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This program is captioned live. Frankenstorm - New York City goes into lockdown as Hurricane Sandy approaches. Maximum security - the accused killer of Jill Meagher raced to hospital. Carl Williams - inside the rise and fall of the 'Underbelly' drug lord. World's oldest teacher - 100 years young and still in the classroom. And it's Mortgage Monday - your chance to win $20,000! Good morning and welcome to the Today Show on this Monday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed we know you all RGood morning, Karl, good weekend?Yes, a great weekend. I had the winner of the Cox Plate. Doubled into a few doubles for the Melbourne Cup. On fire.He is on a roll, that is really scary.The next thing you will be winning Keno.I wouldn't push it that far.No-one is that lucky. Although we hope you are on this Monday morning, 29 October. Let's see what the weather is doing outside your window today.

News time now, there is a lot happening.There is indeed, good morning to you at home. The United States east coast is on edge this morning as Hurricane Sandy barrels towards the mainland. In New York, the mayor has ordered hundreds of thousands of residents in low-lying areas to get out while they can. The massive storm system is still a day away from hitting but preparations are gathering a frantic pace, with residents taking no chances. ABC America correspondent Brandi Hitt filed this report from North Carolina. Here in north Carolina wund gusts continue to come in upwards of 60 miles an hour. It is still a couple of miles off the eastern seaboard making her way north. The big concern is when she strikes land which is expected to happen late Monday and early Tuesday along New York, snu jersey and Delaware. Evacuation corders are under way. New York mayor has asked 325,000 people in low-lying areas to start getting out. There are also evacuations in other areas and the reason is sandy is so powerful she is expected to bring a storm surge of maybe 4 to 10 feet and that is expected to flood a lot of these areas. Another big concern are the power out yaidges. When Sandy hits she is going to hit a Arctic cold front and it will dump a lot of rain and bring strong winds like this. Tens of millions of peep could possibly without power for seven to ten days so right now Governors in eight states have ordinaryered a state of emergency. They are asking people to collect their sly, supplies to hunker down and to prepare for when Sandy strikes. Meantime, Hawaiian residents are returning to their homes after a tsunami alert forced more than 100,000 people to flee to higher ground overnight. The warning was issued after a magnitude 7.7-earthquake struck off the coast of Canada, with a 2m wall of water expected to hit the island. Tsunami warning sirens could be heard across Hawaii's most populated island. Traffic jams followed as authorities ordered at least 100,000 people to move to higher ground.Get out of the way. Do not head towards the shore, head away from the shore if possible. Locals and tourists prepared for a night in evacuation centres. The first wave expected to hit at 10:20 local time.Our concern right now is people who are still in their cars and stuck in traffic in inundation zones. You could consider getting out of your car, going to a location that is elevated so take a vertical or if you can get to higher ground quickly, that is another option. Police and emergency personnel were withdrawn from potential flood zones leaving anyone defying evacuation orders to fend for themselves. In this Bay they waited. Those with boats took their ves suled offshore.Some people were starting to whistle only because this is about the expected arrival time. In the end the highest wave was 3 feet and lesss forful. A senior agree physicist apologised that the disaster didn't happen. Having inconvenienceed everybody by making them evacuate in the middle of the night, I was hoping the first wave might be a little bigger. Hawaii was almost disaster free apart from several traffic accidents as people rushed to escape from the wave that never came. The man charged over the rape and murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has reportedly been rushed to hospital. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us this morning. What more do we know about this?Well, Deb, 41-year-old Adrian Ernest Bayley was rushed here to the security unit yesterday suffering from self-inflicted wounds. We understand he has undergone surgery and is currently recovering in a secure ward. The Department of Justice has confirmed that an inmate has been taken here to this hospital but they will not reveal his identity, extent of his injuries or just how long he will remain here. Bayley of course is awaiting trial after being charged with the rape and murder of ABC employee Jill Meagher who disappeared on her way home from a Brunswick pub last - in September. Of course her death causing an outpouring of grief not only here in Melbourne but right across Australia. She would have celebrated her 30th birthday on the weekend.OK, Chris, thank you.

And if you or anyone you know is in distress or seeking support, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. Fire has destroyed a luxury guesthouse owned by racing identity John Singleton. Dozens of firefighters battled to try to save the property at Pretty Beach on the NSW Central Coast. The damage bill is expected to top $500,000.Most of the res depblgts has been destroyed by fire - residence has been destroyed by fire and the police are setting up a crime scene. The guesthouse had survived a bushfire in the area, earlier this month. Rooms at the lodge cost thousands of dollars a night - no-one was staying there over the weekend. Federal parliament gets back underway this morning - with taxes, power prices and water set to be on the agenda. Prime Minister Julia Gillard will no doubt be buoyed by the latest Newspoll which shows support for her as preferred prime minister is up at 45%, against Tony Abbott's 34%. Both parties are neck and neck on a two-party preferred basis at 50% each. The polls follow a busy weekend for Ms Gillard, who yesterday took the wraps off the Australian in the Asian century white paper. Among the ambitious targets is a plan to teach every school student a key Asian language. A man is this morning fighting for his life after he was set on by three people on the NSW north coast. It's understood the victim was bashed by the group, who were armed, at an intersection at Coffs Harbour just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon. There has been an altercation, argument and as a result of this argument the male suffered significant head injuries. There were three people who have run from the scene.The man was airlifted to hospital in a critical condition. Police are still searching for the offenders. Melbourne's Lord Mayor has been re-elected in a landslide victory, despite a challenge from former deputy Gary Singer. Robert Doyle scored a massive 41% of the primary vote, ahead of Mr Singer who received just 15%. The Councillor has promised a makeover for the city, including the redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market and a transport museum in the Docklands precinct. The Jimmy Saville sex abuse scandal has deepened with British police arresting former pop star Gary Glitter at his London home. The 68- year-old was questioned on suspicion of sexual offences in connection to the Saville probe - he was released this morning. Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, has already spent time in prison for child sex offences. Saville is accused of abusing more than 300 children and young woman over four decades. A look at the financial markets now.

