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range at your nearest range at your nearest range at your nearest stockist or visit their website. Thanks, Jaynie. Tomorrow on the show - Kardashian matriarch and daughter, Tara Moss and RRod daughter, Tara Moss and Rod Stewart on his new autobiograaphy. on his new autobiography. I love the Rod.The I lovve the Rod.The Rod I love the Rod.The Rod I loove the Rod.The Rod Stewart? I love the Rod.The Rod Stewart?Of I love the Rod.The Rod SStewart?Of course the Rod Stewart! course the Rod Stewartt! course the Rod Stewart! I coourse the Rod Stewart! I course the Rod Stewartt! I won't course the Rod Stewart! I won't coursee the Rod Stewart! I won't
throw it in at the end of the throow it in at the end of the throw it in at the end of the show that I love that I loove that I love rod. Anyway. Here's Amelia Adams. Thanks, Ameliia Adams. Thanks, Sonia. Amelia Adams. Thanks, Sonia.

This program is captioned live. This is Nine News, with Meals on Wheels.Good morning, we begin with -- Amelia Adams. We begin with breaking news, an Australian soldier who served in Afghanistan is to be awarded the Victoria Cross. We will bring you the announcement as soon as it happens. Kerrie Yaxley, this is exciting news. What more do we know?We understand that the award is for service in Afghanistan. There are reports this morning he is a regular soldier, meaning he is not in the special forces. As you say, the Victoria Cross is the highest military honour, Ben Roberts-Smith was the last Australian recipient. Tony Abbott was arriving at Government house there. The Prime Minister and the Governor-General are expected to be there for an award presentation, which we expect will get under way very soon. We will bring you anymore information we get as soon as we get it.Thank you, in the mean time, the Government's new pri-p migration push continues to alienate some MPs?Yes, former Labor MP Craig Thomson says his former party is hypocritical and paning to the red necks, he is talking about the plan to remove the mainland from the migration zone, meaning if asylum seekers make it to the main land they will be processed offshore. Craig Thomson said this morning it is discriminatory and appeals to the worst elements of human nature. He will vote against the legislation but concedes his vote won't make a difference because the Coalition is likely to vote with Labor. Here is a little of what he said.This is a discriminatory policy, appeals to the worst xenophobic elements of Australia, the Labor Party is really going down a path that, historically, they have not gone down and one they are going to regret in terms of this decision. The Government's pokies reform legislation is also before parliament today?Yes, it was introduced into the Lower House this morns and the Greens agreed to back it. But they didn't secure the $1 limit they were hoping to. Andrew willicy wanted all mandatory limit on machines. But it won't be mandatory, means punters can but don't have to set a maximum loss setting. Have a listen to his reluctant support.I said to the Government I would only support this if the machines were capable of mandatory use at the flick of a switch.A small step forward is better than no step forward, especially if it is something that can be improved on in the future. The best thing you can say about this legislation, it is going to set a precedent for Federal intervention into gambling. But the problem, it is too sweet.The new technology will be rolled out in all new machines by next year.That announcement on the Victoria Cross recipient is due in the next hour. We will bring it to you live from can bra as soon as it happens. Tuelt US, promise arrived in New Jersey to visit the victims of super storm Sandy. Thousands of people remain trapped by floodwaters, the damage bill expected to top $44 billion. This report from Bay Head.I want to take you on a little tour of one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in all of the country that has been hammered by Sandy. Starting at the beginning, this is a breakwall but it didn't used to look like that. That is rock you can see at the moment that was underneath sand and grass, the water was so powerful it came over the top. All these this is the beach sand you can see. Have a look what is left of the neighbourhood. We will keep walking down the street here. These homes are $3 million, $6 million, $10 million homes a lot have pools down the front, there are people walking through trying to pick things up. We are nowhere near any sort of cleanup operation at the moment. We don't even know the number of homes that have been lost here. We know the governor has been talking. He said the damage can't be calculated. And at the moment, the power crews are out trying to make sure all the wires are disconnected so people can get things from their homes but this is New Jersey and the place that has been hit the hardest. Roads, infrastructure are down. The bay out there, there are homes that have been swept out, actually into the bay and just sitting out there right in the middle. It stretches all the way down the coastline. This is Barrier Island. Down that street, somewhere under there is pavement and ash fault. What we have been leflt with is sand, mud and debris and -- left with is sand, mud and debris. It goes all the way down there and further. There is a place down there where amusement parks are in the water. There are homes further down there that are still on fire. This is one of the reasons the President came here to visit. He came to visit the worst hit area, came to offer his support to the governor, Chris Christie and the governor and the President were speaking about this today.Our hearts go out to the families who have losted loved ones. We need to make sure that everybody who has lost a loved one knows they're in our thoughts and prayers. For those like, um, the people I just had a chance to meet on this block and throughout New Jersey, throughout the region, whose lives have been upended, my second message is: we are here for you. We will not forget, we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you've rebuilt.Of course, New Jersey has been hit the hardest. But the most populated area, New York and the surrounding suburbs, they are still very much a problem area at the moment. When we are talking about New York, they have got down now into the subway and electrical teams are saying it will take four weeks before the subway is even at 90% capacity. Some good news, the stox exchange opened and JFK and new ark airports have opened. A tonne of damage through there. The other problem is rescues. We are into the third day now, the third day including the day that Sandy struck. There are rescues still taking place. Also news today, the death tol, the number of dead has risen to 50. Combine those with those in the Caribbean, 110, 120 people who is still marching inland, dumping snow and blizzards throughout states. Those people also without power now dealing with a metre of snow and extreme chill as well.We will have more on the aftermath of super storm Sandy storm later in the bulletin. Back home, a truck driver is in a serious condition in hospital after a head-on crash in Victoria's west. Police believe his truck and another semitrailer collided before slamming into powerpoles in western Ballarat. A section of the highway remains closed. Western Australia's so- called trial of the decade will come to an end today with accused murderer Lloyd Rayney to learn his fate. The 50 year yer is charged with the murder of his astranged wife Corryn whose body was found in a bushgrave in 1997. Prosecutors claim he killed her after she threatened to derail his career. His lawyers claim he was wrongly targeted by police. There is a total fire ban in place across NSW today with temperatures set to soar to 37 degrees in some parts of the state. It comes as police investigate five blazes which burned through bushland in Sydney's waste last night. For more details, what are the main warnings?Well, Amelia, like you said, total fire bans are in place, especially for the Sydney and Hunter regions today. Temperatures are expected to get to37 where I am in the west and 34 in the city. With the hot, dry weather expected for most of the day, police are extremely concerned to be investigating five fires overnight they believe were deliberately lit. From about 5:00 yesterday afternoon, crews were responding to a large grass fire on Links scan rode at St Marys. That quickly got away from firefighters and forced the closure of roads in to the industrial estate. It took until 8:00 last last night for all the fires to be brought under control, if not extinguished. Like I said, detectives believe someone has deliberately lit the fires. Their concern is that such fires are being lit in such threatening conditions.Thank you for the update. A woman in her 80s has been left homeless after her home was damaged by fire in Melbourne's outer east. The interior was badly damaged after the fire broke out on the second floor of the Bayswater home. The cause of the fire is being investigated. It was vampires, ghosts and ghouls galore last night as youngsters donned hair-raising costumes for Halloween. Cruising up to front doors and cruiseing the streets for trick or treats. While Halloween grows in Australia each year, in the US, several celebrations, including New York Village Halloween Parade were cancelled due to sorpl storm. Now the weather around the country. Deegs -- cancelled due to super storm Sandy.

There is plenty more to come, including two teenagers accused of a Halloween night prank. A group of children injured in a tear faying stair collapse. And ninjas take over. The latest from This program is not captioned. Tomorrow, join us in Melbourne for all the glamour of the Spring Racing Carnival.Don't misour exclusive interview with Rod Stewart.Nice. Two teenagers have taken a Halloween prank to the extreme. They allegedly stole two cars and took them for joyrides. They damaged parts of a course at Helensvale. Police used road spikes to stop the vehicles. It was found abandoned and the 15-year-old driver is still on the run. The 13- year-old driver of the other car has been arrested and charged. Mean time, a fun night of trick or treating has turned to terror for a group of Brisbane children. The staircase of a house they were visiting collapsed, plunging three metres to the ground. Let's go to Alicia at the scene. Good morning, talk us through what happened there?Well, the group of around ten children certainly had the fright of their life last night. Just before 8:00, they were trick or treating at the two-storey Queenslander home and standing on the stairs when the structure pulled away from the porch. The children, aged between six and 15, tumble under to the garden. What is remarkable about this, none were seriously hurt. There was one girl, a 9 year yer taken to hospital for treatment as a precautionary measure. Here is what one of the victims, as well as very concerned parent had to say.All of a sudden, the stairs just fell under us. We all toppled down.I think we were all shocked and in a state of fright but I think we're all fine. Just coping.When I got out there, the kids were at the bottom of the stairs, on top of each other and pulling them off but luckily number of the timber from the palings, had split everywhere. Luckily it wasn't on top of the kids.What is happening at the house today?Well, council building officers as well an inspector from the Building Services Authority are at the house trying to work out what happened. The family, with two -r three yurpbg children have rented here for years. They are upset and don't want to talk to the media. The owners also live in the street and will be quizzed by the police during the day.Thank you. It was an action-packed night on the set of hujackpen's new 'Wolverine' movie in Sydney. Cranes were brought in as ninjas performed airborn fight scenes. Despite the fanfare, the star of the production wasn't spolted on set. Still ahead -- wasn't spotted on set. Still ahead, how allergic reaction to pain killers nearly cost a young boy his life. And 500 years on, a major milestone for one of the world's most

This program is not captioned.

The manufacturers of Nurofen are investigating after a young boy in the United Kingdom had a severe reaction to the medication. The 11- year-old lost 65% of his skin. And just a warning, some viewers might find his injuries distressing. The marks from the blisters are clear to see on every bit of his body. Five times a day, cream has to be rubbed into his skin. He is healing well.Sorry.But a month ago, the 11-year-old was on a life' support machine and his mother, Robin was told he might not even survive.He asked me if he was dying... And I said, "No.". And he kept saying, "I will see you on the other side.". At first, his GP, then A & E staff thought the spots were chickenpox and he was sent home from hospital. But in the early hours of September 28th, she was so worried she took him back. Event he was diagnosised with an extreme form of life skin thought to be triggered by ibuprofen in the nurfen he had been given for a sore throat.The severe reaction is due to be drugs if at all but it is a rare condition. The makers of Nurofen for Children said they were saddened to hear about the case but allergic reactions are extremely rare.

He spent three weeks in hospital and it will be some time before he is back at school.65% of your skin came off. And, um, basically, that's just really big change, because it's going to be hard for me. Because normally, I can just go out in the summer.It is likely to take a couple of years for his skin to heal completely. Now Robin intends to fight to improve support and advice for others placing a similar ordeal. If you give your child Nurofen or any other pain- killer and are worried about the side effects, we would like to hear from you. Leave your name and contact number. We have got breaking news in pictures just in, delays in Sydney after an oversized truck damaged the M5 tunnel. The west-bound on ramp to the 5five East remains closed. Motorists are urged to avoid the area. One of the best known monuments in the world is celebrateing a very special milestone. The Sistine Chapel at the vat can has turned 500 years old. The chapel, which was famously painted by Michelangelo was inaugierated in 1512. Cardinals still use it as a meeting place to elect a new pope and every January, the current pope baptised newborn babies. It is estimated 5 million people visit the chapel every year. A kangaroo that made headlines after hopping around a car park at Melbourne Airport is now in the wild. Wildlife officers looked after her for a few days hfr her ordeal.It is where she belongs. The kangaroo is in good shape and now stretching its legs after the fly-in visit to Melbourne. Still to come, the latest on the breaking news. An Australian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross today. Also, a new vaccine for the deadly hendra virus. And Mel This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Like these walls,
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This program is not captioned. Welcome back. These are the top stories. An Australian soldier is to be honoured this morning with the Victoria Cross for extraordinary courage on the battlefeepldl field. We will bring you that announcement live shortly. -- battleif he would. A new vaccine for horses is unveiled by scientists against the hendra virus. And Mel B in court. With allegation as photographer threatened to kill her. There has been major breakthrough in the fight against the deadly hendra virus. A vaccine is now available for horses which will prevent the spread to humans. Sophie, good morning, how does the vaccine work?Well, it ultimately breaks the chain of infection. We all know the hendra virus is passed from bats to horses to humans. So what this world' first vaccine does is stop the horses being infected and therefore passing it to horses and handlers. At the moment, there is no known cure and it remains the world's most deadly. Seven people have been infected and all have died in Queensland. It was discovered in Queensland in 1994 in the Brisbane suburb of Hendra. The way the vaccine works: stkpwhrfplt sorry?Sorry, when was the vaccine going to be available here in Australia?Yes, it is going to be available as of today. That's come about, a year earlier than expected. That's because of a funding boost. $6 million from the Government. It was sparked because last year, a dog, I don't know whether you remembered, Dustingy contracted the virus here in Boonah in south-east Queensland. Sadly, he had to be put down. They were concerned the virus was spreading to other species, which is why the research got the extra $6 million in funding so I guess, the vaccine is a lasting legacy to Dusty. Spice Girls Mel B was in court today. She sought and was granted an apprehended violence order against a member of the paparazzi.Mel B arrived in court. She didn't have to be here. Dressed in a figure-hugging blue dress, not looking too pleased at the media presence in court. She has succeeded in her AVO but the court heard the photographer will fight the order. His lawyer said he needs another few weeks, to do, what they said, do his homework on the issue. In the interim, they agreed to an interim order. It means he will be able to do his job. He is not allowed to loiter within 50 metres and can't approach her within five metres or contract, stalk, intimidate or harass her. She wasn't in court to hear it, she sat in a victim's support area. His lawyer showed up on his behalf. Today I am just in the position where he wants to do his job.Are you going to fight the AVO?At this stage, yes.He denied the claims where he said, "I'll kill you.".Of course, they are -r quite ridiculous. He is satisfied with the outcome, he doesn't agree. He understood it would be the outcome if we stayed here all day.It reportedly stems from an incident in Sydney Harbour. Mel B claims she was on boat on the harbour and his kayak was making big waves putting her in danger. There were allegations he threatened to her her husband. As you heard, Jamie Fawcet denies the allegations but there will be more incidents that come to light. The next time the court is in case, we should hear more.Thank you for the update. A group of trick or treaters has been injured in Brisbane after a staircase gave away in the Sydney suburb of Hawthorn. Nine girls were standing on the stairstaircase collecting lollies.All of a sudden we toppled down.I think we are shocked and in a stage of fright. But I think we are all fine. We are all coping, yeah.Four girls were treated for minor injuries. One was taken to hospital as a precaution. New York City is doing its best to return to life as normal after being ravaged by super storm Sandy. New Jersey remains the hardest hit. The President toured the area today inspecting the damage and visiting victims. Our US correspondent reports. The shore took the brunt ask this is what is left. Fires are burning near abandoned mansions but with roads cut off, crews can't get close. 20,000 people are still trapped by the floodwaters. With people taking refuge on roof tops, it is no wonder they are calling it the east coast's Katrina. Five adults and a child were plucked to safety. Further along the coast, entire communities have been washed away. The inference to this town is under water. Eve frn emergency crews who have seen it degs -- even for emergency crews, it is something else.I have never seen anything like this at all. Somewhere under here is a street in one of the most affluent neighbourhood in the country. They bought the places because they were beachside. Now it is that very same thing that has ruined them. Barack Obama even flying in to meet residents whose lives have been torn apart.I instituted a 15- minute rule on my team, you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes, whether it is the mayors, the governors, county officials, if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes.Along the east coast, hundreds are cue ing for precious fuel. The city remains in the dark but the city is attempting to get back to normal. The stock exchange has resumed trading and two of the major airports are opening again. The third is still under water. There won't be flights in or out any time soon. The subway will take days to pump out the water but the buses are finally running. As for Broadway, the show must go on. It is reopening for business tonight. Going to some breaking news now, going live to Canberra, where abAustralian soldier will be awarded the highest military honour today, the Victoria Cross. That is a live sought from Government house, where the Governor-General secretary is addressing the crowd. Diginatorys are Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader and of course, the Governor- General. It is only the second time the Victoria Cross has been awarded in Australia. So it is an enormous honour. The myest military honour. Let's go to Canberra.Her excellency, Miss Quentin Bryce.

excellency, Miss Quentin Bryce.
'Advance Australia Fair' plays. # And wealth for toil # Our home is girt by sea # Our land abounds in nature's gifts # Of beauty # Rich and rare # In history's page # Let every state # Advance # Australia # Fair # In joyful strains # Then let us sing # Advance # Australia # Fay ur

Thank you, please be seated. --

(silence) Your Exexcellency, to be presented Victoria Cross for Australia, Corporal Daniel. For the most conspicuous acts of gal pbltry and devotion to duty in action and circumstances of great peril at Darapen, Oruzgan province in Operation Slipper. On 24 August, 2010, Royal Australian Regiment was a member of a partnered fighting patrol with soldiers of the Afghan national army's first Kankak fourth bugrade which was engaged by a prolonged and numerically superior attack. Corporal Keighran, with disrecord for his own safety, broke cover to draw intense enemy fire to identify enemy locs and direct return fire from Australian and Afghan fire support elements. During one of these occasions, when his patrol sustained a casualty, again on his own initiative and in an act affexceptional courage, he moved from his position of cover to deliberately draw fire away from the team who were treating the casualty. Corporal Keighran remained under fire and then assisted in the clearing of the landing zone to enable the evacuation of the casualties. These deliberate acts of exceptional courage, to repeatedly expose himself to accurate and intense enemy fire there been placing himself in grave danger, ultimately enabled the identification and suppression of enemy firing positions. In circumstances of great peril, his actions were instrumental in permiting the withdrawal of the combined Australian and Afghan patrol with no further casualties. His valor is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian army and the Australian Defence Force. Corporal Daniel Keighran awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia.I am delighted to meet you this morning. Enormous greetings. I have been thinking about you a lot. And I have been thinking a lot about this. This precious medal, the Victoria Cross that I hold in my hands. It is old, very dark, crimson. Almost purple. I find it hard to express the feelings that I have for what it symbolizes and what it stands for. And I reflect too, on the actions that brought you here today. For gal pbltry and courage. We honour you -- gallantry. We honour you. On behalf of all of us, and the people of Australia, I give you this honour. Today and always.

That's all, we will leave that ceremony at Government House in Canberra. The recipient Corporal Daniel Keirghran. On to other news now, Flemington racecourse is being transformed into a Melbourne Cup playground ahead of the race that stop the nation. Forget the race track, this is where all the fun, excitement and action will be happening come the Cup Carnival. The finishing touches were laid on the markees and surrounding gardens as we head to day one of the carnival, derby day. But it is here at the Myer Fashion on the Field enclosure we see what it is famous for, apart from the horses and that is of course, the fashion. This just happens to be the 50th anniversary of the event.We've had a long history of innovation at the VRC. In 1962, the committee devised a competition to bring more women to the races.JumpsToday, at the launch, the national finalists made their debut on stage here at Flemington ahead of the national finals next week.I think a round of applause there because the colour is absolutely stunning.Now, after a warm spell, the mutorious Melbourne weather has turned nasty outside. But better now than later with derby day predicted to be a pleasant 21 degrees. Thoot US, while super storm Sandy caused so much heartache and loss, there are incredible stories of survival and joy. Trapped by wild weather as the storm raged, wn one family welcomed a little boy. At just 5 pounds and 2 ounces and not a day old, little Leon Schleppy has weathered the storm.It is very surreal.Monday night they thought they were all ready for Sandy. While Christine was pregnant, she was five weeks way from the December due date. She has given birth three times before and her husband has two children of his own but neither were prepared for when it happened.I remember looking out the window and worrying about the trees.At fike clk, they lost power.-- 5:00 they lost power. Her discomfort caused her to call 911 for amambulance.We never made it, the ambulance got stuck on anabranch and mud, so they rushed me out and into a cruiser.So began an epic journey.I started panicking and yelling him, why does it have to happenAll told, the trip required two ambulances, a squad scar and two failed attempts to make it to two hospitals.At this point, everyone is panicking. Finally, they wound up at a church gymnasium. Doctors from a nearby moble medical van helped deliver the baby without ans theegsia.No drugs, I was scared out of my mind. Getting ready to deliver, I can remember someone saying, "This is awesome.".Despite all of Sandy's detrication, there are a few people, like the -- destruction, there are a few people like the Schleppys, who can't take their eyes off their little miracle. More on the breaking news story from Sydney. An oversize truck has attempted to drive through. There are lenty delays as crews try to remove the truck. It has damaged the inside of the tunnel, ripping off springlers and lights and has dislodged a structure beam. The west bound on ramp remains closed. Drivers are being urged to avoid the area. Sport time with tim. Peter Siddle, a very big series of cricketHe leaves the attack if he dozen fire, we won't have much chance of winning against South Africa. Plus an inside look at the favourites aheadf the Melbourne Cup. Another epic shoot' out This program is not captioned. We don't drive as much these days, which is why we made the choice
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League giants.To some breaking news first - Brad Haddin has been ruled out of the Blues' Sheffield Shield clash against Queensland. The former test wicketkeeper injured his hand during the recent Twenty20 Champions League tournament in South Africa and was then overlooked for the test series against South Africa. With a week to prepare for the first test in Brisbane, Australian paceman Peter Siddle spoke to Corey Norris about his fitness regime for this summer. Yeah, I think it was just continuing the work I had done with Billy McDermant, the last 18 months and stick with that. Last summer, the full length and the swing, it was a new me, a new little facet of my game that came out and helped remarkably so. I just been working on continuing that. My body as well, a massive preseason here with the Victorian boys and David Bayley and worked on my fitness, lost a few kilos and feel lighter in the middle. The longer I can stay out there and do the right things for the team is what we want. Feeling good.Is it something you felt you needed to do? What was the motivation behind it sphMy Girlfriend has been a vegetarian all her life so I have been eating a lot of vegetarian dishes. Always looking for that bit of an edge, personally, to maintenance fitness and that type of thing but stay ahead of everyone else. It gives me that chance, if I do the right thing by my bodies, if something goes wrong with form, there is no questions I wasn't ready. My body is ready and I'm set for a big 18 month of test cricket. Give myself the best chance to perform.Ready? Yes, always exciting, I think the Brisbane test starts off the yikt in Australia. It is against -- starts off the cricket in Australia, against South Africa, the best nation. If we can get up there and put the pressure on the rest of the world.Overseas horses dominate betting for this year's Melbourne Cup. They were all on show at Werribee this morning for the international Breakfast with the Stars. English-based trainer Luca Cumani has three runners nominated from next Tuesday's race and he explained why he keeps coming back. Ever since we came first with the two horses who were nowhere near good enough, I thought,, "Gee, this is the greatest racing eent verve.". I always said it is the best race meeting of the year, anywhere in the world. And so, I got the bug. I wish I hadn't. I got it.The past two winners of the Cup, Americain and Dunaden, were put through their paces. They're the two favourites to win again this year. Demons' Mitch Clark has opened up about tanking allegations at the Melbourne AFL club. The club returned to training this morning. Clark says the players are just trying to focus on their footy.No change, whatsoever, mate, we're here for preseason and that stuff will take care of itself. Clark is recovering from a foot injury. He expects to start running next week. Queensland Reds coach Ewen McKenzie has backed Quade Cooper to overcome his recent off-field issues and return to the Wallabies, better than ever. Yesterday, the Australian number 10 was fined $40,000 after calling the Wallaby dressing room a toxic environment. I understand that, you know, I fell well with low par, what it means to be a Wallaby. And for the supporters who, you know, are out there, my apologies.Cooper, who is recovering from knee surgery, will serve a 3-match suspension. It continues to rain goals in English soccer's League Cup. After yesterday's 12-goal thriller, Chelsea and Manchester United combined for another nine at Stamford Bridge. The latest episode in the rivalry between two Premier League giants and an early mistake left the Blues' back line with red faces. But they made up for in the second half, with a little help from a linesman.It is going to breach. Goal is given, despite the best efforts on the goalline.Some slick passing but Man United ahead again.All the way through. That's a finish.But they were less polished at the back.Is that a penalty? It is! A Chelsea lifeline in the fourth minute of stoppage time.And there will be 30 more minutes.The Red Devils' woes at the back continued in extra time. Michael Keane gifted the Blues the lead for the fist time in the match. And the result was sealed with a few minutes to spare.Now it's going to be a Red. And They win the tie for ChelseaThe Cup also provided some upsets this morning with Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers beaten by his former club..The Reds crashed to a 3-1 loss to Swansea. While Norwich won through to the fifth round with a 2-1 win over Tottenham.And after the break, amelia will be back with daex - This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Like these walls,
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To the national weather forecast now. First to the

To the national weather forecast
now. First to the satellite warm northerlies are coming into central and south Australia. It is causing showers and storms in central and Western Australia Australia. A high pressure system is clearing skies on the east coast.

To finance now, having a quick look at the markets before we go. The share market has opened more than 0.5% lower today.

Just updating on the top story now, an Australian soldier has been awarded the Victoria Cross at Government House in Canberra this morning. It is the highest military honour. He was honoured for bravery and courage in Afghanistan. We will have more on this story on 9 News throughout the day. That's Nine's Morning News. You can join me for more news at 4:30 this afternoon. I'm Amelia Adams. Hope to see you then.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.




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