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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Barack Obama on the ground in strickened New Jersey.I can't thank the President enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and for the people of our state.The humble hero - Australia's third VC for valour in Afghanistan.Wouldn't be here today if the boys weren't with me that day.And the watered-down pokies bill set to become law after a deal with the Greens.

Good evening. Also tonight - a vaccine at last to protect horses from the Hendra virus.The Hendra virus vaccine sawonderful development.And after the bionic ear, remarkable Australian developments in improving the bionic eye. Superstorm Sandy's impact in the US is so devastating it's easy to forget a presidential election is just six days away. The storm has days away. The storm has forced Mitt Romney to back off from the campaign trail and help Barack Obama trying to keep the very visible job. The superstorm has also left its mark on the race for the presidency, turning once political foes in to working partners.ical foes in to working partners. Since the hurane pounded his state and turned once landlocked homes in to water front properties, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has had nothing but praise for nothing but praise for the President.He has sprung into action immediately and I can't thank the President enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and for the people of our state.The praise coming from the same Republican Governor, a visible Mitt Romney campaign surrogate who just two months earlier had this to say about the Obama Administration. Here is their plan - whistle a happy tune while driving us off the fiscal cliff. As long as they're behind the wheel of power when we fall.That was when the race for the White House dominated the headlines and before a freak storm wiped out so much here for so many families.I have nothing. Everything is ruined.You have your memories.I'm going to lose it. Don't you now.Governor Christie was asked about his new and improved relationship with President Obama and he wasn't happy about it.I don't give a damn about election day. It doesn't matter to me at the moment. I have much bigger fish to fry than that, so do the people of the state of New Jersey.This storm has brought President Obama's campaign to a standstill but it may have improved his chances of re-election. A new poll out lection. A new poll out tonight revealing eight out of terpb likely voters have enthusiastically endorsed -- 10 likely voters have enthusiastically endorsed his response to the crisis. The Federal Government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. President Obama and his administration have been visibly responsive. And mindful of the lesson learned from watching his predecessor bunglem watching his predecessor bungle his response to Hurricane Katrina.You're doing a heck of a job.The timing of the storm - the latest headache for President Obama's opponent. Mitt Romney forced to back-off on criticising the President, threading carefully with his comments. While almost one third of the country deals with a storm that has no rival.We come together in times of trial and this is one of those times for millions of people in our country. Do your very best in your prayers, thoughts and with your funds if you can.But it hadn't stopped Paul Ryan or Joe Biden doing what the running mates at the moment cannot.In the last hours of this campaign, they've become truly desperate.You might have heard that Joe Biden again was at it again.Both men attacking each other over the bailout of the auto industry, which is dominating the campaign in Ohio and may prove decisive in the race for the presidency.

The death toll from Sandy has now topped 70 in North America.Six million people are still without power.Back in business - the reopening of the New York Ston Exchange powered by generators, much of down town still without power. Everywhere New Yorkers are being confronted by the fury of the storm. The scale of the damage unprecedented in the city's history. A neighbourhood in Queens, one police officer likened it to Dresden in World War 2. 100 homes con-- World War II. 100 homes consumed.I probably could have fought the flood, but not the fire. More pictures have been released of dramatic roof top rescues as people try to escape the rising waters. 48 hours later, there's still danger, from broken gas pipes in New Jersey. Everywhere you go you can hear the gas. All the open gas lines going. I'm scared to death.In Atlantic City, an amusement park destroyed. Home washed off their foundations. -- homes washed off their foundations. It's impossible to say how many homes were hire. Even those whose houses were spared are being forced to leave. A quarter of the state's population have no electricity.Batteries are dead. But I think it's going to be more than two or three days here.About 6,000 people are still in shelters. Many thankful to have escaped with their lives.I just made it out. It was scary.Across from Manhattan, thousands of residents remain stranded.We got him out. He's fine. The military's been transporting people to drier grown. Others wade through a toxic brew of floodwaters, petrol and raw sewage. An 11-year- old girl helping out neighbours with precious power to charge mobiles and laptops.Charge our phones so we can let other people know we're OK. And that we're going to get through this.The bridges in to Manhattan are open but many workers travelled on foot.We have no Internet and no connection. Power shortages are hampering the pumping of water from subway tunnels. But 14 of the 23 lines are expected to be operating by tomorrow. Fears are being waived. Authorities say this weekend's New York Marathon will go ahead.

For the first time an Australian regular soldier serving in Afghanistan has received the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery in war time. Corporal kier kier kier risked his life to save those of his comrades during one of the most intense firefights of the Afghanistan campaign. The two previous VCs from the Afghan conflict went to members of the Special Forces. The Governor- General and PM were full of praise for the courage displayed by corporal kier kier. The Governor- General described him as a man of fizz and profound strengths. Under enemy fire on August 24 2010.They need you to be here. Because by being here, . Because by being here, the story of that day is told.The PM and Opposition Leader expressing their pride.You did not put your personal safety first. But you put that Anzac tradition of mateship first.What drives one man but not others to repeatedly risk his life for his mates.The defence chief says he drew enemy fire aware from members of his patrol, including those who were attending to a man killed in action.He returned fire and provided critical information about the insurgent's positions.Four other soldiers also received awards for their actions. The Queensland- born soldier didn't tell his wife about what happened until two weeks ago. Today he said simply that his training took over.I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the boywise me that day. The support they provided was excellent.He joins a long list of Australians to receive the Victoria Cross since the Boer War at the turn of the century. 96 were awarded under the old imperial honours system. Mark Donaldson received the Victoria Cross for Australia in 2009. And SAS Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith in 2011, both serving in Afghanistan. He's now an army reservist working in a Kalgoorlie gold mine. Poker machine reform, although watered down, now seems a political certainty. The Greens have agreed to a modified package which includes setting up a gambling research commission.The maximum $1 bets proposed by anti-gambling groups were i-gambling groups were not part of the deal. Anti-pokie advocates welcomed the bill as a good launching pad for future changes.Rather than lauding the agreement, the Greens are downplaying it.It's legislation that falls a long way short of what's needed to deal with problem gambling.Other senators are using far stronger language.Going to set a precedent for federal intervention in to gambling. This is piss weak.The Greens have backed down from having $1 bet on all poker machines and precommitment on pokies.It gives people a tool to help them take control of their own spending.That won't work, just like voluntary speed limits don't work. Who seriously would have voluntary speed limits and would say, "You have brakes in every car but it's voluntary when you fit them and use them?"Clubs are worried the changes will drive away customers. If people stop coming in to clubs because of mandatory precommitment, they may not come back once the trial is completed.Mr House said clubs could lose up to 40% of their revenue. Part of the reforms, imposing a $250 limit on cash withdrawals from ATMs in gambling venues. The Government will put money aside for the establishment of a national gambling research commission. The independent MP who withdrew his support of the Labor Government says the reforms are better than nothing.Although this is a cautious and modest start, it's a start nonetheless.Are we getting everything we wished for on day one? No. Wile wetake steps forward to achieve a long-term goal? Absolutely.The Government denies it's been spooked by the powerful clubs industry. The Greens and independents say the Government's heart isn't in gambling reform. The legislation is likely to pass parliament next year.

In the British Parliament, PM David Cameron has suffered his first major defeat. After rebels in his ConservativePerty joined the Labour Opposition to demand a cut in the EU budget. A motion urging Cameron to insist on the cut when he discusss the bloc's trillion euro budget in Brussels next month. The vote comes as the eurozone's jobless rate hits another record. Nearly 18.5 million people are without work. It's especially bad in Greece and Spain, where utunemployment has risen to 50%. As Greek law-makers passed a controversial privatisation law, a frosty reception outside parliament. These demonstrates from northern Greece say with heating oil now costing $1.80 a litre, people in their region will freeze this winter and they want the government to help.That's why we came here, so the y we came here, so the government can help us. We want to live. Our kids won't bow able to go to school.-- be able to go to school. Greece's Government said it will run out of cash next month unless it gets bailout money. The finance minister has been presenting the 2013 budget, including $21 billion of cuts, mainly from pensions and public sector wages. It's expected to be passed but unions have announced a general strike for next Tuesday and Wednesday. Greece's upt rate could rise above the eurozone -- unemployment rate could rise above the eurozone record of Spain. More and more Spaniards are struggling to make ends meet. People like this man, who like his wife, can't find work. TRANSLATION: The situation is unbearable, because now we start owing money now we start owing money to the banks. We haven't been able to pay the mortgage for two months and they can evict us after the third month. We're really desperate.There's continued anger at austerity in Portugal too. The government is trying to meet targets agreed with the European Union and International Monetand International Monetary Fund in return for a $100 billion bailout. Parliament gave a green light on tax rises but it could still be thrown out by the Constitutional Court. Following September's huge street protests, Portuguese unions are set to join their Spanish counters parts in staging a general strike in two weeks. With expected figures to show the region is in recession, these are volatile signs for Europe. Spain's main airport operator is to cut 10% of its staff. 1600 jobs by the end of the year. A brief look at some of the other stories making of the other stories making news around the world. The Syrian military has intensified air strikes on Opposition strongholds around Damascus after activists reported a series of attacks that killed at least 30 people. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the worst was a motorcycle bombing outside a Shiite Muslim shrine near Damascus which killed at least eight people.Security guards have thought dead two striking miners have they tried to break floot the armoury of a South African coal -- into the armoury of a South African coal mine. They tried to gain access to the secure weapons area. Firearms have since been seized from security staff as an investigation gets under way.And Indonesian Presidentder way.And Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has arrived in London for a state visit and a boosting bilateral ties. The President and First Lady were received at Horse Guard's Parade. But in Downing Street, protesters protested against a recent shooting, claiming Indonesian security forces opened fire on unarmed demonstrators in West Papua. Staying in Britain where a mother has been accused of beating her 7-year-old son to death because he failed to learn passages from the Koran. She is also charged with trying to destroy the evidence by starting a fire at the family home. A 7-year-old boy described by his teachers as a delight. His death appeared at first to be a tragic accident. Today his mother arrived at court under guard, accused of hilling her son and setting his body alight to hide her crime. Ege cried as the jury showed a video that she used to hit him on the back with a stick like a dog. She had become more and more angry with him. She claimed to lose control, saying voices appeared that said to hit him more and hit him again. Ege later claimed her husband was responsible for beating the boy. He denies causing or allowing the death of his son. Police searching the family's burnt out home found a lighter and barbecue fuel used to start the fire after the boy had been beaten to death. The community which came out in force for the 7- year-old's funeral was left stunned. Ege denies murder and intending to pervert the and intending to pervert the course of justice. Over the next six weeks, those who lived alongside the family will learn the truth of y will learn the truth of what happened inside their home. Earlier this year, Ege collapsed in court while being questioned about her son's death and was only able to continue giving evidence with a nurse by her side.

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - the new senate recommendations promising to lower energy costs. Shortly - a world first - the medical procedure giving a young Melbourne boy a new lease on life. Later - refugees flee Burma as increasingly segregated minority fear for its

A senate committee in to electricity pricing has recommended a raft of changes, including the introduction of optional smart meters to reduce unfair energy costs.The findings will be presented to State Governments later this year, in the hope of easing the financial pressure on family families.They're the essential items some -- many families. They're the essential items.I don't know what to do.The single mother is being squeezed by rising energy costs.I can't cut other expenses.- a pain being shared by families across the country. In NSW, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal says the ory Tribunal says the average electricity bill was $1,100 in 2007. It's now more than doubled as network costs surged to $2,230. And the carbon tax is predicted to add around $167 to this year's bill. Those rising costs sparked a senate investigation in to electricity pricing which today found an overinvestment in network infrastructure. The poles and wires as a significant unfair contributor to soaring energy costs.There's a perverse incentive for network businesses to spend more than they need to on their assets.As part of its recommendations, it's seeking greater scrutinys, it's seeking greater scrutiny powers for the Australian Energy Reg yltder on network spend. It wants to -- Regulator on network spend. It wants to combat peak demand during weather events which impacts all consumer tariffs.Effectively, low income households without airconditioners are subsidising the cost of high-income households running airconditioners during peak times. This is unfair.A public education campaign promoting new technology which limits energy use for those that can afford it is on the agenda.These recommendations are a win for consumers and the States must adopt these reforms when they are presented to COAG later this year.In the meantime, families like the Williams have turned to alternatives like blockout shutters, roof installation and solar panels to keep costs down.As far as I'm concerned, it's been a very good experience and very thankful we've got it done.The Government is due to release a final energy white paper at the end of the year. Until now, the life of a 10-year-old Melbourne boy has been a medical nightmare, suffering from kidney disease and a host of other life- threatening health problems, he has simply been too ill to lead a normal life. Now thanks to groundbreaking surgery, Matthew can do things other kids can do like playing sport. Matthew was just six months old when he was diagnosed with critically high blood pressure caused by a rare blood condition. After suffering a stroke 18 months ago, he was facing a double organ transplant.It's been a trialling, a very troubled time and difficult and hard as a parent to watch your child going through what he's gone through.If you have very high blood pressure, ve very high blood pressure, you end up developing heart failure and run the risk of having a stroke. You end up damaging the eyes and the kidneys.The young Melbourne schoolboy takes a 42 pill cocktail of medications every day. But a new surgical procedurery day. But a new surgical procedure, unheard of in a child anywhere in the world, has given Matthew a new lease of life. An American company designed and made a miniature balloon catheter which was inserted in to the arteries leading to Matthew's kidneys. The device transmits radio frequencies to interrupt the blood flow by shocking the kidney nerves. It's a bombing Mairead but we had to be very focused. He has a serious blood pressure problem with so many medications that it was worth a try on compassionate grounds.The results were immediate. Matthew's overworked heart slowed from 210 beats a minute to 100 stkpwifrt. The seizure stopped and the dizziness disa-- 150. The seizure stopped and the dizziness disappeared.Felt very dizzy and felt I'd drop to the ground. I don't feel like that anymore.He can engage a lot more at school. The groundbreaking key hole operation had to be approved by an ethics committee. Doctors hope the surgery will add decades to Matthew's life and eventually he'll be able to be weaned off most of his medication. Now to other stories. Prom no-one Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney has been found not guilty of murdering his wife -- prominent Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney has been found not guilty of murdering his wife. Corryn's body was foun buried in bushland. The first of three major corruption hearings involving the former NSW Labor government has begun in Sydney. Former NSW treasurer has been grilled by the commission over why a businessman arranged a y a businessman arranged a new car for the then Roads Minister and a discounts of almost $11,000? And a Qantas A380 was forced to make an emergency landing in Sydney overnight. The plane was about 30 minutes into its flight to Singapore when the captain made the decision to turn back following reports of smoke in the cabin. Paramedics were put on standby. Qantas says there was no evidence of smoke in the cabin but it always puts safety before schedules. There's been a major breakthrough for Australian scientists with the discovery of a vaccine that protects horses from the deadly Hendra virus. The development has triggered a nationwide vaccination program, starting in the most affected areas. Carried by bats, Hendra is so deadly, it will kill 70% of anything it infects. So to have a vaccine to protect against it is an incredible step forward for science. The Hendra virus vabsination is a wonderful development. We've been waiting -- vaccination is a wonderful development. We've waiting for it. We're happy people have collaborated to expedite this to the market. We're looking forward to the impact it will have. Developed at the CSIRO's Geelong lab, the vaccination program will initially start in the high-risk east coast corridor, stretching from Cairns to Campsie and will then be rolled out around the country. Horses will receive two jobs three weeks apart, followed by a booster program.We've seen more substantial infections and the consequences of infection are devastating. This vaccine is going to be the single most effective tool that we have at our disposal to prevent disease.Hendra first emerged in Australia in 1994 and has killed four people and 81 horses. More than 30 in the past two years. 30 in the past two years. For many vets, it means they can go to work feeling a lot safer and less stressed. This doctor lost a close friend and colleague to e friend and colleague to the disease. So for him it's a great emotional release. I carried his coffin. The Hendra virus has been very close, invasive character in my life.It's the first vaccine to fight level four disease causing agents. The most serious and deadly pathogens that cause fatal diseases, including SARS.

