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(generated from captions) Smooth sailing on the water

Staying dry in Sydney followed by a mostly sunny day
tomorrow. Warmer in the west. Getting even hotter on Thursday ahead of a southerly change
at night,

that will also bring a few showers
on Friday. A cooler weekend.

Thanks, Sally. Before we go,
here's the latest on the superstorm that is tonight still pounding
America's north-east. at 11am Sydney time. 130km/h winds caused
widespread destruction. A crane was ripped apart on top of a
90-storey building in New York City, while the facade of an apartment
building came crashing down. 13 people have been killed
from storm-related injuries. Tonight, 5 million people
are without electricity. As if New York firefighters
don't have enough to contend with they are now battling a major fire
that's broken out in a flood zone. That's Seven News for this Tuesday but we'll have any further updates
on the superstorm throughout the evening. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on Today Tonight - the lengths desperate parents
are going to to save their out-of-control son. That's next.

On Today Tonight - the 14-year-old boy
who can't be controlled. I feel helpless,
can't do anything to help him and that's hard as a mother. Also, don't touch it - the new mobile phone laws - will they make our roads safer? And the superfoods - I believe by changing my diet,
it's helped hold the cancer, the prostate cancer in regression. Good evening
and thanks for your company. First tonight,
the family living in hell and living in fear
of their own 14-year-old boy. His parents and brother facing daily
abuse, violent assaults, even death. A lot of it captured on camera. But as Frank Pangallo reports,
they're refusing to give up on him. (SHOUTS) Stop it! (WAILS) That's enough! When he gets into a rage, he is unable to be controlled
or restrained. He does it with fury in his eyes and filthy language
that comes out of his mouth. Get into your room. Go away! Hey, you (BLEEP)! You (BLEEP)! (SCREAMS) That's not my little boy. Jake is just 14 years old and, for most of his life,
he's been extremely troubled. I can't count how many times
he has grabbed knives and held them to his throat and sat on the ground and said, "I don't want to live"
and "I hate my life". (CRIES) I wanna die! I wanna die! No-one touch me! He's threatened to suffocate us
while we sleep, he's threatened to kill his brother, he's threatened to push me
down stairs. (CRIES)

Always been severely aggressive Living with him is a daily hell for his mother, Kelly Williams, stepdad Jason, a former basketball star
with the Adelaide 36ers, and their two youngest children,
Scarlett and James. For me, I've been punched while being pregnant
with our youngest daughter. I've been strangled,
I've been pushed, I've been scratched,
had things thrown at me. (CRIES) I just want to die! What I don't understand is as soon as he walks out the door,
he's perfect. He only feels like hurting
the people that are close to him, and I don't understand that. This is what you...
(SHOUTS) Sadly, nobody can. Jake's already been arrested twice and locked up for assaults
on members of his own family. Nothing works. We try ignoring him,
we try punishing him, we try consequences,
taking things away. We've tried doctors, psychiatrists,
psychologists, programs... ..everything. We have nothing -
nothing left to try now. There's someone living inside of me. There is no-one living inside.
There is. He's a child that needs help. Nobody exists but him. You can't talk to him.
If you do, he's violent. Dorethea Colman, Jake's
81-year-old great-grandmother, lives with the family. Oh, they love him, idolise him. But we can't go near him.
We can't talk to him. We can't touch him. You want to hug and kiss him
and say, "Look, it's alright" but we can't go near him. You just gotta make sure everyone
in the house is protected and I've gotta watch to make sure
he doesn't hurt himself. Jake seems to have
all but given up on himself. He now refuses to go to school. I think they're happy
not to have him there. He is quite disruptive. Which I think is wrong. I think they should care and they should try
and get him there. So he spends his days
either sleeping, watching TV or playing computer games. You don't need to.
I do!

And when those privileges
are taken away, it still doesn't work for his
frustrated and heartbroken parents who've even contemplated
putting him into foster care to save their crumbling family.

No. I want him in my life
and I want him happy and centred. Tell him to butt out! Kelly believes Jake's issues
stem from being constantly bullied when he was at school and an impossibly fractured
relationship with his biological father since he was a toddler. He has let him down a lot. He's left him in airports,
interstate, he's tried living with him and his father's dumped him
on the side of the road. I think when he starts
caring about himself and caring about what he's lost, I think you'll start
seeing changes in him. There may be one last hope
for them and Jake. Kelly wants to get Jake
into Brahminy - a 6-month self-development program
for troubled kids which is run on a
Northern Territory cattle station. The work that they've done there
is amazing and I have full confidence
that if he goes up there, he will come back a different child. He'll come back my child. But it costs between
$25,000 and $50,000, money Kelly and Jason
simply do not have but vow they will never give up
trying to save Jake. He's not a child
that is a lost cause. He can be helped
but we need help to get him help. (SHOUTS) Stop it! Stop it!

Now to the new crackdown
on mobile phones in cars.

As David Eccleston reports, if you think you can use a phone
without being detected, police warn
it's time to think again. Don't touch your mobile phone,
you can't have it in your lap. It's the major crackdown
on the sneaky glance down. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. As a nation,
we're not fooling anyone. Using a mobile phone handset is illegal, irresponsible
and dangerous. The first of November is D-day - in New South Wales. Now, across the country there's no discretion, no grey areas, no more games. Pick up your phone
behind the wheel - $298 and three demerit points. Press the hands-free button
while holding the phone, you're gone. In fact, simply hold your phone
when you are driving and it's game over. Commander of Traffic Operations
Stuart Smith from New South Wales police says put it in a handset
or put it away. The message is very clear. This is about defining
the behaviour. It's clear last year,
we had 60 serious collisions, where we know inattentive drivers
using phones were the cause - we think that's understated
by miles. Yep, get him. Book him. 'Eagle Eye' Dave Chandler, Senior Sergeant with the
New South Wales traffic branch, can pick a driver
touching their phone. We were going along,
that section of the motorway at 110. People were overtaking him because he was sitting on about
85km/h, 90km/h concentrating on what he was doing,
talking on the phone rather than what was going on
around him, didn't realise he was impeding
other drivers and drivers having to go around him,
he was wandering a little bit. These are all the tell-tale signs
that someone is on a phone or not paying attention
to what they're doing. If only this driver
had listened to his own advice. Not five minutes after he was fined $300
and three demerit points it appeared he was at it again. This time, it was a lucky escape. So come Thursday, though,
he'd be gone? He'd be gone, yeah. So there's the line in the sand? That's it. You hold it, alright,
there's nothing there but he was holding it, I'd say. Motoring expert John Cadogan
wants regulators to go much further. Have a look at this. It's insane, legal,
but dangerous, right? Because pedestrians can't see him
through the iPad, even though it's held up here. I can play with my phone,
that's legal. I can turn it on,
I can find my contacts, and do all of that stuff. John wants a ban on all phones,
iPads, iPods while behind the wheel. This new law just serves
to empower people to drive while they're distracted, as long as their phone
is in a cradle - that's insane! But perhaps not quite as crazy
as this driver. The last phone I had sat
between the steering wheel. So?

This one doesn't fit
so I can't do it. So you could be driving along... Sometimes, you could have it
like this. So you could be driving along
and maybe texting someone when the phone
is in the steering wheel like that? Could if you wanted to, yeah. Yeah, he got a ticket alright -
$298 and three demerit points. The solution is to buy a cradle
for your phone that attaches to your windscreen. They start at about $15

But for learner drivers and learner plate drivers, you are not allowed any of it. Simply put the phone in the bin. Tomorrow night, vision that has horrified police
and will shock parents. With dozens of young children
in his care, the bus driver who still thinks
it's safe to dial and drive. A special report tomorrow night. Big, old trees in our suburbs can
be a danger to homes and residents and they're often hard to remove
because they're protected. As Lynda Kinkade reports,
some councils give the impression that residents' safety
is not the number one priority. A totally bad decision.

It's just ridiculous
and you see this all the time. So it was lucky no-one was killed? It was very lucky. We could have had a death
on our hands. If ever a council
deserved to face the axe, Martin and Michelle O'Dwyer
believes theirs should after a fight over a dangerous tree and the mystery owl
that might have called it home. In the five years
we've had the property, we've never seen the owls. The damage caused is much more
visible than the owls of the area. Three rooms and everything in them
destroyed. The tree came through here,
took out the entire roof, crashed the lot out. There were tradesmen working in here
at the time? They were working,
setting up doors to be spray-painted and then someone called lunch,
which they don't normally do, and within minutes, the tree branch
crashed through the house. A lucky escape and a
$60,000 damage bill for the O'Dwyers who now fear what happens
if the entire tree comes down. Incredibly, this will cost them
a fraction of the $250,000 they claim five years of delays
by the council set them back. It's put years worth of stress
and strain on the entire family. Before building commenced, the Yarra Ranges Council
on the outskirts of Melbourne ordered the couple to pay
for an independent arborist. The $3,000 dollar concluded
that three trees were dangerous The $3,000 report concluded
that three trees were dangerous and should be removed. Yet the council rejected
the expert's decision. Yarra Ranges Council
refused an interview instead sending through a statement,

It's a battle being fought
with councils across the country. Mark Lucas says he's looking down the gun barrel
of a preventable disaster because his Queensland council
won't do anything about this tree. They feel it's safe
and it poses no threat. It still drops limbs and
they are the ones I've got to dodge. It's the sort of complaint I think it's pitiful that council do not represent their ratepayers,
their residents. And in the case of the O'Dwyers, he says common sense
has been thrown out the window. It's the sort of complaint Jack Davies from the
Ratepayers Association hears all the time. There is no excuse why council
should not rectify the damage caused by the tree. And VCAT have also
got a lot to answer for too. Litigation Lawyer Manisha Blencowe
is from Slater & Gordon. If it's given real weight to
protection of habitat for the owls, when there were real safety concerns
in the expert material - then a court would probably find
it was inappropriate to prioritise the interests
of the owls over public safety. While insurance will cover the cost
of the damage from the tree, this couple want the council
to pay for removal of the remaining part
of the two dangerous trees. Who's going to pay? All because of one decision,
a pretty stupid decision. They ignored
all the facts and figures. Two acts will face the chop tonight
on 'The X Factor' and despite being
one of the show's favourites, Samantha Jade knows she's just
as likely to be in the firing line as anyone else. As Adene Cassidy reports, the 25-year-old
has a different outlook on her second tilt
at a singing career.

I'm still definitely
pinching myself. I didn't think I would make it
after the last bottom two, I really didn't. Guy, how do you think Sammy
is going to go tonight? Not good. She looks hot. Have you seen her? I know she's wearing spandex. After flirting with elimination
twice now, Samantha Jade is stunning the judges
with her new-found confidence. Are you guys worried about Sammy
tonight? Who's Sammy? Sammy who?

Despite her obvious talent, the 25-year-old has been plagued
with self doubt since being dropped
by the music industry when she was just 19.

You kind of get built up
in the beginning of your career and then there are so many setbacks and obviously we're putting
ourselves out there to be criticised and judged and sometimes it's hard
to kind of be confident. It's kind of, you're putting
yourself out there on the line. Five months ago,
Sammy was on the production line working with her father
in a factory. So your life has changed? Oh, yeah, my life has changed
for the good. Sorry, Dad, but I really like
this new job better. Here is your cat suit for today. Thank you. I made it myself. Good job. And it glows in the dark. Whoo-hoo!
So have fun. Love it, thank you. Yeah. Show me the boots. Yes, these are the boots. No way. You're channelling Kylie. Yeah, yeah, I guess so. I'm just in the tightest thing
I've ever worn, but I like it. When you're behind the scenes,
as she was. She was just kind of songwriting
and hoping to be an artist but she never quite got to
that public stage where people are writing stuff
and you're reading stuff. I think it just kind of rocked her
and she was a bit apologetic. the bin.The act that I am sending home...

No apologies now - she's set herself on a career path
regardless of how the votes fall, knowing that's something
out of her control. I'm kind of, like, just hoping for
the best every week and I'm not... I'm trying to live in the moment
a little bit now because I know it can be taken away
from me so quickly so I'm trying to just enjoy myself
the whole way through.

'The X Factor' live decider is on
tonight at 7:30 here on Seven. After the break on Today Tonight - the super foods
we should all be eating. How they can help fight disease. It helps with reducing
the risk of cancer, it helps with reducing
the risk of heart disease with people with diabetes. The pick of the crop is next.

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SONG: # Everybody, hang back
Get back, ooh # Take it in your stride... # When you're on the go,
carry on with KFC Crispy Rods. # Run, baby, run # Baby, run
Run, baby, run... #

Welcome back. It's official - the latest figures show that
Australians are getting bigger. In just four years, an extra 2 million Aussies
have joined the list as overweight or obese. We're being told there's no excuse because there's an abundance
of superfoods with the power to make us healthy
and keep us that way. Pippa Gardner has more.

People need to set healthy goals and work out why they want
to get healthy. There is no question
that to an extent you can disease-proof yourself
by using the right foods. The right ones are often
referred to as 'superfoods' and they have the power
to protect and fight disease. I believe by changing my diet, it's helped hold the cancer -
the prostate cancer - in regression. Keith James overhauled his diet when he was diagnosed
with prostate cancer 12 years ago. He cut out saturated fats,
meat and dairy and upped his intake
of fruits and vegetables. A year later, his prostate cancer
was under control. He also no longer has to take
his blood pressure medication. You've got cancer, you have to take
alternate measures to beat it and this, to me,
is one measure that may work. So, yes,
I do believe the foods we eat are contributing
to some of our diseases. Recently, scientists in the UK
discovered a molecule called sulforaphane in broccoli. It boosts protective enzymes
in breast tissue and that, researchers believe, could
slow the growth of tumour cells. Broccoli-based medicine
is now being trialled on patients. If you think that just eating
broccoli because of this one study is going to be the cure for cancer, then you are very mistaken. Professor Kerryn Phelps says no matter how "super"
a food might be, its powers are limited. is to say there are a whole range
of superfoods and we need a whole mixture of those
to be healthy. Her pick of superfoods
to eat daily - a handful of almonds which are proven to reduce
the risk of blood clots and lowering bad cholesterol. About a one-fifth of an avocado a day is enough to support
good eyesight. Half a cup of broccoli
is not just good for the breasts, it helps eyesight and reduces the risk
of heart disease and diabetes. Half a cup of blueberries, which are proven to help prevent
chronic disease and are packed with vitamin C. 103g of fresh cut turmeric. It has an active ingredient
called curcumin, which is being investigated
as a treatment Alzheimer's disease. And a cup of cooked lentils which are one of the best sources
of fibre and help maintain bowel function. While the genetic lottery means
we can't disease-proof ourselves, science has shown we can
decrease our chances of developing chronic diseases by eating a healthy diet with at least two serves of fruit
and five serves of vegetables every day.

I was unfortunately in a position, I saw my dad
when I was 12 years of age, he dropped
in front of my brother and I as we walked into a restaurant. He had a heart attack
in front of us. It was that terrible moment that Ironman Guy Leech realised the choices you make
about your health have a direct impact on your life. In some ways for me,
it got me into sport. It got me into Ironman, which I thought was very healthy and when I retired,
I wanted to help other people. Guy is a big advocate
of healthy eating and works with people
to overhaul their diets. He's just put his name
behind Barley Max, a low-GI superfood
developed by the CSIRO. It helps with reducing
the risk of cancer, it helps with reducing
the risk of heart disease with people with diabetes, it has massive, massive advantages. Professor Phelps says it's never
too late to change your diet. The answers are within
most people's grasp, pretty much everyone can get hold
of fresh, unprocessed, raw foods and if you have a bit of knowledge
around, you know, the foods to combine to give
yourself a fresh balanced diet, then I think we will be looking
at a much healthier population. More information on those
super foods is on our website. After the break - the $1 deals that created
a computer meltdown last night. Unfortunately, that
did have an impact on the speed and a lot of people
did have difficulty accessing the site at the time. So, what's the fix? Find out next.

Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

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will handle the traffic. That's all we have time for tonight. Remember, tomorrow, the bus driver
putting young lives at risk. The exclusive vision that's angered
parents and shocked police. That's tomorrow. See you then.
Goodnight. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

So, is this yours? Ah, no, it's my boss's.
Right. But don't worry,
he lets me use it while he's away. Oh. Nice boss. I'm impressed.

Can I help you?
I hope so. Ah, we're looking for a fella
named Kyle Bennett. They're your brothers, aren't they? Yeah, and the last time I saw
the older one, he almost killed me. Think about it, Kyle. If he really wanted you dead, he wouldn't have let you go
in the first place. Kyle. Where you at? It doesn't matter where I am. What matters is where I'm gonna be
in half an hour. He wants us to meet up with him. You sure this is how
you wanna to play it? Yeah. One way or another, it ends today. Nice to see you again, Daryl.

And why would I even think about
coming back to Summer Bay with you? Because Casey needs you to testify to what happened
between you two boys. (SCOFFS) Think this is funny, do you? Look, I don't know what Daryl here's
told you about me, but... Just that you're a psycho...
Heath. ..with daddy issues. Oh, I guess he's entitled
to his opinion. Just like Dad was entitled to his.
Now, what did he say about you?

Something about you being
a complete waste of space? Alright, junior.

We're here for Casey. Remember?

We're not here for a fight.

So are you gonna help us or what?

No. Then we really are
gonna have a problem then. 'Cause Casey's been charged
with not appearing in court, on top of everything else, so you owe him. (SHOUTS) I don't owe him
a damn thing! (SIGHS)

Well, he was right then, boys.

Really is gonna be
one of those meetings, isn't it? That's fine with me. (SIREN WAILS)
Cops are onto us! (SHOUTS) Go!

Get in. What...what are you doing here? Does it matter? Get in.

BRAX: Would you explain to me
what the hell that was all about? What do you want me to say? We had one chance at getting Kyle
to come back with us. You stuffed it up! No, you had one chance
at getting really hurt, so a thank you wouldn't go astray. Are you se...are you hearing this? You called the cops. You rat! Well, what did you expect me to do? Thanks for nothin'.


You can crash at my joint tonight. Tomorrow morning
you can pick up your car, you can get the hell out of here. That's not gonna happen. Look, Kyle's a loose cannon, OK? You honestly think
I don't know that? Yeah, I think there's a lot
about him you don't know. He thinks you're here to kill him. So I don't think he's gonna be
in any hurry to run into you again.

Should've let me smash him. Alright, look. We still don't know where Kyle is
so maybe we should take... Oi! What's your name?