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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. It's the most prestigious military honour. Corporal Daniel Keighran has been awarded the Victoria Cross for his courage in Afghanistan. He put his life on the line amid intense enemy fire to save his comrades. Our 99th Victoria Cross winner, the third in Afghanistan, Corporal Daniel Keighran. The 29-year-old from the Sixth Battalion RIR, a war hero. Relbtant, almost embarrassed to be called -- reluctant, almost embarrassed to be called it.I won't get used to it. It's quite odd to hear something like that. I don't like to talk about myself very often. This is unusual for me. He may be media shy, private, reserved, but he's going to have to get used to the eyes of the nation on him. Daniel Keighran received our highest military honour for acts of unimaginable bravery. Court in a firefight with insurgents in 2010, time after time he made himself a target to draw enemy fire to save his mates.I think training took over. There was a situation and that's the way I reacted.They were spectacular acts of bravery. Where in the moment you did not put your personal safety first, but you put the Anzac tradition of mateship first.He still doesn't like to talk about those events, only told his wife 13 days ago when told he was to receive the VC. But he spoke to Mark Burrows about that day in the hours after the battle.As we hit the top of the hill, first few moments I think we exposed ourselves a bit too much and received a bit more fire and pulled back a little bit. That's probably the most vivid.How come you weren't hit?I have no idea. I said that we're going to jump up and go for a bit of a run. See if you can see the guys down there. See if you can get some rounds on.In other words - you stand up. They see it and can fire on that?Yes.Is what you did very brave?Very stupid, yes. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the boys with me today. The support they provided me was excellent. As I said, it's as much theirs as it is mine.Daniel Keighran is now a reservist, working in an underground gold mine in Western Australia. You get the feeling he'll be pleased to get back there and out of the spotlight. That interview we saw was Mark Burrows talking to Corporal Daniel Keighran in Afghanistan shortly after that dangerous battle. Mark will be joining me later. To Canberra now. The Government is poised for a win in Parliament over its watered down pokie reforms. It's been made possible by reluctant independent MP Andrew Wilkie and the Greens. Good afternoon. What will change?Well, basically not a lot in the short term. By the end of next year, all new poker machines will have to give punters the option of setting a maximum loss before they play. ATMs and gambling venues will have a withdrawal limit of $250. These reforms are very much part of a very diluted version of the original reform package that was first put on the table. The Greens wanted bets limited to $1. That's been rejected. Andrew Wilkie wants setting a maximum loss to be compulsory. That's been rejected but there is scope for that to be implemented in the future. The legislation will be supported. They say it's not great but something is better than nothing.Not only will machines have precommitment systems fitted, but they will be capable of mandatory use only at the flick of a switch.A small step forward is better than no step forward, especially if it can be improved on in the future.The best thing you can say about the legislation is it's going to society precedent for Federal intervention into gambling. This particular intervention is piss weak.It's certainly not the first time Question Time went a bit silly today.It took on a bit of a Spring Racing Carnival theme for a while. Greg Combe, it was mocking Tony Abbott's anti-carbon tax campaign and suggested at one point the Liberal Party stewards should think about changing their lead horse or jockey. It's very funny. Have a look.A classy thorough brd if ever there's been one -- thoroughbred if ever there's been one. He's demonstrated he's not up to Group 1 racing level. Or the member for Curtain, three times runner up, surely a chance. The member for Koorbgs a promising weight-for-ager I reckon. Spooked by horses every time.The PM loving that joke. The lower house will break now for a couple of weeks and come back for the last week of sitting for the year. A very interesting analogy. Thank you for that. Major delays are expected during peak-hour traffic in Sydney tonight with an on ramp to the M5 east closed until tomorrow after a truck became stuck in the tunnel. The vehicle ripped off lights and sprinklers in the Marsh Street Motorway, and dislodging a beam. The truck will be removed later this evening and we'll cross live to Dan Nolan at the scene. Lloyd Rayney has been found not guilty of murdering his wife. A Supreme Court judge handed down the verdict in Perth this afternoon, ending one of the most high-profile trials in Western Australia's history. Rayney was accused of murdering his wife, Corryn, in 2007 and burying her body at Kings Park after she threatened to ruin his legal career. The judge said police didn't have enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Rayney was responsible for her murder. A star AFL recruit, Israel Folau, has walked out on his contract at the GWS Giants. The former Melbourne Storm star only managed two goals in his debut season in the AFL.In the end, I didn't quite have the passion there. Like I said, I would have been cheating myself and it wouldn't be fair for the club and they've got a lot of great young players coming through, Jeremy Cameron, and all those guys. I think they've got a bright future ahead. It will be nice for them.A little later in sport, we'll go live to Danny wideler for the latest. -- Weidler for the latest of Folau's next move. President Obama visited New Jersey today. One of the worst-hit areas they had. I want to take you on a little tour of one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in all of the country that's been hammered by Sandy. This is a breakwall but it didn't used to look like that. That's rock that was underneath sand and grass. The water was that high and powerful, it came right up over the top. All of this - this is the beach sand you can see and have a look at what's left of the neighbourhood. We'll keep walking down the street here. These homes are $3 million, $10 million homes. A lot of them have pools out the front and you can see lots of people walking through here, trying to pick things up. We're nowhere near, anywhere near any sort of clean-up. There are homes that have been swept out, actually into the bay. And are just sitting out there right out in the middle and it stretches all the way down the coastline. Take a look down the street. Well, somewhere underneath there is asphalt and pavement. We have been left with sand, mud and debris and it goes all the way down there. There's a place down there where amusement parks are in the water and there are homes that are further down there that are still on fire. This is one of the reasons that the President came here to visit. He came to visit the worst- hit area. Came to offer his support to the Governor and the Governor and the President were speaking about this today.Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones. For those like the people I just had a chance to meet on this block and throughout New Jersey, throughout the region whose lives have been upended, my second message is we are here for you.New Jersey has been hit the hardest but the most populated area - New York and the surrounding suburbs - they are still very much a problem area at the moment. When we're talking about New York, they've got down now into the subway and electrical teams are saying it will take four weeks until the subway is even just at 90% capacity. Some good news - the Stock exchange opened today. The other good news is JFK Airport has been opened today. There are limited flights but flights are still coming in and out. And the other problem they've got is rescues. We're in to the third day now, including the day Sandy struck, and there are rescues still taking place. The death toll, the number of dead has risen to above 50. Combine that with those in the Caribbean and we're up around 110, 120 people claimed by Sandy who is still marching inland, dumping snow and blizzards. Those people also without power and dealing with a metre of snow and extreme chill as well. Still ahead - a breakthrough in the fight against the deadly Hendra virus. Our reporter has the details. A young boy's horrifying allergic reaction to Nurofen. Jurassic Park at Taronga Zoo.

