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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. New York City shutdown, the US east coast braces for Hurricane Sandy. This is a serious and big storm. Battle state Ohio - Mitt Romney steps up the Republican campaign. What Australians Asians think about Australia's Asian Education Foundation mast masterplan.It is like a dream come -- about the Asian century masterplan. It is like a dream come true.And six out of 10 Australians overweight or obese.

Good evening, I'm Janice Petersen. I'm Anton Enus.Also tonight - the men of peace who go to war. SBS's Karen Middleton meets the chaplains that carry a gun in one hand and the Bible in the other.If you are shot and wounded on the ground and a baddie is coming at you, do you want me to use language?And I speak to Zimbabwe's Sekai Holland about the future of her country, and why she thinks Mugabe's grip on power is slipping?They are going. They know they are going.That interview later in the bulletin. It's been called a Megastorm, and a Frankenstorm. Either way authorities in New York and along the vast swathe of the US Eastern Seaboard are the US Eastern Seaboard are taking no chances ahead of Hurricane Sandy's landfall. That is expected tomorrow. Hundreds of thousands of residents in low- lying coastal areas have been told to leave. New York's public transport system has been shut down, with several of the city's areas listed as vulnerable to major flooding.All over New York City they have been battening down the hatches and driving out of town. Those choosing to stay behind are bracing for a life-threatening storm surge. With New York expected to be hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, many people like Rob Kraft are not leaving anything to chance this time.We are heading out to jersey to my sister's place - the same place we went to for Irene. I think it will be more intensive. The city's buses, trains and bus services shut down Sunday after Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered a mandatory evacuation of parts of the city, including lower Manhattan, and the financial district.I'm ordering that the city's public schools be closed Monday. First as to the evacuations - let me stress we are ordering the evacuation for the safety of the approximately 375,000 people living in the areas. As the storm gathered momentum Sunday, tens of thousands were told to evacuate coastal areas. A number of states declared a state of emergency. Weather forecasters say Hurricane Sandy is travelling towards the US with winds of up to 120km/h. That is said to intensify as it merges with a wintry storm from the west.We'll have a very, very large area that is affected by strong winds, storm surge, heavy rainfall and inland flooding and snowfalls will be part of the storm. More than 50 million people could be affected as Sandy bears down on several states, key to the 6 November presidential election. This is a serious and big storm. My first message is to all people across the Eastern Seaboard, mid- Atlantic, going north - you need to take this seriously and follow the instructions of our state and local officials.Hurricane Sandy has already killed 60 people in the Caribbean. President Barack Obama vowed that the authorities will respond massively and rapidly if the superstorm creates havoc along the heavily populated East Coast. And for more on the storm I spoke to CNN reporter Sandra Endo, in testing conditions in Ocean City Maryland.Absolutely. We are feeling the effects of the storm changing hour by hour, increasing in strength. We have felt the rain come down all day long, as well as the wind gusts. They are really strong. They are getting stronger, and that etting stronger, and that is a concern for the local residents and officials along the east coast. If it feels like this already, Anton, that means it will get worse when the heart of the Hurricane Sandy approaches landfall and everyone here is hunkering down preparing for the storm. They have been boarding homes and businesses. They are trying to get ahead of what could be a very disastrous situation because a lot of the local officials and forecasters are saying the dynamics of Hurricane Sandy is the long-lingering effect of the storm. It's supposed to linger for more than 36 hours over this region. That, coupled with the high tide and the full moon - those are factors that equal potentially a devastating situation.Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York is suggesting that this could last more than a couple of days. What are the implications, do you think of what is going to happen in the next few days?Yeah, here is a real problem. When you talk about a storm this long and this strong, what you are going see is likely a lot of downed powerlines. When power is out in a metropolitan area, that means getting the Emergency Services and the utility companies to those areas without power is going to be difficult. You are talking about downed trees and powerlines, really exposed, so clearly it will take days, if not weeks to get the power restored. That will take a lot of time. That is why officials are saying this may be devastating in terms of the effect, and the length of the effect when you talk about damages. Stay safe, Sandra Endo. That's CNN reporter Sandra Endo, updating us from Maryland. The storm forced both presidential candidates to rework their schedules. Pam re was supposed to campaign in -- President Barack Obama was supposed to campaign in Colorado. He cancelled. Mitt Romney cancelled plans to visit Virginia, joining Paul Ryan, his running mate, instead in Ohio. Brian Thomson reports from the crucial swing state. The crisis is a double-edged sword for the President. It affords him the opportunity to look presidential, and to pull the necessary levers to ease the pain. It is playing havoc with early voting, which the Democrats are counting on. ts are counting on. It's also forcing him off the campaign trail. No so his rival. Mitt Romney here in Ohio, again casting himself as the agent of change.This is an election about change. The President thinks this is a time to keep on doing what we have been doing. He wants more of the same. Do you want more of the same or do you want change? According to a poll published here today, change may be what the people of Ohio, as a whole, are looking for. Governor Romney raising what -- erasing what had been a 5-point lead for the President. Voter for the President. Voter intent aside, the President is still ahead. Ohio's Governor Romney is sounding confident.Look, it's close. I believe now we are currently ahead. Internals show us currently ahead. I honestly think Mitt Romney will carry Ohio, I haven't just been saying it, t just been saying it, I believe it will happen. It may not look like it, but Ohio, for the time being, is escaping the worst of is escaping the worst of the weather. That's why both teams are campaigning here. President Barack Obama was due here in Youngstown tomorrow. He will now stay in row. He will now stay in Washington to oversee preparations for the arrival of the hurricane, sending Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton instead. Governor Romney needs Ohio more than the President does. Losing it would mean the Democrats would have to pick up other swing states, where Republicans are also looking strong. It's not where the President would want to be at this stage in the campaign, but his advisors are maintaining an air of confidence. The President's closing message is what I said before, which is "We have made progress, we have to build on the progress and we have to move forward in a way that builds an economy working for the middle class. We can't go back to failed policies of the past.". When it comes to projections for the electoral College, where the race for the White House is still to be decided, President Barack Obama is still ahead. To Australian politics now, and the Federal Government says the latest opinion poll pointing to a resurgent Labor confirms Julia Gillard can withstand anything the Opposition throws at her. The poll has been released as the Prime Minister pushes the government's major plan to engage Australia with Asia. Preparing for the Asian Century takes a lot of leg work. Julia Gillard has been selling her region all blueprint with back-to-back interviews.The focus of the White Paper is on what Asia is going to demand next, and how we can cease the -- seize the economic opportunities.Education will be crucial. The Federal Ministers meeting school children learning Chinese. He was seranaded with a familiar Australian song.<
Asian languages will be a part of the curriculum.We will work with schools as we set about achieving the goals.The plan is long on rhetoric, but short on substance. The White Paper is full of predictable commonsense. There are very few specific initiatives.The white paper looks to the future. Some in Labor are lacking back two years to the coup toppling Kevin Rudd. Former Labor MP's, Makine McKew, new book claiming that Kevin Rudd was undermined by his deputy. Julia Gillard allowed a sense of crisis to be created around Kevin Rudd's leadership.The Prime Minister says she's previously dealt with the matter. Labor has a spring in its step, bouncing back in the latest news poll. It's neck- and-neck with the oppositition on a two-party preferred basis. Labor's primary vote is up.

The Prime Minister had their kitchen sink, the bathroom vanity and the Khar port thrown at her. She's still standing, delivering on the policies.The Opposition concedes Labor's attacks on Tony Abbott's character are starting to bite. Well, Australia's Indian community welcomed the Asian Century White Paper recommendations, which lists Hindi as one of four Asian languages which should be offered to all school children. Those who are already attracting Asian students to study here say the proposals have ignored their potential roll. -- role. 25 years ago Mala Metha started Sydney's first hindy language school. She says the plan to give every child the opportunity to learn India's official language is thrilling.I was ecstatic. It's through language that you understand people, cultures, and you understand how to respect each other. It breaks a lot of barriers.Mala Metha acknowledges the Hindi teacher shortages, but says there are many teachers out there, working in other fields. Retraining and using technology wisely will fix the problem.Like video conferencing and the use of connected classroom concepts. We can improve on that. Kathe Kilby from the Asian Education Foundation welcomes the Government's ambitious agenda for Australia's future.There can be no doubt we are not going to achieve this objective without a long-term plan and substantial investment. If we don't start now, when will we start.Migration agents say the White Paper gents say the White Paper makes little mention of the 400,000 Asians studying here, and how they can help Australia achieve its goals.There's almost no limit on the raping of things that some of our International -- range of things that some of our international students upon completion of their courses could partake in. Often Australian businesses look at the name and think "I don't think they'll fit in", or "I don't know what their English language will be like", it's a short-site view. The Business Council of Australia says broadening our acquaintance with Asia will demand a mined shift. Ross Garnaut, who tackled the issue two decades ago, said this is changing. One good thing about the paper is you don't have the anxious, almost anaphobic view of the rise of the strategic weight of chin he that we had in the -- China that we had in the defence with whaip a couple of years ago.-- White Paper a couple of years ago. Ross Garnaut said we need to view China's rise as an opportunity, rather than a threat. A brief look at other stories - local Chinese government halted the expansion of a petrochemical factory after protests at the weekend. Police clashed with demonstrators as thousands marched through Ningbo in eastern China, through Ningbo in eastern China, against an $8.9 billion expansion of the Sinopec plant. It comes as the Communist Party's new leader will be commirmed. Former Philippines's President, Gloria Arroyo appeared in court accused of misusing $9 million of State charity funds while in office. The court entered a not guilty plea, after she refused to enter one herself. An arrest warrant was I should for Gloria Arroyo earlier this month. 1970s glam rock star Gary Glitter has been arrested in London. He is being questioned on suspicion of sexual offences. It's part of a police investigation in the wake of revelations against one of the BBC's famous on-air personalities, Jimmy Saville. At quarter past Seven this morning police brought Gary Glitter out of his home in Central London f his home in Central London and took him into custody. He was arrested on suspicion of sexual offences as part of Operation Retrieve, a police investigation into the investigation of sexual offences of Jimmy Saville and others. Bin bags were taken away from the home. Little was said about the suspect - except they had arrested a man in his 60s, in connection with their investigation. The former rock star whose real name is Paul Gad served prison sentences for child sexual offences in Britain and Vietnam. The arrest of Gary Glitter shows the investigation is not just about Jimmy Saville, but the police are looking into allegations about people still alive. 30 police officers are now working on Operation Utree and have spoken to 130 potential victims. More arrests could follow. The key thing to come out of the Jimmy Saville affair is the way aville affair is the way it will change the way child abuse investigations will be dealt with in future. And more importantly the way victims of historical abuse will feel about coming forward. Shocking claims about Jimmy Saville prompted a criminal investigation. It's not just the police asking questions. Two inquiries are being held at the BBC, the Department of Public Prosecutions is reviewing a decision not to take ags against Jimmy Saville in 2009. Three inquiries are -- take action against Jimmy Saville in 2009. Three inquiries are being held into hospitals where Jimmy Saville's victims were.There is always a danger if you set up a substantial inquiry process of that kind that it takes longer to get to the truth. Last night vandals painted abusive messages on Jimmy Saville's remote cottage in Glencoe, a sign of public anger he's generated a year after his death. Gary Glitter was released on police bail, but has been told to return in December, further pending authorities. A former appeal court judge will begin a review into the culture at the BBC, in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandal. You're watching world news Australia on SBS. Next - we take a look at the big county getting bigger. The men bringing faith to those in testing time. And later - the Government claimed victory in the Ukraine, amidst Opposition cries of voting violations.



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The good news on Australia's health is that we are smoking and drinking less. The bad news we are putting on the kilos at an alarming rate. The health survey of 45,000 people by the Bureau of Statistics is the largest of its kind in Australia's history. It found nearly two-thirds of awe Aussies are overweight or -- Aussies are overweight or obese. At his heviers, ight or obese. At his heviers, Scott Cummings weighed over 144 kilos, the former Coleman Medal stacked on the weight after giving up AFL.I wasn't accountable to anyone. When I retired from footy I stopped moving, pretty much. He lost 34 kilos on a diet program and said his life couldn't be better.I sleep better, I don't snore any more. I wake up as though I have had a good night sleep.His story is a happy one. Australians generally are losing the battle of the bulge. The Bureau of Statistics says two out of three of us are overweight or obese. Internationally the WHO puts Australia in the top third of member states with similar lests to the United Kingdom of obesity. -- levels to the United Kingdom of obeseity. That's up 12%. A number of lifestyle changes have contributed.Many people are busy. We are not cooking and preparing food at home. There's a lot of consumption of takeaway.The Government is working to fix the obesity crisis.New guidelines will come out later this year to help Australians make healthy choice business its food.The health survey is the largest of its kind ever undertaken - 45,000 contributing over 12 months. It contained good news. As a nation, we are spoking and drinking less. One in six of us -- smoking and drinking less. One in six of us can't kick the habit. It's down dramatically. 18-44-year-olds quit smoking or have not taken up the habit. Rates of Indigenous smoking is high, and so too other health indicators like diabetes.We need to do more work. The better we understand Indigenous health, the better we have better outcomes.A survey on the Indigenous health will be released next year. Former Hawke and Keating government Minister Gordon Bilney has died at the age of 73. Gordon Bilney was elected to the Adelaide seat of Kingston in 1983. He later held the ministeries of Defence Science and Personnel and Pacific Island Affaris. He held his seat despite a strong challenge by Democrats leader, Janine Haines. Other stories - costly phone bills and problems with coverage make up the 9% increase in official commaints about mobile phones. The annual report of the Telecommunications Ombudsman -- ommunications Ombudsman -- complaints about mobile phones. The anall report of the Telecommunications Ombudsman claims that complaints were down. Smartphones and Internet use were of concern. Telecommunications firm Vodafone Australia is expected to cut as many as 500 jobs. The company says it must move towards a leaner and more effective operating model. Vodafone lost 10% of its customers and 20% of its revenue over the past two years. It will spend $1.7 billion on upgradeing its mobile network. A 14-year-old boy who pleaded guilty to five charges arising out of an incident where police shot him and another teenager in Sydney's Kings Cross escaped detention. The boy who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was the driver of a car who ran on to a footpath in April, pinning a pedestrian underneath. Police opened fair to stop the vehicle, hitting the driver and a passengerer. The boy has been placed on 18 months probation.

