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This program is captioned live. Beating the cheats - one of the greatest cyclists outlines a plan to avoid doping in sport for good. Viagra for women? It could relationships forever. Not so superior. The leading economists claim our retirement funding system is broken what can be done to fix it? History for sale - the shoes of the greatest horse up for lap. Peafrting - how one fan convinced his favourite rock star to play at his birthday. # Happy birthday to you.

# Happy birthday to you.That bloke convince Billy Idol to play at his party.Good morning. You are still here so you didn't win at the races yesterday?Not big enough to make a difference, no.That's a shame.I think this is bad news for blokes. And you are outnumbered on the couch this morning, Cam.It sounds good but it could be hard on guys, this Viagra thing. Congratulations to Leila who will come into the show and bring baby ted with her. The telegraph won these photographs of himDo you think she'll let us hold him?She'll share him around like a little Melbourne Cup.That baby is so cute.And meet him.We have a little present for him as well. We'll Rihanna veal that later in the show. Taking a look at the weather. ClearyTime for the news with Deb Knight.Good morning to you. A 2- year-old boy is fighting for life this morning after a car slammed into his home in Norton NSW. The vehicle smashed through the Moree property around 6:00 last night. The child was in the lounge room and suffered severe head injuries. He spent the night in hospital and is now in a critical condition. A vicious assault in Sydney's west has left a man in hospital with head injuries. The 57-year-old was found lying face down in Harris Park around 7:00 last night with a number of large cuts to his head. Police believe he was assaulted with a small axe possibly a tomahawk. A 17-year-old and 18- year-old are being questioned by police. A man has been freed from a vehicle following a serious car crash on the outskirts of Melbourne this morning. Three men in their 30s were in the car when it struck a steel barrier, all three were airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in critical condition. A pedestrian has been hit by a taxi at Pyrmont in Sydney's CBD overnight. The man hit the windscreen of the cab before midnight. He's in a stable condition in St Vincent's Hospital. The driver is now helping police with inquiries.Kevin Rudd has penned his thoughts on being dumped as Prime Minister two years ago off the back of Maxine McKew's new book claiming he was portrayed as leader. Kevin Rudd says he was left blind sited and was given no indication that the pending ambush was coming. The Independents claim a win over the NSW Premier withal again again sweeping for Sydney. The candidate endorsed by clove Moore Moore received 50% of the vote.

received 50% of the vote. New York may see a storm - emergency officials are scrambling to prepare for Hurricane Sandy makes land fall. The east coast communities going on the offensive security of property and stocking up on supplies as the superstorm closes in. After being pounded last year with the record storm surge and flooding New York residents are once again bracing for the worse. The damage topped $14 billion and Sandy could wreak even more havoc.Having lived through it and lost everything in my basement and up to 10 feet of water in my house, this is a concern.There is a state of emergency for preparation.There is the possibility of parts of our city flooding or high winds to cause certain bridges to be closed. Last year in advance, the mayor made the unprecedented order to evacuate low-lying parts of the city and shut down the subway. There is apprehension of another shut down. Violent clashes between police and protesters in Riva Del Garda in Italy. They took to the street to voice anger over tough austerity measures. Protesters were forced to turn banners into shields. They were calling father more jobs and better health funding. Shoppers forced to run for their lives when an out--- out-of-control car slammed through the window.There's tape everywhere. It's not something you are used to seeing when you go into Target.Three people were injured.There are new warnings to wary of jumping castles after a spark in the number of people being injured. Strong winds caused an inflatable castle to crash into the air before crashing down on top of several people.It bounced off me and hit my wife in the shoulder and threw her to the ground.It's vital that they are anchored at all times with 5,000 people needing hospital treatment in the US last year. Here's a race to ring your bell. Dairy cos have begun head-to-head in Switzerland as part of the Alps Culture Festival. The lead changed several times keeping the crowd in suspense. With horses it's very fast. Here sometimes the bovines want to do some steps and then they go slow and fast again, basically you don't know who will win.A 6- year-old took out the title moving much faster thant others. You really millblinged that one.A little bit different to Cox Plate yesterday.Congratulations to Ocean Park. It was a great race in the end. The Kiwi horse got it.Stay with us - you'll have your weather and first sports news next. Find out how western Sydney scored its first victory. Find This program is not captioned. At Coles, all of our
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Welcome back. A very good morning to you Melbourne. What a cracking spring morning on the way today - with a top of 23 degrees. What's the estimated current temperature? I reckon about 14. Not as hot adds this. Look at this. He's on fire he's so hot.How good is the burning kean field.You're from north Queensland.Burning the trash, they do that.I used to dance like that and have hair like that.It's an absolute classic that song. Peter Harvey, another icon, he'll look at some of the songs that define our country.It's great to have him back. It's not the same newsroom without him. Roz Kelly, what's happening?Very big day in the A-League again today. The competition is so exciting. First to MotoGP. Casey Stoner is in the best position for a fairy feal farewell from Phillip Island today. He starts from poll position -- fairytale. He has been fighting on after a nasty crash yesterday.I was very fortunate we didn't come down on my foot. If it was the other way, it would have been a different storyy. The wanderers have their first win in the A- League. In


While in Adelaide the Reds dominated the second half to return to the top of the competition table. Overseas - in the English Premier League Man City have kept the heat on Chelsea with a 1-0 win. Carlos Tevez scored the only goal from long-range. There was only one gel as Gunners snapped a two-game losing streak. Brad Haddin won't miss the Twenty20 final. The Sixers say they have already learnt from their mistakes after almost blowing the semi against titans. We'll go back to get our 1%s right. The Sixers play the Lions for $2.5 million in the tournament final tomorrow morning. Glenn boss has labelled his win on Ocean Park a big moment. The jockey has three of the weight for age championships to his name as well as three Melbourne Cups. Allesandro del Piero plays his 800th professional match today against Perth. It will be a big milestone. He's been on fire too. The A-League is tougher than people expect.That's good to hear. It's getting stronger and stronger too. Time to check our weather with Emma Freedman who is surrounded by fine machinery this morning.We are at the RABC Motor Classic this morning. You'll find over $100 million of desirable and collectible vehicles. This is so incredibly beautiful in itself this building. This car from 1909 was originally used to ferry the troops around France in World War I and was recently restored to its former glory. We'll look at your

This is a gorgeous consider created in 1912 - a Rolls-Royce silver ghost which is worth $1 million. This car is one of many you can come and check out here, with over 100 cars on display and we'll show you more throughout the morning. Thank you very much, Emma. If you ever need a reason to quit smoking the latest research should convince you.We'll have the best story to break the habit. This program is not captioned. My wave!
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Sydney, a little bit of cloud around will be mainly sunny. With a top of 21 degrees. Right now it's 15.Thanks, Cam.We've seen the ads and know the statistics - smoking kills. A new health study reveals quitting now can add ten years to your life. And for more we're joined by the NSW Cancer Council. 1.3 million women were selected for the study.By following up women over time they looked at the impact of smoking. For the women it showed they last ten years of their life if they continue to smoke. The younger you are when you quit the more chances are that you've got of avoiding health problems like lung cancer. So it showed if you quit when you're 40 you can avoid 90% of the excess harms of smoking. Fur 30 you can avoid up to 97% of the excess risks.The damage can be undone if you quit by 30.And you have the chances of adding another ten years onto your life span.What about a woman who is perhaps 50 years old and considering quitting smoking? Is it too late?Absolutely not. What this study shows is there's benefits in quitting no matter the age. If you can quit at a much younger age or never take it up, that's going to be the best news. Even when you are in 60s or 70s you'll see improvements to your health. It's things like being able to walk the stairs without being breathless. You can see benefits there and to your skin. You can see much lower chance of things like lung cancer.Billions of dollars have been spent on advertising, the dangers of smoking. Still we see 1.5 million Australian women smoking currently. Yes.I mean, we are smarter than this. Why is it not working? Why do women still smoke?It's starting to smoke. If we look at ten years ago the smoking rates were 25% of the population and now we're down to 15%. Absolutely, there's still too many women smoking. We are seeing it come down. It's creeping down slowly and we have to see it go down a lot more. Hopefully studies like this will help motivate women to actually not just think about quitting but make that first step. And making that first step and quitting can have health benefits within the first 24 hours. Absolutely. I think you'll start to have a lot more energy, not the feeling of breathlessness that follows you around. It's important to think of the gains that you will get from it. It may be that you are thinking about the benefits for the rest of the family or to your own health. Making the decision to quit smoking is very important. Think of things like the quitline.Things like the nicotine is out of your system within 48 hours and your lungs start repairing yourselves all within a few days. The body is quite an extraordinary thing. The website again:

website again:
Good news for smokers, Cam.News, sport and weather coming up next. And the shoes of the world's greatest race horse Phar Lap are up for sale. We'll look and see how much On


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When I was doing the sailing for the Olympics, every time we won a gold I'm proud of our songs.I'm very proud to be Australian.The guys were happy days at the cove. Did you have a few drinks?No, they were big days. Although when they were spraying the champ paining I did open my mouth.Got to join in the celebrations.Good on you. Happy Sunday.There was a neat mental image there.Good morning to you at home. A 2-year-old boy has suffered serious head injuries after a ute crash nude his home in northern NSW. The vehicle slammed into the Moree property before 6:00 last night. The 56-year-old driver is assisting police with investigations. A man has spent 4.5 hours trapped in a vehicle following a serious car crash on the outskirts of Melbourne. Three men were travelling at 2:30 this morning when their car struck a steel barrier. All were lifted to hospital in serious conditions. A 57-year-old man has been rushed to hospital after being attacked with an axe in Sydney's west. Officers were called to Harris Park after 7:00 to find the victim face-down in a pool of blood. The man is recovering in hospital with serious injuries. A 17-year-old has been detained. A man is this morning in hospital after being struck by a taxi in Pyrmont. It's believed he hit the windscreen of a cab before midnight. He is taken to St Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition. Earlier in the evening another taxidriver slammed into a power pole after clipping a man. A corner store has been gutted by fire in Sydney's inner west this morning in Croydon. Six people from an upstairs residence were evacuated. There's been a shocked development in the Jimmy Savile scandal with the late TV star's directors apologising to victims. Dozens of other celebrities fear they may be implicated in the scandal as it was common for girls to burst into star's dressing rooms. They are worried and concerned, they don't remember exactly how, what, where. Meantime the Catholic church is fighting to have Jimmy Savile's knighthead removed. Striking patterns and tribal designs have reigned supreme in Nigeria, proving popular with local designers who are part of Africa's fastest r growing fashion industry. And for the men - colourful blazers and outlandish pants are the way to go this season. That could look very striking on our set.I don't know how you'd go with those colours.I wonder if the South African cricketers are going it be wearing something like that when they roll into town today.A blow- up after 3-1 loss to Adelaide. In my book he's a cheat. A better night for Wanderers scoring their first goal and win with 1-0 result against Brisbane. Casey Stoner will be pushing through the pain of an ongoing ankle injury in the bid for one final MotoGP win at Phillip Island. He came back from rehab early to compete in the Australian MotoGP, an event he has won the past five years. He had a slight scare when he came off during qualifying yesterday but will start the race from poll. Mark Webber is also looking good ahead of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, starting second on the grid ahead of Sebastian Vettel who once again dominated qualifying. I was surprised to end up second. I'll take that and we can have a good race from there tomorrow.Mark Webber is going for his third win of the season. Victoria Azarenka will finish the year as the top player. She went down in Turkey in straight sets to Maria Sharapova who will meet Serena Williams. The South African cricket team arrives in Sydney later today after flying out of Cape Town overnight. The side got a warm farewell and got in a little bit of last minute practice at the airport. Shane Watson will be speaking about the upcoming season. I'm going to head off in ten days time on tour.I wonder who will get to spray the champ paining at the end.Can I just say we have the best readers in the business here. It was very unprofessional.That was hard to get through the amount of giggling. I said something extremely blond. It's Sunday morning. I apologise.A good laugh is healthy.We're all wide awake.Let's get to Emma now Weather

Cam and Sarah, if you were looking to add something different to your pool this afternoon, it's an idea to pop along here. All of the cars that you see will be going under the hammer at 2:00 this afternoon, including one vehicle once dubbed the most beautiful car in the world. We'll show you after we look at the weather.

Look at this alien-blood orange with the stripes. It would set you back around $1 million. A youthful looking 1960s Twiggy is not in the deal.I love those go-go boots.How to end doping for goods. One of the greatest cyclists thinks he has the right idea. New vision of the out of the the world jump from Felix is part of Most Clicked on Weekend Stay


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Tomorrow - meet the world's oldest teacher still going strong. How good is that.(LAUGHS) Time to take a look at the best of the web from the week. First up - MOVIE REEL:.

MOVIE REEL:. He is focused on the game. He wants them to win.He seems like a lovely guy.Brad Pitt caused a stir with his ad. Take a look at this. MOVIE REEL: The world turns and we turn with it.It doesn't grow on you at all does it.Wherever I go, there you are. My luck. My fortune. It's really hard to work.This pooch impersonation. MOVIE REEL:

MOVIE REEL: (LAUGHS) You have to wonder what Brad Pitt was thinking.I'm sure he read the lines and thought I didn't say that!Finally, new footage of Felix jumping from space has just been released. MOVIE REEL:

MOVIE REEL:His blood could have boiled from the pressure. They are very dangerous, as the Red Bull events tend to be. Did his hand swell up twice the normal size?He was in great pain all of the way through it.Is the superannuation system failing us? How can we get a better return? We have that story. And Taylor Swift's love story. She opens up about all of her relationships. That's next on Weekend Today. # Your girlfriends talk to me # But we are This program is not captioned. I've been working as a pharmacist
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# You be the prince # I'll be the princess # It's a life story.Taylor Swift has packed a lot into her 22 years. She keeps turning her love-life into lyrics and those into hits. We sat down with the superstar for this revealing interview. # We are never ever # Getting back togetherOnce you hear it, you can't forget it. Taylor Swift has done it again. Both her album, 'Red' and hit number one are number 1 in 22 countries. It's the little girl who grew up on a Christmas tree farm and they moved to Nashville to get her break. This 2-year-old was singing a classic in this video. After receiving a guitar for Christmas her world changed. Soon at 12 years old she would write her first song 'Lucky you' and start performing for anybody who would listen. With over 35 million Facebook friends Taylor Swift's a total techy. It makes perfect sense she would announce her new album with a web chat. You told your fans when it comes to the emotions that you write about, they are all pretty much about the insane and crazy semi toxic relationships that you've experienced in the last few years. That doesn't sound like a very fun two years.Well it starts out fun. There's always got to be a glimmer of good for a relationship to go bad for you to miss it and write about it.And write about it she does. With each new hit comes the guessing game of who is T.B.. Which famous boy is the song about. Is the scarf really a scarf or is it symbolic.People think they get clues.You are wearing a scarf in a music video and everybody thinks it looks like the scarf you were wearing when you were photographed with... Who perhaps?You know, it's funny right.For me the one thing that I keep really close is the identity of who these songs are about.Is it hard to get people to come into your world, I don't know if I hung out with you I'd be afraid you would write a song about me.Do you ever hear from these people who maybe recognise themselves in a song and say they don't appreciate it?They don't say it that gracefully or with that kind of a tone. If they are not liking what's written about them or what they assume and presume is about them, I probably hit the nail on the head. It's probably really true.You don't want to break Taylor Swift's heart. We'll have more on that story. She'll cash in on it.Including footage of some of her earliest performances, that's after 9:00. And Michele Mahone is up next.Julia Roberts is going full-on diva on the set of her This program is not captioned. Presenting Macca's new
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This program is not captioned. Presenting Macca's new
Serious Angus Burger with a new home-style beef patty
made with garlic, parsley, onion and 100% Aussie Angus. And your old
Angus favourites have gotten serious too. (McDONALD'S THEME)

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. It's time for the Hollywood headlines with Michele Mahone.Good morning, darling.Emma Roberts is following in the famous footsteps of her famous aunt in more ways that one.If anybody has forgotten who she is the niece of, she reminded us by wearing her happy hooker costume out to a Halloween party. She looks cute but you really need Richard Gere to pull it off.What about Julia Roberts, speaking of it?She's filming 'August County' with Meryl Streep and everybody is rolling their eyes. Because they are big stars they get things like fresh flowers every day and meals. Julia had a fit saying that Meryl Streep's trailor was nicer than her one. That pleased her for five minutes until she noticed that Meryl Streep's trailor was closer to the set and she insisted so they moved it. Merl has been nominated for an award 17 times and won it three times.An outrageous lawsuit is being filed against Tom Cruise who is suing him?I don't know. Neither does Tom. He filed it under the whistle blowers protection act which means he doesn't have to give his real name so he's calling himself Slim Shadies Homes. He's seeking custody of Surrey because he makes her watch re-runs of Dawson Creek and is seen dancing in his underwear with John Travolta. He goes on to name drop some pretty big names for good measure but the $34 million is because Tom pretended to be the last Samurai, attacked him and killer clowns from outter space and Mr Goodbar were witnesses. I hope he uses the $34 million for medical treatment. After the news - female Viagra. How do you think that will work out? Come on, bring it. They will put that in moon shine and it will be a party.See you soon. These are the top stories on Weekend Today. Beating the cheats - one of the greatest cyclists outlines a plan to end doping in sport for good. Viagra for women. Australian researchers on the verge of creating a new drug to change relationships more ever. Not so suiter. The leading economists claim the retirement funding system is broken. History for sale - the shoes of the world's greatest race horse up for auction. How much will they fetch? Partying with his idol. How one fan convinced his favourite rock star to play at his birthday party. # Happy birthday to you.

Good on you, Billy. Happy Sunday to you. It's 28th of October. Layla's coming in today and bringing young Ted. I can't wait to see her and have a little cuddle.He looks so gorgeous. We have a special present for him as well to give to him today. Make sure you stick around and meet the little guy. In the meantime let's get the news.A man has been trapped in a car for over four hours following a serious crash in the early hours of this morning on the outskirts of Melbourne. The Carring three men in their 30s struck a bar yell at 2:30. A 2-year-old boy is fighting for his life in Moree after a car smashed through the property at 6:00 last night. The toddler suffered severe head injuries. An apparent axe attack in Sydney's west has left a man in hospital with serious head injuries. The 57- year-old was found lying face down in a street. He is being treated for large cuts to his head and fractures around his eye. A small axe, possibly a tomahawk was used in the attack. Two teenagers are being questioned by police. Kevin Rudd has opinioned his thoughts on being jumped by Prime Minister off the back of Maxine McKew's new book. Kevin Rudd says he was stunned by the coup saying he had repeatedly told Julia Gillard that she would be his successer. He was left blind sited and given no indication of the pending ambush. There's been a shock development in the Jimmy Savile scandal with his family apologising to the victims. The nephews said at first they didn't believe the claims. Now they have accepted the darker side of his life. Dozens of other British celebrities fear they may be implicated in the scandal as it was common for stars to burst into dregs rooms.You don't ask for birth certificates. They are worried and concerned and don't remember exactly how, what, where. Meantime the Catholic church is fighting to have Jimmy Savile's papal knighthead removed. Emergency preparations are under way in the US for Hurricane Sandy as the system barrels towards the east coast. A state of emergency has been declared in New York. The city's mayor is warning residents to brace themselves. There is the possibility of parts of our city flooding or high winds to force certain bridges to be closed. Experts say the storm could be more powerful that Irene. Forecasters say Hurricane Sandy is likely to make land fall within the next few days. Casey Stoner has put himself in the best position for a fairy tale farewell in Phillip Island today. He starts from poll position. He has been the stand-up performer so far this week, fighting on after this nasty crash yesterday.I was very fortunate not to come down on my foot. If it was the other way it would have been a different story. He made an early comeback to compete at his home track. The first win in the A-League for wandyerers. Overnight:

The Reds dominated the second half in Adelaide to return to the top of the A-League table. In the English Premier League - Man City had a 1-0 win over Swansea. Cars testifies testifies scored the only goal.

testifies scored the only goal. The Sixers have scraped through to the decider over the titans.We'll go back to getting our 1%s right. They play the Lions for $2.5 million in the tournament final tomorrow morning. I just received a text from my dad in regards to Australia' great songs.Has he got a particular favourite?Boys from the Bush.I hope he's not watching Viagra segment.It doesn't bear thinking about. Stay with us. Video games are becoming bigger Movies. I think when I was growing up the idea of it being a career didn't seem like a real job. He is doing it all while wearing a hoodie. We'll have more on that in 15 minutes' time.It's a big world out there in gaming.Let's get the weather again with Emma Freedman. Good morning. It was only appropriated that we look at some of the cars featured in bond films. Of course, 'Skyfall' is about to be released in cinemas and they have three stunning cars on display here.

This was used in the 'Bond' film. This is the DB6 and my favourite because of the soft lefter interior and this is the DB5, used in the first ever 'Bond' movie. And interestingly enough, it makes a return in the new 'Skyfall' film which I cannot wait to see.That's the most gorgeous car you've shown us so far. That will be hard to beat.We'll have to go and search for you.Fixing Australia's superannuation system - you know that there are lots wrong with the system. We'll talk about that in three minutes time. Now to the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. It has angered many who were beaten by drug cheats over many years. Bradley McGee had the best years of his career ruined by dopers and thinks he may have a plan to end doping for good.You had a great career, Olympic gold medal, honoured in the sports Hall of Fame, an Order of Australia medal. Cycling has been good for you and you've been very good for it. It could have been a even more substantial career.With the revelations in recent times, when you read the delivery of some of the riders involved with Lance Armstrong it's quite devastating to see what we were up against. It's heartbreaking. We can't take it back. If we come out of this time with some tools for the future and go-ahead in a stronger sense for the anti-doping policies then I can get over it.Is there a particular race or event that occurs to that you feel like you don't trust these guys, you feel like you're not on a level playing field?It was always around Tour de France. The build-up to the Tour de France, I was competitive in and would sometimes get a win. In the Tour de France things changed and performances were always outstanding not just by Lance Armstrong but the whole team in particular. That's something that stays with you the whole world media is focused on the Tour de France and suddenly there's a big divide. If you look back now it's obvious. You thought everybody was on the same playing field. In hindsight it's revealed it wouldn't the case.What's possible to do to repair the damage to the sport and the careers of people like yourself? What can we do in the future to make the sport a clean sport to trust again?The way I see it, we've got to share the responsibility a little bit. The way we talk with our kids at the local competitions, how we support our clubs, the language we use. It's got to be no questions. No questions of crossing an ethical boundary, doping just is not part of the question. And these things may feel strange for people to accept. It starts very far out. By the time these young professionals go into the young competitions they have to be tooled up to say no and keep the fight going. There's prevention measures to bring in. The controls are better than ever. I feel there's positive coming out since Lance Armstrong has come out and we're going in the right direction.A lot of people are saying around Lance Armstrong that he bullied them into cheating along with him so that he could have more success. Do you buy that?Were you ever encouraged to take drugs or should these people have said no then?It's a tough one. Yes I had a few confrontations in my early days. Personally I had the strength or the backing or support or whatever, I can't really nail it. I was able to say no. It's your decision and choice. Nobody is tying you down to do these things. Bullied, it's tough out there. You can always walk away. I believe there's things you can d to strengthen your resolve so you won't cross this line. It's a long work. It's something that's never over. It's the most important thing. It's a job to be continued on forever. We want sport in our life. It's a big part of our culture. We need to be tooled up to do it in the right way. What's the event you are at today? This is great. I'm here to support these people. They have been out charity driving for great cause. Go the Distance, it's a combination of four charities. If you combine two- thirds of all deaths in Australia is from cancer and heart disease. The cause is a no-brainer. These people have been raising money. Some people will go for a walk or jog and we'll go for a ride. Just enjoying this beautiful day here in Adelaide.Female Viagra - how does it work and will it change relationships? That story in three minutes. After 20 years after introducing compulsory superannuation that was deemed to be world-class. We're joined by associate editor of the Eureka Report. Can you explain the flaws? I think the penny is finally starting to drop that after 20 years that the system that we thought we had has some serious flaws in it. It comes through a couple of main reasons. First up - there's not been enough contribution. So people haven't saved enough. The original system Paul Keating set-up had planned for us to go to 12-15% of savings, we've only got to 9%. A major problem is that it was subcontracted out to the private industry to look after our savings. What's happened in that period is that you've had absolutely terrible performance, particularly in the past five years. Most people discovered that their savings have gone backwards. During that period there's been an enormous industry which has taken an incredible amount of fees. Just last year $18 billion of fees flowed out of the superannuation pool into this industry. It's made a lot of people wealthy but it hasn't looked after the retirement savings of most Australians.What does all of this mean for most Australians? They can't retire comfortably.I think the penny is starting to drop. We won't have enough money to retire on. Just imagine that you retire with $1 million in your pocket and you think that's a lot of money. It's not. It only gives you $50,000 per year in income. Do the sums backwards, $250,000. You've $30,000 per year to live on. Even less you know. There's simply not enough money to live on.Compare the private superannuation schemes to the future fund for public service which has grown by 4.5% annually. Is this a model that we should be looking at?I think what probably should have been looked at in the first place 20 years ago. During that period you had that whole push for private companies, the push for deregulation and it was all handed out to the private sector. The future fund on the other hand is run by a government-body and it's appointed by trustees appointed by the gaffement. There are fundamental differences. They are very accountable. You can look up to see how much money is in the kitty, see what's invested in, the private industry, there are hundreds of funds, more corporate funds out there. These people subcontract all of the work out to all sorts of agencies and funds managers and everybody take as clip along the way. The future fund, a lot of it's done inhouse.I think the horse has bolted.

How important is it for women's sexual drive? It declines as you age?It declines in both sexes. A woman's sex drive taking this drug two hours before the time you think you'll have intercourse, whether it will increase your sexual satisfaction at the time remains to be seen. Menus sex to destress. Women need to be destressed to have sex. It's more of a mental thing. Therefore whether taking a spray and don't forget if I give you anything at all to put up your nose and tell you it will improve this or that, 30% of people show an improvement. Wha watch this space. And possible side effects?Probably none. It's being used in such a small dose for such an acute time as opposed to going onto patches or creams for months and months. The thing is does it work.There is such pressure on us to have the perfect sex life. Could a drug like this raise expectations?I think that's one of the problems it's going to face. If you are the founder of this particular drug and you are going to market t you are sitting on billions of dollars if you can convince women they have a problem and therefore you have the drug to solve it. I'm sceptical of whether it can work. If it shows any sign of improvement for women achieving more orgasms than at the moment, this guy is on a winner. How many women would it help? I would think a pill giving busy women more sleep could be more beneficial.The figures vary. One in five women not sexually satisfied. This is in a relationship where things were going OK and have been allowed to slide. I think it takes two to tango. It's more an emotional thing. I'm fascinated to believe that a sniff can get you from the phase of the sexual cycle that a woman goes through up to the orgasmic phase. For men it's easier.We know how well Viagra sells for men.It could be a huge seller.We'll have all of the details if you want to be involved in this trial, Australian women can be involved. We'll put it on our website. Phar Lap's shoes are up for sale. We'll find out how much they'll fetch in three minutes' time. Video games are becoming bigger than Hollywood films. One Australian has been put in charge of the latest blockbuster. We head to Boston to check it out. MOVIE REEL:The biggest hits on the market. Blockbusters full of explosion and romance. This is one of the hottest releases of the year. Make no mistake this is big business. Welcome to the gaming industry. Worth a cool $40 billion worldwide.Is something like this bigger than Hollywood?

My mum is secretly a gamer as well. It's a big step up from what I grew up with. 'Assassin's Creed' will hit stores this Wednesday.They've got a lot more complex.What about the shoes of a shafrplian? This set are said to draw around $20,000 at a Melbourne Cup auction next - month? Champion.They say horseshoes are lucky. They get a lot luckier quicker if you tap them onto the legs of Phar Lap. What a great horse.I know. Fantastic. We are very lucky. We have four horseshoes that have been consigned by the family of the original owners of Phar Lap. You couldn't get much better than that. They are American and we're very excited to have them.You know that Australians have reveer this had horse as the greatest horse ever. We claim this guy as the greatest. What sort of price do you think four old horseshoes will fetch?We have them here and we're thinking probably between $15,000-$20,000. We found one that started auction not too long ago which is believed to have been worn by Phar Lap in the final race that he won when he went to America that. Sold for $8,000. So we think it's probably conservative.How do you keep track of the proof nepbs of the shoes? How do we know they're not any old horseshoe?Obviously, coming from the family.

the family. We have the original memo signed by the grandfather who owned father. We've compared with tracings of Phar Lap's shoes. We are confident that they are the correct size and style for the period. We compared them to ones around New Zealand and Australia. Anything else to do with the great horse up for sale?Something special. Even more special than the horse shoes. What we have here, again from the family. It's very exciting. It's the only known collection of all 36 of Phar Lap's race wins in Australia. It's the only known collection of all 36 photographs. So you have everything here from the 1930s Melbourne Cup. The two Cox Plate that he won. It's got everything. And you can see the Quail quality of the photographs is fantastic. In many cases it's so far ahead. He really was a true champion.He used to put a big space on his rivals.It was tough times in Australia.If you could bank on anything, you could bank on Phar Lap.Good luck with the auction.Well stay with us - news, sport and weather are next. And we're going backstage with Rolling Stones as part of E-wind


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Every time I see that ad I want to do the deck.You don't have a deck! A man's been trapped in a car for over four hours following a serious crash this morning. The Carring three men in their 30 s struck a barrier while travelling through Berwick-Cranbourne Road. One vehicle person was thrown from the vehicle. A toddler is in a critical condition after a car smashed through a home in Moree. The 2- year-old boy was in the front lounge room playing. He suffered serious head injuries. The driver is currently being questioned by police. A pedestrian has been pit by a taxi at Pyrmont in Sydney's CBD overnight. The man hit the windscreen and has been taken to hospital. The driver is helping police with inquiries. SIM salve salve's family has apologise to the late TV star's alleged victims. His nephew said at first they didn't believe the barriage of claims. And now they have accepted the darker side of his life. Dozens of other British celebrities fear they may be implicated in the scandal as it was common for stars to barge into stars' dressing rooms. They are worried and concerned and don't remember exactly how, what, where. Meantime the Catholic church is fighting to have his papal knighthead removed.The mayor of New York is warning residents to be village hand with Hurricane Sandy expected to arrive in the next few days. -- vigilant.

days. -- vigilant. One of Rio de Janeiro's best known tourist attractions has reached 100. The cable car has been giving tourists a bird's-eye view for a century. The attraction is also starred in a 'Bond' movie. The 1979 movie. Let's get all of the sport now with Roz Kelly.A very special milestone match in the A-League today. Allesandro del Piero will play his 800th professional game.

800th professional game.He's a cheat in my book. I think the referees were shocking tonight.Not happy but a night to remember for the competition new-comers scores their first game 1-0 against Brisbane. Going for a record-sixth straight. Casey Stoner will push through the pain of an ankle injury today at Phillip Island. He will compete for the last time before retiring. The reigning world champion had a scare when he came off during qualifying yesterday but will start from poll today. Mark Webber is looking good ahead of the Indiaian Formula 1 Grand Prix, he will start second behind Sebastian Vettel who once again dominated qualifying.I was surprised toned up second. I'll take that and we'll have a great race from there tomorrow. Victoria Azarenka has been thumped in the semifinal in Turkey. She went down in straight sets to Maria Sharapova who will meet Serena Williams. And the South African cricket team arrives in Sydney later today after flying out of Cape Town overnight. They even got in a little last minute practice the the airport. Baby Ted and Leila have arrived.I can't wait to see them.He is a Rooster poor guy.She says he has his dad's chin and nose.And her blond hair. So clucky right now.Let's get some weather with Emma Freedman.We're at the Royal Hex business Building in Melbourne today with 100 million worth of vehicles. I think I've found a great car. This is the rocket car. We'll tell you more After

This is The Project 500. You have to love the thinking. It's pretty simple. You have a wheel, you put a driver and then you steel a Rolls- Royce jet engine and strap it to the guy driving and a couple of extra wheels on the back. They attempted to break the world record back in the 1970s for speed. Unfortunately it rained which is a little ironic as they were in the dessert. They didn't get anywhere near the 840km/h they expected to do with this exact car. Pretty simple thinking. Some people can be pretty silly.But that's amazing. Have you had a sit inside it?I don't know if I could fit inside it. I don't know how you get inside it. Through that hole.How do you get in? I don't know.I'll get a screwdriver.Can openner.You work it out.Is this the best job in the world or just crazy? We'll speak to the man in the clip. Yes, that's him with the tiger.A bit scary. Taylor Swift takes over Times Square for the release of her new album, that's part of E-wind.

That's Weekend

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Well cull back. Taylor Swift. Behind-the-scenes glimpse with Rolling Stones. Dicky has it all covered in E-wind.It was the week Taylor Swift rocked Times Square and made it Red Square and chatted about the song and those who inspired it. Having shows secrets are all I have.We learnt that she'd broken up with her Kennedy boyfriend. Tuesday morning - 'Twilight' stars speaking out about the final instalment in the saga. It's strange to think this is the last time I'm going to be promoting these movies by myself.And then it was off to London for the world premier of the new 'Bond' film 'Skyfall'. All of the stars were there, as proud as punch.Even Prince Charles was on hand to make it a Royal premier.They had a busy week rubbing shoulders with a bunch of Australians before their trip Down Under. # All I've got is an autograph. Celebrating a birthday by unleashing a new solo project # These are the diamond days # There's going to be fame.Pink announced another series of shows, she's up to 38 concerts on tour next year and counting. That won't be the last of it. Huge business. The mob have a new production called Empire. It all happens in that big tent touring next year. Tickets on sale next week. On the movie front a couple of rippers out this week. 'Argo', a plan to get six Americans out of a hostage crisis of 1979.It's a true story. Ben Affleck directs and stars as the man with the plan to mount a fictitious movie project to get them out. The other must-see movie the week the unlikely story of a Frenchman who hires an ex- conto be his carrier. The result - a friendship neither of them saw coming. It's a brilliant hilarious heart warming movie called 'The Intouchables'. If you are a Paul Kelly fan - this celebrates the man, music and colourful life. Check this out. The final look at the upcoming 'Iron Man' movie. George Clooney got roped into a sing-along. Hugh Jackman was on location shooting movie scenes in Sydney. Delta, sitting on top of the world. Al leasha Keys told us of her new album and the secret of holding a show business marriage together. Combining two people and lives and paths into one.If you are looking for something to do today - a Rolling Stones documentary screening at selected cinemas around the country today for one day only. And it is awesome. The Rolling Stones celebrating their 50th anniversary and that's a good thing. As we take a look at what went down in the week that was in the wonderful world of entertainment.Have you been smoking a look at the baby? You've got to see the baby.Ted looks like a baby.You know how you can be a little bit confronting to see a baby for the first time.It's very cute.They are so delicate. I always think I'm going to drop one. I don't know if other blokes feel like this.We'll all meet him soon. He is the stamp of his old man but there's a little bit of Layla through it.How good does she look snoo?It's obscene.It's called bouncing back.Coming onto the set very shortly. I can't wait.The man who convinced Billy Idol. He convinced him to perform at his birthday party. We'll find out what went down. # Happy birthday to you.You can receive compensation if your boss doesn't give you enough work


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Great to have your company this Sunday morning. Joining us now to discuss what's making news is Angela from sund. If you are board at work you can claim compensation as part of this new national law to combat bullying. What a nanny state. Is this going far too far?The compensation culture needs to be diminished not to grow. There is another thing in the report that says if somebody rolls their eyes at you that that is diminishing your dignity. Seriously, this is one of your situations where we need to think about genuine cases of compensation, bullying, genuine bullying. This is nuts. Workplaces, when did we stop becoming reasonable, mature, rationale people who get on with each other. How much money is being spent on this report I'd love to know. What does this say to your kids?You have a sense of entitlement to complain rather than taking responsibility for it. This video is doing the rounds of an intoxicated woman in Sydney. Have a look at this.Clearly, she's drunk and disrupting other passengers. Look what happens next.So what we see in the video is the male bystanders escorting her off the train and leaving her still ranting on the train station platform. I mean, I feel really uncomfortable about this. It's a story that we should have empathy for you due to drink or drugs. We need to ask the question - if a man behaved in this question how would we view it? Hostility. I don't think they've handled it right. You don't see that a security guard comes along. Why are we filming this sort of material. Why do we want to see this sort of stuff. It's uncomfortable and yet this is how we roll now. Equally, if a man was doing it we'd be furious.Finally, Angela, this morning we're chatting about Australian researchers working on female Viagra. Should we be spending money to develop a drug like this? Is it really important? It is. It's coming home and saying how was your day. It's giving a mass sauj. It's making a nice meal. Putting the kids to bed. It's running a bath for your roughly partner. It's kissing her properly instead of telling us we look pretty.

pretty. We can save researchers billions of dollars, just write all this down.How was your day Sarah? After two years, Michael convinced his favourite singer Billy Idol to perform at his birthday party. It just wrapped up. I spoke to Michael. Fresh from the party, Michael joins us now. How was it big fellow? Crazy. I'm going on zero hours of sleep, total trip standing on stage with Billy Idol. He even got me a birthday gift, this necklace that I'm wearing. I feel like a rock star right now so pretty incredible. Obviously he's a generous guy. How did you convince him to play at your party?Two years ago I started this website as a means to do something crazy and impossible and we raised over $13 million for local charities here. We have gotten celebrities to endorse the website. Eventually Billy had gotten to the point that he thought it was so unique and cool to go and do the concert.What did he open the concert with?Ready steady go. Ladies were throwing clothing. You know, it was crazy.So he's obviously still got T he's not one of those fading stars, Billy?The dude's in great shape and has women flocking all over him. He's doing something right still.What else did he pli?White Wedding. Dancing with Myself.You can hear him singing happy birthday to me. It's ridiclous to think of. He's a very humble guy and appreciates everything that happened with the project and a total gentleman.It's a great answer to the question what did you do for your party?.Yeah, you know. After the party was over, a bunch of friends got together - we tried to hang out with Billy but he had another show going this weekend.I had a lot of fun last night and I met people all over North America to travel to the show. I feel incredibly blessed. The fact that I'm talking to you guys all of the way from here is crazy to think about it.It's generated global interest. Maybe you have a promotion angle to work. At least you're a good party planner.The whole plan of this thing was to try to use it as a CV piece and here we are with the world at my feet. I can do anything I put my mind tomorrow I'm very excited to see what the future has to hold. # In the midnight hour # She cried more, more, more. Michael, you are feeling no pain at this stage, mate. A pity we can't have a drink with you. We'll see you next time.Much love from the USIt's a pity we ran out of time there. We better get some Hollywood headlines with Michele Mahone.John Depp got into the 50th birthday celebrations.Well the DJ was spinning the tunes and sent a couple of drag Queens to pull Johny up onstage. He obliged and it was a remix of YMCA. He held true to his rock'n'roll roots by clutching a glass of whiskey. That's a great outfit.General opens opens and her husband have celebrated a small milestone.Well it's her boy toy. You gave him quite a promotion there. They are celebrating one year of sapy love.

And then he replys - happy one year anniversary to the most gorgeous kind, sweet, funny, boot ful woman in the world. Whatever.What he really means is rich.Exactly.It's love!I'm about to go into diabetic acomba, let's move on.Just send out a nice little tweet like that. We've got a big final hour here on Weekend Today.

Kevin Rudd reveals what happened when he was dumped as PM. Is this the world's most coolest job or the most dangerous? Taylor Swift opens up about her relationships and how she conquered the music world. Peter Harvey returns - he's celebrating the songs that define our nation.

That's when they knew how to make a film clip. Let's get some news with Deb Knight. Good morning. Making news this hour. A man has been trapped in a car for over four hours following a serious crash on the jouts skirts of Melbourne. The hatch -- outskirts of Melbourne. The hatchback struck a steel barrier at 2:30. One person was thrown from the vehicle. All three were flown to hospital. A 2-year- old boy is fighting for life after a car slammed into his home in northern NSW. The vehicle smashed through the Moree property around 6 o'clock last night. The toddler was in the louchroom at the time and suffered severe head in-- loungeroom at the time and suffered severe head injuries. He's in hospital. A corner store has been gutted by fire in Sydney's inner west this morning. The blaze at Croydon broke out at 3 o'clock. Fire crews were able to stop the flames from spreading to neighbouring businesses. Police are treating the fire as suspicious. Indonesian police have stopped an intricate terror plot, arrestinging 11 suspected terrorists accused of planning attacks on the US embassy and a mining company. It's believed the group was targeting a building in Jakarta across the road from the Australian embassy. Explosive devices and a bomb-making manual was confiscated. The family of the late UK TV star Savile has apologised to his alleged victims, saying they have accepted the darker side of Savile's life. Other celebrities may be implicated in the growing scandal. A 19-year-old girl squirms under his touch but Jimmy Savile has the look of a man who is sure he won't be challenged for his behaviour. It's reported after the program the girl complained that Savile had put his hand up her skirt but was told to get lost. One TV personality claims he had no part in it. Freddie Star said claims from the ITV documentary he had been involved in an abuse were wrong, suggesting that he was a victim of abuse himself and could therefore never do such a thing.I was sexually abused when I was eight by my uncle. And that stayed with me for the rest of my life.Police investigating Savile's activities at the BBC and elsewhere have indicated they do have living suspects. Scotland Yard continues to interview around 300 alleged victims, people like this woman who are finally being listened to and believed for the first time. Once cool in the '50s and '60s, fur is now being ditched by Australia's biggest retailers for good as part of a campaign by the Humane Society. Myer, David Jones, Target and Kmart have signed pledges to be fur free effective immediately. They were once a store staple with many stores having dedicated fur departments. An exclusive look this morning at Delta Goodrem's new tour. Dickie indicated this and 'The Voice' coach wowed the crowd, sharing the stage with prodigy Rachael Leahcar in a fitting finale.

They sure can both sing. The next concert on Delta's tour is in Sydney on Wednesday. Australia's MotoGP champion Casey Stoner rides his last race at Phillip Island today and will start from pole position. Retiring at the end of the season, Stoner has been the standout performer so far this week, even fighting on after that nasty crash yesterday.Very fortunate we didn't come down on my foot. If it was the other way it would have been a different story.He made an early comeback from a serious ankle injury to compete. He's going for a record sixth straight win at the circuit. The Western Sydney Wanderers are celebrating their first-ever A-League victory. Adelaide are also winners - they beat Wellington. The Wanderers beat Brisbane 1-0. Roar fans were left stunned as a clever set piece saw the West Sydney team finally end their goalscoring drought. COMMENTATOR: Now they have a goal, Western Sydney and Mark Bridge has it. A little piece of history for Mark Bridge and the Western Sydney Wanderers.In Adelaide, the Reds dominated the second half against the Phoenix to return to the top of the competition table. In the Premier League, Manchester City have kept the heat on Chelsea at the top of the table with a 1-0 win over Swansea. Tevez scored the game's only goal. There was one goal in it between Arsenal and Queen's Park Rangers. Brad Haddin won't miss the Twenty20 Champions League fine despite injuring a finger during the semifinal. The Sixers crashed out in the semis last year but managed to scrape through to the decider with a final ball victory over the Titans.Maybe some jitters last year in last night's performance. Glad we got over the line in the end.The Sixers play the Lions for $2.5 million prize money in the tournament final tomorrow morning. Finally, Glen Boss has labelled his Cox Plate win aboard Ocean Park as his finest mome. It's a big call from the champion jockey who now has three Cox Plates to his name, as well as three Melbourne Cups. Some of you will be happy with this news and some not so happy - but Sonny Bill Williams was taken to hospital last night and tore a muscle in his shoulder while playing rugby for a Japanese club. He's tweeted and said he's OK. He will expect to fight.All Roosters supporters forgive him for what he did to Canterbury. There Wozniacki a great moment in your news -- there was a great moment in your news. The beautiful note that Rachael Leahcar and Delta hit together was gorgeous.They are such a good duo and have gorgeous voices and together it's really sweet.

Just gorgeous.There's a baby in the vicinity and you're soft and mushy.It's lack of sleep. Let's get your Sunday weather now with Emma Freedman. Beautiful hall.The Royal Exhibition Building. If you come along here, you can check out this specially designated area to honour the work of Jack Brabham. A champion throughout the 1960s. Many of his cars he drove are here and ones he designed and built are on display. Including one that is arguably one of the world's most iconic F1 cars.

Well, this is the BT19 and the only car in the world that's won a world championship with the guy who built it driving it. You can come and see many of these cars today that Jack Brabham built. Such a prolific contributor to the world of F1 motor sport. You can actually come and meet the great man himself. He's going to be here signing autographs and meeting all of his fans from those many years ago. What a great guy. A fantastic achievement to knock up your own car and win a world championship is fantastic, snlt it? Our next guest probably -- isn't it? Our next guest probably has one of the coolest jobs in the world. Geoff Harwell is a biggicality handler in -- Jeff Harwell is a big cat handler in Arizona. I guess we wouldn't talk to you if we didn't think you've got a daifrperous job. Is it a dangerous job?It can be. There are some risk there but it's a risk worth taking. There's a lot of things if you do long enough you get hurt. You will probably get in to a wreck if you drive long enough. They're huge animals and so beautiful but so powerful.They are. It's part of the fun. They're really powerful one on one with a human. Overall they're not doing that well. 100 years ago we had over 100,000 tigers. We're down to 3,200. They've lost 90% of their range and are not doing that well. At Out of Africa we can bring a crowd in, educate them and inspire them to want to help and we'll direct that towards organisations that really have boots on the ground and are doing things to help these powerful creatures.Tell us about Tiger Splash. What would we see if we went along to the show? We have 46 large carnivores and play with 38 of them. 15 of those are tigers. If you come to see the show you'll see a lot of play. The animals want to play with us all the time. Like a house cat chasing a toy around. The tigers want to change us around. You might see us shaking our rear end alt a tiger, jumping in to -- at a tiger, jumping in to the pool. Our cats are not trained to do anything. If we get them to play in a show and they don't want to, we either get another tiger or the audience watches me and pretend to be a tiger and chase toys with a very confused look on their faces.We're seeing footage of how powerful their leap is. Why do they show you so much respect?Well, I think because we show them so much respect. We're constantly honing our relationships. Spending quality time with them. Every time we're with them we make sure it's a positive experience. We get to know them. The better we know them, the better adept we are to care for them. They're always talking to us. We have to really know them really well.Who is your favourite?I done want to say because I'm not sure if the other cats are watching.I like that. We wants you to say some kind words about Senora?The most wonderful cat. She has passed away. But wonderful, wonderful cat. She's very missed.What sort of life did she have? A lot of people will watch this and think that it's no place for these tigers and they should be out untheir native hab tatd. What type of life do they have -- habitat. What type of life do they have from day to day? That's good point. I'm happy that they have an interest in the well being of our kaptsive animals. Unfortunately, in today's world, it is a necessary evil. We have to have these animals in captivity because poaching is rampant. We have habitat laws. We have depleti