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Sunday Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. 'We were wrong' - Simon Crean concedes
it was a mistake to dump Kevin Rudd but says it's too late
to go back now.

This morning - we'll ask
whether his colleagues agree.

Load of garbage - ocean currents dump huge amounts
of rubbish on our shores. What it means for sea life
and for the food you eat.

Get off and stay off - a young woman filmed spitting
and hitting fellow passengers on a Sydney train. What they did next
went viral globally.

(SING) # How can we sleep
when our beds are burning? # And music for change - the protest songs
which inspired generations. We'll count them down
as Weekend Sunrise begins now. (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Put your hands in
to the big sky. # Live from Studio 52,
this is Weekend Sunrise with Samantha Armytage
and Andrew O'Keefe. , They just should rewrite all the old protest songs to reflect the more superficial era Like, the time has come to spray the scent now # To do our hair, that kind of thing. How can Peter Garrett sing that. You're right. It would be fraudulent. I am not suggesting the original people should sing the song, people less politically aware. That's a bit of a generalisation. What are you talking about. You are right. What are you talking What's a generalisation. The people who are less politically aware. Yes It is a generalisation to suggest that all of society that all of society is less politically aware. Music has become less politically aware. You know what I'm saying. I see. Are you picking up what he's putting down? Yes. I just thought I would run it up the flagpole and see who Sal uded. Maybe we have less to complain about these days. Ever thought about that? What? We should have more Garrett dancing We have plenty to complain about, look at the political discourse. Let's get this things. Let's know what you think. I just put it out on the back doorstep to see whether the cat would lick it up. We had one cat who did. Let's get things start with a weather snapshot from JT. I think we should start a serious political discourse. But I am taking from what Andrew just did, we from what Andrew just did, we are allowed to sing today. It's Springfiled's 20th birthday. It's a new city. Only new city. Only 20 years old, just outside of Brisbane this morning. This morning we are celebrating. What's going to happen? Who knows. Let's have a look at the national forecast.

Fine weather across
both the west and south, with some clouds
along the east coast and rain
across Queensland.

I will have your local weather in detail, right after the news with Jess. Good

Good morning. Sri Lanka has arrested 14 asylum
seekers sent back from Australia after allegedly hijacking
a fishing trawler. The 12 men, a woman and a girl were intercepted by Australian
authorities near the Cocos Islands and deported on a chartered flight. This is not an extradition,
to be clear this is a removal - but clearly I'm aware that arrest
warrants have been issued. The group is accused
of stealing the boat and throwing its crew out to sea,
leaving them to die. Two fisherman were rescued but
another three are still missing. There's concerns pregnant women will pressure doctors
towards early births ahead of changes to the baby bonus. From July 1 next year, payments will
be reduced from $5,000 to $3,000 for second and subsequent births. It's prompted fears doctors will be pressured to perform
Caesareans and inductions. The Government has written
to obstetricians and gynaecologists asking them to counsel women
on the risks of premature births. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
has shrugged off illness claims, appearing healthy and well during
a rare television interview. The Australian opened up about what it's like living
at Ecuador's London embassy. It's a little bit like living
in a space station because there's no natural light, you've got to make
all your own stuff, you can't go out to shops. The 41-year-old jumped bail
and entered the embassy in June after Sweden wanted him extradited
over sex accusations. Assange maintains
it's part of a US witch-hunt after WikiLeaks published
sensitive military information. Perth lifeguards
have stepped up patrols following an increase
in shark sightings. A number of detections
along the west coast has authorities on high alert
this weekend. They've hit popular water spots to warn swimmers, surfers
and fishers of the danger. The Shark Spotting helicopter
is doing extra scouting at busy locations. No beaches have been closed,
keeping swimmers happy but cautious. The city can expect another hot one
today, heading for 34 degrees. All eyes are on Hurricane Sandy as it continues
towards the US Mainland. Weather watchers say
it has the hallmarks of a once-in-a-lifetime storm, , Hurricane Sandy, pounded its way through the Caribbean today, ripping homes apart and leaving streets underwater. At least 40 people have died in Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica. A as sandy moves up the east coast, people are preparing for the worst. Just have to do it. We captain take any changes. Jim boarded up his brand new home. Last year's Hurricane Irene, forced him to rebuild, now he is hoping sandy won't do the same. You know, you have to prepare. Have Virginia to new Have Virginia to new gland, several Gore nurse declared emergencies. Assume there will be an elongated period of time during which you are without energy. Connecticut workers cleared streets. We have got a little generator, we have got water, flash lights and stuff. Boaters took their prized possessions to safety. I'm I am just sort of protecting my boat, my interests and battening down the hatches. In New Jersey, one boat yard couldn't keep up with qualifications. We are not able to take the boats out of the water Navy boats are taking precaution, heady out to sea ahead of the storm. Along the coast, home owners gathered sand bags. Flooding is a real concern as an already high tide appears. It is all hands on deck. Everybody pitching in to get prepared.

Sydney celebrities have united to raise money
for the vital health services. The city's town hall took
on a truly glamorous touch for the inaugural Life Ball
last night. Guests were treated to a very
flexible gymnastics display before being wowed
by 'X Factor' judge Ronan Keating. (SINGS) # I've been falling
most of life. # Money raised from will go to
St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney.

Do you think Ronan has some protest songs? Probably. I mean, if you've heard a couple of the contestant, he has ejected. That's a good enough reason to protest. From their behalf? On their behalf? On the judges behalf? We will not listen to this any more. Obviously, it would have to be catchier than

Ahead this morning -
the nun who became a sex counsellor. But straight ahead -
the best horse won. New Zealand's Ocean Park flew home
to victory in the Cox Plate. And JT's in Queensland this morning
with your local weather.

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,VOICEOVER: This week on Sunrise, the jackpot's up to $ the jackpot's up to $30,000. Kick start the week with Delta Goodrem, performing her biggest hits hits on Monday. Then on Tuesday, can a couple assemble the perfect wedding day when they say I do in eye CEO a. Wednesday, a new Wednesday, a new performance by the new one direction. The Thursday, the mum who went on strike after cleaning up off her filthy kids. Reece Mastin rocks brekkie central and Kochie's back. This week on Sunrise. So you get a sleep in. Thank goodness, Kochie is back. It was fun doing last week. It was good to watch. I enjoyed it. Thank you, Sam. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.You were up at 6 am every morning, weren't you. You can't get enough, can

And now with sport,
here's Simon Reeve. Connections of Cox Plate winner
Ocean Park have praised jockey Glenn Boss
after an incredible ride to beat home a top weight-for-age
field at Moonee Valley yesterday. Celebrations continued
into the night for the first Kiwi Cox Plate victory
in a decade. The 5-year-old thoroughbred reeled
in All Too Hard near the post with Boss describing it
as his greatest ever victory. , they hit the line, Ocean Park hit the line.

He's not the boss. He's the king! Boss is now chasing a ride
in the Melbourne Cup. It's been an historic night
for the Western Sydney Wanderers with the A League newcomers
scoring their first goal in their first win -
1-0 over the Roar in Brisbane. Striker Mark Bridge was the hero, slotting home a perfect Youssouf
Hersi ball in the 19th minute. COMMENTATOR: Now they have
a goal Western Sydney. And Mark Bridge has it. In the other match, Adelaide swept
passed the Phoenix 3-1 in a contest was marred
by controversy. Cassio escaping an offside ruling
for United's second goal while Wellington defender
Ben Sigmund was given a red card after a blatant dive by Argentinean
import Jeronimo Neumann. He's dived. He's a cheat in my book. If he's dived, he's a cheat. And I think the referees
were shocking tonight. And a Carlos Tevez thunderbolt has helped Manchester City
to a 1-nil win over Swansea in the English Premier League, leaving them just one point behind
ladder leader Chelsea. after retiring champ Casey Stoner again dominated
yesterday's qualifier. Stoner proved his physical
and mental toughness, surviving a high speed crash
to re-emerge and comfortably see off
Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. Very happy to be on pole position
for my home grand prix and hopefully have something to
celebrate tomorrow for everybody. Fortunately Stoner ended the race
with just a sore hip with an all-clear
for his injured ankle.

Mark Webber will share the front row
of tonight's Indian Grand Prix with Red Bull team-mate
Sebastian Vettel after the pair went one-two
for the third consecutive race. Webber did a fine job but couldn't catch
the defending champion, who took his 35th career pole.

In cricket, Graeme Smith's
South African Proteas arrive in Sydney today ahead of the test series
with Australia beginning next month. The Aussie selectors are expected
to choose Matthew Wade behind the stumps for the first test despite Brad Haddin
being cleared of a thumb injury ahead of the Sixers' Champions
league final tonight in Johannesburg.

Sonny Bill Williams has sent a scare
through the Sydney Rooster's camp after he was taken to hospital
with a shoulder injury suffered playing club rugby
in Japan. Following a scan,
Williams later Tweeted that the results
showed nothing serious. While good mate Quade Cooper
has been charged with bringing the game of rugby
into disrepute and will face the music
for criticising the Wallabies and coach Robbie Deans.

He has a criminal charge, no. Will he do time for that. He should do time for it, I tell you, that happens this week. None of Gai Waterhouse's horses got a win. Umpire yow Umpire a win. a win Pierro was third. It was the TV thing with nine and you know. So have we heard anything out of Singo yet? So, no, been pretty quiet after the race. Zip it.

Now to JT and today's weather.

I expect the next weather cross to contain the Springfiled golf championship. Steven, take it away. That was good. Have another G championship. Steven, take it away.
That was good. Have another G . You could have had some cameramen assistance. Come on, we can do that. Never have they worked so closely together. Hang on. Give it some courage. together. Hang on. Give it some courage..It's looking good. Jonathan, We will do this for the next hour. That's all we have time for, folks. We will do this for the next hour.
That's all we have time for, folks. This is a brand new town, only 20 years old. We are celebrating the birthday, just down the road from Brisbane. It's a wonderful place. Good morning, Springfiled community. Good morning. It's a great place. This morning we have got farm animal, mini golf. Super heroes. I am not exactly sure what the relationship between Springfiled and super heroes is did you it doesn't matter. Springfiled and super heroes is did
you it doesn't matter. It's interesting television for your morning as we look at

Do you mind if I have a shot? Can I maybe not have The Hulk over the top of me? Is that OK. Thank you. OK. Wonderful.

No. There must be all of us went to the right. It must be something with the course I think. Yeah, it's that astro turf. You need The Hulk to help you. We will keep practising. He needs a little bit more power The Hulk fell short a couple of times, interest it's interesting. Yes, it is interesting. It's fascinating. Yes, it is interesting. It's fascinating.. I think The Hulk under played his hand, probably too acutely that he was this hulking of. I keep Keith Suter is outside, I think we will get him in to talk about the aerodynamics and whether interest national criminals are checking out Springfiled. There was no homer Simpson. What are you talking about. I am sure if you ask around, bloody hell, Sam.

Ahead this hour - what drove
frustrated Sydney passengers to throw a woman off a train. We will show you the video
that's gone viral. But next - like father, like son - the extreme measures taken
by North Korea's young leader to keep his people in line.

There we go. Great in the oven
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, Certainly safer than taking a holiday to Mongolia right now.

where an Australian lawyer is being
prevented from leaving the country. 32-year-old Sarah Armstrong
works for a subsidiary of Rio Tinto. in a case alleging unpaid tax
by a mining company. The case highlights the risks
for Australians doing business in Mongolia. Let's check in with our
foreign editor, Dr Keith Suter. Morning, Keith. Are many Australians working
in Mongolia?

What are they doing there? Well, according to one networking site, there are 47 Australians there. So it is a very small community. But then it's a small population overall. Three million people in total in Mongolia. It became independent of China so it's the old Outer Mongolia. It came independent of China independent of China 00 years ago and for the -- 100 and for the -- 100 years ago, the department of foreign affairs said that it's a safe country to visit, although you need to exercise the normal precautions. What is interesting, it's full of minerals so although it's a dirt poor country, poor agriculture. There could be a large group of foreigners ares going to the country for the purposes of mining, exploration so that's what she is doing there. I don't think she is in any personal danger herself but she is being held as a representative of a company which is in dispute with the government. Interesting. A lot going on in Mongolia, an increasingly autocratic type of government, people being dispoliced from their farming land. There is this thirst for minerals which across the border, China wants to gets its hands on

New details are emerging
of just how ruthless North Korea's new leader has been in wiping out potential challengers,

Well, one of the story has been that one person who was found to be drunk and disorderly became a target for a mortar. They put him in an area, and dropped a mortar on him. They vapourised the body. We should try that at the Logies next year. You can imagine how the intellectual capital of this country would be decimated. You have a late leader who is in his early 20s. He early 20s. He wants to show that he is exerting control over these older people. I might be young but people. I might be young but don't try and take advantage of me. That must get some of the old timers' noses out of timers' noses out of joint. That is one of the problems they have. We have. That is one of the problems they have. We are very worried that you've got a dysfunctional state possibly with nuclear weapons. Nothing gets your nose out of joint more than a in mortar being more than a in mortar more than a in more than a more than more Nothing gets your nose out of joint more a more tore being dropped on your

And the world's biggest pilgrimage
is underway. And with it, there are new hopes
for peace in Syria.

Well, that's the original intention. The negotiate or there has said to both sides, we have got this major Islamic festival coming up, why Islamic festival coming up, don't you stop fighting for a few days? It lasted a few hours. I think that war will roll on. The total number killed is Syria is about 35,000. It shows I think the extent to which there is support for the Assad regime. It also shows the extent to which there is international intervention in that country. Saudi Arabia is supporting the rebls, it's a messy situation which could flow over into the adjoining countries. It's a shame which is at this time, which is the great festival of unity, for that these groups rivalries are as bitter as ever. Certainly in Syria. Obviously Everybody has a different political agenda. If you can't adack Iran, you attack Syria. How long does the haj go for Is if you are on the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, this will go on for several weeks. Thank you, Keith. Great to see

Whenever we chat to Keith Suter -
this tune often comes to mind... (SINGS) # All we are saying # Is give peace a chance...#

, # Give Keith a chance! # Give Keith a chance!.That what we sing.

Up soon, the protest songs
that changed the world. Glenn A Baker will drop by. But next -
the woman thrown off a Sydney train by frustrated fellow passengers. It was all caught on tape.

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Good morning. A 2-year-old boy
is in a critical condition after a ute drove into his home
in northern NSW last night. He was in the lounge room
at the front of the Moree house at the time of the crash. He was airlifted to Sydney where he is reported to be
in a critical but stable condition.

Three people have been
airlifted to hospital after a horror crash near Melbourne. The driver lost control of his car and smashed into a barrier
in Cranbourne shortly after 2:30 this morning. A passenger was ejected
from the vehicle while another two people
were trapped. It took rescue crews more than two
hours to free one of the patients. All three were flown to hospital
for treatment with critical, serious and stable
injuries. Kevin Rudd has shed new light on
his now infamous leadership spill, revealing he repeatedly told
Julia Gillard she was his successor and was left stunned
by her challenge. New Limited papers say Mr Rudd's account was provided
to Maxine McKew for her new book which has once again
cast the spotlight on Labor's leadership woes.

Indonesian police
have arrested 11 people and an American consulate. Authorities say explosives
and raw materials for making bombs were discovered
following raids in four cities. They'll allege the suspects
are part of a new terror cell and were also planning
to target a building in Jakarta, near the Australian embassy. Police are investigating
an overnight blaze that's destroyed
a Sydney convenience store. Firefighters were called
the Croydon corner shop just after 3:00 this morning. Upon arrival they found
the building well alight. Six residents had to be evacuated
from the residential unit above. Police are currently interviewing
witnesses at the scene. The fire is being treated
as suspicious. Police have smashed a major crime
syndicate in Melbourne after raids uncovered one
of the largest drug labs ever found in Victoria. Investigators say the international operation
was raking in tens of millions of dollars. Eight people have been arrested
and seven have been charged with manufacturing and trafficking commercial quantities
of methamphetamine. A nanny suspected of stabbing
two young children to death in a luxury apartment in New York remains in a critical condition
in Hospital. Investigators have been unable
to question or charge 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega
over the gruesome attack. Neighbours have described
the horror that unfolded. The screaming never stopped,
from the beginning to the end. That for me
was the most horrendous part, that the screaming never stopped. Police believe
Ortega turned the knife on herself after the children's mother
returned home. In France, hundreds of striking
workers have clashed with police during a demonstration inside
Paris's main international airport. The protesters
scuffled with officers in one of the departure halls - surprising travellers
waiting for flights. They're protesting plans by the
airline to cut 10% of the workforce. The strike delayed some flights. No injuries were reported. A 90-year-old Perth man has swapped
his walking frame for a parachute, jumping out of a plane to celebrate
five decades of skydiving in Western Australia. It's been 50 years since Alec Taylor -
a former Scottish paratrooper - went skydiving. And the thrill is just as good
as he remembers. Was it good? Oh lovely, yeah, beautiful. Alec's first jump
was during the war, in 1942. ,

, Good on you, Alex. I think I'll get that for my dad, he is 81. For his 90th, we will get him a jump I think. Why are you pushing me out of a plane. It's a birthday I love that question, was it a good flight?

Cox Plate winning jockey
Glenn Boss has compared 5-year-old Ocean Park's
will to win with the great Makybe Diva. The Kiwi thoroughbred won his
fourth Group One and $1.8 million after running down All Too Hard. Gai Waterhouse-trained Pierro for
third but More Joyous finished 11th. They've all got that common trait.

It's very simple -
they just want to win. They're winners and they want
to beat what's in front of them.

Wellington Phoenix captain
Andrew Durante has labelled Adelaide's
Jeronimo Neumann a 'cheat' following a spiteful clash
in the A-League overnight. Jeronimo took a dive
in the 77th minute, resulting in a red card
to Wellington defender Ben Sigmund. It was just one of a number
of contentious refereeing decisions in Adelaide's 3-1 win. He's dived, he's a cheat in my book. If he's dived, he's a cheat and I think the referees
were shocking tonight. While in Brisbane, Western Sydney
recorded a major upset, downing reigning premiers
the Roar 1-0 for their first-ever A-League win. Casey Stoner went to the edge
and beyond in a hair-raising ride
at Phillip Island yesterday. The world champ will start his
Australian MotoGP farewell from pole after recovering from
a frightening crash in qualifying. My left hip's hurting pretty bad, to
be honest - I came down on it a bit. It won't be a problem for tomorrow,
you know, I just made sure that
I didn't do anything to my leg. Stoner was the only rider to break
the 1 minute 30 second lap time, thrilling
the huge 40,000-strong crowd. The Red Bull domination
continues in the F1s with Australia's Mark Webber
and team-mate Sebestain Vettel sharing the front row
in tonight's Indian Grand Prix for the third consecutive race
after a dominant qualifier. And Tiger Woods has dropped off
the pace, coming into round four
of the Cimb Classic in Malaysia. A few key errors sees
Woods at 2-under par, seven shots behind leader
Bo van Pelt.

, Here is JT with your weather. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Springfiled. It's a city, just outside of Brisbane, around 26,000 residents and one of their favourite son, none other than than 'X Factor' top 12 finalist, or dell. Now, 'X Factor', what a huge experience, you started back in February and it was only six weeks ago that the journey ended for you, that's a long time, mate. It was a massive road. It was a rollercoaster ride to say the least. One of the best experiences of my life. I don't regret a moment of it. I just wish I could relive it all over again. You were with Mel B. She is always back and forth in contact. She was so good to us. She was like a motherly figure to us. It's so good to see her and Jason in the competition. Absolutely. The people in Brisbane or all around Springfiled be able to see you perform today? Definitely at 6pm. I will be headlining. I will be on the stage and belting out a few songs. Then we'll hear those sweet dull set

Weekend Sunrise Weather proudly
brought to you by PoolWerx.

and cloudy. Sydney,
partly cloudy.

sunny. Perth,
fine. A possible afternoon storm
for Darwin. , All

All right. He made it through to the final 12 in 'X Factor', take it away, Adil. # She is a good girl. # s loves her mama # Loves Jesus and America too # She is a good girl # Crazy about her Elvis # Loves horses and her boyfriend too # Yeah, yeah. I'm calling one of greatest Springfiled's favourite songs. Adele. See you back here in half an hour. He has a lovely views. Very

It's not exactly the best
advertisement for Australia but a woman's rant
on board a Sydney train has gone viral. It was recorded by a fellow
passenger using a mobile phone. The woman is seen repeatedly
spitting at people and challenging strangers
to a fight.

,Sounds like a certain Logies afterparty, Sam.

When one man tries
to calm her down, he cops a slap to the face. , Don't (BLEEP)ing hit him. Do it, do

The woman was eventually pushed off the train
by a group of young men and escorted away by security. It's not clear
when the video was shot, but it's been published online by
one of London's biggest news sites. Many of its readers say
the men did the right thing. What do you think? , It's terrible. It's awful. Just the whole thing. She clearly needs help though. In terms of In terms of drunk. Or psychotic or something's happening. The only thing I find about all of these things, we don't know any of the circumstances so we're not qualified to say anything really. It's horrible, it's awful. I hate seeing that sort of stuff. Not the ideal situation to push a girl in that situation off the train on her own. That's right. Whatever the circumstances, you would think if someone has that little control, the last thing you want to do is leave them alone on a train platform. So the best thing to do, would be to try and get the onboard security there. Although, again, we don't know the circumstances. Was there security on the train? Were people genuinely in danger. That's it, mate, the fact that somebody has got that phone in her face, recording it. It's only going to inflame the situation. There is nothing, nothing good about what we just watched there. No. I mean, if you've got a phone out recording someone in obviously a distressing moment, obviously you are not doing all you can to restrain that situation. Put it down and try and help. Yes, she may have been boozed but that does not condone what the filming of that individual. that individual I don't think. I think a lot of stuff around this also said, if it was a man behaving in that situation on a train, spitting and swearing and slapping people, would it be a different situation? Is it different for a woman to carry on like that? If, it was a man, a lot of people wouldn't approach or you wouldn't do anything about it. They would scram to another carriage, wouldn't they. Yes. If it's a woman, I suppose She is not as physically intimidating. Rdgets exactly. Very tricky. Why do people feel compelled to film these stuff, humiliating people weather doing a good job of Hugh militating

Ahead this morning - the council that's decided
to go easy on graffiti. We'll tell you why. Also coming up - where the world's
garbage is really ending up. It's close to home
and getting worse. But next - the music
that inspired social change - Glenn A Baker
on why they meant so much. ,
# You are only boy # How can you say no child

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This week on Sunrise - the jackpot's up to $30,000. Kick-start the week
with Delta Goodrem performing her biggest hits,
on Monday. Then Tuesday - can a couple
assemble the perfect wedding day when they say 'I do' in IKEA? Wednesday, a live performance
by the new One Direction - they're all girls. Then Thursday,
the mum who went on strike from cleaning up
after her filthy kids. MALE VOICEOVER: And end the week
on a high when Reece Mastin
rocks Brekky Central. Oh, and Kochie's back. This week, on Sunrise. , Except much Moranger. Feel free to talk among yourself, we are here with

Long before social media - music was a key way for society
to express itself. The likes of Bob Dylan, John Lennon
and The Who campaigned for change through their lyrics.

But have musicians today
lost the art of the protest song? Does pop no longer hold power
over politics? These are questions best answered
by music historian, Glenn A Baker, who joins us in the studio. Glenn, protest songs have obviously
changed in nature over the years. , He put together his own album of songs of protest. Still available from K tell. You have this fabulous backdrop in the 50s, going into the of 0s, the civil rights movement, the union movement with workers rights and then the Vietnam war which became the backdrop throughout the 60s. When you had sort of articulate young performers like Bob Dylan who was like a thunder bolt, this voice of bittersweet. Suddenly you paid attention. When he was singing 'Masters of War" 'Masters of War". I mean, he was just an incredibly powerful voice. But what there was about protest music was it dignified a generation, the baby boomer generation who wanted to have issues and ideals that they felt strongly about pushed forward. They wanted to say well, we are the new guard and these are the are the new guard and these are things but it has been there for a long time. The change is going to come. We shall overcome. Things like that had been around for a long time. But it was in the 60s with Vietnam, civil rights and suddenly, it just exploded. In 1965, you have a man with a gruff voice. He is folky, his name is Bary McGuire and he sings a called 'Eve of Destruction'. No-one on pop radio had ever sounded like this before. Can we have a listen. We might have a bit of it here. #
# Over and over, and over again. # My friend # You don't believe we're on the 'Eve of Destruction'. # . As a kid, you listen to these because your dad is listening. Do you think our generation, this younger generation coming through is still doing anything like this? I mean, you gets songs like P!nk, 'dear Mr President'. The Dicky chicks. They had an argument with George Bush George Bush as well. U2 would be the great example of qualify Sunday Bloody Sunday. Qualify qualify That's a pretty tragic thing when you think that there has been this noble idea of expressing in song frustration and now sort of all these years later when you would think it would be become part of the freedom of creation, they freedom of creation, they are thrown into gaol. People have always been charged with sedation and other things through stirring up Trouble through song. I think that rock music and pop music, when it means something, when it has a bit of strength to it, then that's when I think people - U2 developed a great followinging for doing things like that. They meant something. It wasn't just sort of silly love songs. One of the great protest songs apart from 'Eve of Destruction', came again, it was in the late 60s and Bruce Springstein would later record it, for the opening line war. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again. And that was Edwinn Starr. I would like to think we have that here we go. # What is it good for # Absolute nothing. Say it again # Oh, oh, # What is war good for? There would be no wars if everybody had a shirt like that. And could do an album cover like this. That would be the end of war. When the kids state shoots goes happened, Crosby nsh went into the studio and had a song. We are finally on our own. # I hear the drumming. Then you had the specials with 'free Nelson Mandela'. Whenever there was an issue, there seemed to be a song for it. I think they are just out there. Pop music is so diffuse now and a lot of songs don't songs don't get radio play. We don't have albums as such, so... Sometimes the things they are protesting about, the Whitlams and blow up the pokies. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Sandringham hotel was being taken off by poker machines so they recorded a song about it which I think is a rather nisi dear. But sometimes look, there is a body of work on the part of Lennon, I mean, a long body of work. Power to the people. Bob Marley who may well be the most globally important sort of rockstar or pop or pop reggae artist of all time. Get up. Stand up for your rights. It isn't so much a protest song but it is saying, wake up and sort of see. Yeah. Well, we had a raft of them, 'buffalo Soldier qualify qualify all sorts of terrific songs from Bob. You get to Australia, qualify I You get to Australia, qualify I was Only 19. Qualify qualify of Only 19. Qualify qualify Only 19. Qualify We could go on and on. We have to go, Glenn. Do we have to. We were told to wrap three minutes ago. We were enjoying it too much. Sorry, Steph. Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye,' what's going on? Qualify qualify is probably the most elegant and moving protest song elegant and moving protest song the Vietnam era. Can you stick around, we will chat through until midday.

And all this morning, we will be sharing some of the best
protest songs of all time. As always, we want your input. Get in touch and let us know
which songs you think best changed the world we live in. , Ensue San qualify my name is Luca. Qualify qualify Joany Mitchell, 'big Yellow Taxi qualify qualify # They paved paradise and put up on a parking lot. We have started something here 'never by the Son qualify qualify. Sorry Glenn. Lovely to chat and chat and chat.

Also coming up - our weekly postcard
from Martin Frizell in London. And the council that says
graffiti is fine. Just as long as it's art.

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Time to head to London where
a British icon is facing extinction.

We vud have mentioned The Clash.

Days could be numbered
for black cabs after its manufacturer
went into receivership. , Yes, the bowler hat on wheels as one commentator said the vehicular equivalent of a well made brogue. This is the black cab that has been on the same template for the past 55 years or so. But guess what, they only make 7 a day. They are too small, they can't compete in a shrinking market. They need some help from much bigger players. More than a third of London's cans now are Mecedes vans, that's the shocking thing about it. They have managed to perfect what the black London cap had to be was an 8 metre turning circle which is the circumference of the round about outside the Savoy hotel. There is a outside the Savoy hotel. There is whole sort of Kerr kufl going on here, they are looking for someone come in and ride to the rescue. If anybody has anybody has deep pockets.

Moving on, and the oldest surviving
Battle of Britain pilot has passed away at the age of 99. What can you tell us about this man?

It ties in nicely with the last item. He was a flight lieutenant William Walker, God bless him. He was one of the 3,000 pilots, including kiwis and Aussies. He was sent up on the day of the 26th August 1940, he was stram bled with the following message " the following message "standby forehead on attack and watch out for those little fellows above." This was German bombers coming over. He went up to fight them. He was shot down. Landed in the channel, clung to a shipwreck and was picked up by an Raf launcher and survived and went on to tell the tale. He his poem was written on a war memorial. He said behind each line a story lays. Tales were told in vapour trails. It was an incredible battle, the Battle of Britain, so few men defeating such a massive planes. You sound just like Winston Churchill. We shall fight them at the breakfast television

Finally, the Rolling Stones
have performed at a surprise mini-gig in Paris. But it's what they wore off-stage
that's making headlines. How risque was it?

combined age of 273, these grand dads, as you can imagine, they started on stage with route 66. They went through about 10 songs, what you can't see is big furry slippers. It was a cold night. When your gran dad goes out at dad goes out at night, they should have been in their beds, they were out on a pass really. They had nice comfortable robes on. Mick Jagger had a very nice Cashmere sweater around his neck. The tickets were only $ only $15 as opposed to the big four shows, two London, two in New Jersey where one ticket at the moment is going for 25,000. These are big tickets so, those French fans were very lucky to get to see them. Indeed. very lucky to get to see them. Indeed incredible!. And dressing

But right now,
here's Jess with the latest news. Good morning. A group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers accused of hijacking a fishing boat
and leaving its crew to die have been arrested. Their boat was intercepted by
Australian authorities on Thursday. They were deported
on a charter flight and arrived in the home country
late last night where they were
immediately arrested. Another seven Sri Lankans
due for offshore processing have also decided to fly home. These are people who have been
lied to by people smugglers and again these are people
who have taken the view that it is now best to return
to Sri Lanka. The Opposition remains critical, it says the boats should never
have reached Australian waters.

Julian Assange has given
a rare television interview, likening his life inside
Ecuador's London embassy to life on a space ship. The Australian has spent
more than two months at the embassy after jumping bail to avoid
extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges. He maintains it's part of a wider
witch hunt lead by the FBI. It's an immoral investigation,
it breeches the First Amendment, it breaches all the principals
that the United States government says that it stands for. He's called on America to drop
its investigation into WikiLeaks. Doctors and pregnant women
to be have been warned against forced early deliveries
ahead of changes to the baby bonus. The government payment will be cut
from $5,000 to $3,000 for second and subsequent births
from July 1 next year. It's sparked fears

parents will pressure doctors
for Caesareans and early deliveries. about the health dangers
that accompany premature births. A man has been taken to hospital
after being hit by a taxi in Sydney. The 22-year-old was struck in
Pyrmont just before midnight. He has suffered a number of injuries and left the cab's windscreen
smashed. Meanwhile, a taxidriver was hurt after a 2-vehicle crash
in Darlington. He was treated at the scene
for a cut to his arm. The driver of the other car
was uninjured.

, 83-year-old, black belt, Edward do you difficulty used an army knife to protect himself and his wife when the man entered their home. He says the ip Truder ran into the blade. My attitude was that if he saw a knife, he might see reason and not attack me. It was very fast to the back door so I just chased after him. I just said requests get him, get him requests get him, get him'. The man left a trail of blood down the street. Police think he was badly injured and may require medical attention. A number A number there has A number there has been a lot of public sightings in Perth of shakes. We are just letting people know that there has been a increase in shark activity at the moment, it's not just the best time to go for a swim. The shark spotting helicopter is being used to keep watch. Hot weather has seen thousands flock to the weeches but no beaches have been

A looming hurricane
off the US coastline could cause a billion dollars
worth of damage. That's the harsh warning
from weather watchers who say Hurricane Sandy will be
a storm of historic proportions. Capable of intense rain and winds, it's expected to hit during a full
moon when tides are at their peak. Sandy has already killed 21 people
in the Caribbean. Political experts believe it could also affect
the US presidential campaign - particularly early voter turn-out. The death toll in the Philippines
from Typhoon Son-Tinh has risen to 24.

11 of the deaths
were caused by landslides on a number of small islands
in the north. Flash floods and falling trees
claimed another 13 victims. Officials say 15,000 people
have been displaced by the storm and are sheltering
in government buildings. Food and other forms of aid
has been given to nearly 40,000 people
who chose to ride it out at home. Police in Thailand have stumbled
across a tiger smuggler after chasing a truck trying
to avoid a highway checkpoint. 16 tiger cubs were found
inside the vehicle. The driver told officers

he was paid to deliver the animals
from a Bangkok suburb to a province near Laos. He faces a possible 4-year
jail term and a large fine. The cubs have been rescued and are now being cared for
by wildlife officials. , How sweet. Behind drug smallling, wild live smuggling is one of the world's biggest markets. Which is terrible. Why would you want a Tiger cub) money, money. Where would you put it They go into private haves. They go They go into private haves. They They go into private haves. some people use their limbs for ancient medical

Jockey Glen Boss says he'll be
frantically searching for a ride in the Melbourne Cup after a thrilling Cox Plate victory
on Ocean Park yesterday. The 'Boss of Big Races' stormed home
on the back on the Kiwi colt for his third Cox Plate win.

I'll be ringing and driving everyone
mad over the next 10 days, trying to get a Melbourne Cup ride. Boss won three consecutive
Melbourne Cups from 2003 to 2005 on super-mare Makybe Diva. Casey Stoner will take pole for
today's Australian MotoGP farewell at Phillip Island.

But yesterday's qualifier
didn't go exactly to script. The world champ was thrown
from his Honda at high speed from cold tyres. Oh, that could have been
so much worse. Fortunately, Stoner landed
on his good ankle and re-emerged to keep Jorge Lorenzo
and Dani Pedrosa at bay. While in the F1's, fellow Australian Mark Webber
will the share the front row of the Indian Grand Prix

It's taken 288 minutes but A-League rookies
the Western Sydney Wanderers have scored their first goal,
resulting in their maiden win. It came against defending premiers
the Roar at home in Brisbane. Striker Mark Bridge found the net
in the 19th minute and the Wanderers held their nerve
to record the historic victory. While Adelaide overcame
the Phoenix 3-1 at home in a match marred by a number
of contentious refereeing decisions. And Manchester City have moved
within a point of ladder leader's Chelsea
in the EPL after this rocket from Carlos Tevez
against Swansea. COMMENTATOR: Tevez tries. It's a wonderful goal! Chelsea take on Manchester United
tonight. And dumped referees boss
Bill Harrigan has called for an urgent review
of rugby league's rulebook, claiming the NRL needs
to simplify the guidelines. Harrigan wants the 'benefit of
the doubt rule' to be scrapped, revealing he told video referees
to ignore it following the outcry

over Kieran Foran's no 'knock on'
call against the Cowboys. Now to JT and today's weather. , He is in Springfiled, not ill no though. No, Greater Springfiled in Queensland, it's celebrating 20 years. So we have got an entire festival happening. There plenty of tough men, plenty of strong men, plenty of superheroes in Springfiled but no-one is braver than the chicken man. It's the good old fashioned dunk machine. And if this isn't an audio Kew for the chicken song, I don't know what is. Amly is going first. You've got to hit the target. If you hit the target, chicken man goes in. Take it away. Big throw.

Trent. Step up to the plate. Have a go.

Gorilla, Mr Gorilla, come on in, before you throw, there you go. Have a go

Oh. OK. Here we go. Standby.

oh. I didn't really hit it I don't think. But that was good. Chicken, chicken man, chicken man. Let's

, It good fun here in Springfiled. It will be a festival all day. If it was funny once. It will be funny twice. It's twice. See you back here soon. Chickens and circuses. Good on you. Get to Springfiled,

The line between graffiti and art
is getting finer. Fremantle City Council
will allow graffiti to stay provided it has
'artistic or cultural merit'. So, can you separate the two?

, Art or vandalism,

Let's bring in street artist
RJ Williams and anti-graffiti campaigner
Allan Dabbagh. Good morning to you both. RJ, we'll start with you. You got your break
by doing illegal street graffiti. You've shown at the Art Gallery
of New South Wales and Museum of Contemporary Art. ,There has been a real move to bring street artists into the fold, what - in your eyes, what separates grafitti from art? Um, I mean, graffiti is art. I mean, what you are asking, what is the line between grafitti and vandalism. I suppose that's right. Grafitti is a form of art. It's like saying water colours or oils. What separates it, is it just the artistic merit of the work that separates grafitti from art. It's the law. If you are doing something that is worthy of being arrested, that's what the law says. If you paint on a building that's not your own, you are breaking the law. Generally speaking, yes But let me put it this way, as a street artist, in your mind, what separates a work that you would be perfectly comfortable for the council to paint over, and a work that you would like to stay in situ. I mean, the same as anyone else. If it's visually appealing, then I think it's great. If it's just scribble and scrawl, well, you know, maybe that will be the motivation for someone to go and put something beautiful there. In which case, I'm all for it. Sure. Some people need that little bit of encourage meant, to fight the beige. Alan, you are a man who needs no encouragement. You are on a self funded crew said to clean up grafitti in Western Sydney. What do you think? Is it a form of art. I don't want to paint over RJ's work. I think it's fantastic, if I did, that would be vandalism. I think he touched on a very good point. The law is very, very clear and it's all about permission. And I think that even though they can get permission to paint on a Sydney wall, you just ring Clover Moore, she will give you permission to paint a wall, RJ knows about that but I think the thrill of about 3 o'clock in the morning, tagging your initials or whatever they do, is the thrill. I think that's the core of the issue, not whether it's graffiti or art. That's the core of the issue. Whether those issue. Whether those guys are nor artist, it's rubbish, scribble on people's fences and council property. So many works that were viewed in their infancy as simply vandalism, such as the Martin Luther King Muir ral in new town in Sydney and some of the mur yals in ACCD lane in Melbourne, they were seen as van Dal is particular graffiti but have now become recognised as genuine and iconic works of art. So who makes the decision. Fremantle council have set a precedent with this new law or policy, they want the people that paint over the graffiti to make the decision and refer it to the council. That's ridiculous. Can you believe, RJ does a piece, a legal piece and someone from the council that cleans that cleans graffiti, nothing against those people but I don't think they are qualified to determine whether his art, it's a piece of art or it's a piece of art or it's a scribble. That waste they have to refer it to the council art defendant department and they will come out. The first person who sees the art work says " person who sees the art work says "I don't like that." It could be a nice piece of work. We have really run out of time. How much pressure, you are a successful artist now. How much pressure is there for young people who want to be like you to go out and start tagging things in order to try and get ahead I think a lot of it comes from teenage rebellion. They have all been teenagers and snuck out the window to go out window to go out and had some faint in the middle of the night, whether it's a spray can or riot. I think kids will still want to go out and have fun and be rebel youse. I don't think that's something we can avoid. We could ban We could We could graffiti all together and the kids will want to rebel. This debate this morning, has been so much more reasonable than I imagined it was going to be. I can't reach him. He is too far away. You are all very civil. We both agree that it's a form of art that the stuff that I'm against. art that the stuff that I'm against.. I think he is against as well. It raises another question for another time, as to whether on not it's still graffiti art if you are allowed to do it? Is the re allowed to do it? Is the rebellion an essential part of the art. That's for another time. We have to go. RJ and Alan, thank you very much. A civilised debate. That we what we like No, we don't. We like to inflame people's passions. Don't carrying ewe with me, just do as you are told. If you think I should do as I'm told, get on the Soapbox and vote for me.

Straight ahead this morning - we meet the nun who became
a sex therapist. Seriously. But let's head to the break by launching
our protest song countdown. Glenn A Baker was here
in our last hour - reminiscing about music
that made a difference. We want your suggestions
to play throughout the show. Songs like this from Tracey Chapman. # Don't you know # They're talkin' bout a revolution # I sounds like a whisper # Don't you know

, # Poor people going to rise up # And take what's

# You better run, run, run # Oh, I said you better # Run, run, run

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, Free Nelson Mandela. A wonderful

Looking through
the Jetstar Skycam. Melbournen's in for a fine day
with a top of 20. It's time to meet someone who's taken a somewhat
unusual career path - from nun to sexologist. Dr Fran Fisher was a Catholic nun
for two years in the '70s but she realised the life
wasn't for her and she's since become
a sexuality counsellor. Fran's written a book about sexual
repression amongst Catholic nuns. And she joins us now
from Sacramento California. Good morning, Fran. Fran, what made you decide to become
a nun in the first place , Good morning, Andrew, good morning

and what was it like? , I am guessing you may have had an religious up bringing. I did, I was born and brought up in a Irish Catholic home and educated in a Mon industry high school. It seemed a really easy transition to go from that lifestyle into the convent since I was not prepared for life at all. Did Did you feel that you had a calling from God or as you say, was it more a career path? Actually, at the time, I really did feel as if it was a true row case. I had been recruited at the age ever 15 in my Mon industry high school from the nuns of that order. I truly did love the religious life and all it offered. The peace and quiet and the order of it. It just was perfect for my personality. Yes. What was it then that made you decide to stop being a nun and do a decide to stop being a nun and do 108 degree turn and become a sexuality counsellor? Leaving the con Leaving the convent was after almost two years, I realised I got a sick a lot in the last year. I lost a tremendous amount of weight and realised that the lifestyle just wasn't for me. I didn't have what it means took to be as disciplined as I need to and accept all the obediences that I was expected to do. I couldn't do it. So leaving was dreadfully difficult. However, I left and went back into nursing and on completion of nigh nursing, I got married, almost less than two years after leaving the convent I was married. Had two children and then as I am sure you know, sex and money are the two reasons divorce happens. All marriages run into Trouble. For me it was sexuality. In what sense. I had been married. I am sorry In the sense that you found it difficult to cope with your own sexuality, having been a nun or... Well, I you think I was completely unable to unable to identify myself as a sexual woman. I can tell you now upon reflex and a lot of work but at the time, I didn't have that understanding of myself. I didn't start looking at my sexuality until we had been married over 20 years. start looking at my sexuality until
we had been married over 20 years., 23 years, so my children were grown and I was looking for a post graduate course to study. Just by pure good luck, I happened on a woman who was a sexologist and it fascinated me. I couldn't believe somebody actually studied that subject so I found a course to do it and in the end, I was so fascinated by it. I got caught up in the whole information of it and was intrigued by it. OK, Howman does your experience of being a nun, that toe Toll repression that the Christchurch incests that you have, how does that they incests that you have, how does that incests that you have, how does incests that you have, how incests that you have, incests that incests

inchurch that the that you have. How does that work? I went to study it to enhance my relationship. I was always a nurse. I had been a nurse for 24 years and still a practising operating room nurse. When I was coming to the end of my pH D in the subject. The doctors asked me if I would see some of their patients who were suffering from sexual difficulties. Also, I was doing workshops for local community outreach centres about sexuality. My religious background and the distillation I wrote based on my experience, I interviewed 29 for fer Catholic nun x their story for fer Catholic nun x their for fer Catholic nun x for fer Catholic nun xs, their story helped me develop a story of how sexual ignorance impacts people's relationship. The vow of Chasity has been around for a long time. It's certainly something that most people would think that the churches need to look at. It is not hard to understand what kind of problems sexual re preegs may lead to. Fran, that's all the time we have today. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm going to show you the cover just so you can recognise it on the shelves. There are pea newss up to the Pope. They are the five penis that the bible speaks off. With all the hats that father Bob was speaking about. That is so relevant in our current day. Good on you, Fran. Good luck with the book. Thank you very much indeed for having me on. having me on.. Now I know what to get for Christmas, some doodle hats. Terrific.

Tom Cruise? Oh e ee a doodle

Coming up - Tom Cruise on
why he's suing the tabloids. And later - we find out where
the world's garbage is really going. But right now - our protest song
countdown continues. Remember Pink's message to George W?

# How do yo sleep
while the rest of us cry? # How do you dream when a mother
has no chance to say goodbye? # How do you walk with your head
held high? # Can you even look me in the eye

# And tell me why?

JJ has been an important part
of our family for over a decade.

His passing came
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a life without him.

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New car!

In just a moment -
the growing scandal at the BBC. And what your boss can use
against you from social media. But right now,
some headlines from Jess. Good morning.

A 2-year-old boy
is fighting for life after being hit by a car that
slammed into his family's home. The ute smashed into a living home
in Moree, in northern New South Wales. The child was airlifted to Sydney where he is reported to be in
a critical but stable condition. Indonesian police say
they've foiled a terror attack that could have harmed Australians. 11 people have been arrested after authorities found explosives
and raw materials for making bombs including a detonator in a series of raids
across the country. It's alleged the suspects were
members of a new terror cell, planning to attack a building
in Jakarta near the Australian embassy,
along with American targets. Labor's leadership woes
are back in the spotlight after former prime minister
Kevin Rudd revealed new details about his sacking. Mr Rudd claims he repeatedly told current
Prime Minister Julia Gillard that she was his successor and was
left stunned by her challenge. News limited papers says
the fresh details emerged after Kevin Rudd provided former
MP Maxine McKew with information for her new book. Independent Alex Greenwich has convincingly won
yesterday's Sydney by-election to replace Lord Mayor Clover Moore who was forced to vacate
her state seat. Mr Greenwich won an estimated 48%
of the primary vote with expectations of 60%
with the Greens preferences. He said the win is proof Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell's
laws ousting Ms Moore have backfired.

Liberal candidate Shayne Mallard
has conceded defeat. A horror car crash near Melbourne has seen three people
taken to hospital after a driver lost control of
his car and smashed into a barrier. Emergency crews were called to the
accident around 2:30 this morning. It took them more than two hours
to free one man from the wreckage. All three patients were
flown to hospital for treatment. Updating sport and celebrations
continued into the night for connections of Cox Plate winning
colt Ocean Park. Yesterday, Glen Boss
pulled off a superb ride to reel in 3-year-old All Too Hard
on the line with Pierro third. Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa
have declared Casey Stoner almost unbeatable, coming into today's
Phillip Island MotoGP. Yesterday, Stoner got back on
the bike after a high-speed crash to comfortably take pole. Wellington Phoenix players
are furious with last night's A-League
referee-ing. They labelled Adelaide striker
Jeronimo Neumann a cheat after their 3-1 loss overnight. While the Western Sydney Wanderer's
have upset the Roar 1-0 in Brisbane

for their first-ever A-League win. And sport retail chains
are scrambling for more Sydney FC jerseys
with the number 10 ahead of the club's
heavily anticipated clash with Perth Glory at ANZ Stadium
tonight. The number is worn by superstar
import Alessandro del Piero. To date, Adidas has sold 10,000
of the jerseys, already more than any season
in A-League history. Tonight will be the Italian's
800th professional game. Brisbane,
and cloudy. Sydney,
partly cloudy. Canberra,
patches of cloud. Melbourne,
fine. Hobart,
mostly sunny. Adelaide,
sunny. Perth,
fine. A possible afternoon storm
for Darwin.

Oh, sorry for the laughter. You've got the cute end, I've got the other end and there are or goats trying to bite through cable, his our audio guy's cable has been chewed through by the goat. Springfiled is turning 20 today, we are celebrating. Look at the cute goats.

He is loving it. Thank you, JT. Talk to you

A few weeks back, our Martin Frizell told us
about a growing scandal at the BBC. One of their biggest stars stood accused
of sexually assaulting children. Since then, the true extent
has finally been revealed. And as you're about to see -
there are now serious questions about what the BBC's management
tried to cover up. Here's Keir Simmons.

For years, he was at the heart
of the British institution the BBC. He was a national icon,
the Dick Clark of Britain, he hosted some of the country's
most popular shows, including may for children. He ran charities
and was even knighted by the Queen. But today it was announced that 300 victims say when they
were children, Savile abused them, many appearing on his TV show. This girl was 14. We were taken by him
on a couple of occasions, and made to do sexual acts. He died last year and as the BBC prepared
a tribute program, the journalists quickly dropped
an investigation, it took a rival network
to uncover it to determine that a pedophile
may have been involved.

The allegations
and what seems to have happened were completely appalling. Now some of the BBC's
best-known journalists are questioning the very