With the US election just over a week away, on just over a week away, much of the fobz remains on the economy. But neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has focused on an issue that is affecting nearly one in six Americans, and that is poverty. The official poverty line in the US is an annual income of just over $22,000 for a family of four. This means that 46 million people are living below the poverty line. That's 15% of all Americans. Many of those find it particularly tough, are the working poor. They are qualified and employed but it is not enough to make ends meet. If you do make it to Atlanta chances are that you will not stay at the Stunstyle Suites, you will never meet these Americans. We paid them a visit in their new home. It is room 115.I was middle class, now I'm poor. I can barely feed my kids. I honestly feel like a failure as a parent because I don't have a backup plan. Unlike millions of Americans, Chenise never thought she needed one. She had a college education and used to earn 40,000 pounds. She is separated from the father of her children, but she always had enough money. The recession killed her job. The slide started. She never stopped working. She's overqualified and underpaid as a part-time sales assistants. On $300 a week, this is all they can afford - and only barely. You are living in this hotel room with your four kids, five miles from Disney World. You are living next to a great pleasure theme park.It's like $20, $10 for me is like a million and people not far away are spending a lot more. There's been day, check- out time is 11:00. People are nice enough to work until 4 or 5:00. And I'm short $20.They could evict you or kick you out.If I don't have all of it, I'm on the street. I don't have a car. It hurts. We don't deserve it. I have never done anything to anybody. The kids have never done anything. Any time we see someone that needs help, we help then. I can't get help.The income of the American middle class has declined can middle class has declined by a third in the last decade. No wonder this place a popular. It is cheaper than Wal- Mart. To shop here you need to qualify as poor, which means earning left than £14,000 as a family. The American dream is under siege in a way it has never been before in American history. We are seeing the rise of a new kind of challenge for the average American. The idea that the playing field is equal now. The idea that some would put forward that everyone has the same opportunity. All you have to do is All you have to do is be in here for a few minutes and realise that is not the case. Do you feel you belong to a class of Americans that are forgotten by the system?At this point in time as we speak, yes. The reason why I say that is because of the fact that I'm a normal person. I'm trying to take care of my family. I have potential, I cannot get help. I've had places tell me they can't help me because I do have a job. It's like "I need to quit my job to get help. That defeats the purpose". The working poor. Room 115 - an American nightmare.Channel 4's Matt Frei reporting there. Today marks a year since an Afghan soldier shot dead three Australians at a three Australians at a Forward Base in Afghanistan. It was the first such incident with multiple Australian casualties. The regimental Chaplain casualties. The regimental Chaplain led a private memorial service. SBS Chief Political Correspondent Karen Middleton is in Afghanistan. Some wars are fought in the name of god. Whyever or wherever Australians go to war, the men and women of God go too. (SINGING) When deployment gets hard, after their mates, it's the padre the soldiers turn toxMy role is to listen to soldiers, and to help them get a perspective on issues that they may have.Anglican Captain Kent Williams is with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Rjment. He's one of six, Protestant, Anglican and Catholic. He's based outside of Afghanistan, in Australia's Middle East headquarters.I encourage those not to sit in an office, but to get amongst the people.Part of the job is helping soldiers deal with disappointment. That the war fighting they trained for is not what most will do. They are mentoring Afghans to do the work, not themselves. to do the work, not themselves.It's like playing for the Wallabies, training, training, and sitting on the bench. There are moments on the field, and sometimes shock and grief. After an Afghan soldier shot dead three members of the Regiment - many needed to talk. If they died fighting, dressed for battle, it would be easier to accept.To be killed playing cards ready for bed in your PT gear. There's something that really is - betrays into the heart and soul of things.Kent Williams is not a Pass fist. He believes sometimes you -- Pass iffist, he believes sometimes you need to fight.God is there, God is everywhere and gets his hand dirty. Where there's blood and tears, if God ain't there, he ain't god. Chaplains are noncombat able to but can defend themselves. American, British and some Australians, incluting Colin Acton are unharmed. Some who go outside the wire psych a firearm, and it's probably not silly.--The chaplains deployed with the Defence Force are bringing Christian ministry to the soldiers. They are to the soldiers. They are aware that many have no religious faith. They are aware they work in a country where most of the faith and belief systems are different.I said I'm not big on religion, or relationships. The religious stuff, far out.A lot of things have been done in the name of religion. Seeing the young lads pick up the caskets, and crying in the morgue, and that was - still is upsetting. It's sat. They are young lads. Some officers have the sense to say "Are you OK, Padre?", and simply being asked goes a long way.

Everyone needs someone to lean on. That report filmed by SBS cameraman, Jeff Kehl. Jimman politican Sekai Holland was almost beaten to death by rival President Robert Mugabe's police in 2007. Sekai Holland was rehabilitated in Australia and is currently in a unity government alongside her former foe. Now she has returned here to receive this year's Sydney Peace Prize, for her ongoing efforts towards political reconciliation. Sekai Holland told me what it takes to move on after enduring such brutality.We didn't think about things like that, because imagine you are going into dash you know a den of hungry lions, you don't think about that. You actually forecast on what the outcome you want is. You didn't think about what happened. All of us need to take a deep breath. Really understand the history. But, if you really continue with an eye for an eye, eventually you're blind. You were bashed, you were tortured, but I am not feeling much bitterness coming from you.It's not until you are tortured that you really understand, and that you really commit yourself to saying "We have to build systems that prevent torture happening to anybody else."But you have senior members of Zanu-PF, members of the military, senior members of the police force saying if your party wins the next elections, scheduled for next year, there'll be a coup. They are not saying if, they are saying when, because that is what they know will happen. They know all the things that Zanu-PF is saying. They know they are going. All we know is that we are putting systems in place for Zimbabwe to have free and fair elections and peace. Your work to bring about peace in your country has been recognised, that is why you are here, to receive the Sydney Peace Prize. How significant is that award to you. For 10 years, 10 years ago I assured my husband where I won £1 million. He said "You haven't won this, it is a hoax. I was angry. I thought he was lying. Finally I realised it was a nige earrian hoax. 10 years -- Nigerian hoax. 10 years later I had an email saying I won the Sydney Peace Prize. I thought it was a hoax. A week later Jim was doing my emails and he said "You won the Sydney Peace Prize", I said "I saw it, I thought it was a hoax".It was no hoax, she's going get $50,000 for her trouble. Go 0,000 for her trouble. Go to the website for an extended version of that interview with Sekai Holland. A brave woman. The party of Ukrainian President, Victor Yanukoych, looks set to maintain its control over the country's parliament following elections. Less than 20% of the vote has been counted, but exit polls have given his party of regions a narrow lead over the father land alliance of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshekno. Though the final outcome of the poll has not been declared, it was clear to supporters of the ruling Party of Regions, that its position as the party with the biggest representation had not changed. Whether it will maintain its majority may not be known for some times, as half of the members of the 450-seat parliament are not required to declare their party affiliation until after the account. In the second year of a 5-year term, Victor Yanukoych was keen to paint this election as a referendum on his presidency.

Election analysts say up to 52% of ballots were cast to parties opposed to the ppt. The Fatherland Alliance of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshekno fared better than expected. Yulia Tymoshekno's daughter, Yevhenia, is, herself, active in Ukrainian politics.

active in Ukrainian politics. The newly formed UDAR party, led by Vitali Klitschko, has come from nowhere. Exit polls give it 15% of the vote.

the vote. Vitali Klitschko's party will likely form a party alliance with Yulia Tymoshekno. Coming up next - grass with the sports new, including Raging Bull - Formula 1's reigning World Champion puts pedal to the Vettel. And a stripping to their bow. The Australian Chamber of Orchestra joins forces with the Sydney Dance Company.

In finance, American investors will be given a day off from tonight as Hurricane Sandy approaches the country's north-east coast. The New York Stock Exchange confirms trading will be closed for one day, possibly two. The last time the exchange halted for a full day for weather was in 1985 for Hurricane Gloria. To the Australian share market: there was light trading today. It ght trading today. It closed flat.

Time or the sports news with Rob Grasso, and Cricket Australia ushers in a new era.That's right. The worst kept secret has been confirmed, with the selection of Matthew Wade for the first test against South Africa. The decision most likely ends the international career of 35-year-old wicket-keeper Brad Haddin. ld wicket-keeper Brad Haddin. The 12-man squad include a top-6 batting line-up.

include a top-6 batting line-up.Ed Cowan is to open with Darren rer. Matthew Wade is set to play in his first summer behind the stumps.I found out. We had a text message a couple of hours ago. If you are in the last game, you don't get the call. I turned off me phone. Matthew Wade suck seds Brad Haddin, who had a tough -- succeeds Brad Haddin, who had a tough year. His young daughter's illness saw him leave the team.You have to perform to stay in the team. That's what I'll look to do.The 24-year-old's introduction is the only major change to a squad that is taking shape after years of upheaval.The hardest thing about selecting a team is you need to pick your best squad for the oppositition you play against, and I believe we have done that.Australia's test series against the world No.1 side is said to be a battle against the fast we'll bowlers, John Inverarity keeping faith in Michael Hussey, despite an abysmal average against a Proteas attack.Michael Hussey is a fine batsman - he's due to make runs.The tourists have not lost on the road since 2006, and are hoping to capitalise on the knowledge of former South African, Mickey Arthur. I spoke to him a few weeks ago.The Proteas's first match will be against Australia A, the first test 9 November, in Brisbane. Still on correct and the Sydney Sixers stormed to ey Sixers stormed to the Champions League Twenty20 title, thrashing the High felled lions by 10 wickets in Johannesberg. The South African team were reduced to 4/9 and stumbled to 121. Brad Haddin, and Michael Lumb smashed the Sydney Sixers's to victory for a $2.5 million payday. Brad Haddin surprised many, on winning the toss, to bowl. The Sydney Sixers's bowlers delivered. Nathan McCullum, and Josh Hazelwood with early Brake throughs.That could be out.Josh Hazelwood removed the tournament's leading run-scorer to that point, Neil McKenzie, before a spinner, Steve O'Keefe, ore a spinner, Steve O'Keefe, had the Lions 4/9. Earlier resistance came from Jean Symes, clubbing a quick-fire half century. The Sixers were on fire in the field. were on fire in the field.Fantastic work.Nathan McCullum, and others picked up 20 wickets. Adam picked up 20 wickets. Adam showed his intent. He and Michael Lumb set it alight. Michael Lumb was going for four. Dwain Pretorious helping Brad Haddin for six.Can you believe it. That was all the invitation Michael Lumb needed to unleash five towering sixes in the Man of the Match inings. He hit the winning run and became the tournament's highest scoring batsman.Will he finish in style. Michael Lumb, over backward pointed. The Simpson Desert are victorious.I don't think I -- the Sydney Sixers are victorious. I don't think I can put it into words. The guys trained # Hard. It's amazing to be here, it's a -- trained hard. It's amazing to be here.The Sixers brang home the trophy and $2.5 million. Not bad for three weeks work. North West Rail Link . North West Rail Link quit as Western Australian skipper, denying it's due to his players boozey antics. Michael Hussey will step in as skipper in the Sheffield Shield, against Victoria in Melbourne, starting Thursday. North continues as a batsman. To football, and Manchester United has closed to within a point of league leaders Chelsea on a controversial day in the English versial day in the English Premier League. Everton manager, David Moyes was amongst that who believed Luis Suarez's late strike for Liverpool should not have been ruled offside. It ended in a draw. Tottenham and Newcastle recorded wins. Chelsea had two players sent off at Stamford Bridge, inside five minutes. Nine games into the season, an eagerly anticipated match-up took place at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea were desperate to test their title credentials against Manchester United. It saw Sir Alex Ferguson switch from the diamond formation to a 4/4/2. It reaped early rewords. -- rewards. The visitor was soon 2 to the good. Robin van Persie is through.Down but not out of things, Chelsea fought back. gs, Chelsea fought back. The Blues eventually got the reward on half-time.Beauty. Absolutely gorgeous free kick. Chelsea carried on where it had left off. The match swung back in United's favour.Then further controversy for Roberto's side.The visitor made an extra 2-man advantage count. 15 minutes remained.Raphael.United closed the cap on Chelsea to a point at the top. To baseball and San Francisco have defeated Detroit in 10 innings to be crowned World Series Champions for the second time in three years. Game 4 saw the Giants close out the match 4:3 to complete a clean sweep of the series. The teams traded run, a Brandon Belt triple opened the scoring. A two-run homer from Miguel Cabrera put Detroit in front. Buster Posey replied in kind as the Giants retook the lead. Delmon Young tied the scores at the bottom of the six. The runs dried up as tension continued to mount before at the top of the 10th Marco Scutaro hit a double for a 4-3 lead. Sergio Romo then delivered the knockout blow. The Giants secured their second world series since moving to San Francisco in 1958. Reigning Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel tightened his grip on the title this year after recording his fourth successive win of the season at the Indian Grand Prix. The 25-year-old German led all the way from poll position to pull 30 points clear of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, with three races remaining. When Sebastian Vettel lines up on poll, he usually wins. Fernando Alonso, starting in fifth, needed to pull off something remarkable to stop his title rival opening a big lead in the championship. The fiery driver showed determinationery driver showed determination not to be left behind, moving past Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap. Not long after he got the better of Button, declaring the McLarens to finish 4th and 5th. He was way off the Red Bulls, who would need a slice of luck to catch them. It almost happened when Sebastian Vettel found the Williams blocking his way following a puncture. Mark Webber was not so fortunate.Focus, focus, it will come back.The technical mistake allowed The technical mistake allowed Fernando Alonso to pass him. He was never going to close the 10-second gap to Sebastian Vettel, who claimed his fourth win in a row.Yes, thank you, boys.Sebastian Vettel is 13 year of Fernando Alonso in the championship. The Spaniard showed he'll fight him all the way. That report from the BBC. That is the day in sport.

day in sport. Thanks Coming up the weather and a world premiere. Two of Australia's leading arts companies on the one stage.

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Hurricane Sandy approaching the US. Residents in China a brace for wild weather. A typhoon, which killed 24 people when it crossed the Philippines is expected to bring rain. As we go to the forecast:

A trough over Queensland is triggering isolated showers and thunderstorms. Showers for WA and the top end. A high pressure system is clearing skies across south- eastern

is clearing skies across south-
eastern Australia directing the odd shower to northern NSW. Fine in Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.

Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.
They are calling it a marriage made in heaven. Two of Australia's leading artistic companies coming together for one collaboration. The Australian Chamber of Orchestra, and the f Orchestra, and the Sydney Dance Company usually have the stage to themselves. In a new performance, opening tonight - they'll share it. Playing off each other.We both asked each other "Is this going to work as a collaboration?", Rafael had the answer "Yes".With music written for the dance by French Baroque composer, Jean-Phillippe Rameau. An opportunity for a live experience.You dance all the time. You are alive and dancing. It can go a little bit.The main thing is the small bits of elasticity that come with live performance.That's where you find the dancers can respond. It's the little things in between the notes.The little things are big things for the dancers.I think the energy coming from the orchestra boosts the performance. You don't feel like you are dancing, you are getting danced.It is exciting. We don't usually perform with a live orchestra. To get the live interaction between the musicians and us on stage.Each of these artistic directors lead companies at the top of their game and perform nationally and internationally to audiences of acclaim. They created a powerhouse of artistic expression on stage. But is one stage big enough for two artistic directors. Who is really the boss here.We take turns.Up until now it was definitely Rafael. You said you were going to dance initially.Did I.Yes, that's only until I have my piece.The performance opens in Sydney, and will tour to Brisbane and Canberra next year. Recapping the top story. Hundreds of thousands of New York residents have been evacuated as superstorm Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east

down on the east coast That is the world this Monday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS One.All the news on line, and you can follow us on twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight. . Goodnight.
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This program is captioned live. The final round of the Subaru National Road Series saw our peloton take on the tough and demanding 228km McDonald's Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic.In my mind the toughest bike in Australia terrain wise, especially one-dayer. You need to be a guy that can be tired at the end and still push yourself through that mentally. After a staggering effort it was the Budget Forklifts riders that managed to hold off the charging peloton and picture in a one two across the line with Peter Herzig gallantly taking the win with Michael Cupitt close at hand Malcolm Rudolf of Drapac Professional Cycling rounding off the top three.You know 100km, 200km and I think two up for sure, we made the break and ah yeah can't believe it.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia -