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(generated from captions) All I wanted to do
was to get outside.

So I stood up and said
"I'm going out."

"We'll come with you."

I said
"No, I want to be on my own."

Which was probably
very hurtful to them.

But that's what I needed.

"I just wanted to be on my own.

"I had lived a solitary life
for so long

"that love only suffocated me.

"In many respects
my family felt like strangers.

"They could never comprehend the
depths of man's inhumanity to man,

"or the awfulness of an existence
that consisted

"of surviving one day at a time."

While I was walking I was
continually looking back.

It must have been the fact that I
thought a Japanese was behind me.

And to be honest I was scared
there would be...

Eventually he found a sort of peace.

He met a woman called Mary
and soon they were married.

But in the 46 years between their
marriage and her death,

he never once
mentioned his wartime experiences.

From that time on,

she knew I'd been a Japanese
prisoner of war.

But we never talked about it.

And strangely enough she never asked
questions about it.

But nearing the end of his life

he decided somebody
should bear witness to the sacrifice

that he and his comrades had made.

He would tell one person - his son.

Unable to find the words
face to face, he put it in writing.

The worst bit of reading it
was the understanding

of how close to death he must have
been for all these years.

And how strong-willed he must have
been to survive.

Because I try and put myself
into his shoes

and I probably reckon I would have
lasted just a few weeks,

and given up.

Most of us would probably feel
the same.

And the death toll amongst
the Japanese prisoners of war
was astonishing.

Over 13,000 died in captivity.

But Alistair has a simple explanation
for his exceptional tale.

I often wonder now
"How did I survive?"

I think when I was a youth if I took
up anything, anything at all,

I had to be the best or at least
try to be the best

at that particular thing.

And I've always wanted to be
a winner.

I think, truthfully that...

..I made my own luck.

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This program is captioned live.The final journey for a digger killed in have in S10. An exclusive reporter.Corporal Scott Smith was a fine soldier and a good bloke. Syrian cease-fire - the opposition claims it has already been broken. Kicked out of Parliament - charges loan for China's former power broker, Bo Xilai. And the Murray Darling pumping in more water to save the ailing river system.

Welcome to the program. The final journey has begun for Corporal Scott James Smith, Australia's most recent fatality in Afghanistan. The 24-year-old of ghanistan. The 24-year-old of -- soldier from SA was killed in a bomb blast earlier this week. The ramp ceremony took place at eremony took place at the Australian base at Tarin Kowt it from where we filed this report.

He was a member of the soldiers' elite. And in junior from the Special Operations task group. -- and engineer. His colleagues and mates today's es and mates today's did in his honour, saluted his service and said their hardest goodbyes. The 24-year-old from the Special Operations engineer Regiment died on Sunday when an intruder at -- improvised explosive device detonated during a search in Helmand Province. It is now being described as a factory of bombs. The forces were being withdrawn when ere being withdrawn when the blast occurred. The compound was later destroyed. The commander of the task force paid his respects for all those deployed.I would just like to offer, on behalf of all the members of the Joint Task Force, might can -- sincere condolences to call Paul Smith's family.In an earlier private service an earlier private service for the special forces, whose identities are protected, the task group's padre prayed for group's padre prayed for Scott Smith, his family and the colleagues who have to fight on. They had a reading from the Book of Timothy. The time of my departure has come, it reads, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. Last night, the general spoke to the task group members coming to terms with their loss. Despite the Coalition forces preparing to hand over security and withdrawal, he says there is still work to be done.Corporal Scott Smith was a fine soldier and a good bloke. He will be sorely missed. The job for us now is to get on with the mission and that it is what I have asked the soldiers to do.In the shadow of this loss, four more caution soldiers have also died. Two British soldiers were killed two days ago. Yesterday, north-east of Yesterday, north-east of Tarin Kowt, two Americans were shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan national police uniform. Some of their colleagues also joined the fare well for the fallen Australian well for the fallen Australian corporal. The friends to have kept vigil with him over the past few days carried him aboard. As the engines carried at the Piper's lament and he was sent on his way towards home. Scott Smith's name is now added to the honourable other added to the honourable other Australian soldiers who have lost their lives fighting here. t their lives fighting here. 39 in all. Corporal Smith will first travel to Mr Lee's headquarters in l to Mr Lee's headquarters in the Middle East and then he will return to his family later this week. At least 41 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on a mosque in northern Afghanistan. Dozens more were wounded in the explosion, which occurred after Eid al-Adha prayers. Five children were among those killed. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility. Syria's much-vaunted Eid al-Adha cease-fire appears to have collapsed, just hours after it began. Rebel forces have accused the regime of bombing residential neighbourhoods in Damascus and at least two other cities around the country. These are the sounds of serious cease-fire. Just hours after it began, for opposition groups say government forces began pounding the besieged city of Homs with mortar fire. At this stage most reports are unconfirmed, but opposition groups have begun uploading internet videos at the rate of one every minute. Many of them show disturbing images of what appeared to be civilians killed in the capital. Rebels say it came under sustained bombing by Assad forces. In the country's north-east, opposition groups say attack helicopters hovered in defiance of the cease-fire. It was a cease-fire the Assad regime announced it would honour on state television the night before. Even then the opposition question that commitment. We do not believe that the Shell al-Assad will be at hearing -- burqa al-Assad will appear to the truce. The President attended prayers this morning.That stage the fragile peace had held for more than three hours. The credibility of the envoy who brokered the deal will now also come under fire. Lakhdar Brahimi will be a magician if he can get this to work. Nobody I have spoken to thinks that there is a chance that this will hold. The government ll hold. The government has a terrible record with errible record with cease-fires.He if they haven't already, rebel fighters who have agreed to the truce will now almost certainly resume fighting. Many different rebel leaders have been saying they do not want to negotiate with a dictator. They want to see him out of Syria.Eid al-Adha may be the Festival of sacrifice, but after 19 months of fighting, for many, lying down their arms is a sacrifice they are not prepared to make.

