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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. Millions of Americans are struggling to cope with the destruction left by Superstorm Sandy, which carved up the East Coast of the United States and continues to barrel inland. At least 45 people are dead. 8 million homes remain without power. Public transport is crippled. New York and New Jersey are among the worst affected. The damage bill could top $50 billion. In New Jersey, where the storm first made landfall, frantic rescue operations are under way. Rescuers made their way through flooded streets, picking up stranded families.Do you want to come out?The boats bringing people to where they could be trucked to safety.Come on, mumy.Whole families, huddling together in trucks.We weren't able to go up. Power is down, water gone. We have a baby and an elderly person.A frantic rescue operation began around midnight after Sandy's storm surge swamped New Jersey.It happened so fast. Within 15 minutes we had 10 feet of water.Stunned residents grabbed what they could as the water rose.Heartbreak. All your life, and then this. You can't salvage anything.New Jersey took the brunt of Sandy's wrath. The coast is hit hard. The images of neighbourhoods consumed by sand and water. Down the store, look at this. The community before Sandy, and today - buried. Atlantic City - seen from above. The Boardwalk in ruins. The recovery in the Garden State is just beginning. First responders racing lives to save lives in New York, at Staten Island. Terrified 3-year-old Hayley was lifted into the arms of safety. The rescues continued.Guys, you can put them on the boat.Sandy may have taken away these people's' homes, but not what they cherished the most. While President Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney put campaigning on hold in the wake of the storm, it will not be long before they are back in full election mode. US Bureau Chief Robert Penfold, has more. Because of the storm campaign, events yesterday and today -- storm, campaign events yesterday and today were cancelled. Both candidates were not wanting to be out there beating each other up about votes when so many are suffering. The truce will be short-lived. There's no plans to cancel rallies tomorrow. Today, Mitt Romney, in the state of Ohio, and the President, were out and visual today. As you will see, when they spoke the focus was not really on politics, but the victims - that's today anyway. Mitt Romney's event was not called a rally, it was called a relief effort. His supporters were encouraged to bring in food and clothing for those affected by the floods. Here is Mitt Romney.We have heavy hearts with all the suffering going on in major parts of our country. A lot of people were hurting this morning and last night. The storm goes on. I had a chance to speak to some governors in the affected areas. They talked about a lot of people having a hard time.This being America - be assured recovery and planning for rebuilding is going full-steam ahead. A plan to allow people to vote early in some states has been successful. That was held up because of the storm yesterday, and today. Tomorrow that will resume as well. Tomorrow also the President will visit some of the worst-hit areas in New Jersey. Soon after that it will be election business as usual. Obama, and Mitt Romney are running neck-and-neck in the polls, and in some Mitt Romney is ahead. So as much as he might like to, Obama can't afford to spend too much time consoling the victims, because one week from today he has an election to win. And just a short time ago Foreign Minister Bob Carr confirmed no Australians have been killed or injured in the storm disaster.We have offered any assistance in the clean-up, and the reconstruction, to American emergency management. The Federal emergency magistrate agency has been approached. Overnight we offered Australian help. Australians are experts at cleaning up after bushfires and floods and storms. We are ready to put our expertise at the service of our American friends.Let's get the rest of the day's news. There's been chaos in Federal Parliament with the Prime Minister accused of being corrupt by a Liberal MP. Kerrie Yaxley is in Canberra with the latest. Good afternoon. What happened?Well, all week during Question Time the Opposition has been niggling away at the Prime Minister over her time as a lawyer at Slater&Gordan in the early '90s, trying to link her to a union slush fund. Julia Bishop put a question today. There were howls from the Coalition, and Andrew Laming yelled "You're corrupt" at the PM.How can the Opposition assert it's focusing on the nation's interest, and not playing nasty politics when it goes down this track.The individual will withdraw. And you will - and the member for Bowman will leave the chamber under 94A when - and will count himself very, very lucky. On another issue, Julia Gillard delivered an update on the war in Afghanistan. What does she have to say?Basically she said that we are on track. The transition is going according to plan, and she expects most of our troops will be out by 2014. She told parliament that the deadly insider attacks have not disrupted our progress, and sadly as recently as August, we saw three Aussie troops killed by a rogue Afghan soldier. Now protection for the troops is looking to be improved, and screening processes beefed up. For most part the Prime Minister's update was optimistic. She warned of challenges ahead. Have a listen.There'll be difficult days ahead. Setbacks will occur in the transition process. There'll be days when our resolve will be tested. We will stand firm. The Prime Minister also reminded us that the transition doesn't mean the end of our involvement in Afghanistan. The government is open to the idea of keeping a Special Forces presence.Thank you, Kerrie Yaxley, in Canberra. NSW Fraud Detectives claim Michael Williamson embezzled more than $600,000 of members' funds during his time as boss of the Health Services Union. The 59-year-old was charged with 28 more innocences today as he appeared in a Sydney -- offences today as he appeared in a Sydney court for the first time since his arrest. Damian Ryan is at the hearing and we'll have his report later in the bulletin. The family of a Sydney grandmother brutally murdered last year, has made a public plea for new information. Lynette Bradbury was found with her hands and feet bound in her home at Oatlands in the city's North West. Having to come to terms with losing Lynette Bradbury, and not knowing what happened.My fear is I may not know what brought this about, and the evil person may strike again, destroying another family's lives. Please help, please.A team of detectives is investigating Lynette Bradbury's death. A massive blaze which destroyed parts of a school west of Brisbane is being treated as suspicious. As Nine's Andrew Kos reports, police are hunting for the firebug. Shortly after 11 last night fire crews were called to Gatton State school where a dental van behind me was well and truly ablaze. Police believe the fire was deliberately lit. The van has been destroyed, and the fire moved to other parts of the school, including the learning resource centre, where a teacher's office and classrooms have been damaged by the blaze. It affected classes today. Listen to what the principal told us earlier.Two classrooms have been relocated into the media lab. The reason is because they smell of smoke. While they are removing that, we are concerned about the smell, the dut.The damage hit the school -- dust. The damage hit the school hard. They believe they may have lost a lot of resources. Two laptops were stolen. They were found dumped. A scanner has been stolen. They are yet to be recovered. A number of youths have been seen in the area at the time. Police are following up inquiries, but are asking people with information to come forward.We believe that the passer-by may have seen someone in the street. The CIB is on site. They are conducting inquiries with regards to those persons - that will be run out today.Asbestos is an issue for the clean-up crew. It's believed there is some contained in the halfa century old building. Insurance assessors will come in to try to work out how much damage is done. It's estimated to be around a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Classes will continue as the school tries to rebuild. It seems some of our southern neighbours don't want to go home. A whale mum and baby were on a go-slow to the chilly Antarctic. Too busy having fun, splashing around off Palm Beach on the Northern Beaches. Given the love of the giant acrobats, no-one will give them a hurry up any time soon. Still ahead dash Superstorm Sandy's fury. We show you -- - Superstorm Sandy's fury, we show you what has been filmed from backyards. Speak speak an This program is not captioned. JJ has been an important part
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Many of the people injured during Superstorm Sandy were hit by falling trees. It was a terrifying night for residents, who filmed as their backyards became disaster zones. You are about to see a triple tear-down of trees.Oh, my god. Oh, my god.16-year-old John taping it from his window in New York. First a neighbour's tree, then a tree snaps in their front yard.Oh. It hit a car. Oh, my god. If this was not enough - one more. The car. I got it on film.Maybe there is no clear example of this, of how softened soil cannot hold the trees. Watch the earth heave. Matthew in Huntington New York knew there was nothing he could do but watch and tape the tree going down. Dramatic, but deadly. This is New York, where two boys were playing and watching TV in the family room, when a 100 foot okay slammed into the home. A scene repeated too many times across the country. These are pictures of trees on houses, across roads and pulling down powerlines. In Delaware we watched Doug Hudson and his crew working to get the power back on.Trees and wire don't go together?For the most part. Correct.Back home there was a remarkable site in Sydney, with an Airforce Hercules dropped a 10-ton bulldozer into a Defence drop zone in the North West. It is to determine whether the machine is appropriate for aerial delivery. Five 30 metre parachutes delivered the bulldozer to the ground. There'sments for Australians after a rush to -- there's disappointment for Australians after a rush to buy tickets in the lottery draw. The prize skyrocketed to $100 million, to be drawn on Melbourne Cup day. Anger as two brothers face court accused of posing as war veterans. Passengerers gone wild - a Jetstar pilot -- passengerers gone wild - a Jetstar pilot and crew taken hostage. And Star Wars - why the force is Thank you Amelia. Tonight, the incredible video of the New York super storm - massive trees are ripped out of the ground, and seaside towns flattened. A husband's unimaginable grief as he appeals for help to find the person who murdered his wife at their Oatlands home. Also tonight, we speak to the Treasurer about his $1 billion Budget mistake - an audit uncovering 37 errors in the Government's sums. First on Nine - the amazing shopping mall redevelopment that will change that way you shop. A spectacular sight over Sydney's north-west, as a 10- ton bulldozer is dropped from a Hercules. And Sonny Bill Williams has surgery on his chest injury - we'll tell you how it went. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. Ken will have the sport, Natalie the weather, tonight at 6:00pm.

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NAB is the first of the big four banks to suffer a fall in full-year profits since 2009. Earnings dropped 22% to just over $4 billion. The bank cited troubled operations in Britain for its lacklustre performance. The bank ruled out a fire sale of the United Kingdom business. There's been bizarre themes in a Brisbane court with a group of angry veterans confronting two brothers pretending to be veterans. John Hines and George Carr were allegedly shot pearing medals they didn't deserve.-- wearing immediatelyals they didn't deserve. I wear medals and -- medals they didn't serve. I wear medals and am proud of my medals. It's a famous film sale of all times. Creator George Lucas sold his production house, Lucasfilm to Disney in a multibillion deal, and it has big plans. A galaxy far, far away.I am your father.Got closer to the happiest place on earth. Bob, head of the Walt Disney company, and George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise make it official. Lucasfilm is part of Disney, acquired for over $4 billion. The addition of Star Wars brings with it the Star Wars family. Lucas had been thinking about selling his company, and was content on it having to go to Disney, refusing to have it shop around.I could have got more money if I competed. It's not the issue. It's making sure the film and property is secure and is well taken care of.George Lucas says the deal with Disney is his retirement plan and he will be handing over the reins to the company. He said he's not completely finished with Lucasfilm. I'll be a consultant on the three movies, 7, 8 and 9.You know a little something.I'll be the Yoda in the corner so when they are confused I'll tell them what they need.Kathleen Kennedy, the second- most successful film producer taking over. Three more movies are planned, star wars 7 is due out in 2015. Still to come - residents of the US East Coast face the grim reality of what is left after Superstorm Sandy. A captain and crew taken hostage. How angry Jetstar passengers took matters into their own hands. A principal's tough stance against cyber-bullying. We go behind of
Good afternoon, The official poll declared
of the ACT Election has been st
declared - but Shane Rattenbury is h
still yet to make a decision on who
he' ll support to lead the Assembly co
Stricter in-car mobile phone laws come into effect for New South Wale drivers at midnight tonight. And i sport, former Canberra soccer coac l
Tom Sermanni has been appointed to Det
lead the US women' s soccer team. Details tonight at 6:30.

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The New York community of Breezy Point lost many of their own in the September 11 attacks. Now residents are again reeling. Their district among the worst affected in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Breezy Point was engulfed last night not only by wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy, but something unexpected - fire.They say dozens, up to 100 homes have been descimated and left in a rubble that is smoking today as we walk through it.Today is stunned beachfront community - a fireman, policeman and blue collar workers took stock of what was gone. There's not a single thing you can save.There's nothing I can identify except for a kitchen tile and bathroom tile. That's about it. Costs are unknown. There's no question the fire was ferocious, flames fedly hur gain-force winds. Hyde -- hurricane-force -- fed by Hurricane-force winds. Reporters were caught with others. They phoned in overnight to Nightline. I'm in a community of 4200 homes. This is a community that lost the most people during 9/11, firefighters and cops during 9/11. This community was hit horribly tonight. The teem here are amazing -- people here are amazing people, people with pride. People that I have spoken to said they would rebuild and get through this.Today the task of getting through this was brutally clear. It will be a long time before anyone in this neighbourhood we walk through will call Breezy Point home. More than 100 homes burnt to the ground, dreams of retirement cottages reduced to piles of ash.I haven't seen anything like this in my career. The only thing that came close to this was 9/11.This community, home to so many firefighters and first responders saw more than its share of tragedy, 29 of their own killed on 9/11. But it is a community with bravery and resilience, woven in to its DNA. We saw it today. We accompanied evacuees on a truck. Holding their breath for the first time since the storm hit. This woman discovered she lost the lower level of her house to a flood.It's good that we are alive.It's hard to see signs of good things to come. As it has done before, Breezy Point is picking up the pieces.We have a strong community. They'll rebuild and come back.You are watching Nine's Afternoon News. These are the top stories - a major operation is under way across America's East Coast in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. There's widespread damage and at least 45 people have been killed. Former Health Services Union boss, Michael Williamson is facing 28 new charges after appearing in court for the first time since his arrest. Angry Jetstar passengerers took the cabin, crew of a flight hostage in Shanghai. Let's get the details on the top story. Towns and cities along the east coast of the US lie shattered and broken. In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, which causes chaos inland. Let's go to Denham Hitchcock in New York now. 24 hours on, how are the worst-hit areas holding up?Take your pick. At any one of them there are 18 states that are either damaged or have power outages from this superstorm. Let's start in New York and the problems here is the subway, the tunnels and the power that is out. You can see around me at the moment that it is black. And lots of lower Manhattan is the same. The subway had a problem, it was flooded. The electrical system needs to be rebooted - the worst disaster of its kind in 108 years. Power is out. Lots of lower Manhattan - people are huddled in hotels, or making their way to the brighter areas or where there are lights, to try to find food.The tunnels which link this place to the mainland are submerged. There's pumps in there trying to get the water out and reconnect Manhattan to the rest of the place.The clean-up is under way. Guys with chainsaws are fixing the powerlines, and the traffic lights that are out as well. Some of them have fallen over. The Stock Exchange - good news - tomorrow that should reopen. Also JFK Airport, they are hoping that will open. La Guardia a little later.The President was on TV talking about just this.I want every agency to lean forward and to make sure we are getting the resources where they are needed as quickly as possible. This will take some time, it is not going to be easy for a lot of communities to recover swiftly. It will be important to sustain that spirit of resilience, that we continue to be good neighbours for the duration, until everyone is back on their feet.Denham, we know the storm made landfall in New Jersey, and they are doing it tough there.Yes, they certainly are. This state was hit the hardest in terms of homes, in terms of infrastructure, and right across the board there. They have power outages like you wouldn't believe. There's aerial pictures there. Entire suburbs - you can see the power of the storm surge that has come in, leaving suburbs, block after block with sands up to the rooftops. The aerials are incredible. Amazingly there are rescues going on down there, rescues taking place. They happened today. They are expecting more tomorrow. The Governor, Chris Christie saying that this is a cost that cannot be calculated. Obama, the President, is touring there tomorrow, giving an indication of how hard-hit that is. He'll meet his friend, the big man, the governor down there when he tours. I did expect to see homes off the foundations and in the middle of State highways.With waves that came in and crested down, the destruction brought not only sea water, but gates, parts of the boardwalk, trees, debris. That's my worst fear, finding boats in the middle of the road is not what anyone would hope for today.North Carolina, New England, Ohio, keep a watch on those in the coming days. They are getting a metre of snow. The storm keeps on rolling. Thank you Denham Hitchcock for the update. Amazing pictures and stories rolling in. Denham Hitchcock will have a full report in Nine News at 6:00. Former union boss Michael Williamson is facing charges relating to alleged fraud and money laundering offences. The former HSU boss was slapped with an extra 28 charges in court. When Michael Williamson left home he was facing 20 criminal charges. By the time he arrived at waverly court he realised his day was going to get a lot worse.Police from the Strike Force laid an additional 28 charges. The former Health Services Union boss is accused of writing 47HSU cheques, totalling more than $600,000, for services never received, to a company registered to his buy. He's accused of laundering more than half that money. 48 charges for Michael Williamson, and the likelihood of more to come. Police believe the $600,000 is the tip of the iceberg as they continue their search for missing union funds. And more arrests. Police say they expect to lock up two more HSU senior officials before the year is out. Andy Williams is on bail. One of his conditions - -- Michael Williamson is on bail, and one condition is to stay away from Union whistleblower, Kathy Jackson. Jetstar is to change conditions in China after passengers held the pilot and the cabin crew hostage. Andrew Lund has the details.The flight had flown from Melbourne to Singapore and headed to Beijing. Fog forced it to divert to Shanghai. The Air Force was kept on the ground. The crew ran out of hours. They were no longer allowed to keep flying. Passengers were offered hotel accommodation and seats on later flights. A number did not believe the airline's assurances. They surrounded the crew, refusing to allow them to leave. The pilot and a Mandarin-speaking cabin crew attempted to resolve the situation. The passengers were not having any it. Police and consular officials were called in. Here is what the Jetstar CEO said this morning.The Chinese authorities stepped in and helped us. It took longer than we would have liked. We have a great partner in China Eastern based in Shanghai, off the back of the experience we worked with them to ensure nothing like that happened. Happier passengers and scenes in Melbourne as Jetstar celebrated its 100 millionth passenger. The Wade family were given 12 months of free travel. The kids had never been on a plane until they got on a flight to the Gold Coast. They were happy. Jetstar expects to continue growing in Australia. It remains to be seen what effect the tie-up between Virgin and Tiger will have on its growth plans. A high school principal on the Gold Coast stepped up the fight against cyber-bullying, suspending students over an abusive Facebook page. Let's go to Libby Stone. What prompted this?The public Facebook page shows a number of abusive comments regarding a school on the Gold Coast, and its teachers. When it was brought to the attention of the school principal at Southport High, he took action and suspended the students behind the comments. The principal told us it was a small minority of students involved in the page, and he had plenty of support from parents and students over this course of action. He says that it doesn't matter that the comments were made outside school grounds, it involved the school community.We are not talking about punishment. We are talking about responsibilities and consequences, that if you step over the line and you are inappropriate there has to be consequences. We'd rather you'ducate them and put in consequences do they turn out to be responsible members of our city. All freedom of speech has limits. Responsibility goes with freedom of speech.They have to take a tough stance eventually. Kids keep getting away with stuff.Of course, the principal is hoping to have the Facebook page in question shut down. We'll have more on this story for our Queensland viewers in our 6:00 bulletin.Thank you. A man who spent decades staring into space has been rewarded, with the Prime Minister's prize for science. Professor Ken Freeman, from Canberra's Mt Stromlo Observatory has been internationally recognised for turning our understanding of what makes up the universe on its head. He discovered they are mosly made of dark matter. He's studying galactic archaeology, working out the age and movement of stars.We are doing this for the sake of knowledge and understanding as part of our responsibility, and the responsibility of our age. Professor Ken Freeman says he'll give the $300,000 in prize money to research. Australian Ballet is getting ready to celebrate its 50th birthday. Today their final line-up was announced with international additions. Nine's Justine McKenzie went along for a sneak preview. This is a special celebration for the Australian Ballet. It's been 50 years since the company started, and it was humble begins - 42 dancers and they gave their first performance in 1962. Today it has grown to a company of 70 dancers, world-class artists that tour Australia and overseas. That's just a bit of history. Let's get to the gala. This will be huge. Some of the most loved classics - these will be performed by dancers not only from the Australian Ballet, but some of the best, most exciting companies in the world. The Paris opera ballet, San Francisco ballet, China, Tokyo - leading artists are in town to plx alongside our dancers and celebrate 50 years of our -- to perform alongside our dancers and sell braid 50 years of our history.-- celebrate 50 years of our history. 50 is a big number. To be part of that is awesome.Each couple had unique qualities of their own background and training. It also shows that we have our own style, the Australian dancers. They have a particular way of dancing. There will only be five gala performances from tonight until 3 November. If you can't get to Melbourne to the Arts Centre, you can see - you don't have to miss out. A live site will be set up at Federation Square in Melbourne on Friday. In Sydney you can go to a live site in Martin Place, and with the talent on show, it's something that should not be missed. Moving a 2,000 kilogram crate containing a giraffe can be a tall order, but not for Melbourne Zoo keepers. The 10-year-old set off on an 18 hour journey to Mogo Zoo on the NSW South Coast. Tanzi will become part of the breeding program. Tim Sheridan is here with the sport news. Scott Prince no longer a Titan.It was not a well kept secret that he was leaving. We'll tell you where he'll call hem know. Season. Also coming up -- him -- he'll call home next season.Also This program is not captioned.

Australian batsman Michael Hussey says he's trying not to think too much about the coming test series against South Africa. He'll warm up for the first test by captaining WA in a Shield game against Victoria, and he is eager to spend time in the middle before facing the Proteas pace attack.They have a well-rounded attack that compliments each other well. We'll have to play well to get on top of them.Michael Hussey had his struggles with South Africa, and particularly with David Steyne. He denies he'll have special attention. We don't target anyone. We'll try to beat Australia, not Hussey.The first test begins next Friday. Former Gold Coast Titans captain Scott prinks joins the Brisbane Broncos on a -- Prince joins the Brisbane Broncos on a 2-year contract. Wally Lewis joins us. How did the deal untold?It was obvious that Scotty Prince was not going to go back to the Gold Coast Titans, he cleaned out the locker, got away from the place and indicated to his manager that he thought his future lay overseas. Hull offered them $1.5 million to go over there. Prince virtually guaranteed them. The Hull club said they understood that they had agreed to terms and expected him to arrive in a month's time to clear everything up. It was a very rich deal, but the Broncos got in right at the last moment to guarantee it, and they are happy. I spoke to their coach, Anthony Britten and John Cartwright expressed his view.For us to put him on the lift, it was an opportunity we couldn't walk past. I'm not going to stand in his way when he can triple his wage and get another two years out of his career. There's a bit of disharmony. That's a shock announcement that Scotty Prince will come back to his former club. The annual Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast Titans game will have spice next season.No doubt about that.Thank you. To AFL. The AFL released the fixtures for next season. They have shown little sympathy to losing Grand Finalists Hawthorn. The Hawks will play the first seven games against fellow finalists from this season.That was discussed. The reality is the top two sides from last year are playing in big games earlier on and quality games in Tasmania.One of the highlights will be an historic first-ever match for premiership points played outside Australia. Saint Kilda will tackle Sydney across the Ditch in New Zealand. Arshavin boss Arsene Wenger labelled it one of the greatest wins of his career, it's easy to see why. The Gunners pulled off a comeback against Reading in the English soccer League Cup competition. The final score 7-5.

English soccer League Cup
competition. The final score 7-5. After a tough few weeks in the Premier League, this is not what Arsene Wenger wanted to see.Jason Roberts in the middle.Reading put four past the Gunners in the opening half, embarrassing their cross-city cousins. Some were already heading for the exits, and it was a move he later regretted as Arshavin began a comeback.It's the third goal for Arshavin.The second-half saw one for Adam Federici.It's off the leg.You cannot play for Arshavin and give up, no matter what the score is. The players understood that.A 30 minutes of football - both sides found the net. Penalties were seconds away as Adam Federici came under fire. Arshavin all the way. Off the line.They responded. They showed they had the right place. They found time for one more goal, the 7-5 win complete thanks to great football. An exhausted Arshavin through tole final eight for the 10 to the final eight for the 10th successive season.We showed a lot of character.The Gunners fans will tell their grandkids they were there to see

the goals After the break -
Tonight on WIN News: a crackdown o indu
fall safety in the construction co
industry, the tough new road rules border,
coming into effect across the headi
border, and which AFL teams are Det
heading to the Capital next year? Details next. This program is not captioned.

Good afternoon. Today cloud is stretching along the south of the country generating showers and storms over

country generating showers and
storms over WA. And bringing a cool change to the south-east after two days of warmer than average temperatures. Tomorrow the low over Victoria and Tasmania will extend eastwards generating showers and storms. In the south-west we can expect more showers and the possibility of stormy weather. Rainfall will be heaviest over the Western Australian Goldfields. Southern Victoria and north-east Tasmania should receive 10-15mm. Looking at the capital cities - Melbourne will have rain easing to showers and a top of 17. Warming up in Sydney, cloudy, a top of 34. Brisbane fine and sunny. Elsewhere - more stormy weather for Darwin and Perth. Adelaide will be partly cloudy with a milder top of 20. Rain clearing in Hobart and a top of 15. Afternoon showers or storms for Canberra. Friday - wet weather will ease after low over WA pushes south and a trough over the south- east moves into the Tasman. Victoria and Tasmania will receive a millimetre. It will be heavier in WA with 10mm to fall in Esperance. Brisbane ending the week with showers. Morning showers in Sydney and Melbourne.

showers. Morning showers in Sydney
and Melbourne. That is Nine's Afternoon News. Our next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams, thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned. Wow!
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was Kelly Slater - oops. Thanks to the 2009 stimulus package, Anna Ingles took her family
to Europe. Shaun Guzzo planned to propose
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Exactly. 50 years of age.
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called Karaoke Kool Kats, and every Friday and Saturday night at the Ming Pavilion Chinese
Restaurant in Mooroolbark, Karaoke Kool Kats is in action. Yes, yes, we are. It's, er... I help. It's my wife's business. But I get to sing,
which is one of my passions, and I get told politely
or impolitely at work to pull my head in. So it's a bit of fun.
The 'Singing Detective'. Sandi, is he any good?
He's very good, actually. What's your favourite karaoke song?
I think 'Fever', I like doing. And 'Cabaret'.
Can you give us a bit?

(SINGS) # You give me fever # Fever! # In the morning
Fever all through the night... # Whoa! How about that!

But he's much better than me. Much better than you?
That was fantastic, Sandi. Come on, Dutchy.
Give us something, pal. Ohhh. (SINGS) # Start spreading
# I'm leaving today... # Oh, how's the clapping? # I want to be a part of it... #
Keep going. # New York, New York. #
Oh, that's better!

That was fantastic clapping
from everyone there. I think it was...not once
did we hit the beat properly. Oh, no, well...
Come on, Dutchy. Let's win $1 million.
I hope so. Let's go. We'll give it to you
in a brown paper bag, alright? Only with my name on it.
Exactly. Good on you, buddy. You know the routine.
Let's play Hot Seat. Go!


Er, Mars Bar is one of my favourites
but we'll lock in C, Milky Way. Milky Way's in. Correct for $100. $200.


I see chocolate again. Chocolate
Quik, one of my favourites. Alright, we'll lock in A, 'quick'.
Quick is in. Quick is right for $200.



Er, I think I'll... Actually, I'm gonna pass because I think it's lycra
but I've never heard of Tencel. So I'm gonna pass.
See you later, Alan. Catch you later, Dutch.

Hello, Amy.
Hello, Eddie. Amy Barlow is 26,
from Kingsville in Victoria, the inner western suburbs
of Melbourne. Yes, that's right. You're a physiotherapist.
I am. How long for?
I'm in my fourth year out now. So getting the hang of it. Who do you work with?
I work in a public hospital. So I work anywhere
from the emergency department to the childbirth unit
on my day-to-day... Matthew's your boyfriend. Hello.
Hey, Eddie. How you going?
Welcome aboard. Amy, you've got to get
this one right.

Well, Eddie, I'm thinking
harking back to the '80s, when you would do your aerobics
in your spandex. Um, so lycra.
I'd like to lock in lycra, please. Locked in. Lycra is correct for $300.


'Ol' Blue Eyes? He might have sung
a bit of 'New York, New York'. So I think
I'd like to lock in C, Eddie. Frank Sinatra.
Locked in. Dutchy, how stiffed are you, mate, not to get
the Frank Sinatra question? Exactly.
Exactly. Frank Sinatra's 'Ol' Blue Eyes,
alright, for $500.

Also known as the 'Chairman
of the Board'. $1,000.


Ohh. I'm pretty sure
it's a gauge of pressure so I'd be thinking it would be high. Um, so I'm not sure.