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I hope you enjoyed
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from the sea to the dinner table.

Don't knock it until you try it.

I'm told
by the Department of Fisheries

that around 15, 20 years ago

some Australian fishermen
tried their hand

at exporting dried jellyfish
to China.

But with the labour involved
and preparation time

it just proved
an uneconomical venture.

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This program is captioned live. The plan to capitalise on the Asian economic boom - we talk to the Prime Minister.The success of Australia in this century will be dictated by what is happening in the classrooms of Australian schools. Plot foiled - Indonesia arrests terror suspects as a new group of militants emerges. Dash to Damascus - a Sydney woman's bid to rescue her mother.She is still in hospital in a critical condition. The emotion felt by those who play - a special report from Afghanistan. I will always remember the sound of grown men crying.

Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Robert Grasso will join me with all the day's sport. Round four of the A-League produces tension, drama and goals, as the competition hots up.

The Federal Government has launched a plan to maximise links with Asia. It could lead to Australia becoming one of the world's wealthiest Asians by 2025. The plan is called Australia in the Asian Century. It sets goals to take advantage of the Asian economic boom. I will talk to the Prime Minister shortly. First, this report. Decades ago, Bob Hawke talked of an M*A*S*H. But now it is integration with Asia says Julia Gillard. -- en M*A*S*H.This is not only unstoppable, it is gathering pace. The five key action areas cover boosting economic strength and boosting knowledge and integrating with Asian markets. Building regional security uilding regional security and deepening relationships with important countries. They include India, Japan and South Korea. Underlining the economic rlining the economic changes, she talks of making the new middle class Asia a new market for a new high wage, has killed Australia. The specifics relate to education. Asian Studies is a core part of the curricula. Support for universities in boosting Asian Studies. It has been declining, as has been funding. Sceptics are axe sceptical.

There is new funding to continue the program.The target of Asian trade has risen from a quarter to a third of our GDP. The ambition, board members will have the experience and knowledge of Asia.

Accounting group CPA Australia recently polled 6,000 regional decision-makers and said it found staff deficiencies.Australian businesses may ever raid their engagement with Asia. There is a lot of hard work to be done.This is mainly a broad statement of long-term policy. It has not stopped the complaints.It is full of predictable common sense. The calls are laudable. This specific commitments are few and far between. The opportunity presented to Australia is due to parties and support.Craig Emerson will become the Minister assisting the Prime Minister for g the Prime Minister for Asian Century policy. The white paper makes it clear that children now in kindergarten would graduate from high school with a sound working knowledge of Asia. Particularly, and Asian language. School funding education reforms are key components of the plan. Is it an indication that this major change is hat this major change is overdue?It is an indication of an indication of the success of Australia in this century. It will be dictated by what is happening in the classrooms. This will be the Asian Century when economic weight moves to our region. I want our children ready to go to seize the opportunities of ize the opportunities of the change. We did have this e change. We did have this efficient resources for Asian education at the moment. It is hard to get an increased study of Asian languages. We will make our schools reform agenda and the future funding... We will ensure a bedrock of nsure a bedrock of that is people being able to study an Asian language. I believe we can overcome the constraints that have held us back, like not enough language teachers through the power of the national broadband network. We can close the distance three that network.Do you see part of those constraints as, perhaps, a general lack of interest and curiosity in Asia?Children respond to signals they are given. For us, we need to send her the right signals. When I was in school all those years ago, if you were strained in the high achieving cost, you were asked to study French and German. You were told to study French and German. So I did as a high-school student. That was the signal that I got that if you were a high-achieving child, but was he right thing to do. I would be the signal to be, T children all around the country, the smart thing for your future would be to study an Asian language. Later, we will bring you a report on celebrating our diplomatic relations with China. Indonesia's counter-terrorism police say they have foiled a plot against many major foreign Tigers, including the US embassy in Jakarta and the ssy in Jakarta and the officers of a mining company near the Australian embassy. An Islamic militant group is being blamed. In an airy back alley in west Jakarta, police seized evidence. -- narrow. People living in this house never raised suspicion. The counter-terrorism group carried out raids. Many items were seized. 11 suspects in total were arrested. Police say these were their main targets - the US embassy in Jakarta, this mining company offers across the Australian embassy. Indonesia authorities sake a relatively new militant group is behind the plot. It is almost certainly a successful organisation -- successive organisation to Jemaah Islamiyah. The first part of its name is a name of is a name of a number of militant Islamic organisations including Hamas.Police say the suspects were well prepared for serious terrorist attacks. How far off their where to carry them out is still not clear. The UN says 22,000 people have been displaced in Burma after a new outbreak of ethnic violence. Satellite images released by human rights Group showed an entire coastal community n entire coastal community reduced to ashes in the Western Rakhine state. For more than four months, Rakhine state has been in turmoil. A Muslim minority has been targeted by a vigilante Buddhist group. There are not recognise their citizens. There have been killing on both sides. Human-rights groups say the more so people are the main victims. Security forces ims. Security forces are unable to control it. They have been accused of joining in at times. these images show the recent distraction. This was distraction. This was aiming neighbourhood before the violence. This, afterwards. A community of 100 Poynings bird to the ground.

People have been driven into temporary camps. Aid agencies have limited access. There have been casualties on the other side as well. These injured Buddhists say they were hit by gunfire, probably from Burmese troops. It suggests the Government is listening to critics and ordering the army to contain the rmy to contain the violence. Soldiers alone cannot resolve this steep conflict. Even ACT, whose unique moral stature in Burma that could ease the tension, has said little about the little about the Muslim group. -- Sweetie mac. It has turned her criticism. - - Aung San Suu Kyi. She fears backlash if she shows sympathy to the Muslim minority. Borders and Muslim minorities are being forced apart. The damage to the social fabric could jeopardise the political reforms that have won the country where praise. One of the strongest earthquakes recorded in the world of this year has shaken the Queen Charlotte Islands off harlotte Islands off the west coast of Canada. The 7.7 magnitude quake struck the ude quake struck the sparsely populated islands at about 2pm Australian Eastern Time. There are no reports of injuries or damage. Ace tsunami warning has been issued to Hawaii. It could cause damage along the coastline of all violence. First tsunami waves add to him about one hour. After wreaking havoc across the Caribbean, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast of the United States. It is around 500 kilometres off the coast of North Carolina. It orth Carolina. It is expected to reach landfall in the state of New Jersey late tomorrow. w Jersey late tomorrow. Hurricane Sandy is far from the most powerful from the most powerful storm. At more than 1,600 square kilometres, it will be the biggest storm to strike the Atlantic coast. At a state of emergency has been declared in mind States.It is a huge, slow-moving storm. It will hang over Massachusetts.The hurricane will reach New Jersey. The Governor has ordered evacuations.I don't want people leaving their homes. I want people to stay in their homes. But if we are looking at hurricane force winds, it is not safe for people to be there.For some who do not have the resources, it is not an option.I am concerned but I have no way to go. How will bunkered down.The hurricane is having a financial impact on a state reliant on tourism.I am worried the casinos will be evacuated no later than 4pm on Sunday. -- I want.There are shutdowns across the eastern seaboard.We will prepare for the worst and hope for the best.In New York City, hit by Hurricane Irene four months ago, the city has been shut down in case of flooding.We are not ordering any evacuations as of this time. We are making that decision based on the nature of this storm. e nature of this storm.Tomorrow's full moon will bring high tides. Combined with the torrential rain, many communities are in, many communities are bracing themselves for flooding. President Obama has taken time out from his re-election campaign to review emergency preparations for Hurricane Sandy. arations for Hurricane Sandy. Changes have been made TV candidate's schedule in the vital last few days of campaigning. Mitt Romney is avoiding the east coast and heading towards the swing states of Ohio. With 10 days to go and everything to play for, the last thing both candidates needed was a disruption to their campaign. Hurricane Sandy forced President Obama and Mitt Romney tour schedule planned rallies. It through early voting into disarray. The President is making the most of the calm before the storm. He visited New Hampshire. It has just four votes in the electoral college. In an election this tight, every vote counts. Obama is taking aim at Mitt Romney's record as the former governor of Massachusetts.He promised the same thing he promises now. He says he will fight for jobs and middle class families. Once he took Office, he pushed through a tax cut that over womanly benefited 278 of the richest families in the state. He raised taxes and fees on middle class families.Joe Biden was out in another key state, the junior. Mitt Romney had hoped to be there tomorrow. -- they Junior. Mitt Romney will travel to Ohio instead. It is expected to escape the worst of the weather. No Republican has made it to the White House without taking Ohio. The polls suggest he is still trailing here. He has a path to victory without Ohio. But it involves winning in Florida. He is running neck and is running neck and neck with the President there.I'm confident in the future. These are tough years. We are tired of being . We are tired of being tired. The technocrats chant 10 ocrats chant 10 more years. Weekend 10 more days. -- Democrats.