China's Parliament has taken what some experts are calling one of its most momentous decisions, expelling one of its former rising stars, Bo Xilai. He is now likely to face the full weight of the Chinese legal system. Bo Xilai being stripped of his last official title, now paving the way for criminal charges to be levelled against him. With the expulsion from the Communist Party, he also loses or immunity from prosecution. This now takes the saga of Bo Xilai to the next stage. It also allows China's new leadership to focus on the transition that it should -- that is to take place on 8th November. It allows them to wash their hands of the case. They can turn the spotlight on the leadership change. Now it is a case for the judiciary, but there are many questions about how and when the trial t how and when the trial will take place. A lawyer appointed by his family says he has not been able to see Bo Xilai. He has not been seen in public for months. The lawyer also says he is not sure whether he will be allowed to defend him. Coming up: A flow of money and water for the Murray Darling.

The Federal Government has averted a potentially damaging High Court fight with SA by agreeing to pump more money and water into the Murray Darling basin. The river system which flows through four states will get a 450 gigalitres injection with more than $1.7 billion spent on improving irrigation channels. With political leaders threatening a water rights legal battle, the Prime Minister was given a first- hand account of the grassroots fight.We were saving...Saving turtles. How would you saving them? Seating made it from a more political angst over the Murray Darling basin was Julia Gillard's priority on a visit to its South Australian now.We have seen this river and have seen this river and the enormous pressure. We all remember what it looked like during the most severe days of the drought. There were literally jetty is going to know where.To ensure it never returns to that state, the Government will o that state, the Government will spend more than $1.7 billion improving farm irrigation channels.We do not know when the next drought will be, but we do know whenever it comes the river system will approach that drought with a level of resilience that it has not had in more than a generation.The move has averted High Court action from SA, but its hefty price tag as if the Opposition asking who is going to pay. Under the deal the Government will pump an extra 450 gigalitres of water into the system.

As a trade-off, the deadline for the plan will be extended to 2024. Conservation groups have cautiously welcomed the announcement. They warned there is a long way to go. We need ong way to go. We need to see some real, strong action from , strong action from Julia Gillard over the next two wigs to strengthen the plan to make sure the river can deal with the impacts of climate change. -- weeks.A not insignificant challenge, with other states and the federal Coalition already signalling their opposition, the water fight looks set to continue. The Federal Government will hold talks with Nauru over its plan to impose $1,000 monthly visa fees for asylum seekers sent there from Australia. The Government says it has not yet begun to pay the fees, which would cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Sending asylum seekers to Nauru is a costly business. It could be much more expensive. It could be much more expensive. Nauru wants to charge $1,000 ants to charge $1,000 a month for every asylum seekers and there. We understand the charge was decided upon weeks decided upon weeks ago, to offset the costs of housing asylum seekers. It could cost Australian ekers. It could cost Australian taxpayers up to $18 million a year.We will keep working with a government on the offshore processing arrangements that were announced some time ago. New research time ago. New research shows more Australians think Labor is mishandling the issue.The proportion who consider the Government was doing a bad job in 2010 was around 45%. That has now increased to over 65%.This professor has been investigating attitudes towards tigating attitudes towards asylum seekers through a series of surveys. He has found most . He has found most Australians continue to hold negative views.Only about 20- 25% supports asylum seekers arriving by boat being given the right of ng given the right of perm and residents.The Israeli multicultural Foundation says the issue has been politicised, creating division. oliticised, creating division.It has been dead indecisiveness and lack of leadership around some of these issues that has caused concern.The survey shows strong support for refugees to come here under the humanitarian program.There was a sharp difference in the way that people regard it the refugee program and efugee program and boat arrivals.When asked why vals.When asked why asylum seekers come to Australia, the ers come to Australia, the most common response was they are seeking a better life. Only a small minority thought they were escaping persecution. The opposition next step up its criticism of the Government. It has been revealed three out of the seven people convicted over the Christmas Island riots had been granted protection visas. The Government says two of the seven were found not to be refugees.

As we reported earlier at the Australian forces in Afghanistan are paying a heavy cost in lives in their fight against the Taliban. Back home e Taliban. Back home the chief of the army has warned war defence budget cuts could put uts could put the effectiveness of the Australian military at risk. He says he does not want to see a repeat of the mistakes made following the Vietnam War. The army chief says that now was not the time to reduce Australia's military capability. ustralia's military capability. He told the National Security Institute at Cambridge University that the army is currently in good shape. It is able to ape. It is able to carry out operations with decent prospects with decent prospects of success and acceptable risks.f success and acceptable risks. He says capability can quickly diminish.We are doing ckly diminish.We are doing more with less. This can become a disregard for the ability of forces for the ability of forces to survive. No rational voice in this debate contends that we should benchmark car army against the k car army against the Taliban.General Morrison warned ral Morrison warned against historical and knee-jerk. Of repeating the mistakes after Vietnam, when the army was about to deteriorate. He said that left troops poorly prepared for East Timor.I would hate to r.I would hate to see the same mistakes of that year repeated today. I the in the name today. I the in the name of misconceived strategy or economic eived strategy or economic stringency.In May the Federal Government made cuts to the defence budget of $5.5 billion over four years. The shadow defence minister says General Morrison has articulated the Morrison has articulated the concerns of the Opposition as erns of the Opposition as well as many generals and alarm bells should be ringing. The army chief pointed out that the Defence Minister has acknowledged the need to do it -- maintain the defence force's to drink. The Prime Minister also drink. The Prime Minister also defending the Government's record.The Government has spent $1.7 billion on force protection measures for our troops. If straining Defence Association says the army chief is warning Australian people is warning Australian people against complacency. -- the Australian.If you continually cut the defence force and he defence force and continue -- continuingly be billed it, it costs the taxpayer more in the long run.He says it is cheaper and more effective to sustain investment in the army over time. A new survey has found negative images of Islam persists in Australia. Tonight, on the festival of Eid al-Adha, religious leaders are keen to dispel those kinds of attitudes.

This man needs a congregation in prayer on one of Islam's holiest days. On this Eid al-Adha, or Festival of sacrifice, he carries a stirring message.Life is sacred. Murder and acred. Murder and violence is prohibited. A sermon stemming out of the recent hostile scenes in Sydney's CBD. Something which added further strain between Muslims and the wider community. According to a survey by Emma Nash University, around 29% of Sydneysiders hold a negative view of Muslims, compared with 15% in Melbourne. Islamic scholars says sacrifice maybe the solution.Sacrificing what we have for those who do not have. Sacrificing for the less fortunate. Sacrificing our desire in preference is for others. Sacrificing our . Sacrificing our needs in obedience to God.A lesson learned from the origin of the celebration when a profit, known to Christians as Abraham, was willing to slaughter his son as an act of supplication to God. Whether it is celebrating Eid al-Adha in the heart of Mecca, a suburban mosque or a local park, the message for Muslims around the world remains the same - remember God, pray and spend time with family and e with family and friends.We go out, we have fun .We go out, we have fun and it is a family thing. Muslims are all about peace and happiness. Lots of people do not know that.I'm not hesitating to celebrate. This is a multicultural country.Muslims have been the fears of others can be eradicated with faith. -- hoping.Things like this remind everybody that religion is about good things, not bad things.And maybe some calories. In Mecca, Muslim pilgrims on the Hajj had carried out the holy ritual of e holy ritual of symbolic East - next symbolically stoning the devil. More than three per -- 3 million people have taken part in the pilgrimage this year.

Coming up: The weather details and Microsoft are trying to steal a bite from the golden apple.

One in every six Australians has a potential killer
lurking inside them. It's stroke. But, as Australia's
second-biggest cause of death, I prefer 'silent serial killer'. Because, for 12,000 of you
every year, stroke won't just
toy with your brain, but obliterate it.

(SMASH!) So ends the lesson... ..and your life.

It is not just nerds, but just about everybody who uses a computer. And who es a computer. And who doesn't these days? They may want to play it -- pay attention from the -- to the latest launch from Microsoft. It is taking a leap into the touch-screen generation with screen generation with the launch of its new Windows program. It is hoping it is the start of a fightback against Apple. This is what computing has t computing has looked like for decades. The age of the Windows PC. But now we're moving into a different year of touch-screen mobile computing and Microsoft needs to catch up. If sheer enthusiasm for his company counts, Steve Ballmer can make that happen. I love this company.We have we imagined windows in windows eight. And more than a decade after that, Microsoft's boss is still excited. This time about Windows aid, which is designed to bring his company, rather late, into the touch-screen age.The launch of Windows eight and the windows phone is really an epic thing for Microsoft. It is right up there in the top two or three big moments, including Windows 95 and the launch of the IBM PC. It starts as good a new generation of computing.Microsoft has been slow to turn ideas into successful products. Bill Gates were showing of tabloid computers a decade ago, but it was Apple with the iPad which made money from that idea. Five years ago Apple was worth only a quarter as much as at Microsoft. Now the tables have been turned. The company behind the iPad is worth 2.5 times Microsoft. Microsoft remains a giant, employing more than 40,000 people across the 0,000 people across the Seattle area or a loan and still generating big profits. But the g big profits. But the clever people what working in these buildings have not done over the past 10 years is produce anything has rs is produce anything has changed the world. But this, the world. But this, the Microsoft Surface tablet is designed to show the company moving forward in the mobile world. In the last five years we have seen a revolution in the device we have carried around in our pockets. It has become an internet access device with net access device with a touch screen and it feels like a computer. Microsoft has not been able to establish itself as a leader in that market. He really is an exciting day.At the New citing day.At the New York launch today, Steve Ballmer was Steve Ballmer was enthusing again about Windows eight. If consumers do not share his excitement, there may be trouble ahead for his company. Despite Apple's dominance in the Noda sphere, Microsoft remains the dominant PC remains the dominant PC platform with around 90% of th around 90% of the market. Newcastle has moved to the top of the A-League table after beating Melbourne Victory 2-1 this evening. Scoreless at half-time, two-second half strikes from Emile Heskey secured the Jets a third straight win. The former England international now has four goals in as many s four goals in as many games. Six people are dead and nine are missing after tropical storm Ollanta Humala tore through the Philippines. The typhoon triggered floods and hoon triggered floods and winds of up to 90km/h. Hundreds of families have been displaced by the gushing water while landslides blocked roads. And 21 people are dead in the Caribbean as Hurricane Sandy makes its way for the United States. It is expected Discoed Florida's coast tomorrow. There are fears it may merge with a cold weather front forming a super storm. To the weather forecast now. Or monopoly winds ahead of a low laugh children into Queensland, leading to hi-fi danger. The loan is also triggering storms in the NT. A cold front is e NT. A cold front is bringing Cherie winds to Victoria, Tasmania and SA.

We have been honoured at tonight's United Nations Australian media awards. Look quarters one for promotion of multicultural issues for his story about Sudanese cricket players in Melbourne. Another of e. Another of the report has won the award for television: Affairs for her series on reports. And we also won in the Children's Rights category. We also won the award for best online for the block, stories from a meeting place. An interactive piece about the indigenous community in ous community in Sydney's Redfern. That is the news for tonight, goodbye.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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