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There's finally a way to tackle the deadly Hendra virus and prevent it from spreading from horses to humans. A vaccine is now available as reports now. It was the experts said a great news day. They have a potent weapon in the fight against the deadly Hendra virus. They have a horse vaccine. This is critical because it breaks the chain of infection from bats to horses to human beings. They're saying effectively with this vaccine it shields human beings. The horse vaccination will be available in Queensland and northern NSW because they are regarded as the hot spots when it comes to the deadly Hendra virus.It's a good news day.I think my overwhelming sensation is one of relief.Today's announcement came about one year ahead of schedule. The experts say the fast- tracking was due to the terrible Hendra year last year. The other worrying development last year was the spread of the virus from horses to a dog. The first time they've seen another species involved. The scientists say they knew and the politicians knew time was short. They had to act quickly.The record number of cases last year created a real sense of urgency for a solution.Now the vets who deal with horses on a daily basis, they have welcomed this as the best news they've had in terms of Hendra ever, since 1994 when the disease was first detected here in Brisbane. But the one issue that could become a little bit tricky for veterinarians now is if people decide not to vaccinate their horses against hend hen, then veterinarians will have to decide - - Hendra, then veterinarians will have to decide whether they will treat the horse. Horse owners and their families should make use of these vaccinations. The vaccine for horses will be available all over Australia. We've got some breaking news for you. This is a live shot from the Channel Nine helicopter of a grassfire come is burning in Merrylands West. You can see flames there. And it does not look at this stage that fire crews are on the ground but we will bring you up to date on that as soon as we can. It's been a day of high fire danger right across NSW today. Temperatures have soared in to 30 degrees and that is the first fire to break out west of Sydney. We'll give you more information as soon as we have it. A young boy in the UK has suffered a shocking allergic reaction after taking Nurofen for children. Calvin Lock lost 65% of his skin and suffered severe blistering. It's believed the reaction was sparked by ibuprofen in the medicine and it could take several years until he's healed completely. Nurofen says it's investigating the case. Sydney's Taronga Zoo has turned prehistoric. After being extinct for more than 65 million years, dinosaurs have returned and are taking over. Kids can take a step back in time, seeing the giants computerised creatures. They move, roar, even spray water. And you'll be able to see them throughout the zoo from tomorrow. Still ahead - Halloween nightmare. A staircase hold agcrowd of trick-or-treaters collapses. The new life-saving procedure performed on a young Victorian boy who suffers from a rare condition. A bit later - we go behind the scenes of the Melbourne Cup's most exclusive areas off track. Right now, though,

Tonight - an extraordinary story of heroism. Nine News has the heart- stopping video of the battle that earned a young Australian soldier the Victoria Cross. Day one of the new road rules - we're on patrol with police around Campbelltown, and plenty of drivers are being caught out. A strike force set up to arrest firebugs - as temperatures hit the mid-30s across Penrith and Bankstown. Tunnel emergency - a semi trailer slams into the M5. And Israel Folau returning to Rugby League - which club will he play for? See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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Authorities investigating the collapse of a staircase which injured 10 children in Brisbane are closely examining how it was attached to the house. The accident happened as the group was trick-or- treating for Halloween last night. Details now. The group of around 10 children certainly received the fright of their life last night. Just before 8 o'clock they were trick-or-treating and standing on the stairs when the structure pulled away from the porch. The terrified group of kids, all aged between six and 15, tumbled into the garden below. Remarkably no-one was seriously hurt, just one girl, a 9-year-old girl was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure as a parent. Here is what one of the victims, as well as a concerned parent, had to say about what happened.The stairs fell under us and we all sort of toppled down. We're all a bit shocked and in a bit of a stage of fright.All the kids were at the bottom of the stairs on top of each other. People were pulling them off. Luckily one of the timber pailing -- palings split everywhere and it wasn't on top of the kids.An inspector from the Building Services Authority and the council have been at the home all day and they're trying to work out what happened. The family who live there are renters. They've lived in the home for several years. The owners of the property live in the same street and they're being quizzed by authorities as well. We should know more about what happened in the next few days. A world-first medical procedure has saved a 10-year-old boy from a life-threatening condition. Matthew Gaythorpe suffers from a kidney disease which led to a stroke. Then doctors stepped in to perform the groundbreaking operation. Matthew Gaythorpe has spent most of his short life in and out of hospital. He suffers from a rare kidney condition which saw his blood pressure skyrocket.I felt very dizzy. I felt I would drop to the ground.He suffer adstroke at school. A professor stepped in. He decided to do a procedure never before done on a child. Using the small catheter, he disabled the nerves to Matthew's kidneys, reducing his blood pressure and potentially saving his life.When you have a severe blood pressure problems, you can damage the kidneys. He already has impaired kidney function but you can damage the brain and damage the heart.Up until now, this type of device is only being used on adults. Usually it's more than triple this size. The doctors had to get one specifically made to fit inside Matthew's tiny arteries. For Matthew's parent, it was a last resort.Particularly since the minor stroke happened 18 months ago, we've seen a real change in Matthew and it's been quite upsetting to see the decline in him. We were very fortunate to come across this professor who has really changed our little boy's life.Matthew now has more energy.Sometimes I get really tired. I get really puffed out straight away.

Still to come this afternoon - the war hero honoured with the Victoria Cross. What he told our reporter about risking his life in the line of duty. An oversized truck causes chaos on one of Sydney's busiest roads. Why a popular memorial for murdered woman Jill Meagher has been removed. Former Spice Girl Mel B takes Australia's prince of paparazzi to court over claims he endanger her life. f
Good afternoon, Police are looking C
for two men who held up Kingsley' s m
Chicken in Weston last night with a joi
machete. The Canberra Cavalry has organisatio
joined a list of national t
organisations - working together to
tackle binge drinking. And in sport Capitals coach Carrie Graf believe defeat
the side has what it takes to Jackson.
defeat Sydney without Lauren Jackson. Details in the best hour o news in the country from 6.

This program is not captioned. With summer on the way, Coles Brand 2L Blue Tub Ice Cream is down, down and staying down to just $5 a tub. No artificial colours. Just 100% Aussie-made ice cream. So get down, down to Coles. # Down, down, prices are down. # Welcome back. Let's get the details on our top story now. Australia's latest Victoria Cross recipients has paid tribute to his team. While serving in Afghanistan in 2010, the 29-year-old deliberately drew enemy fire away from his fellow soldiers, saving their lives.I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the boys with me that day. The support they provided me was excellent. As I said, it's as much theirs as it is mine.The humble Corporal Keighran only told his way about -- wife about the battle two weeks ago. It was one of the fiercest fire fights involving Australians since the Vietnam War. Good afternoon, Mark. Thank you for coming in. You caught up with Corporal Keighran shortly after that. What did he tell you about the battle?He was at patrol base in the western part of Uruzgan. In this battle that was on August 24, a lance corporal was killed. It was a 3-hour firefight with the Taliban. They estimate at least 30 insurgents were killed in the battle. We visited the patrol base and spoke to a number of soldiers at the time and were able to catch up with Daniel. He was able to tell us what he did by standing on a hill and drawing the enemy fire. This is what he had to tell us.I said we're going to jump up, go for a bit of a run and try and draw some fire and see if you can see the guys down there and see if you can get some rounds on.You stand up, they see the dust and the flashes and lay fire on them?Yes. Did what you do, is it brave? Stupid.What did you say about how everyone worked together on the day?Bloody excellent. Everything was done really well.He's so humble. He obviously opened up to you at that point but he hasn't been too keen to talk about it since, even today?I foun that really strange. After he was given the medal, the media were trying to talk to him and he didn't want to go there. As you mentioned before, when this was all brewing in the last few months, he still hadn't told his wife the exact details. When it was confirmed he was going to accept the VC, he told her all the details and he said initially she wasn't that impressed by what he did but she would have been very proud of what he picked up there and what he did on that day. Absolutely. Very humble man and a huge honour for him. You can see Mark Burrows's full report at 6 o'clock. We're going to go back to our breaking news story now. What can you tell us?I can tell you at this point one fire crew has already responded to this grassfire at Merrylands West. It's coming dangerously close to a number of homes. At the moment you can probably see in our vision there's one resident trying to fight that fire with his garden hose. Now this is exactly what crews have done today. There has been a total fire ban across Sydney and the Hunter Region. Fire crews are on high alert across those two regions today. And also today police and fire authorities have announced a crackdown on arsonists in the wake of another grassfire late yesterday afternoon in Sydney's west which police believe was deliberately lit. There's no suggestion this one may be the work of arsonists out at Merryland West, but we're endeavourering to get to the bottom of what -- endeavouring to get to the bottom of what happened.Thank you so much for that. There could be lengthy delays for motorists. A truck became stuck in a tunnel on ramp. Let's go live to Dan Nolan who is there. How much damage is there?The damage bill could be up to a million dollars, they're saying. What's happened is the truck that was carrying scrap metal has headed down this on ramp to the M5 and he's become wedged, causing extensive damage to the roof. It hit a 3-tonne steel beam which protects the tunnel structure. That now needs replacing and it's damaged sprinklers, lights and signs. The clean-up job is going to continue. Luckily the M5 East Tunnel hasn't been affected. It's just the Marsh Street on ramp. Traffic authorities are getting sick and tired of these incidents. This is the 76th one in Sydney so far this year.It's difficult for everyone when this sort of thing happens. It shouldn't happen. Whilst it doesn't happen statistically all that often it's extremely difficult. The traffic will be very heavy. That's a consequence of this incident.Any idea what penalties that truck driver could face?He will cop a $2,000 fine and lose six demerit points. The company who consigned the load could be fined up to $27,000. If driver error is involved, the Roads and Maritime Service can pursue compensation for the damage bill which could be up to a million dollars. There are heavy penalties in place but far too many of these incidents happening.Thank you for that. Long-awaited plans to tackle poker machine addiction are now before Federal Parliament. Even politicians in favour of the reforms are frustrated it doesn't go far enough. It's not the reform Julia Gillard promised to help problem gamblers but it's something.. We must act to help protect people whose addiction is hurting themselves and others. After years of protests, the Government's taking a softer approach. Eventually every poker machine will ask punters if they want to set a maximum loss amount. In gambling venues there will be an ATM withdrawal limit of $200 50. Unlike the planned promise to independent Andrew Wilkie, it's not compulsory for gamblers.This particular intervention is piss weak.If punters set a maximum loss, they'll be told when the amount has been reached. They can then walk away or simply stay and play on. The dramatically watered-down changes are set to pass through Parliament but it will happen with a great deal of reluctance from some politicians.A small step forward is better than no step forward.I think it's an essential step for more meaningful reform in the future.A tribute to murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has been removed by a local council. The stone memorial placed on the site where Jill's buddy had been found has been popular with mourners. Locals say they can't understand the decision. Melton City Council said the tribute was taken down with the permission of Jill's family. For people who rely on public transport at night, the threat of violence is a major concern. Now a new initiative in Melbourne is aiming to help keep commuters safe. It all begins here on Flinders Street Station tonight. Teams of Salvation Army volunteers will begin patrolling the platforms and the train carriages themselves. Teams of them already do this in Melbourne's CBD but they say they're expanding their service to make public transport itself safer and particularly for the alcohol and drug affected who they say are particularly vulnerable on public transport at night.The purpose of this concept is to come alongside people who are doing it tough. So people that are homeless and drug and alcohol-affected and people who are lonely and distressed, we want to work with them.This has drawn criticism from a few quarters, particularly well-known youth worker LesTwentyman said these young volunteers will be putting themselves in danger. He says it's better to be leaving this type of work to PSOs and police and that these young volunteers, all between the ages of 18 and 25, are really asking for trouble.These are bright-eyed young kids going out there, thinking they'll save the world. It's pretty ugly out there, particularly when kids are using amphetamines and ice.This sayear- long trial. It has support and funding from Metro and the State Government. We really now wait to see whether it has the support and the cooperation from the travelling public. A Sydney photographer has been banned from coming within five metres of Spice Girl Mel B after she applied for an AVO. Here in Waverley local court today it was a case of the paparazzi versus the pop star. She arrived at court in a figure-hugging blue dress but sat in the victims support area while her case was heard in court. The magistrate heard that Sydney photographer Jamie Fawcett will be fighting the AVO. His lawyer said there is homework that has to be done on both sides. They've agreed to a modified interim apprehended violence order that will let him continue to do his job. Under this order, he's not allowed to loiter within 50 metres of the Spice Girl and can't approach her within five metres or contact, stalk, intimidate and harass her. She didn't appear in court for this case today but this is what his lawyer had to say outside.Of course he does.How happy is Jamie with this outcome?He's satisfied with the outcome. He's not happy. He understands it's likely that was going to be the outcome if we stayed here all day.This all reportedly stems from an incident on Sydney Harbour where his boat was allegedly making big waves while Mel B was trying to kayak in the area and he reportedly threatened her husband, threatening to kill her. The court heard more incidents will be called on as part of this interim AVO. Jamie strongly denies the allegations that have been made against him but it's likely we'll hear a lot more allegations from both sides. Preparations are well under way at Flemington for this year's Melbourne Cup. Not just on the track. Behind the scenes now to some of the racing carnival's most exclusive zones.

Forget about the race track, this is where all the action and excitement happens in the exclusive bird cage. Champagne, flamboyant designs and gourmet delights.Got the edible garden here.There's something for everyone who wants to see and be seen. Everywhere you looked, the finishing touches were being laid trackside. Myer's outdone itself this year, turning its space in to a floral haven.We really wanted to re-create spring time in the marquee this year. The colours in the fashion this year is so bright.This is the best marquee I have ever seen. Best on ground.I instantly think I've done something wrong but there is a beautiful array of colours.Lexus, collaborating with Jamie Durie. An Australian Japanese fusion inspiring their 3-level marquee. From furniture, through to our new Japanese restaurant here. It's going to be amazing.And this, the largest marquee in the bird cage. Over the four days we're expecting around 1800 people to come through and hopefully giving them a bit of luxury as well.While the weather wasn't looking too flash today, a tip for Derby Day - a perfect 21 degrees with sunshine. Fingers crossed. Some big sporting news this afternoon. Tim Sheridan has the latest. A shock announcement from Israel now lu. He is walking away from -- Folau. He is walking away from AFL?Yes. This adventure with rugby league hasn't worked. We'll hear what Israel's next move will be. Plus - why the South African cricket team could be a little undercooked ahead of the first test. And a serve from Sir Alex as the goals keep coming in the League This program is not captioned.

With the shock departure of Israel Folau from the GWS Giants has paved the way for his return to the NRL. Turning his back on a million dollar a year pay cheque. He's widely tipped to join the Parramatta Eels. Here is a little of what he had to say.Obviously today was a pretty hard decision to make. One I've been thinking about for a while. I said I wanted to be honest with them and I let them know how I was feeling. And I think it's only fair for the club, for me to let 'em know so they can move forward and worry about their future. I'm, at the moment, I wanted to let everyone else know and move forward as well.We'll have more details on Folau's extraordinary move in your local news at 6pm. To cricket now. South Africa could head in to the first test in Brisbane without one of their star players. Roz Kelly was at practice today and had the latest. One very important member of the South African squad is up and at 'em today. Kallis has been bedridden with the flu since they arrived in Australia since Sunday. He joined team-mates for most of the training session. His condition will be monitored closely with the first test just over a week away. We're not sure yet. I think they'll assess him and make a call. If we have to rest him, it's not the best thing for him. He's quite old. You have to look after the old body. Come the first test, I know he'll be 100%.The Proteas will warm up Down Under with a match against Australia A. They won't get to come up against any of Australia's test players. They are scattered across the country fulfilling State commitments and getting much-needed time with the red ball. Mitchell Starc is one of them. He's been playing a lot of Twenty20 cricket over the past couple of months. He said it's helped a lot with his confidence and self-belief.Played a lot of cricket back to back through those months and carried on through the UAE and Sri Lanka and South Africa, played a lot of days of cricket and training days as well to fine tune those little things I've been working on.This is a very important weekend for Phil Hughes after psalm udscores in domestic cricket. He's back in the Australia A side and needs a big performance to stay on selectors' mind. Americain and Dunaden continue to dominate betting for Tuesday's Melbourne Cup. The Godolphin trained Lost In The Moment is eyeing success, having not won since early 2011.He doesn't mind a firmish track. We need a bit of luck to win, no doubt. There's some top internationals here.Gai Waterhouse has three runners nominated. Chelsea is the strong favourite to claim the League Cup this year. They're into the quarterfinals after downing Manchester United. The game served up nine goals as the Blues took the extra time

up nine goals as the Blues took the
extra time win 5-4. Hand shakes and hugs after two hours of football. A place in the tournament's final eight had good reason to celebrate. It's a very exciting game of football to watch. Quite open at times.The match didn't start well for the Blues. A mix-up at the back gifting Ryan Giggs the opener.30 more minutes.The Red Devils' woes compounded in extra time.We had to gamble. Very difplt.A heartbreaking -- difficult. A heartbreaking result for Manchester United fans.They showed passion and pride to not want to lose. Comebacks were all the rage. Norwich found the net in the final 10 minutes twice to win 2-1. Liverpool weren't as lucky, knocked out after falling 3-1 to Swansea. Great to see a lot of goals.It is.

out after falling 3-1 to Swansea.
Great to see a lot of goals.It is. We'll have the finance for you and the latest weather. It's been the driest October we've seen in a while. It was. Most of our capital cities haden unusually dry month with less than half the usual amounts, with Brisbane's driest October in seven years and Sydney's in six. Canberra the only place to receive above average falls.

Tonight: A WIN News reporter opens c
up about his battle with testicular cancer, and the transport worker' s manag
union accuses ambulance service WIN
management of wasting funds. join WIN News for the details next. This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. Today cloud has once again stretched from Western Australia, right through to the Tasman. Two separate systems have generated showers, along with storms in the west and a cool change in the south-east.

Rainfall totals slightly lower than today, although showers and storms will persist along the southern coast of Western Australia.

Thank you. In finance:

Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. Thank you for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Tonight, six contestants
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one of our contestants tonight is able to achieve
all that and more. We gonna win some big money, guys? (AUDIENCE CHEERS)
You bet. Let's meet our contestants,
and tonight they are - Melanie Aquila
finished her half-marathon - had no toenails for three months. Ouch. Alfred Anderhuber went to school
with Arnold Schwarzenegger and pumped iron with him
for five years. Susan Myburgh saw her name
on a gravestone with the same date
as the day she saw it. Wow. To get married,
atheist Stephen Mercer was baptised in an Armenian church. Jess Edmunds
is so scared of magpies, whenever she hears one,
she hits the deck. And Simon Breese went to Egypt but didn't see the pyramids
due to some dodgy ice cubes. Whoops. There you go.

First up tonight, you ready,
Melanie? I'm ready, Eddie.
Let's go. Come on.

That's the way. You ready?
I'm ready. How are you feeling?
Bit nervous, but excited. Yeah? That's the way.
Melanie Aquila is 32. She's a mum. An ex-flight attendant
with Ansett, Emirates and Qantas. Yeah, flown with them all.
Gee, you moved around, didn't you? Yeah. Did you live up in Dubai
for a while? I was based in Dubai
for two years with Emirates, which was a great experience,
but I missed home. I missed Australia at the time. But, yeah, it was...
Saw a lot of interesting countries. What's the difference
between domestic, which you would have done
with Ansett, and international
with Emirates and Qantas? Domestic is just Australia-wide. Yeah, I know that!
(LAUGHTER) Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. I just wanted to cover
for everyone in case. Sorry. Say that again? What's the difference
as far as working is concerned? That's all.
Oh, right. Um, well, it's a lot more tiring
doing long-haul, that's for sure. But also, there are also a lot of different
language speakers on board, which is interesting. Do you get a chance to see...? I mean, we hear about
the glamorous lifestyle but it's hard work in the air. Do you get much time
to have a look around? Sometimes we get... We used to have three-night
overnights in Paris. Sometimes you got
up to five days off, so that was always a bonus. So it's worth it? There are ones
that are only short, like London. Best place you've ever been to?
Oh, probably the Maldives. Maldives, yeah? Good on you.
Yeah, stunning. Now, 15 questions
will be a marathon for you, but I'll give you $1 million
at the end of it, OK? Great.
Won't pull your toenails out. Just give you a million bucks.
You ready to play? OK. Yep, ready.
Let's go. Come on.

$100, Mel.


Chair - that'd be interesting
doing the chair thing. Mirror's are meant to get bad luck
if you break it, so I don't believe it would be that. I would say...
a bottle of sparkling wine. Tell me to lock it in.
Lock in C, Eddie. It is the champagne. Whoosh. $100.

If it doesn't break
on the first try, it's considered bad luck. Oh, right.
Yeah. Guess what two ships
didn't get it to break? 'Titanic' and the recent one
over there with the Italian bloke, the 'Concordia'. Didn't break either. Alright, $200.


Yes, that would be 'yes'. Lock in A, 'aye'. Aye. 'Aye' it is for $200.

As in, "The ayes have it". Aye.
"Aye, aye," as the Scots would say. $300. (READS QUESTION)

Oh, man. My husband would kill me
if he was here. He's quite a big poker player.

But, um, I think
I might have to pass that one. Would just be guessing.
They all sound familiar, but... Not King High, but...
OK. I'm gonna pass.
See ya later. Thanks, Melanie.

G'day, Alfred.
Little bit hot. It's hot? Check it out.
Not too hot for you? Don't singe. Oooh, there you go. Singed him.
Yeah. Alfred Anderhuber is 66.
From Firefly in New South Wales. His partner Susie's with us. Hi, Susie.
Hi, Eddie. Good to see you. Welcome aboard.
Thank you. Good-looking Susie.
Good-looking, yeah. How'd you do that, Alfred? You changed him.
Hey, tell me about this. You used to train
with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Graz in Austria. That's right. Were you doing the weight-lifting,
body-building as well? I used to do weight-lifting. I didn't do body-building. But he was in the same gym
for body-building. Yeah? So he became Mr Austria
and then Mr Europe. And then Mr Universe.
Mr Universe. Then Mr California.
Yes. Now he's nothing. Out the door.
(LAUGHTER) Alfred, here we go. You ready buddy?