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This program is captioned live. This morning - Barack Obama
declares a state of emergency as Hurricane Sandy
threatens 60 million Americans. The controversial plan to charge
Aussie holidaymakers a levy on international travel. And a Human Rights Commission study
finds women who complain
about sexual harassment at work could be making things worse.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. US President Barack Obama
has declared a state of emergency in several US states as Hurricane Sandy
churns towards the east coast. 60 million people are now bracing
for the monster storm, due to make landfall later today.

Violent waves powered by Hurricane
Sandy are crashing along the coast, already threatening homes. In Cape May, New Jersey, the rising
tide is burying streets in water. As the storm takes deadly aim on the heavily populated
north-east and mid-Atlantic states, officials are warning
the worst is yet to come. All the weather forecasts
of the past few days appear to be coming to pass, We are still expecting all of the
bad things we've been talking about to happen.

The monster storm
stretches more than 800 miles wide as it collides
with two winter weather systems. 60 million people are now
bracing for its force. Hope for the best
and expect the worst. Thousands in low-lying parts
of New York and New Jersey are under mandatory evacuations. Unfortunately, this is two years
in a row. Last year, I did the same thing
and...I kind of planned ahead. Public transportation has stopped, the New York City subway system
included. Throughout the north-east,
airports are closed and thousands of flights
are cancelled nationwide. The storm could dump wind and rain
for 36 hours, causing widespread power outages. I've already done the grocery
shopping, got the flashlight. You know, have a candles. Emergency supplies people will need
to bear a lingering Sandy. The Hurricane Sandy has
already ruined campaign plans for both US President Barack Obama
and his opponent, Mitt Romney, ahead of next Tuesday's US election. Both candidates have been forced
to cancel rallies in swing states that
are in the storm's path.

With the storm on its way, Governor
Romney headed away from the coast. He cancelled Sunday rallies
in Virginia and North Carolina, in the storm's path. Instead, he'll join Paul Ryan's bus
tour in Ohio. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people who will find
themselves in harm's way. President Obama earlied up
a Florida rally this morning then cancelled it altogether, along
with the rest of the day's events. He's headed back to Washington
to deal with Sandy. On Sunday,
the President met with FEMA - the Federal Emergency
Management Agency overseeing the government's plans
to help states and cities. We're going to cut through red tape, we're not going to get bogged down
with a lot of rules. In Florida, the President
told campaign workers turn-out's the key. Whoever is able to get
their voters out, they're the ones
who are going to win Florida. That could be tough
in states where Sandy is headed. Maryland has already cancelled
early voting today. Virginia, a battleground state, could see power outages
lasting until election day. Virginia is already planning to extend its hours
for absentee voting. Australians holidaymakers could
be forced to pay a travel levy to fund the cost of fellow Aussies
getting in trouble abroad. A parliamentary committee
has recommended a $5 levy on all international airfares as well as increasing
the cost of passports. The levy would be reduced for people
who take out travel insurance. There's been a 50% jump in the number of Australians
needing consular assistance in the past five years. A startling new report from the
Human Rights Commission has found women who speak out
about sexual harassment at work are more likely to be labelled
troublemakers by their colleagues. The number of women who've been
treated poorly and even demoted after complaining
about harassment at work has steadily increased
in the past decade. 80% of sexual harassment victims
are women and of those, women under 40
are most often targeted. It's been revealed
residents on the island of Nauru recruited to work at Australia's
recently re-opened detention centre are being paid
as little as $4 an hour. Around 70 locals have been employed as kitchen hands, guards
and maintenance workers. Australians working
at the same facility are being paid up to 10 times
as much. The revelation comes
after Julia Gillard last month criticised mining magnate
Gina Rinehart for suggesting Australians must compete
with Africans who are willing to work
for $2 per day. Vodafone workers will find out
by the end of this week whether they're to lose their jobs after the telco revealed plans
to slash its workforce by 10%. 500 positions will be cut
in the lead-up to Christmas with the company struggling
financially after losing one million customers. We're very concerned that the cut
in staff numbers at Vodafone will impact adversely
on customer service. Vodafone says it intends to
spend more money on infrastructure to keep its remaining customers
happy. Australia and the US will be able to exchange weapons
and defence technology more freely after the Senate passed
new trade legislation. The treaty means companies won't need to apply
for individual export licences for every application to the US while some items won't require
licences at all. The Government says the agreement will help deliver arms
to our troops faster. The Defence Force plans to replace or upgrade around 85%
of its equipment in the next decade. Two men are recovering
in a Melbourne hospital after a fatal light plane crash
near Bendigo. One passenger died when the single-
engine aircraft burst into flames while trying to land
in a private airfield around lunchtime yesterday. Unfortunately, on the way in
they've clipped a low hanging wire and yes the plane's flipped over
and landed on its roof. It's ignited shortly
after landing on its roof and there's not a great deal
of the aircraft left. Another passenger
is in a critical condition. The three men were believed to be
in their 60s. An inquest will continue today
into the death of a baby boy who was shunted between
five hospitals in three states. 3-month-old Elijah died
from meningitis in 2009. His mother claims
failures by the health system denied her son the chance
to beat the illness. While I can never bring him home
again, maybe we can get some changes so other children
and other families don't suffer. The inquest is focusing
on the treatment of Elijah at Pambula, Bega and Canberra
hospitals. Police in Perth are hunting a man who threw acid into the face
of a 66-year-old man during an attempted burglary
at his home. Peter Nelson is recovering after he was attacked
while asleep in front of his TV. He now has burns to half
of his body

and says if it wasn't
for his glasses, he'd be blind. The pain got worse and worse and
worse of the next 35 - 40 minutes until I was shaking
with the pain of it. Police believe the attacker
was after Mr Nelson's car. Cancer sufferers and people
with multiple sclerosis could soon have access to
the only cannabis-based painkiller on the market.

Australian doctors are testing
a new mouth spray to treat pain that doesn't respond
to regular painkillers. 49-year-old bone cancer patient
Carmine di Petta has been using the cannabis spray
for 11 days. Certainly don't feel stoned
or anything like that, no. What he does feel is relief - relief from the debilitating pain
caused by cancer in his shoulder. Pain not even morphine
could control. When you're in that much pain, anything that is suggested,
you're willing to try. The spray comes from
the cannabis plant but unlike illegal marijuana, it has an agent
that blocks the usual effects. So, they sleep better,
they experience less pain, they're more able to do the things
that they want to do. The worldwide trial
involves cancer patients from four Australian hospitals and is recruiting 540 participants. Doctors say

the chances of becoming addicted to
or overdosing on the cannabis spray are highly unlikely.

So far, the only side effects
for some patients has been nausea. Cannabis sprays
are already being used by multiple sclerosis patients
in several countries, including New Zealand. Cancer patients
wanting to take part in the trial should speak to their doctor. Police fear a bikie war
is escalating in Adelaide following the vicious bashing
of a Finks associate who was thrown off a cliff. After surviving the dive, the victim - who is known to police
as a gang member - told his rescuers he fell.

He was conscious, he was only
wearing a pair of boxer shorts. He had stated that he'd fallen. The man is recovering in hospital. Police say the incident is part
of an ongoing internal feud. Residents in Melbourne's east
are cleaning up after their street was flooded
by a burst water main that shot a spectacular water
spout 80 metres into the air. One couple was forced
to evacuate their home after 2 million litres of water
swamped the street drains. It just came pouring
down the street. Just like a river, like a river. It took Melbourne Water an hour
to bring the gusher under control. It's believed a faulty valve
was to blame. Now for your first look
at Tuesday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - retiring swimming champion
Geoff Huegill joins us live. But next on Seven Early News - a deadly typhoon
hits northern Vietnam. And why Australians are losing
the battle of the bulge.

The UN has admitted the situation
in Syria is worsening with some of the heaviest
air strikes since the country's conflict
began 19 months ago. Military jets have launched
an intense assault on rebel strongholds
in the capital of Damascus and a car bombing has claimed
at least 10 lives. The weekend's planned ceasefire
is now in tatters, forcing the UN-Arab League envoy
to find new solutions to the crisis. At least three people
have been killed after a typhoon battered
northern Vietnam, days after it caused widespread
destruction in the Philippines. Thousands of homes were damaged
and dozens of people were injured, when 180km/h winds brought
down powerlines and ripped roofs off houses. Heavy rain caused flooding, forcing thousands of people
to evacuate to higher ground. The storm has since been downgraded
to a tropical depression. Australians are losing
the battle of the bulge despite exercising more. New statistics show our waistlines have grown an average
1.9cm in the past four years with two out of three adults now
classified as overweight or obese. One fifth of all kids
aged between two and four also fall under
one of those categories. Doctors say the figures show
education about healthy eating needs to start
before primary school. Your first finance this Early News - US stock markets are closed as
New York braces for Hurricane Sandy.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the unprecedented alliance
to tackle rising electricity bills. But next on Seven Early News - young tennis star Bernard Tomic
in trouble with police again. And the fallout from Brad Haddin's
axing from the Australian test team.

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VOICEOVER: We all know that:

The future of this state
depends on it. Our kids are counting on it. But the O'Farrell Government is ripping the guts out of
TAFE colleges and public schools. And ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. When these kids can't get a job, are we gonna say, "We knew what
would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

Research shows us that to give
our kids a better education, we need to look
beyond the classroom.

School and community partnerships can have a huge impact
on young people and as the range of people
contributing to student learning increases, their confidence and skills
grow too. That's why over 300 partnerships have been supported
by NAB Schools First. Through education, we can all
build a better Australia. Visit our website to find out how.

The stories we're following
on the Early News - a state of emergency has been
declared in several US states as 60 million Americans brace
for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy due to make landfall later today. President Barack Obama is warning
of fatal consequences for those who aren't prepared. Australian holidaymakers
could be forced to pay a travel levy on international
airfares and passports to cover the costs of fellow Aussies
who get in trouble overseas. And a study by the Human Rights
Commission has found more Australian woman are being
victimised by their colleagues and in some cases even demoted for reporting sexual harassment
in the workplace. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Aussie captain Michael Clarke says dumping Brad Haddin
from the test team was one of the toughest decisions
he's had to make. Matthew Wade has been handed
the wicketkeeping duties for next week's series
opener against South Africa. And he's determined
to make the spot his own. Brad Haddin lifts the Champions
League trophy in Johannesburg. A few hours later in Sydney,
one of his best mates confirms he's been dumped as Australia's
first choice wicketkeeper. I've spoken to Brad and he certainly knows
this won't affect our relationship. Brad Haddin is a fine cricketer. Has represented Australia
with great distinction but Matthew Wade got his break. That came in the West Indies
in April. Matthew Wade scored a test century after Haddin gave up his place
to be home with his ill daughter. This certainly isn't the end
of his career, in my opinion. I think his batting, at the moment, is as good as anybody
in First Class cricket. I know he'll be pushing
for selection whether as wicketkeeper-batsman
or just a batsman. No direction from the selectors
how long I'm in. Obviously you've gotta perform
to stay in the team so that's what
I'll be looking to do. While selectors say Pat Cummins
isn't ready to play in a test match, team-mates say it's time to let
Mitchell Starc cut loose against South Africa. Him swinging that new ball as he is and the consistency
he's bowling with as well has been very impressive to watch. I think he's going to be a very big
handful for the South Africans. Starc was player of the tournament
with 14 Champions League wickets. I always love to having spin
in my team. Proud dad Ed Cowan has another
chance to cement his opening role against the world number one
South Africans. We obviously do arrive here
with the self-belief that we can perform well. At least Haddin has his share of the
Sixers' $2.5 million prize money. French stayer Americain
is into equal favourite for next week's Melbourne Cup following a sustained
betting plunge. The 2010 Cup winner has firmed
dramatically since connections sacked jockey
Gerald Mosse and replaced him with Damien Oliver. Caulfield Cup winner Dunaden
remains equal favourite, despite having to carry 59 kilos.

He's got top weight for a reason. His form is excellent. I believe he is a better horse than he was last year.

Glen Boss is hoping Gatewood
qualifies for the Melbourne Cup by taking out the Lexus Stakes
on Saturday. Aussie tennis star Bernard Tomic
is in trouble with the law again. He's under investigation
for an alleged brawl at a Gold Coast apartment complex. Police were called to break up a fight between Tomic
and a male friend in the early hours
of yesterday morning. Tomic's due in court next week to
face several minor driving charges stemming from a run-in with police
on Australia Day earlier this year. At the time,
the 20-year-old accused authorities of running a hate campaign
against him. ARL Commission chairman John Grant
is making no apologies for his lengthy search for a new CEO
to run the NRL. A strategic 5-year plan
to restructure the game has been unveiled,
featuring a new logo. But the plan is light on detail with a host of issues
still unresolved, including the salary cap. All the players want is, you know,
their fair share. We want to be paid what we're worth. The plan includes a $200 million
fighting fund for special projects. The career of comeback swimmer
Geoff Huegill is officially over. The 33-year-old retired
for the final time yesterday but won't be lost to the sport. He plans to mentor young swimmers in the lead-up to the 2016 Olympics
in Rio. Huegill's return to the pool became one of the most inspiring
stories in Australian sport. He lost 40 kilograms and went on
to claim gold in the butterfly at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Been a great role model, Skippy and he's coming up later in sfeeuz. Thank -- Sunrise. Thanks, Beretts, next the weather in your part of the country.


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Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country. Northerly winds will flow across New South Wales, Victoria
and South Australia bringing hotter conditions while a trough will continue
to bring a few showers and storms across parts of Queensland. In the west, a trough will bring
a light shower or two over southern WA. Around the capitals -

And that's Seven Early News
for this Tuesday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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