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(generated from captions) It will be cool and cloudy on Sunday. A few breaks of sunshine on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is looking sunny. A possible shower on Thursday and Friday. It will cool down to 20 degrees.

The weekend is here, so grab a copy of 'Best Weekend' magazine in tomorrow's 'Daily Telegraph'. Take your dog along to the Domain for a festival that includes a world- record attempt for the loudest group bark. On Sunday, it's family fun day for the end of the film festival on Cockatoo Island. And up to 100,000 people are expected for the Norton Street Italian Festa. Have a great weekend, Georgie.

Street Italian Festa. Have a great
weekend, Georgie. You too, Amber. Thank you. That is Nine News for this Friday. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext

Tonight ... near drownings prompt Broc
warning from the SES, the Human Canberr
Brochure campaign launches in driver
Canberra, and, the length some prices
drivers will go to - as petrol prices soar. Good evening, I' m Gre wee
Thomson. It' s been a tumultuous of
week in ACT politics. The counting ho
of votes has taken hundreds of man hours - the results fluctuating on o
daily basis. We' re still at least res
one day away from knowing a final result, Joining us now is WIN' s AC Luk
political reporter Luke Dufficy.
Luke, good evening - where are we a with the count?

with the count? Closed captions are not available for this story

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are not available for this story feeling?
And Luke, how are the Greens
feeling? It must be a difficult tim wee
for them. It has been a long week. I think many people around th in
Assembly or those that hope to be hangi
in the Assembly are desperately count.
hanging out for the end of the and
count. It' s certainly been an up t
and down experience for everybody I th
think. Arguments about who has vo
the most seats or who has the most helpfu
votes, I don' t think they' re personalit
helpful. Some of those grat
personality things, I think they t
grate at the time but at the end of the day it' s all about making sure
this city' s going forward. LUK position
DUFFICY: If you are in that de
position to be kingmaker, have you SHA
decided which way you' ll go yet? wa
SHANE RATTENBURY: No. We' re still waiting to see the final outcome is thi
With the vote being so uncertain ma
this week, unclear how many Greens
may be elected and even in Molonglo W
myself and Caroline neck and neck. discuss
We' ve not started any formal con
discussions. We have had informal sa
conversations with both leaders to soon,
say, look, we' ll start talking started.
soon, but nothing formal has started.

With Shane Rattenbury likely to
hold the balance of power, what doe this mean for the major parties?

this mean for the major parties? fi
The rollercoaster ride is pretty o
fierce this week, people in, people th
out, people are losing seats and I us
think there is a responsibility on not
us to make sure people are ok, so not in any official capacity, no. + b
Mr Seselja probably got a little wi
bit ahead of himself. He' s had to r
wind it back somewhat and now they' to
re choosing another line of attack Gov
to justify why they should be the day
Government, but at the end of the
day, whoever is the Government need to work with the Greens and that' fa
what will be the sole determining t
factor. Eight, eight, one seems the
to be the conventional wisdom but a
the conventional wisdom has changed woul
a number of times this week so I that
wouldn' t be placing any bets on reall
that result yet. I' ve only Hun
really touched base with Meredith Obviousl
Hunter and Shane Rattenbury. at
Obviously it' s difficult for them uncert
at the moment because there is o
uncertainty in relation to a couple real
of those seats. So there hasn' t anythi
really been anything formal or anything detailed.

So Luke, what' s the next step fro

here?WIN News ACT Political
Reporter Luke Dufficy, thank you. I cou
the past month, five young lives water
could have been lost in flooded incidents,
waterways. In two separate wer
incidents, school-aged Canberrans E
were pulled to safety just in time. p
Emergency services are pleading for danger
people to be more aware of the dangers, this coming storm season. tu
A small trickle that could easily do
turn into raging torrent. People waterwa
don' t quite understand these quick
waterways become dangerous very In
quickly. They are quite hazardous.
In heavy rain they do fill up and d Earlier
become a danger to people. Earlier this month, three girls wer losing
swept into Yerrabi Pond after attempting
losing their footing while attempting to cross a spill way. On fire-
made it to safety, an off-duty metre
fire-fighter swam nearly eighty metres to save the other two. On th anothe
same day, police responded to inc
another call. There was another w
incident at Giralang Primary School play
where three young boys were seen floo
playing in some fairly dangerous tal
flood waters. We' re not just a
talking about children here, indeed right
anybody at all should just stay
right away from any body of water. Evidence of what not to do is this stude
Australian National University students uploaded footage to YouTub Creek
of riding rafts on Sullivan' s disgus
Creek. Emergency services were sa
disgusted with their disregard for situ
safety. It' s a very dangerous o
situation to have any kind of craft
on flood waters, inflatables, boats it
anything at all it' s just not on y
it puts your owns lives at risk and peop
you' re putting the lives of the people who are trying to save you a e
risk. With storm season upon us, warn
emergency services have issued a clear
warning to the community - stay water
clear of drains and fast-moving li
waterways. The waters might look
like they' re moving reasonably fas on the surface, they' ll in fact b A
moving much faster underneath. h
Anyone who is near the waterways at heavy rain is potentially in danger

It' s the biggest online marketing Tourism'
campaign. Australian Capital begun
Tourism' s, Human Brochure, has fa
begun. 250 interstate social media T
fanatics arrived in Canberra today. p
They' d barely touched down and the Twitt
project was already trending on broc
Twitter. This is a bus full of i
brochures. A marketing phenomenon - reall
in the form of a human. It' s advoca
really about word of mouth and u
advocacy I think back in day people whe
used to share their stories about wh
where they' ve been on holiday and i
where they' re going on holiday and well
in this modern era we' re all so well connected through social media sto
it' s a great way to amplify that Huma
story +y And that' s through the month
Human Brochure Campaign.For two coun
months, people from all over the Facebook
country were asked to tweet, th
Facebook, Instragram and Pinterest t
their thoughts on the Capital. More appli
than thirty-one thousand people w
applied - only a lucky five hundred expe
were picked. Their prize? An all fitti
expenses paid trip to Canberra, intere
fitting in with their personal
interests. The four groups are ar fr
and culture, food and wine family friendly and outdoor adventure Th social
winners are encouraged to use visit.
social media to document their v
visit.Already the campaign has gone ha
viral. Hundreds of tweets with the it
hash tag, human brochure - helping Mcr
it trend around the country. Will arr
Mcrostie is part of the project - Adelaide
arriving this afternoon from ki
Adelaide. The idea is that it' s
kind of this fly in fly out city an w
we' re going to be here across the weekend and we' re actually going t k
get to see what it' s like, people
kind of think it' s Parliament Hous s
and that' s about it but as we' ve i
seen on our itinerary as we' ll see a
in the next couple of days there' s a lot more to it After checking i photo
- he hit the streets. Snapping th
photos of Canberra - and uploading read
them to Instagram. I' m really Canb
ready to be surprised about what guy
Canberra has to offer because you the
guys don' t get a huge airing out spread
there so anything we can do to spread the word

Canberra' s new Centenary Hospital pregnant
is already at capacity, with to
pregnant mothers being transferred lead
to Calvary. That' s according to Foote.
leading obstetrician Dr Andrew b
Foote. He claims four patients have the
been transported to Calvary, from hosp
the new women' s and children' s Commu
hospital - since the Family and
Community Day long weekend. Dr Foot model
says the hospital has a flawed di
model, which plans for women to be aft
discharged just twenty four hours de
after giving birth. ACT Health has
denied the claims. It a statement t there'
WIN News the directorate says patie
there' s no data to suggest any to
patients were transferred from TCH S
to Calvary as a result of capacity. th
Still to Come Petrol prices soar - fill
the lengths some will go to just s
fill their tanks, And, ... America' s famous luxury trailer arrives in the Capital. This program is not captioned. Introducing the special-edition Holden Commodore SV6 Z-Series. It's loaded with more,
like charcoal 19-inch alloys, leather bolstered seats and a rear-view camera as well as a touch-screen
Holden-iQ System with Bluetooth streaming. And you get more with HoldenWise
capped price servicing, all from just $36,990 driveaway. The Commodore SV6 Z-Series
at your Holden dealer today. It's more Commodore
than ever before.

Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

VOICEOVER: We work hard
to shape up for summer. MAN: Good work. Keep up the good work with our great range
of delicious, low-fat subs at Subway restaurants.

This program is not captioned. have
the Capital. Workers in Canberra d
have received more than 30 thousand investigati
dollars in back-pay after Ombud
investigations by the Fair Work f
Ombudsman. The biggest recovery was t
for a travel consultant - owed more w
than fourteen thousand dollars. The yea
worker had been underpaid for two
years. There could be some relief a statio
the bowser next week. Service surroundi
stations in the Capital and o
surrounding region, are yet to pass p
on savings from a drop in world oil People
prices, according to the NRMA. go
People struggling now though - are
going to serious lengths to fill up One dollar and fifty seven cents Ki
A few kilometres down the road in dollar
Kingston it' s a little less a y
dollar fifty three. No matter where you are in Canberra though, the NRM cen
says the going rate is up to ten aro
cents more than most other cities sto
around Australia. It' s a similar bil
story just across the border. The man
bill at the bowser a struggle for leading
many. High petrol prices is Qu
leading to flow on affects here at a
Queanbeyan Police. Service stations
around the region are reporting mor w
people filling up and driving away respon
without paying. Officers today incidents.
responding to two separate 5
incidents. The first one was at
5:30am at Sutton. A green Mitsubish servi
Mangum 1990 model attended the Fede
service station at United on the Federal Highway, filled his car wit withou
petrol and proceeded to leave am
without paying for it. At eleven Calt
am, a woman drove away from this Caltex Station with a full tank. Sh p
went back to pay after a call from police. In that instance it was a d
honest mistake and we realise that earli
does happen but as demonstrated offences
earlier in the morning these take
offences do take place and we do
take them seriously. Police stres f
it' s a matter which could see you recentl
face court, saying two people offenc
recently pleaded guilty to the up,
offence. We follow these things up, some people think it' s a fairl i
minor matter but when it mounts up it' s a serious amount of money tha people can be getting away with.

They' re a must have vehicle for mor
the biggest names in showbiz. For tra
more than eighty years, Airstream
trailers have ruled the roads in th t
US. This weekend - they' re making their Australian debut - at the Hom s
and Leisure Show at EPIC. We' ve Hol
seen them in the movies - and now Canberra.These
Hollywood is coming to alumi
Canberra.These are airstreams - l
aluminium travel trailers that make a-l
life on the road, like that of an bee
a-list movie star on set. It' s t
been manufactured since 1931 and in s
that 80 years of manufacture we' ve
still got 72% of that product on th pro
road today The iconic American product hasn' t ever been available to buy in Australia. For twenty fou w
months, Alan and his team has been spec
working on designing models made thi
specifically for down under - and vehicle
this is the result. So this vehicle has been a 2 year project t ma
get 2 models, these 2 models here
made, they' re Australian models yo the
can' t buy them anywhere else in the world they' re made here for us jus
The vehicles entered the market now
just over a month ago - but until Th
now, they haven' t been showcased. and
This weekend at the Canberra home a
and leisure show the public will be pur
able to check them out - and even ha
purchase one. Now this Airstream includi
has all the comforts of home,
including a gas cook top, a separat up
bathroom and shower and it sleeps wi
up to 5 people But just how much twenty-one
will it set you back? This smalle
twenty-one foot trailer is the smaller of the two - and retails fo dol
one hundred and fifteen thousand one
dollars. The bigger one sells for thousand.
one hundred and thirty-five want
thousand. Not a bad price if you Fell
want to live like a celebrity. have
Fella' s like Brad Pitt and that don'
have get 3 of them and they just they
don' t use them on the movie set they use them for home use

The Territory' s Emergency Service moving
Commissioner has stood down - ag
moving to a new role at a national ES
agency. Mark Crosweller started at ESA in two thousand and nine and sa emergen
Canberra through a number of F
emergencies. Including the Mitchell finis
Factory Fire. He' s expected to finish up by Christmas. The Directo General will need to wait until th speak
Government is finalised before ab
speaking with the Attorney General bett
about a replacement. Buoyed by a AC
better than expected result in the Ca
ACT election, the Bullet Train for ne
Canberra Party has moved on to its an
next campaign. Members have set up nati
an online petition calling for a pla
national fast train network. They Commonwe
plan on presenting it to the la
Commonwealth Government before the han
latest report into the project is givi
handed down next month. We' re ch
giving everyone in Australia now a support
chance to sign up to say they
support bullet trains for Australia r
So it' s not just a Canberra issue t
really, it' s a bigger picture than that. The party is also planning tilt at the next Federal election. membersh
What we' re doing now is a membership drive, we' re looking fo people to join the party so that w openi
can register federally. We' re opening up branches in NSW, Victori f
and Queensland. The bullet train de
for Canberra Facebook page has the s
details. Ellena joins us now with in
sport - And Matt Giteau is staying -
in France a little longer. Yes Greg - He' s signed a new deal, one year
since leaving the Brumbies - that' coac
next. Plus - The Cavalry' s new coach sets the bar high. This program is not captioned. c
with W coach expeca
coach Michael Collins has high t
expecations, in his first season at
the helm. He wants to bring home th Canbe
championship. A tough task, as final
Canberra has never made the ABL up
finals. The Cavalry countdown is a
upon us - one week to go until game Col
against Sydney. Canberran Michael fo
Collins takes on the coaching role for his local team. It helps bein Austra
from Canberra, playing in the ah,
Australian League for a few years of
ah, definitely helps, I know a few t
of the teams. The squad is coming an
together, with some familiar faces a
and new names, from the country and i
all over the world. Few returning great
import guys Brian Burgamy had a Hig
great year last year, as did Kody p
Hightower and Brian Grenning on the pitching side. Collins wants them excite
to deliver. We' re very very really
excited, we' ve put together a ti
really good ball team. And it' s appearanc
time to deliver - no finals beg
appearances since the competition we'
began two years ago. Thats what ou
we' re hear for, that' s our goal, t
our goal is to win the championship joins
this year. Clayton McCullough
joins Collins as assistant coach. A pro
import from Toronto. A winning cha
product out there, try to bring a play
championship to Canberra. Some o
players will join the roster in the Differern
opening couple of rounds. whe
Differernt country and new people y
when you' re on the baseball field,
you know it' s the same all over th world, so it' s certainly exciting th
+y The Orange Brigade has secured sponsorship
the tradies on a two year sponsorship deal. While, Narrabunda Caval
Ballpark will play host to the their
Cavalry and New Zealand, during Wi
their round two bye. Greg Thomson, Win News.

A return to super rugby for Matt re-s
Giteau looks more unlikey, after Fran
re-signing a contract to stay in l
France. The former Brumbies Captain pl
left the Capital 12 months ago, to G
play for Toulon At 30 years of age, se
Giteau' s two year extension, will th
see him in France until the end of fo
the 2015 season. He played 91 caps dri
for the Wallabies. Canberra rally
drivers are posing a threat to riva clubs, on the national circuit. Th
Repco Rally Team of Mick Patton an Premie
Bernie Webb, have secured the Austra
Premier League section, in the Can
Australian Rally Championships. fo
Canberra is strong breeding ground gon
for Rally car drivers - and it' s Ra
gone up a gear thanks to the Repco roun
Rally team. Won the first four ru
rounds, which was a bit of a dream r
run, but yeah everything wen really h
really well. The final round race th
heads to Victoria next month - and the
they aiming to go even faster, in s
their Subaru WRX. It' s fast, it' tricky,
s flowing, it' s cresty it' s lov
tricky, so they' re the things we down
love and really cant wait to get
down there, now in this unrestricte Hopeful
car and see what we can. cl
Hopefully we can have another good sit
clean run and then yeah hopefully with
sit down at the end of the year, all
with Repco and make sure they' re Th
all happy what' s been going on. seei
They' re not the only Canberrans Ther
seeing the chequed flag first. C
There' s a real sort of strength in kno
Canberra Rallying these days, you
know, Neil Bates has stepped up fro cla
the outright championship to the te
classic championship. While club co-driver
team mate Adrian Coppin and fo
co-driver Tim Batten has signed on i
for the British Rally Championship, Po
in a one off appearance next year. preparation
Positive outcomes, all in c
preparation for the return of rally y
cars to the Nation' s Capital, next t
year. Great roads for spectators, I'
the mindshaft is going to be in it anyw
I' m sure, you know there' s not see
anywhere better in the country to
see what we can do with these cars. ahe
Patton' s not thinking that far no
ahead - it' s race by race. I' m a
not sure there is a goal long term, do
at this stage, we sort of break it ra
down a little bit more, where each w
rally we sit down and work out what
we need to try and do at this event +y Greg Thomson, Win News.

The Canberra Lakers have broken Au
their losing streak, in the men' s C
Australian Hockey League Champions. Sh
Canberra defeated the Southern Hot
Shots three-two. Tomorrow, they pla players
the Northern Territory. Dart i
players from across the country are Oceani
in Canberra, aiming to win the Oceanic Masters. Qualifers were hel today, with some top-ranked player fie
competing. It' s a very strong t
field, I' ve just had a look around there' s players from every state i th
Australia. The action continues the
throughout the weekend. Now for Paxevano
the Fishing Report, with Rob Paxevanos.

Paxevanos. Closed captions are no available for this story

available for this story Close captions are not available for thi story

story Weather is next ... This program is not captioned.

story Weather is next ... sunn
Slightly less windy, but just as t
sunny today, Twenty one degrees the fou
top in the Capital after a low of fift
four , Right now it is clear and N
fifteen outside. On the Tablelands, Goulburn
Nineteen and mostly clear in Braidwoo
Goulburn, Twenty in Yass and O
Braidwood. Queanbeyan, twenty one . Now
On the Coast, degrees in Bega and Sixtee
Nowra. Seventeen in Ulladulla,
Sixteen in the Bay and Moruya Heads Coo
To the Snowies, Two to twenty at Th
Cooma, Single digits for Perisher, and
Thirteen degrees for both Thredbo picture
and Bombala. On the satellite New
picture, Low cloud over Southeast onshor
New South Wales and the ACT in show
onshore winds is causing the odd cle
shower. While on the chart, It is clearer in the West, with a buildin forecas
high pressure system. To the coast
forecast, Becoming Sunny on the twe
coast, Bega and Nowra heading for He
twenty degrees, Eighteen at Moruya se
Heads and Batemans Bay, Ulladulla, on
seventeen . Mostly fine conditions t
on the Tablelands, Braidwood tipped Qu
to hit eighteen degrees, Twenty in p
Queanbeyan, One more for Yass. Some Mo
possible early snow showers on the
Mountains, Minus three to just seve Peri
at Thredbo, Minus two to ten at in
Perisher, Fine in Cooma. Early fog de
in the Capital, it' ll drop to two degre
degrees, before a top of twenty an
degrees.The winds will be easterly Fin
and light. Looking further ahead, showe
Fine to begin next week, though To
showers will roll in on Wednesday, d
Tops between sixteen and twenty six thi
degrees. And that' s WIN News for than
this Friday Night From the team, T
thanks for being with us. I' m Greg yo
Thomson, have a great weekend, see you Monday. Good night.

This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Coming up tonight - a special event - Aussie superstar Delta Goodrem performs in our studio on the eve of her tour. But we begin with the grumpy old man accused of bullying his elderly neighbours and making their lives hell. When we asked him questions about his ugly behaviour, well, it got even uglier.

I'm almost 80. I've never, ever had a bad neighbour.You're outta line! You know it!And I term this "bad neighbour behaviour".There's no need for that.One bad apple creates all this problem.How would