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(generated from captions) Just recapping our top story. Super-storm Sandy has brought havoc to the east coast of the United States, with record flooding crippling Manhattan. At least 13 people are dead and 6.5 million are without power across 13 states. Stay with us for more coverage on A Current Affair. I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red

Tonight ... Canberrans stranded in the
the US as superstorm Sandy lashes ove
the east coast, a unions' concern co
over the appointment of acting ESA number
commissioner, and what' s in a number? Locals purchase tickets for eve
tonight' s oz lotto jackpot. Good Canberran
evening, I' m Greg Thomson. Canberrans have been caught up in San
the path of destruction Hurricane coastl
Sandy is leaving across the US alo
coastline. They' ve bunkered down onc
alongside locals, waiting for the
once-in-a-life-time storm to pass. hurri
High winds and heavy rain. The Ne
hurricane hammered the East Coast. Canber
New York on standby for hours, vi
Canberrans there, as the city fell jus
victim to mother nature. We' ve dyi
just had confirmation of somebody I
dying here not so far from here but G
I think I' m pretty safe. Senator M
Gary Humphries' Chief of Staff Ross meetin
MacDonald is in the States for an
meetings about disaster management lik
and recovery. Ironically they' ll mon
likely be cancelled - due to this out
monster storm. I' ve had a look b
out the balcony and the streets are N
bare and for anyone who has been to Avenue
New York before looking up 5th o
Avenue and not seeing any cars left service
only the one or two emergency incred
service vehicles it' s just an
incredible sight. +y This vision wa Canber
taken by former University of Hur
Canberra student Edwina Gatsby. U
Hurricane Sandy passing through the th
Upper East side, all the debris on sca
the road, all the cars. It is Cen
scary with the amount of trees in w
Central park I' m just watching the window
winds right now out my bedroom t
window and a big gust has just come one
through. Winds peaked at around kilometre
one- hundred-and-fifty-five t
kilometres an hour. Electricity cut light
to millions of homes. All the apartments,
lights are out, I can see ha
apartments, windows that appear to have candles or something I can see bui
torches racing around through the bl
building but it' s certainly pitch to
black. Power could be out for up fl
to a week and it' s not known when
flights in and out of the state wil resume. Airlines have said they' l continue to monitor the situation.

The United Firefighters Union has appointment
raised concerns about the
appointment of Tony Graham as actin the
ESA Commissioner. Mr Graham held durin
the role of incident controller union
during the 2003 bushfires. Some fa
union members say they don' t have handle
faith in him because of how he re
handled the disaster. Luke Dufficy anniv
reports. Well given the tenth bushfires
anniversary of the Canberra appoin
bushfires is approaching, this T
appointment has struck a raw nerve. Stat
Tony Graham is currently the ACT Officer
State Emergency Service Chief
Officer. It' s been announced he' l C
be the interim replacement for ESA he
Commissioner Mark Crosweller, when thi
he steps down from the role later fire
this year. This has angered some Grah
firefighters who worked under Mr New
Graham during the 2003 event. WIN t
News has been given an email, which re
the United Firefighters Union says m
represents the views of many of its outline
members. In it, a firefighter Graha
outlines deep concerns about Mr cla
Graham' s appointment. The letter unders
claims Mr Graham has a lack of Fir
understanding about the duties of author
Fire and Rescue Personnel. The to
author also writes they never wish his
to be involved in incidents under Union
his control. In a statement the t
Union said some of its members don' a
t have faith or trust in Mr Graham, saf
and they genuinely fear for their Justic
safety. A spokesperson for the Direct
Justice and Community Services com
Directorate says the Director has complete confidence in Tony Graham, ch
and he also has the support of all chief officers.

More than one hundred and 80 peopl mo
have been arrested during a three outstanding
month police crackdown on two-hund
outstanding warrants. Nearly Polici
two-hundred more contacted ACT res
Policing from across Australia to par
resolve matters. The most visable elec
part of the operation was during 30
election weekend. Officers visited Que
300 residents across Canberra and a
Queanbeyan. More than twenty of the arrests were made for offences such t
as burglary, aggravated robbery and
threat to kill. A man has been take af
to hospital with severe injuries, Pa
after a motorbike accident, today. interse
Paramedics were called to the intersection of Lanyon Drive and th afternoon.
Monaro Highway early this blo
afternoon. The road was partially sta
blocked off,as ambulance officers transferre
stabilised the man. He was condit
transferred to TCH in a stable Ca
condition, suffering leg injuries. less
Canberrans have reported working f
less hours per week - than they did dat
five years ago. The latest Census t
data also shows men make up, almost two thirds of the Territory' s full Two-hundred-and-th
time work force. Canber
Two-hundred-and-three thousand ha
Canberrans aged over fifteen years incre
had a job in twenty- eleven. An increase of nearly twenty- thousand census.
from the two-thousand-and-six ourse
census. More of us classified
ourself as admin workers than in an o
other part in Australia around 32% a
of us work in public administration Ca
and safety. Nearly two thirds of fifty
Canberrans work full time, with workforce
fifty-eight per cent of the workforce men. Of those who reporte five
being employed part-time, sixty m
five per cent were female. Although statis
more people are employed - the les
statistics show they' re spending
less time in the office - forty-fiv than
per cent claim they worked less a
than forty hours a week. How people are getting to work? Commuters stil prefer battling peak hour traffic. As always travelling by car is th most frequent form of transport fo around
Canberrans but it' s remained th
around the same 69% According to bus
the census, less people are using o
buses. Only five point six per cent ACTION
of the population. A statistic twel
ACTION disputes. Over the last
twelve months we' ve been collectin ticketin
benchmark data since My Way th
ticketing what that' s shown us is that there' s been a steady level o increase in patronage. Turning t l
study and Canberra has the highest level of education in the country. degree
About 20% of us have bachelor the
degrees compared to about 13% for o
the rest of Australia, and about 8% comp
of us have post graduate degrees compared to about 3% of Australia.

Negotiations to form the next ACT cl
Government have commenced - behind Assem
closed doors at the Legislative Rattenbury
Assembly. King-maker Shane Gallagh
Rattenbury met with both Katy
Gallagher and Zed Seselja today. Th discussion
details of the agenda for discussion - kept close to the ches by all. We' re going into it wit t
good faith. We' re looking at ways that we can work together and we' r certainly making it very clear tha in my opinion a fourth term Labor Canb
Government would not be good for Kat
Canberra. +y Shane Rattenbury and spea
Katy Gallagher both chose not to
speak to the media today. A decisio Tuesday
will need to be made by next News
Tuesday. Coming up next on WIN Capit
News ... Oz lotto hype hits the millions
Capital again - with seventy .
millions dollars up for grabs, And, brain
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This program is not captioned.
brain cancer recognition. After las p
week' s Oz Lotto jackpot failed to is
produce a winner - the prize money d
is now a staggering seventy million have
dollars. Thousands of Canberrans Gabriel
have purchased tickets today. Gabrielle Adams has checked out som cash
of the lavish ways to spend the goes
cash in the ACT. As the slogan you
goes, you could spend the rest of w
your life. I' d travel around the world you know that' s what I would g
do. I have no idea, we' re in a we
group syndicate at work so I think
we' d have to share it. Probabl h
buy myself a house and go on a big million
holiday. Last week' s fifty no
million jackpot failed to go off - none of the three point eight around
million tickets that were sold nu
around the country, held the lucky b
numbers. So tonight - the chance to become a millionaire is on again. A e
Kingston newsagency, owners say an thr
extra three hundred people walked
through the door today alone, to bu pu
a ticket. Some customers taking a punt for the first time. Give it i
go, you' ve got to be in it to win loo
it If a Canberran is to win the hous
loot - what could they buy? This an
house is a property lovers dream - It
and it' s on the market right now. millio
It' s valued at close to three bedrooms,
million dollars . It is 5
bedrooms, big lounge, rumpus room, bathrooms, 4 bedrooms have en suit so it offers everything and you' l c
see the kitchen it definitely is a chef' s, master chef' s kitchen. th
Now, what' s also important about got
this house - is the garage. It' s car
got room for not one, not 2 but 7 do
cars. So if you win the 70 million roo
dollars, there would be plenty of or
room for your new porsche, ferrari more
or lamborghini If jewellery' s jewel
more your style, then Briolette you.
jewellers could be the place for
you. It' s got plenty on offer - an be
as they say, diamonds are a girls of
best friend. Down into the hears $78,00
of fire diamond bracelet it' s front
$78,000 and collectively in the coloure
front we' ve got a mixture of woul
coloured and white diamonds that would easily value at $400,000. +y

The chilling story of a young' s help
boys death could soon be used to parent
help educate ACT children. The Queen
parents of Daniel Morcombe, the abduc
Queensland school boy allegedly
abducted and killed almost ten year ago, are calling for safety lesson scho
to become part of the nation' s experie
school curriculum. It' s an g
experience no parent should have to thirtee
go through. In December 2003, was
thirteen year old Daniel Morcombe sto
was allegedly abducted from a bus Coast.
stop on Queensland' s Sunshine ye
Coast. His remains were found last and
year. We don' t get up each day W
and think we need to be courageous.
We get up each day thinking what ca protec
we do to make a difference to hi
protect kids. Bruce Morcombe and i
his wife Denise set up a foundation in Daniel' s honour. Their goal, to improve safety lessons for children th
in schools across Australia. The rea
three key messages are recognise,
react, report. The Daniel Morcomb launched
Child Safety Curriculum was It
launched in Queensland last month. It uses the family' s personal stor to warn kids about dangers they ma ver
face. The linking of Daniel' s very real story with safety message t
is important because no longer can happ
those kids think that will never c
happen to me. When the children be
come home from school after we' ve telling
been there, they' re actually lea
telling the parents what they' ve
learnt so it seems to be sinking in The Foundation' s new educationa scho
truck will be visiting Canberra schools over the next fortnight. It colou
s been dubbed ' Big Red' , the las
colour of the clothing Daniel was h
last seen in. Bruce and Denise have i
had discussions with ACT officials, in the hope they' ll sign up for th ad
new program. We always take the
adage that harm prevention is bette v
than response and therefore we are th
very pleased to be teaming up with t
the Morcombe Foundation in relation a
to this initiative. The Morcombes Prim
are also hoping to meet with the Prime Minister. A forty two year ol man has been charged with Daniel' b
murder. The committal hearing will begin next month.

Health professionals in Canberra to
are desperately seeking assistance cancer.
to boost the profile of brain d
cancer. Around 40 people suffer the s
disease in the ACT - and alarmingly
survival rates haven' t increased i twenty years. Matt Pitt suffered from
silently for years. Turning away a
from friends and family as he faced increasin
an unknown disease. I was age
increasingly sick probably by the age of 17 or 18 and getting very ba t
headaches, very vague, even vaguer late
than I am now actually. A year ce
later, he was diagnosed with a six remember
centimetre brain tumour. I when
remember looking up on the walls show
when the radiologist came in and disbe
showed me and it was just utter br
disbelief I mean when you see your s
brain you don' t ever expect to see k
sort of big lumps in there that you
know clearly shouldn' t be in there lat
Matt had surgery but two years ag
later the cancer returned - and he ye
again went under the knife. Eleven years on - Matt is happy and health di
and he' s an avid advocate of the forgot
disease - known to many as the esse
forgotten cancer. What we want wa
essentially is the same input that i
was put into other cancer types put into brain tumours so when we' re i effec
a situation where we also have eve
effective treatment available for people
everyone. I' m hoping more
people stop and think about the fac wi
that there are patients out there help
with brain tumours and they need peopl
help and support Around forty tumour
people are living with a brain advanceme
tumour in Canberra. Despite advancements in medical technology arou
the survival rate is still only inc
around twenty percent and hasn' t the
increased in two decades. It' s deat
the leading cause of disease and c
death in children under 16, leading wome
cause of cancer related death in
women under 39 and men under 44.

The New South Wales Police Academy t
has a proud history in Goulburn and
the community is repaying the favou keys
next year by offering the force wil
keys to the city. A street parade wit
will be held in March, coinciding fif
with Goulburn' s one-hundred-and- looking
fiftieth birthday. Council is looking for groups to be part of th fac
fleet. There' s many sides and facets to policing in the modern er that
and this is yet another to show to
that the police aren' t just there fa
to lock up bad people, that' s one th
facet, one role we do have, we' re way
there to help people. This is one resourc
way we show the community our i
resources and what are capabilities p
involve. One of the most famous show
paintings in the world is now on c
show right here in Canberra. Don' t t
cancel your flight to Paris on that Pai
though, this Mona Lisa is a copy. ni
Painted by Mortimer Menpes between nineteen-hundre
nineteen- hundred and par
nineteen-hundred-and-nine , it' s collecti
part of a thirty-eight piece ar
collection. The Port Adelaide born
artist studied in Europe, which gav masterpie
him the idea to tackle the masterpiece. He took the view tha Australia
these were great works but g
Australians can' t see them so I' m going to copy them and bring them t Australia. The copy is two third of the size of the original. It' l o
be on show at the National Library n
of Australia form next month. And Thanks
now here' s Ellena with Sport. on-going
Thanks Greg - Coming up, the Laure
on-going injury that' s keeping Plus
Lauren Jackson on the sidelines.
Plus - Raiders halfback Sam William on his plans for twenty-thirteen . This program is not captioned. L
on his plans for twenty-thirteen . court
Lauren Jackson' s return to the an
court has been delayed by at least i
another week. An on-going hamstring
injury isn' t healing quickly enoug and the Capitals aren' t taking an Canbe
chances. Doctors orders, the hea
Canberra Capitals didn' t want to hear. Medical advice this morning or
is she' ll have an injection today or tomorrow on her hamstring and th hamstring region which will reliev o
the nerve pain and then back, back Ade
on track to have her back for the wa
Adelaide game next week. Jackson firs
was last night preparing for her th
first appearance, before receiving thi
the bad news. The call was made I
this morning and you, like, I said,
I have complete faith in our medica b
staff and the people working on my intere
body, I know they have my best w
interests at heart. A frustrating wait for Jackson but it' s all abou ab
longevity, and they' re not sorry injur
about that. This is a chronic
injury and I' ve had it since, I' v natio
basically it happened with the yo
national team I' ve had to sort of an
you know play through the Olympics and everything. Down time is apar just
of recovery, but Jackson isn' t AI
just sitting around. I' m at the AIS basically for three hours a day and
I do about an hour physiotherapy lift
and then two in the gum, cardio, t
lifting a lot of weights and trying Sitti
to get my core strength back. advantage
Sitting courtside has it' s she
advantages and Jackson likes what performan
she sees. Including the MVP m
performance by Nicole Hunt - who' s Opals
more than capable of making the capta
Opals, according the Australian captain. Graffies kind of been on
me to be more aggresive and you kno c
look for my scoring options when I
can score, it was good to yeah, hav Cap
that open up a little bit. The Night.
Capitals host Sydney on Friday Night. Gemma Coombe, Win News.

To the Raiders now,and Sam William club
says he' s aiming to become the Coom
club' s number one halfback. The ambitio
Cooma junior has revealed his pr
ambitions for twenty-thirteen , as Meetin
pre-season begins next week. ex
Meeting Raiders platinum members - hea
excitement is building at Raiders Willi
headquarters for next year. Sam pre-seaso
Williams is ready to tackle break.
pre-season, after a refreshing especi
break. It' s pretty draining f
especially when you play semi final
football and there' s a big build u and things like that, I think it' jus
really important to get away and t
just rest the body and the mind and pre-season.
then we can come back for mature
pre-season. The Cooma junior matured beyond his years last seaso ri
and has popped up on the radar of i
rival clubs because of it. I said it all along that as long as you' r a
playing you' ve got an opportunity i
and the chance I got, I hope I took it with both hands. He did - with his
a man of the match performance in S
his first finals a game against the Camp
Sharks. With the return of Terry "Mi
Campese and Josh McCrone becoming be
"Mister Consistent" - it' s set to staff.
be a juggling act for coaching f
staff. That' s what pre-season' s chan
for, you know, we' ve got a good your
chance to rip in and try and put start
your hand up again and come the f
start of next year, try and be that Mark
first choice half. Front-rower fi
Mark Nicholls had a great taste of months
first grade. After spending 18
months in reserves, he notched up 1 bui
straight games. I just want to a
build on the season, you know, play go
a few more games, hopefully I just got to see what happens, have a goo rewarde
pre-season. The club today t
rewarded the first platinum members ge
to sign up. I know if you don' t best
get in quick, you don' t get the
best seats so soon as we saw it cam wh
out to head-quarters hey, tell us and
what it' s about, I took one look f
and I said I' m in. +y Many more to surg
follow, after the Raiders finals B
surge - but it seems so far away. Bored witless. I watch old games in be
fact that other night I watched us Thom
beat the Roosters, again. Greg Thomson, Win News.

London Olympics golden girl Alicia u
Coutts is among a star-studded line th
up, nominated for A-I-S Athlete of
the Year. The Canberra based swimme won five medals, including one gol run
in London. Other athletes in the du
running for the top prize, include O
dual paralympic gold medallist Evan Slingsb
O' Hanlon. Sailing greats Tom Slingsby and Malcolm Page Paralympi swimmer Ellie Cole and cyclist Ann presented
Meares. The awards will be Night.
presented at the AIS on Friday fi
Night.The Brumbies have held their s
first field session as a group. It' several
s been a long-time-coming for o
several players, who' ve spent most Out
of this year in rehabilitation. traini
Out of the gym and back on the We
training track for the Brumbies. tim
We' re on the field for the first
time, this morning, we had some som sess
unit sessions we' ve got a team a
session this afternoon and the boys lo
are keen back into it. +y They' re bab
looking sharp already - but it' s Toom
baby steps for the likes of Matt nursi
Toomua. The 22 year old' s been the
nursing a knee injury for most of hav
the season. The last few months get
have been quite individualised to be
get my knee right so it' s good to e
be out there training with everyone
especially this afternoon, being th first team session. More than on
hundred days until their first gam The
- a lot more needs to be done. t
There' s a few boxes to tick before that before we get to games so I' v ve
to to look at that first. We' we
ve got the same squad pretty much, w
we know where we' re going, we know tha
what we need to fix and we' re on fu
that path now. +y The squad is now full, after Stephan Van Der Walt an Mark Swanepoel were named today. They' re quickly learning what life who
s like at Brumbies HQ, while the drille
whole team has the expecations und
drilled into them. You can melt
under the pressure or you can reall onboard,
try and shine and take that spoke
onboard, I think we' ve already a
spoken about it, Jake already spoke n
about it yesterday, the fact we' re anymo
not going to be under the radar anymore. Greg Thomson, Win News.

After weeks of speculation, NEAFL
premiers Queanbeyan have poached on players
of the Tuggeranong Hawks top the
players. David Smith will head to blo
the Tigers for next season. It' s blow for the Hawks, who are still o Queanbeyan
the hunt for a new coach. Queanbeyan' s pre-season begins nex day
month. Bad light stopped play on with
day two, of the ACT Comets clash brillia
with New South Wales. After a yesterda
brilliant bowling spell late yesterday, the Comets couldn' t fin de
a repeat performance.The visitors hundred
declared at nine for for four
hundred and sixty five In reply, th L
Comets are struggled with the bat. an
Losing six wickets for one hundred wi
and thirteen Aaron Ayre top scored lights
with forty one And Greg, those soo
lights at Manuka Oval can' t come you
soon enough. Indeed Ellena, thank you. A heavy downpour rolled throug this afternoon - we' ll take a loo aro
at the forecast next. A warm day around This program is not captioned. At Coles, more new products
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This program is not captioned. hi
around the region - 26 degrees the t
high, after 6 overnight. Right now, abo
there' s a few showers and storms
about, sitting on 21 degrees. Takin Tablela
a look around - first to the Tablelands, 7 to 24 in Goulburn Yas Braidwoo
topped 27. Sunny, and 26 in Braidwood Warm on the coast, 9 to 2 degree
in Nowra Ulladulla reached 21 O
degrees 9 to 26 in the Bay Bega, 29 Pe
On the Mountains, 3 to 25 in Cooma in
Perisher climbed to 16 3 overnight re
in Thredbo, climbing to 19 Bombala Clou
reached 24 On the satellite map, Wale
Cloud is building over New South thunder
Wales, triggering showers and mainl
thunderstorms. These storms are nort
mainly affecting the central and ch
northern slopes and ranges. On the
chart, Clear skies in the west, wit ridge.Tomorrow,
a weak high pressure the
ridge.Tomorrow, Warm and sunny on H
the coast, 12 to 29 in Bega, Moruya
Heads is expecting 27 24 the top an t
mostly sunny in Ulladulla Climbing to 27 in Nowra On the Tablelands, 8 cloud
to 29 in Braidwood and becoming Goulb
cloudy. Yass fine, sunny and 27 the
Goulburn expecting a top of 26 On Thred
the Snowies, 9 to 27 in Bombala Perishe
Thredbo is expecting 16 17 in clear
Perisher tomorrow Cooma, 26 and A
clear skied. For Canberra tomorrow, top
A mostly sunny day, heading for a minimum.
top 26 again, 11 will be the Taking
minimum. Winds will be light..
Taking a look at the next five days Thurs
A possible afternoon shower on Fr
Thursday and 23, They' ll clear on the
Friday and 20 degrees. Twenty-two the top on Saturday. And that' s WI News for this Tuesday Night. We' l Fro
have updates during the evening. From the team, thanks for being wit us. I' m Greg Thomson, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello, welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. First tonight - mag discovering your new next door neighbour -- imagine discovering your new next-door neighbour is one of the violent rapists the country has known. Worst still, his parole hearing was told that he had a high risk of reoffending. We trapped the predator with a single mother next door in his sights.I am scared for my life and am scared for my kids safety. He is very close.

safety. He is very close. He is living every day next to us. We are sleeping in fear.When you are a young mother with kids, this is not what you want to see in your