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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. New York disaster zone - deadly superstorm Sandy floods lower Manhattan, a massive crane hanging by a thread. I don't know what's going on... What the hell is this?Sandy's killer impact. s?Sandy's killer impact. Eastern states. The election will take care of itself next week. Right now our priority is to make sure we're saving lives.Sandy sinks the boundy, the sinks the boundy, the captain missing.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. S, this is World News Australia. Good evening. Also tonight oi owe four-legged heroes. The dogs saving the lives of Australian soldiers. That keeps them going. And the new chapter in publishing. Penguin and Random House on the same page. Dominating the news - super-storm Sandy which wrought a path of destruction in the US. Pf The death toll stands at at least 13. 12 in the US, one in Canada. The sea surged in, flooding low h lying parts of New York and hitting states along the seaboard. Sandy's been officially downgraded but there have been fierce wind gusts well into hurricane strength. This satellite gives some idea of how massive a storm Sandy still is. We begin in New York. It may not be a hurricane any more, but Sandy's brute strength has taken a significant bite out of the big apple. The facade of this building collapsed as the storm approached crushing cars and scattering person chuer. Officials say no-one was hurt. A more perilous scene in Manhattan with a crane dangling off the edge of a luxury apartment complex. The crane, owned by Australian company, Lend Lease, no company, Lend Lease, no match for the winds.

I don't know what's going on. What the hell is this?That was one of several explosions at a power plant. The company shut off power. One by one pieces of the Manhattan sky line were swallowed by darkness. More than 250,000 homes followed. These are not games. This is a once in a long time storm. The surge is very high. It's slightly higher than those ghtly higher than those who talked about the highest estimate. d about the highest estimate.Fallen power lines have sparked fires. This one managed to spread to other homes and businesses because emergency services had difficulty navigateing the nooded culty navigateing the nooded streets. Both the East and Hudson Rivers overflowed. Sea water sweeps across parks. Officials confirmed at least five deaths in New York City. Emergency services receive around 10,000 calls every half hour. Residents have been urged to indoors. It's advice echoed by the Federal Government here to an estimated 27,000 Australians living in or travelling through the path. Our consulate in New York is closed. The staff are in the city and will return to work as soon as they can. It's likely to be late tomorrow or Wednesday. Ambassador Beazley sent home embassy staff. About 200 patients were evacuated from a New York University Medical Centre after the back-up generators failed to respond. Amid the chaos forecasters say the wind and rains have started to ease off in the city. The storm surge here is expected to fully recede within the next 24 hours, leaving behind a trail of destruction in the billions of dollars. So how bad is that damage? I spoke to a reporter who spent the day at New York's Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan.When the worst hit it broke a record that was set back in 1960 for storm surge. We saw a storm surge of 13 feet crash over them and infiltrate lower Manhattan. That flooding was one of the primary concerns and city officials had prior to the storm making landfall. Both of them have exceeded their expectations. How extensive has the damage been. We've seen some of the incredible pictures of buildings coming down and the crane in Mid-Town?Both incidents seemed anomalies. They weren't what was expected. What was expected were the power outages. Here in Manhattan more than half a million people are without power across the Eastern Seaboard. More than 3 million people are without power. So that is going to be the true task once the clean-up can begin. How long is it expected to take for the power to be restored, for the subways to start and for children to be able to go back to school? That's a great question. I mean, there are emergency responders coming from all over the country to the areas affected by this storm in order to help them with the power lines. Energy workers that work for utility companies are going to be coming to assist in that effort because it is such a monumental daunting task. As for the subway system, parts of it in Lower Manhattan flooded but we're told the water pumps are working. In terms of damage, the extent of the damage down there and how long it might take to rectify it, that we won't know until the water is pumped and they can truly evaluate what happened there.Have people been evakwailting the areas hardest hitWe are in an evaikation centre. 400 were asked to leave the area. We're not sure if that amount left, but we do know it is eerily quiet. There have been a few stragglers, people who are curious rbs wanted to see the storm surge. But other than that, this is a contrast in terms of the vibrant city that's come to a screeching halt in the wake of the storm. Of course, it's not just New York that stopped the wrath of the storm. Many states are reeling from its impact.Snow has caused havoc in states as far south as West kir gin ya and North Carolina. -- West Virgina and a. -- West Virgina and North Carolina. Hundreds of residents have been trapped. Chaos along the New Jersey Shore as SuperStorm Sandy struck. It is packing winds powerful enough to wash away some of the boardwalk. There's people trapped on the barrier island. If you hear me, we need you u hear me, we need you to hunker down and get to the highest point possible in your dwelling. We can't come and help you until daylight tomorrow.Others left clinging to hope.We got our kids. We will snugle in a ball and hope fr the best.Barack Obama says all measures arack Obama says all measures were being undertaken to ensure food, water and emergency relief would be available for those expected to be hardest hit. Mitt Romney placed est hit. Mitt Romney placed his election campaign on hold.The election will take care of itself next week. Right now our number one priority is to make sure that we are saving lives.The President said his government is well prepared for a response in the aftermath of the storm, but is urging the public to follow guidelines from stailt and local officials.If you are not evacuating when you have been asked, you are putting first responders at danger.Across Mid-Atlantic states like West Virginia and North Carolina, high winds and waves and wintery storms morphed into a powerful winter phenomenon.It wasn't cold at all before.Off the coast of North Carolina, rescuers pulled 14 crew members of the HMS Bounty from the water, forced to abandon ship when the vessel took on water and sank. One other crew recovered but died in hospital. The ship captain is missing.One more person in the raft.Sandy claimed the lives of at least 67 in the Caribbean and some estimates say it could cause up to $20 billion across the 20 billion across the US and affect the lives of nearly 60 million Americans, roughly a fifth of the population. Forecasters are warning of six- metre high waves hitting the Chicago front. It is then tipped to bear north, and one person at least has been killed in Toronto. Powerful winds and heavy rain expected overnight. Authorities are warning people across Eastern Canada to brace. As we heard, the storm has also taken its toll on the race for the White House. Both President Obama and Mitt resident Obama and Mitt Romney have pulled out of planned rallies in swing states.Mr Romney made the announcement after another day on the campaign trail in the must-win state of Ohio from where our Senior Correspondent, Brian Thompson, reports. The next President of the United States, Mitt Romney. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Walking a fine line, Mitt Romney was careful not to overdo the politics at a time of national crisis. On the eastern coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times. Our hearts and our prayers go to them. As we think about how tough it's going to be there.A feeling for people to donate to the Red Cross, but also appealing for ross, but also appealing for votes.We're counting on Ohio s.We're counting on Ohio and on the people of the Atlanta coast, they're counting on Ohio and the rest of our states. I think the people of the entire nation are counting on Ohio. My guess is that if Ohio votes me in as President I will be the next President of the United States. This storm has only -- is only just arriving here in Ohio but has not dampened enthusiasm. More than 4,000 Democrat supporters turn out at a rally. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hurricane Sandy may have forced Obama off the trail, but it hasn't halted his campaign. Former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden stood in for him at this rally in the former industrial heartland of Young's Town in Ohio. Vice President Biden acknowledged the unfolding events. You know there are folks from all over America heading to my part of the world, the east coast, to help now. They're coming from all over. There's folks from Ohio heading east. A lot of folks all over the country. It's further evidence, further evidence that when America stands together, at when America stands together, we're all better off. re all better
off. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Who wins Ohio wins the Presidency, so the saying goes. Bill Clinton urged the faithful to pull out all the stops.I want you to drag out people for early voting. I want you to leave here and talk to people who may still be undecided.Despite the weather, early voting is still going ahead here in Ohio. The states most directly affected by the hurricane either don't allow early voting or are not crucial swing states. The effect on the outcome is likely to be limited. The key question is, can places like Virginia, which is being badly affected, and is crucial to the outcome, recover in time for text next Tuesday's ballot?

And this week 'Dateline' is in the United States for the election campaign.Yes, we're in Chicago, the President's home town, looking at whether the great promise he offered four years ago has been delivered. That is next week's election special. For this week's show, we've been on the road with Mitt Romney's n the road with Mitt Romney's young campaigners. We will go door to door. This is it. Americans are going to tell you the number one to tell you the number one issue that matters to them right hat matters to them right now is getting the economy back on track and people back to work.That's 'Dateline'. And now a look at the other stories making news around the world. The editor of a greeing magazine has faced court in Athens after he published the names of people said to have avoided tax by placing their assets in Swiss bank accounts. He is accused of breaching the country's privacy laws. If convicted he could face up to three years in jail. British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has met the father of the 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban. She's being treated at a hospital in Britain. Mr Hague praised the campaign for girls to be educated despite the fierce oppositiond despite the fierce opposition of Islamic militants. And the French businessman imprisoned for selling substandard silicone breast implants has been released after eight months in custody. PIP was once the third biggest global supplier of the implants. It was then unveiled the company used poor quality materials which could cause rupchour and explosions. Around 5,000 Australian women had the product implant between 2 000 and 2010. At least ten people have been killed in Damascus in car bombings. It happened on the fourth day of a cease-fire, which collapsed almost as soon as it began. Earlier the Syrian military launched some of the heaviest air strikes on Damascus since the 19-month conflict began. Syria had been a refuge for thousands of Iraqis who fled the terrors of their own country. The conflict in Syria has forced many Iraqi families to flee again.

Once they queued to leave the country. Now many families sought sanctuary in Syria and they're back in Baghdad after escaping for their lives for a second time. Here they are lining up for government grnts to help them start again. Stress has taken its toll on this man's health. His children me they wish Iraq was safer. With no home to come back to, the whole family is now staying with relatives. This man said he was forced to leave everything he had in Baghdad when his younger brother was killed. TRANSLATION:It was the gun that ruled when I left. The Americans were here and it was chaos. Now some things are better, some are not. The city is choke by checkpoints. Police and officials have assassinated virtually every day. Officials say Al Qaeda is now rebroup -- regrouping here. This man runs his younger brother's restaurant. After watching his brother die, he is struggle. A much-Loughborough ther was killed by a bomb captured by a bystander on a mobile phone. What happened that day in July still haunts him.

TRANSLATION:I can't sleep at night, not a wink. Our whole family's been destroyed, especially my to ther. Iraqi families are no longer cooped up at home as they were in the darkest days of the civil war rplt. A power sharing agreement between Shi'ites and Kurds led to political paralysis and sectarianism simmers below the surface here. This is one of the most popular places in the country in Iraq to come together and relax. This is still a deeply divided and traumatised society. There are now fears that the war in neighbouring Syria could re-ignite sectarian tensions here. More than 200 civilians have been killed in violence this month. Many here mourn for the future they'd hoped for. And while the violence continues unabated in Syria, United States -- UN diplomats say the peace envoy will return to the Security Council next month will fresh proposals for a settlement.

You're watching World News Australia up next - a move to excise the entire mainland. The crucial role our detection dogs are playing in Afghanistan. Later, a shockwave in publishing in the age of the digital revolution.

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The Gillard Government plans to excise the Australian mainland from the migration zone to deter asylum seekers who are trying to avoid offshore processing. The Coalition has accused the Government of hypocrisy for opposing the move. When there is a fire drill at Parliament House, everyone evacuates the building, including the Trade Minister and the Attorney-General. Labor's risked its own factional walk-out with plans to excise the entire Australian continue fent from the migration zone. fent from the migration zone.I will be confident of getting it through.It would mean on the rare occasion that asylum seekers reach the mainland by boat, they could be sent offshore for processing. Labor's expert panel on asylum seekers recommended the move. This is fully compliant with our obligations under the Refugee Convention. Our legal advice is clear.The Howard Government droped a similar plan in 2006 after a backbench revolt. Labor condemned it. Today caucus approveed the change. Two left MPs queryed it. One faction member told SBS the left doesn't like it but accepts it. Why is the Labor caucus acting so against their principles? I mean, they demonised this proposal just six years proposal just six years ago. At least John Howard's backbench stood up and said no. The Labor Party it seems has rolled over.It comes as another boat's been intercepted carrying 11 suspected asylum seekers. Labor has tried to avoid another fight - the right's Don Farrell is ahead of pen -- Penny Wong. Don Farrel handed Wong the top spot on the Senate ticket. What was important is that commonsense prevailed and dictated that Penny Wong should lead the ticket at the next election.Some question why a democratic vote has been ignored.It is a pity some people couldn't accept that. They ran off that. They ran off to the media, threatened to run off to National Executive.The truth about the Labor Party is the facesless men are in charge.The Prime Minister thanked Farrel. And now to other stories in the news around the country. Men are being encouraged to talk about a very sensitive subject - their prostate as part of a new initiative to designed to help the healing process. Survivors of prostate cancer are urged to share stories. Known as 'Tomorrow Counts', the project allows men to explain how they coped with cancer. On average 55 Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every day. And an electronic -- electronics company, ticket providers and a fif rate chocolate are among those shamed by 'Choice' in the Shonky R Awards. Samsung has a washing machine that used six-times more water. Ticketek and Ticket Master were blasted d Ticket Master were blasted for fees and Toblerone. There were calls for hard-hitting education campaigns to help stamp out sexual harassment in the workplace. One in four women and an increasing number of men say they've been harassed. Business groups, unions and the Human Rights Commission are demanding support in tackling the problem. The Sex Discrimination Commissioner says progress has stalled despite stronger legislative protections. We're talking about unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that intimidates or humiliates. A lot of organisations might educate once when someone comes into the organisation, but it needs to be regularly done.The telephone survey of nearly 2,000 people found targets are usually women under 40 .

Business agrees it needs to take more responsibility, but wants a more consistent regulatory approach. If we latory approach. If we find industrial tribunals reinstating or overriding a disciplinary action that's been taken by business to rid the workplace of someone that's undertaken harassment, that sends a very negative and complicating message to the business community. Elizabeth Broderick says men harassing men accounts to 23% of cases. The Sex Discrimination Commissioner says the Prime Minister's recent speech to Parliament played a role in making sexism in the workplace a current topic of conversation and she says a high on and she says a high profile legal case means companies are more aware of the costs. An immigrant women's advocate says those on temporary visas are particularly vulnerable. She says seven Philippine workers in WA decided to return home.We were told, "It's up to you, you do your job, you do what is asked of you, and if you can't do that, then you have to consider going home." The Sex Discrimination Commissioner says an anti-drink-driving-style campaign is driving-style campaign is needed.

To the US election. Staying with the role of women. It's how they vote that could be the key to who secures the White House. Barack Obama has historically appealed to minorities and female voters while challenger Mitt Romney currently has a healthy lead among white males. But which man wins the election could be up to the mostly white suburban female voters known as the Walmart mums. The women who shop here are the focus. Busy mums with little time to devote to the election, swinging voters who form 15% of the population.When the mums leave, we left.There's been a study of the voting pattern of so-called 'Walmart mums'. Her findings were watched by both campaigns.2008 they voted for Obama. In early 2010 they were more swing, by November 2010, they voted Republican. 2011 they were back towards the middle, and we will see after the election how they voted now in 2012. Mother of three, Karen Tyleer is one of them. Karen has a full-time job and the demands on her time means she cannot follow every move in the campaign. Like all Walmart mums, the economy and how it affects her family is her number one priority.I work extremely hard and I've never not been employed. I understand there are lots unemploy but my impression is that my taxes are paying for other people's welfare cheques.Karen voted Republican last time round, but with just a week to go, she is still undecided. The people who aren't influenced by friends and family, who back Romney, are so strongly opposed to more Obama, that it makes me question why I would vote for him. They think it's obvious that we would not bring him back for four more years.Sharon Wiseman also voted Republican at the last election, a conservative Christian. She is surprisingly leaning towards the President.I think he's done very well. I think a lot of people at least that I know and in my circles don't realise that they were saying that this could have been the biggest depression since the Great Depression. And just the fact that it's a recession was a huge victory. PfShe says Mitt Romney only has hiplts to blame for losing her votes.The 47% really affected me, because I felt like he got caught and it was a red-handed moment. I felt like, based on the audio clip I heard and I looked it up online and want to make sure it wasn't taken out of context, I felt he was speaking to me, talking about a lot of people in my situation. Campaigning in Ohio, both Vice- President Joe Biden and Bill Clinton whent out of their way to reach out to female voters with a majority of white men supporting Governor supporting Governor Romney. The Democrats are only too well aware that it's the women who could make or break President Obama's chances of re- election.

And in a study funded by the soup market chain, a group of mums who watched the last debate gave it to President Obama. Only just. They're the unsung heroes of the Australian military's foreign combat operations. Explosive detection dogs were in use as far back as World War II. For the dogs serving in Afghanistan, it's dangerous work. Five have been killed in e have been killed in conflict. In. Uruzgan Province, we meet one animal sniffing out the biggest threat to Australian troops - home-made bombs. They locate roadside bombs, grenade ts and illegal weapons cashs. -- caches. They do it for a tennis ball.That's the game, that retreefl drive, me, that retreefl drive, to find the tennis ball.Raven is an explosive detection dog.

Their job is to anything designed to blow up. Unlike the canins in Customs, when these dogs find something, they stay still.Which train for a passive response. The dog, once it finds it, it sits down and looks at where that find is. Raven was donated by a Vietnam veteran. Many come from the pound, earmarked for aptitude by their obsessive desire for the tennis ball, the reward for finding something. The dogs are trained to sniff out base competitions and thousands of propell lants. When they arrive here they spend weeks adapting and two new munitions not available at home. They're working. They go out in all weather with accessorys to protect from heat and cold and travel. They've got ear muchs. Dog and handler need a close- working bond.A little bit of separation from each other works well and when you come together, they know that's fun. They will get their tennis balls.She's got no idea it's a deadly game. Matthew knows only too well. Five dogs know. They died with their handlers. You've got it in the back of your head, that we do a dangerous job. At the end of the day, we are trained well.

A good day's work is when I find something.Before it goes off? Definitely.It was Raven with his handler who pinpointed a homemade bomb last week so it could be destroyed. And for the advice about never working with children or animals? Not children, I would work with animals any day.Raven seems okay, too.

And a memorial at the RSPCA's Brisbane Headquarters pays tribute to Herbie and his handler Sapper Darren Smith killed in 2010. Maxine McKew has created a stir with the claims about the battle inside Labor ranks which led to Rudd's downfall. She's been accused of trying to destabilise Julia Gillard's leadership but insists her book is more likely to upset the Opposition than the Government. I think it might be an act of generosity for there to be some settlement or reconciliation with Kevin Rudd. There is nothing in it for the Labor Party to dishonour its former leaders. That's what we saw in February when oo group of ministers launched this character a-- assassination. I think his achievements should be acknowledged. When you think what a great double act Rudd and Gillard were, we need that fire

I think Tony Abbott is one or two slogans away from a challenge on his own side. I think the responses were interesting. The Prime Minister batted away, didn't engage.I understand that. Mr Rudd on the other hand made a comment about people at the time having to tell the truth. Do you rule out that something like a Rudd comeback for the leadership would come, would you welcome this?He made it ome this?He made it clear that what happened at the time in June 2010, he got no warning about this. This is where we've seen a massive convention breached. Keating walked into Hawke's office and said, "I always told you, I'm taking you on". That didn't happen in June 2010. The night before the move against Rudd, Wayne Swan was in Rudd's office congratulating him on sticking to their campaign against the mining companyings. -- companies. One might think writing this book suggests you're not finished with politics?I will always stay politically engaged and I've been the sort of person that I love the news business, but in terms of political representation, that door is probably closed. Thank you for joining us. Thank you.We can watch an extended version of tch an extended version of the interview online. She had plenty to say including the policy debate. We're still talking books. A surprise merger g books. A surprise merger between publishing giant Penguin and Random House have shaken up the literary world. The two company hope to combine resources to take on eBook leaders Amazon and Apple. There are fears their Australian arms may need to slash jobs. With delivery of the written world undergoing some of the greatest epheefl in its history t latest chapter makes for intriguing reading. Rivals Penguin and Random House combined to take on the online new-comers in a battle for the book a battle for the book consumer dollar.Anything that helps to regress the balance of the sales to Amazon will be good. This deal and other deals such as this which I think will follow will help to swing back pendulum back. The marriage has all the ingredients of a good romance nosm, with love romance nosm, with love in the air for the two partners. Penguin says the joint venture will create a highly successful organisation.

Leading writers share the positive output.More importantly for the long-term in the question of trying to get a fair deal for authors from Amazon and the eBook question.With a combined revenue of $3.9 billion, the partnership will give them a share.

While the merger received some positive reviews, here there's been a mixed there's been a mixed response from the critics. There's fears of mass job losses as Random House and Penguin rationalise the local operations. In Australia qa there are well- known inefficiencys in the print supply chain and one would reasonably imagine that this merger will result in increasing rationalisation of the supply infrastructure. With his own company having signalled its interest in Penguin, Rupert Murdoch has weighed in on Twitter, branding the literary tie- up between Pertelsmann and Pearson a disaster. Tonight on 'Insight' - Syria. A far away conflict hits home.The Government is deliberately targeting civilians. He was kidnapped. Then he was given four bullets in the head. You are a supporter of the Assad Government, why?It's a Muslim Brotherhood suprising.Who are the Free Syrian Army?They are jihadists from Libya and Yemen.We want Syria to stay secular.Are you worried about these tensions existing in the local community?

Coming up - Virgin creates a regional super-alliance to take on rival Qantas. And in sport South Africa set to unleash its best bowling attack of all time.

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To finance. Virgin is shaking up the aviation industry, forming a new super-alliance in the region which will see it almost 65% owned by foreigners.It strengthening its international partships and taking on Australia's low-cost markets as it wrestles for market share against the flying kangaroo. It was one of the industry's best- kept secrets catching everyone by surprise. A three-pronged deal aimed at spreading Virgin's wings. We cover every segment in Australia.

They musled in and they allowed Virgin to re-enter the market when it repositioned itself as more premium. We need to re-enter the market to be the choice in this country. And the deal with Singapore Airlines adds it to the registry, joining Richard Branson and Etihad, strengthening its shared alliances. When international passengers come to Australia through one of its alliances, they are likely to fly Virgin in the domestic network.It is definitely a vote of confidence to the aviation industry to have multinationals wantsing to invest in Australian businesses. The market approved the transaction. Investors were the big winners with shares in Virgin and Skywest taking off. Travellers are likely to benefit. Competition will y to benefit. Competition will intensify. The CEO pointed to its history. When we started operating to America, fares dropped 30%.A duopoly in the domestic market can go two ways.If we a price war, that will be positive in the short term, but in the long-term, less competition is negative.

The Qantas Sale Act limits competition. It is waiting for approval for its alliance with Emirates. Qantas holds its AGM on Friday in Canberra. Apple has shaken up its senior ranks, disposing with the services of two key executives. Scott Forstell who oversaw the disastrous launch of the mapping service will leave.John Broward is going immediately. He d is going immediately. He cut staff hours at retail stores a move the company said was a mistake.

Joining us now is Marianna. We're not used to hearing of referees making racist remarks. We, but that is happening in the English Premier League, with a referee being invest gates -- invesed by the FA. Two Chelsea players complained. The match with Manchester United ended in defeat. Two players were sent off. The Londoners claimed he used inappropriate language. He's the man in the middle of the latest but e middle of the latest but perhaps the most remarkable racism row English football has seen. Referee Mark Klattenburg accusedReferee Mark Klattenburg accused by Chelsea of using inappropriate language. An allegation he used racial language towards their mid-fielder. The FA will investigate. In is as serious. Let's hope that it's not the case. It's, it opens a can of worms.He became a Premier League referee in 2004.

All referees are on a code of conduct to apply the laws of the game to be credible, to be impartial. To be role models, to do decent things. Ironically this comes as the game tried to draw a line under recent controversies. Handshakes all around as John Terry looked on, continuing his ban for racially abusing Anton ferdnand. Yesterday's match was meant to be about moving on from the recent controversies that so damaged the reputation of the game. Instead the sport finds itself in a fresh crisis, amidst a another race- related storm. It's the last thing that football needed. As football fights to recover its reputation, allegations of ray civil rear their head again.

