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(generated from captions) VOICEOVER: We all know that:

The future of this state
depends on it. Our kids are counting on it. But the O'Farrell Government is ripping the guts out of
TAFE colleges and public schools. And ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. When these kids can't get a job, are we gonna say, "We knew what
would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

This program is captioned live. This morning - The clean-up begins as Americans face the devastation
left by superstorm Sandy. Retired MPs fight for their right
to regain generous perks. And rare photographs
of Australian soldiers go on display for the first time. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Samantha Armytage. Good morning. Millions across America's north-east have begun another day
without power, some still surrounded by water and others with nowhere
to call home. As they face the daunting task
of cleaning up the mess left by superstorm Sandy, many are wondering where to begin. The three days after Sandy
left the north-eastern crisis, finally signs of recovery. It's a moment where
we're all working together to ensure that
New Jersey moves ahead. In Toms River, firefighters began moving a boat
washed into the centre of a street. Police say they're making progress
clearing roads along the shore left impassable by sand
and homes tossed into the streets. You feel you're going to wake up
any minute. It's sickening. It's saddening. For evacuees like Robert Ridgeway, who hasn't been allowed back
to Seaside Park to see his home, the wait is agonising. What can you do? You know, you've just got to
believe in tomorrow and, you know, hopefully,
everybody can rebuild. We pledge to help those whose lives
have been turned upside down. And I was out in New Jersey
yesterday and saw the devastation and you really get a sense
of how difficult this is going to be for a lot of people. In Hoboken, people are pumping
murky floodwater out of garages. In Queens, assessing the damage
to more than 100 burnt-out homes. Those seeking routine, however, are encountering
one delay after the next. In Jersey City,
a line for gas 100 cars long. In Brooklyn,
thousands waited for buses as public transportation resumes. It's going to be different scenery,
for sure. Those devastated by Sandy moving on but still struggling to accept
what's been lost. Retired federal MPs are threatening
a High Court challenge to regain millions of dollars
in generous perks. It follows a series of reforms
passed earlier this year, including slashing
the Gold Pass entitlement from 25 domestic flights per year
to 10. The Association of Former MPs
of the Parliament of Australia believes the changes breach the "just terms" clause
of the Constitution made famous in 1997 film
'The Castle'. It has asked the Commonwealth
to fund the legal challenge. Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is losing his ground
against Julia Gillard. On 'Lateline' last night,
Wilkie claimed Abbott is now as unpopular
with voters as the Prime Minister. He hinted that a leadership change could give the Coalition the edge
in the next election. If there was to be
a leadership change either in the government
or in the opposition, the balance would be broken and who knows in what direction
it would spiral. He also said he made the
right decision in backing Ms Gillard after the 2010 election. Facebook has launched
an Australia-wide campaign to stamp out online bullying. The Be Bold, Stop Bullying campaign aims to encourage users
to stand up to other people who use the site
to bully and offend. The central feature of the campaign
is an interactive app where users can pledge
to rail against bullies. A memorial marking the spot where murdered Melbourne woman
Jill Meagher's body was found has been removed. Milton City Council says it has taken the granite slab
from the Gisborne South site with the family's permission. It's now being held
by funeral directors who are planning to send it
to Ms Meagher's parents in Perth. The council says it acted
in consideration of the community but the decision
has angered some locals. have gone on display
at the Australian War Memorial. The images were uncovered by Seven's
'Sunday Night' program in France and give a rare and special insight
into the human experience of war. Fragile pieces of Australian history
once thought lost forever. So your father, sir, is which one? The one in the centre there. A treasure trove of photographs
of Australian soldiers that fought in the First World War are now on display
at the Australian War Memorial. Tragically, most of the photos
and many of the men in them never made it home.

Over 800 glass-plate negatives
were donated by Kerry Stokes. Seven's 'Sunday Night' program
originally discovered the pictures in a farmhouse attic
in the French town of Vignacourt. They'd been taken by a local farmer. Like any young Australians today,
they put on brave faces. Some, understandably,
could not hide their torment. Some of the soldiers are smiling, others posing with bottles of wine
and musical instruments. These were
extraordinary Australians, their lives and bravery
part of the fabric of our country. Dignitaries and relatives
of the diggers took in the display last night. Around 70 pictures are framed. Others are captured
through an interactive screen. Their images,
perhaps some of their last smiles did survive. And it's hoped their story
now also lasts forever. The latest Australian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross
for bravery has described himself as a man of few words but is still very honoured. Corporal Daniel Keighran says he's honoured to be given the medal
for risking his life in Afghanistan. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the boys
with me that day. The support that they provided me
was excellent. Corporal Keighran's wife says she was surprised to learn
he was given the award because he has never spoken
about his missions overseas. More than 120 firefighters
have battled a bushfire that was burning out of control in the New South Wales
Hunter Region. The blaze has burnt through
more than 200 hectares of bushland in a reserve at Argenton,
west of Newcastle. Nearby properties were under threat but drops in temperature
and humidity have helped give firefighters
the upper hand. A woman will face court today charged in relation
to the stabbing death of a Sydney teenager last year. 15-year-old Hayden Burnes died after he was stabbed outside
an industrial estate at Minchinbury. Police arrested a 38-year-old woman
late yesterday at a motel in Toukley on the
New South Wales Central Coast. She's been charged with accessory
to murder after the fact. Two men already arrested by
detectives remain before the court. West Australian police say they will consider
a judge's not guilty verdict in the high-profile murder trial
of Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney. After a 3-month trial,
the biggest in the state's history, Mr Rayney was yesterday
found not guilty of killing his estranged wife
five years ago. Despite the best-funded
investigation, despite unlimited, apparently,
resources at the disposal of those people
investigating, this is still unsolved and that's an extremely hard thing
for my family to accept. WA Police say they'll examine
the judge's comments regarding the conduct of officers
and the prosecution case. A West Australian school
is defending its decision to ban students from hugging after a 12-year-old girl
was given detention. Amber Ablett was punished at
Bunbury's Adam Road Primary School for hugging a classmate. The ban was introduced last year after what the school describes as
"excessive hugging" left some students with bruises and others feeling left out. We just went up to each other
via habit and hugged each other and then the principal came over
and told us we had detention. Amber's mother is demanding
an apology from the school. Australia's struggling car industry
has been dealt another blow with Holden warning it could be forced
to halt production from next week. It follows the collapse
of South Australian manufacturer AI Automotives,

which is a key supplier
to the car company. We will work with all stakeholders to make sure we can get back
into production. Workers were told of the decision
yesterday morning. The company has also closed
production facilities in Melbourne, leaving hundreds of workers
in limbo. There are calls for national
standards for cosmetic surgeons after an Adelaide woman died
following a liposuction procedure. A coroner has found
Lauren Edgar died because her skin wasn't properly
disinfected before surgery. She underwent the operation
in March 2008 and died five days later. The doctor involved
has also been criticised for failing to arrange
a post-operative appointment. A Sydney photographer
is still allowed to do his job despite former Spice Girl Mel B taking legal action against him. 'The X Factor' judge
applied for an AVO against snapper Jamie Fawcett after claiming he endangered her while she was on a kayak
in Sydney Harbour. I've got the other side. Somewhere in between,
there'll be the facts. Fawcett has been banned
from loitering within 50m Mel B. Vets say a young koala
is lucky to be alive after being attacked
by a pack of dogs in Queensland. Peta was left with broken bones,
punctures to her stomach and a sore ear

after five dogs set upon her. She's recovering at Australia Zoo. She had horrific injuries to
two arms, including broken bones, she's lost half of her ear. Peta will need her bandages on
for a few more weeks as her broken bones heal. Now for your first look
at Friday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am, Kevin Rudd's biographer
tells the former PM to drop his dreams
of regaining the country's top job. But next on Seven Early News, two Halloween shootings
in California. And the in-flight safety video that's got everyone
talking about New Zealand.

VOICEOVER: Coffee can be fun. With the new Nescafe Dolce Gusto
machine and its selection wheel, making coffee
has never been so entertaining.

A Federal Government investigation
is being launched into the link between
social media and gambling. It follows concerns gambling companies are
targeting children and young adults with Apps and Facebook games. Experts say there are
hundreds of games and websites that allow children
to practice betting on horses and play cashless versions
of blackjack and roulette. Police in Los Angeles are investigating
two Halloween shootings. Three men suffered gunshot wounds when a group opened fire
in a crowded Hollywood street. One of the victims
is in a critical condition. The suspects are still at large. And four people were shot during an
argument outside a Halloween party at the University
of Southern California. The campus locked down and two men
were arrested a short time later. A strong high tide
has flooded Venice. Italian officials say
60% of the city is now under water. Water levels have so far
reached 1.4m above normal. Makeshift footbridges
have been constructed to allow locals
to walk above the water. And the US election campaign
is back on track after superstorm Sandy. Republican candidate Mitt Romney has wasted no time
rallying his supporters, getting a little ahead of himself
in Virginia. If I'm re-elected...

Excuse me - if I'm elected. (CROWD CHEERS)

The US election
will be held on Tuesday next week. And Air New Zealand's
latest in-flight safety video is making headlines
around the world with hobbits, orcs and elves urging passengers
to fasten their seat belts. The video is a tie-on with Peter Jackson's upcoming movie
'The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey' which was filmed in New Zealand. The movie will be released
later this month.

We will show it to you coming up in Sunrise, we promise. Your first finance this morning.

Wall Street higher this morning.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am,
Australia's car industry in crisis. But next on Seven Early News, another Demon blows the whistle
on tanking in the AFL. And Wallabies' 'Captain Courageous',
Nathan Sharpe, takes out Australian rugby's
highest honour.

Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

VOICEOVER: We work hard
to shape up for summer. MAN: Good work. Keep up the good work with our great range
of delicious, low-fat subs at Subway restaurants.

The stories we're following
on the Early News - residents in New Jersey and New York have begun the massive task
of cleaning after superstorm Sandy. And with the US election
just days away, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
are back on the campaign trail. Retired MPs are considering
a High Court challenge to claw back generous perks allowing them to fly for free
across Australia. And Facebook has launched
an Australia-wide campaign to stamp out online bullying, calling on users to sign a pledge
to stand up against others who use the site
to harass and offend others. Now it's over to Simon Reeve
with all the day's sport. Wallabies captain Nathan Sharpe
has capped off his farewell year by winning Australian rugby's
most prestigious award. The big Queenslander
took out the John Eales medal, polling 24 votes
ahead of nearest rival David Pocock. Sharpe is now only the second player
behind flanker George Smith to win the medal twice.

To be voted by your peers, the guys you do battle with, week in, week out, means a great deal.

21-year-old flanker Michael Hooper
finished third despite playing in just 11 tests. The Parramatta Eels have confirmed they've already held talks
with Israel Folau's management after the big AFL recruit
quit the code yesterday. Folau was only two years
into a 4-year contract at Greater Western Sydney but failed to make
a lasting impression. The AFL's $6 million man is expecting a drop
in the pay packet in the NRL but says money isn't the issue.

In the end, I didn't quite have the passion there and like I said, I would have been just cheating myself and, you know, it wouldn't be fair, also, for the club.

The announcement adds another
big twist in the Kurt Tippett saga with Folau's exit
freeing up the Giants' salary cap to have another crack at luring
the former Crow away from the Swans. It's being reported that
another Melbourne player has broken his silence
on tanking in the AFL as it also investigates
club officials in a growing story. The anonymous source claims coach Dean Bailey called a meeting
to signal a sudden change of tactics midway through the 2009 season. He's the third Demons player, including original whistleblower
Brock McLean, to speak up about the issue. South Africa has nominated Australia's rookie
opening combination as potential dangermen before next week's first test
at the Gabba. Dave Warner will get his first taste
of 'red ball cricket' since April against the Bulls tomorrow. Ed Cowan's averaging just 29 from seven tests. We've seen what Warner's capable of. We haven't seen a lot of Cowan
before but he looks like a real class act
with a bat in hand so we don't think
they're vulnerable, they're probably dangerous. And today's Bulls-Blues Shield match doubles as a test shoot-out
for Mitchell Starc and the fourth bowling spot. The Western Sydney Wanderers will
be out to make it two on the trot against Melbourne Heart
in the A-League tonight. The Wanderers stunned reigning
title holders the Brisbane Roar last weekend.

I'm sure they'd be feeling good about themselves, the performances they've been putting in, there's a result to show for it now.

While marquee man
Alessandro Del Piero is still under an injury cloud for Sydney FC's clash
with the Mariners tomorrow night. Bookmakers are reporting
huge money for the internationals while the local hopes
have been friendless in the latest Melbourne Cup betting. 2010 winner Americain
is now clear favourite after some solid trackwork
under Damien Oliver. It's A Dundeel remains the horse
to beat in tomorrow's VRC Derby. The best day in racing of course
here on Seven. And Ford's Mark Winterbottom is preparing for an
aggressive weekend of racing when the V8s hit the track
in Abu Dhabi. With 300 championship points
up for grabs, Winterbottom is hoping to close in
on leader Jamie Whincup. The V8s will open the show
for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, running three 12-lap races
across Saturday and Sunday, all on Seven and 7mate.

I know it's in your diary, Sam.It just doesn't get any better than that on the weekend. Thank you, Reevo, see you very soon. Next, a closer look how the weather is

The breakfast show that starts the nation. Mane we catch up with the cast of 'Twilight'. Plus our Aussie Hugh Jackman. On Tuesday, the Sunrise team are live from Flemington, ready for the Melbourne Cup. Wednesday, Matchbox Twenty perform and we have your front-row seat to the US election. On Thursday, international popstar -a performs and Friday, deep-sea diving with dogs. You can always bet on Sunrise on Seven. Big week coming up.

Now for a closer look
at how the weather's shaping up around the country.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Friday. I'm Samantha Armytage.
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