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This program is captioned live. Stkwhr (VOICEOVER) This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon. A giant plume of water has erupted high above a suburb this Melbourne's south-east. Up to 2m of water shot into the air after a water main burst. Alicia, how has it been brought under control?Good afternoon, Amelia. It has been thankfully brought under control. It was an inroad couldable sight across the Melbourne sky line this morning. Water gushed up to 80m into the air. The sight had to be seen to be believed. It's estimated that in that time 2 million litres of Melbourne's drinking water was wasted. There was initial confusion as to which water authority was responsible for the pipe. So it was brought under control an hour after exploding into the sky. The sound alone drew a large crowd of onlookers. Many neighbours said there was a huge bang and you could hear the column of water.You couldn't get it into the a Big Bang. I thought someone was getting a new fence.Is with shocked.I have been living in this place so long and never expect such a thing toe happen.Any word on what caused the water main to burst?Melbourne Water held a press kfrbs this afternoon. They say it was a faulty air valve to blame that sits atop one of these pipes. They say they are happy with the testing regime but that it was a random event that couldn't be prevented. However the damage was limited. This is the driveway of Simon and Caroline's home in Waverley, and their home bore the brunt of the explosion. There is a cage that sits on top of the water pipe. The force sent it 80m into the air and it landed in their driveway. It's incredibly fortunate no-one was home at the time. Their home, sadly, has been deemed too unis self-to enter.- unsafe to enter.I will be back at 5 with more on this story. Incredibly, no-one was hurt. We will wrap it up at 5 o'clock.No doubt a huge clean-up. Still in Victoria - there has been a fatal plane crash near Bendigo. One man is dead and two others are seriously injured after a light plane clipped power lines. The two survivors have been airlifted to hospital in Melbourne and we will get on their conditions from our reporter later. To the US now - where the entire eastern seaboard is under threat from Hurricane Sandy. The super storm is expected to make land fall in less than 24 hours and could impact as many as 06 million people. In New York the mayor Michael Bloomberg, has ordered 375,000 people to evacuate. We will have more on the storm threat from our US correspondent later. To federal politics now - Kevin Rudd appears to be stirring the pot again, urging his colleagues to be honest about the events leading to his ousting as Prime Minister. Kerry, good afternoon. Was Kevin Rudd taking a swipe at Julia Gillard? Amelia, some people will interpret it like that. All this comes following the release of former Labor MP Maxine McKew's book. Mr Rudd told her he felt betrayed by Julia Gillard after the 2010 leadership coup because he had offered to hand over the leadership to her at some point. He told us everyone involved needs to tell the truth about what really happened. It's important for all of us to be honest about what happened at the time. And that is the best way for us all to move forward. That I believe is the right approach.You are standing by what you told Maxine, obviously? I don't make statements lightly. And this was a traumatic period for the country, for the Labor Party. And for a whole bunch of people who were deeply associated with those events. But as I have said before, it is important that everybody associated with those events is just honest about what happened so that the party and the government can move on to the big policy challenges of the future.That's prompted the Opposition Leader to accuse Labor of engaging in a leadership soap on rafplt they even asked Julia Gillard about Ms McKew's book in question time today.I have dealt with these matters on the public record on many occasions. I stand by my statement. Isn't it interesting that here today we have the opposition with their tired old fear campaign having a fiddle with the rear vision mirror as they look backwards.The wounds run very deep inside the Labor Party as a result of the ruthless political assassination of a Prime Minister in his first term. But I do think it is becoming an absolute soap opera.Mr Abbott says the only way for the ALP to get over their leadership issues is to call an election. However if an election were held now things would be tight between the two major parties according to today's Newspoll. Labor's Prime Minister vote has increased to 36% and the coalition's has fallen to 41. After preferences both parties are now on 50 each. This is an improvement for Labor. There is no doubt lots of happy Labor MPs around today.Yes, it's looking close. Complaints about high mobile phone bills and patchy coverage are higher than ever before. The telecommunications industry Ombudsman has fielded more than 125,000 mobile phone complaints over the past 12 months - a jump of 9% from last year. We will get more details later in the bulletin. The electoral office of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has come under attack by vandals. They covered the building in offensive grafitee in an apparent protest against Mr Newman's policies.One word was all that was written but the vandal's message was clear.Shocked that someone would be brave enough to do that. Defacing the premier to resemble Adolf Hitler and scrawling radiation symbols it's likely linked to Mr Newman's decision to allow uranium mining. Crime seen investigaters, and detect tifs inspected the damage. They were also observers at a uranium protest outside the office.The legacy of the toxic uranium will be given going forever. That's the real vandalism happening here in this state.The paint was barely dry on the grafitee before staff from Newman's office arranged to have it removed. Agree or disagree with the sentiment, the cost of cleaning it will go to all Queensland taxpayers. The Premier went about his way seemingly un perturbed.We're doing this because it's about jobs and investment coming to Queensland.A sleek and minimalist yacht co- designed by late Pell CEO Steve Jobs has been launched more than a year after his death. Venus is more than 07m long with teek decks, floor to ceiling glass and reportedly equipped with 27 -inch IMacs. Still ahead this afternoon - a former pop star free on bail after being attested over child sexual allegations. Also Delta good recommend brightens the day of sick children in Sydney. And the canal city goes under - This program is not captioned. At Coles, all of our
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Former pop star Garry Glitter has been released on bail after being arrested in London on suspicion of sex offences. The 68-year-old is the first celebrity arrested by detectives investigating claims against late TV star Jim Jimmy Saville.He was taken from his home just after 7 am and driven away in an unmarked vehicle by officers who weren't in uniform. Throughout the morning, police retrieved items from inside Garry Glitter's apartment and at one point drove back to the street in his own car. During the 1970s, Garry Glitter was one of Britain's most successful performers. But in the late 90s he left the country to avoid media scrutiny of his private life. He settled in South East Asia, first Cambodia and then Vietnam but was convicted of molesting two young girls there. When convicted in Thailand he was forced to return to Britain. The police inquiry is looking into whether assaults took place on BBC property.Singer Delta Goodrem has visiting sick children at a Ronald McDonald house in Sydney. She joined one little girl in a sing along. (SINGS) # I am, you are # We are Australian. (SINGS) # Yay!Her visit marks the beginning of the charity's Mchappy Day campaign. It's often referred to as the canal city but now water has swamped the streets of Venice after heavy rain. The deluge left 30% of the city underwater. Tuerss were forced to weighed through knee-deep water. The heavy rain, brought about by a so veer cold front,saw waters rise to more than 2m above sea level. Still to come - why cancer sufferers could soon be able to use cannabis for pain relief legally. Fed up - a massive jump in the number of complaints about mobile phones. And guess who is heading to Australia to tie the knot? Right now Thanks Amelia. Tonight, a baby boy sent to five different hospitals but dies of meningitis - what doctors and nurses missed as his parents fight for answers.This is the last thing I'll ever be able to do for my little boy.2 million litres of water soars 50m into the air after a water main bursts - we'll take you inside flooded homes. Hundreds of Sydney jobs to go as Vodafone announces massive cutbacks. We'll name Sydney's dirtiest train stations, and what's being done about it. And why Sonny Bill Williams' return to the NRL is in danger. See you for Nine News, tonight at 6:00pm.

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This program is not captioned. A cannabis mouth spray is giving new hope to those suffering severe pain. The drug is currently being trialled by cancer patients worldwide including at four hospitals in Australia.It's a safe drug. The incidents of side effects is very low. The incidence of effects people associate with marijuana is zero.More Australians are getting fed up with their mobile phones, with a new report revealing a sharp rise in the number of complaints to the telco watchdog. For more details let's cross to Brett McLeod. What are the details of the report?I don't think anyone who has a mobile phone would be surprised that the honourable member Ombudsman was inundated with complaints last year. He looked at almost 200 complaints, two thirds of which were about mobile phones. Coverage was one issue, bill shock was another. And also complaints about how mobile phone companies are handling or not handling customer service issues. Many issues were quite simple things that people were incredibly frustrated about that would often take them weeks to resolve on their own. But the big shot for many people would be data roaming charges.Almost a score of the complaints are with - where the amount in dispute over $20,000 and some 50 matters where the matter in dispute is worth more than 12,500. In another news - a shock announcement by Vodafone this afternoon?It's one of the companies complained about in the last 12 months because of poor coverage N their statement they say they will be objectioning jobs. No figure has been put out by the company but we understand around 500 people will lose their will lose their jobs yet determined in which departments. They have lost 10% of their customers and 20% of revenue in the past 12 months. They have to turn that around by pouring it into infrastructure. The big issue for Vodafone has been coverage. They are working to resurrect that now. But they will cut things such as cricket, V8 and other sponsorships.As electricity prices threaten to rise to unsustainable levels, a high powered group is today putting forward a solution. It's demanding households and businesses be paid to stop using energy.A coalition of energy users, business and consumers has been formed to seek urgent change to Australia's electricity crisis. The group identified 19 ways to put downward pressure on electricity prices. Currently the electricity distribution companies are paid more if they build more infrastructure. So it's not surprising if prices are going up. Next week the Federal Government hands down a white paper on electricity pricing.It's been a slow train. In the meantime electricity prices have gone through the roof.Nobody wants brownouts or blackouts but we want a system that works year round.But chief among them, ways to cope with hot or cold days without building billion dollar systems that cost consumers.Though the idea of paying businesses and households not to use electricity sounds bizarre, think about this: a family that has airconditioning and uses it during the height of summer could be subsidised up to $300 by their neighbours who don't use it. Then it makes sense.We're not charging people the full cost of using during those periods. The volatility of wholesale electricity prices is obvious from this chart. But it's acknowledged there is no magic bullet to solve the problem. Pop star Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may be heading Down Under to tie the knot. The celebrity couple will reportedly hold separate ceremonys in LA, Tennessee and on Phillip Island. It's expected to cost around a million dollars. Still to come - a spectacular sight over Melbourne as water gushs metres above the ground. We cross to the scene next. Also, one man dead and two others seriously hurt in a mid-yair disaster. And all of the This program is not captioned. Melbourne Cup. It seems rob beers are becoming increasingly professional and far less opportunistic. New research has found criminals are doing their homework to reduce the risk of getting caught and to ensure they pick the easiest targets.Your home could be being watched right now. Research suggests breakins are becoming increasingly professional operations, with 72% planned in advance.If you go on and look at this guy here...Bob, who used to burgle homes, says too many people are lax with security. And like more than 100 other recently reformed criminals questioned says they are taking advantage.They will pick on an area and they will then go through a house like a swarm of locusts. They will all know their little jobs and pick up things. They know where people hide things.This home in Middlesex was broken into last month and thieves took around 20,000 pounds worth of jewellery, electronics and clothes. It's a big house and there is a feeling of not being safe plus stress. So it's hufrting specially with the baby now. I feel safe for the baby now.Once a burglar is in your house, even traditional hiding places such as under mattresss are no longer safe. But some things can put them often tering in the first place. Research found gravel driveways, dogs, new locks,censor lights and CCTV cameras are all deterrents. And 94% said they would avoid a home fitted with a monitored alarm. The attitude of many burglars is that your house is fair game if you don't secure it. Bob believes they need a wake-up call.People always ask me, "What turned around your life, Bob?" I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started feeling sorry for my victims. He now helps those still breaking and entering to make a living to see that there is another way.And spectacular scenes in Melbournes a burst water main spews high into the air. A major investigation under way following a fire at a luxury guest house north of Sydney. And in Brisbane, vandals have defaced the electorate office of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman. A burst pipe has sent millions of litres of water shooting into the air above Melbourne. We will cross to our reporter for details. Alicia, has there have been any damage to surrounding homes?Considering the power of the water and just how long it was gushing into the air, it's quite incredible that the damage wasn't more extensive. I'm standing in the driveway of Simon and Caroline's home here in Glenwaverley. Their home bore the brunt of the water explosion. The paddock where the water pipe is next door to their home. There is actually a cage in their driveway. That was actually sitting on top of the water pipe. The force of the explosion was such that it blew it up into the air and it landed in their driveway. It's fortunate no- one is at home - was at home at the time. We had a quick look inside this afternoon. Sadly in each room the ceilings have started to collapse and the damage is extensive.I didn't expect the extent of damage when I came to know about it.Devastated. Because the whole house is extensively damaged. You can't really live in there at the moment. The ceil something all collapsing.Quite fortunate no-one was home at the time and fortunate no other residents were injured. The water was gushing up to 80m in the air. It was a spectacular site. Melbourne Water held a press conference this afternoon. They described it as a random thing they had no control over. They blamed a faulty air valve within the pipe. It's estimated two million people lost water during that time. It certainly provided a spectacular sight for residents here.Nine News will have all of the details and more of those spectacular pictures at 6. One man has been killed and two others seriously injured following a light plane crash in central Victoria. Our reporter is following the story for us and joins us now on the phone. Tim, talk us through what happened.Good afternoon, amealia. I'm by the edge of the paddock where the plane is resting in pieces. It was obliterated on impact. It took off from Montrose in the Dandenongs this morning. It's a 200k trekk here to north of Bendigo. It was supposed to land on a private airstrip in a paddock. The theory at the moment is that it has clipped a low hanging powerline and ended up on its roof. One person dead and two are seriously injured. It has come in to land at Bendigo and on the way in it clipped a low hanging powerline, which caused the aircraft to flip over and land on its roof.Tim, what about the survivors? What is their condition? The two survivors, both believed to be men in their 60s were airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Both had serious injuries, one head injuries and the other burns. Unconfirmed reports he may have burns to up to 80% of his body. If that's the case he will be in a desperate fight for survival as we speak. That's an unconfirmed number but we understand he is a critical condition at the moment. We will have to keep an idea on how he goes there. As for investigations here, we are still awaiting a crash investigation team to come out and survey the damage. But it's not much of the plane left on the ground at the moment. As you can see, it's in pieces. And it's lucky we're not talking about more fatalities.In less than 24 hours authorities say Hurricane Sandy will smash into America's east coast. Hundreds of thousands of people are evacuating ahead of what could be the biggest ever storm to hit the mainland. Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock has the details.The preparations are continuing. You can see behind me there, they are sandbagging the subway stations. Buses, the subway, the ferry that - just behind me here, all cancelled. About 7 million people a day they normaly carry but it has been completely shut down. Right along the east coast you will see people making preparations like this. Part of the reason is the size of the storm coming in. Hurricane Sandy is still category 1 at the moment with winds over 120k an hour. But it's the size of the thing that has forecasters worried. 15 hundred kilometres wide. It would be like having the same storm in Brisbane and Melbourne at the same time. That's how wide it is. Right at its centre all of that wind and rain pushing in a storm surge of 3m. They have wave heights of 15m out to sea. Only 200k offshore at the moment. Here in New York they are expected to cop the brunt of it. The storm is expected to sit here for 48 hours, possibly even three days. The mayor of the city chose his words carefully.We are ordering this evacuation for the safety of the approximately 375,000 people who live in these areas. If you live in these areas you should leave them this afternoon. Let me stress, if you don't evacuate you're just putting - you're not just putting your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of our first responder who is may have to rescue you.The path of Sandy and strength has been spoken about on every radio and TV station. Many weather forecasters are saying they have not seen a weather system that big. It's the combination of three different elements. The normal hot weather, the tropical weather that fuelled it from the south. But it's running smack into a cold front coming down from Canada. That will keep it right in place hovering the east coast covering up to a third of the country. 50 million people could be effect - affected and up to 15 million could lose power for 7 to 10 days. But on top of the two things keeping it in place - you have the Gulfstream cutting across the top and making it spin, super charging this storm.Millionaire businessman John Singleton says he will rebuild his luxury guest house on the New South Wales Central Coast after it was gutted by fire. Nine's Amelia Ballinger has been following the story. Amelia,you spoke to Mr Singleton today. How is he coping??John Singleton is shattered by this. He has been on this land for many years now. His daughter Jesse was due to be married on the property in six weeks. And unfortunately it doesn't look like that will happen now. What makes it even more disappointing is the fact this exclusive retreat was saved from a bushfire a few weeks ago T tore through the Central Coast and reached the perimeter of his property. Unfortunately though last night the building couldn't be saved from a fire that was started inside that building. It was about 6 o'clock last night when local residents, people living in the neighbours properties, called for emergency services. About 80 firefighters arrived at the scene. The building was well and truly alight when all of that happened. These rooms actually go for about $2,000 a night. It's a very luxurious retreat. The damage bill is expected to be about $500,000. It could be months before they get it up and running again. I did speak to John Singleton earlier today and here is what he had to say about last night's incident. The - I got the call last night and he said I don't know how to tell you but the whole place has gone. We will build another building as soon as we can. But all of the cancellations around the world, most importantly my daughter's wedding in six weeks. You have to put it to one side, nobody got hurt. We will rebuild it and move on. Amelia, very devastating for John Singleton and his family. At this stage they don't know exactly what caused the fire but they know it started inside the main building. Fire investigators were there overnight. And specialist forensic officers were back there today. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this and help John Singleton and his family move forward.Nine News will have all of the details and pictures at 6. The Queensland Premier's electorate office has been attacked by vandals. The word "tyrant" was spray painted across the shopfront and a picture of Campbell Newman was defaced to look like Hitler. Several symbols suggest the vandals were anti- uranium protesters. Kevin Rudd is calling on his party to be honest about the events leading to his downfall as Prime Minister in 2010. It comes after Mr Rudd wrote a piece out lining his version of events for former Labor MP Maxine McKew's new book.It's important for all of us to be honest about what happened at the time. And that is the best way for us all to move forward.In that exclusive interview with Nine News, Mr Rudd says he is sticking by his statement and that he hasn't made it lightly.The excitement is building with just over a week to go until the race that stops the nation. Today a stylish party was held at Crown officialy launching the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Jarryd Jarryd was there.I'm holding the most - Vicky Jardim was there.It's the most sought after prize, the Melbourne Cup. The Carnival gets under way on Saturday, Derby Day. The cup took 250 hours to make and is worth a staggering 175,000.I think there is a spirit of excitement this year that maybe wasn't around last year with the gloom and doom of the economic crisis. I think Australians have decided they have done that for long enough.Even though the Melbourne Cup is one of the most famous horseraces in the world, who can forget the fashion for ladies? This year it's bright colours and demure outfits. For men it's suits and some splashs of colour.The him line should be appropriate. No midrift. It's about glamour.If you want to meet ladies at the races, wear a hat.For the boys, wear a nice suit and lovely hat with a tie that stands out and handkerchief that match it is.What should the girls wear?A head piece and fancy dress. Make sure that the head piece fits. It has to be a really fancy one so it stands out. The big ones are really good.There are four big race days next week T starts with Derby day Saturday and then there is Melbourne Cup, Oaks day and Stakes Day. It will be an exciting time.A huge day, one week from tomorrow. Meantime today big news for cricket?It's a big choice for the selectors. 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The Australian cricket selectors have chosen wicket keeper Matthew Wade ahead of Brad Haddin for the first test against South Africa. Ed council and Dave Warner will open the batting. The Australians are confident they have the right mix to upset the world's number 1 team. Ross eKelly has more.It was the most gut wrenching choice Australian selectors had to make - decide between veteran Brad Haddin who took leave from cricket to care for his seriously ill daughter or stick with the man who stepped up to replace him. In the end the five-man selection panel went for 24-year-old Matthew Wade.Everyone gets an opportunity through being injured or some unfortunate circumstances. It's nice to get the nod knowing everyone is fit and available for selection.The one thing I have said for the players since taking over the captaincy - no selection I have any impact on will be personal. It's all about what is best for the team.I gave him the assurance that if Matthew Wade were to be injured in the first test he would be our replacement wicket teeper coming into the second test.The South Africans said that close to the Australian squad they were expecting to be named. The Proteas are settling into Sydney after landing here yesterday. Cat tain Graham Smith says he is looking forward to catching up with now Australian coach Mickey Arthur. Caught up with him a few weeks ago. South Africa will train here in Sydney over the next few days and then play a match against Australia A which begins on Friday, while Australia's test player also continue their state commitments and all assemble in Brisbane on Monday ahead of the first test at the Gabba which begins November 9th. Still on cricket - the Sydney sixers have earnt themselves a multi-million dollar payday taking out the Twenty20 champions league in South Africa.The sixers' bowlers should take a bow. It was a brilliant effort in the field that set up their $2.5 million payday. The Lions were in big trouble from the out set. Sydney hit them with all they had including spinner Stephen O'Keefe from the second over.I didn't know I was bowling until the second over standard. The less we knew the better. Hadds said go out there and don't play on emotion.Their batsmen clearly rattled and the game squarely in Sydney's control. South Africa finished with just 121 runs - not much of a target when you have Brad Haddin and Michael Lumm in good form. The sixers cruised to the total. Their opponents knew they were just going through the motions. It was a frustrating final from their point of view. Sydney reached the winning target in less than 13 overs.The Sydney sixers are victorious by 10 wickets.A comprehensive victory in a tournament they have dominated. That's the game we have been building for for two weeks. Celebrations were already enthusiastic on the pitch but that was just the start.We will stay in those changerooms until they kick us out and just enjoy ourselves.No doubt the flights home will be first-class.The Australian Rugby League commission has unveiled its plan for the next five years. Part of its wish is increasing club memberships to 400,000 and boosting the average attendance for games to 20,000 spectators. And they have to get their own house in order. The game has been without a chief executive officer for six months. We have a charter to put in place a CEO for this game. There can be no promises for that. I would have said that to you previously probably. The fact of life is we're in a process and we will continue working at that process until we get an outcome.The game's rebranding includes a new green and gold NRL logo.Sydney FC has made it back to back wins in the A- League courtesy of an Australian and Italian superstar. Perth Glory scored the opening goal and complained they should have had another penalty. Sydney were awarded a spot kick that Del Piero converted in his 800th career match. Brett Emerton scored a great winner. Brett Emerton scores. Sydney FC have come from behind to lead 2-1. And central coast fullback Boyich has been asking to take a free kick for weeks. And he scored the only goal in their win against Melbourne Heart. The San Francisco kiss could he giants have won baseball's World Series against Detroit, 4-3 this afternoon. It capped a 4-0 whitewash in the best of 7 series. It's their second title in three years. Mechanical problems have denied Mark Webber a top 2 finish at this Indian Grand Prix. The red bull driver was sitting second until an automatic system failure allowed Fernando Alonso to whiz past.It was a difficult race. Very difficult for me to get a rhythm. We had a few issues we needed to manage in the car. But...Webber still made the podium. His teammate Sebastian Vettel won his fourth race in a row. And to round out the tennis year - Serena Williams has beaten Sharapova. I imagine that's millions of dollars as well.Coming up - the finance and the laterest weather with Livinia Nixon. Some more storms on the way for Queensland?That's right, amealia. A warning for damaging winds and large hail for the central west, channel country, Marino what and WIN
species. Details next. Tonight on sent
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about to hit every Sydney family.
Good afternoon. Around the country today a trough is causing showers and storms over southern Queensland. It's warm through the south-east and there is also a trough in the west which is making conditions a little unsettled. Over the weekend storms in Queensland produced heavy rain. Yeppoon had 59mm, the most in October for 12 years. Today, sunny in Melbourne and 25. This is a gorgeous photo from yesterday from South Australia.

gorgeous photo from yesterday from
South Australia. It has been lovely again today, sunny and warm right across the state. Tomorrow will be hot, a lot of place also have their highest temperatures since summer, up to 38. A warmer day tomorrow through South Australia and also the south-east. There will be more showers and storms over parts of Queensland and still unsettled in the west. Melbourne will reach 30 and it will be sunny. Sydney a mild 25 and partly cloudy with light north easterly winds, Brisbane, showers and a possible storm and 26. Canberra, fine and partly cloudy. Sunny and mild in Hobart. Sunny and a hot 32 in Adelaide. Perth, the chance of a shower. A shower or storm for Darwin. And heating up again in Alice Springs. 36 tomorrow and 38 for the rest of the week. Sunny in Cairns,a possible shower in Townsville. On Wednesday, 30 again in Melbourne before a late change with a shower or two. Sydney mostly sunny and 28. Brisbane, 29 and just a possible shower. Showers increasing in

and just a possible shower. Showers
increasing in Hobart.Let's look at finance now. Our share market has finished the session a touch higher. The All Ordinaries is up just three points. The Australian dollar is stronger against the majors. That's Nine's afternoon news for this Monday. Our next bulletin is at 6. I'm Amelia Adams thanks for your company, have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.


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Nullarbor once - only once. Victorian Gaynor Dean got a shock
when her husband took her on her first date to see 'Hair'. Shaun Stoneman grew up on a cattle
farm in the Blue Mountains with a pet calf called Fred. Queenslander Toni Bannan
wants to open a wine bar in the beautiful Gold Coast. And Adelaide's Andrew Hill had
a police escort through New York just to make a restaurant booking. There you go. How about that?

So. There you go. By pure coincidence, we've got
somebody from each State, so there's a bit of a State of Origin
battle tonight as well as hoping that somebody wins
the $1 million. Nobody from the Northern Territory
tonight, but let's hope we get somebody from
Darwin or Katherine or somewhere on the show not too far away. First up tonight, though - Des Smith.
You ready to go? I am.
Come on, Desy boy!

Hello, Des Smith.
Hello. How are you, mate? 34 years of age and you're a minister
with the Reform Church. I am. Tell us about the Reform Church.
Which brand are they? We're basically just like the
Presbyterians, just smaller. OK. From Blackmans Bay in Tassie.
That's right. How long have you been
a minister for? 18 months, so really new. What attracted you to the cloth? Well, I've been a Christian
since I was about 18. I worked as a lawyer before then. How did you repent
after being a lawyer? Yeah, exactly. A lot of time. Yeah, I just decided
it was a better fit for me. Yeah? Good on you.
Yeah. How are you enjoying it?
Loving it. Do you like giving the sermons? Well, I do. I don't know if the
congregation does, but I do. Good on you, mate. That's the way.
Susie is your wife. Hi, Susie. Hello. Thanks, Eddie.
Welcome aboard. You've been married for three.
Got Daniel, four months old. Des, $1 million. You don't
get that on the plate, pal. No.
No. (CHUCKLES) 15 questions will get you there.
Yep. You looking forward to it?
I am. Alright, let's go.
You ready to play? I am.
Let's play Hot Seat.

Let's start, Des boy.
Let's go for 100 bucks. OK.

Well, I'd be really embarrassed
if I got this wrong, so I hope I've got this right, but I'm gonna put in B, fall asleep. Fall asleep, 'counting sheep'. You look after your flock, don't you?
I do. $100, correct. $200.

(READS QUESTION) gonna put in C, curtain call. Lock in C. Correct for $200.


I used to love this show as a kid,
and actually I still quite like it. I'm gonna lock in A, Eddie, shoe. Shoe. Lock in the shoe phone. The shoe phone is correct for $300.

That's the third time
I've fallen for that one this month. $500. (READS QUESTION)

Well, if my maths is right
there are 26 letters. There are five vowels,
so it's C, 21, Eddie. 21 is locked in. Correctamundo for $500.

The vowels being A, E, I, O, U and
the others are the 21 consonants. $1,000, first safe level. If you get this right,
somebody wins a grand tonight. Good luck, Des. (READS QUESTION)