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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon, the east coast of the United States is reeling in the wake of Tropical Storm sandy. 12 people are confirmed today in America and one person in Canada after the storm made land fl. Pour has been cut to 5.3 million people across ten states. A back-up generator has failed at a hospital in New York City, forcing the advocacy of hundreds of patients. Let's go straight to our US correspondent Denham Hitchcock on the island of Manhattan, which has been completely cut off. Now, Denham, it is the middle of the night there. What is the situation? Yeah, Amelia, they call it the city that never sleeps - that is certainly true tonight, but for different reasons. Not many parties going on. This is in New York, right in the middle of Times Square. I will give you a look over here. Granted, it is 1 o'clock in the morning, but this is desolate for this place. The reason we came here, just about everywhere else that you drive, the 15 minutes it took us to drive here, was through pitch-black streets. Just about all of the power, it seems, is out. If you have a look down this street, a lot of the buildings down there are also out. A few of the parking signs, you might see, but there are blocks and blocks of just pitch- black - the lights are out, only police out on the streets at the moment. It seems that the generators that run Times Square - that is going. But Tropical Storm Sandy - well, she hit, and hard. It was that storm surge that caught everybody. They were saying it was going to be 4m. That is what they got, a record 4m. They have not had that since 1960, Cyclone Donna. We were down there at Battery Park. He came right over the barrier, the railings. The water has surged right in. That is what the problem is - that is the problem at the moment. The tunnels are underwater. There are residential buildings, there are huge skyscrapers there, the car parks are full. The streets are full. While we were down there, we had to move every 15 minutes, the the water was coming up quickly. It should be receding now. The wind, as you can see, has died right down, and the rain has backed right off as well. But this sort of damage from the storm surge and the wind, we will see it all the way down the east coast. Daylight comes in the morning, they will be counting the cost. 13 dead that we know of so far. You can expect the toll to rise. As you said earlier, 5.3 million people without power - expect that to rise. That wind here in the city of 130km/h-plus, it was the superstorm they were talking about. Not quite finished yet. It is running. We expect another three or or so days from this storm, that they call the perfect storm. All three airports here, they are all closed. Every road, every bridge - basically, Manhattan is isolated at the moment. There were two ships that were off the coast, one of them the 'HMAS Bounty', which sank, 16 people on board. 14 people were rescued, thankfully. They had immersion suits, plucking them out of the water. One other was found dead. The captain missing. The search pretty much called off for him in the conditions they are facing at the moment. The reason they have seen the storm, the storm hit that hard - and that is the reason why all the mayor, all the governor, even the President, were out talking about it. Mayor Bloomberg, the mayor of this city, didn't mince words either.The time to leave has passed. Do not go outside. It is dangerous. From now on until the storm is well passed you have to shelter in place. You need to stay wherever you are. Denham, we are hearing there has been quite a dramatic advocacy at one of New York's busiest hospitals. What can you tell us about that? Yeah, Amelia. The University hospital - we took a drive there just before we came here. It is an amazing site. An amazing scene unfolding. When we were there, about 30 ambulance, all in a row, right up the street. They are backing the patients out - the back-up generator failed. They are worried about patients, no power to the building. They are bringing them out one by one, the elderly, babies, even, and transporting them elsewhere. So that's just one story of many that we are going to hear about in the coming days.An extremely chaotic night in New York, to say the least. We will chat to you shortly. Meantime, 2,800 Australians are officially registered as living or travelling in areas hit by superstorm Sandy. There could be as many as 24,000 Australians affected. Here is what Foreign Minister Bob Carr said earlier today. Our advice to Australians there is to stay indoors and to take every word of advice coming from local authorities. If any Australians are concerned about relatives or friends overseas, call our consular emergency centre - 1300 555 135. So I urge all Australians to take no risks. Let's get some local news. The Federal Opposition has accused the Government of trying to get out of its promise to deliver a surplus. For the details, we cross to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Now, Kerrie, good afternoon. Why is the Opposition going so hard on this one? Well, Amelia, they say that the Government's watered down its promise to return the budget to surplus. Joe Hockey says that Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard have gone from promising a surplus come hell or high water to planning to deliver a surplus next year. Now, the Government is standing by its budget update, which forecasts the smaller surplus of just over $1 billion. However, the Treasurer has previously indicated that, say, if global economic conditions worsen significantly, then the Government would prioritise jobs and growth before making further, deeper cuts to achieve surplus. Today, the Treasurer's office told Nine News that more savings are possible, and this debate dominated Question Time today. Have a look.I remind the Prime Minister that when asked by Laurie Oakes in 2010, whether she could guarantee a budget surplus this year, her answer was an unequivocal yes. Is this guarantee now as believable as there will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead? We just delivered the midyear economic and fiscal outlook. In it, we have delivered billions of dollars in savings, billions of dollars in savings. To return the budget to surplus. And we are on track to deliver it. Kerrie, the Government has been attacked over asylum policy? Yeah, that's right, Amelia. This time it is over plans to bring back a pretty hardline policy from the Howard-era. The Gillard Government wants to remove the Australian mainland from what is called the migration zone. What that basically means is that even if asylum seekers make it to the mainland by boat, they will still be processed offshore. Now, the Government says that this will deter asylum seekers from making that dangerous boat journey, and, in fact, this was something that was remed to them by Angus Houston's expert panel. The Opposition says the Government is being hypocritical. Back in 2006 it slammed the Howard Government over a similar measure. Now, Amelia, the legislation will come before the parliament tomorrow. We will leave thrit for now. Thank you for that. A man found guilty of murdering a mother of two in 2010 has been jailed for 24 years by a Melbourne court. 26-year-old James Potter allegedly shot Penelope Pratt three times in the face, before stabbing her and dumping her body in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Potter has been ordered to serve a minimum 20 years. For our Melbourne viewers, Nine News will have the details. They're called the Shonkies - consumer group 'Choice' has served up its 2012 batch of dodgy products and services. Among the biggest loses - a water-wasting washing machine, and so-called mould- removeing products. We will have the winners - or losers - later in our bulletin. Still ahead - Tropical Storm Sandy wreaks havoc. We have more on the emergency situation across America's east coast. Bernard Tomic in trouble again - new photos of the tennis star involved in an alleged fight. And the new Monopoly game - how you can buy some of Sydney's most famous This program is not captioned. Part dessert, part beverage.
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Victoria's Road toll has risen with, two people killed in separate crashes overnight. A female passenger, aged in her 50s, died when the car she was in collided with a station wagon in Melbourne's west. The driver, and another passenger, were taken to the Alfred Hospital, suffering serious injuries. Meanwhile,, in the state's north, one person died when their car struck a tree 20km west of Echuca late yesterday. It takes Victoria's road toll to 237. There are calls for tennis star Bernard Tomic to take a break from the game, after another run-in with police on the Gold Coast. Libby Stone is following the story for us. Good afternoon. What happened this time?Well, Amelia, this latest incident occurred at the Moroccan Apartments here in Surfers Paradise and allegedly involved tennis star Bernard Tomic and a friend. Police responded to a disturbance around 5:30 yesterday morning. We spoke to one witness, who told us that he was well known up by the sounds of yelling nearby, and he spotted two men wrestling around a spa area of a nearby apartment building. Now, police were called. They attended the building, and spoke with two men. But they say that the situation was resolved, no investigation is underway, and no charges were laid. They kind of looked like they were, at time, serious but at times could have been play-fighting. We have no idea. All we thought was two - it was pretty strange going on, especially that early in the morning. Now, Tomic had just returned home from overseas, and it is believed he was celebrating his birthday last weekend. Tomic's tennis ranking has slipped this year, and this latest incident has prompted a former coach of Tomic to echo calls for him to take a break from the game. It is a series of things - it is a bit like a soapy. You think you are watching a television program. You know, you can't have serial problems coming on again and again and continue to concentrate on your game, or the work you are supposed to do. Now, the tennis star is due in court next week over traffic charges that stem back to an incident on Australia Day this year. Tomic was in training on the Gold Coast this afternoon and we spoke to him about yesterday's incident. We will have more on this story for our Queensland viewers at six o'clock. Thank you so much for that. Well, owning a prized piece of Sydney water front has become as easy as rolling a dice. The harbour city now has its very own Monopoly game. Nine's Peter Harvey went along to check it out. Behind me, as you can see, is Fort Dennisson, the 1th century icon slap bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour. In this new Monopoly game you cannot buy the fort but you can buy the entire harbour - it includes the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It has taken a long time of the ultimate real estate game of Sydney to come to Australia, but it is here.Sydney is a global city. For too long since 1935 we have been playing the London edition. We are a global city, it is the 21st century. It is about time that this beautiful city was immortalised. The Monopoly board game replaces all the old English addresses such as Mayfair and Trafalgar Square with some of the Sydney icons. Hyde Park in Sydney replacess the Old Kent Road in London. Sydney Ferries replace the Fenchurch Street Railway Station in London. And the ultimate third prize - you can buy Sydney's railways, if you are of that sort of mind! The game, they say, has sold very well in all of its editions around the world. The organisers here believe that even though they are not going to digitise this one, it is going to capture a city that, in itself, is caught most of the time by a real estate frenzy. Still ahead this afternoon - a heart-felt farewell to our troops on a major new mission in Afghanistan. Also - a the ticket-buying frenzy, a $70 million up for grabs tonight. And the Australian reality TV star arrested over a break-in at Tom Cruise's home. Right now, though, here is a Tonight - the very latest from the United States. As the super storm hammers the east coast, there's an emergency unfolding at one of New York's biggest hospitals, where staff are evacuating newborn babies - full coverage at 6:00pm. Plus, we have breaking news on a serious pit-bull attack at East Hills - those pictures shortly. A first look at the train stations on the North West rail line. A house packed with cannabis plants goes up in flames at Carlingford. Why Sydney's West has been snubbed in the new version of Monopoly. And Sonny Bill Williams drops in at the Roosters. See you at 6:00pm.

