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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - a ute slams into a family home, critically injuring a toddler
in the lounge room. A landslide victory to the Independent
who's replacing Clover Moore. Kevin Rudd missing in action on the day he reignites
leadership tensions. The new asbestos warning
for Sydney homeowners. And a perfect farewell for
Casey Stoner at Australian MotoGP, making it six in a row.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. A toddler is critically ill
in a Sydney hospital after being crushed by a ute that slammed into his family's home
in the state's north-west. The accident happened at Moree
last night. The 2-year-old boy was airlifted to
the Children's Hospital at Westmead. Damien Smith is there.
Damien, how is the youngster doing? Mark, we understand the child's condition
is critical but stable after he suffered head injuries
and multiple fractures. The boy
was in the family's lounge room just before 6:00 last night when a ute smashed
into the front of the house. It appears the 56-year-old driver
failed to turn and ploughed 10m
through the front fence and into the lounge room, causing extensive damage. Paramedics arrived on scene quickly
and found a 2-year-old boy who had sustained critical
head injuries in the accident. The driver, a local Moree man,
passed a breath test. Police are waiting
on further drug and alcohol tests. His vehicle has been seized
for forensic investigation and the man is helping police
with inquiries. We understand the boy's father
has flown to Westmead today where the parents
are now by the toddler's bedside. Mark. Thanks, Damien. The O'Farrell Government
has been punished by voters for forcing Clover Moore out
of her state seat of Sydney. Independent Alex Greenwich
won the by-election in a landslide, collecting nearly
50% of the votes. Victory tastes sweet
for Alex Greenwich and his husband, Victor. Cheers. Thank you, Vic. They married in Argentina this year. I made sure I got married to Vic
before I entered politics, to lock him in. But I'm also very proud to be the first member of parliament
in Australia in a same-sex marriage. Well-wishers crossed party divides. Labor's Helen Westwood tweeted,

But his campaign
for same-sex marriage has prompted critics to call Greenwich
a "single issue candidate." I feel passionately
about a number of issues including animal welfare,
strata reform and better transport alternatives. Clover Moore says she's had
the last laugh on the Premier. He might have forced her
out of the seat but the battle's not over. They tried to get rid of one of us.
Now they've got two of us. Exactly. The by-election couldn't have come
at a worse time for the Liberals. In the past two months, they've had
health and education cuts and announced they may move
the poor and pensioners from housing commission homes
in the Rocks. We don't shy away from the fact there's a very strong
Independent brand in that seat. Labor didn't run a candidate but has plenty of advice
for those who did. The Premier cannot decide
who the community elects. Kevin Rudd has reignited
Labor's leadership hostilities with his written account
of the 2010 coup overshadowing
a major government policy launch. Claims he felt betrayed
by Julia Gillard came as the Prime Minister released the Government's much-hyped
blueprint for Asia. As Julia Gillard launched her plan
for the Asian Century... (APPLAUSE) ..Kevin Rudd was expected to be
launching this event down the road. Woo-hoo! He was listed as the star attraction at a celebration
of Australia/China relations. Are you disappointed
that he hasn't been able to make it? I, I, didn't know he wasn't coming. Organisers say
he cancelled on Friday. I didn't know. I was half expecting him
to still turn up. As Mr Rudd lay low at home... We're just having a family day, so,
look after yourselves. See you then. Bye. ..his office denied
his absence was because of this - a new report
about Labor's leadership coup based on his statement written for former Labor MP
Maxine McKew's book. In it, Mr Rudd claims Ms Gillard and Wayne Swan
betrayed him. Rudd was removed because
he had an impatient deputy. I am not focussed on any of that
today. Despite the Prime Minister's
best efforts to close the door on this issue, there's no denying its re-emergence
is an unwelcome distraction of the day
of a major policy announcement. She released a 13-year plan
to take advantage of growth in Asia, predicting a major increase
in the size of our economy and annual wages. The Government's also promising greater access
to Asian language studies, starting at kindergarten. Can we be a winner
in the Asian Century? Absolutely.

With a few words of encouragement
from Bob. The 39th Australian digger
killed in Afghanistan has been remembered
as a professional soldier and a close friend during an emotional ramp ceremony
at the RAAF base in Richmond. 24-year-old Corporal Scott Smith was
killed during a mission last Sunday. The greater soldier,
the heavier the load, and today,
the casket is solid stone.

Those attending today's service say
it's been a difficult time and Corporal Smith
will be truly missed. Sydney homeowners are being warned
about hidden asbestos in electrical meters. Union members are refusing
to work on the power boards while urgent tests are carried out. If it's on a home built before 1987,
it could well be asbestos - commonly used for meter boards, especially on houses
made of little else. We were always told,
if you don't break it, the house was alright. But meter boards can be disturbed
by electrical workers. Many sparkies say
the job's already dangerous enough. It's not safe. There's no grey area for us. If that's asbestos,
don't drill, don't touch, get it removed professionally. Endeavour Energy,
supplying Sydney's west, has issued a hazard alert
to its workers instructing them to wear masks
pending a review of potential risks. What is the issue,
what is the risk of the issue? We believe it's a low risk. Unions have gone further, ordering their members to stay away
from asbestos power boards for now. If they wear the face mask,
go and work on it. They can have it
cover their clothing and then they take it home. Electricians have a high rate
of asbestos disease. There is a high incidence
of mesothelioma alongside plumbers, boilermakers - they are at the top of the tree. Not just Sydney's west - asbestos meter boards are found
in homes across the state. Today, other power companies
played down concerns for workers, saying precautions were adequate. Endeavour has ordered tests
of suspect dust, hired an asbestos expert and will meet the union on Tuesday. Residents
of a Bankstown apartment block will be allowed to return
to their homes tomorrow following a fatal fire last month. Bankstown Council
has given the go-ahead for the reoccupation of the building
over the next few days. Repairs are still being carried out
on the block following the fire that killed
nursing student Connie Zhang seven weeks ago. Her friend, Yinuo Jiang,
remains in a stable condition in Liverpool Hospital. Thousands of hectares of bushland
on the outskirts of Sydney will be protected from projects
like coal seam gas exploration. the Berowra Valley north of Hornsby
will be declared national park. For nearly 60 years,
Berowra locals have fought for this valley to be recognised
as a national park. There's so much history here. There were times Bob Salt
never thought it would happen. His fight has paid dividends. The State Government has declared the 3,800 hectare expanse
on Sydney's north western fringe a national park.

It means a lot but it's going to mean a lot more
to the people of Sydney in the longer term. Home to bushwalkers,
plenty of native animals and so much more. Broad species and biodiversity, Aboriginal cultural caves
and rock art. It is really very special
and beautiful. Not only will the area be preserved
but it will also be protected. Declaring it a national park means
there will be no mining in or underneath
this spectacular valley. one of our most remarkable
bushland areas from any form of mining forever
and that's a great win. The Coalition also declared Dharawal in south-west Sydney
a national park but not everyone's celebrating
its environmental credentials.

A government that has opened the Forest to hunters and now loggers as well.

A major earthquake
has rocked an island off the west coast of Canada,
triggering a tsunami warning. The 7.7 quake
hit the Queen Charlotte Islands. There's been no immediate reports
of any damage, but a tsunami warning
has been issued for Hawaii. A tsunami advisory has also been
issued for northern California. The deadly Hurricane Sandy
is on course to hit America's east coast
late tomorrow night with millions of residents
preparing for massive seas, high winds
and even snow. The storm has already killed
dozens of people in the Caribbean and is set to get even bigger. Residents along America's east coast
are facing what forecasters say could be the most devastating storm
in decades. I don't think
the house will get washed away. I think the front yard
is probably gonna be gone. What makes the massive storm
so dangerous is that it's on track
for a collision course with two other
powerful weather systems before making landfall. More than 60 million people
could be affected. We should not underestimate
the impact of this storm and we should not assume
the predictions will be wrong. Images from space show
just how massive the system is, stretching more than 1,300km wide. Sandy is forecast
to be more destructive than last year's Hurricane Irene, which left
a $15 billion damage bill. Residents are buying up essentials. I got a little generator,
I made sure the oil's clean and we got water, flashlights
and stuff. Officials in New York
have contingency plans in place to shut down the subway, tunnels
and bridges. The Caribbean has already
felt the brunt of Sandy which claimed more than 50 lives
in Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica. 10,000 people hit the pavement
this morning for the annual Seven Bridges Walk. They helped raise more than $300,000
for Cancer Council NSW. Research, prevention, counselling,
the whole thing, a great organisation and we're honoured
to be involved with them. The entire 26km walk
around the harbour involved crossing seven bridges including the Harbour Bridge, Anzac,
Iron Cove and Gladesville bridges. Still to come tonight - an 'X Factor' star thanks
the surgeon who saved his life. Also, bigger than two footy fields Australia's largest warship
on the move. And the 76-year-old
still delivering news the old-fashioned way. That's next.


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There's been a development
in the case of murdered Melbourne woman
Jill Meagher tonight. The man charged over her death has attempted to take his own life
in jail. Adrian Ernest Bayley has been
transported to a Melbourne hospital with self-inflicted wounds. His condition is not known. Bayley was charged with
raping and murdering Jill Meagher in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick
last month. A former 'X Factor' star
has used a charity fundraising ball to publically thank the surgeon
who saved his life. Just two weeks ago, rapper Jelal Edmonds
was stabbed in the heart but thanks to doctors
at St Vincents Hospital, he's made an incredible recovery. Jelal Edmonds doesn't remember
the doctor who saved his life. When I hopped in the ambulance,
I sort of passed out. I don't really remember
what happened until I woke up the next day. But last night, the rapper,
known as Lazy J, got to thank him. I feel blessed that I'm alive
and breathing and standing here. Just thanks a lot, man. Dr Michael Byrom managed to plug
Jelal's heart with his finger after he was stabbed outside
a nightclub two weeks ago. Something he says he'd only
ever seen done on YouTube. Lucky when his heart stopped he was surrounded by a team
of people who could fix it. St Vincent's Hospital staff
were among those honoured at the Life Ball.

Fundraising balls at
St Vincent's Hospital began in 1866 and they became a fixture
on the Sydney social scene. A night filled with celebrities... # It's a long way down
when you're far from the ground. # ..and entertainment. The money raised from the event
comes directly back here giving St Vincent's and Mater Health
the vital funds they need to provide the best cancer, heart,
lung and mental health services. The type of equipment
that we're able to buy could make the difference
between life and death. Something Jelal will never forget. Australia's largest warship
has made its way to Melbourne where final construction work
will be carried out. The hull of what will become
the HMAS 'Canberra' was built in Spain and brought to Australia
aboard a barge. The ship was floating
free of the barge in Port Philip Bay before being pulled by a tugboat. When completed,
it'll be more than 230m long - that's nearly 2.5 football fields. It will carry helicopters
and more than 1,000 troops. In today's fast-paced,
internet-driven world, many old-fashioned jobs
are disappearing faster than the click of a button. Paperboys
hand-delivering the morning news are now a rare sight but one man is determined
to keep the tradition alive for a few more years yet. Pre-dawn sleepy streets...

(ALARM SOUNDS) ..and Lynton Clarke gets up
to give Bairnsdale bustle. Lynton believes he's the last
remaining paperboy in Victoria. He's 76.

I love the morning, anyway. I love listening to the magpies
as you can hear them.

Lynton is horrified a generation
has been robbed of a rite of passage Lynton is horrified a generation has
been robbed of a rite of passage. Well, it gives them a bit of pride
in themselves. So this retired salesman
is on a crusade to maintain a dying tradition. Look, the Lyntons of this world
are like gold to us. They are just fantastic. Customers,
such as recently-widowed Jean, love the old fashioned,
personal service. Oh, wonderful. Couldn't ask for better. He's wonderful. It's nice to hear things like that. Brings a lump to your throat. Once Lynton stops,
a job will be confined to history - an onerous responsibility. As long as I can keep pedalling,
I'll keep going. I love it.

Sport now with Matt Carmichael and a perfect finish
for Casey Stoner? Mark, he leaves MotoGP with six straight
Australian Grand Prix wins. Coming up - all the highlights
of the Aussie champion's farewell at Phillip Island. Plus, the historic first goal
and win for the Western Sydney Wanderers. And the South Africans arrive for test cricket's
heavyweight title fight.

Casey Stoner
has capped off his MotoGP career Spain's Jorge Lorenzo
wrapped up the world championship by finishing second to win his sixth straight
Australian Grand Prix. Just getting through final practice
on race day was a major feat. Valentino Rossi lost it
and lost his cool. Casey Stoner was quick but needed all his skill
to save his Honda for the big show. Moto3 and Moto2
had plenty of close calls. COMMENTATOR: Oh, huge moment. Nothing serious
before the main event, though. A kiss good luck for Stoner
then he led the pack away from pole. Will Stoner make it six in a row?! But Stoner missed the start,
slipping back to third as world championship contenders
Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa took the front running. That lasted one lap. Dani Pedrosa is down! And that could well be the
world championship there and then for Jorge Lorenzo! Pedrosa pushed too hard too early but he had to. Lorenzo just had to stay on his bike
to win the world title. Stoner's mission
was to put on a show for his final home grand prix. That's nice! Stoner winning
by a massive 9 seconds. He's done the business in Australia
for the sixth time in succession! This was the one he wanted
before retiring, reportedly turning his back on
$15 million to race one more year. To do it on my home grand prix here
was just a fairytale. This whole weekend
has gone ideally. Celebrations, too, for Lorenzo - world champion
with one more race to spare.

It's been a frustrating start
to Alessandro Del Piero's 800th game with Sydney hosting Perth
at ANZ Stadium. Today, the Mariners beat the Heart. Last night, the Wanderers stunned
Brisbane for their first win while Sydney trail the Glory.

No full house for what's supposed to be
Del Piero's big day as Perth did their best to steal
the glory from the great man at ANZ Stadium.

COMMENTATOR: It's Travis Dodd! It is a glorious finish!

Sydney fans are keeping the faith is they hope for a comeback.

Earlier, a cracker from Pedj Bojic helped Central Coast Mariners
upset the Heart in Melbourne. The Heart next face
Western Sydney Wanderers who posted their first win. Aaron Mooy unlucky not to get
the franchise's first goal but before a Mark Bridge header
found the net as they shocked the Brisbane Roar. A little piece of history. We're very pleased with that but there's another challenge
next week. In Adelaide,
it was the challenge that wasn't and it was acting effort of Jeronimo
that sent Wellington into a fury as Ben Sigmund was sent off
in the loss to United. He's dived, he's a cheat in my book. If he's dived, he's a cheat and I think
the referees were shocking tonight. QPR's Stephane Mbia
could hardly argue with his red card in the loss to Arsenal. That is stupidity. But Man City's Carlos Tevez
didn't miss as he hit Swansea
where it really hurts. Brad Haddin's been cleared of injury but Matthew Wade's set to be named
as wicketkeeper when Australia's first test team
is announced tomorrow. The world number one
South Africans arrived in Sydney late today ahead of their tour-opening clash
with Australia A at the SCG on Friday.

This team is on a high,
but it's a new tour - you never know. Wade was a late withdrawal from Victoria's one-day clash
with Tasmania today, before the first test
at the Gabba on November 9. Yeah, really exciting
if I do get that opportunity. It's something you dream about
as a young kid. Cleared of a broken thumb, Haddin will lead the Sydney Sixers
in tonight's Champions League final against the Highveld Lions. Sonny Bill Williams is confident a shoulder injury won't disrupt
his boxing or NRL plans. Williams was hurt playing for
Japanese side Panasonic last night but tweeted from hospital that
he'd only suffered a minor tear. He fights Francois Botha in Brisbane
on November 24. Due to join the Roosters next year, he'll return to league
under a new banner with the commision to unveil
a new logo similar to this tomorrow and announce expansion's on hold. Champion jockey Glen Boss is still
searching for a Melbourne Cup ride after yesterday's Cox Plate victory. Boss celebrated with connections
of Plate winner Ocean Park in Melbourne last night and plans to work the phones
hoping to race for a fourth Cup win. To Ocean Park!

Unfortunately I haven't got a ride
in the Melbourne Cup which is a bit not me, but I'm open to any offer,
put it that way. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have completed a third straight
front-row lockout for Red Bull. Vettel's claimed pole for tonight's
Indian Formula One Grand Prix. Both drivers struggled with grip but were a class above the rest
of the field. I was surprised to end up second,
to be honest, so I'll take that. The Ferraris of Fernando Alonso
and Filipe Massa will start from the third row. There were several other near-misses and fences have been reinforced to stop stray dogs wandering
onto the track. Australia has maintained
its unbeaten record in netball's Quad Series, winning a rough-and-tumble clash
with England in New Zealand. Returning from injury, captain Natalie von Bertouch
was forced off again. It didn't stop the Diamonds winning,

To clarify, that is 1-1 in the socks off. -- soccer.

Thanks, Mark. Tonight -
the police said it was suicide but the chilling note they missed
could point to murder. And the outrageous interview
with Robbie Williams, still as cheeky as ever. That's next after Seven News.

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It was an overcast and cool end
to the weekend around Sydney. The city reached a top of 20 degrees
which was two below average. Right now it's 17. It was a fine and mild evening thanks to extra humidity
and some cloud cover.

Today remained fine.

Tomorrow - Brisbane can expect
a few showers. Canberra, Melbourne
and Adelaide will all be fine. On our waterways:

Tonight will be fine
but slightly cooler.