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... a double murderer appeals his fo
conviction, the trip of a lifetime Tidbinbill
for a Hunger Games fan,And endan
Tidbinbilla, helping to save an
endangered species. Good evening, I se
m Greg Thomson. A double murderer appeal
serving two life-sentences has Scot
appealed one of his convictions. meat
Scott Alexander McDougall used a s
meat cleaver on his victims. Before his
setting fire to the house to hide his crime. He became the first ma ne
convicted of murder in the ACT in McD
nearly ten years. Scott Alexander and
McDougall bludgeoned Struan Bolas cleav
and Julie Tattersal with a meat cleaver in Downer in two thousand down
and eight. He then tried to burn w
down the house - stuffing a toaster McDougal
with paper and driving away. s
McDougall was sentenced to two life
sentences in March last year. Today his lawyers appealed his convictio clai
for the murder of Struan Bolas, miscarriage
claiming there had been a trial
miscarriage of justice, arguing pr
trial judge Malcolm Gray failed to reje
properly explain his reasons for c
rejecting McDougall' s self-defence Ha
claim. McDougall' s counsel, Peter
Hastings said of the frenzied attac so
on Mr Bolas it is ".. evidence of someone who is completely deranged. t
And that McDougall was in a "fight clouded
to the death ... his judgment of
clouded by alcohol." The ACT Court th
of Appeal was told, at the time of alcoh
the crime McDougall had a blood
alcohol reading of between point tw o
four and point two eight. Director told
of Public Prosecutions Jon White p
told the court, the threat Mr Bolas wer
posed was overstated, and defence were taking a different approach. " defe
deranged response is not a self defence response." The court heard Bolas
things became heated between Mr
Bolas and McDougall, when he accuse in
Mr Bolas of being a dog or police informant. Mr Bolas initially raise disar
the meat cleaver and McDougall disarmed him. Mr White claimed ther gauge
is no way McDougall could have thre
gauged the risk of Mr Bolas. The reserv
three appeal court judges have reserved their decision.

ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberal cam
have re-commenced their election tar
campaigns, but this time they' re official
targeting just one vote. The Assembly
official make-up of the next Rattenbu
Assembly is now known. Shane deci
Rattenbury from the Greens, will decide who forms Government. He' i
the man with the future of the ACT in his hands. It certainly wasn' is
something I anticipated, but that is the responsibility I now have. I th
ll take it very seriously. +y For
the next four years Shane Rattenbur executio
will be the judge, jury and content
executioner of every piece of Assemb
contentious legislation in the Assembly. First, he' s got to decid prelimina
who' ll lead it. I had a bo
preliminary meeting yesterday with i
both Katy and Zed. It was very much ne
in the preliminary stages. Those negotiations will continue tomorrow M
after being put on hold for today. Gr
Mr Rattenbury instead met with ACT counselle
Greens members, and will be col
counselled by his former Assembly
colleagues and Federal Party Leader Gov
Many believe another Labor Green Galla
Government is inevitable - Katy Gallagher is hoping they' re right. policies,
If you look at our health i
policies, areas like mental health, based
if you look at education, needs similariti
based funding, you' ll see o
similarities there. Climate change, our 40% target. We were written did
off before the election. That l
didn' t happen. So obviously there' no
ll be other who are writing us off re
now, we' ll see how it goes. Tax Oppos
reform will be a key issue, the Govern
Opposition Leader claiming the stand
Government' s proposal will not n
stand the test of time. I' ve got Governmen
no doubt that whoever is in
Government will be making changes t resul
those tax reforms. The final eig
result of the election was eight, MLAs
eight, one. In Molonglo, sitting MLAs Simon Corbell and Steve Doszpo whi
held off their party colleagues, electe
while Liberal Giulia Jones was elected for the first time. Labor' forme
Yvette Berry held on to defeat former Greens Leader Meredith Hunte Mick
in Ginninderra. Andrew Wall and in
Mick Gentleman are the fresh faces ha
in Brindabella. Shane Rattenbury
hasn' t set a specific timeframe fo to
his decision, though it will have w
to be made by next Tuesday. That' s s
when the new Assembly has its first sitting and when it will vote on th WI
new Chief Minister. Luke Dufficy, WIN News.

ACT Policing has been cleared of crimina
providing tip offs to a known Machonochi
criminal, at the Alexander Co
Machonochie Centre. The Australian Integr
Commission for Law Enforcement allegation
Integrity was looking into informa
allegations officers provided v
information, to a prisoner during a
visit to the jail. The investigatio in
did not reveal any evidence - the incl
incident occurred. The findings, included in the commission' s annua corrup
report, did highlight several record-ke
corruption risks. Including
record-keeping practices and contac Ch
with ' persons of interest' . The t
Chief Police Officer has written to have
the commission and says measures issues
have been taken to address the third
issues.The ACT has recorded the abou
third highest rate of complaints industry
about the telecommunications rel
industry. The sector' s ombudsman tha
released the findings today. More we
than three thousand new complaints big
were made from the Territory. The service
biggest issues; poor customer coverag
service and inadequate mobile sur
coverage. Residents in Amaroo and mo
surrounding regions complained the Ngunnawal
most - followed by Braddon, sch
Ngunnawall and Kambah. A Canberra
school girl has won an internationa coul
competition that most teenagers wil
could only dream of. Nikki Pinter
will fly to the US this weekend - t phenomenon
watch the filming of teen phenomenon The Hunger Games. Wh I
am I the biggest hunger games fan? I' m from district 1 so naturally I Th
m the biggest hunger games fan. w
This confidence is what it takes to win the hunger games. It' s also th worldw
attitude needed to take out a trip
worldwide contest - the prize, a trip to the set of the latest film. wi
I entered a video competition to Hun
win a trip to the set of the next
Hunger Games movie Catching Fire an secre
I won. Nikki Pinter makes no Wh
secret of her love for the series. When she heard about the competitio it was an opportunity she couldn' pass up. I' ve read the books an the
the movie came out and I went to everything
the midnight screening and obsesse
everything and I' m just like Nikk
obsessed. +y An avid media buff, school
Nikki spent five days over her fil
school holidays making this short S
film. It' s a stop-start animation.
She took over four hundred photos t conte
create twenty-eight seconds of wi
content - outlining why she should n
win. I did it all by myself I had and
no help it was just a self timers I
and tripod. This is the result. sinc
I' ve trained for the games ever if
since I was three so I' m prepared ga
if I go into the arena. Last years
games, I was Marvels biggest fan, s l
it' s a shame that he died. I also during
love the Capitol fashion scene d
during the games, it inspires me to Sun
dress like a Capitol citizen On of
Sunday, Nikki and her mum will jet tw
off to Atlanta in the U.S to spend oth
two days on set. She' ll meet the fr
other eleven winners who have come from all over the world. All as kee as each other to see the words fro
the novel bought to life on the bi screen.

Still to Come.. A breeding program
helping revive an endangered specie making
- And, ... politicians in the for
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is a winner. Lenard's Chicken.

This program is not captioned. alleged
for votes. A Red Hill man who
allegedly murdered his neighbour ha f
had his bail application adjourned E
for a third time. Win News Reporter Ellena Midgley has more. This bai t
application has now stretched over adjourn
three months and today it was adjourned again. Defence Lawyers fo orga
Luigi Costa have been trying to as
organise a series of mental health stab
assessments. Costa is accused of Freebod
stabbing 89 year old Terrence been
Freebody in Red Hill, in what' s f
been described in court as a brutal Magis
frenzied attack. Today, the ACT sc
Magistrates Court heard several CT Al
scans have been facilitated by the
Alexander Machonochie Centre howeve b
his lawyers say more still need to told
be completed. The court has been Costa
told on previous occasions that dementia.
Costa may be suffering from i
dementia. Magistrate Peter Dingwall evidence,
inquired in to the brief of th
evidence, prosecution' s reply was sur
that it was happening "slowly but d
surely". Costa has been listed as a
detainee at risk and was remanded i w
custody. It' s expected a decision will be made on his bail applicatio at his court appearance next month

As the Federal Government maps out Century
its plan to embrace the Asian scho
Century in a White Paper, an ACT action
school is already putting into C
action some of its recommendations. adv
Canberra Grammar School offers an h
advanced Chinese language course to t
high school students, and is hoping
to expand it, to its primary school We' ve long known that the twent Asi
first century is going to be the our
Asian Century and that means that a
our students are going to be living and working abroad with people from go
all kinds of backgrounds, they' re cultures
going to need to talk across nee
cultures, across languages and we
need to prepare them for that. Si wi
year twelve students from Grammar nex
will study in Beijing for half of Confuciu
next year, after winning the Confucius Scholarship. A partnershi G
between the school and the Chinese g
Government. I feel that this is a m
great opportunity for me to improve
my Chinese as well as immerse mysel breed
in the culture of China. A helpi
breeding program in Canberra is Wall
helping bring the bush tail Rock li
Wallaby off the endangered species list. Tomorrow, eight of the animal a
will be released in Victoria. With a further ten to follow next week. borders
A breeding program, crossing borders. Today we' re vet checkin and doing final health checks for g
group of 8 Rock Wallabies that are Gram
going to be released down in the t
Grampians in Victoria tomorrow In not
the late nineteen eighties it was wer
noticed brush tail rock wallabies By19
were disappearing from Victoria. i
By1996, there were only twelve left breeding
in the State. This sparked a pla
breeding program - the ACT, a key e
player. Tidbinbilla came on as an
early partner in the program and it su
s actually able to boast the most progr
successful part of the breeding d
program Also as well as that we i
do what we call hardening off which is a process by which the young tha v
are bred in captivity are put into lear
very large natural enclosures to wallaby.
learn how to act like a wild forty
wallaby. Now, there' s around numbe
forty in the wild, and the same h
number in captivity.Tidbinbilla has on
helped boost this number. There' s Victoria,
only one population left in Gippsla
Victoria, and that' s in East docile
Gippsland- and while they look t
docile now, these Wallabies will be is
the future for the species. This se
is our hope to try and get another into
self sustaining population going ov
into the west of Victoria which is though,
over in the Grampians Today if
though, it was all about assessing T
if they were fit to enter the wild. release
Tony says the best animals to a
release are those that are younger, enviro
and able to adapt to their new g
environment. Basically the vet is fit
going through them making them as ensure
fit as they possibly can be to t
ensure that we don' t have anything fi
to go wrong there They were also fitted with a radio collar device -
to track their progress in Victoria

An elderly woman has been assaulte and robbed while sitting in her ca th
at Mawson. The 76 year old was in when
the car park outside Woolworths, n
when two men in a red car pulled up next to her. One of the men opened snatc
the passenger door and tried to scuffl
snatch the woman' s handbag. A t
scuffle broke out and the woman was thrown to the ground. She was taken ha
to hospital. The men fled with her keys
handbag containing her purse and keys. A thirty-nine-year-old man ha aft
faced the ACT Magistrates Court,
after being arrested while allegedl construct
attempting to steal from a y
construction site. At about four am ente
yesterday, CCTV captured the man entering the secure site in Harriso guard
on Flemington Road. A security sa
guard was dispatched who allegedly from
saw, the man attempting to steal th
from a vending machine. Police say k
the man was also in possession of a last
key to a vehicle reported stolen steali
last week. He was charged with an
stealing a motor vehicle, burglary
and attempted theft. Canberra isn' mileston
the only city celebrating a turn
milestone next year. Goulburn is turning one- hundred-and-fifty year bro
young and has released a tourism exp
brochure to encourage visitors to explore the main attractions. The su
range from historical attractions works
such as the war memorial, water cen
works, the brewery, rail heritage o
centre, then we' ve got a whole lot bookle
of cultural attractions. The resident
booklet is also aimed at new pe
residents and industry, suggesting
people day trip to the city first. feedback
We do get a lot of positive feedback from Canberrans that say w se
didn' t know there was so much to ma
see and do here and hopefully they l
make the change to move here. The available
limited edition brochure is Ce
available at the Goulburn Visitors on
Centre. The ACT' s new MLAs have el
only just been finalised, but more Capital
elections are underway in the
Capital. It' s all part of an effor in
to get young people more involved in the political process. Alistai politi
Coe is considered young for a politician - but he' s got nothing O
on these guys. Vote one Emma A! a
Only half of all eighteen year olds th
are registered to vote. To reverse is
the trend the electoral commission
is starting a voting education blit sche
across the country. The whole scheme is designed to introduce kid to the way in which they would vot Prim
at a Federal Election. Garran r
Primary is already a step ahead. It Government
regularly holds the Garran studen
Government, a way of involving decision-ma
students in the school' s a
decision-making process. Students o
are elected to be either ministers, hav
or we have the Prime Minister, we wa
have an Opposition Leader. Today
was the election for the 2013 Garra chanc
Government. Candidates given a voters.
chance to make their pitch to p
voters. I' d try to be as fair as e
possible so as I said in my speech, eager, efficient and also encourage of
LUKE: Well I' m here with one of the star independent candidates off this election, Emma. Emma, than are
you for joining me. Firstly, why think
are you standing? EMMA: Well, I leaders
think it' s important to show
leadership and I think I' ll be abl to show it very well. LUKE: What are some of your key policies? EMMA and
I want the school to be sportier t
and I also want there to be, people to feel like it' s a secure place. candidates
I thought some of those w
candidates were better quality than what exists in the Parliament at th moment. There were also some tip th
for their political colleagues in any
the Assembly. LUKE: Do you have PEET
any advice for Shane Rattenbury? very
PEETER: Well, the Opposition are w
very rude. So I would definitely go expect
with Labor. Today' s vote is may
expected to be close, preferences may well decide the outcome.

Ellena with sport is next - And th next
Brumbies begin their assault on toug
next season. Yes Greg - It was a tough first day back for the squad ha
that' s next. Plus - The Capitals hang on against the Logan Thunder a home. This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

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This program is not captioned. Ru
home. The ACT Brumbies 2013 Super tod
Rugby campaign officially started thei
today, with the side put through ses
their paces, in a gruelling first
session. Players are optimistic the final
have what it takes to make the ba
finals. It' s like the first day tr
back at school.Catching up, before ye
training and eyeing off the end of tha
year goal. We want to be better than we were last year and we don' know
want to come seventh again, you th
know we want to finish much better si
than that. Fitness tests, saw no particula
signs of a hang-over. One Pococ
particular highlight with Davie fas
Pocock matching Micahel Hooper' s Brumbie
fastest ten metre time at the enduranc
Brumbies last year. Speed,
endurance and strength for 25 of th s
players and the Wallabies weren' t usuall
spared. It' s a bit unusual, S
usually we' d be gone by now on the eve
Spring Tour, so it' s good to see l
everyone before we head off and we'
ll be back early December. Minima it'
rest for Moore though. I think t
it' s important to have that bit of time off probably more mentally tha aroun
anything, but I got a baby due e
around Christmas, so that' s pretty buzzwor
exciting. Excitement is the buzzword - as the likes of Nic Whit ex
and Jesse Mogg gain more on-field pa
experience. They' re still off the according
pace in terms of game time,
according to coach Jake White. ON Sup
of the least experience teams in f
Super Rugby, in terms of Australian t
franchises you know, if you look at eve
the Reds and Waratahs, just about chal
every player is a Wallaby. The the
challenge for White is developing alr
the next batch of Wallabies, some deb
already knocking on the door of a gam
debut. I think last year, a few again,
games we flew under the radar, ra
again, most sides probably didn' t will
rate us a chance. The Brumbies exceeding
will be on the radar, after A
exceeding expectations this season. guns
And they' re pulling out the big teena
guns, including a South African a
teenager. Yes, few big guys, here it
and that' s what I like. For now
it' s more testing and no time for breather. Hard training tomorrow Greg Thomson, Win News.

Australian cricket captain Michael us
Clarke is yet to decide, if he' ll first
use spinner Nathan Lyon, in the A
first test at the Gabba. The former sq
ACT Comets player was named in the g
squad today. We' ve got four very got
good fast bowlers but we' ve also l
got a very good spinner whose had a alway
lot of success for Australia, I
always love having spin in my team. Haddi
Queanbeyan wicket-keeper Brad Selector
Haddin wont wear the gloves.
Selectors going with Matthew Wade. squ
I think we' ve got a very strong their
squad of twelve players for the o
their first test match, um, I guess a
one of the hardest things selecting a team, you pick, you need to pick r
squad for the best conditions you' again
re going to face. Game one is N
against South Africa, from November Nine. A late flurry of wickets ha game,
put the ACT Comets back in the the
game, against New South Wales, in visit
their Futures League clash. The
visitors one the toss and elected t bat. It paid dividends, with opene an
Daniel Dawson belting one hundred seventy-t
and 48. Tim Cruikshank made Wi
seventy-two. Andrew Maher and Nick Winter were the pick of the bowlers on
both snaring three each.At stumps eight-for
on day one, New South Wales Ca
eight-for three hundred and 21 The Canberra Capitals will be aiming fo three wins in a row, when they pla M-V-P
Sydney Uni on Friday Night. An help
M-V-P performance by Nicole Hunt over
helped steer the Caps to victory t
over Logan, in game which went down
to the wire. Desperate for reveng Log
after a poor showing against the fortni
Logan Thunder in Queensland, a fortnight ago. Canberra flew out of to
the blocks. The visitors travelled for
too far - providing basket fodder Captain
for the home side. Cheers early
Captain Jess Bibby was dominant lea
early. Height helped extend their
lead at half time. cheers. Loga -
was quickly running out of answers well.
- the hail mary didn' t go down Ni
well. As the lethal combination of Nicole Hunt, Bibby and Ardossi stol f
the show. Hunt took control of the appearanc
floor, in one of her finest Alth
appearances in Capitals colours. T
Although some missed it. cheers Ten points the margin with just ove on
five minutes to go. Logan planned celebr
one last assault - Canberra' s
celebrations put on ice. As they' r t
offensive brilliance came right to C
the end. With the margin narrowing, poi
Canberra looked in trouble. Three se
points in front, with under thirty f
seconds, the thunder struck - local fans riding every play. Bibby soake mor
up the clock and only needed one more basket to put the result withi doubt.It didn' t go to plan - Loga onl
with a chance to tie it all up -
only for a buzzer blunder. Cheers full time. A get out of jail fre t
card for Canberra. Fans lapping up of
the win - as they await the return of Lauren Jackson We want to buil b
from here of course we want Lauren back as soon as we can, great to ge these wins, without Lauren as well you know because we need to get ou form on song before she comes back which we' re doing. Shutting dow games will be the focus this week. pe
I think we took our foot off the pedal a little bit too early um, an s
as you say offensively we probably
slowed down and missed some easy on l
that should of kept that ten point lead. Greg Thomson, Win News.

GWS Giants CEO David Matthews will se
stay at the club for another three tod
seasons. He signed a new contract AF
today, to stay in the top job. The
AFL will release the 2013 Fixture o alread
Wednesday. Two opponents have pre-se
already been confirmed, with a pre-season game with Essendon. And Kilda
premiership meeting with Saint we
Kilda. And, Canberra turned on the conditions,
weather, creating perfect Internationa
conditions, for the 2012 Deakin.
International Horse Trials at S
Deakin. Olympians Stuart Tinney and
Shane Rose took to the course, alon host
with Yass rider Nat Blundell. A ho
host of winners claimed first line cat
honours, in a number of different categories. Among them, Sandy Lucas Rid
Emma Mason and Annabel Armstrong th
Riders have praised organisers for world-
the successful running, of the Unite
world-class event. And Canberra
United are back in a big way, with Five-Nil win over Newcastle. Thank Ellena - after the break, a look a t
what' s in- store weather-wise for the week. This program is not captioned. Well, the blind-spot
alert system - if there's a car in your blind
spot, the little light lights up. It makes me a feel
a bit more secure actually. I'd love it
if everyone drove a Mondeo.

This program is not captioned.

the week. There was plenty of It
sunshine around the region today - d
It climbed to 23 in Canberra, after i
dipping to six overnight. Right now
it' s mostly fine outside, and stil mild, twenty degrees. Taking a loo t
around - On the Tablelands, 23 the Queanbeyan,
top in Goulburn, Yass and sunny.
Queanbeyan, Yass 22 and mostly Nowra
sunny. On the Coast, 6 to 22 in clim
Nowra 10 overnight in Ulladulla, mostly
climbing to 19 A top of 16 and 24
mostly clear skies in the Bay Bega Cooma
24 On the Mountains, 2 to 23 in
Cooma and fine Perisher topped 16 1 th
in Thredbo Bombala, 24 degrees On the satellite map, Low cloud along e
the north coast is forming in moist show
easterly winds, causing isolated c
showers. Skies are remaining mostly chart,
clear across the south. On the N
chart, Cloud is increasing over the trough
NSW interior as a low pressure triggerin
trough deepens, but is only Taking
triggering a few light showers forecast
Taking a look at tomorrow' s
forecast, Warm on the coast,10 to 2 in Bega Moruya Heads is expecting Ulla
cloudy 24 A sunny 23 degrees in Late
Ulladulla Nowra should get to 27 Late rain on the Tablelands, 6 to 2 in Braidwood Yass is heading for 2 24 the expected top in Goulburn. O unde
the Snowies, 8 to 24 in Bombala o
under grey skies. Heading for a top expectin
of 13 in Thredbo Perisher is and
expecting 16 Cooma, a late shower tomorrow,
and 24 degrees For Canberra th
tomorrow, A partly cloudy day with afternoo
the chance of showers in the Clim
afternoon, mainly on the ranges. Lo
Climbing to 25, after 6 overnight. an
Looking at the next 5 days, A warm do
and sunny 28 on Wednesday. Cooling shower.
down on Thursday, with a late ar
shower. The wet weather will stick we
around for the rest of the working M
week. And that' s WIN News for this F
Monday night. I' m Greg Thomson.... From the team, Good night.

This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live.

I'm excited to see if anyone had any secret challenges.

BIG BROTHER: Big Brother pities you for speaking without your microphone. This has been noted, and will be dealt with.

You have heard something tonight that you were not supposed to. The existence of the second house.