They should not put politics above the storm. It was the damage George Bush did Ralph Hurricane Katrina. It is something both men want to avoid. In other news - Police in South Africa have clashed again with striking Mineworkers, firing rubber Paulus and tear gas to disperse crowds. The unrest took place one day after ok place one day after their union reached a deal with Anglo American Platinum to reinstate a 12,000 workers. Workers say they were unaware of the deal. Two people have died in be proved in capital, following clashes with police. -- capital of Peru. Authorities say it is a major source of black market goods. In Spain, thousands have turned their back on parliament in protest at austerity measures. Protesters say tax hikes and spending cuts mean workers are being forced to pay debts that rightly belong to the banks and private sector. Silvio Berlusconi has claimed he is a victim of judicial harassment. He was sentenced to jail for tax fraud. He has threatened to use his political influence to bring down the austerity government of Prime Minister Mario Monti. Deep resentment against Prime Minister Mario Monti turns violent on the streets of northern Italy. They are seeking an end to austerity measures. Unionists and students rallied ionists and students rallied in what has been dogged, No Monti Day. Protesters demanded more jobs and increased investment in education and healthcare.

Mario Monti defended the cuts. He thinks the government must be tough. Adding to his woes, his predecessor Silvio Berlusconi promises to stay in politics. It is despite being convicted of tax fraud, which he condemns as intolerable judicial harassment. He says he has been portrayed as a delinquent.

He has threatened to withdraw his backing of aw his backing of the current government.

If he does carry out his threats, there might be a forced early election. It was big investors and bring further economic pain. Ukrainians have begun voting tonight in a crucial parliamentary election, seen as a test of the country's democratic credentials. It pits the proportion party against the incumbent, against a main opposition bloc that ice closer ties with the European Union. -- eyes. European Union. -- eyes.

Almost 4,000 foreign monitors are observing the vote. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next, 40 years on - a celebration of Australia and China's diplomatic relations. Shortly, not without my mother - a Sydney woman's mission to Damascus. And later, from Kansas to Kandahar - the band doing their bit in Afghanistan.

As we reported earlier the Federal Government is hoping to capitalise on its relationships throughout Asia to ensure Australia's economy becomes one of the world's wealthiest. The blueprint comes as Australia celebrates 40 years since establishing diplomatic links with China. A relationship that has arguably become one of its most valuable.A roaring trade - Sydney's park bursting with colourful creatures as Australia's Chinese community marks a bilateral milestone snoofpl you have made it a marvellous contribution to our country, our shared country Australia, but at the same time you have with justifyable pride remembered your links with this burgeoning movement in China. Australia currently stands as one of the biggest beneficiarys of China's booming economy. The diplomatic relationship began in the 1972 when Gough wit almost recognised the comuent government. It began to pay off two years later when Australia was allowed to play a key role in shaping China's economy and infrastructure. Australia and China are indispensable partners. We need one another. It's a good thing China shows leadership and we want to... With Australia due to ramp up trade with Asia under its latest blueprint China says it's looking forward to more challenges.

forward to more challenges.But it doesn't stop there. In what the government is calling the Asian Century Australia is strengthening its ties with not only China but other key players. Those players include India, Japan and South Korea, but currently bilateral trade between China and Australia has exceeded $110 billion and Mandarin Chinese is Australia's second most spoken language outside English - a relationship that may take some time to duplicate.Now to other storys in the news around Australia. Independent Alex Greenwich has won the state seat of Sydney in a landslide. He was the appointed candidate of former MP and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, who was forced to give up the seat because of a new law stopping her holding both jobs. He becomes the first member of the New South Wales parliament married to a same-sex partner. He married his part her in Argentina earlier this year. Victorian police are continuing to dismantle the state's largest drug lab, uncovered during raids on two homes in Melbourne's west. Cocaine, ecstasy, - ecstasy, heroin and ice worth tens of millions of dollars have been seized. Police believe a drug syndicate operating from Vietnam controlled the lab. Seven men have been arrested. Major general Allan Streeton who led the recovery effort to rebuild Darwin after cyclone Tracy has died. Under his leadership 36,000 people were evacuated after the 1974 cyclone destroyed the city. He also led the effort to restore essential services. He was presented with the Australian of the Year award in 1975. Back to the tsunami threatening Hawaii now - authorities are urging residents to seek higher ground. The Pacific tsunami warning centre says waves of up to 2m could impact the islands. The warning followed a 7.7 magnitude earthquake often British Columbia this afternoon.The town of Kaluli and Maui and other places are likely to see significant flooding. It won't be as bad as it was from Japan in 2011 but it's basicaly, this tsunami is pointed right at us. In fact, the rest of the Pacific really doesn't have to worry but Hawaii does.And the first waves are due at about 7p45 eastern time.

There is an international drama taking place right now with very personal implications for one Australian family. It involves a 73-year-old woman in the middle of a war zone and her worried family in Sydney. It's the kind of dilemma faced by every familiar - family which has ever had a relative at mortal risk. Modern technology is playing a huge part as the drama unfolds.This is a live camera feed from a home in Damascus. In a Sydney woman monitoring the scenes on her phone and tablet. Sonya has been watching over her mother for the past six months, as close to 24-7 as she can.I'm watching her because of the situation in Syria at the moment, the war that is going on.One of the cameras is down, after a car bomb detonated less than 20m away from her mother's home. Killing 10, wounding 15.I'm concerned for her safety and it keeps me closer to her to be able to watch her live her day-to- day life.Then one night she disappeared from view. Sonya, understandably, gripped with anxiety. For reasons of personal safety we can't reveal her family name.We called her and she was barely able to speak and her breathing sounded heavy. So we quickly got off the phone, called my friend and they quickly took her to hospital and she is still in hospital in a critical condition. And they are still running tests and we still don't know what her problem is at the moment. Sonya lived with her mother in Syria for six years. She and her Syrian husband leaving for Australia seven months into the conflict. The couple have spent days making a tough decision: should Sonya return to Damascus and try to bring her mother back to Sydney? Although Sonya's mother has Australian residency, she refuses to leave. Cling together place she has called home for 70 years. - clinging to the place she has called home for 70 years. Sonya's mother is now speaking to her from a hospital bed in Damascus. The stress taking its toll on everyone.I have been asking myself a lot of questions about the safety, about the situation there. About her mum. I think the right thing to do at the moment is to go there to take care of her mum. And I believe that she can do that.A week after the bomb, Sonya is flying to Damascus. Her husband and family well aware she may not return safely.A lot of things are going through my head right now. It will probably hit me when I get on the plane.The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has advised Australians not travel to Syria under any circumstances. More than 34,000 people, mostly civilians, have died in Syria in 19 months of conflict. A further 2.5 million urgently need humanitarian aid. Sonya's family must now wait. 14,000 kilometres distant, to see what happens next. It's impossible to know whether she will succeed in this mission of bringing her mother back to Sydney safely. The only thing she does know is hing she does know is it will be difficult to convince her mother to leave her beloved Syrian homeland.

For more on Sonya's story there is an extended version online. While most soldiers go to war to fight, some go to play music. The job of the members of the US Third Infantry Division Band is to lift morale and farewell the fallen. Some of them are currently at the Australian base at Tarin Kowt. Senior political correspondent Karen Middleton found it's not always easy to strike the perfect note. In a country at war soldiers are taught to expect the unexpected. That's what these folks bring. For the bras quintet from the US army Third Infantry Division Band this army is all about the music.We try to bring some form of home to those who can't get home.Based at Kandahar they fly to other bases for special occasions. Sergeant first-class Patrick Grey plays the trumpet.If we can go into a dining facility or someone's office and just break out into song it changess up the day and makes things different for them.The happy occasions outnumber the sad. The sad ones are tougher.There was a female we played a transfer for. We wondered did she have kids, she was 24, have kids, she was 24, was she married.French horn player staff sergeant Grabell wrote to his wife:From that I will always remember the sound of grown men crying and when I do roll call and no-one answers...James is the youngest at 19.You're literally seeing the casket getting rolled into the hell Colter while standing there, waiting to play tapps. Jessica plays y tapps. Jessica plays the trombone. Unfortunately we do enough to wear it, you start to feel you can control your emotions better.Tuba player Geoff still struggles.Maybe a little tier rolls down my cheek but you still have to keep playing. Away from the somber they try to liven things up.We started to play the theme from Super Mario and it lit up.Music says what words cannot.Around here the music designed to the music designed to break the monotony. There can be a lot of that. It's not only the professionals trying to bring a little light entertainment. At Tarin Kowt there is also the Thursday night band, making the base feel a bit more like home. This Australian led multinational combo has produced a CD that they are hoping to sell to raise money for Legacy.A Paraguan mystery thriller has walked away with the top award at this year's Cockatoo Island Film Festival. Seven Boxes won the best dramatic film award last night at a red carpet presentation ceremony. The award is seen as - as a major boost to the tiny film industry of Paraguay.I'm very happy. This award in Australia is opening doors for us and for the culture in general.Fewer than 20 feature films have been produced in Paraguay in the last 10 years. Up next, all of the day's sports news and the big crowd at Sydney's Olympic Stadium for the latest episode of the development el Pierro show. Also, Casey Stoner's last

Pierro. Good evening. A crowd of 22,000, the class of Del Pierro and a superb goal from Brett Emerton has given Sydney victory over Perth at the Olympic Stadium at Homebush. Last night a controversial late red card led to accusations of cheating as Adelaide beat Wellington, while Western Sydney scored its first ever win upsetting Brisbane. This afternoon Central Coast defeated Melbourne Hart while Sydney escaped with maximum points against Perth. Hoping Italian superstar Del Pierro could guide them a second win of the season it was non-existent defence from Sydney FC that handed them a dream start. The sky Blues looked to hit straight back but this effort failed to trouble Vukavich.He really didn't go at that ball with any conviction.A man down in the second half. Sydney's marquee man levelled the contest with just over 20 minutes left. Some Emmerton magic looking to extend their unbeaten run. Central Coast came to Melbourne Hart this afternoon with both sides looking to h both sides looking to bounce back from defeat. It was Garcia who should have given the home side the lead. The first half offered few openings but it was this one before the break. Melbourne's keeper was powerless to stop a sublime free kick from the Mariners defender. But the Heart only had themselves to blame for not managing to blame for not managing to rescue a point.An important save but one he had no right to make.Western Sydney made some more history last night.They have had to wait 288 minutes but finally they have a goal.Riding their luck at times against an uncharacteristicy out of sorts Brisbane they were nonetheless fully deserving of claiming the upset.The new boys have stunned Brisbane Roar. s have stunned Brisbane Roar.Wellington will appeal the controversial red card in the 3-1 loss Adelaide after being left incensed at how easaly Geronimo went down.If he dived he is a cheat.Adelaide jumps into top spot on the table.Meantime Manchester City has accounted for a stubborn Swansea to move into second place on the ladder after the longest game in Premier League history. Elsewhere, Stoke and Sunderland finished scoreless. Wiggin had their first home win of the season. Arsenal finished a turbulent week with a late winner against QPR. Manchester City produced another lacklustre display. Manchester City wanted to restore some pride after a midweek thumping. Things looked like going to plan against Swansea. But the Swans had not one but two good chances of their own before the half was out. The Sydney defence fortunate not to be punished after wasted opportunities. Tevez was able to find something extra to set a disappointing contest alight. Verne lay process trait for 10 minutes and was then taken off the field on a stretcher. The 12 minutes added on for both stoppages made it one of the longest ever Premier League matches. Back to back defeats for Arsenal made the visit of the QPR all the more important. Aaron Ramsay went close for the home side, but the decisive moment of the match came deep into the second half. The winner arrived courtesy of the persistence of Artetta who scored the goal that took Arsenal up to 4th spot on the table. Socceroo Brett Holman's Aston Villa welcomed a Norwich outfit. It was this cross that provided the ammunition needed to fire the home side into the lead. But villa was denied all three points with 12 minutes remaining.Fabulously done. It's Turner.Casey Stoner's final race on home soil has ended in glory, winning an unprecedented 6th straight Australian motoGP at Phillip Island. There is also a new world champion with Jorge Lorenzo winning the rge Lorenzo winning the title after Pedrosa's costly early crash.After world championships in After world championships in 2007 and 2011 it was reported this morning Honda offered Casey ning Honda offered Casey Stoner $15 million to stay on one more season. Instead the 27-year-old started at Phillip Island for the last time.Will Stoner make it 6 in a row.Into the first turn row.Into the first turn he was under siege from championship contenders Jorge Lorenzo and Pedrosa. Pedrosa took the lead just four laps in.He makes his intention clear.Stoner swooped for ear.Stoner swooped for second and put enough pressure on Pedrosa to induce a mistake.Pedrosa is down that. Could well be the world championship there and then.With Lorenzo now happy to sit on second spot knowing the championship was his, it was the Casey Stoner show. And he signed off to the Australian crowd in to the Australian crowd in the best possible way.For the 6th time...

Today I only had to finish the race and became for the second time world champion. cond time world champion. It's so sweet.For Stoner six of the best at the island.I'm not an emotional person but it emotional person but it was fantastic to see so many fans out to see so many fans out at the track.Two champions crowned,k.Two champions crowned, but for a huge crowd presence only one hero.From two wheels to four now - defending world champion Sebastian Vettel will be tian Vettel will be on pole for tonight's Indian Grand Prix with Australia's Mark Webber the second fastest qualifier. He is seeking to become the youngest triple champion in Formula One history. Frbgs Red Bull has been the envy of other construction tores in recent weeks and there were more green eyes in India.Such is the pace of the Red Bull.Ferrari felt they couldn't match it mechanicaly with Red Bull. Alonso slipping into the slipstream for a the slipstream for a time advantage.They will have to .They will have to practise that.As in sir renewed his contract with the plansing horse this week, the Brazilian's mind and machine clearly not where they needed to be. He recovered. But this driver was less fortunate. Wobbley wheels proving a common issue in temperatures nudging 40ing 40: were flying on the circuit with Red Bull confirming their superiority in the final qualifying session. First with Mark Webber.He confirms the pace.Then with world champion Sebastian Vettel. The German just grabbing pole ahead of his teammate. Snow nothing choose between... I did my best. It was close, as you say. It was obviously a tight run thing between us. I was surprised to end I was surprised to end up second. So I will take that.To baseball - the San Francisco kiss could he giants have taken a 3-0 lead in the World Series after easaly accounting for the Detroit tigers. The Tigers headed into the third game with an unbeaten record in the home season. The giants seized their chance at the top of the second, taking a 2-0 lead. From there San Francisco kois could he's Francisco kois could he's bull pen pegged council the - pegged down the Tigers. The giants need only one more win to claim their second title in three seasons. In tennis news - Serena Williams and Maria Sarapova will meet in Sarapova will meet in Istanbul.

She has won the season finale twice before n 2001 and 2009. Sharapova had to 009. Sharapova had to work much harder to win her round. The semifinal featured a 6th game in al featured a 6th game in the second set that lasted 15 minutes. set that lasted 15 minutes. Sharapova has won the championship just once in her breakthrough year in 2004.The weather is next. And the Australian movie challenging perceptions on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Germans were surprised by an early and sudden arrival of winter this weekend. Up to 20cm of snow fell in parts of the country, disrupting traffic and causing numerous road accidents. To the forecast, a deepening trough over

accidents. To the forecast, a
deepening trough over Queensland is triggering showers and thunderstorms. Storms also for WA with warm easterly winds across the West Coast. A high pressure system is clearing skies across south-east Australia. In the major centres - fine in Melbourne and Hobart, cloudy in Perth and Canberra, with rain in Brisbane. Looking further afield, showers in Auckland, Wellington and


A new Australian movie presents a confronting and controversial take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Last Dance is a fictitious account of an elderly Jewish woman taken hostage by a Palestinian man fleing from a failed suicide bombing.Oh, hello. I've got something nice for you later.A holocaust survivor in the path of a would-be Palestinian bomber played by an Australian Lebanese actor Ferras.I thought OK they have thrown this at me. Why not do the best possible fundamental list there is. You question what you're capable of. You realise that he has lost his family and is desperate. He is desperate for revenge and he has been manipulated as well.Why didn't you blow yourself up like the other men? Into from a region that both binds and separates them they become friends.I think the story is about the value of a single human life N some ways she is a Liberal minded Jewish person. Then something happens. And in fact in this film she moves on.No, no, I have never seen him.The film brings the international Israeli Palestinian conflict to a local setting and challenges Australian audience to consider both sides from a personal rather than a political point of view.I am coward.The film's characters find a connection through their common experience of loss. She from Nazi Germany, he from Palestine. And that doesn't sit well with some. The who will cost is not the same as the - holocaust is not the same as the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The Nazis and the way they treated Jewish people is not at all equivalent with the Israeli army firing - fighting back.I don't think it will change the hearts and minds of anybody who takes a firm position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But for the rest of us it might. It might mean we can have a slightly more rounded understanding of the protagonists involved in the debates and why they come to have the firm and fixed views they V Shot entirely in Melbourne, Last Dance opens in Australia this week. For more on the tsunami threatening Hawaii now - the first waves expected to hit the islands are just minutes away. The Pacific tsunami warning centre is predicting wave heights up to 1.8m. Warning sirens have sounded across the islands in the wake of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Canada. That's the world this Sunday. You can get all tonight's stories online and news around the clock at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -