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(generated from captions) Stay safe. We will be speaking to you soon. Our thoughts are with you. Our thoughts are with everyone in the US. Nine News will keep you updated as the day continues. There will be rolling coverage, bring you up to date on all the latest. We will be covering the whole East coaster to see exactly the situation. It is still packed in quite a punch but it is a relief to see it downgraded. Tomorrow on the show, it is hollowing time. We are going to get all spooky and scary. We are going to count down the spookiest songs about.

This program is captioned live. Tens of millions of Americans are facing a nervous wait up with the largest tropical storm ever recorded in the Atlantic due to make landfall at any moment. Here is what we know right now. The storm is expected to make landfall on the New Jersey coast. In the past hour of the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it is still expected to have a significant impact on communities right along the coast. Hundreds of

significant impact on communities
right along the coast. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. Up to 10 million people are at risk of losing power. The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq market is shut completely. It is the

It is the first full trading closures since 9/11. We have reporters across America for this extended bulletin. We first go to Denham Hitchcock was on the ground in New York. Good morning, what is the situation there right now? Iron down in lower Manhattan. This is exactly what they were worried about. It might have been downgraded to a tropical storm, but all the problems they were worried about are still very much alive. I'll show you around the area. I know it is dark. Believe it or not this is Manhattan. It is completely blacked out. How they look at the skyline. That is normally teeming with flights. It is dead and black at the moment. Down where I am we are probably about 300 metres from the coastline. We were parked right down there only 20 minutes ago. If we were still there now, at a car would be half way for with water, probably up to about chest-high. This water is coming in very fast. I will show you something else. This is an interesting problem. These greats here. You can see the water is flowing down into these greats. It is not a storm water drain. This is so far from the coast that it is a subway tunnel. It is one of the main lines. This is not a storm drain. It is a subway tunnel. Down there, the tracks and all the equipment they have done their is currently being flooded with water. That is part of the huge damage bill they will see from this. Some estimates have put at worse than Hurricane Katrina. It is just the size of the thing that is the problem. That much rain, that much wind, over such a huge area of is just going to create havoc. That is why the President and everyone has been on TV saying it is going to be catastrophic. They are telling people to stay indoors and wait until it is over. It is just incredible to see lower Manhattan so dark and the streets deserted, filling up with water. Authorities are saying the storm could be deadly. They are. It killed 65 people down in the Caribbean and it has raced up here. We are about to feel the full effects pretty soon. Up in Times Square the wind is howling. The streets are pretty deserted. They are worried. There has already been a crane that was on top of a huge building that has toppled almost over. Rescue crews are now frantically trying to secure that and make sure it does not go anywhere. They are worried for anyone who may be down below all living in the building. They have said that sometimes there is a lot of hype that comes with these things, but they have genuine the said two people in Manhattan to know -- genuinely said to people in Manhattan to not be above a ninth floor.This is going to be a big storm. It will be difficult. The great thing about America is when we go through tough times like this we all pull together. I'm confident that we are ready, but I think the public needs to prepare for the fact that it will take a long time for us to clean up. The good news is we will clean up then we will get through this. So there you go. It goes all the way up to the President. The storm could even affect the presidential race. As if we have not had enough drama in that already. Both Romney and the President have had to cancel numerous events and now the President has been forced into a war room situation. He has to look after the National Guard and the military if they met to get in -- need to get involved. We have seen numerous police cars on the streets. Firefighters also came down. A lot of them were already in full suits to get through the area. They are going through buildings to make sure they are evacuated. Even security guards are being poured out. In about a couple of hours we will be right in the middle of the storm. Preparations did begin early. This time year - but yesterday you are telling us the entire transport system was shutting down. How much of an impact has that had? Cammie people have chosen not to evacuate? -- how many people. When we are talking about those low-lying areas, we are talking about 500,000 people that were evacuated. You're always going to get those people who decide to stay. There are reports that there are pockets of land where people thought that hurricane Irene was not too bad and could outdo this one. The problem is this is what they are calling a super storm. It has hot air and has hit a cold front. The Jetstream is making its been. It is the storm surge that we are seeing right now that is coming through here. That has already caused awful habit right down through New Jersey and even further. There are nine states that had declared a state of emergency. Planes have been ground. 7,500 flights cancelled. The trains have been cancelled. Buses, subways, millions of people not coming to work. Sandy is going to cause one hell of a damage bill. We are just hearing the airport has flooded as well. We will come back to shore be. We now go live to a US bureau chief. What can you tell lies about the broader impact of the superstore and? They are calling it a wide, lumbering, very slow-moving storm. As you have just heard, it has been downgraded to a storm, rather than a hurricane. At the same time, it is still very dangerous. It will dump masses of water a year. They are talking around about 14 states with hundreds of dozens of power lines likely to come down. The trees will be coming down as well. The big picture is that power could be out for 10 days or more in many of these areas. They know this because a little over 12 months ago hurricane came through the same area. It did bypass New York at that stage, but it hit areas of Connecticut. They are still mopping up. I was up there recently and she had only just finished rebuilding her kitchen because she lived on those low-lying areas where the water came. This is what they are worried about. The water surge that will come up. They know the waterways will swell with water as the evening goes on. This will tell happen in the next three or four hours. They are saying the storm could take days to go through and it could even be Saturday by the time it moves all the way through the US and up into Canada. They are talking about 14 states, with hundreds of thousands of people involved in the big cities. The real concern at the moment is the biggest city in the US, New York. One building fund has collapsed already. There is a crane on a tower that has come down. The owners have put out a statement saying that no people have been injured. That is a real problem. It is on West 57th Street. It is right in the middle of the city. The area has been closed down and a hotel has been evacuated. All sorts of dramas going on and a lot more to come before this is over. America has had plenty of storms to compare two. How does this look in comparison to, say, Hurricane Katrina? It was a very different kind of storm. It came in across the Gulf of Mexico as a category five and he land as a category 3. It belted the area with so much rain that it was the floodwaters that caused the damage. Here, we have water damage that is going to be the trouble. It is going to be more as the water that is dumbed down there and then it is going to be the inland waterways that start to overflowed. It is probably about six hours before we find out what the real damage is going to be. It is certainly not a Hurricane Katrina. It is a very different storm. It is still extremely dangerous because of the impact it will have four days on the 14 states. Thank you so much for that. We will talk to you a little bit later. We will go for some breaking news. You have been keeping cross at -- across developments. Yet some breaking news? A few minutes ago the storm has made landfall and it has done near that they did City, south of New York. You saw Denham Hitchcock down in the financial district of New York City. 8 million people across New York. What has occurred there his Battery Park, very close to where he is, is now completely under border. It is sitting at about 3.8 metres. As he indicated and showed us, the water is now getting into the subway system. The whole point about it is some of the other statistics. 3.1 million people across the US are without electricity. It is going to be a potentially long time before these people do get the power back on. There is also another situation. The damage bill, even now, the first estimates coming in of between $10,000,000,000.-1474760187 dollars. The damage after Hurricane Katrina went through $100 billion. It is only recently that the hurricane was downgraded.

We will have a closer look at the weather system. It sounds like the storm has lost a little bit of its punch?It has not been downgraded. It is just that the central part of the system is they are turning into a court system. That is the reason it is no longer being called a hurricane. The sustained winds are still 130km/h, which is just as strong as what you would have during a hurricane. If this is -- if this were in Australia it would be a civic category three cyclone. We have had gusts of over 150km/h on Long Island.We have been hearing reports of snowfall?The reason it was able to maintain its intensity that far north was because of it collided with a cold front moving south from Canada. It hit the coast at 39 degrees north, which is equivalent to about Melbourne. It would be like a tropical cyclone hit in Melbourne. We heard some residents in New York say they simply weren't expecting a storm like this at this time of year. How rare is a weather event such as this?It is the hurricane season. It is towards the tail-end of it. It is not the time of year that is unusual, but it is the system itself. One thing, it is a very large system. The diameter of gale force winds is about 1,500 kilometres across. That is about double the size of the tropical cyclone which hit the Queensland coast two years ago. It is also unusual because of how far north it has moved. We will go back to the States now. We are joined by George Kourounis. Good morning, what are the conditions there right now?Right now the conditions here in Long Island are not very good. The tidy is rising, the winds are increasing. I actually had to flee one area down at the beach because the storm surge was inundating the entire area. We were worried about becoming trapped.We are hearing there were warnings for people to evacuate. The mayor of New York has said the storm has arrived and it is too late. In terms of people on the street, do you think a lot of people have heeded those warnings? A lot of them have it. There is not that much traffic here, but there is still quite a few people on the streets. A lot more than I would expect for something like this. I am sitting on the water now and watching people walk past. It is a bit surprising. For the most part people have been heeding the warnings, but there are still the occasional person do just wants to be out there for some reason. Including yourself. As a storm chaser you have been in plenty of these situations. Will there be a time will you evacuate?I have many options. I have supplies with me, gasoline, food, water, power. By an self-sufficient if I become trapped somewhere. -- I am self-sufficient. I could ride it out for a couple of days. I have gotten out of the worst of the flooding terrier along the southern coastline. I have gone a little bit more inland because it has gotten a little bit darker. I did not like being in the dangerous situations in the dark. There are some sports that there is five feet of water in the intersection. There are lots of places have a completely impassable.It looks and sounds absolutely terrifying. A hell is this compared to other storms you have been in?A year ago I was in hurricane Irene in some of the same areas. Certainly the effects of the storm scene to be stronger. It is much larger. Its effects are going to be much longer-lasting. I talked to quite a few of the locals and they were telling me that the storm is already worse than Irene was and we still have many, many hours to go. You stay safe and thank you so much for talking to us. To stay with us. Coming up: At the very latest on the storm bearing down on the US.

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This program is not captioned.

You are watching special coverage of hurricane -- tropical storm Sandy in the US. Here is the latest information:

It appears that the superstore has claimed its first live. I will bring new Ross Greenwood right now. What can you tell us? Reports that a 29-year-old man in Queen's has been confirmed dead. He was apparently crushed under a tree. Also across this part of the US, 3.1 million people are without power. It is causing significant concern. The metro transport system throughout the whole of New York's is -- York City is closed. Reports of an airport's runways being flooded. It has also been closed. In the upbeat areas of New York City, there is flooding on the major freeways and down towards the Wall Street area. That was where the Occupy Sydney movement were having their protests. -- Occupy Wall St. The storm itself only made them for about 20 minutes ago. The situation is escalating. We have a wide shot of the crane that is dangling perilously. I believe that is owned by an Australian company? This is on West 57th Street. If people had been to New York you might know this building. It is the biggest residential building in the hall of New York. The penthouse of this was suggested to be going for $50 million. It is right across the road from Carnegie Hall is where the Tony awards are hailed each year. It is really one of the most prestigious parts - a block away from Central Park. The screen has been dangling like this for the best part of six hours. -- this crane. Streets below have been evacuated. Many reports coming through when Twitter are saying that it is still a potential danger to Noda and the residents but also those people below. -- not only. It shows the power of the winds that have come with the storm. Thousands of Australians are caught up in the storm chaos, with parts of the US in lockdown. Tony Marlow is an Aussie who has been working in New York City for the past three years. Tony, where are you exactly and what are things like?I am on the corner of the Second Avenue and Helston. Things are very, very windy. A bit of sideways rain and a bit of bedlam on the streets.What have you heard from authorities? They closed down the subway at 7pm yesterday and they have been forced evacuation stones for certain -- evacuation zones for certain parts of the city. Residents are fairly familiar with what to do. The authorities are also enforcing shutdowns of the power grid. Most people will lose power. I have heard from some colleagues in friends in New Jersey that have already been without power for over two hours.Are you feeling fairly safe way you are?Yes. It is a crazy mix of emergencies situations, but there is also normalcy. There are people who have masses of water and food, trying to get home. In the same breath you see some joggers walked past on their daily jog. It is an only in your situation, but right now I am dealing says. It is just at the precipice. I suspect that the winds will get more and more crazy, but for the moment safe and well.It certainly sounds that way. You have been living there for three years. Have you seen anything like this before?I was here for Irene and that was a bit different. If you lived in the city for that particular hurricane it was a bit of a let-down. There was some serious damage in other parts of New Jersey and upstate New York. This is a first time for me. It is a very different Storm to last time. There is a bit more of caution to go along with this one.You say you're feeling the beginnings of it. Have you had any warning on how long the storm the last? -- will last.We are getting information from local news agencies. Most people, myself included, did not have a forces to go to right now. I think the expectation is that by Wednesday we will be clear. Not a lot of comment on that so far. We will go back to how US correspondent, Denham Hitchcock. What is the latest way you're? The spot that I spoke to you just a moment ago is also under water. We have had to move back even further. Some of these places will be protected by the sandbags behind me. The problem is that the water is coming up so fast and there is so much of it that it is pouring right across everywhere. Battery Park is almost completely under water. What is now completely about a metre above the subway train I showed you earlier. About eight fire trucks went down the road behind me. A lot of those guys in the Hewitt -- huge immersion suits that are was talking about. As they say, the eye of the storm has crossed over New Jersey and this thing is just starting to bite into it. The storm surge that we are seeing here is also being seen in Rhode Island. They are getting some are making pictures up there. The same sort of thing we are seeing down here. The problem is that the water is being pushed in. It is an incredible force of nature. We have a high tide here, so the tide is higher than what it normally would be. On top of that you have the tropical storm pushing everything over the top. 4-5 metre storm surge running right across. Just to add on top of that, believe it or not, in North Carolina they are seen snow. We have rain, we have winner, there are storm surges, you had giant waves and they are also now seems no in North Carolina. In some places they are expecting even up to half a metre. There are some police and other emergency people behind me. They seem to be forking down to this area of and I think the reason is the subway is starting to flood. That means the water is definitely getting into the subway system. That is one of the main problems they are facing. There are fire crews here, what a police. They are coming down to this area, right down through Paris park. It seems that most things seem to be concentrated down here. It is too early to say exactly what sort of damage or what is going on down there until we can get down and have a look for ourselves. It sounds like the water is rising really quickly. We are hearing about a dramatic rescue of the coast? What can you tell us? Imagine, if you can, being out to sea when there is 15-20 metre waves in the middle of what was a hurricane. That is exactly what happened with two boats that were stuck out there. One of them, an 18th-century British are which was made for a movie, that was out there in his giant storm. It had 16 people on board. The ship broke in half and sank. 14 of the crew members were picked up after putting on survival suits. They were two of them missing. We have since just had word that one of them has been found. One of the two unfortunately did not make it and drowned in the heavy seas. The one other person missing is the captain. The search for him has been all but called off. We will leave it there for now. We have just heard news on twittered that the New York City Fire Department has been evacuated by boat. That is in-law Manhattan. This is developing as we go to Ayr. Still ahead, we will bring you more on the storm as it continues to hit the east coast. Also, the rest of the news, including Bernard Tomich in trouble with police again. Maxine McKew speaks This program is not captioned. Let's get the latest on the Super storm threatening the US East Coast. We are hearing reports of five storm related fatalities. One is confirmed in Queensland one in Connecticut. Five reports of fatalities. -- in Queens. The storm has made landfall in New Jersey. It is claimed to one American life, a 29-year-old man, he was killed by a falling tree in New York. The New York Fire Department's headquarters has just been evacuated by boat. The MAI is urging residents to stay indoors. Bernard Tomic is in trouble again over a fight at the Gold Coast apartment block. What happened?It happened at his apartment in Surfers Paradise yesterday morning. It is believed police were called to the apartment block at 5:30am. It was because of reports of a disturbance. It is believed two men were involved in a fight in the spa area of the building. It is believed the men were Bernard Tomic and a male friend. A report says that Bernard Tomic allegedly appeared agitated. It is believed he had been celebrating his birthday over the weekend. No charges have been laid over this incident.He has a bit of history. It is not his first brush with the law.He is due in court next week to face traffic charges. Those charges stem back to in incident on Australia Day PC, when he was pulled over by police in his high- powered BMW. He is facing a number of charges, including failing to stop and crossing double lines. Former Labor MP Maxine McKew has urged the Labor Party to become more democratic after the release of her new book, which details the dumping of Kevin Rudd as prime minister. It has caused controversy in Canberra, and she says the same power brokers still have influence. Kevin Rudd was brought undone by the people who feel they are in the Labor Party. Key figures who run trade unions, half a dozen, and the factional leaders. They still have a lock on the big decisions. Myself, along with other people, feel it is time that the party opened up its structures.She has also labelled Julia Gillard's take over as an extreme act. Still to come - we will go live to the US for the latest on Hurricane Sandy. This is a live picture of a crane and dangling from a skyscraper in This program is not captioned.

You are watching our live coverage of superstore on sandy, which is bearing down on the US East Coast. -- Super storm. Evacuations, flooding, bring us up today it. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged New Yorkers to remain inside, and set it is too dangerous for them to be out on the streets. There has been record flooding at Battery Park, where our correspondent is right now, and on top of that, there have been significant problems even for the emergency services. The New York Police Department has been evacuated. There have been reports of police officers tracked over there. The Fire Department of New York, which is in the lower end of Manhattan, it has had to be evacuated. The lower reaches of New York, because of the East River and the Hudson River, because of the storm surge, it is becoming increasingly dangerous. There has been confirmation of three people killed. There are reports from New Jersey that there could be as many as five. LaGuardia airport, it is already closed. It is a significant situation that continues to develop. We will get more on the developing situation along the East Coast. The bigger picture, what is happening along the coastline?This is where it is starting to hit right now. The storm itself is starting to buffer into the East Coast, it has been out in the Atlantic for days and days, are threatening people in the US. It has been frightening to watch as it has come up through the coast, always knowing eventually that it was going to swim in land. It is the surge that is going to affect everybody. But further up as well. 60 million people will be affected one way or in other. 13,000 flight so far have been cancelled over the last couple of days. A lot of Australians will be caught up in that. Any Australian who was flying from Australia yesterday, arriving here today, cannot get any further. They cannot get any further than Los Angeles. They will be filling up the hotels. We do not know how long it is going to be out for. They are describing it as a wide, a lumbering storm. 14 states will be affected. It is going to go on for days. As this weather situation moves through the United States, eventually making an exit through Canada, but probably not until Friday.The timing of this, we are a week out from the US election. As huge impact on the campaign.Definitely. Both at Mitt Romney and back Obama are having to cancel lots of events or along the East Coast. -- Barack Obama. A lot of the States, these are the ones they would try to get the voters out to vote on. Some of the places were already a stop it has had a big effect. For the Mitt Romney campaign, it is a disaster. They had a plan that there would be something you'd they would be able to deliver. But for all the right reasons, he has had to pull back and cannot do any public appearances. As for the President himself, he is holding news conferences. In many ways, as long as it sounds to say, this is very good for him, because he is going to be seen in a leadership role, with just seven days to go until the election. He is going to be seen in a very strong role, a man who can lead to the US through a very difficult time. He came out and held a news conference this morning. This is going to be a big storm, a difficult storm, the great thing about America, is that when we go through tough times, we all pull together. I'm confident that we are ready. But it is going to take a long time for us to clean up. The good news is that we will clean it up and get through this for a stop President Obama there warning people in the US to hunkered down, and be prepared for the worst. It is going to be bad for some time. They are talking about 3-4 days. Neither he nor Mitt Romney will be up on the hustings. They will be hungering down themselves waiting for the storm to pass. It did not go through Washington DC, it has moved north, coming through Atlantic City, just below it New York City itself. The big storm itself is no longer a hurricane, still a storm, but it is still very dangerous. It has hit the mainland and is starting to cause damage. We would get another update from you shortly. Bob Carr, the Foreign Minister, has urged any Australians in New York all along the East Coast to stay indoors. That warning from the Foreign Minister. The storm is 30 times as big as Cyclone Tracy. Forecasters are warning of six-metre waves bashing into the Chicago lake front, add up to a metre of snow at him in West Virginia. -- in West Virginia. Bring us up to date in how the storm is tracking.It has moved inland. It is just inland from Atlantic City. It was almost a dead heat. The winds have dropped off as the eye of the storm moves over. Under the eye, you have got calm conditions. The worst of the weather is in the onshore flow. That is just to the north, it is the area where New York is, that is where it is getting the strongest winds. We have had the winds at just over 150km/h over Long Island. The peak of the storm surge is moving through. It has been 12 feet across New York City.We are calling it a post tropical storm. Why this classification?It is still just as strong. The only reason it has been changed is because the centre of the system is transition in from a warm court to a cold call. For people on the ground, it does not make any difference. It is just as dangerous. The winds is still 130km/h. In an Australian club that -- has a vocation, it would still be a severe category three cyclone. -- classification. What can people expect in the immediate future?The most severe weather is happening right now. For the rest of today, it is going to continue to move to the north-west. It will gradually we can now that it is inland, but through tomorrow, it will still have winds in excess of 90km/h. Still strong enough to cause damage. The heavy rain caused great inland as well. But for areas of Atlantic City, the worst is happening right now. You have relocated since we last spoke to you. It looks like the water has risen.It is really coming in. I have just relocated only a block. This whole area is under the storm surge. You can see it flooding in. Every now and again you get a ripple which is like a wave that comes in. This is the strange thing, I am not standing in a coastal town. I am not standing on the edge of the seaside, but right in the middle of Manhattan. These are the Manhattan skyscrapers, black out. No power is running these buildings. There are some with emergency lights on, but that is about it. I am standing in lower Manhattan, under some of the world's largest skyscrapers, and the buildings are slowly filling up with water. All the way down the street, that is one of the very well known old hotels. They have opened the doors, I can only assume they have done that so the water will flow through and out the other side. The water is slowly creeping up. I am not sure what level it is at and how much to go, but already there will be a tonne of damage. The eye of the storm has has crossed a New Jersey. -- has just crossed. This is the Super storm. These are the three different elements that have combined to create this massive thing that is sitting over the coastline. Although it may have been downgraded, we are seeing the flooding, the storm surge and the flooding, right from Rhode Island and all the way across, all the way down the south, and that is what is causing the damage. When you have storms like this, 90% of those killed, it comes from the storm surge and the flooding. Do not forget what happened in Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane was terrible, but it was the flooding that caused the damage. On the outskirts of this, we are even seeing snow. Up to half a metre of snow. That is happening right through two states. It gives you an idea of the footprint of the storm. 7-9 States, almost a third of the country, covered by the tropical storm.It is incredible to see Manhattan like that. In terms of the residents, how prepared our people for the storm, it is dark and eerily quiet on the streets, people stocking up early on supplies?They certainly were. One of the good things, if there is ever a good thing, is that you know it is coming. You always get no tears and all the forecasters are telling people, we have got early-warning systems. -- always get notice. Every station, every television station, you know it is coming. Tornadoes that had been in the Mid-West, they are raised that strike. You may get 10 minutes. -- a sudden strike. But a lot of time there is no warning. People knew this was coming. Like the places behind me, they opened the doors and let it rip. People have been prepared. Half a million people evacuated. Down through New York, Upper Manhattan, 400,000 people evacuated. Everybody else have been told to stay indoors, keep an eye on everything, take up the windows. The supermarkets, the smaller ones, if they are not shut, a lot of the shelves are already empty. People know it could go on for quite some time. We will talk to you again shortly. Sandy has made landfall. There is plenty unfolding. After the break - we will bring you the latest on developments, including advice from our Foreign Minister for Australians in the area. This program is not captioned. Let's get an update on the super storm that has struck the east coast of the United States. Tropical Storm Sandy has made landfall, slamming into the New Jersey coast. The storm has claimed at least one life, a 29-year-old American man, who has been killed by a falling tree in New York, but there are reports of up to five fatalities at this stage. The storm had already killed at least 67 people in the Caribbean and the New York City Firefighters Headquarters in lower Manhattan has just been evacuated by boat Aspinall the Police Department in Brooklyn. We are hearing reports that some police officers are still trapped there. Of course thousands of Australians are currently either living or holidaying? The US. Our Foreign Minister Bob Carr has just held a media conference in Canberra. Let's go to Kerry jaxly for the latest. What disSenator Carr have to say?Senator Carr told us there are 2, 800 Australians in the affected area who are currently registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In reality that number is much, much bigger. It is much more like 24,000 because plenty of Australians don't register or travel -- don't register when they travel to the United States. Now, of course, Senator Carr has urged all Australians to follow the advice of Emergency Services and stay inside. Let's have a listen to some of what he said.If any Australians are concerned about relatives or friends overseas they should call our consular emergency centre. That is 1,300 555135. Australians in the storm-affected region have got to be prepared for power cuts, for flooding and some building damage. But if they are unproposed at this point, I think the opportunity to make preparation his probably past. The key message is to stay indoors. I urge all Australians to take no risks.Now, the Australian Consulate-General in New York and the embassy in Washington are both closed. The consulate is actually in the evacuation zone and Ambassador Kym Beazley has sent all staff home so they can be with their families and make any preparations they need to for the storm. As we have heard, Amelia, Qantas and Virgin have cancelled flights into the affected area and Senator Carr have urged Australians to wait until after the storm before they try to rearrange their flights.Kerry yaxly, thank you very much for that update. The storm, as you heard, has made landfall. Stay with us for the next hour. We will have extended coverage of what is happening across the US as This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to our extended coverage on Nine News. Stay with us until 1pm today. We will have all of the details on the tropical storm battering the east coast of the US. This is what we know so far - super storm Sandy has made landfall on the New Jersey coast. The storm has claimed at least one American life - a 29-year-old man has been killed by a falling tree and there are reports of up to five fatalities related to the storm. The New York City Fire Fighter Headquarters in lower Manhattan has just been evacuated by boat and the US mayor is urging residents to stay indoors. Up to 10 million people are at risk of losing power. Just in the last few moments there are major developments in New York. I will bring Nine's Ross Greenwood in for more information. Plenty of stuff coming through on Twitter, Ross.There is. Clearly, this is important because there are many Australians who not only live in this region, but 800,000 Australians visit New York City on any given year. There will be a number of those people trapped in this situation, also power is pretty much out across the whole of the New York City. It is the extended areas that are clearly affected by these storm surges. All public transport into New York has now been suspended and it is a situation almost where we are here down around the Wall Street region. One of the key tunnels in the United States, in fact the longest under sea tunnel in the United States, the Brooklyn Tunnel that connected Brooklyn with Manhattan. That now apparently has been flooded. It is clearly one of the major avenues for people in Brooklyn to be able to come into Manhattan Island. On top of that LaGuardia Airport, the second airport for New York City has been closed with reports that runways have been flooded. Many parts of lower Manhattan, those areas around Wall Street and as even our correspondent on the ground, Denham Hitchcock, has been reporting, many parts of the centre of New York City are now experiencing these rather devastating floodwaters. So, as a result of this, you can only imagine the clean-up will be highly costly, but also the impact on even the US economy is going to be fairly significant.Yeah. We saw the whole financial centre in lockdown. The New York Stock Exchange, also the Nasdaq shut down. This hasn't happened since September 11.No, it hasn't. So it just shows how serious the

This program is not captioned.