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This program is captioned live. This morning -
flood and fire - daylight reveals the full impact
of superstorm Sandy. Dozens dead, thousands homeless,
millions without power. The storm that brought
one of the world's biggest cities to a standstill.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Morning
News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. A major disaster has been declared
in New York and New Jersey as the full impact from
superstorm Sandy is realised. Daylight has revealed mass
devastation across eight states, with unprecedented damage
in New York City and much of New Jersey. The official death toll from Sandy
has risen to 43 in the United States and Canada but that's expected
to climb further, with several people still missing. Many of the victims
were killed by fallen trees. More than eight million people
are without power and thousands of houses are ruined. Emergency shelters have been set up
across the east coast and the army is helping
hand out supplies. Large parts of New York
are still shutdown including the subway system
and stock exchange. A crane remains
dangling precariously off a 90-storey building and more than 100 homes
have been destroyed by fire. Airports around the region
are closed for a second day.

Seven's US correspondent Angela Cox
has been covering the storm since it hit yesterday
and joins me now live from New York. Hello Angela, how is the city
looking in daylight?

Good morning. In Times Square it is quite busy today. People have been out and about and he would not know that Hurricane Sandy kicked. Restaurants have been open and tourists and locals are out and about. But it is deceptive. The subway system is shut down. 10 subway tunnels are under water and will be down 44-5 days. 4 million people rely on the subway system. - - fought 4-5 days. Three airports are closed. LaGuardia Airport probably won't open for a few days. 750,000 people in these city are without power. We just took a drive in the Lower Manhattan and the traffic lights are down. There are no stores opened down there.The SES something that is heartbreaking for the entire nation. -- this is something. We feel profound before the families whose life had been affected. They will be going through difficult times over the next few days and weeks and months. The most important message I have put them is that America is with you. We are standing behind you and will do everything we can to help you get back on your feet.As you mentioned, there are Australians in New York and you have spoken to some of them?That is right. There are about 2,800 Australians recorded to be in New York City. They are all doing well. There are probably more that are not on the books. I have spoke to some of them. A couple trying to get to their son's wedding but there is no transport. 40 people have travelled from Australia for the wedding and are stranded. Jonathan Thurston has been stuck here. He is here with his girlfriend but cannot be cut to a wedding in Bali. He said he had taken it quite like league but it only hit home when he saw pictures. It was fairly windy but downtown, where the flooding is and in New Jersey and the Bronx and proclaim, they copped a fair bit of it. If you look at Times Square now it doesn't look like much has happened. Thank you very much for the update. Among all the flooding, emergency services had to
deal with fire as well. 111 were destroyed
by a massive blaze which tore through the New York
neighbourhood of Queens, fanned by Sandy's strong winds. Firefighters used boats
to rescue dozens of people who'd ignored orders to evacuate. At one stage, crews had to wade through chest-deep
water to access the fires. Amazingly,
only three people were hurt. There were at least 23 serious fires
across New York City during the storm.

The man who oversaw New York's
response to September 11 says the city's preparation
for Sandy saved many lives. Former New York City major
Rudy Giuliani is visiting Sydney and spoke a short time ago.

The real loss here
is the loss of human life. The property damage,
the loss of profits,

The Stock Exchange is closed, business is closed. Noel in New York City, people are resilient.

While New York is getting the most
media attention, it's New Jersey and Jersey Shore
which have been hardest hit. Sandy slammed ashore in the
darkness, engulfing entire cities.

America was braced for Hurricane Sandy and it needed to be. This was an assault on the coastline. By night time, within hours of land

night time, within hours of land
for, this was the scene in New Jersey. 60 million people were well prepared. That is the equivalent of the entire population of Britain. The emergency planners were believed that evacuation orders were implemented. If the speed limit here was 30, the hurricane was not listening. Wind gusts of up to 100mph. What is astonishing about this storm overnight is that the intensity...

about this storm overnight is that
the intensity... And the sheer size, covering the eastern seaboard and impacting tens of millions of people. The President was inside the White House. All around him, Washington was being battered by wind and rain. The question quickly became, what would dawn revealed? This is the answer. Widespread destruction that has levelled property, cut power to 8 million people and disrupted an entire region of America. Governors of the affected states are reeling at the task that now lies ahead.This is the most catastrophic event we have faced and been able to plan for in our lifetime.Beyond anything I thought I would ever see. Terrible. We need to remain patient, let the waters recede and we can make an assessment at rebuilding.The President has just been briefed by the governors and is promising federal emergency funds to hard-hit communities. The politics of the disaster will play out with the Koo Wee Rup. -- clear up. Sandy will continue to be a problem
for the next few days, causing heavy rain, snow
and local flooding. It's forecast to head
across Pennsylvania, move into western New York state, weakening as it goes. Floods and power cuts
are affecting 15 states including Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Ohio and Pennsylvania. It reached well into the Midwest, creating blizzards and snow dumps
1m deep in West Virginia. Roads are closed and residents are
trying to clear the early falls. Tennessee and North Carolina
are dealing with snow drifts 1.5m deep.

Just a week from now Americans will go to the polls
to elect a new president. But the non-stop political coverage
has been abandoned by the US media for now. There's just one story to tell -

Good morning. The historic Storm delivers a crippling blow throughout the north-east. I one week today, America votes and yet the race for the White House is hardly rated a mention.It is not like any storm we have seen before. The water is swallowing the neighbourhood.We are seeing hurricane force wind and it is pushing the Atlantic on to the beach in North jersey.Reporters were repeatedly going where the public was told not to. In many instances, for very good reasons. He has been in these situations a lot.The water is going over the sea wall now.The nation watched, gripped.It has toppled craned on skyscrapers.How rare Kames and high-rises do not mix.While the disaster has already affected millions, it is not known how it will play out for these two.How do they handle this politically? The answer is delicately.President Obama looks like the Commander In Chief and that will do his chances no damage at all. That may be Hurricane Sandy's al two legacy. Qantas hopes to resume flights
across the US tomorrow, after Sandy grounded 15,000 flights
worldwide. New York's big three airports remain
closed but JFK will reopen overnight,
our time. LaGuardia Airport will take
an extra day because of damaged runways. The subway system is flooded and will need at least four days
to repair.

Away from infrastructure,
thousands of websites have crashed, because of damage or power cuts
to data centres. Global financial markets are also
trading at near record lows as Wall Street remains closed
for a second day. It's due to re-open tomorrow.

After the break -
the rest of the day's news, including more charges
against the former HSU boss. There are

There are fears that an Australian has been killed in Syria.

The former boss of the Health
Services Union, Michael Williamson, has been charged
with 28 new offences. Police filed the additional charges as Williamson faced court
for the first time since his arrest last month. and dealing with the proceeds
of crime. Williamson is now facing 48 charges
in total. The investigation will continue, I do belive there will be additional
charges against both this accused and at least two others. Independent MP Craig Thomson has been a person of interest
in the investigation but denies any wrongdoing. Williamson returns to court
in January.

The sentencing hearing
of collar bomber Paul Peters has resumed in court today
in Sydney. The device was tied around the neck
of schoolgirl Maddie Pulver for 10 hours at the family's Mosman
home in August last year. Paul Peters left a ransom note
threatening death. Her parents are hoping for closure. Maddie didn't want to attend.

Frankly, she doesn't want
to front the guy, so no, she didn't really think about
coming. The court was told Paul Peters
admitted to a plot but can't remember the attack. Julia Gillard has been accused
of publicly ambushing one of her own colleagues, over
the leaking of an internal report. Labor Senator Doug Cameron says the Prime Minister should've raised
her concerns directly with him instead of pointing the finger.

Of all the slippery characters
in politics, this visitor to Parliament House
today upstaged the lot. Real animals
joining political animals to promote the protection
of native species. But one Labor politician says
it's him who needs protection - from Julia Gillard. I was a bit surprised. I felt a bit ambushed in the caucus that it was raised
in the manner that it was. Doug Cameron felt the Prime Minister
was wrongly attacking him when she read the riot act during
Labor's caucus meeting yesterday. Ms Gillard was furious about
the leaking of an internal report by a committee
Senator Cameron was on. There was opportunities for the Prime Minister
to raise this issue with me that she didn't. We know, of course, that the former leader Kevin Rudd
accuses the same person, the Prime Minister,
of ambushing him. There are snakes in the grass threatening Coalition unity too
at the moment but none have struck
with the same venom displayed by Senator Cameron today. I think Doug's going to need
to take that up with the PM and, ah, I would pay tickets
to see that conversation. Other colleagues played it down... This is the same news, as you know -
dog bites man. ..suggesting in politics, the bark is often worse
than the bite.

Australian authorities are trying
to confirm reports an Australian aid worker has been
killed in Syria. Melbourne man 23-year-old
Roger Abbas was reportedly killed by gunfire
while working at a refugee camp. We've heard reports,
we haven't had them confirmed. We hope that it's not true. Anyone working in aid, well,
we hope for their safety. Authorities are having trouble
finding the man because Australia doesn't have
an embassy in Syria.

One of the most popular
movie franchises of all time has a new home. Hollywood director George Lucas
is selling Star Wars to Walt Disney. Disney is already working
on a new movie in the series. 'Star Wars: Episode VII'
is set for release in 2015. Hopeful punters will be chasing
the biggest lotto prize in Australian history next week after the $70 million Oz Lotto draw
failed to go off last night. The jackpot has now jumped
to $100 million. We're actually going
into uncharted Lotto territory next week. We've never seen a Division One
prize of this amount offered. It's going to be
a big day for punters next Tuesday. First the Melbourne Cup,
a possible interest rate cut, than an estimated $7 million
Australians will be hoping than an estimated 7 million
Australians will be hoping for a record Lotto win. As we mentioned earlier, Wall Street
is closed for a second day. On our markets -

Next in Seven News - the latest on the shock sacking
of St Kilda's Jason Gram. And jockey Damien Oliver out
to cap a turbulent Spring Carnival with Melbourne Cup glory.

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The AFL Players' Association
has slammed St Kilda's sacking of Jason Gram. while his management works
on keeping his AFL career alive. The Saints decided to tear up
Gram's contract after he was arrested
on Monday night. We can't reveal the charges
he's facing for legal reasons but the club says
Gram ignored repeated warnings to improve his behaviour. He's expected to nominate for
the national and pre-season drafts. AFL premiers the Swans will start
their title defence with matches against this year's
bottom teams, the Giants and Suns. The complete 2013 fixture
was released this morning and beaten grand finalists Hawthorn
didn't receive any favours. Their first seven games are against
fellow finalists from this year.

When you have 18 teams playing 22

matches, inherently it cannot be exactly fair, technically. Sydney and St Kilda will lock horns
on Anzac Day in Wellington, in the first premiership match
played outside Australia. Controversy-plagued jockey
Damien Oliver believes Americain can give him a third
Melbourne Cup victory.

Oliver has been book to ride
the equal cup favourite 10 years after piloting
Media Puzzle to an emotional win.

Good morning. I am at Werribee and all eyes have been on Damien Oliver. He has been in the headlines for the wrong reason with his name tied up with a gambling investigation. He had a smile on his face as he got on board Americain. He is pleased to be on a Melbourne Cup runner-up at last. He was surprised to get the call up.I was driving home from Ballarat and nearly drove off the road. It was really exciting, a great opportunity.He says it is business as usual but some would argue that if he wins on Tuesday it would add to the drama and it would for 10 years after he lost his brother in a tragic accident and then went on to win the Melbourne Cup aboard Media Puzzle in emotional circumstances. It would be a nice anniversary, a great feeling.Craig Williams was also at Werribee this morning with the Caulfield Cup winning combination of Craig Williams and Dunaden. It looks more than ever like it is going to be an international stranglehold on this famous race. It's D-day for outspoken
Wallabies playmaker Quade Cooper. He's due to front
an ARU code of conduct hearing for his fierce criticism
of coach Robbie Deans and claims the Wallabies'
team culture is toxic. The 24-year-old faces a fine
and possible suspension. Cooper's yet to finalise a new deal to stay in Australian rugby
next year. Former Queensland Origin halfback
Scott Prince has been released
by the Gold Coast Titans. Prince has signed a 2-year deal
with a rival NRL club but is yet to reveal
where he's headed. The Broncos and Dragons are viewed
as likely destinations for the former Titans skipper. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking the weather now. The chance
of a shower in Brisbane. Fine for Sydney.

Showers in Hobart. Hot in Melbourne before a cool change. Light rain
for Perth. Late storms
for Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll leave you with
some of the amazing images of superstorm Sandy
and its aftermath. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -