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This program is captioned live. Monster storm - Hurricane Sandy gets even stronger and is set to make landfall this morning. Mass evacuations, huge seas and flooding as the storm surge lashes the East Coast - we'll have full coverage throughout the morning. Tomic trouble - tennis star under police watch after an alleged Gold Coast brawl, Labor pains - Maxine McKew delivers the real story on the dumping of Kevin Rudd. Mega jackpot - Aussies line up to be $70 millions richer. And it's Holiday Tuesday - stay tuned for your chance to win the holiday of a lifetime! Good morning to you all across Australia. These are pictures just in from the US where Hurricane Sandy is due to make land fall in the next few hours, while we are on air. The storm surge has already begun. There are reports of flooding along many parts of the east coast of the United States. Now, authorities are reporting that the hurricane is gaining strength as it approachs the east coast and they are describing it as a once in a life time storm and we will have updates in just a moment. But first let's get a quick check of the local weather here in Australia.

local weather here in Australia.
Georgie Gardiner begins your hurricane coverage right now. Good morning to you.Good morning to you both and good morning to you. 50 million Americans are bracing for a life-threatening storm surge as Hurricane Sandy bares down on the United States' East Coast. Nine US Correspondent Denham Hitchcock joins us this morning. It has been dubbed the storm of a life time. Is she living up to the hype and when will Sandy make land fall?So far she certainly is. We have been talking about this for four days and every day seems to get worse. I am down at Battery Park in New York and over my left shoulder that is the statute of liberty shrouded in storm. We are right on the outer bands at the moment, still six to seven hours until Sandy is due to hit here. News is that she has strengthened. She is close to a category two hurricane and the size, believe it or not, has got bigger - around 3,000km wide stretching all the way from the Arctic Circles right down to the bottom tip of Florida. So this thing is huge. The water you see behind me, this is the big problem for New York and right along the east coast. They are expecting a storm surge of about 5m and you can see here this railing is only about 2m from the water's edge here. So right across here is expected to flood right into Lower Manhattan which is pretty much unprecedented and that is why everyone has been out today. You have had every mayor, every Governor, even President Obama has been speaking to people today because this could be an unprecedented storm. That is what they are calling it and it is breaking records in terms of the low pressure system in terms of the wave heights it is creating, in terms of the snow that it could even have on the outer bands. It will hit, six, seven possibly nine states. This thing is huge. The New York Stock Exchange shut down for the first time in 27 years. The message is very clear. It is almost too late now to get out. To make preparations if you are here, you are stuck here and the President spoke about that this morning.When they tell you to evacuate you need to evacuate. Do not delay. Don't pause, don't question. The instructions are being given and this is a serious storm and it could potentially have fatal consequences if people haven't acted quickly.Obviously this is having a huge impact on New York subway and tunnels have been closed, airports are shut. Is it causing chaos for flights around the world? What is the latest on that front? Yeah, it certainly is. This storm that big that almost everything has been disrupted. Ferry, buses, the subway system here, the biggest subway in the world all shut down. 7 to 9 million people will not be travelling on this system for the next three to four days. More than 7,500 flights so far have been grounded. That is only going to get worse and that is not only domestic flights but international flights as well. The Amtrak trains, the high-speed train, 300 of those. Virtually everything is going to come to a stand still from here to New York all the way through.It is feared that lives might have already been lost. There has been a dramatic rescue off the cost of Carolina. What can you tell us about that?There has been dramatic pictures off the coast... Two boats have been caught out in this storm and bear in mind that yesterday they had waves of 15m. They are now up to about 20m. So those swell heights of 20m, that is frightening to be out there. One of those two boats, the HMS Bounty, it is one of those... Vessels and that had about 17 people on board. 14 were rescued, 16 on board and 14 were rescued so two of those men on board... The ship sank. Everybody on board jumped into those special life suits that they have and they.... There is a search going on as we speak for those other two but if they don't find them, the helicopters will have to turn around and come back. They don't have...Not surprisingly the storm is impacting on our cross there with Denham Hitchcock but we will be crossing back to him throughout the course of the morning. Now to other news. The front section of a home in Sydney's north-west has been destroyed, after a fire erupted there overnight. The blaze at Carlingford was put out early this morning - police say an elaborate hydroponic set-up was found inside. A large number of what's believed to be cannabis plants were also discovered. No-one was home at the time of the fire. Her book has caused headaches in Canberra and divided politicians - all before being published. Now Maxine McKew has justified writing about the ousting of former prime minister Kevin Rudd in her new book. She says the reality of the 2010 coup was more complex than the version presented to the public. Given the drama of the way these things play out, very high stakes, Emma, there are victors and others have their fixed positions but what we have had in the public arena so far is only one version of events. I think that it is a simplistic view. I have told a much more complex story.Ms McKew says she challenges the idea of a spontaneous uprising, saying Mr Rudd's leadership was being progressively destabilised. Prime Minister Julia Gillard maintains she only decided to challenge the leadership the night before the caucus meeting. The lawyer for Bernard Tomic says no charges have been laid against his client, following reports the tennis star turned on police during a fight at Surfers Paradise. News Limited says there was an altercation between Tomic and a friend at a hotel around 5:30 yesterday morning. When police arrived, the pair was reportedly separated before Tomic became agitated with officers. Lawyer Chris Nyst says as far as he's aware, Tomic hasn't committed any offences and no charges have been laid. The 20-year-old is due to face court next week, after driving his BMW in breach of special licence conditions. It could be three months before a Melbourne family is able to return to their home, after a water main erupted causing severe damage to the property. Up to two million litres of water rocketed to the sky in Glen Waverley yesterday - the force so great it blew off a 50kg cage protecting the mains. The Yap family spent last night in a serviced apartment - paid for by Melbourne Water. Officials say a faulty air valve was to blame.We have a very rigorous program in place to inspect these and maintain these valves and as I said, sometimes these rare events do happen. It is understood that Melbourne water will offer compensation to those affected. Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu says an offer by the Federal Government to provide only half the broadband bandwidth emergency services crews need during major disasters, is unacceptable. Mr Baillieu says the Prime Minister should overturn the ruling, because it doesn't provide teams with the capacity they need to communicate. More bandwidth would allow helicopters and crews at a fire to broadcast vision of the scene back to control centres. The Federal Attorney General has hit back - saying Labor was investing $100 million in the plan and that the Premier has put no money forward. The Prime Minister's Asia white paper could cost more than $10 billion to make a reality and take more than 15 years to see some results. A leading vice-chancellor says billions will need to be pumped into Australian universities to get another five institutions into the global top ten. And the plan to bring four priority Asian languages to schools could cost up to $100 million. But Australian business leaders say it's an important step in connecting better with the growing Asia market. Language is a key to culture which is a key to understanding, promotes peace, prosperity and trade. That is what bewant in this country we want to be closer to having a world that is free from war and conflict and Australia is benefiting. The Government yesterday sparked anger, saying states will be denied education funding under the Gonski model if they don't offer at least one priority Asian language. Well, by tonight somebody could be $70 million richer. Millions of Oz Lotto tickets are expected to be sold ahead of tonight's division one draw, with lotteries officials expecting thousands of entries a minute to be processed between 4 and 5pm. Newsagents say they've been rushed off their feet as customers get in for their chance. It's estimated about one in three Australian adults will enter the draw. Let's look at the markets now. Wall Street is closed today due to Hurricane Sandy, such is the impact.

Hurricane Sandy, such is the impact.
Two of Singapore's newest residents are settling into their new home. Two giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, arrived at Singapore Zoo in September and this was the first peek of the pair in their new enclosure. They're housed in the zoo's River Safari, along with other endangered animals from their native China. The pair will spend a decade in their $8.5 million pad as part of a loan from a wildlife conservation. They have obviously found a stash of bamboo, everyone is happy.It looks like it is national pirate day.It does a little bit. Do you think they come without smudged NASCAR rafpltI don't think they do. That is why they are becoming extinct. Let's have a look at the national fly around, the weather here far less considerable than the United States at the moment.

at the moment.
Let's see what Ben has in store for sport.Test cricket about to return to Australia, next week in fact against South Africa. The count down to that is officially on and the count down to the Melbourne Cup is well and truly under way. Her cane shaping up as favourite. All of the sports -- her This program is not captioned.

right after we come back.Welcome back to the show. Lots happening. Let's start with the front pages. First up in the Adelaide 'Advertiser' - "Perfect storm". Millions of Americans are bracing for the arrival of a huge hurricane which is threatening

for the arrival of a huge hurricane
which is threatening cities along the East Coast, including New York, New Jersey and Boston. The 'Courier Mail' says more than 375,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying coastal areas in New York to escape the hurricane, which has already claimed 66 lives. Back home and the 'West Australian' reports the Gillard Government will today move to enact a plan aborted by Jjohn Howard six years ago that would strip rights from asylum seekers who reach Australia by boat. The 'Australian' says realising the education ambitions contained in the Government's Asia white paper could cost billions, with a leading academic saying the Government would have to find an extra $10 billion a year in funding. 'The Age' reports a Victorian school's decision to become the first state primary school to teach Hindi has been vindicated by the white paper, with Hindi one of the most spoken languages in the world. The 'Daily Telegraph' says heartbroken mother Sandra Bernobic is searching for answers at a coronial inquiry after her baby Elijah contracted meningitis and died when he was just 4 months old. The Hobart 'Mercury' reports Tasmanians are being urged to get themselves into shape, after a damning report found they are getting fatter, exercising less, not eating enough fruit and vegetables and drinking alcohol at dangerous levels. And finally, "Super mum to the rescue" - the 'Herald Sun' features baby Ziggy with mum Page and paramedic Belinda who brought him back from the brink an astounding

who brought him back from the brink
an astounding 11 times after he went into cardiac arrest.Great job. Sport time now.Good morning all. Let's get into the cricket first of all. Australia could go with an all pace attack in next week's first test against South Africa at the Gabba. Quicks Peter Siddle and James Pattinson were both named in the 12-man squad - recovering from injury. While Matthew Wade was selected as keeper - replacing Brad Haddin behind stumps. Haddin is still in the mix as back-up keeper, if Wade becomes injured heading into the second test. But selectors went with the 24-year-old, following his recent hot form that included a maiden test century against the West Indies back in April.No direction from the selectors how long I am in. Obviously you have to perform to stay in the team so that is what I will be looking to do.One thing I have said since taking over the captaincy and becoming a selector, no Shrek sun that I have any impact on will be personal. It is all about what is best for the team. After arriving in Sydney on Sunday, South Africa will train in the harbour city before playing Australia at the SCG on Friday. With the cricket season now in full swing, football continues to make the headlines. Just days after being traded to Richmond from the Kangaroos, Aaron Edwards was fined by police at the weekend for being drunk in a public place. No charges were laid, but still, not the ideal start he had in mind when switching clubs.Yeah, it is obviously sad to leave north but a new chapter in my footy career and I am really looking forward to it.Meantime, Pies ruckman Cameron Wood was among five de-listings at Collingwood. Contract conflictions could hamper the return of Sonny Bill Williams to the NRL next season. The rugby convert returns to Australia this week, but his agent, Koder Nasser, refuses to register as his agent and despite league bosses wanting him, Sonny Bill can't sign a deal unless Nasser is approved by the NRL.Boy he is looking fit, isn't he. We are waiting to get an approach from the Roosters and it needs to be according to the process that we have in place, that has been adopted forever.And if is it not? I guess we will deal with that then. It comes after the game's commission unveiled its plan for rugby league across the next five years. They hope to increase club membership to 400,000 and boost average attendance for games to 20,000 spectators. The rebranding also included a new-look green and gold NRL logo.Many are pointing out it looks very much like the Cricket Australia logo. The countdown is on for the race that stops the nation, with the Melbourne Cup just one week away. 2010 winner Americain has replaced Dunaden as favourite, with Damien Oliver announced as jockey. The French stayer stepped out at Werribee, along with fellow international Galileo's Choice. Irish trainer Dermott Weld won't arrive until Cup eve, so son Mark is running the operation.Look, it is great to be back. It is great to have a runner in the race. You kind of miss when you don't - it makes the winter very long at home - and, look, it is fantastic a little bit of luck and he won't be far away. Not long to wait now. The Cup Carnival kicks off with Derby Day on Saturday. And the champagne is flowing for major league baseball team the San Francisco Giants - clinching the World Series with a 4-nil sweep against the Detroit Tigers. It's the Giants second title in three years, but the way they celebrated you'd think it was their first. Have a look at how happy they are. Look at that!! San Francisco going berserk while on the other side of the country they are all waiting and hoping that this hurricane isn't as bad -Such a nervous time. I have never seen a particular hurricane that big before.Yeah.Yasi was big and this is at least twice the size of this. I have a mate in New York and he says it is nervous, kids are going to school and everyone is staying inside and shut down.Hard to know that it is shutting down a big city like that.The storm surge will be a real problem and we will continue to cover it right throughout the morning this morning. Meantime, let's check in on the weather on the local front.

the local front.
After the break all the Hollywood gossip with Richard Reid who is on the right side of the coast as well this morning. I know you are all nervous. Do you you have some decent news to cheer us up?Perhaps. It could be a jaw dropper. Is Ashton Kutcher about to become a dad? That is right, Mila Kunis, does she have a bun in the oven? Well, you be the judge. That is coming up. This program is not captioned.

coming up.
This is a terrific day, Holiday Tuesday. It is back. We have a $40,000 scenic tour voucher to give away. The only problem is the music!! You could go to the Rockys and it is one of a dozens fabulous holidays. It is all thanks to scenic tours. All you need to do is pick up phone within five rings and say "I wake up with Today".To register for the draw call or SMS your details don't forget all the calls are made live on Australian eastern daylight saving time.We will be making that massive $40,000 phone call a little bit later in the show. Meantime, come up with a song for us. Carly Ray Jetson - anything.What is that?The other song that you hate. SONG:# But here's my number # So call me maybe# I think that was U2 in the early days, mucking around in the garage.Yeah, I am hearing you.Let's go to Hollywood Richard Reid is with us and he has lots of stuff for us today. You have a Hollywood baby shock there. Ashton Kutcher and his girl r they expecting?Well, I just want everyone out there to be the judge. Mila Kunis spotted out yesterday with Ashton Kutcher - I am telling you, I am no doctor but that looks like a baby bump to me. OK, it could be a burrito, it could have been a big breakfast, I don't know, but it really looks like - come on!! It looks like a little something. Mila's spokesperson says no way is she pregnant but this is from the couple who denied they were in a relationship for the first six months they were together. Obviously early day, but gee, could we get a little percentage out of you?I am going to say 36%.36%. That is low.You think that is low? We are jotting that down and we will bring that up a little bit later on. Tom Cruise get as visitor he wasn't expecting. Talk about risky business, huh?Oh, it was high drama at the Cruise mansion. An intruder - people thought the guy was trying to break into Tom Cruise's Beverley Hills mansion. Curt was called. They tasteed the guy, he fell to the ground. It turns out he is a 41-year-old male model from Australia who lives next door. Sorry about that - I guess he was on the grog! He got confused he said. Cops were called, he was arrested but a little drama.Anyone can make a mistake. Finally, Richard, 15-second story - Justin Bieber inks up again, what this time?OK, it is tatoo number eight if anyone is counting out there. Here it is. We are going to unveil it. It is an owl. Why an owl? Justin says you know those owls, they are so wise beyond their years - like me. So there you go.What is that body part, I can't work it out?CalfWhere is -It is his forearm.It is a calf muscle. It is hard to tell.We will leave it with you. Thank you, more later.Get out of here!!Coming up this hour on Today - on approach, Hurricane Sandy set to make land fall. Schools, transport, Stock Exchange, the whole things shuts down.And Helen hunt returns to the silver screens in 'The Sessions' and it is generating a lot of buzz in Hollywood.I love that. Let's get the news now with Georgie Gardiner. Good morning. 50 million Americans are on high alert bracing for a life-threatening super storm set to lash the East Coast. Authorities have already warned Sandy could leave a trail of destruction worse than Hurricane Katrina.As if Hurricane Sandy wasn't big enough already, overnight she strengthened, now nearing a category 2. And the size - more than 3,000km wide stretching from Bermuda to the Arctic Circle.Will is going to be a big storm, a difficult storm. The great thing about America is when we go through tough times like this we all pull together.Even though she is still far off the coast, flooding already in Virginia and New Jersey and setting records in almost every other category for a storm. Pressure, size, rainfall and now expected snow.This is not a time to be a show off. This is not a time to be stupid.Waves of close to 20m are now being recorded. The storm surge expected to cause the worst damage. Sandy to hit on a full moon, high tide - the worst combination. There are fears Lower Manhattan could flood. The subway could suffer heavy damage from salt water. More than 7,000 flights along the east coast cancelled. Amtrak trains are parked. Buses and ferries all cancelled. They are calling this a once in a generation event. Some believe the damage could even be worse than Katrina. A bill of more than $100 billion. Tennis star Bernard Tomic is in the headlines again - this time over an alleged incident at a Surfers Paradise hotel. Nine's Joel Dry joins us this morning. Joel, what more can you tell us?Bernard Tomic finds himself in the papers but again not for his tennis. News limited are reporting that in the early hours of yesterday morning he was partying at this hotel behind me in Surfers Paradise when he got into a fight with another man in the hotel spa. Now, when police arrived on the scene it is claimed he became agitated and confrontational and had to remind police of exactly who he was. No charges have been laid but it is not a good look for the 20-year-old. He is just days away from facing a Gold Coast magistrate on a string of driving charges including evading police and this all comes on top of a pretty lacklustre season on the court. You would imagine that it is no doubt a year he would likely like to forget. Alright, Joel Dry on the Gold Coast. Thank you. A Perth father has suffered horrific burns to his body and face in a sickening home invasion. 66- year-old Peter Nelson was asleep when a man broke into his home and doused him with acid early yesterday morning.The pain got worse and worse and worse over the next 35 minute, 40 minutes until I was shaking with the pain of it. The intruder stole car keys from the home. Police have described the attack as vicious and cowardly. Former Labor MP Maxine McKew has defended the debate surrounding her new book which details the ousting of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. Despite the controversy it's caused in Canberra, she says the public has only heard one version of events.Many people at the 2010 election felt that there democratic decision had been taken from them. If they were going to punish Rudd, if they thought that he deserved to be punished for policy errors, then they wanted to make that judgment themselves. Ms McKew also labelled Ms Gillard's takeover as an extreme act and says the consequences are still being felt within the Labor Party. Australians heading overseas could be slugged a new travel levy to meet the soaring cost of people getting into trouble in foreign countries. A parliamentary committee has suggested adding as little as $3 to every airline ticket, to help fund the growing number of consular cases handled by Australian diplomats.

Australian diplomats. In the past five years, the number of requests for help for welfare issues, medical emergencies and for people who've been arrested, has jumped 50% to 200,000 cases a year. More and more Aussie mums are turning to Facebook with research revealing some are using it for up to three hours a day. A new study has found that mothers are using the social networking site to stay in touch with family and friends as well as market their business. But they aren't multi-tasking while looking after the kids. Most of the mums surveyed log in once their children are asleep from 8 o'clock. Now to finance and in the US the markets are closed because of the Hurricane Sandy.

Let's get all the sport now, over to you, Ben.Let's do it. Australian Rugby League Commission chairman John Grant has refused to put a time-frame on the appointment of a new CEO. The Commission unveiled its 5-year plan for the game, which included boosting membership and attendance figures, but there was no word of a new boss following the departure of David Gallop in June. It is has been a while now. South African skipper Graeme Smith admits he doesn't know what to expect in the first test next week. The post-apartheid Proteas have never played at the Gabba.We are very focused on the immediate challenge and we believe that if we can perform well here this will be a big stepping stone. Hopefully that opportunity to take a step forward of holding that number one ranking.It is a great accent, isn't it? The last time Australia lost a test in Brisbane was way back in 1988 against the West Indies. Injured fly-half Quade Cooper has begun pre-season training with the Reds. But that'll take a back seat when he fronts an ARU Code of Conduct hearing in Sydney tomorrow after labelling the Wallabies playing environment as "toxic".So you are not condoning anything but it needs to be sorted now and I think that is what we will get so it is good it is coming to a head.The Reds also unveilled their only signing for next season - former Brumbies big man Jono Owen. He seems to be doing that quite easily. It is a worry the story around Bernard Tomic this morning. 20 years of able and he has had all of these dramas. Only accusations or allegations that the point but the worrying thing is that what the police said that when he turned up he said, "You know who I am, don't you?". It is a chip of a shoulder thing there. It is a worry.Yeah, it is a problem.He is only 20.He is just a young fella.Let's give him until 21. Coming up on Today we could be calling you with a $40,000 voucher on Holiday Tuesday. And we are going to show you how to maximise your chance to win the $70 million Oz Lotto draw. And Will Smith goes back to a surprise performance of 'The Fresh Prince'. That is in the most clicked. That is coming up.Right now let's see what the weather is doing around the country this morning. Good morning, Steve.G'day to you Lisa it is cricket season again and nobody could be more excited than these kids. They are taking part in the Milo intercricket program for kids 5 to 10. Last year over 50,000 kids took part and today they are honing their skills for a game or two. We will just check the pitch out this morning - yes, I think it will be a dry, fast pitch today because the kids are pretty excited. Let's take a look at the weather at your place today.

Can Milo intercricket program has given us some major cricketing superstar like Michael clerk and mit stark stark. You want to get those ones right. -- Mitchell Starc. He is going to be joining us today to have a little bit of a pit. But Karl and selais you have to work out what this thing is and I will tell you in a little while.Fordo knew what that was straightaway.I think Stevie is going to be blown out of that in a little while. Let's hope so. After the break the east coast of America in lockdown. We are live to the US as the storm of a life time closes This program is not captioned. Mate, have a chat to RAMS. Their home loan experts are
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of a life time closes in.
Welcome back to the show. These are the pictures just in from Delaware, where Hurricane Sandy is due to make land fall in just a few short hours. Residents are bracing for a wall of twaert of up to 4m high. Now, we are hearing that the storm surge is already higher than it was when hurricane Irene made landfall last year. President Obama has cancelled all campaigning so the government is ready to respond. He addressed the media a little earlier this morning.This is going to be a big storm, it is going to be a difficult storm. The great thing about America is when we go through tough times like this we all pull together. I am confident that we are ready but I think the public needs to prepare for the fact that this will take a long time for us to clean up. The good news is we will clean up and we will get through this.President Obama there, just a short time ago. Meantime, Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock filed this report a little earlier. As if Hurricane Sandy wasn't big enough already. Overnight she strengthened now nearing a category 2. And the size - more than 3,000km wide stretching from Bermuda to the Arctic Circle. This is going to be a big storm and a different storm. The great thing about America is we all pull together. Even though she is still far off the coast flooding already in New Jersey and setting records in every other category for a storm - pressure, sides, rainfall and now expected snow.This is not a time to be a show off. This is not a time to be stupid.Waves of close to 20m are now being recorded. The storm surge expected to cause the worst damage - Sandy to hit on a full moon, high tide. The worst combination. There are fearing that Lower Manhattan could flood and the subway could suffer heavy damage from salt water. More than 7,000 flights along the east coast cancelled. Trains are parked, buses and ferries all cancelled. They are calling this a once in a generation event. Some believe the damage could even be worse than Katrina - a bill of more than $100 billion. The stats are stacking up. New York City is in lockdown and there are many Australians bunkering down today. Aussie expat Wendy Liebmann is one of them and she joins me via Skype. Good morning to you. Good afternoon your time. Your apartment overlooked the Hudson and the Battery Park, the entire evacuation area, what are you seeing at the moment?It is hard to see a lot, Karl. The fog has come in and the rain, so I usually can see the statute of liberty out the window and where the World Trade Center used to be and that is very hard to see at the moment. But we do see the wave, really lots of white caps. A few people still out but very few and lots of wind - flagging flapping, trees flapping. Winds really causing the rain to go horizontal at the moment. There has been so much talk about the New York sound and the Hudson and the Atlantic all crossing paths and then coming into one singular area and flooding those zones. You are in zone B just outside of zone A which has been evacuated. Have you considered leaving and what are you being told?No, we haven't been. We used to be in zone A when Irene was here but now fortunately we are in zone B. We have been told just to stay in the apart, the ground floors could be a problem. We are right across the road from the River sore that is a bit of an issue but we have been told to stay safe and sound and not be foolish and try to get out and take pictures. New Yorkers are hardy bunch as you would know, and the city has been in lockdown, schools are shut, transportation is closed A whole lot of things, must be fairly nervous for New Yorkers no matter how hardy they RI think that is true. Last night when the Governor of the State announced that all of the public transportation would be closed and that was at 7 o'clock last night I think it really hit everybody they were before having serious about that. From our office we closed immediately at that point and said stay home and stay safe. So, yeah, New Yorkers are pretty hardy but that was pretty clear that we couldn't be fool hardy this time. Just in terms of supplies as well, we are seeing people going into the shops and the shops have been emtid, in terms of getting the flys and getting around we don't know how long it is going to go on for, there is some uncertainty there. That is absolutely true so last night we went out for a quick dinner before we knew we would be locked in and at the local convenience store people were getting last-minute supplies, battery, waters and things like that. The polices were going up a little bit which wasn't nice but for us it was mainly having plenty of water incase you need to flush the loos and make coffee an things like that. People are trying to be sensible and are now hunkering down. How long do you think you going to have to do that? Because authorities are saying it could be at least a couple of days and if there is extensive flooding f there are problems with infrastructure, it might go on for quite some time? Yeah, I think that is that is one of the things. When they said no work today, no schools today, I know our feeling in my family, my husband and I thought there is a couple of days in this because the if the subways are not working, if the buses and the public transport isn't working it will take a long time to get that back wrefplt at least anticipating another couple of days until we all get a bit stir crazy, right. Yeah, you will, but as long as you are safe. 50 million people affected by all of this. Really good to talk to you and we love it if we can remain in dact with you while we can.Absolutely. Happy to do it. Karl, all the best. That is Wendy Liebmann in New York and with he be crossing and from to her throughout the this storm. After after the break, a bit of a change of move and meet loaf has done it again. This program is not captioned. Bye, Luke!
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Welcome back to the show. More of that US storm coverage coming up but right now it is time for Most Clicked. At number one there is a new diet doing the round that will literally scare the fat out of you. Cool.It has been dubbed the horror film diet and involves amping up your daily dose of horror films like this cult classic, 'Jaws'. MOVIE REEL: Now!! Shoot!!I don't know about you but I feel like I have just been for a run.Me, too, like 20 push ups. Burning a horror film burns 114 calories the equivalent of doing a 30-minute walk. The 'the shining' took out the top place. You will burn 161 calories during 'Jaws' and watching the 'Exor citizen' will burn a meagre 88cal bys. -- calories. Does the popcorn negate it?The chock top certainly does.We have seen what happens when Meatloaf goes bad, right? SING: # I would do anything for love...#How good is that!! Yes!! Now he is back with another one, well now it is tracking online and this time at an endorsement rally for Mitt Romney. He did not need this.

this.Just watch Mitt move away from him. MOVIE REEL: From sea to shining sea!!How do you know that is garth Brooks.It could be just a guy in a country hat.If he has a hat it has to be Gareth Brooks or Billy Ray Cyrus.It could be Keith Urban.At number three there this is a cat that just loves to chill out and watch cartoons.

watch cartoons.
Watches 'Top Cat' Georgie.It looks like 'Lion King' or 'Madagascar'. Have a look at this, this is dogs at a popular party game. SONG:# Jump for my love # Jump in # Feel my touch # Jump # If you want to take my kisses in night...#There you go, news, sport and weather is next and we will have more from the US and Hurricane Sandy causing havoc. Another update after this. This program is not captioned. How about some music?

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This program is not captioned. Presenting Macca's new
Serious Angus Burger with a new home-style beef patty
made with garlic, parsley, onion and 100% Aussie Angus. And your old
Angus favourites have gotten serious too. (McDONALD'S THEME)

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after this.
Welcome back to the Today Show. We have full coverage of Hurricane Sandy as it barrels towards the east coast of America due to make landfall in just a few hours time A lot of activity on social media this morning with Aussies in New York. If you want to get them to send us a tweet or an email or photo we can get that to air. So many Aussies involved and there are 50 million that are potentially in the loin of this thing so it is a very big story.It certainly so with the latest on all of that here is Georgie.Good morning. Millions of people along America's eastern seaboard are bracing for what's predicted to be one of the most life-threatening storms the United States has seen, as Hurricane Sandy moves closer to landfall. The super-storm strengthened overnight and is now generating winds of up to 150km/hr.This is going to be a big storm. It is going to be a difficult storm. The great thing about America is when we go through tough times like this we all pull together. We look out for our friends, we look out for our neighbours and we set aside whatever issues we may have otherwise to make sure that we respond appropriately and with swiftness and ha is exactly what I anticipate is going to happen here. Sandy is picking up pace and due to reach landfall in a few hours time. Tens of thousands of flights have been cancelled around the world as the storms wreak havoc on transport networks. Meanwhile, there are fears for two crews members still missing after they were forced to abandon their ship, the HMS Bounty, in waters off North Carolina. The US Coast Guard managed to pluck 14 crew members to safety. And we have some pictures just coming into the newsroom.

newsroom. A crane is hanging off the side of a 300m tall building in Manhattan - the luxury apartment block is currently under construction. We understand surrounding buildings have been evacuated - at that height, the winds are up to 160km/hr. Once construction is complete the tower will be New York's tallest residential building. Now to other news. A woman's been killed and four people hurt after two cars collided in Melbourne's north-west. Both cars were badly damaged as they slammed into each other in Plumpton, just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon. A passenger in the sedan was killed, while the driver and another passenger suffered serious injuries. The driver of the wagon wasn't injured but a boy, who was also in that vehicle, suffered minor injuries. Authorities made quite an unexpected discovery after fighting a blaze at a home in Sydney overnight. Amelia Ballinger has the details for us this morning. Just tell us what did they find? Well, Georgie, through the course of fighting this fire at about 1 o'clock this morning emergency services discovered an elaborate hydroponic set-up, irrigation and cannabis plants in every room of this house. The fire caused damage to the front of the house and the rear of the house as well as blowing a whole hole in the roof and they believe that the fire might have been caused by an electrical fault and they are also investigating whether the people living here were stealing electricity from the grid. The house does appear to be occupied but police are not sure who has been living here yet.Thank you very much. Most Australians will hoping today is their lucky day, ahead of tonight's $70 million Oz Lotto draw. It's best to get in early if you haven't already bought your ticket - officials are expecting long queues at newsagencies around the country. It's estimated about one in three Australian adults will enter the draw. Now to finance in the US. The Dow Jones is closed due to Hurricane Sandy.

to Hurricane Sandy.
Well some call it extreme, most call it craze zi. But daredevils have taken to the skies of Singapore for the city's first FlugTag challenge. 38 different contraptions took off from the makeshift runaway in the event which is described as art meeting poor engineering. Contestants are judged on flight distance, creativity and show manship. Ten points for the Singapore Sling, hey. I understand that is where the new boss of the Today Show is currently holidaying. That could be me. Good on you. Up to mischief on your holiday.Don't you love the optimism of the people who do that? Hopefully it is not a sign of where we are going. They get up to some cookj stuff, that is for sure. Australia could go with an-all pace attack in next week's first test against South Africa. Not long now - only a week away. Skipper Michael Clarke says he prefers having a spinner his side, but that'll depend if the Gabba wicket shows any signs of being a green-top pitch. Clarke also admitting it was a tough call axing veteran wicket- keeper Brad Haddin for the 24-year- old Matthew Wade. 2010 Melbourne Cup winner Amercain has replaced Dunaden as favourite for next week's race that stops the nation. The French stayer firming with bookies to $5.50 following the announcement of Damien Oliver as jockey. Oliver has a good record with international horses in the Cup - famously riding Media Puzzle to success in 2002 and Doriemus back in '95. Sonny Bill Williams time. What is happening in his world? Contract issues could hamper the return of SBY - do we call him that? No, SBI - no, W. His agent Koder Nasser refuses to register as his agent and despite league bosses wanting him in the game, Sonny Bill can't sign a deal unless Nasser is approved by the NRL.How good would bit to have the Roosters sign up Susilo Bambang Yudoyono in the back line.That would go great. Let me show you a some T signs. Look at this, this is from a holiday in tuskon any.They are very big in Tuscany.Big with theal leans as well.Keep the Halloween pictures coming in as well ahead of tomorrow. Informative minutes Helen hunt's risky return to the big screen.And it is Holiday Tuesday, you could win a $40,000 voucher. And the students becoming Santa's little helpers for a very good reason - they are packing gifts up for our diggers. A great story. Yeah. Right now it is time for the weather with Stevie.Good morning, we are down at Coogee oval in Sydney. This is Australia's entry level participation program. It has been the first step on the cricket pathway for hundreds of thousands of Aussies right through for 21 years - for girls and boys. We are going to have some fun this morning and tell you how you can join us. First let's see what is happening with the weather.

We have Elise from the come bank stars here today. Michael Clarke coming down. Young kids get the chance to be mentored by great cricketers and it is not only about learning cricket, it is about having fun and learning social skills. We might just find a star cricketer up here like young Anthony who is going to bowl me down some heat. Show us what you have got!! Get ready to run, big fella. That had a bit of swing on it - how old are you?11.You are too old for the program - no wonder!! I can't play against big kids.Take your bat and ball and go home!!I have seen worse.We will have a chat to him later and a we might get you in with the bat and see what you can do. Come on, mate, fire it down. Michael Clarke Australian captain facing an 11- year-old. Right into the sun. Show us what you have got. A bit of swing.Here we go.Well played. Leading edge.He has had a bit more practice.Entertainment now with Richard Wilkins.We were in good hands with the skipper. It is a bold role for Helen hunt playing a therapist helping a disabled This program is not captioned.

"the sessions".
Good morning again. Well the end of the jeer is- I am not getting much help here this morning. And for movie studios that means its time to pull out the big guns in the lead up to awards season. Today we zoom in on a film that has had rave reviews, has an impressive line up of stars, but is - I must say - a little risque. It's called 'The Sessions'. MOVIE REEL: Picture yourself as a 6-year-old boy. Do you blame him for getting polo?It is based on the real-life story of mark O'Brian, a poet paralysed by polio. MOVIE REEL: I am a very private person. This therapy is about you. At the age of 38 his one wish is to experience love and intimacy bringing the character to the big screen actor John HawksIt was the physical side of Mark's being which included learning to type with a mouth stick, make telephone calls, I wanted to make that second nature so I could approach the role like any other role.Helping on his journ any academy award winner, Helen hunt. MOVIE REEL: When you are ready we will get you in some body awareness exercises.What are body awareness exercises?I believeed in the movie. I believed in the value of giving people an hour-and-a-half where they can take a break from all the weirdness we all have around sexuality.So how was it working on such intimate scenes?I felt vulnerable. He felt vulnerable. The situation was all about vulnerability so I think we - I certainly felt that way.We were not rehearsed. We were unfamiliar, awkward. There is humour within all of that that is just going to come out and we were unafraid. The irony is it is his priest who encourages him to attend the sessions.I understand you would like me to hear your confess.It is not exactly a confession I haven't yet done the deed. I was hoping to get one in advance.It is a lovely dilemma to play this goal Guy who the respective of the church and yet he steps off the reservation a bit to make the right decision. He is a good guy.What is also special is that Aussie righter director Ben Llewyn is a polo sur voov solicitor himself and he is chuffed to win the award at the Sundance festival. I wish I could bottle it and take a sniff every time I needed. It is a charmed event. Everyone should have one of those in their life.Whilst it is delicate subject matter there is definitely something in it for everyone.Ben told me at the first meeting that he didn't want Mark to be either victim or saint which is the way that disabled people are often played but a guy who could be a human being, warts and all. I think when you can make people laugh you are able to make them feel things in a real way and you don't have to sledge hammer the sentiment on top of that. It makes it a really entertainment mix and then you throw in nudety with beautiful Helen hunt and that is not such a bad combo.I think this is a bad ideaI I have you have done a great thing.I was ready to offer comfort to the forlorn.I would like to hear it.Love is a journey.I like it alright.That is it - that is all I have got. He is a great actor, isn't he? It is called 'The Sessions' and it is out in a fortnight. A controversial film but getting a lot of Oscar buzz.It looking very intense. There are some light moments as well.It looks a bit like the 'The untouchables'.Apart from all the differences...But still a good movie.We are mixing it up today. Sorry we made you laugh during your intro, but on wards and upwards. Coming up after 7 we are live to the US where Hurricane Sandy has left a crane hanging pre-care rusely on a New York high rise building.Cities are in lockdown this morning with the hurricane due to make landfall in the next few hours. This program is not captioned. right after this.
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city. To enter:
Now here is Ross. Good morning to you all. Do not underestimate the impact of Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the east coast of United States. It is twice the size of Yasi. Its front almost 1500km wide and the east coast of the United States is more than 50 million people and all of that infrastructure it gives you an idea of the scale of the potential problem. So today subsways closed, schools closed, the New York Stock Exchange closed. Now think back to Yasi which fortunately hit a sparsely populated part of Australia but it still had a massive im%. Around half a per cent of our annual GDP lost. Our fruit and vegetable prices soared. We all paid for it. Something twice the size in a heavy populated area with so many businesses there have a massive ipbgt pact on the US and the global economy as well. This just as time when the US is showing signs of recovery. Also to note that Australian insurers recovering from disasters here are vulnerable to big disasters such as this. All insurers cover each other but QBE has a big US book and Deutsche Bank says it losses could run into the tens of millions of dollars and that is just another way we will pay.That is a really interest point you make considering the stocks exchange was closed today just in terms of international confidence, it will be a big issue not just in the coming days but weeks.And remember the debts of the United States as well, therefore the confidence of the US to pick up the rest of the world's economy is absolutely vital and so this could not have come at any worse time. OK, let's hope that they somehow escape all of that damage. It doesn't look that way at this point. Let's get some gossip now. Thank you very much, Karl. Let's go to the other side of America, where Richard Reid is sitting on his per. Angelina and the kids gearing up for a spooky old Wednesday.It is Halloween. Angelina has been called a witch plenty of times but she looks like a great mother to me. Check her out - Angelina and three of the kids out shopping for costumes over in the Valley. That is right, the paparazzi were on it. I got to tell you - the kids didn't look actually like they were having that much fun. I know that little involve ven she came out with a pink uniform costume. One of the other twins had a big lizard. Angelina really has her hands full with those kids. Sure does. I shudder to think what you doing for Halloween. We might have to talk about that a little later -I told you that in confidence. Don't you bring that up again!!Why you!!Madonna getting her daughter what you would have to say is a pretty cool birthday present.You know what, when you are Madonna you can shell out big time. She bought 16-year-old Lourdes her own loft apartment in New York City. I tell you, it is down town, it is in Soho it is a loft. It probably cost around $3-$4 million. They are going to do massive renovations on it. I told you before how Lourdes is checking out colleges. I think the fact that Madonna bought Lourdes an apartment in New York City says that she will probably go to NYU and keep it local.That would seem to be a good indicator. Nicely spotted. And a nice gift. Kylie Minogue, let's move on to her. Happen any love but it seems that is probably about it for now.You know what, we have all wanted Kylie to walk down the aisle in a big beautiful white dress but is it not going to happen. She says, you know what? I have been with Andrei for a number of years now. I haven't ruled out kids but a wedding - yeah, pretty far down the list. She says that she still wants - she has that feeling that she would be trapped like a bird in a cage if she were to get married. She still wants to fly free. Well you know what, if it works for her good. He is so much taller than her. He is a big lad - she is a little poppet of course. Finally Adele get as baby gift from one of her main rivals.You know what, Rhianna, she knows how to keep her friends closer and her frenemies closer. She has shelled out on some baby gifts for Adele. She got a bunch of little onecys for Adele's little boy. One of them says "my mum is a rock star". Adele is in love with them. Good for Rhianna, she a smart cooky.Everybody seems happy this morning thanks for that.What is up with that? WithWe will see if you can change that next time around. We will check in with you a little bit later but for now thanks. Thousand, boys. It is frequent flyer Wednesday tomorrow. All you have to do the pick up the phone within five rings and say "I wake up with Today". To register call or SMS your details. Regular all the calls are made live on Australian eastern daylight saving time. We are giving away a quarter of a million points tomorrow.Here are the top stories right now on Today. Monster storm. Hurricane Sandy gets even stronger and is set to

Tomic trouble. Tennis star under police watch after an alleged Gold Coast brawl. Labour pains t real story on the dumping of Kevin Rudd. Mega-jackpot, Aussies sign up to be $70 million and Holiday Tuesday. Stay tuned for your chance to win the holiday of a lifetime. It is Tuesday 30 October. These are pictures in from Atlantic In the New Jersey in the bull's high of Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane is gaining strength and set to make landfall in hours. As you can see the storm surge has already arrived and it is higher than levels reached during Hurricane Irene last year and they are still rising. They are expecting the a wall of water up to 4 metres to hit the east coast in the next few hours. In New York City a crane is hanging off the side of a luxury apartment block that is currently under construction. We understand as we go to air surrounding buildings have been evacuated with winds up to 160km/h. Manhattan is brace wing the worst of the surge with hundred dress of thousands evacuated and millions on eye alert. Barack Obama has cancelled his campaign and addressed the media earlier.This will be a big storm, a difficult storm and the great thing about mirbgs when we go through tough times we all pull together. I'm confident we are ready but I think public needs to prepare for the fact this is going to take long time for us to clean up. The good news is we will clean up and we will get through this.Nine's US correspondent is in New York City and he joins me now on the phone. What is the situation right where you are?Mate I have been down to Battery Park, we had to move there because we were having signal problems but the water down there is literally less than 2 metres below barriers and they expect as you said a 5 metre storm surge. Overnight Hurricane Sandy has picked up more strength and there are waves 20 metres out there and it is close to the wind speed of a category 2 hurricane so they always said this thing could get super- charged and it looks like that is what going to happen. It is about six hours away from its landing. It has broken the records and the biggest size and wave height. The - this thing is 3,000 metres high and in Australia it would cover half the country while the eye of the storm is above Atlantic City you will get cramped up. One million people have been evacuated from the low-lying areas. I'm in Times Square and it is virtually empty. I have never seen this place like this. These stats are extraordinary and the Logan Marshall-Green of making sure that everybody is OK. Already we are getting early indications of what might happen among the east coast.

among the east coast. Atlantic City and jersey Shore? There are lots of low-lying areas inundated. Parts of the city and any where along the coastline have seen some of the pictures from down there and the surf and the wind and the waves are thrashing ashore.

thrashing ashore. This thing is 15 kilometres offshore so this is the outer rim so if they think the flooding is bad now, the power outages they are expecting the millions of power poles to go down. Here in New York City they think they are going to shut down the Underground power generators because they will be flooded along with parts of the SubwayWhen you think about the cost involved in repairing that infrastructure and getting it up and running but for the moment they are focussed on the storm and getting through that. There has been a dramatic rescue off the coast of car a Lina?. Yes, two boats, believe it or not, wave heights of 20 metres and ferocious winds, two boats have been caught and one is called HMAS Bounty one of those three mast 18gtsenity ships and they had 16 Kew on board. The ship went down, broke aport and sank and everyone jumped fine the survival suits they carry on these boats. The Coast Guard managed to pick up 14 of them but two of those men are missing and now it is a race against time because those two blokes are out there flight in in the ocean and there is a limited amount of time when the choppers and staff planes can keep looking for them because pretty soon they have to turn back. Joining me via Skype is meteorologist Dr Jeff Masters from Weather Underground. Thank you for your time. When do you think the cities them will make landfall and what is its forecast track, do you believe?It is accelerating greatly in the last few hours and unexpectedly it is about to make landfall in two hours from now so just before sunset it will come ashore. It has not had time to weaken and the storm surge has not had time the change much either. But the good news is high tide is expected about 8 o'clock which will be two hours after the storm comes ashore so you not going to get the worst storm surge right at high tide which is the situation we feared the most. Already the surge values are about 2 metres in New York City and along the coast of New Jersey. If you put nose two metres of storm surge on top of the tide which has a variation of almost 2 metres from low to high tide then we would have seen catastrophic flooding. I think very bad flooding now pretty close to record levels but maybe not enough to inundate the New York Subway systemBattery Park, Manhattan and also further out, there have been so many predictions - I guess you will take the break where you can get it, if that is the case. When it comes across land though, what do you expect lot happen now if that update and the forecast is true?The surge is going to be a problem for the next 4 to 6 hours and that is going to be the main damaging impact of this store however, it does have a lot of very high winds that are affecting a stretch of coast all the way from Virginia to Massachusetts, it is a massive portion of the coats. Will cause a lot of power outages. I think we will see 10 million people lose power from this storm and it will take days if not weeks to restore the power. It will be a multi-billion dollar disaster in any case10 million people without power is a scary thought. When this system crosss the coats it is likely to become a storm that could mover for a while there will be a lot more people affected inland as well. The logistics of handling all of that gets harder and hard yerp, doesn't it?Yeah, you are going to have power crew thanks will stretched beyond their limits. There is going to be too many people without power to get them all restored within a short amount of time. I'm living here in Michigan which is 800 miles away from the coast or more than 1,000 kilometres, and we have high-wind warnings here with people losing power so this storm is covering a massive portion of the North American continentDr Jeff Masters, we appreciate your ex per Tasmania and your update this morning. Thank you.You are welcomeCarl, a lot of pictures coming in on social media following the hurricane's arrival This is Battery Park where we saw Denham Hitchcock reporting from. This was tweeted by Audrey an shows flooding in Jersey just across the river from New York City. Lauren took this picture of a marina known as Great Kills Marina on Statten Island. Many Aussies are in New York including one of our graphic designers from Channel 9 who has emailed these pictures Test New York Subway showing it is closed. Mike Nicholson tweeted us a picture as well of Aussies bunkering down in Brooklyn with Aussie supplies by the looks of things there. Some Vegemite on toast. I will share this one with you - it has just come in. This is from a special Twitter feed set up to follow the hurricane. It says "First report of windows blown out of buildings from New London so first reports of windows actually being blown out of buildings, can you believe it already? That is the latest on the social media front. If you have family or friend in the hurricane zones please encourage them the send in their pictures and we will be pats them onto the rest of the country Tennis star Bernard Tomic is in the headlines over an alleged incident at a Surfers Paradise hotel. Nine reporter Joel Dry joins us from the Gold Coast with the very latest. Joel, what more do you know?Bernard Tomic's horror year continues. The latestt in a string of controversies is reported to s occurred at this hotel behind me in Surfers Paradise. News Limited papers say that Bernard Tomic was out and about on Sunday having a wild night of partying celebrating his 20th birthday with friend when at 5.30 Monday morning a fight broke out between Bernard Tomic and another man in a hotel spafplt when police arrived to break up the brawl it is claimed Bernard Tomic became agitated and aggressive and had to remind police of exactly who he was. Bernard Tomic's high- profile lawyers said there are no charges and no investigation into the incident but it is certainly not the kind of press they would have wanted just day its out from Bernard Tomic facing a Gold Coast Magistrate charged with a number of driving offences including evading police which stems back to an incident in his high-powered sportscar back on Australia Day this year and the off court dramas are affecting his on court performance. There has been a big drop in his ranking but yesterday he was spotted back on the Practice Court which is probably exactly where he needs to be at the moment. Let's go back to the US where Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc on the east coast and cross to Aussie Sophie Hahn who lives near Battery Park and is in evacuation zone A. Can you describe what you are seeing out of your window at the moment.Honestly it is just at bit of rain there has been a bit of wind but it is not what we were expecting theThey are talking about it making landfall in the next two hours. You are in evacuation zone A. Three-quarters of the residents in your zone have already left. You have decided the stay. What have you been told to do by the authorities?If we have decided the stay we are meant the stay inside at this point, not to go outside. They are saying debris is flying everywhere and the water could be up at the front door any minuteHave you organised supplies for yourself? Did you manage to get organised in that way?Yeah. Was the territories anything eD we went and got a lot of water. We filled the bathtub up, got a torch, candles, food that does not require cooking. Yeah, just everything we could think of to live out power. Have authorities given you any