To cricket. South Africa legend, Alan Donald says the current crop of fast bowlers is the best his country produced. The team hit the nets at the SCG to get ready for the three-day game against Australia A starting on Friday. Fresh from leaving England demoralised and becoming the number one test-playing nation in the protest, there's little doubting this Protea team is one of the strongest. Someone of Alan Donald's calibre is more than qualifyed to cast judgement.I'm not just saying it because I was part of an attack. I reckon this is - I say it respectfully - I think this is as good as it gets. Fernanda burst on the scene, racking up 50 wickets in seven tests. It's the second fastest in history.He bowls con sistepbltly. -- consistently. You almost feel you have to play at every delivery. If there is anything in the wicket that is off and he becomes more of a handful. Friday's game will be the only hit- out for the tourists ahead of the Gabba. Meanwhile Australia's victorious Champions League 's victorious Champions League T-20 winner, the Sydney Sigsers, have returned home with Haddin saying that ehis dumping came as no surprise. He captained the Sigsers -- sixers to glory at the weekend. After a brief reunion with his family he was asked how he felt about being replaced by Wade? He played well since he came in the team. All the boys felt it would be a massive series. With a bit of luck the result is number one in the world. number one in the world.Haddin has 43 tests to his name. He added he hasn't given up on winning back his place in the test line-up. The world governing body of cycling has decided to reallocate Armstrong's result. His seven tour wins to 2005 won't be awarded to anyone else, but today the UCI has decided his third place finish in 2009 will be given to Bradley Wiggins who finished in fourth spot that year. The Australian Luing by Union confirmed it will hold off implementing plans to further grow the game amongst women and indigenous communities until a replacement for John O'Neal is appointed. for John O'Neal is appointed. Key recommendations focussed on establishing independent board members and creating greater transparency and accountability. That is the day in sport. Thank you. Coming up - the weather and one of Australia's favourite and most enduring indigenous singer-song writers makes a triumphant return to music.

Hurricane Sandy lashes North America's East Coast, and in South America heavy rain drenched the Argentinian capital. At least two were killed as the storm knocked out power and flooded streets and train tunnel ts.

One of Australia's favourite and most enduring indigenous singer- song writers, Archie Roach, has made a triumphant return. He released a new album called 'Into the Bloods can stream'. He said his music helped him to heal from personal tragedies.

The land and the rivers and the waters, you know, getting a part of you, gets into your bloodstream. Arc thrbgs chie is approaching 60 but says he's celebrating life since he lost his beloved Ruby.It could have been different. It could have been a lot different. I might not have been here in this beautiful day, in this beautiful spot with this beautiful view, talking to you. That's something to be grateful for. Ruby passed away at their family home early in 2010. Months later Archie had a stroke on tour and lost his guitar skills. He had half a lung removed then due to cancer. He wasn't sure if he could sing again.I thought for a while that it dried up, and I probably couldn't write any more or couldn't go on, but after I got better from the physical sicknesses, I felt better inside. Ruby was his Mews in music. Together they would write their songs at home around the kitchen table. There were new songs we'd done. "I got a new song, mum, you want to hear it?". She would tell me if she thought it was good, or liked it. She would tell me if it was maybe not that good.

There's a joyous gospel-like celebration called 'Song To Sing'. I was working on this song for a while when shep was alive. I never finished it. I was getting into the studio working on the album when it came together.Archie will hit the road in November and travel to Melbourne, WoodFord and Adelaide to promote his album.

Amazing life story. Recapping our top stories: Super-storm Sandy. The death toll is put at at least 13 across six US states with one fatalety in Canada. More than 6.5 million Americans are without power as floods caused by storm surges wreak that sprok on the electricity network in one form or the other. The storm could affect 50 million. And apart from the price in human liveings, Sandy looks like leaving behind a huge financial cost. It is estimated the damage bill could be as high as $20 billion. And that's the world this Tuesday. We are back at 10.30. You can get our stories online. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -