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(generated from captions) Hot north-westerly winds
pushed temps into the mid 30s through the west while the sea breeze
kept things milder on the coast.

Some light showers and patchy rain
moved through the south-west but most of that evaporated
before reaching the ground. Tomorrow - a southerly change
will sweep throughout the state, making it feel a lot cooler. Around the country - morning showers
in Melbourne and Hobart.

in Adelaide. The choppy seas will start
to calm down tomorrow as the swell rises to 3m. Fresh and gusty westerly winds
will whip across the city tonight

and there's the chance we will see
a shower or storm over the next couple of hours.

Rain-wise, showers and storms
will only drop around 2mm. That will happen
before the cooler southerly change which is due in around
the early hours of tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, sunny skies
and highs in the low 20s. Looking ahead - there's just the chance
of a brief shower on Saturday. Clearing to a fine
and partly cloudy day on Sunday. A few showers into next week.

And that's Seven News
for this Thursday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - Aussie mums overworked,
under appreciated and going on strike. That's next.

On Today Tonight -
'Scary Spice' hits back. What's behind Mel B's battle
with the paparazzi? Also, beware Dodgy Dan - the builder who just
doesn't get the job done. And look out lazy kids,
you're about to be taught a lesson. I'm going on strike because I want them to know
I actually do do something that makes a difference.

Good evening. For many celebrities, there's a fine line between
juggling privacy, publicity and the paparazzi and for ex-Spice Girl Mel B, it's become too much. She's taken out an AVO
on one photographer to keep him away from her
and her family. But as David Eccleston reports, when you're in the public spotlight because the right shot
can be worth big money.

These guys -
they live in the public eye. They know this game very well,
especially Mel B.

It was the circus act
on a different stage. International super stage Mel B
courts fame with the best of them. International super star Mel B
courts fame with the best of them. A professional celebrity
and a smart businesswoman. As 'X Factor' heavyweight, she's always the centre
of attention. There's only room for one bitch
and that's me. Today was no different, when she didn't have to show, all to get an AVO out on the very profession
that gives her currency. So what's got Mel B so rattled? A celebrity wants to
control the image which goes out in the marketplace and what the public consumes. When they don't have control,
they get nervous. At the centre of the drama
is Jamie Fawcett, Australia's
most controversial photographer and his dogged attempts to snap the hottest most popular personality
in the country at the moment - Mel B.

Photographers have to push the
envelope a bit to get a good shot, It's the celebrity pap
and the former pop star in one almighty biff. Behind the scenes, friends of both parties
have come out trading blows. they say Jamie follows them
day and night and pesters friends constantly but in the pap's corner, they claim Mel B and her husband
had a bad reputation and were loathed by the paparazzi, adding Jaime's biggest problem
wasn't Mel B but her husband,
Stephen Belafonte. One thing is for certain - that kayak incident
on Sydney Harbour was the final straw. Quite frankly, if you're in the public eye
and you're out on Sydney Harbour, it's a public space - that's what's going to happen. The allegation is Fawcett circled Mel B in his boat
while she was paddling in a kayak on Sydney Harbour and that he was so close, the waves created
put her safety at risk. 'The Sydney Morning Herald's
Andrew Hornery has been following
the tit-for-tat clash for months and knew what was brewing. There was a situation out the front of a cake shop
in the Eastern Suburbs where Stephen Belafonte and Mel B
were together with their kids. And I think Jamie,
who was the photographer there, and that didn't go down too well and turned into
a bit of an altercation. and there's been legal dialogue
before the AVO. I think they know they are
definitely fair game. They know they're at any point,
outside of their own house, that they're going to be
photographed or there's a chance of them
being photographed. Ben Symons runs photo agency
Tito Media and while you might think
there's a fortune to be made snapping up a celeb, capture Mel B and family today
and you'll earn $140. She's kind of creating publicity
for herself. She's going to probably be
photographed a lot in the next couple of weeks. Fellow 'X Factor' judge
Ronan Keating can bag as much as $150. The same for King Kyle.

