes to

Nick McCallum reporting at Kokoda,
thank you. War hero Daniel Keighran is
adjusting to life in the spotlight after becoming the 99th Australian
to win the Victoria Cross. Defence's highest honour was awarded
to the 29-year-old yesterday for valour on the battlefield
in Afghanistan. The intensely private Corporal says
the attention is a surprise. Look, I'm not going
to get used to that, I don't think I ever will. That's, um...that's quite odd
when I hear stuff like that. It's just not me. The Army reservist will return
to work in a Kalgoorlie goldmine after taking a short break
with his wife.

And rare photographs
of Australian soldiers have gone on display
at the Australian War Memorial. The images were uncovered
by Seven's 'Sunday Night' program in France

and give a rare and special insight
into the human experience of war.

Fragile pieces of Australian history
once thought lost forever. So your father, sir, is which one? The one in the centre there. A treasure trove of photographs
of Australian soldiers that fought in the First World War are now on display
at the Australian War Memorial. Tragically, most of the photos
and many of the men in them never made it home. Over 800 glass-plate negatives
were donated by Kerry Stokes. Seven's 'Sunday Night' program
originally discovered the pictures in a farmhouse attic
in the French town of Vignacourt. They'd been taken by a local farmer. Like any young Australians today,
they put on brave faces. Some, understandably,
could not hide their torment. Some of the soldiers are smiling, others posing with bottles of wine
and musical instruments. These were
extraordinary Australians, their lives and bravery
part of the fabric of our country. Dignitaries and relatives
of the diggers took in the display last night. Around 70 pictures are framed. Others are captured
through an interactive screen. Their images,
perhaps some of their last smiles did survive. And it's hoped their story
now also lasts forever.

Clear skies are forecast
in Melbourne for Derby Day tomorrow. Organisers say this year's
Melbourne Cup carnival will be the biggest and brightest with ticket sales already up
20% on last year. The famous marquees are ready to go, fully stocked
with champagne and gourmet food. And there'll be
plenty of celebrities in the exclusive Birdcage, including Nicole Kidman. She flew into Sydney last night ahead of her paid appearance
at a VIP marquee.

Next in Seven News,
business and finance. An uncertain future for hundreds
of Australian car workers. Also, the flight safety briefing
everyone's paying attention to.

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New car!

Ford and Holden are warning they could be forced
to shut down production after one of their suppliers
got into financial trouble. Autodom has stopped work
at its factories, leaving some 400 workers
with an uncertain future. They should be busy factories but the three plants
in Melbourne and Adelaide have now been locked down.

Car componets maker Autodom has
closed its factories indefinitely. It claims car manufacturers
such as Holden and Ford had not given the company
the financial assistance it needed to remain viable. Around 400 workers were given
no warning of the decision. I've got my family, two kids. It's bad news, very bad news. Autodom's boss says the fate of the company
is yet to be determined. We will work with all stakeholders to make sure that
we can get back into production. Autodom has already received $10 million
of taxpayer-funded assistance. But the Federal Governmnet says it will be there to help
any workers sacked by the company. Governments monitoring it closely. If we end up with a situation where
we're facing with redundancies, there's some immediate help
that goes in then. Autodom says that assistance could
cost the governmnet $10 million. And even more jobs could be at risk
at the car makers which rely on Autodom. Holden and Ford are warning when they run out of car parts.

To finance now and joining me is
ANZ senior economist Andrew McManus. Good morning, Andrew.
How did markets perform overnight?

Good morning, Ann, the markets performed pretty well. We have got a positive tone that really started from the China data that came out. That showed signs that China is stabilising in growth and the outlook for 2013 may look better. The Aussie dollar is just over $ The Aussie dollar is just over $1.04. We also got some better US data overnight but really the focus will be on tonight's non-fund payrolls release. We have got anything big weight with a RBA meeting? They meet on Melbourne They meet on Melbourne Cup. They do have a history of moving on Melbourne have a history of moving on Melbourne have a history of moving on Melbourne Cup day. We think they will need to ease points by the end of the year. This is predicate odd a soft of the year. This is predicate odd a soft labour market. And housing credit growth is quite slow. So overall, we do think the RBA will need to ease by the end of the year. All right, Andrew, thank you very

Air New Zealand's having no trouble getting passengers to watch
its latest safety video. In fact,
hundreds of thousands of people are going online to see
'The Hobbit'-themed demonstration. 'An Unexpected Briefing' features characters
from the upcoming fantasy epic, 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', directed by
New Zealander Peter Jackson. Even Gollum makes an appearance, ensuring passengers buckle up
and turn off electronic devices. There's no smoking of any kind
allowed anywhere on this aircrafy as it's a fire hazard. will be in Wellington
on November 28. Next in Seven News - Gai Waterhouse's
Melbourne Cup campaign receives a much-needed boost. And Captain Courageous - Nathan Sharpe claims
Australian rugby's highest honour.

There's finally some good news
for horse trainer Gai Waterhouse whose had no success
in the Spring Carnival so far. Her Melbourne Cup runner
Glencadam Gold has recovered from soreness
and is set to race on Tuesday. Leith Mulligan has the details.

Yes, good morning, Ann, on the eve of the Flemington carnival. There has been some good news for trainer Gai Waterhouse with Glencadam Gold passing a fitness test. It did have a foot problem. It's all now good to go. She could have as many as three runners in the race depending on how Rue Ben Percival goes in tomorrow's Lexus Stakes. Shea has a runner in the Derby, Our Desert Warrior. She is up against some pretty good opposition and she will need a change of luck. She hasn't of much this spring. He is the full brother to Desert War. He won the McKinnon here. He is not hopeless in not hopeless in the Derby. It's a Done Deal, a horse with a bit of heavy weight support it is a horse called Havarstad. Greg Williams is part owner. He has been there and done that on AFL's big stage. He could be a champion. I wouldn't swap a premiership but it would be great to have a Derby as well. I couldn't be more excite about this weekend. I always love the horses. To have one that's a good chance this beak is very exciting and really looking forward to it. There is not much sunshine here this morning but hopefully there will be plenty tomorrow. The first race at plenty tomorrow. The first race at 11.20, all the action right here on Channel 7. Back to

Four of Australia's test stars,
including captain Michael Clarke, are in action today at the Gabba as Queensland takes on
New South Wales in the Sheffield Shield. And at the SCG, South Africa
is doing battle with Australia A. They've lost three early wickets.

Wallabies Captain Nathan Sharpe
has paid tribute to his team-mates after winning
the John Eales Medal last night. The inspirational 34-year-old, who was dumped for Australia's
2011 World Cup semifinal, returned to become the only Wallaby
to start in every test this year. The people that are around you
when you do it and the people that have helped you
along the way - they're the people
that I'm going to miss and they're the memories
that I'll take. Prop Ben Alexander's effort
against the Springboks was named Try of the Year. The NRL's Parramatta Eels
are the frontrunners to secure Israel Folau's signature after his shock exit from AFL. Folau's departure is bittersweet for
former club Greater Western Sydney. They're hopeful the extra cash will
lure departing Crow Kurt Tippett. It looked like there was gonna be
an outcome with the Sydney Swans and clearly that's no guaranteed, re-engage in those discussions. It comes as an anonymous
Melbourne player claims the Demons deliberately threw games
back in 2009 to secure better draft picks.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the
weather details after this break.

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Checking today's weather. A trough in WA is generating areas
of rain and storms while pushing warm air
into South Australia. A cool, gusty change
with thundery showers is moving through
north-eastern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Skies are mostly clear elsewhere. Around the capitals - fine in Brisbane. Sunny in Sydney. Showers clearing
in Melbourne. Some cloud in Adelaide. Showers for Perth. Hot and humid in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions
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