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The classic Australian soap opera, which was a bit naughty
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..'Number 96' was named after what? An apartment block.
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - New York devastated after the storm of a lifetime. The chilling first police interview with collar bomber Paul Peters. A red-faced State Government misplaces a million dollars. A grieving husband's emotional plea to his wife's killer. And the redevelopment of a suburb, transforming shopping in Sydney. Good evening, New York is slowly rising from the ashes and the flooding caused by the enormous and deadly power of Superstorm Sandy. A major fire has destroyed homes, and vast stretches of coastline are swamped. At least 48 are dead, and the damage bill is likely to top $50 billion. As Denham Hitchcock reports, the human energy of New York is

Fighting back. New York turned upside down. A flood of water below, while fire, the sudden unexpected enemy erupting amid the deluge. More than 80 homes destroyed in the suburb of Queens. This is called New York's new Ground Zero.Make no mistake about it. This was a devastating storm.The subway that never sleeps is all but silent. Now just the sound of pumps moving massive volumes of water that poured down stairwells and ventilation shafts. When estimating the damage bill, it's not just the destruction from Sandy that is the problem. It's the loss of business. This is the reason why. All the tunnels leading to Manhattan - this is the Brooklyn Tunnel, are underwater. They should be carrying about a million cars a day. Cars wallow left by a 4 metre tidal surge. This tanker was swept on to the shores of Staten Island. There are plenty of kauns caught up. Kay is pregnant -- Australians caught up in this. Kay is pregnant with twins.We are really stranded. Grand Central Station is a hollow form of itself. JFK and La Guardia are a shambles. Elsewhere the icons of New York, yellow taxies left wallowing in a lagoon. A famous fire hydrant a godsend, providing water for households.It's strange being in New York and getting water out of a fire hydrant.It's strange, messed up.The city's figurehead rock solid through the worst of it. Denham, what progress has been made today?Well, this is day one of the clean-up. They have so much to go. It seems they haven't made a dent in the three problems they have - water in the tunnels, which is isolateding Manhattan. The subway is submerged and the power outages - this is lower Manhattan. We are completely in darkness. Police are dropping flaress on the road so people don't -- flares on the road so people don't have accidents. This is just New York. The effects of Sandy are being felt across 18 states.Most of the water gone, but Sandy left her mark. Hundreds of kilometres of shore line has been washed away. Nersry was brutalised first and -- New Jersey was brutalised first and suffered the most. Thousands have been stranded in their homes by floodwaters.They tell you to go. Where?The fire department is going door to door. Boats of all sizes is the only way to get them to safety.Power is down, water almost gone. We have a baby and elderly person.I never thought I would see what I saw today.It's a sight of devastation that makes it look like there's been a bombing there. This was Atlantic City before Sandy. In the casino city, the La of the east, the iconic -- the Las Vegas of the east. The iconic boardwalk smashed to pieces. The amusement park has been washed away. 8 million is without power. As Sandy sweeps inland, not for them rain, but huge clumps of snow. President Barack Obama is looking more presidential, Sandy has taken the heat out of Mitt Romney's push for the White House.I told the Mayors and the governors, if they are getting no for an answer, they can call me at the White House.The damage from the superstorm is estimated at upwards of $50 billion. To the rest of the day's news now. A chilling police interview with the Madeleine Pulver collar bomber has been released. For the first time we hear how Paul Peters responded under pressure. Paul Peters looking calm and relaxed as detectives grill hip about his now notorious - - him about his not jourious crime. Is there anything you -- notorious crime. Anything you want to tell me about the extortion, kidnapping and bomb placed around the neck of Madeleine Pulver on 3 August? No. They tracked him down in the United States where he'd fled after his botched extortion attempt. The fake bomb put around the neck of teenager Madeleine Pulver.Are you responsible? No.Madeleine Pulver still has not seen Paul Peters since the terrifying day last year. Her parents, though, paid close attention to court proceedings. Today they heard from forensic psychiatrist Dr Jonathon Phillips, who said Peters suffers bipolar, add thag he was intermittently psychotic, when questioned by Judge Peter Zahra, Dr Jonathon Phillips said Peters was not psychotic when he planned the crime. Outside the court Maddie's dad didn't believe he was psychotic.I suspect there were mental health issues in play. However, it was well planned.For the first time he revealed what happened the day his daughter rang and told him about the colour bomb. She didn't know about the extortion letter. I ask myself the question. Would I have rung the