There's been a special celebration at San Deigo Zoo for one of the world's oldest gorillas. Vila turned 55 over the weekend, making her the third oldest known gorilla. After being rescued from the wild in 1975, Vila is now the matriarch to five generations of gorillas. But her most important job, she's the surrogate grandmother to one- year-old Monroe.Vila and the baby have a very special bond. Munro uses her as her personal play ground and she is OK with that. He plays with her a lot and a lot of times takes naps with her. Zookeepers say Vila is missing a few teeth but is generally in good health. The life span of a gorilla, just so you know, is around 35 to 40. To make it to 55 quite a milestone. Well done!!Wow, she holds her age well doesn't she. Eating like an old person, though. A bit gum my.Great hair, though. Thanks for that, Deb. We will see you soon. Let's have a look at the national fly around for you this morning.

On this Monday morning let's see what sport is doing.Lisa, in fact we have just had a finish to the champions cricket tournament going on at the moment. I will let you know how the Sydney Sixers went in that. And what a finish - Casey Stoner, speaking of fin irs, crowned king of the island with a spectacular farewell. Back after the break. This program is not captioned.

the break.
Welcome back, you are watching Today. Let's take a look at the front pages. First up in the 'Australian' - Julia Gillard's Asia white paper has challenged Australia to boost productivity, lift our living standards into the world's top ten

world's top ten and capitalise on the booming Asian middle class. 'The Age' says every Australian child will have the opportunity to study an Asian language, and all schools will engage with at least one counterpart in the region, under policies outlined in the white paper. "Off the grid" - the 'Daily Telegraph' reports NSW power users paid for a $40 million substation that's not even hooked up to the grid, as part of $1 billion spent on gold-plating infrastructure. The 'Herald Sun' says Lord Mayor Robert Doyle claimed an emphatic victory in the city council election last night and promised to revamp some of Melbourne's iconic sites. "Forest silence" - the Hobart 'Mercury' says the Tasmanian State Government has been criticised for its failure to show leadership after the collapse of Marathon Forest peace talks. "Crime does not pay" - the Adelaide 'Advertiser' says victims of crime have been short-changed, missing out on compensation to the tune of $100 million. "Stoner signs off in style" - the 'West Australian' shows Casey Stoner celebrating after an easy win in his last motorcycle Grand Prix on home soil at Phillip Island. And finally - the 'Courier Mail' features the moment little Audrey Williams heard her mother Alexandra say "I love you" for the very first time.

time. A beautiful story. Let's get some sport now.Good morning, everyone. It was all thanks to recent surgery to insert two cochlear implants. The Sydney Sixers have taken out the Champions League Twenty20 tournament in convincing fashion this morning. Sydney smashed local South African side the Highveld Lions by 10 wickets. Openers Michael Lumb and Brad Haddin getting the job done - the pair cruising to their target of 122 with 45 balls to spare. Can you believe it? The Sixers won the toss and opted to field on a flat Johannesburg pitch. It soon proved a great decision. Sydney cleaning up the Lions top order - having them at 4 for just 9 runs after three overs. John Symes added some respectability with his knock of 51, but it wasn't enough. Lumb and Haddin blasting 12 fours and 6 sixes between them. LUMB finished with 82 off 42.Over the backward point it goes and the Sydney Sixers are victorious by ten wickets.Mitch stark took out man of the series. Congratulations to them. Back home now and Casey Stoner has etched himself into Australian motorsport history - overcoming injury for a memorable win at Phillip Island. Starting from pole, Stoner rode a near perfect race - overcoming a poor start to reclaim the lead, before streaking away for an incredible sixth-straight Australian GP title. A fairytale finish for the 27-year-old, waving goodbye to more than 53,000 fans in his farewell home appearance.A great pride to be out there, you know, as an Aussie and making everyone prou. It was just a fantastic day today. -- proud. It was just a fantastic day today. We have just topped off the end to a difficult year but I don't think there is a better way to do it. A crash on the opening lap from Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa, allowed Jorge Lorenzo to clinch the 2012 world championship title. Still on motorsport and mechanical problems have denied Mark Webber a top-two finish at the Indian Grand Prix overnight. The Red Bull driver was sitting second throughout the race, until an automotive system failure allowed Felipe Massa to overtake in the closing stages.And he has gone and done it. So Webber then ailing without - carrying all the ballast of a curve system without any of the benefits.It was a difficult race, very difficult for me to get into a rhythm. We had a few issues we needed to manage in the car but fair play to the other guys. Webber finishing 3rd. Team-mate Sebsatian Vettel hanging on for his fourth consecutive victory this year. In the round ball game, Sydney FC has recorded back-to-back wins courtesy of their two biggest names. In the first ever A-League game at ANZ Stadium the Sky Blues overcame a 1-nil halftime deficit, to defeat the Perth Glory 2-1. In his 800th career match, Italian import Alessandro Del Piero made no mistake from the spot, Before Brett Emerton put the home-side in front. He drives - pret Emerton scores!! Sydney FC has come from behind to lead 2-1. Earlier the Central Coast scored an away 1-nil win over the Melbourne

Earlier the Central Coast scored an
away 1-nil win over the Melbourne Heart at AAMI Park. It is red hot the A-League. A mention to the Western Sydney Wanderers a new side in the A-League, they notched up their first win over the weekend. It is a great competition. I watched the Sydney FC game and Del Piero just having him at the game just attracts so much attention. Good energy.We are still waiting on him to come in and cook a little pasta.He is coming, he promised. What is happening, brother? There is no love. Call us!!Let's check in on the weather.

in on the weather.
After the break all the Hollywood gossip with Richard Reid, hello, Richard.Good Monday morning and Miley Cyrus, I have some wedding news. She and Liam Hemsworth oh, they are going all out on several weddings. I have hat government the details coming up!! This program is not captioned. SONG: # I've got my beginnings
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the details coming up.
This Friday we are off to Melbourne to celebrate the spring racing carnal. We will be broadcasting live from David Jones so come and say g'day. We have two tickets to Observations Day. Return transfers to and from the track plus -- 1,000 David Jones gift card for the best dressed person. Today at the races, thanks to David Jones. It is a good one that one.Have you got your frock yet?Yes, I did I got my frock on the weekend.Did you get your heels?Kitten heels. Mortgage Monday is back. Every Monday you can win $10,000 thanks to Westpac.All you need to do is pick up the phone within five ranges and say "I wake up with Today". To register for our next draw call: We will be giving away that $20,000 in cash a little bit later in the show. It is good stuff, isn't it, Richard Wilkins?It is so exciting, Monday morning off to the races, money to give away. How could things be any better?We could have some entertainmentWe got get some gossip with Richard Reid. Our Liam Hemsworth planning on marrying his girl not once, not twice but three times a lady.Well, you know Miley, she doesn't do anything small. I am just being Miley and I am going to have three - count them - three weddings!! That is right, Miley has revealed that she will probably get married this time next year starting off with a wedding in Melbourne Australia. That is right, Liam's home town. That will be the first wedding. The second one will be Tennessee, her home town, lots of family there and of course they will have a big blow out bash in Hollywood where they make their home now. Now, all told they are probably going to spend between $1- $2 million. No word whether milely is going to pay for it or whether Billy Ray will have an achey breaky wallet by the end of it. That is funny. Now, Paul McCartney finally spills the beans on Yoko's role in The Beatles break up.What has taken him so long!! We all know that she pretty much took the wrap for The Beatles breaking off when she married John Lennon. Apparently she brainwashed him. Finally Paul has said, "Stop blaming Yoko, John already had his mind made up. When they got involved he started to seeing things different". They really went to hippy route and the alternative route big time. But Paul said no, Yoko may have sped things up but John already had one foot out the door. Interesting stuff, isn't it.I always thought it was Yoko. I grew up blaming Yoko.Poor Yoko!!Poor Yoko.Send her a note.She was definitely an unsettling influence there.That is a very nice way of putting it.For the rest of The Beatles. They didn't like recording with her.She was playing the tambour recent.Yeah, out of time. Now, 'Modern Family' bombshell Sofia Vergara as we have never seen her before. Well, we are hoping, fingers crossed, get this - Sofia Vergara, well some nudey pictures are being shopped around to system of the bigger magazines and gossip sites. Apparently her fiance's Blackberry was stolen a couple of months ago and there were some very provocative intimate photos on this phone. Sofia is like "I can't believe it, nude photos, no clotsclots.Apparently no-one is -- !!". Apparently no-one is off cuffing up the photos yet. Now, finally, One Direction, one of them has a new girlfriend?Yes, Niall has a new girlfriend, English girl, 20 -year-old Amy Green. He has been taking her around introducing her as his girlfriend. They have been sending each other really cute tweets and stuff like that. I think that he has always been the sweet one. I think Niall has always been the sweet one.Nice boy. And she will see plenty of drama hanging around with that lot. No doubt about that.That's right. See you very soon. Coming up this hour on Today - a storm like no other. The east coast of the US battens down.And the unstoppable Tony Bennett is back crooning his way through another album. SING: # They don't all dress up tonight # Step it out with my honey # Can't be bad to feel so good # Never felt tired on Sunday # And I keep on knocking wood # I am trimming mists...#Another great duets album. Christina Aguilera there.All class. Top of the hour, let's get the news.Karl, thank you, good morning. A state of emergency has been declared in nine states in the US, as the East Coast prepares to be hit by Hurricane Sandy. Almost 400,000 people have been ordered to evacuate low-lying areas in New York, with schools shut down, and the city's public transport system suspended.This is an evacuation for the safety of the approximately 275,000 -- 375,000 people who live in their areas. If you live in these areas you should leave them this afternoon. The massive storm is expected to hit later today. Authorities have warned the Hurricane could leave up to 10 million people without power for days. Meantime, 100,000 people ordered to evacuate Hawaii's low- lying areas are now returning home, after a tsunami warning was cancelled. The alert was triggered by an earthquake off the coast of Canada, with the first waves due to hit around 7:30 last night. They did come but, were under a metre high.Typically the first wave is not the largest. Having inconvenienced everybody by, you know, making them evacuate in the middle of the night I was hoping that the first wave might be a little bigger, but traditionally in Hawaii is it not the first wave that is the biggest by a long shot. There were minor traffic accidents on the crowded highways, as residents and tourists rushed to higher ground. Beaches and harbours are still closed. The man charged with murdering Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has reportedly attempted to take his own life in jail. Adrian Ernest Bayley is believed to have undergone surgery in St Vincent's Hospital for extensive wounds. While the department of justice would not confirm the identity of the inmate rushed to hospital, the 41-year-old is now believed to be in a secure unit. Mr Bayley is accused of raping and murdering the 29-year-old, as she walked home from a Brunswick bar on September 22. John Singleton's luxury Central Coast guest house has gone up in flames overnight. More than 60 firefighters were called out to the Pretty Beach property, after the blaze broke out around 6 o'clock. Crews managed to put out the fire, but not before the house was destroyed.It was a very intense fire. The building was made of timber and a tin construction so as you could imagine that was burning quite fiercely when the crews arrived. The damage bill is estimated to be worth more than half a million dollars. The Prime Minister is enjoying another boost in the latest opinion poll out this morning. Labor is up to 36% while the coalition support has dropped to 41%. There is equal standing on a two-party preferred basis. The main parties both standing at 50% each. And Julia Gillard remains the more popular leader with her support up at 45%, Tony Abbott's support is also up slightly at 34%. Heavy rain has flooded the lagoons of Venice, forcing parts of the historic city to close. The water rose to well over a metre above sea level. Determined tourists have stayed in the region, despite wading in water up to their knees. Raised walkways have been set up across the city to help people get around. And the onset of the European winter is wreaking havoc in France. Heavy snowfalls cut power to 50,000 homes with winds up to 130km/hr larning the country's south. Rescue services have been deployed across the regions while a 12-year-old boy and a wind surfer have gone missing in the French river ra. Australian women are being urged to sign up to receive text messages to remind them to be screened for servi sal cancer. An SMS service is set to be lawn. Ched by the Australian cervical cancer foundation, with research revealing about 43% of women do not have the recommended two-yearly tests. The foundation says the text messages could be more reliable than the regular reminders sent via mail. Looking at the finance figures now.

A lot going on in sport, give us all the latest, Ben.I have it for you right now. Adelaide unit and Newcastle share top spot on the ladder with nine points after four rounds of the A-League season. Central Coast are a point behind in third following their 1-nil victory over the Melbourne Heart yesterday. Sydney FC came through to win 2-1 yesterday.Massive result for us. First half we were pretty poor to be honest but credit to the boys they came out in the second half and put in a much better performance.As of the Alessandro Del Piero he continued his goal- scoring blitz netting his third. The Sydney Sixers have been crowned Champions Leagues Twenty20 winners this morning. They did it easy over the Highveld Lines cruising to their target without the loss of a single wicket. The orps both finished unbeaten and smashed several sixs too after the bowling attack at one stage at the local side at 4/9 from just three overs. There the celebration. The Formula One drichers champion is in -- drivers championship is in sight for Sebastien Vettel. Mark Webber was third after mechanical dramass cost the driver. While Casey Stoner is no doubt still celebrating securing a sixth straight victory at Philip Island in his final race on home soil. It is a great shot, isn't it. Iconic image of Casey. We have seen so many times bringing home the flag and doing well. The question is what is he going to do next? Is he going to go into the V8s? Who knows. I don't think we have seen the back of him.He should start BMX riding or something like that.There you go. He is a former champ of the smaller stuff.It is an Olympic sport now. A gold medal in the Olympics.I think the V8s might be a bits more...Probably.He has plenty of time to think about it.He has plenty of money to fill them up now. Coming up on Today we could be calling you with $20,000 on Mortgage Monday. And also we catch up with Mick Malthouse as he daughter spills the beans in a new buy boing. And Tony Bennett teams up with a brand new bunch of sicker in his new duets album. SING: # I hatal cornea, it is all cramped -That is why the lady is a tramp#Time to get a check of the weather now good morning, Stevie. We are at Sydney airport to check out a very special crew of people. This is aviation rescue firefightering. They are responsible for looking after 21 airports around the country. It is a very specialised form of fire fighting and rescue. They handle up to 2,200 call outs per year and this morning they have invited me down to be - well, maybe a firefighter for the morning. We will see how we go. First let's head into the weather and see what is happening at your place this morning.

These guys have all the equipment they need to fight fires when it comes to aircraft firefightering and rescue. Around about $6 million worth of equipment right here. This is an ultra large fire vehicle filled with 9,000 lighters of water. The Connors shoot 80 litres a second, 85ms. Empties the truck in about two minutes. We are going to head off and maybe put out a little fire this morning. Good morning from us. Away we go. Very thunder biers, huh. If you see one of those guys you know it is going to be all bad.That is very true. We will see you soon Stevie. After the break, the latest on the hurricane barrelling towards New York City. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Bad boys, bad boys # What you gonna chew? # What you gonna chew # When they come for you? # Bad boys, bad boys # What you gonna chew? # Food and drink can cause pH levels
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barrelling towards New York City.
Welcome back to the show. Hundreds of thousands of people are set to be evacuated today as Hurricane Sandy marches towards the east coast of America. The hurricane dubbed Frankenstorm is set to make land fall near New Jersey in the next 24 to 36 hours. There are fears that Sandy could join forces with another storm cell to become a superstorm unlike anything seen in the US in decades. Nine states have declared the hurricane an emergency and are usualing people to prepare. Urging people to prepare. It is feared more than 50 million people will be affected. More than ten million people will lose power for up to a week N New York City the subsystems will be shut down with the possibility of 3.5m of water flooding the streets and 375,000 people have been ordered to be evacuated. The mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg ordered the evacuations overnight.We are ordering this evacuation for the safety of the approximately 375,000 who live in these areas. If you live in these area yos u should leave them this afternoon.You should leave them this afternoon. If you don't evacuate you can just not putting your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of our first responders who may have to come in and rescue you.The mayor Bloombergs there. We had this report filed in the latest in the preparations. Hi, Lisa. Here in North Carolina wind gusts continue to domestic in upwards of 60 miles an hour as it is still a couple of hundred miles often the eastern seaboard. The big concern is when she strikes land which is expected to happen late Monday and early Tuesday along New York, New Jersey and Delaware. Evacuation orders are now under way. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has asked 325,000 people in low-lying areas of New York to start getting out. There are also evacuations under way in Atlantic city where there are a lot of Casinos and the reason is that Sandy is so powerful she is expected to bring a storm surge of four to ten feet and that is expected to flood a lot of these areas. Another big concern are the power out ages. When she hits she is also going to strike a big Arctic cold front which will supercharge this storm and likely dump a lot of rain and bring strong winds like this. Tens of millions of people could possibly be without power for seven to ten days. So right now Governors in eight states have ordered a state of emergency. They are asking people to collect their supplies and hunker down and prepare for when she strikes. Thank you, it is a frightening situation. We will have more updates throughout the show.The man accused of killing Jill Meagher is under guard this morning after being rushed to St Vincent's Hospital yesterday. Christine Ahern joins us from Melbourne. What do we know what happened?41-year-old Adrian Ernest Bayley was rushed here to the secure unit from the Melbourne assessment prison yesterday suffering from self- inflicted wounds. The injuries were quite severe. He has undergone surgery and is currently recovering in a secure ward. The Department of Justice will only confirm that an inmate was rushed here to St Vincents Hospital yesterday morning but they won't reveal his identity, the extent of his injuries or when in fact he might be discharged. When is he scheduled to appear in court again, Chris?Well, Bayley is next due to apin court in January. He is of course awaiting trial for the rape and murder of ABC employee Jill Meagher who disappeared on her way home from a Brunswick bar last month. Her death, of course, sparking an outpouring, an unprecedented outpouring of public grief not only here in Melbourne but right across Australia. Her friends actually gathered in a bar over the weekend to mark what would have been her 30th birthday. Alright, Chris, appreciate that. Thank you. If you or anyone you know is in distress or seeking support you can contact Lifeline on 13 1114. Coming up on the show we will meet the Aussie teacher who is 100 years old and still giving lessons in the classroom.I have no troubles. Partly because I don't set homework and I only go briefly into classes for a quarter of an hour and I don't get time enough to get tired of me.How impressive is that. Father Geoff Schneider has just been officially named as the oldest teacher in the world. Incredibly inspiring sorry and we have that one coming up a little bit later.Good on the young fella. After the break the Most Clicked and we meet the cat turning tricks in the circus. It is pretty cool. This program is not captioned. How about some music?

PLAYS) (SINGS) # You're the voice,
try and understand it # Make a noise and make it clear # Ohhhhh... #

Play 'You're the Voice'. ('YOU'RE THE VOICE'

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in the circus. It is pretty cool.
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Gee, that music makes the whole thing -US Masters golf music. We have all heard the saying, this is the most clicked, we have all heard the saying that divorces can be ugly. But have a listen to this story. A man in China has divorced and sued his wife for having an ugly baby. The baby was so ugly that the man couldn't believe that the baby had come from the beautiful woman that she had married. The woman admitted to having 100,000 dollars worth of plastic surgery before she met and married him. The man sued and won the court case taking home a settlement of $120,000.Wow!! Please discuss, we can talk about that one for a while!!He sounds like a fun guy. She is better off without him.That is false advertising. 100 grand, that is incredible.No questions asked. He met and married this woman, fell in love with her -If she wasn't shallow she wouldn't have had the plastic surgery..You are supposed to fall in love with a person's mind and heart.What about the poor baby!! Please, think about the baby. Meantime, at number two, check out this stuntman's amazing take on pole dancing.

This has to be at the music festival, surely?Yeah. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

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SONG:# I say zip it # Zip it good # I say zip it # Zip it good.# Bonds have the best ads.You are clucky boyfriend. That is what it is about. It is great, but you are clucky.His wife is away. Speaking at number four, this poodle knows just how to make a baby giggle. It is the dog cleaning up the food scrap.Let's hope it is the food scraps.You need a dog and a cat to clean the mess. Coming in at number five they say some things online are too good to be true. Have a look at this amazing front flip. Look out to the right - oh, ha!! How good is that.Perfect.That is impressive.All 11% real. The news, sport and weather is next and $20,000 up for grabs in Mortgage Monday. Don't go anywhere, folks.

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Monday. Don't go anywhere, folks.
SING: # I hate California. It is crowded and damp#It is crowded and damp - but it is also kind of cool. So is this. Coming up the one and only Tony benefit. Dickie is talking to him shortly.Gee, she does good green hair. It is 6:30. Time for the news.Thank you, Lisa. Close to 400,000 people have been forced to evacuate low-lying parts of New York, as America's east coast prepares to be lashed by Hurricane Sandy.Let me stress if you don't evacuate you are just putting your own - you are not just putting your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of over first responders who may have to come in and rescue you. The massive storm is already causing chaos, with thousands of flights cancelled, and public transport systems shut down. Authorities fear up to ten million people could be without power for days when the hurricane makes landfall. An Australian football team has been caught up in the drama of Hawaii's tsunami threat. Queensland rugby league team the Ipswich Jets is on tour on the island, but moved to higher ground. 100,000 people are now returning home, after an earthquake off the coast of Canada triggered the widespread evacuation. The waves were much smaller than predicted, with the biggest surge just under a metre high. The man accused of raping and murdering Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has reportedly been rushed to hospital with severe injuries. Adrian Ernest Bayley is believed to have undergone surgery for extensive wounds yesterday, after an attempt to take his own life. The Department of Justice confirmed an inmate was taken to St Vincent's Hospital with self- inflicted injuries, but would not reveal the prisoner's identity. The 41-year-old is now believed to be in a secure unit at the hospital. Bayley is charged with the rape and murder of the 29-year-old ABC worker, as she walked home from a night out in Brunswick on September 22. Labor is continuing its claw back in the top spot of the latest opinion polls. The government is neck and neck with the coalition on a two-party preferred basis both at 50%. Is primary vote is also up 3 to 36%, while the coalition has dropped four points to 41%. The Prime Minister is also enjoying a boost with her support up to 45% compared to Tony Abbott's 34%. More than 60 firefighters were called out to John Singleton's luxury guest house on the NSW Central Coast, after it went up in flames at around 6 o'clock last night The fire ripped through the property, causing more than half a million dollars worth of damage. Most of the residence has been destroyed by fire and police have established a crime scene pending investigation into the morning. Authorities say it was lucky no-one was in the property at the time. London police have arrested their first suspect in the Jimmy Saville child abuse scandal. Former pop star Gary Glitter has been taken in for questioning as police investigate more than 300 claims of abuse against the BBC Presenter. Police said only a few days ago that arrests wereism meant after they investigate claims that Saville abused more than 300 children and women. Glitter has already served times behind bars for underage sex offences. Seven people have been hurt after a limousine crashed into a parked car, sending both vehicles plunging 20 feet over the edge of a parking lot in Los Angeles. Both vehicles ended up in the courtyard of a neighbouring apartment building after falling the three storeys. It's believed the driver of the limousine thought the vehicle was in drive but it was actually in reverse. A look at finance now.

reverse. A look at finance now.
The power of colour, music and barely-there costumes has been put to use in Taipei, as thousands of gay rights supporters marched through the streets. In Asia's biggest gay parade, passionate protestors frocked up, and dressed down, in their fight for same-sex marriage rights. Organisers hope to collect 1 million signatures supporting new gay marriage laws to present to parliament. Good party as well. Let's get all the sport now.Thank you very much sh Deb. Good morning everyone. Matthew Wade is tipped to be named at wicket- keeper when Cricket Australia announces it's squad for next month's first test against South Africa later this morning. That will be live here on Channel Nine. But he'll have some competition from Brad Haddin. Alongside fellow opener Michael Lumb, the Sixers skipper guided Sydney to a convincing 10-wicket victory over the Highveld Lions, in the final of the Champions League Twenty20 tournament this morning. There are the celebrations. Closer to home and Sydney FC has made it back-to- back wins, coming from behind to defeat Perth Glory 2-1 at ANZ Stadium last night. Alessandro Del Piero once again found the back of the net, with Brett Emerton securing victory in the 70th minute. While the Central Coast claimed third spot on the ladder with a 1- nil away win over Melbourne Heart. In the English Premier League, Manchester United has defeated Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. The Red Devils led 2-nil at the break before Chelsea fought back but the visitors never gave up.

Man man united is back in front!! Elsewhere Liverpool blue a 2-goal lead against Everton. The home side securing the draw and fourth spot while Tottenham were too good for Southampton winning 2-1. There is the EPL update this morning. Now let's have a look at some Today Show T signs which get sent in from people all over the place, including 'Spiderman', also known as 3-year-old Jet in Victoria getting ready for Halloween. What is that tomorrow night?Wednesday night.Next up, 13-year-old Taylor from the NSW, he found this T sign while at a concert in the weekend. Where would that be? Would that be at the Star?Looks like a nightclub. Too young to be at a nightclub. Finally Lisa from Dallas in Victoria found this T sign while cooking frozen beans.What? That is the stem, nice. Bean Ts, the latest craze.It looks like one of those stick insects going like this, like a muscle man. Don't you reckon? The muscle man stick monster.Send them in, if you spot them anywhere. Coming up on Today in five minute, Tony benefit joins forces with a raft of superstars for his new album.Also surviving your mother- in-law. Tips for negotiating that tricky relationship.And later on meet the world's oldest teacher, he is 100 years young and going very strong. There he is, the big fella. And still going strong.Probably a couple of teachers waking up this morning feeling 100 years old!! Time now for your best local forecast. Here is Stevie. G'day, Lisa, good morning everyone. We are at aviation rescue firefightering this morning at Sydney airport. These are the main group of people who look after any fire fighting at the airport. This is what they called a Mareeta. It spins 360degs and this is would they would use to gain access to an A308. We are going to take part in a little training exercise but first we are going to head to your place and see what is happening at your door.

your door.
Now, this is one of the most difficult firefightering courses to get into. Around about 11 weeks it fakes to do the training to get on the course. The object is to get to it as fast as possible and put out the fire as quickly as possible. They are constantly training here and this is just - there we go. That is just one of the training exercises that they will do. Still got a little bit of smoke going there but we will put that out Karl and Lisa, and coming up in the morning we will be trying all sorts of fire fighting and maybe me even posing for a calendar or two. (LAUGHTER) You are a natural, on all counts. It is good to know if something catastrophic is going on on the plane the firefighters are there. That is true. (Laughs).And me. (LAUGHTER) Well done, stech I have. Alright, it is entertainment time now.There is nothing he can't do, you know that? It is just incredible. Today we catch up with the legendary Tony Bennett. He know he loves a duet and now he has another album chock a block full of them. SING: # I hate California # It is crowded and damp # That is why the lady is a tramp This program is not captioned.

# I'm a tramp!!#
Good morning again. Well, Pink or Red what colour has the number one album? But first one of the true legends of the music biz. Tony Bennett has stood the test of time with a career spanning close to six decades and at the age of 86 he isn't slowing down anytime soon. He has a new duets album out and I caught up with him recently at his art studio in New York City. SONG:# It is awfully different without you # I don't get around much any more# Is this your solace, painting?I paint every day. You could paint for four hours and it feels like one minute. You get so involved with it that the time just plys flies.A new album, you are prolific as ever.My son Danny came up with the premise of duets one and two and we were very successful with that, selling millions of records on that, and now we are doing one with the Latin community. It is the kind of music that I love because it is the Melody and harmony and so when you hear it, sing it in the Latin community they sing from the heart.. And that is what makes a good recording.Well, there are some we know like Marc Anthony and Christina Aguilera etc, but some that we don't but pretty successful south of the border? They are more than successful, they are huge.It must be a great thrill for you to be able to give these people exposure to a new market due to your success?They adore me for doing it and I am thrilled that it mean as whole new fan club that I never ever dreamt of. SING: # Stepping out with my honey - can't be bad to feel so good # And I keep on knocking wood.# Christina Aguilera what a great voice, huh?The first time I sang with her I couldn't believe it because she is so tiny and when she sang she just hit the back of the wall like Et hyl merman. I said, "You have a set of pipes!".You have sung with the late, great Amy Winehouse. Do you still think of what could have been with her and what a tragedy it was that she has gone?I met her mum in Britain and she say, "You know, I knew what my daughter wanted to do, she wanted to become very famous as a jazz singer. It happened." So she said we all have different times that we leave this world and - but what she did, she accomplished what she wanted to do. Actually she had one of the greatest jazz voices I have ever heard. SONG:# I never bothered with people that I hate # That's why I am a tramp.#Gaga goes from strength to strength, hey?She is great. In fact I got a call from her when I was in Australia and she told me she wants to do an album with me. I am pretty sure that is going to be next album we put out. How great is it having all of this wonderful success after such a wonderful career?I love the fact that I didn't plan it. You know, I am very fortunate to still be alive at 86 and being very healthy, I am very healthy, and it is really the most popular time of my life. It is something I never planned and it just getting better and better all the time. SONG:# Don't get around much any more!!#How good is he? Tony Bennett's 'Viva Duets' album is out now. He is trurly inspirational. That was him talking to some bloke in New York City. After six weeks at number 1, pink's album 'The Truth About Love' down to number two this week as Taylor Swift's album 'Red' debuts at number one. 'Red' replaces Pink - the girls are on fire. Goodness me they are just selling a truckload. Taylor Swift should be very happy with that. The album was released last Monday and today it is number one. She is doing well.Thank you, great, covering all the demographics this morning.We are!Coming up after 7 we are live to the US after the hurricane Frankenstorm bears down on the east coast.Also, is Pippa Middleton off the market? The almost royal has a new man and we have all the details.And remember this back in 1992, Billy Ray Cyrus hit the top of the charts with this signature song.Don't go away.# SONG:# They won't be reaching out for you any more # Don't tell my heart # My achey, breaky heart # I just don't think he would understand. # And if you tell my heart # My achey, breaky man # Me might blow up and kill this man.# This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

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This Friday we are off to Melbourne to celebrate the spring racing carnival. We will broadcast live from David Jones in the Burke stell Mall so come say hi an put on your finest. We have to takeets to Oaks Day. Return transfers to and from the track, plus $1,000 David Jones gift card for the best-dressed person. Holiday Tuesday is back. We have a $10,000 Scenish Tours voucher.

voucher. Everyone of the Prime Minister's goals with engagement for Asia is fine for 200, that our school system should reach the top in the world, our trade with Asia should reach 33%, our GDP per head should rise in today's dollars putting us in the world's top ten but we are top ten in the world for ease of doing business and invasion an top 5 for efficient regulation that all our kids are given the opportunity to study a language right throughout their school life. It goes on. Every one a great idea. But we need cooperative State and Federal Government was clear majorities without interference and election cycles that do not see us at the polling stations every 12 minutes. Unions who do not challenge wage structures and companies that do not exploit their market dominance. Government thanks do not rack up debt disguising waste behind spin and unsustainable numbers. Give me that and I will give you the highly productive society the Government is wanting. Gee, you are grumpy. I'm just realistic.Where is your smile? There you go? What about a little Irish gig I would love that!We got him back, people!(LAUGHTER).Let's get some gossip. To Hollywood where Richard Reid is on top of everything that is go on, all the scandal. Pippa Middleton has a new bloke in her life? Yeah, well you know first the new book and now the new bloke. OK, Pippa Middleton has been date thing guy named James Matthews. OK, 37 years old, a very wealthy investment banker. They have been on a string of dates around London. Is pip yafplts you cannot see her face, looks more like Kate but I swear it is Pippa. They have had several dinners,. The last was three hours long. Back in the corner.

the corner.So don't be surprise $for it to go publicThis tour of Madonna's is turning into a horror show what now? She has made it no secret she backs President Obama all the way. But, in New Orleans over the weekend apparently the crowd did not see things her way. She was like "Get out there and vote for Obama". Well the crowd turned on her, starting to poo, throwing things the on the stage, but I did not know what to do it was like "Even if it is not Obama, just get out there and vote". The tour has not been going well and not selling doubt way she thought. You know, it is just another black mark on the MDMA tour for Madonna. She is just pushing it too hard it would seemAmerica's sweetheart is said to record with our favourite Canadian Crowners I did not know she could sing, Richard?We are talking about Reese Witherspoon. No, she can. Remember Walk the Line, she won an Oscar four thatYeah, she can sing.How soon they forget. The rumour mill she will team World Cup Michael Buble to sing a duet. We still do not know why they are doing it, but apparently Reese Witherspoon is keen to start singing again and Michael more than willing to accommodate. He will do a duet with just about anyone.That is a bit rough. We just do not know why. Maybe it is a movie thing. I know Michael would love to hit the silver screen one day too see you before the end of the show. You got it! See you soon.

it! See you soon. New Yorks into lockdown. The killer of Jill Meagher goes to hospital. Carl Williams, the drug lord. A teacher 100 years young and still in the classroom. Mortgage Monday, your chance to win $20,000!

chance to win $20,000! Good to have your company. 375,000 people in New York have been ordered to evacuate and it is feared up to 50 million be affected as had Hurricane Sandy bears down. The hurricane is expected to arrive in the next 24 to 36 hours and has wreaked havoc in the Caribbean with 65 people killed and causing widespread destruction. Now experts fear Sandy could join force was another storm to become a rare hybrid hurricane that will bring torrential rain, destructive wind, major floods and snow. All this a week before Presidential election. We will cross live to the US for an update in a moment. The man accused of murdering Jill Meagher is under guard in hospital after reportedly suffering serious injuries yesterday. Do we know what happened?It appears 41-year-old Adrian Earnest Bayley attempted to take his own life. He was rushed here to St Vincent's Hospital yesterday morning from the melee cessment prison suffering from self-inflicted wound. It is under stood he has undergone emergency surgery and is currently recovering in a ward in a secure part of the prison. The depth. Justice will only confirm that an inmate was rushed here to St Vincent's Hospital early yesterday morning but they not reveal his it ity, what injuries he sustained and of course when he is likely to be dischargedAny idea at this stage when Adrian Earnest Bayley is next due to appear in court, Chris? Adrian Earnest Bayley is due to appear in court in January. He is awaiting trial after being charged with the rape and murder of ABC employee Jill Meagher who disappeared on her way home from a Brunswick bar last month. Jill Meagher would have celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend, so her friends gathered at a Brunswick hotel instead to mark that occasion. Her husband Tom is currently overseas we understand in Ireland visiting family.A luxury guest house belonging to businessman John Singleton has been destroyed by fire overnight and the damage bill is set to top half a million. We are at the Central Coast of knew. When did this fire start?The fire started yesterday evening about 6 o'clock last night when a member of the public called for emergency services. By the time they got here the main building here at Pretty Beach was alight. There were 80 firefighters on the scene try toirpbg get the fire under control. The source was inside that main building which made it very difficult to fight it. It was difficult for them to get to the source given the intensity of the fire and the fact the structure automatically became very unstable an very unsafe for them to be near. Crews here managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the bush land around here as well as surrounding homes but they could not save the main building. Was completely destroyed as you said, I is a luxury building. Rooms in excess of $2,000 a night and the damage bill is expected to exceed half a million dollars. The disappointing part of this is a few weeks ago there was a fairly large bushfire thin area and the staff managed to save the building there. The fire stopped just metres before reaching the main building but sadly it has come undone today. Fortunately there were no guests in the building A crime scene has been established. Do we know just how this fire started?A crime scene has been established which starts at the driveway which is about 100m from the main building but at the stage they do not know what started the fire. It did start in that main building. Fire investigators were on scene overnight and specialist forensic officers will be back today to try to get do the bottom of it.. The US now for an update on Hurricane Sandy. The major Michael Bloomberg ordered the evacuation of 375,000 people and warned that millions would be impacted by the storm.We are ordering this evacuation for the safety of the approximately 375,000 people who live in these areas. If you live in these areas you should leave them this afternoon Let me stress f you do not evacuate you are putting your own live in danger and the lives of our first responder whose may have to come into rescue you. A lot of people to ship Denham Hithcock en route the Atlantic City New Jersey where the hurricane is predicted to make land familiar What is the situation in New Jersey at the moment?People are just preparing for this thing they are looking and watching at the satellite images and looking not size of hurricane Sandy which is one of the big problems. Every weather forecaster on the television and radio say they have not seen anything quite like thin their careers, it is the size of it, 1500 kilometres wide a category 1 hurricane barrelling up the coast. It has a storm surge that it is push pink ahead of it. One of the boys here off the coast of New Jersey, 32 feet waves coming in, so they expect floods which is why they have closed the Subway or are about to close it in a few hours time. There will be wind and rain that will topple power lines, they expected 15 million will be without power for up to 7 to 10 days.As you mentioned it is a long way off but restarting to see the signs of the hurricane approaching.Waves have been hipped up around the coast. We have just land in Philidelphia we were one of the last flights and it was rough landing. We are driving to the coast at the moment but that is right. People are waiting an watching for this thing. It is a combination of three different types of stofrplts they call it the perfect storm t same one they had in 1991, a tropical storm that is coming up from the south that will clash with a cold front from the north a Gulf stream will start the spin as soon as it gets here. It will park over this area. A third of the country will be covered by this thing and it will dump wind and rainA big population base. Nine states have declared a state of emergency?Yes, that is huge. Nine states. The they are really preparing for the worst. Is what they always do when a hurricane is on the way. There is a lot much talk, is it hype, is it just people getting people out of the way to make sure? But everyone you talk to say no. All the models say you usually get some discrepancys but all say it will smack right into the coast not far from where I'm standing and it will sit here. They are prepared for damage and huge disruptionPlenty of disruption for Presidential election campaign entering its final days?Yeah. As if there could not be anything more fierce in that campaign. These two guys have been going at it now for about a year. The last month they have been tooth and nail but with weather like this especially if it is in a hurricane force across nine stairbgts possibly even more people are not going to come out to the polls in this, so it is really going to come down to prevoting and all the numbers. Because it is so close they really need the people to come out on the day, so it could actually affect Presidential election. There you goWe will let you hit the road. Thank you. Let's go to Tom at the weather channel. We wanted to get your expertise because this hurricane will make landfall and will be strong. It is such a big, complex system.It is a very dangerous system at the moment it is 900 kilometres south of New York heading north-east at 20 kilometres per hour so we expect to it make landfall in 36 hours between New York City and the southern tip of Delaware. At the moment it is a category 1 which is the same as category 3 tropical cyclone in AustraliaThe experts say Hurricane Sandy could become a super storm and join up with another cell. Could you explain that?Hurricane Sandy started as a classic warm cord system in the tropics but as it is moving north it will interact with the cold air from Canada. This is the key point - typically a hurricane will weaken as it moves out of the tropical regions but because this systems going to interact with the a cold front from Canada it will maintain its intensity prior the landfall so at the moment we have average wind near the eye at 120km/h. They will be 120, to 130 kilometres per hour when it makes landfallIt will be accompanying land surges which is a real problem. We will talk to you soon. Still in the US, 100,000 people ordered to evacuate Hawaii's low-lying areas and returning home after a SupaNews Penrith warning was triggered. The alert was triggered off the coast of Canada with the first waves due to hit at 7.30 last night. They did come but were under a metre-high.Typically the first wave is not the largest. Having inconvenienced everybody by making them evacuate in the middle of the night I was hoping first wave might be a little bigger but traditionally in Hawaii it is not the first wave that is the biggest There were minor traffic accident on the crowd highways as residents and tourists rushed to higher ground. Beaches and harbours are still closed. Back home now - the PM has served another boost in the latest opinion poll this morning. Labor is now up to 36% in the primary vote while the Coalition support has trotted to 41%. There is equal standing on a two-party preferred basis. The main parties standing at 50% each. Julia Gillard remains the more popular leader with her support up to 45% while Tony Abbott's support is also up slightly to 34%. Coming up - we meet the world's oldest teacher who is 100 and still turning up to class.I have no troubles. If I do not sit at homeworking, I only go briefly into class for a quarter of an her and I do not get time enough to get tired of me!That is I, an inspiring story and we have that one coming up a little bit later. Drug lord and serial killer Carl Williams was one of the most notorious figures in Melbourne's underworld. His rise and fall is the subject of a fascinating new book. Adam Shand joins me. He had an interesting life, didn't he? Obviously ended up being brutal and violent. Did not start out that way, did it?Came from a very ordinary suburban background, car his father and mother, a loving household, he had everything wanted. He had no education the speak of. He found the drug world was more to his liking and he rose very high in a short time. You expect people to end up in crime to have grown up in a culture ever crime but it was not the case for him, he just liked it more? The drug world was a way to make money quickly, there was no work, plenty of willing customers so he took his chanceWhat made him different if the rest of the Carlton crew? He was prepared to kill. He was shot in the stomach by the Moran brothers, he was paranoid, afraid and decided to kill them all Going to that step is always interesting to see how someone progresss from someone involved in even minor crime to progress to significant crime. Him getting shot may have been that catalyst, right? It was. Killing is always bad for business. In the drug world keep it nice and low. There is plenty of money to be made but Carl broke ranks, he was afraid. He decided the best way to deal with the threat was the kill everybody Why didn't the Moans kill him?The remnant of the crew think that today but certainly it was a big mistake.Towards the end he was not that same character we had all got accustomed to, that brash, arrogant character, was he? No he lost weights, he was self reflective as you are in James. He regretted his time in the underworld and if he could have turned back the clock he would have. How much more of his life will be unearthed? How much more of the crimes will we find out about?I'm not sure but there have been books, television series and dock men trirbgs it is a well researched topic now. The fascination with it? It is like every movie, it conforms to a narrative structure t flawed hero who fights against overwhelming odds and almost winsThat is almost sympathetic. Do we really feel that way about Carl Williams? There are a lot of people who hero worship. He is a folk hero to a lot of people so it is hard to move that mind-set Good to talk to you. A fascinating read available now. Thank you.When you are watching your weight as so many people are as we head towards the warmer month it is important the eat the right foods. Some foods can even help you feel fuller for longer. I'm joined now by Kristen Beck. These are good foods.. They are. These foods are not going to make you feel full as in bloat but things like herbs, chillies, you have peppercorn, wasabi, anything hot will give you an appetite suppressing action, by giving you that burning taste and reduce the amounts you will eat You will not get a massive kick with the chillies. Complex carbohydrates. They will give you an even source of blood sugar so you will be fuller. These foods are hard to chew so you take longer to eat them and they are full of fibre. Potatos get a bad wrap for being high in carbs but if they are in potato salad they turn into fibre of resistant star much.So hold back on the mayo. Yes, maybe low-fat Greek yoghurt Lean protein?The absolute key to making you feel full. When you eat protein it sends messages to your brain, your stomach says there is protein in the stomach "I