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never know My Dog Light is light. Cities along America's east coast are ghost towns this afternoon, as the region reels from Tropical Storm Sandy. Here is the latest information. At least 12 people have been killed in the US, and one person has died in Canada. Airlines around the world are cancelling flights, as a result of the storm. Campaigning for the presidential election is on hold, with Barack Obama saying the safety of Americans is the top priority. And we will cross live to our reporter, Denham Hitchcock in New York shortly. We will also be talking to Nine's finance editor, Ross Greenwood, about the economic impact. Well, for the first time since 2006, Australian air force personnel will play a major security role in a war zone. The group of 65 from Queensland left for Afghanistan today to protect the multi-national base at Tarin Kowt. Among them, a father and a newly wed. Yeah, very hard, but I guess it will be alright. Something there to fight for, so...TheyWill be there for six months in a classified high-risk role. Well, there are plenty of people dreaming big this afternoon, with tickets for the Oz Lotto $70 million jackpot being printed in their thousands. Joining us from Melbourne is Nine's Justine McKenzie. Tell us - is there still time to be in with a chance?Yes, there is Amelia. You have a couple of hours to get your ticket. As you can see here in Preston, there is a last-minute spending frenzy going on. Why not? This is a $70 million jackpot. The biggest prize pool in Australia's history. In Melbourne today it was a spectacular day - great weather, the perfect day to daydream. I would buy probably one of these boats in this marina behind us here. I guess I wouldn't be going to work for a while.You get a good car, you get the girls!Ha!I'm sorry to do this, but I have to bring you back down to earth. The odds are not the best - a one in 45 million chance of winning! But I don't think that is going to stop any of these people. It is not going to stop me either! I will get my ticket later!Absolutely. Good luck, Justine. Well, Tom Cruise won't press charges against Australian Jason Sullivan, who was arrested after mistakenly jumping the fence of the Hollywood actor's home. The 41-year-old was subdued with a taser by a security guard before police arrived. Sullivan, who won a Nine Network reality show 'Homemade' three years ago is Tom Cruise's neighbour. Still to come - we are live in New York with the latest on Tropical Storm Sandy; including the dramatic rescue involving a replica ship at sea. Snakes on the move - a new warning as the weather heats up. And named and shaimd - the gongs for the This program is not captioned.

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As millions of Americans brace for Tropical Storm Sandy this morning, another major drama was playing out off the coast. The replica of a 200-year-old ship sailed straight into the storm off the Carolinas. The captain, thinking he would be safer out at sea. Its final journey began last week as it headed towards its winter port in St Petersberg. The majestic made its debut in the 'Mutiny on the Bounty' ready for the close-up of the swashbuckler 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. It has been used as a training ship for sailing. This is what the ship looks like when it is buffeted by rough waters. But eeb before it left port in Connecticut, it changed its course, ABC News has learned. The captain tracked east, hoping to avoid the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. He Facebooked his reasoning, saying that a ship is safer at sea, than at port. But the 20 but it lost power. The update on Facebook - bleak. The Bounty taking on water. The crew abandoned ship. The coastguard got the SOS call at midnight. It would take hours to muster a rescue helicopter. Because of the heavy winds, it took seven hours before the coastguard chopper got to the scene, arriving at dawn. They found the bounty's crew, 100 miles offshore, bobbing like human corks. The waves topping 20 feet in this covered raft. You see the faces peeking out. With their jumper and 50mph winds, the first coastguard diver is lowered down. With the pilot fighting to hold steady 30 feet above the water, rescue swimmer Dan Todd pulled each survivor into the water.I jumped in and said, "Hey, I'm Dan."He towed them through the waves back to the chopper. Survivors were foisted up, one at a time. 14 people, total, were plucked from the mountainous waves then the two two-hour flight back to land. The H many. A. S bounty was not the only one caught in storms. There were cruise shops across the Atlantic seaboard. Passengers on the 'Disney Fantasy sp cruise' tossed around, water slushing over the decks. Terrified passengers told to stay in their room.The doors in our suite began to slam shut and open. They captured their ordeal on video tape, outside their 12th floor window, rough seas inside their cabin total chaos.I went around the corner and some of the glass doors that open to enter into a pool area, the glass was shattered. That was the most traumatic part. The ship did manage to dock safely in Florida to compensate guests for the wild ride, they were give an 25% discount on their next cruise. Maritime safety experts told us that cruise ships should be large enough to safely navigate the heavy swirls of the storm. But when this 7,500-tonne cruise liner, one sank, capsizing within site sight of shore. You are watching Nine Afternoon News. Here are the latest on superstorm Sandy. The mega-storm has claimed 11 lives, including one woman in Canada. 5.5 million people in 13 states have lost power, while half of Manhattan island in New York City has been flooded. Well, superstorm Sandy has caused widespread devastation across the east coast of America, claiming at least 13 lives. It first made landfall near Atlantic City earlier today. Hours later, much of the region is under water, and the famous neon lights have gone completely dark. The super-storm is a super disaster in Atlantic City. Entire sections of this good-time town now completely underwater. The water started rising with high tide early this morning. And streets after street the water just didn't stop. Carrying chunks of the city's famous board walk into the street. Just a few miles from us, a roof ripped from the top of this building. The debris slamming into the ground, just inches from a local news cameraman.Oh, my gosh! Look at that!Oh!No wonder, this is all ocean coming over here. The storm surge has started, the tide coming up. We drove around looking for a way to get back before the worst of the storm hit. There is stuff absolutely everywhere. You can see throughout the streets, rolling debris. The lights - one of the only lights on. A lot of the electricity on the streets are out. We met some people like McKenna, who decided to try their luck.. We have the kid, snuggle in a bar and hope for the best. Then it was bad news for people like McKenna. The governor announced no rescue services in Atlantic City until tomorrow morning. Breaking news back home - a man has lost his ear in a dog attack in Sydney's south-west. The 19-year-old was walking his dog through East Hills when being set upon by two pit bull terriers. He fell to the ground and was attacked on his head. Neighbours came to the man's aid. And he's been rushed to Liverpool Hospital. And for our Sydney viewers we will have all the details in Nine News tonight at 6 o'clock. The Opposition has lashed out at the Government over its much- repeated vow to deliver a budget surplus. Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has accused ministers of watering down their promise. Both the Prime Minister and the Treasurer have failed to stand by their solemn guarantee to deliver a surplus in the 2012/13 financial year.We will get on with the job of making the savings, coming back to surplus, supporting the forecaster we have put in place through the midyear budget update. The recent budget update forecast a smaller surplus of $1.1 billion. Let's go back to our top story now - super storm Sandy, wreaking havoc across the US. Ross Greenwood has a closer look at the financial impact of this megastorm. Good afternoon. In dollar terms, what kind of damage can Sandy expect to have caused?Well, really, already the estimates are between 10 billion and $20 billion. You could be easily led to believe that the cost could be greater, especially give than the storm in New York peaked much higher than what anybody expected. So, as a result, you found that some significant tunnels, all of those transformers - we saw the incredible shots of the electricity substations effectively sparking out as the water got into them. Also, then, when you even consider the battery tunnel that runs between Brooklyn and Manhattan island, given the fact that this is a major piece of transport infrastructure for both rail and also roads, and as a key road, then the damage bill is going to run into significant amounts of money. Now, the question is how long will it take to fix? Bearing in mind, say, for example, that Hurricane Katrina, when it wiped out New Orleans, did something of the order of $103 billion worth of damage. Clearly, it affected every one of our insurance policies around the world. Insurances are a funny thing - it doesn't necessarily just stand alone. Every one of us pays for the natural disasters in other parts of the world. In the same way, every one of us will pay for this disaster as well.Yeah, it is going to have an enormous flow-on effect. Thank you so much for that. Ross will have full financial analysis of the super storm in Nine News at 6. OK, now for a change of pace. The spring sunshine and warmth hasn't only been luring humans outdoors. Snakes have become a big problem. Two dogs have nearly died from snake bites in Melbourne. Laura Turner joins us on the phone now. Laura, good afternoon. Just how big a problem is this?Good afternoon. Well, it is a problem that has risen sharply just in the past couple of days. That, of course, has coincided with the warmer weather. Snake-catchers have said normally they have on average five call-outs a day. The one we spoke to in abbotsford has had 17 in one day. It is a dramatic change. That comes with a serious warning for pet-owners, dogs especially - they are at a huge risk, being bitten. Not just in the bush, it is more in suburban backyards. Two Dogs which we saw today, Paris and Melan, they almost died transport their snake bites in a suburban backyard in Altona. Let's listen to the vet that treated them.They can be dead within minutes if they have a severe bite. Some of them, though, take a day or so. Some of the toxins are complex. It can cause muscle damage. And the more you exercise, the more damage it causes. So don't let them run around if you think they have been bitten. Try to carry them. That can really aid their recovery. They aren't in hospital as long. Laura, what is the advice for residents?Well, first of all, for prevention, pet-owners are being told to get their backyards fenced and properly, to keep the grass short in the summer months, and always be on the lookout. If the worst does happen, the vets are saying to keep the dogs still, to hold them, to not let them run around, so that that venom cannot spread, and, of course, to get them to the vet straight away. Another hot day and hotter days are expected in Melbourne for tomorrow. The warning is important for the next 24 hours.Good advice. There are plenty of oy wards around for the best products. Perhaps it is the worst ones we need to take notice of. Consumer group 'Choice' has handed out its 2012 Shonky Awards for dodgy goods and services. Everyday products - and they have made it to the consumer hall of shame. There is the four-star water efficient Samsung washing machine which uses 224 litres of water to do one load. Gee! If I bought it, I would be damned disappointed.There is the $99 invisible coating which makes your mobile gadget water safe.It doesn't look like it is successful! Throw in natural medicines from Nature's Way which calm your kids. 'Choice' says eliminating sugar may be the better option. That bathroom favourite - Exit Mould, it kills and eliminates the in-grown nastys. But does it?It might look sparkly clean, but in a couple of weeks you have to get the gloves out again. The consumer watchdog Shonky Awards are an annual event. Making the shortlist, it is bad for business. Nature's Way was ordered by the authorities to retract and withdraw the promises it made about this product. Now it has been publicly named and shamed, and reported for the ACCC. But the authorities are powerless to stop Ticketek gouging customers with handling fees, or Cabcharge bumping up fares by 10% if you pay with a credit card. There's also the great Toblerone rip-off - there are only 15 pieces, and the packaging claims there are 16 serves. Let's get all the day's sports news now with Tim Sheridan. The summer cricket series - very shortly here, end of next week. The bowlers are fired up?Well, they will need to be. South Africa are the No. 1 test team in the world. Australia has welcomed back two quicks from injury. 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Trainer Gai Waterhouse is hoping her shocking spring luck doesn't stretch into next week's Melbourne Cup, but the signs are not exactly that good. Tony Jones joins us now from Melbourne. TJ, good afternoon. Gai cannot take a trick at the moment, can she?Well, I think you are right, unfortunately. She promised so much - well, the Spring promised so much for Gai Waterhouse at the start of the carnival. She went into Caulfield with real chances for the Caulfield Guineas with Perrero, and More Joyous. It amed to nothing. The Cox Plate - managed a third in that, with three chances. She should have scooped the pool by now. Even though she looked in great spirits, you can see the shots there from Flemington this morning, she was anything but. But Glen KCadam Gold was nowhere to be seen. He was to have worked on the course proper, but Gai Waterhouse had to take him to a local beach to try to soothe a problem foot. The problem here is that he has heat in one of his legs, and as such, there is just a little bit of a fitness concern over whether he can progress to the Melbourne Cup. Gai told the waiting media he will go on to the Lexus and then hopefully power on to the Melbourne Cup. So, look, from where we sat, it was a concern. As far as Gai is concerned - well, not really. REPORTER: It is a setback this morning, not working him here inI don't think so. He has been a fit horse, been at work a long time. I don't think so. You know, give them plenty of work, they don't sit around twiddling their thumbs.He doesn't sit around twiddling his thumbs - the trouble is that he has a sore one at the moment. He will go on to the Lexus he is no shoe-- in, a $35 chance at the moment. But by the same token, Gai Waterhouse would love to have a shot at the big one. At Werribee, all eyes were on Red Cadeau. 12 months ago, Michael Rod has been on his back. That is how close it was - red Cadeaux almost snatching victory from Dunedin. He is desperate to go one better this time. It has been a long 12 months for Michael Rod, beating himself up over it a bit. Last year still is hurting me. I've had 12 months to think about it, 12 months to relive it. I have relive it with a lot of people as well. I know how I can turn things around. I know I probably went too early on him last year. I wasn't expecting such a good turn of foot.The focus tomorrow will be on Werribee when Damien Oliver partners Americaine. Plenty of sprint left.We will ask you for the winner of the Melbourne Cup - and we will thank you to get it right! The International Cricket Council may propose to agree to play day-night test matches. Australia's bowlers are keen to get stuck into South Africa's highly rated batsman. Clint Stanaway caught up with James Pattinson. The countdown continues for the first test. Three of Australia's biggest stars have been out and about getting their eye in in Melbourne today. Thanks for joining us. What have you been up to here? Look, we have come down today to announce the OPSM, the official eyewear sponsor of cricket Australia. Fantastic to have them on board.You cannot be wearing your rose-coloured glasses. You know it will be a brutal affair against South Africa. You want that No. 1 world ranking back. Definitely. Ever since Pup got the captaincy, it has been pushing from him to get that No. 1 spot and how we can work together, build a culture to get it back. Most people will probably - you know, they will realise that we have the chance a bit earlier than everyone would have thought. Six months ago, probably fourth, we were not looking - we had a great summer last year, and I think, definitely, something that is burning inside everyone.Four quicks, Nathan Lyon, spinner standing by. What are your thoughts?I'm not sure at the moment. We will see more once we see the wicket, and see what is happening there. The batsmen play a part as well. We do a bit of research on them - a lot of people know a lot about them. They are experienced batters. We will know more come close to the test match. Wadey was here today. It must be great to have another team-mate in the Australian side.Yeah, it is. Look, Wadey has been a fantastic player, Victorian, Australia over the last two or three years. He deserves the opportunity. A great bloke. You need him in your team. He leads well behind the stumps, leads well coming in No. 7. Thoroughly deserves it. Great to have another Victorian in the team. Good luck next week.Sonny Bill Williams has arrived in Australia with two sports on his agenda. He's hoping to find finalise a deal to return to the NRL with the Sydney Roosters. He is fighting to be fit for a boxing bout in Brisbane next month. At the moment, it is a a little bit in doubt. Just came back here to straight away, I think, you know, get some scans, and see how the click is.Sonny Bill picked up an injury playing rugby union in Japan last week, but happy to pick up his sister's baby in Sydney today. Geronimo Jeronimo Neumann num said that he is not a diver, claiming he felt his shirt being tugged and that is why he went down during the Reds' win against Wellington. The Phoenix have accused him of cheating but the match remove penal upheld the red card. Lionel Messi has collected the Golden Boot, having 50 goals in the Spanish League for Barcelona. The Nissan Motor company has unveiled its Supercar. The Japanese manufacturer is joining the competition, which has been restricted to its two rivals for the past 20 years. They plan to be competitive straight away. We have vaedz over 23,000 hours to produce the car, so to have it ready to hit the race track now is a special moment.Nissan is only part of what is a major shake-up for the series, with Mercedes set to race next year. It was golf's version of a heavyweight bout. Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy played a one-round exhibition in China. They trousered $3 million just for turning up. McIlroy underlined his world No. 1 status with a 1-stroke victory on a layout he has never seen before. This one, you got one shot, here, you need to come back, maybe a bit of revenge.It will be fun if we can do something like this again. Everyone here enjoyed it. And that's - that is basically what it was supposed to be for.McIlroy and Woods are said to be good friends. Rory has been offered $23 million a year for 10 years by Nike to use and promote their products. They have a bit of spare money at the moment. After axing a few people. You would not knock that back! Coming up - the finance and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon. Livinia, warmer than average in the south-east today?While Sydney's maximum of 23 is close to the October average, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart recorded temperatures more than 10 degrees higher than the averages for this time of year. Details on whether the heat is here to

Tonight on WIN News: we speak with Sand
Canberrans stranded by Hurricane cen
Sandy in New York, and the latest st
census data released - how the ACT nat
stacks up against the rest of the next.
nation. Join me for the details next. We don't drive as much these days, which is why we made the choice
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For example, Apia customers driving
less than 15,000km a year are saving an average of 16%
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a rewarding experience.

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Good afternoon. Today's warm temperatures in the south-east have been caused by a high pressure ridger of the the interior. A high over the Tasman has directed showers into north-east NSW and a trough over Queensland has generated another day of showers and storm activity. Tomorrow, that system will weaken. There will be less storm activity. While a cold front will drop temperatures in Tasmania significantly. A trough will generate showers and storms through the south-west and into SA. Heaviest over the goldfields region of WA. In Melbourne tomorrow - another warm day. Showers developing in the evening after the cool change arrives. Mostly sunny and slightly warmer day for Sydney tomorrow. Brisbane - wet weather easing. Just the possibility of a shower. Otherwise, a mostly sunny day. Storms expected in Perth, Broome and Darwin. Hot and sunny in Alice Springs. Sunny through the north-east, drying up in Canberra. Adelaide - showers, the chance of morning storms. Thursday - a series of troughs will generate more wet weather, cooler temperatures through the south. A high in the north will keep it dry.

temperatures through the south. A
high in the north will keep it dry. Let's have a look at finance before

Just before we go - a quick recap of our top story today. Super storm Sandy has smashed into the US, causing widespread flooding along the east coast. At least 13 people are dead, including one woman in Canada. More than 6.5 million people are now without power across 13 dates. All three major airports in New York have been shut down, and flooding in Manhattan has reached record levels. We will have full coverage of the storm damage including the latest live from New York City in Nine News at 6 o'clock. And that is our Afternoon News for this Tuesday. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody, and welcome
to the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. We're ready to go.
15 questions, $1 million. You know the routine. But tonight
could be the outstanding night. It could well be the night
that the big money goes off. Wouldn't we love to see that,

Yeah, we would. Be fantastic. Alright,
let's meet our contestants tonight, and we have - Meagan Costello. She's a model, a karate champ,
a dancer, a choreographer and a barista. Jon Bertram
has had a Griswold moment when he could see Disneyland, but couldn't get off the freeway. Oops. In a Triple M pool comp,
Ian Whitby won $10,000, and the
Barry 'The Cougar' Dawson Trophy. Yeah! Jennifer Horton
won eight swimming medals in the Australian Masters Games. Jared Stringer tried
the Peruvian delicacy of guinea pig and was sick for weeks. Eugh! And PE teacher Matt Gibson
was dakked by a student, earning him
the nickname Mr Underwear.


It could've been a lot worse.
Yeah, definitely a lot worse. Could've been a lot worse.
Meagan, are you ready to go? Let's go.
Come on, Meagan, let's play.

Hello, Meagan Costello.
Hello. How are you? You're a barista
at McDonald's McCafe. Yes.
Which one? At Carina Heights.
Where's that? Mount Gravatt in Queensland.
In Queensland. You're from Waterford West
in Queensland? Yep. Logan area. 21 years of age. Theresa's Mum.
Hi, Theresa. Hi, Eddie.
How are you? Good, thanks.
That's the way. You've done a bit
for a 21-year-old, Meagan. Oh, I've done more than that.
That's only a bit of it. What's the next big thing
you've done? Um, well, I've done...
nearly about 20 jobs in my life. Yeah?
And I'm only 21. How come? What, you keep
getting the sack, do you? I get bored quickly.
Do you really? Oh, well, see if you can hang
out for 15 questions, OK? Let's try. Alright, well, come on.
Let's get on with this, OK? 15 questions, $1 million.
You ready to play Hot Seat? Let's go.
Let's go.

For $100.


Ooh. OK, that's easy, then. D. He should be, though.
No, he shouldn't. (LAUGHS)
Karl's watching, you know that. That's good.
Karl should be up there, Meagan. He's got 007 all over him.
No. You have 007 written all over you. You reckon? Ah, Meagan. Now you're talking.
Now you're talking. Meagan, correct for $100.

Hello to Karl and Cass
and all the gang - all the Stefanovics sitting up there
watching it tonight. You know he watches? Yeah, that's nice. This'll get a run
on the 'Today' show now. (LAUGHS)
Alright. Let's go for $200.


Well, only a couple of days ago
I bought a drink, and it was a fruit, so I'll lock in B. Fruit is in.
Yep. It's right for $200.

Native to the Middle East. $300.


I have absolutely no idea. So I will pass. You're gonna pass?
I'm gonna pass. We'll catch you later, Meagan.
See you later.

G'day, Jonathan.
Hello, Eddie. Jonathan Bertram is 39 years of age
from East St Kilda in Victoria. Solution consultant at Computershare
Communication Services. That's the way.
Yeah. Good to be here. What's happening?
Tell me what's going on. Excited to be here. I reckon I might know the answer to
this one, so it'd be a good start. You're really excited, then. Britney is your daughter.
Hi, Britney. How are you? Hi, Eddie.
Alright. Let's get on with this. Get this out of way, and then
let's see what happens after that. (REPEATS QUESTION)

I do believe
it's the Madeline Foundation. We'll lock in A.
A, Madeline Foundation. Now, you know what the serendipitous
thing about this is, don't you? It's wrong?
No. Your name is Jon Bertram.
Mm-hm. John Bertrand,
the America's Cup skipper, is the chairman of this foundation. There you go.
Can you believe it?

You're Jonathan Bertram,
he's John Bertrand. And the other thing
is I'm actually on the board of it, believe it or not. There you go. And it is the Alannah
and Madeline Foundation for $300.

It was established in 1997 after
the massacre down in Port Arthur, and of course,
the children of Walter Mikac, whose wife and two beautiful
children, Alannah and Madeline, were killed
in that terrible, terrible situation with Martin Bryant down there. But the good news is Walter and the family
have really done great things now, and the major project for the
Alannah and Madeline Foundation is to stop cyberbullying
and bullying of all types. They're doing a fantastic job. So well done to John Bertrand
and to Walter and all the team.