The decades-old animosity between Buddhists and minority Muslims in Burma, also known as Myanmar, seems to have led to another tragedy. At least 130 Muslims fleeing the violence are feared drowned after their vessel sank. That's on top of almost 90 people being killed in recent clashes between two ethnic groups in Burma's Rakhine state. The violence in Western Myanmar has spread to far-flung areas. On remote islands, entire villages have disappeared.tire villages have disappeared. Muslims once called these places home. Now they are gone, pleaing to camps after they -- fleeing to camps after they claim they were attacked by Buddhists. The Buddhist population claims the fires were started by the Muslims. TRANSLATION: There was no fighting. The Muslims left first with women, children, elderly and the sick. Around 150 stayed behind and burned down their houses and ran away. There is little if any hope they'll be able to return to rebuild. The Buddhists say they won't be welcome. This is a scene that's becoming more and more common around here. Behind me is a Buddhist community that is completely untouched. It is intact still. Right beside it here is what used to be a Muslim community. That's been completely burnt to the ground. Both sides blame each other for starting the fighting. The Muslims believe the majority Buddhists are trying to force them out of the country. They are viewed as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The predominantly Buddhist government claims there are terrorists in the community who are responsible. TRANSLATION: This is not a racial or religious conflict because the terrorists started this violence. We don't know how long it will take to resolve.The state is becoming increasingly segregated. The movements of Muslims are restricted. Those who are not in camps are in one locked off part of the city where they're not allowed to leave. TRANSLATION: Some people try to venture out of this neighbourhood to get food but they were beaten and taken to the police station. If they go to the solg, they are also beaten.The government says the situation is under control. But for the Muslims, control is something they don't have. Instead, they're becoming increasingly marginalised. The Bangladeshi government says it will not accept any new refugees from Burma. Australia's a world leader in bionics. We already have a bionic ear and now a bionic eye. The first patient is successfully seeing with an early prototype. The next model may allow recipients to differentiate human faces.

This is the first moment vision- impaired Diane could see, using a bionic eye. It was a world first from Bionic Vision Australia. But to biomedical engineers who have been working 15 years to develop a better one.We capture a camera image and that image is processed using this device which is much like an Android phone.The sig snl wirelessly sent to a surgically implanted chip which is electronically simulates the retina. When we pass this down behind the eye, it's attached to a set of electronics in a small capsule that sits on top of the eye. This device behind me here is the silicone chip. It is five millimetres by five millimetres.It means people with profound vision impairment can at least see large objects. But next year's model will have a higher resolution, creating an image that may alieu users to stop the differences between human faces.As the technology becomes more refined, we'll use it for more sophisticated activities for daily living, search as object recognition, detecting faces.The porn social skill for those with degenerative eye diseases, the main group is implant is designed for.Although not 100% accurate to our own vision, it's easy to see how an invention like this could not only change the life of a vision-impaired person but stimulate an emerging Australian biomedical industry.An industry with humble beginnings. The pair scrounged up spare parts for a tool to make parts for a tool to make the first prototype.This particular device here is an ignition coil from a 1978 Datsun. This is from a television. This is from a stereo. We rescued those two things from council clean-up night. Australia has l clean-up night. Australia has a grand history in things like the pace-maker, to cochlear today which has 70% of the market share of bionic ears. We can do a nic ears. We can do a lot more with this industry. As their higher resolution prototype readies for human trials next year, they've brought the idea of a bionic man even closer.We have to be very careful. I've heard some people say can they have an infrared camera so they can see in the dark? That is possible.Outside was all white.For now, seeing anything at all is a miracle. When you have a moment, go to SBS online for a more extensive look. Pretty exciting news. Very well worth a look. For 170 years, the male players of the Melbourne Cricket Club have swept all before them in Victorian cricket, winning 19 premier titles and countless more at other levels. But note the male - it was only recently the MCC finally got around to fielding a women's team for the first time in its history. It's been a long time coming but the oldest cricket club in the nation has finally caught up to everyone else and this year fields a women's team.174 years, in fact, and a lot of people asked us why it's taken so long. We don't have an answer.After 30 years playing and coaching the men's team, Robert templeten took on the mentor's role. He said the girls have taken huge strides.That's the greatest thing ides.That's the greatest thing about them - they've got a great attitude and want to learn. They listen intently. They soak up everything you tell them. It's fantastic. They're a bit different to the blokes. The blokes, some of them think they know everything and they can't be told anything.The club has intentionally taken on younger cricketer, careful not to poach from existing clubs.Most of the first 11 are girls from 16, 17, 18 years old. Only a couple over 20. Our focus is developing young players and our own squad of players coming through. Hopes to be a formidable team in the medium term.The newly appointed captain is younger than most.Yeah, look, I was pretty nervous being so young and a lot of girls older than myself. A lot of them younger too. Hopefully I can lead them the best I can.They're yet to win but they are very close.Coming to a new club and new players is a tough gig to be s is a tough gig to be able to knock over any side, especially in a premier first team with such young players and probably without the great experience of other clubs. I'm really proud of the girls.The club has added some experience, bringing in an all-rounder to be coach.I've come over to be cricket and whether I got the news I'd be playing for MCC, absolutely wonderful. It's gut a good name for. It all my friends back home all my friends back home are pretty jealous.With participation up nearly 25% in the last year arly 25% in the last year in the junior game, and with the success of the Southern Stars, the MCC wants to ensure the women's game will continue to grow. We wanted to build a bridge between the girls that are playing school cricket and coming to club crick. With the MCC involved, that just bekim a little easier. -- became a little easier. Up next on World News Australia - Mike Tomalaris with sport. Is he or isn't he? Folau's Greater Western Sydney bombshell leaves rugby league waiting in the wings. More than half a million Australian schoolkids come together in a sing along.

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After four months of gains, Australian house prices fell an average 1% nationally last month. The survey found prices rose only in Perth and Darwin, with the heaviest falls in Hobart of 4%. Some analysts say the results boost the chances of another interest rate cut next week.

Joining us with all the sport now is Mike Tomalaris. What's going on with Israel Folau? Is there no code that can hold this man? He's all over the place. He's decided to walk away from AFL, pulling the pin on a multimillion-dollar contract. One of the hottest prospects in the NRL, Folau made headlines in 2010 when he announced he would be joining the AFL's newest franchise, the Giants. He only played one season with the club and had two years remaining on a contract believed to be worth around $6 million. Israel Folau but Greater Western Sydney on the map. A rugby league star changing codes and joining a team yet to make its mark in the AFL. He played only 13 games for the Giants and said the decision to walk away was a long time in the making.The passion wasn't quite there in the end. And in the end if I was staying I was kind of cheating myself. So I had to be honest and move forward.In June 2010, the 23-year-old Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Origin star announced he was leaving rugby league, signing a lucrative 4-year $6 million deal only some players can dream of. His departure loosens the belt on the salary cap, a giant advantage to have in the upcoming draft. GWS also has six picks out of the top 14 available. The extra money enticing for currents players and future prospects.We have the selections that will enable us to get Kurt Tippett if he could afford him.The question on everyone's lips is he is or isn't he going to go back to rugby league? Maybe there's a spot for him with the Socceroos? Maybe not. Speaking of football and Chelsea has lodged an official complaint against English Premier League referee over comments he allegedly made in last weekend's controversial loss to Manchester United. The two sides met again this morning in the English League Cup with the Blues edgeing United. -- edging United.

Last weekend's highly charged match between Chelsea and Manchester United saw the referee at the heart of the action, sending off two Blues players.Torres is off. Chelsea have formally complained to the FA. Saying they called Mikel a monkey. The referee who has been stood down from this weekend's matches is said to be shocked by the allegations.I'm surprised. I'm stunned. Flabbergasted. But Mark will have his time to speak.Today the two teams renewed hostilities at Stamford Bridge with John Terry watching from the stands, serving his 4-match ban for racial abuse. Ryan Giggs opened the scoring. Hernandez put United in front, only for Cahill to make it 2-2. Nani's brilliant goal gave United the edge. A gem of a finish.An injury-time penalty sent the match into extra time.30 more minutes.A disastrous back header gifted the easiest of goals. United's fate was sealed with five minutes left. The Blues rewarded a quarterfinal trip to lead United. In the A-League, Western Sydney will be looking to secure its first-ever win at home when it takes on Melbourne Heart tomorrow night. The Wanderers trained this morning, after upsetting Brisbane Roar last weekend to claim a maiden league victory. Coach Tony Popovych said despite that performance, he won't rule out making changes to the starting line-up.I don't think there was any standouts. All players, the 11, and the players that came on did a very good job for the team. If every game you've got to take on its merit.Having lost the last two games in a row, Melbourne Heart will be looking to recapture its early season form against the A-League

against the A-League newcomers. Wallabies players say they're relieved the Australian Rugby Union has dealt with Quade Cooper. The Australian team trained in Sydney ahead of tonight's John Eales Medal which is expected to be one of the most openly fought in recent years. And David Pocock said it's important Cooper and the ARU have been able to put the tumultuous saga behind them.It's great it's resolved now and everyone can move forward. As far as the group goes, it doesn't the group goes, it doesn't really affect us. It's being dealt with at the ARU and Quade is happy with the outcome. The 4 mf match European spring tour begins on November -- 4-match European spring tour begins in November. Matt White has been axed as head sports director. It follows his confession of doping as a rider when riding with Lance Armstrong's team. It follows the recent termination by Cycling Australia of his contract as a professional coordinator in the national men's road coach. A review would be held of all its riders and staff to check for any connection with doping. Israel Folau, perhaps there's room for him with the Wallabies.He's not ruling anything out.He said he could play for the Wallabies if he wanted to.Why not? The weather anding up. Hitting all the right notes for diversity. Thousands of diversity. Thousands of school kids around the country singing in perfect harmony.

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Despite one of the hottest starts to November on record, the West Australian wheatbelt has received a watery reprieve.Almost two months of rain has fallen in the past 24 hours.As we go to the forecast now. A trough is triggering showers along the Eastern Seaboard. There's severe fire danger in eastern NSW. Winds behind a front are potentially damaging in southern Victoria. In the major centres:

Australia across today, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren raised their voices in song at the same time. As you can imagine, a lots of fun for the children involved but with a serious point behind it - to raise the profile of music education. And it was a great day for one young songwriter. Taking a quick break from his HSC studies. He arrived to meet some of the kids who will sing his song. He says it was a huge surprise when he was selected to co-write it with three other high school students.I got the email and I sat there staring at it for a little while thinking it's a bit crazy.In its sixth year, the project aims to prom thot value of music education in school, helping with confidence, discipline and teamwork.We welcome you to our livestream around Australia. We're just about 12 minutes away. Counting down to the big sing along.

Right now, in 2,000 schools across Australia, over half a million voices are bringing the song to life for the first time. And not just in school, but also on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra.

And the beaches of Adelaide, singing together across Australia. The song is called 'Different People'. It's basically a song about how despite our differences, with all the people around the world, and with this events in Australia, how we can all still stand together and sing the song together and feel like we're part of something.Including children of different backgrounds and abilities. All kids love music and to see kids that use Auslan as their principal form of communication, to be able to sing along with the rest of Australia is fantastic.What's next for this young songwriter?Go home and study.His work so far - a job well done according to these happy students. Really getting into the spirit of it there. Australian television is set to welcome its first-ever free-to-air channel devoted entirely to indigenous Australians. National Indigenous Television will begin broadcasting on SBS 4's digital spectrum on December 12. The announcement was made at a global meeting of indigenous television broadcasters in Sydney. NITV's line-up includes news, sport, documentaries and children's programs.A channel like this is essential to the Australian media landscape. I guess not since SBS itself launched 30 odd years ago, has there been such a shift in pucklic broadcasting to have a service -- public broadcasting to have a service like this for everyone.It will kick off with a live 2-hour broadcast from Uluru. Mark your calendars - 12 o'clock on the 12th of the 12th 2012. Should be a great event. US President Barack Obama has toured the flood- ravaged state of New Jersey with Governor Chris Christie. The death toll has now topped 70 in North America with around 6 million people still without power. A third Australian soldier has received the Victoria Cross for valour in Afghanistan he risked his life to save those of his camrads during one of the most intense firefights of the Afghan campaign. The Greens have agreed to a watered-down package of poker machine reforms. That's the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS One. Bionic eyes and plenty more at SBS online. Follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

out of Colombo

towards the centre of Sri Lanka -

a place they call
the cultural triangle.

About three hours
north-east of Colombo

is a bunch of roadside shops.

My dad always stopped here

when we went on
our family holidays.

This place here, in Kurunegala,
has been here forcenturies,

and they make the best tea
with jaggery.

This is basically palm sugar.

And to eat this and have
a sip of the tea at the same time...

..does two things.

Firstly... tastes damn good.

Secondly, the sugar gives you a rush,

which allows you to continue
the long journey on these crazy roads

to get to the beautiful spot
we're going to next.