police if I'd have known. Syme job, how is Maddie -- Simon, how is Maddie handling this a year on?We've been told that she's handling it badly. The sentencing has been tough. She doesn't want to front Paul Peters. The case has been adjourned until next Wednesday. We expect him to be sentenced soon after that, after more submissions.There are red- faces in the O'Farrell Government with an audit revealing big mistakes in the budget sums, adding to a staggering $1 billion. The good news means that NSW is out of the red and in surplus. Just weeks after the State Government told us massive spending cuts to health and education were needed to fill a budget black hole, we now find out it was based on a series of blunders.The budget result bounced around a bit like a pin ball machine.The government got it wrong in the middle of June, guessing a $337 deficit, when it should have been a $680 million surplus.I don't think anyone can argue anything other than in deficit.You said you were in surplus.He's independent. You are political.The Auditor-General found 37 multimillion-dollar errors in the last 12 months to June, higher than under Labor. Two mistakes alone were worth more than a billion each.Some were data entry errors. It's not a school tuckshop. The financial accounts need to be tightened up.Labor is smiling for a change.This is a Government inflicting cuts hurting every family in NSW. They are cuts that can't be justified.Kevin, it appears that the government is still going ahead with the cuts. Yes. They have a credibility problem. They are justifying cuts to schools and hospitals on figure that were wrong. It's hard to be suspicious of the next set of numbers, at least until the Auditor-General double-checks them. Today went from bad to worse for former Health Services Union boss Michael Williamson, leaving home for Waverley court, facing 20 chargess of hindering a police investigation, and found me was in double trouble.Police laid an additional 28 charges against Mr Michael Williamson.Michael Williamson is accused of defrauding the union of more than $600,000. A Liberal MP has been ejected from Federal Parliament for calling the Prime Minister corrupt. The outburst coming as the Opposition tried to embarass Julia Gillard for her role in setting up a union slush found, as a lawyer 20 years ago. Earlier this week Tony Abbott claimed he's interested only in issues that matter to the Australian feel.I will leave the nasty personal politics to the Labor Party.Julia Gillard quoted is back at the Liberal leader when the Opposition launched an attack over the union slush fund she helped to set up in 1993, money used fraudu lently by her boyfriend, an AWU official.How can the government assert it's not asserting nasty personal politics. Queensland Liberal Andrew Laming stunned the house and Prime Minister with a shouted ak usation that she was corrupt. -- accusation that she was corrupt.The individual will withdraw.Mr Laming did that and was ejected from the chamber as punishment.It was a Leader of the Opposition strategy. I hope he's proud of it, given what it lead to in the house.Julia Bishop raised the slush fund issue. I refer to a cheque from $57,000 fromment AWU workplace association -- from the AWU workplace association.I dealt with the matters on the public record.If Tony Abbott's plan is to leave the nasty politics to others to soften his image, the Prime Minister is determined he will not get away with it. Taronga Zoo keeper Lucy Melo has left hospital 12 days after she was crushed by elephant Pathi Harn. Doctors say she's made an excellent recovery and will start a period of rehabilitation. Forget the stories that Sydney retail is dying. A development worth $390 million will change the face of shopping for people in the west and north of Sydney. Finance Editor Ross Greenwood has this exclusive. This is your first look at the all-new Macquarie Shopping Centre - more cinemas, restaurants. The famous ice-skating rink remains, and surprises come.We are chasing a number of international brands to be juffed into the centre.Think -- introduced into the centre. Think Zara, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Top Shop. Hard to imagine within two years this site will be the home of a brand new David Jones store, a Coles and an aldi store. There'll be 130 -- aldie store. There'll be 130 specialist shops. It will be Sydney's second-largest shopping centre. Exit ramps off the M2 give better access from the west and north. Competition for the surrounding centres in Ryde, Chatswood and Parramatta.All the piess will be competitive.It's hard -- all the prices competitive. It's hard to get here.Students are part of plan, with the Macquarie Uni set to double.Residential, hotels, accommodation. They are becoming the heart of the community. 2,000 new apartments are being gilt now. The Macquarie Office Park will see 150,000 workers in the next decade.85% of Australians shop in shopping interests.They are no longer shopping centres. They are meccas for the community. Still to come in Nine News, a devastated husband's plea after his wife was murdered in their Oaklands home. Plus, why a 10-ton bulldozer was dropped over Sydney's north-west. And Star Wars' This program is not captioned. Thousands of local clubs
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This program is not captioned.

One year on there's no easing of the pain suffered by the family of an Oatlands woman bashed to death on Halloween. Her husband today told of how he is living in hell. A distraught husband trembling. Please, help. Please.Clutching a photo of his beautiful wife. Brian Bradbury asked his sister-in-law to deliver his statement.Our family was our life. Somebody entered our home and took all of that away from us.It's been 366 days since Brian discovered Lynette Bradbury's body in their Oatlands home. The 52- year-old grandmother had serious Head injuriess - hands and feet tied up.We have not eliminated anyone.Children had been trick tore treating in the street. It's hoped the family's brave appeal will spur someone to help. Any information could assist investigators to provide answers to a grieving family.My gravest fear is I may never know what brought it about.Several motives have been investigated - Lynette Bradbury's job at Westmead and a lottery win in the family, thought to have caused tension between relatives. Today they are a family desperate for comfort.Lynette Bradbury was a genuine, loving person and deserves justice. Please help us give her that.Have you ever seen a 10-ton bulldozer full fall from the sky. That happened over Londonderry, and it was spectacular.Airborne muscle over Londonderry skies, a 30-year- old Airforce Hercules, a veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Bali bombing evacuation making a heavyweight delivery.Boxed up, supported by five giant parachutes. The cargo is a 10-ton bulldozer. They have to make sure it hands within metres of the target. And, of course, in one piece. In this case, a job well done.It's been a very successful drop.No damage?No, the doser is fine.The exercise proved the army and air force can drop a bulldozer anywhere in the world, and that could be important - maybe to repair a cyclone-damaged runway in Northern Queensland or an airstrip ripped up in Northern Indonesia. Getting out of the Airforce Hercules is one thing, but the success of the mission - does it start. Operation lander dozer - mission accomplished. The most successful movie franchise of all time has been sold. Pioneer film- maker George Lucas handed future control of the Star Wars series to Disney, who promised the next instalment, due in 2015, will be true to the original. Not so long ago in theatres that were just around the corner, not far away at all. 1977 - a simply story with a few basic special effects burst on a world that still want get enough. Trick or treat.Even on this Halloween, it's a favourite with the kids, of the kids that watched the original. Six episodes later Star Wars has been sold to the Disney organisation by its creator and guardian.Now we somewhere somebody that will help us go into the future.Disney says dedicated fans have nothing to worry about. We truly understand the responsibility that comes with being the caretakers.Robert A Iger turned Disney into the world's dominant entertainment company, paying 4.2 billion for Lucasfilm, and its empire, $4 billion for Marvel Comics, and in 2006 a whopping $7 billion for Pixar - home of 'Toy Story'. As for Star Wars future.To infinity and beyond. Time now for sport with Ken. Good evening.Good evening, after a marathon hearing, the Australian Rugby Union came down hard on Pat McQuaid, his punishment next. Mus - - Quade Cooper. Michael Hussey talks about his horror history against South Africa. And the release of Ian Thorpe's tell-all book.35 degrees for the west This program is not captioned.

First to breaking news and the ARU comes down hard on Wallabies' superstar, Quade Cooper, after a marathon hearing at headquarters. What was the punishment?The Wallaby environment was toxic. He's been fined $60,000, $20,000 suspended. He's been given a 3- match suspended ban. He spoke to the media a short time ago.I understand what it means to be a Wallaby, and for the supporters who are out there, my apologies.And yesterday we bought you news about Sonny Bill Williams requiring an operation on his injured chest. He had that. He hopes to be boxing in February, and hopes to be playing at the start of the rugby league season. Australian batsman Michael Hussey says he's ready for the fight of his life in the upcoming test series against South Africa, a battle that may determine his test career. Michael Hussey has a poor record against the Proteas attack. Hussey has a chance to tune-up his batting before next week's text. He's captaining WA in a Sheffield Shield at the MCG. He sees it as a vital hit out.There's no point in worrying or stressing about anything that happened in the past. There's enough things to worry and stress about when you are in the middle.The South Africans are reluctant to single Australian batsmen out. They are aware that Michael Hussey struggled with their current attack. Michael Hussey averages less than 10.Hopefully we can get him out early and make sure we play good cricket.All the Aussies feel they have a point to prove. Fast bowler Peter Siddle hoped to lunch Movember. For the past six months, he's been off the booze and meet. It's about trying to be the best he can.It's maintaining fitness and that type of thick and staying ahead of everyone else.Fitter, stronger and lighter, Peter Siddle is ready to serve it up to South Africa. Jockey Damien Oliver said he almost drove off the road when he was offered the chance to ride American ain in the Melbourne Cup. Damien Oliver got on the horse for a Cal op at 'We're The Millers'. Ian Thorpe released his -- at Werribee. Ip Thorpe released his book 'This Is Me'. He talks with his depression and denies he's gay.It's accurate and an honest betrayal of what I feel, what I have gone through, successors, triumph and failures. Scott Prince signed two years with the Broncos. Natalie is next with the weather from North Sydney Fall. ma
Details next. Next on WIN News...a the
major crackdown on fall safety in to
the construction industry, and the effe
tough new road rules coming into for
effect across the border, Join me for all the details next.

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Happy Halloween from here at the North Sydney pool. A full moon will welcome in the eve. These spectacular pictures replaced the sun.

A trough will direct warm northerly winds into NSW tomorrow. A front will bring a gusty cold change to Victoria and South Australia. Taking a look around the country for tomorrow:

The cooler change will drop the temps on Friday. Warming up to 36 degrees this time next week. Perfect weather to hit the pool.

degrees this time next week.
Perfect weather to hit the pool. Thank you, that is Nine News for this Wedensday. I'm Peter Overton. I

Tonight ... WorkSafe ACT to crack
down on fall safety, polling result le
officially declared - but who' ll lead the Assembly, And the tough ne driver
road rules - targeting chatty Thoms
drivers. Good evening I' m Greg fi
Thomson. Those stories shortly but Services
first tonight, the Emergency Services Minister has hit out at th appoint
firefighters questioning the Commiss
appointment of the acting ESA WI
Commissioner. In an email given to Fi
WIN News, one member of the United Graham
Firefighters Union claims Tony ab
Graham has a lack of understanding P
about the duties of Fire and Rescue its
Personnel. The Union says many of How
its members share the same views. co
However Simon Corbell believes the f
concerns are unfounded. He has my su
full support, full and unqualified be
support and the comments that have are
been made about Mr Graham I think
are disgraceful. The Minister say Mr Graham has proved himself worth de
of holding the position. He has demonstrated over the past ten year outstanding leadership of the Stat em
Emergency Service and has led the lar
emergency response in a number of large scale emergencies in our city Fed up with avoidable accident Work
on Canberra building sites, the announce
Work Safety Commissioner has work
announced a crackdown on tradies working at heights. The constructio union likes the move, claiming som c
workers are scared to raise safety n
concerns. Canberra builders, take be
note. Be warned. We' re going to r
be coming out and looking that you' peo
re complying with the law. Four
people have died on ACT worksites i the past twelve months.One of thos was a painter who fell from a roof seriou
Three other tradies have been seriously injured in falls, the mos recent at the NISHI apartment bloc fro
in Acton just last week. Falls natio
from heights account for 25% of It'
national construction fatalities. th
It' s one of the biggest issues in enou
that industry. For Mark McCabe Wor
enough is enough. He' s announced construction
WorkSafe will be hitting Capital
construction sites across the fo
Capital next month, on the lookout worki
for builders breaking the law - l
working at heights. Initially we' no
ll probably be issuing prohibition
notices and improvement notice. I co
the problems still aren' t fixed, thousan
companies could faces tens of
thousands of dollars worth of fines scaffoldi
Areas of key focus will be C
scaffolding, ladders and roofs. The Construction Union says the blitz i practice
long overdue, claiming poor th
practices are becoming rife across unfortuna
the industry. There' s an con
unfortunate saying that' s in the f
construction industry that you hear charg
from a lot of people who are in co
charge when fall protection issues
come up. They say we' re prepared t risk.
roll the dice, we' ll take the chang
risk. It' s also called for a employe
change in culture, suggesting the
employees are looked down upon if becau
they ask for better protection, Work
because of the costs involved. over
Workers have very little control over their own safety because if th Th
speak up, they will get sacked. mid-nex
The crackdown will last until mid-next year.

The massive clean up has begun in Sandy.
the States following Hurricane esti
Sandy. 50 billion dollars is the images
estimated clean-up bill. These Canber
images come from University of
Canberra student Edwina Gadsby. Fro W
outside her apartment on the Upper West Side. She tells us she' s stil i
without water and electricity - as currentl
is much Manhattan. There are liv
currently 24 thousand Australians affecte
living or travelling in areas the
affected by the storm, But so far injurie
there have been no reports of ass
injuries or requests for consular accus
assistance. An Italian national will
accused of taking upskirt videos facin
will leave the country, without char
facing trial. Daniele Alaimo was commi
charged with fourteen counts of 17-ye
committing acts of indecency. A 17-year-old allegedly found the m
accused trying to film her with his i
mobile phone from under a partition s
in the Canberra Centre' s Cotton On expired
store. Alaimo' s working visa expec
expired on October 20 and he' s Friday
expected to leave Australia on Prosec
Friday. The Director Of Public