'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson,
$250. Any of the Kardashians, $200. That's loose change
for a magazine spread. Ex-'Home and Away' star Jodi Gordon
and footballer Braith Anasta

for an access-all-areas
at their wedding. But even Mel B puts a high price
on her privacy. It's here at the exclusive bar
The Island, here in Sydney, where the former 'Scary Spice',
it's alleged, lived up to her name. So protective
of her very bankable image, it's believed she flipped out when other partygoers
tried to take a photo of her and husband Stephen, allegations Mel B flatly denies. The people who were on that island
swear that it was true so there's always two sides
to every story, sometimes more. For now, Mel B has scored
a win of sorts, gaining an interim
apprehended violence order against Jamie Fawcett. She's certainly spicing things up
for all of us. That interim AVO will keep Mel B and
Jamie Fawcett apart for three weeks, when they have to
front up to court once more. Now to the bloke
you don't want to go anywhere near. He claims to be a handyman,
a builder and a landlord but all he's built
is a house of cards which is all about to
come crashing down. Dozens of victims
have been on his trail. Mark Gibson from Today Tonight.
How you going? Can you tell us
why you ripped off so many people? Um...

He'll just take your money
and never give it back. I mean, I've come across
some shonky people in my time, you've got to take the cake. Not really. You had two different scams going.
I haven't taken the cake. How dare you do that! How dare you take someone's money,
walk away and think nothing of it. Daniel Howard considers himself
a handyman but he's not the sharpest tool
in the shed.

You are an absolute disgrace. You're ruining lives.The for his first scam, he looked for victims. When he saw an ad for a handyman, he passed.A2 Mackie nightmare. She handed over a deposit for a kitchen renovation. Daniel disappeared.His first excuse was he did not have the correct laminate and he could not find it. The second excuse was he could not come because he had to babysit. The third excuse was his wife was sick.Daniel Howard messed with the wrong person. After calling in police and debt collectors, Christie went back to the website, warning the world to avoid him. Daniel started repaying the money.I would never intentionally walked into someone's house to defraud them, to take their money and walk away and think nothing of it.I just gave him a whole heap of money expecting him to do work and nothing has been done.This woman wanted some landscaping done. Daniel Howard demanded cash up front. She handed over $5,700. You can guess what happened next.It was all a lie and a lot of false guarantees that he'd come out and do it and it never happened.There for his next trick, Daniel Howard pretended to our own two different houses. He was back on the website, touting for tenants. He said the application is looking great, looks like you have it. I will get back in touch with you in a couple of days to sign the papers. She paid $1,800 in rent up front. Problem was, so the dozens of others. Smooth-talking Daniel told them all they could move in. He kept the cash then strung them along for months.He has put us through hell. He has left us in a tent.He was left homeless. So was this woman. A leisure is a single mother. She is pregnant. You have left there we know where to live. He promised me a house I never got. He took $4,800 cash of May.When Daniel agreed to meet Ali Shah and repay the money. We thought we would turn up. We meet again. But a surprise, surprise - he is crying poor again. Go into the bank and see if you can get some money to pay them back. A I don't have any money. He signed a contract promising to repay the entire amount with the news two weeks.Now it is a fight for my money.You will pay half this Saturday, half the following Saturday. We had it in writing, on camera. We're coming back to get you if you don't pay her the money. Good luck.

We'll be on the case to see if Dan
lives up to his word this time. That was Mark Gibson reporting. We've been warned the hardest workers around the house
have had enough and they're not going to
take it anymore. You're about to meet the mums
who have gone on strike, leaving the kids
to clean up after themselves. Pippa Gardner has the story. It's a lot of hard work
in being a mother in that you are
constantly repeating yourself and asking the kids
to pick up from themselves. Without me,
the house will fall apart. Aussie mums going militant -
on strike. Inspired by a Canadian who stopped doing housework
to teach her family a lesson. I can definitely understand
the frustrations that the Canadian mother had. JESSICA STILWELL:
I wanted to clean it. I wanted to make myself feel better
by cleaning it. But I made a decision. I had made a choice
to leave it alone. Jessica Stilwell
made headlines around the world. The Canadian mum of three
let her house get out of hand before our eyes
via an internet blog. It was a pig sty. There was, like, milk everywhere. There was, like,
plates on top of plates. It was a 4-day protest
inspiring others, like mothers-of-4
Lani King and Katrina Dale to stage
their own home-grown campaigns. Being a mum is a 24-hours-a-day,
7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year job. It doesn't stop, there's no breaks. It's the same thing
day in, day out. I've got the morning dishes and then I'll have
the night dishes as well. I've got homework,
I've got lunches to make. I've got afternoon tea
that comes out as well. Folding, ironing, cleaning,
changing nappies, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning anything off walls
that kids normally spill, which is every day. And don't dare suggest the work of a parent is not as valid
as a day job. Nothing makes me angrier
than people who say that a full-time mum
who stays at home is not worth anything
or doesn't do anything. I've been in the corporate world,
I've been a chef. This is 24 hours a day. It is so much harder
than all of that. But is it even harder to stop? Lani is downing tools for 48 hours. I'm going on strike because I want them to know
I actually do do something that makes a difference
in the life of my family. Katrina's not so ambitious. She's stopping work for 24 hours. I don't believe that a mother
should be a slave to their child. It seems the majority are
at the beck and call of the clan. What we found was
this gender imbalance in terms of household chores because, at the moment, women in Australia seem to be doing
the bulk of it. University of Western Sydney
lecturer Gwyneth Howell's study found 84% of women
do the majority of housework. She found for the most part,
the women themselves are to blame. But those sort of pressures
are things that we put on ourselves and sometimes
we actually need to work out how to deal
with what we can actually manage. Gwyneth's findings also revealed that while women
generally wanted more help, laundry is the one chore
they didn't want to outsource. She also suspects
women are their own worst critic. and I don't think that women
give themselves enough credit for what they actually do
and what they achieve every week. It's easier to see
when you stop doing it, as Lani and Katrina are finding.

This is really only
a couple of hours mess. The once-pristine kitchen... ..the lounge room...

..and a toy-strewn hallway.

Across town, Katrina's four sons,
aged 6 to 10, are coping far better. They fended for themselves,
they made their own meals. They actually started
putting stuff away without me having to nag.

It's been a nightmare
of a last couple of days. The nightmare was worth it. Lani's 48-hour strike
had the desired effect. Husband Ben has seen the light. I appreciate everything
she does but to actually see it firsthand,
if that makes sense, is a big difference. What I learnt from being on strike
is that the kids are quite capable of doing a lot of things
around the house. I am a lucky man. You can't put a price
on what my wife does. Let's hope the mums of Australia
take a day off next Tuesday The Spring Racing Carnival
is about to get into full swing, starting with Derby Day on Saturday. So to get you in the party mood,
Georgia Main has this sneak peek at the places to be inside the famous
Flemington Birdcage.

And do you like this time of year? I love this time of year.
Yeah? I can't lie to you -
I absolutely love it. I can't lie to you -
I absolutely love it. Oh!
There you go - perfect! From champagne to canapes, this is a first-class
track-side experience. As you can see,
everything's inspired from Ireland. So you've got
a shamrock lemon pie there. I feel like I need to say,
"To be sure, to be sure!" Sure. Yeah! At Emirates,
Guinness is a definite starter and an Irish dance troupe
will entertain. While the styling suite
will be popular for a quick zhoozh.

From Ireland to Paris,
spring is in full bloom at Myer. I have to say that I definitely
think this is the best marquee we've ever done. It's beautiful, isn't it?
It's amazing. Fresh flowers, they're hard to beat so we really embraced that Parisian
florist kind of look and hence we named the marquee
"The Florist".

What better way for the champagne to get noticed. These men had the task of delivering the fresh champagne for the day.60,000 glasses or 10,000 bottles will be consumed by racegoers.This is a tradition.Napoleon want to get access to his champagne.

which started when his cavalry
wanted to get access to champagne. I'm so nervous. One, two...oh! Now it's safe to pour too.
Yay. So you can pour
into that glass. Stop... and I take that. And that's
your sabre-glass champagne. Oh, I really need this now,
after that. Well done. I'd better put the sword down,
hadn't I? I just got in this morning
from Chicago. I've been shooting a pilot
for a TV show over there. I like getting all girly
and hair and make-up and outfits

I had a bunch of fittings
this morning and I'm very excited
to kind of show off a couple of beautiful
Australian designers.

Over at James Boag's,
it's classy casual at its best. with a beer in hand and we try to create
a really relaxed atmosphere

to do that in. This year we've collaborated with four of Melbourne's
hottest young chefs and they've all produced
a Tasmanian-inspired signature dish which we'll be featuring
over the day. Also got the open kitchen
featuring the dough spinner and he'll be producing fresh pizzas
every day. At Lexus, guests will dream about
driving one of only two of these in the world. And for the first time ever, the Cup Carnival will have
its very own signature drink - the Flemington Fling. Great for racing parties, yeah. First we start of with some mint,
squeeze the lime.

Well, we'd better
quality-control your work. Cheers!

It's an exciting time of year. You'll see it all live on Seven,
starting with Derby Day on Saturday. After the break on TT - the new breed
of adventure seekers, shaking off the grey nomad tag.

Really exploring
the wilderness areas of the world with the same vigour and appetite
of their younger counterparts. The older Aussies
living life on the wild side. That's next.

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Welcome back. If you think of retirees
hitting the road to travel, the standard image is of grey nomads
hitching up the caravan and exploring Australia. But the new breed is very different. Armed with a strong Aussie dollar, they are using retirement
as their passport to adventure, Tineka Everaardt has more.

It does keep you young. Cruise travel would kill me. I want to go to the wild places
of the world. They're dropping the caravans
and the cruises and heading off the beaten track. They feel young.
They don't feel old. The new generation
of senior travellers are boycotting
the blue-rinse brigade and chasing an adrenaline rush. I knew that we could die here. It was terrifying, terrifying,
knee-knocking stuff. You're out in the wide, open spaces, like, bike riding or walking,

You really find out who you are. Teaching piano may be her profession but Jane Meggitt's life isn't a blur
of classical music and canapes. You put a pack on your back
and you walk and that's that. In her late 60s, her motto is, "Whatever doesn't kill you
only makes you stronger." And after visiting the
Kamchatka Peninsula in east Russia, she's one strong woman. I went up there to see the volcanoes
and we got caught in a white-out and I knew
that this was dangerous stuff. In fact, the American
that was with me said, "Jane, we could die here.
"We could die." "Jane, we could die here.
We could die." They're cashed up
in both money and time. Bronwyn White, creator of, says both buy a whole lot of adventure. We hear of people
that are backpacking, in the traditional sense. You know,
they go with their backpacks, they hop on the train. In a survey, they found more than half of those aged over 55
have travelled overseas in the past 12 months and 20% had made
more than 5 domestic trips. And they're tech-savvy, two-thirds using search engines
to research travel and 1 in 12 using
a travel application or guide on their mobile phone. Let's look at the Egyptian trip. Yeah, this was a great trip. If you organise yourself
and you have a go, yeah, you can do things
quite cheaply. Lynne Huggins, 61,
and husband Richard, 66, have visited 50 countries so far and show no signs of slowing down. So, how do you pick the places
that you travel to? Well, we like to find places
that are a little different and we're happy to go
off the beaten track. We did a bike ride
beside the Danube. We'd stop at little beer gardens
along the way and have a wine or a beer and it was just great. We'd ride about 80km a day
and it was hot in June and it was a really wonderful
experience, though, just seeing the natural countryside
in Austria. Is age ever a barrier? No, no. I don't think so. It's handy. When you want a good cup of coffee,
it's cheaper. You get seniors'. (LAUGHS) The harness is off and the older travellers
are seeing themselves not as older travellers. CEO of adventure holiday company
World Expeditions Sue Badyaris says they're heading
to exotic destinations like Silk Road, the Trans-Siberian,
Antarctica, the Arctic and Europe. Really exploring
the wilderness areas of the world with the same vigour and appetite
that their younger counterparts. If we're alive, you use every day -
every day's a gift - and age doesn't matter. JANE: These are yaks
coming over the creeks.

Age shall not weary them. And still ahead -
the rise of the Granny Nannies. Should they be paid
to look after their grandkids?

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Tomorrow night - they've raised families
of their own, now they're being
part-time parents all over again. The push to have payments
for granny nannies.

Do school pick-up,
do after-school activities. If you said to me that
there is now a rebate for nannies, I'd say, well then the grandparents
should get that rebate. There should be recognition
for the hard work that they do and the importance of that.

Hope you can join us tomorrow night
but that's it for now. Have a great evening. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

I know I told you
my marriage was over, but my husband doesn't
quite see it that way. Well, how does he see it? There'd be no way he'd let me go. John Palmer, mate. (CHUCKLES) And you are? Sean. Sean Doherty. And what about you, Shane? Any kids? Ah, no. No, no? Never married?
Currently married? You can't patch things up with Gina
and then interfere in my love-life! Who's interfering?
You are! You cannot have your cake
and eat it too. How dare you take VJ out
on a jet ski! Do you have any idea
how irresponsible that is? You stay away from him. Do you understand?
And you keep away from me too. I'm sorry, Dad. OK?
I won't screw this up for you. You better not. I've got a lot riding on it. You can stay here polishing glasses and I'll keep looking out
for your ex.

Or you do something for me... ..I'll cut her loose. You won't have to worry any more. No more pills. Alright, I'll do your job.

INDI: Dex, for the last time, I don't know why Dad made us
take you to the physio. So he didn't mention Lisa at all?
No. And he definitely hasn't said
anything to you? Not a word. So don't you guys think it's weird? She hasn't been mentioned
in over a week. No phone calls. No visits. It's a little weird. Yeah. Something must have happened
at the wedding barbecue. One minute her and Dad were all over
each other and then she was... ..OFF, disappearing into the night. OK, OK. I get it. So what are we gonna do about it? You can leave me out of it
'cause it's none of my business. Yep. Romeo's right.
We've got to let Dad deal with it. He's not going to deal with it! It's fine for you guys -
you have your own life. I'm here 24/7. Aw, Dexie! Yeah, it's almost like
you feel sorry for him. Well, I do. I am worried about him. It's... ..I just don't understand
what went wrong. She lied to me, mate.

About her husband.

Lied to him how?

So embarrassing! He didn't even seem to realise
that he crossed the line. Well, John is not the most
evolved man on this planet. No, he is not, but I happened to be
on a date with a man who was and then, after he left,
Sean asked who John was and I said he was a friend,
but he didn't believe me. I mean, friendship shouldn't be
this hard, should it? No. Well, this friendship with John is, and I'm starting
to question his motives. Keep your voice down.
Oh, it's Gina. Hi! What do I do? You have to redefine
your friendship with John. Well, how do I do that? I don't know. If you can't do it,
you have to steer clear of him. How clear? Well, if you see him coming,
you head the other way. Morning! Hi, Gina!
Morning! I was just about
to head the other way! (CHUCKLES) What are you up to today? Oh, I'm just off to work. Oh, have a good one.

Message from Gina - she wants you
to come to lunch today. Well, that sounds lovely. Why didn't SHE ring me? Her phone died. Is everything alright, mate? Why don't you tell me?

You, Marilyn - "having your cake
and eating it too"? Hey, listen, yeah -
look, what happened yesterday... ..I'm really sorry
you had to witness that. Why did it even happen
in the first place? Not an issue, mate.
Really? Really! Marilyn and I
are just good friends. So why do you care
if she goes out with somebody else? Look, it's a complicated issue. No - it's complicated because
you're making it complicated. Now, hey, hey - aren't I allowed
to talk to Marilyn at all?