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(generated from captions) for a job, I think there will be a few vacancies opening up with a few people going, " people going, "Gnaw, I'm quitting." people going, "Gnaw, I'm quitting.".

The Australian car industry is
on the verge of grinding to a halt after the collapse
of a local parts supplier. Autodom, which makes car parts
in Melbourne and Adelaide, is likely to close its doors
and stand down 400 workers. The company supplies
all three local car makers, Holden, Ford and Toyota. They're now facing
production shutdown if Autodom doesn't get
a financial lifeline. We're joined by our
Big Guns of Politics, Environment Minister Tony Burke and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Good morning to you both. Tony, will the Government
come to Autodom's rescue?

At the moment, they haven't determined how they want to restructure. So the is still talks they are having with some of their own investors as well. The Government is monitoring it closely. If we end up in a situation where If we end up in a situation where we are facing redundancies, there is immediate help there. But at the moment, we still done know where the company is at. They flagged the concerns but they haven't yet decided that shut down is what they are saying mismSo you are prepared to help if they come with a viable plan?There are levels of help they might be eligible for. I am not going to say lock in there is assistance there. We got to wait and see where they are at.These companies are faced with enormous difficulty, the high Aussie dollar, cheap imports. What can be done? It is a critical industry?Well, you don't keep taxing them, that's a starting point. The carbon tax, whichads $ whichads $4 haden to a -- when chadd

Toyota says industrial relations is having huge impact, restricting workplace practices but the high Australian dollar is hurting. The best think you can do is help get interest rates down, run a surplus. Interest rates are lower than under the Howard Government. You can't be claiming you don't have low interest rates.Understand this, there is a difference between the cash rate of the Reserve Bank and what people are paying. The gap between what people are actually paying is bigger now. You're saying regulate the banks? No, no, no.Force them to cut their interest rates.No.That's what you are saying.The cost of funds to the bankxes you've opened me up. The cost is higher than previously. Bull.They are competing with the gorilla in the market, which is the federal government which has $ federal government which has $250 billion of debt. If the government is in competition with borrowing from the bank.No, they are getting their money from overseas amch 80% of the money has come down and now they are blaming higher interest rates on savings amch.Kochie, have a look how much of the federal government borrowings is coming from overseas. 86% is now held offshore, which is putting upward pressure on the Aussie dollar.OK...We should... We do...Kochie.We do have other topics to get through. We've got one you might like.That was sufficiently out of left field. Andrew Wilkie reckons it is break or break for the Opposition Leader. But his daughters have spoken out how they felt when he was called a misogynist. Tony, what do you think? I heard comments earlier, it looks like they were at an event and they answered it.Is it fair they weigh into the debate?Family members can say what they want. It is not fair go to weigh into that.On you, Tony, I think they were asked a question. It is their dad that everyone is saying these things about. It is their father. Good on them for defending their father. I hope my daughter does one day.

Kevin Rudd's been told to move on
and forget about becoming PM again. In an open letter, his official biographer,
Robert Macklin, says for the sake of the nation,
the government and himself, Mr Rudd should abandon the delusion
he's the rightful prime minister. Joe, has Kevin been living
in the past?

I feel a bit sorry for Kevin. After what the Labour Party did to him, now his own biographer is having a shot. He's done it before. You let someone into your life, they write about it and then dump on you. It is pathetic.If John Howard had taken that advice when dumped as Opposition Leader before, we wouldn't have had Australia's longest serving prime minister.I am confident that Kevin won't get the chance to beat John Howard's record but having said that, people got to lay off Kevin. He's copped it, full-blown torch.He gets stuck into him. What do you think?People saying does Kevin need to come out and make a comment or do we need to and make a comment or do we need to hear extra messages before we move on, we have moved on.So your advice to Kevin is the same as the biographer.People are saying Kevin needs to make different comments in support of Julia and different things, everyone has moved on from where it was at.Did Kevin move on? I hope so, the best signal and the opening of it, was when we won the Security Council bid and the first thing Kevin did was congratulate the Prime Minister. For a long time it wasn't like that. It is how it is now.Just to add some balance, Tony Burke is the patron of the Kevin Rudd fan Rudd fan club, we got to take that into account. But the bottom line, people have been tough on Kevin, too tough. Lay off him, let him get on with the job he has been doing.You agree with that. agree with that?You just gave me 3 invitations to have a go with him and I didn't.You're stirring the pot. Let's go to Sam, help!Thank